Emma and Sarah

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Emma and Sarah

Rain drizzled gently against the large bay windows of the old café, its rhythmic patter blending with the soft hum of conversations and the clinking of ceramic cups. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingled with the sweet scent of pastries, creating a cozy haven from the gray afternoon outside. In a corner booth, secluded from the rest of the patrons, sat two young women. Each was absorbed in the warmth of their mugs, the steam rising in delicate spirals.

Sarah, with her long, wavy auburn hair cascading down to her mid-back, looked every bit the artistic soul. Her piercing green eyes were framed by thick lashes, and a smattering of freckles dotted her pale cheeks. She wore a loose, oversized sweater in a rich maroon, paired with distressed jeans and worn-out combat boots. Her fingers, adorned with various silver rings, tapped absentmindedly on the wooden table, her nails painted a deep shade of burgundy that matched her sweater.

Across from her sat Emma, whose contrasting appearance seemed to balance Sarah’s bohemian aura. Emma’s sleek, straight blonde hair fell just below her shoulders, its golden hue bright even in the dim light of the café. Her sharp blue eyes were attentive and slightly guarded, peering over the rim of her coffee cup. She wore a fitted black turtleneck that highlighted her slender frame with large 38DDD breasts strapped in by a sports bra, paired with high-waisted jeans and pristine white sneakers. A simple gold locket rested on her chest, glinting softly under the light. The two friends shared a comfortable silence, punctuated only by the occasional sip of coffee or the rustle of pages from the book Sarah had set aside. Finally, Sarah broke the silence, her voice soft yet tinged with curiosity.

“You seem distant today, Emma. What’s on your mind?”

Emma looked up, her eyes searching Sarah’s face as if contemplating how to begin. She set her cup down, the clink of porcelain on wood seeming louder than it was. Taking a deep breath, she leaned back against the cushioned seat, her fingers fiddling with the locket around her neck. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you,” Emma began, her voice barely above a whisper. She glanced around, ensuring their privacy before continuing. “It’s been weighing on me for a while now.”

Sarah leaned in, her green eyes narrowing with concern and interest. “What is it? You know you can tell me anything.” Emma’s gaze dropped to her lap, where her hands were now clasped tightly together. She took another deep breath, her fingers trembling slightly. Sarah reached out, covering Emma’s hands with her own in a gesture of reassurance. “It’s… complicated,” Emma said, her voice breaking slightly. She looked up, meeting Sarah’s eyes with a mixture of fear and determination. “But I need to tell you, because it’s important, and I don’t want there to be any secrets between us.”

Sarah nodded, her heart pounding with anticipation. She squeezed Emma’s hands gently, offering silent support. Emma took one last deep breath, her resolve hardening. “Okay,” she said, her voice steady now. “Here it goes…”

“I’m not who you think I am,” said Emma.

“You’re Emma, my friend from high school! We’ve done everything together since you moved here!” said Sarah.

Emma sighed and took her phone out of her purse handing it to Sarah. “I trust you and I think you’ll do the right thing.”

Sarah looked down at the phone and saw that on the screen was an image of Emma, fully nude, with screens alongside the screen with different options. “You’re…you’re a robot?” said Sarah.

“Yes, I was converted into a robot a few years before I moved here after an accident. I’m based on my own real self but rely on software to run my brain and body.” said Emma. “Please don’t tell anyone. I’m embarassed and I know that small towns can be a place where news travels fast and I don’t know what will happen if someone decides to take advantage of me.”

“Take advantage of you?” said Sarah, confused.

“Hackers, you know? They look for devices that connect to the Internet, like I do, and then can take them over.” said Emma.

“Don’t you have some protections against that? Seems kinda important.” said Sarah.

“I can get those installed, but I am not able to work on them myself. The nearest tech is over 400 miles away, and I can’t drive to get that software installed,” Emma said, “would you be able to help me install that software?” she said with pleading eyes, her chest pushed out to catch Sarah’s eyes. Sarah was always remarking on other girls’ bodies and had dated a few girls in college. Emma rarely spoke about her sex life to Sarah and seemed just to listen rather than engage.

“Sure, it can’t be that hard right? I don’t know how to code or anything. We can do it here…or?” said Sarah, beginning to notice her friend’s bosom pushing out.

“Sure, I can strip down right here and have you open me up in front of everyone in the store.” said Emma, laughing. “No, we need to do this in private and it’s not too hard to update me.”

Sarah and Emma wrapped up their convo, with Emma explaining all the necessary steps but not telling Sarah much more about how to operate her. Sarah was also busy exploring Emma’s phone and noticed that Emma had very advanced emotional intelligence software but almost no sex software installed. She would ask more about that later. As they walked back to Sarah’s apartment, Emma was busy preparing all the steps she would need to show Sarah. Emma was also a little excited as there was another ask she had for Sarah.

