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ARA; a feline-type anthroid designed by fluffkevlar

An Anthroid (often known simply as an Anthro Robot, or Furry Robot) is term for an anthropomorphic animal android or robot. While commonly based on mammalian animals like cats or dogs, an anthroid may be based on any kind of animal, including reptiles, birds, and even fictional animals or hybridisations of multiple animals. As such they usually bear features that standard humanoid robots do not, like fur, scales, tails, or digitigrade legs; internally however, anthroids may use largely identical components to their humanoid counterparts. Anthroids also often have more human-like hairstyles alongside their more anthropomorphic exteriors.

A common in-universe justification of anthroids is that they may avoid the "uncanny valley" effect, a theoretical scenario where a realistic robot looks unnerving to a human. However, anthroids are often merely an extrapolation of the internet furry subculture into robot science fiction.

Due to their nature as a type of robot that cannot be portrayed directly with human actors or props, Anthroids generally only appear in animated or drawn media, and are most commonly featured in independent artwork, usually on furry-specific communities like FurAffinity.



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