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In the Star Trek universe, an Exo III android is any android from the planet Exo III.

The planet Exo III once was the home of a race known only as The Ancient Ones. They created a race of highly advanced androids that ultimately rose up and overthrew their creators. By the modern era, only one android remained, named Ruk. He was still tending the machines when an expedition led by Dr. Roger Korby arrived. On that planet, Dr. Korby succumbed to the elements and was eventually transferred into a robot copy of his body. He later created a copy of his assistant, Dr. Brown, and also created a beautiful woman named Andrea as well.

Features of Exo III androids

  • Mimicking other people's voices (Ruk only)
  • Capable of having human memories transferred into them.
  • Capable of being essentially printed in a relatively short time frame, several minutes.
  • Completely mechanical, no biological components.
  • Programming

Known Exo III androids

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