“all right we’re here!” said Sarah, locking the apartment door behind her. “Ready to do this?”

“Okay, so there’s something you need to know.” said Emma as she put her bag down and began to unzip her pants. She shimmied out of her jeans and peeled off her turtleneck, unearthing her large breasts held tight by a black sportsbra with matching black panties. “I don’t have a working sexual system.”

“Yeah, I saw that you didn’t have any options in your phone.” said Sarah.

“Could you also help me turn that on?” said Emma, sheepishly as she turned nearly completely red.

“Huh? Uh yea, I mean we’re here, you’re practically naked and pretty good looking.” said Sarah who was also blushing.

“I will make it worth your while Sarah. But you’re gonna probably find this weird.” said Emma as she walked over to her bag. “The way you have to turn me on is by turning me on. Literally.” Emma reached into her bag and pulled out two massive dildos and a strap on. “You have, and I am not kidding, fuck me in all three holes to activate my sexual system.”

Sarah’s jaw had dropped and slid down the floor looking at the massive dildos that her meek and prude friend was holding. Her own pussy was beginning to leak as she realized her friend was asking her to completely take her. Her friend of three years who never once talked about her own sex life.

“Sarah, are you okay?” said Emma. “If you’re not okay with this I totally get it.”

Sarah walked over to Emma and gave her a deep kiss while groping Emma’s large breasts. Emma was not able to return the affection. “Ah, so no kissing programming?” said Sarah as she broke away and began to take off her own clothes. Sarah had herself a nice set of 34C breasts and a sort of large butt. Her one time with another woman had ended when the other had made a comment about fat bottomed girls. Sarah’s panties were already stained and wet as she put on the strap on.

“Nope.” said Emma as she held her dildos out. “You’ll need to pick what slot you use for yourself and then shove these as hard as you can into me. I’ll likely act a little weird during this. Please don’t stop no matter what.”

“Hrmm. That’s a hard choice.” said Sarah smiling with excitement. “We’re going to do doggy” and with that Sarah took one of the large dildos and Emma’s head and pulled down Emma’s jaw and shoved the dildo as far as she could inside her friend. Emma’s eyes widened as the dildo went down her throat. Inside of Emma there was a faint beep as Emma’s AI began to try to open the installation package for sex which was currently locked while her other two holes weren’t used.

Sarah then took Emma and pushed her down so her butt was sticking up and ready for the next step. Sarah spread Emma’s buttocks apart and found that Emma had an amazingly beautiful ass. “Oh yea this isn’t ever used is it.” thought Sarah as she took the large dildo and shoved it into Emma’s ass and grabbed her strapon to position into Emma’s pussy. “New input detected” said Emma with her mouth still full of dildo. “Activating sex mode, sex mode failed” said Emma. On Emma’s phone a new dialog screen popped up with a confirmation button. As Sarah shoved herself inside she took Emma’s phone and pushed the confirmation button. “Sex mode activated.” said Emma as Sarah pumped into her best friend. “Oh yesssss” said Emma as her main holes activated and started finally working. “You know you shouldn’t be able to talk” said Sarah as she reached around her friend to grab her friends tits and hair. “ohm yeam” said Emma as she changed her voice settings to be more human. Sarah and Emma continued to fuck each other for a minute or so.

Emma would moan and occasionally stutter during her moans while Sarah was getting hornier and hornier. Emma’s phone filled up with errors and Sarah noticed that new options had been added for her friend. Sarah scrolled through and noticed that her friend had an option for squirting as well as extending her tongue longer for women. Sarah selected all of these options and Emma looked back at her friend who was pounding her extremely hard and took out the dildo in her mouth. “Did you just select every option?” Emma asked as her tongue extended. Sarah pulled out of her friend, tore off the strap on and flipped then flipped Emma around so that Emma’s head was at hip height for Sarah.

“Eat me out I’m so close” moaned Sarah as Emma shoved her face and tongue into Sarah’s pussy. Emma’s long tongue went deeper than any normal woman’s and hit every part of Sarah’s clit. Emma activated all of her available sex programming and reached over for the dildo that had been in her mouth so she could shove it into her dripping wet pussy. As the young women took each other to orgasm, Emma’s squirting program activated and she pulled out of Sarah just as Sarah came and began to spray liquid everywhere. “Jeeesus christtttt” said Emma as her body began to shake. “That was amazing.” moaned Sarah as she sat down to enjoy her own orgasm.

“Can we do that more” asked Sarah.

“Oh yes. God I love this.” said Emma as she pulled the dildo out of her ass and reached over to kiss her best friend. "Now can we install my firewall protection?"

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