Dr. Noonien Soong

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Dr. Noonien Soong
Other names Often-Wrong-Soong
  • Arik Soong (Great Grandfather)
  • Dr. Juliana Soong (Human) - Ex-wife)
  • Two unnamed prototypes
  • B4 - Son (Deactivated)
  • Lore - Son (Deactivated)
  • Data - Son (Destroyed)
    • Lal - Grandaughter (Non-functional)
  • Juliana Soong - Ex-wife (Sleeper)
Appearances Season 4 "Brothers"

Season 6 "Birthright pt. 1"

Season 7 "Inheritance"

In the Star Trek universe, Dr. Noonien Soong is a genius who invented and perfected the Positronic brain, the key component in the creation of a sentient artificial lifeform.

Dr. Arik Soong
Dr. Arik Soong

The Soong family has been blessed with genius level intelligence for several generations, at least back to the 22nd century with Dr. Arik Soong, who unfortunately used his intellect to steal and modify several genetically modified embryos from the Eugenics wars. After he was re-captured by Captain Jonathan Archer, seeing the errors in modifying the Human genome, he remarks that perhaps his intellect would be better suited at creating cybernetic life, though it might take a generation or two.

Arik Soong's great-grandson, Dr. Noonien Soong was finally successful at creating artificial life, with the perfection of the Positronic brain. With his wife, Dr. Juliana Soong, he successfully brings his fourth prototype to life, calling it Lore. Lore was perfect in almost every way, though ultimately he too closely mimicked the human behavior by becoming extremely ambitious with his superior intellect and strength. After he terrified several colonists, he was deactivated and Dr. Soong went and created a new prototype, which he named Data. Unlike Lore, Data was bereft of emotions, and the ability to speak with verbal contractions.

Unfortunately, before Lore was deactivated, he had already betrayed the colonists to a Chrystalline Entity which wiped them all out, but Data was left behind with the memories of all the colonists while Dr. Soong and his wife fled the colony. Juliana was injured during the attack though, plunging her into a coma. When Dr. Soong realized she would never wake, he decided to build an exact copy of her and transfer her memories into it. When Juliana's human body died, he activated the android copy, which awoke thinking it was the real Juliana waking from a coma.

Dr. Soong and the android Juliana Soong lived happily for several years, but the isolation from other humans ultimately led to Juliana divorcing Dr. Soong and leaving him. Before she left, he implanted a holographic chip in her brain with instructions in the case her true nature were discovered.

A few decades later, Dr. Soong creates a working emotion chip meant for Data, and he activates a homing chip designed to compel Data into coming to his lab. While the homing device succeeds in bringing Data, it also compels Lore into arriving as well. After telling both his sons of the upcoming natural conclusion to his long life, Lore in a jealous rage deactivates Data, tricks his father into installing the emotion chip into him, and then violently attacks him. Dr. Noonien Soong eventually dies in Data's arms.

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