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Fictional fembot
Name Ilia
Model number Unknown
Date of Manufacture Sometime in the 2270s
Manufactured by V'Ger
Sentience Unknown
Functional status Unknown
Appearances Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Ilia was a fictional gynoid from the television series Star Trek. She was portrayed by Persis Khambatta.

Lt. Ilia was a Deltan helmsman aboard the newly refitted NCC 1701 Enterprise. During a mission to stop a massive object of unknown intent from reaching Earth, she was apparently killed by a probe the object sent. A few hours later, a mechanical recreation of Ilia appeared in her quarters, looking exactly like Ilia in every way except the addition of a red sensor like appendage installed in her neck. Every part of her body was designed to perfectly replicate all the normal bodily functions of the real Ilia, including eye moisture. Despite the duplication of bodily functions, she is seen moments later bursting through a locked door, indicating superhuman strength.

When she interacted with Admiral Kirk and Commander Spock, she acted mechanical, referring to her creator as V'Ger. When she encountered Captain Decker, whom the real Ilia had been intimate with in the past, she acted more like the real Ilia, indicating that not only where all her bodily functions duplicated, but all the real Ilia's memories as well.

Despite Captain Decker opening up the real Ilia's emotions, she was still under the control of V'Ger and continued to act as a probe. In the end, both she and Captain Decker joined with V'Ger to evolve into some unknown lifeform.

Images of Ilia

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