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Fictional fembot
Name Andrea
Serial number unknown
Model number unknown
Other names unknown
Date of Manufacture circa 2261
Manufactured by Dr. Roger Korby
Sentience Basic programming
Functional status Destroyed
Appearances Star Trek, Season 1, episode 7 - "What are little girls made of?"

Andrea was a fictional gynoid from the television series Star Trek. She was portrayed by Sherry Jackson.


Andrea is a gynoid created by Dr. Roger Korby sometime between 2261 and 2266. While she has the body of a beautiful young woman, she is not mentally female; she showed no capabilities for emotion, or human feeling. Also, her behavior was rather simplistic in comparison to that of a Human.

Her programming was seen to be very basic, to the point where she willingly follows direct verbal instructions. Dr. Korby orders her to kiss Captain Kirk, and then strike him. Later, when Kirk orders her to kiss him, she attempts to strike him right after, proving she is incapable of really doing anything, and more capable of following orders and remembering previous ones. She later says she is not programmed for Kirk when he attempts a more passionate kiss.

Despite her simplistic behavior, she is also very curious about the relationship between Nurse Chapel and Korby, and actively asks Nurse Chapel questions.

Later, she accidentally destroys the android Kirk, and then show some emotional feeling towards Korby. When they kiss, Korby activates the phaser in her hands and vaporizes them both.

Images of Andrea

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