Dr. Roger Korby

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Dr. Roger Korby
  • Christine Chapel (Ex-fiance)
  • Andrea
  • Brown
  • Captain Kirk duplicate
Appearances Star Trek TOS

Season 1, Episode 7 "What are little girls made of?"

In the Star Trek universe, Dr. Roger Korby was a scientist who discovered artificial lifeforms on the planet Exo III.

Dr. Roger Korby was a renowned medical archaeologist who led an expedition to Exo III in the year 2261. After a few months, all contact was lost with him and his team. In the year 2266, the U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, visited the planet and opened communications with him. After a team led by Captain Kirk and Christine Chapel, Korby's fiance, beamed to the planet, Dr. Korby captured Kirk and explained that he had discovered an ancient android civilization.

One of the androids that he discovered there was Ruk, left over from the Ancient Ones. Ruk had been active for so long, his memory was fragmented and was therefor able to be tricked by Dr. Korby into following his instructions. With Ruk, he used the machines already present to create a copy of his assistant, Dr. Brown, as well as a new assistant named Andrea, who had the appearance of a beautiful young woman.

Dr. Korby eventually explains to Kirk and Chapel that he plans to replace the leaders of the Federation with android duplicates, as he attempts with Kirk.

Ultimately, it was discovered that Dr. Korby had actually died five years earlier, and had transferred his memories into a robot duplicate. While attempting to prove that he is still the same person, he fails at the most basic level, by showing no regard for the lives that he has taken, and not being able to really feel anything. He was eventually vaporized along with Andrea, leaving Kirk and Nurse Chapel with the question of when Dr. Korby had actually died.

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