Rayna Kapec

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Fictional fembot
Name Rayne Kapec
Model number Unknown
Date of Manufacture Sometime between 2239 and 2269
Manufactured by Flint
Sentience Sleeper
Functional status Offline
Appearances Star Trek, Season 3, episode 21 - "Requiem for Methuselah"


Rayna Kapec was a fictional gynoid from the television series Star Trek. She was portrayed by Louise Sorel.

Rayna Kapec was introduced to Captain Kirk and his landing party in the year 2269 on planet Holberg 917G while they were trying to find a vaccine for a plague affecting the crew. The owner of the planet, Flint, said she was his ward and was training her to be an assistant. While she is extremely beautiful, she also shows to have an equally beautiful mind and has just as much enjoyment talking with Spock as she does dancing with Kirk.

While dancing with Kirk, Flint is seen watching her a monitor. When he fails to deliver the vaccine, Kirk and Spock attempt to locate it themselves, and in doing so discover a room with several android bodies, all labelled 'Rayna'. It is discovered the Rayna they have gotten to know is also an android. At this point, Flint arrives and confirms their suspicions, and also reveals he is over 6,000 years old, and was actually Leonardo DaVinci, Merlin, Johannes Brahms, and several other important historical figures from Earth's past.

As he and Kirk begin to argue, Rayna shows up and begins to display anger and frustration at seeing the two men she loves arguing. While Spock attempts to warn them both, they continue and Rayna eventually short circuits and goes offline at the emotional overload.

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