Seven of Nine

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Fictional cyborg
Designation Seven of Nine
Title Tertiary adjunct of unimatrix Zero One
Birth name Annika Hansen
Date of assimilation 2356
Transformed by The Borg
Sentience Sentient
Functional status Alive
Appearances Star Trek: Voyager (Season 3 finale - Series finale)

Seven of Nine was a fictional cyborg from the television series Star Trek: Voyager. She was portrayed by Jeri Ryan.


Seven of Nine was born Annika Hansen on the Federation Tendara colony on stardate 25479. Her parents were both exobiologists who, against orders, went out into deep space to find and study the mysterious species known as The Borg. She spent several years of her childhood on the USS Raven, until the year 2356 when the Borg attacked their vessel and assimilated her. Although she was six years old at the time of her assimilation, the Borg put her in a maturation chamber and by the time she emerged from it five years later in 2361, she was a fully mature borg drone.

As a Borg drone she personally assimilated numerous species. When she and her unimatrix crash landed on a planet and were separated from the hive mind, she was the only one not to regain any real individuality because unlike the others, she was assimilated as a child. Seven of Nine remained a Borg until 2371, when she was liberated by Captain Janeway following her brief truce with the Borg during the Species 8472 incursion.

At first, Seven of Nine was angry at being severed from the collective, trying several times to return. Gradually though, as she experienced more and more freedom and individuality, she eventually came to hate the Borg, even going so far as to become close to several Borg children the ship takes on some years later. She experiences sadness at the younger childrens departure, but she takes the older one under her wing as an apprentice.

Even though she was liberated from the collective, she still retained the vast knowledge she had accumulated as a Borg, as well as an eidetic memory and super-human strength and computational skills.

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