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“Sir, you are not authorised to interface with the technical units.”

The technician was naked inside the coat, I guess she never leaves the basement so why have clothes? She was a modern Class 3 unit, the type often called ¾, a realistic body but with unconcealed access panels in her skin and with a gaping gap in her midriff where her robotic nature was bare. She had impressive breasts jutting forward which held open the sides of the coat once I dropped them back.

“Sir you are not authorised to access my controls, please stop what you are doing.”

The direct access controls she referred to were set into her abdomen, below her breasts. She had a screen filled with complex status icons and below this, set in a plastic panel, a full keypad and several switches and ports. One of these was connected to the console, which appeared to be reviewing data from her system. Another was connected to a thicker power cable that dropped between her legs and snaked away under the desk. I bent closer and peered at the interface on the motionless body then stabbed at the central 1/0 button and held down. After all, all I needed was turn Kimmy on for a few moments, if she didn’t work then nothing lost. I like to think I’m senior enough to overrule our own company ‘bots!

“Sir, you are not authori…” - BEEP.

The girl’s head dropped an inch or so to the side, expression fixed, and locked in place with a little bounce. Looking at her now, I could see she wasn’t a sophisticated model. Her face was passable enough but her body was smooth and unmarked. Bent over as I was I naturally noticed her crotch which had only the barest of details, clearly no function was served by her smooth-moulded plastic lips.

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