Summer Break

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CW: Step-Family-Incest

Noah let out a sigh of relief as he finally entered Denver. Driving 1,300 miles across the US in his old Ford Focus put a number on him and the car. It was running on fumes at this point, as was Noah. Pulling into a gas station, he refueled his car before grabbing a quick lunch at an opposite Mexican restaurant. As he was munching on some tacos inside his car, he reminisced about previous events.

During one of their weekend phone calls, dad informed Noah about his new girlfriend, Catherine. For hours, he talked about how amazing she is, and how excited he was that Noah was finally going to meet her and her daughter, Blaire. Noah was taken a bit aback by his dad’s enthusiasm (he’s usually not known to be very emotive), but he was happy for his old man nonetheless. It’s been ages since dad had a partner, after all. Noah’s surprise turned to shock however, when, only around two months later, dad called Noah to inform him that he had married Catherine. Noah was flabbergasted, questioning his dad’s choice. But dad was confident, ensuring his son that Catherine was the one. When Noah asked his dad about the wedding ceremony, dad replied that they didn’t have one. Still questioning his dad’s judgement, Noah decided to just let the matter lie. He knew he wouldn’t get his dad to reconsider either way, he was stubborn like that.

Finishing his tacos, Noah once again hit the road. It was another three hours to reach dad’s new home, down in Stepford City. As an afternoon thunderstorm formed over the interstate, traffic slowed to a crawl. It certainly didn’t help that holiday traffic was in full swing, leading to Noah getting stuck in a traffic jam just south of Colorado Springs. As he came to a standstill, he pulled up his phone to do some research on Stepford. Stepford City is Dyson’s flagship project. The new tech and robotics-capital of the West. Run by an elected city council, the elusive Richard and Dolores Dyson, founders of Dyson and Stepford, are claimed to still be pulling the strings in the background. Stepford City is unique in being the only city-state in the Americas. Decried as a capitalist dystopia by critics and praised as the next step in city development by definitely-not-paid-off supporters, the city by Trinidad Lake was originally planned to act as a city to house Dyson’s thousands of employees, with public and essential services being run by androids that the company manufactures. By now, it has become a mix between an average American city and a giant theme park for people looking to fulfil their sexual fantasies. Rumor has it that a particularly wealthy client once rented an entire neighborhood populated by robotic citizens, just to host a massive orgy. But despite all the strange and perverted stories coming out of the city, Stepford seems to be quite popular amongst its residents, with high standards of living and high-quality public services. That is, if you choose to believe the polls of a city that is rumored to have an 80% android population.

Noah’s dad, a robotics engineer for Dyson, moved to Stepford after his employer offered him ‘cheap but comfortable’ housing in the city. As Noah looked at images of the place, he noticed a strange lack of people in pretty much all of the pictures. It was extremely clean, not a single piece of trash on the street, not a mote of dust on any window. The emptiness of the downtown area reminded Noah of footage he’s seen from Pyongyang. The suburbs were the opposite, however. They all looked like 90s sitcom neighborhoods, with white picket fences surrounding neon green lawns. Stock photo-like families smiled into the camera in every damn picture. Everything seemed extremely fake.

As the traffic cleared up, Noah put his phone away and continued his drive south. Another two hours later, and he finally arrived in Stepford. He decided to take a look around before pulling up to his dad’s neighborhood. The place looked exactly like the pictures he saw online. After taking in the scenery a bit, he pulled into his dad’s neighborhood. Juniper Street. How original. After a longer than anticipated search (almost every house on the street looked the exact same), he found his dad’s place and pulled into the driveway. The house was nothing special, a medium-sized white home in the colonial style. A white picket fence surrounded the freshly mown front lawn. For a second, Noah thought he was on a movie set.

Noah stepped onto the front porch and rang the doorbell. The Westminster Chimes tune sounded from inside the house. Noah chuckled at how cheesy it was. After a short wait, the door slowly opened, and Noah finally met Catherine.

“Oh, Noah! We’re so excited to finally meet you!”, Catherine exclaimed with excitement. Before Noah stood an attractive 40-something year old woman. She greeted Noah with a warm smile, formed on her plump, dark red lips. Besides those, Noah couldn’t help but notice her massive cleavage. Her H-cup breasts were almost spilling out of the white and gold dress that she was wearing. To distract himself from his stepmom’s voluptuous figure, Noah stared into her emerald-green eyes instead. Noah must’ve looked like a deer in the headlights, because Catherine slightly cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow, awaiting a response. “I, uh... uhm, yeah! Hi Catherine!”, Noah eventually blurted out, drawing an even bigger smile from his stepmom and prompting her to give him a big hug. As she hugged him, she pressed her boobs into his chest. The warmth from her voluptuous body caused Noah’s heart to accelerate as he felt his pants becoming tighter. Before letting go, Catherine gave Noah a kiss on the cheek, making him blush. “Your father is in the backyard, probably working on his lawn again... let's go meet him, shall we?”, Catherine said. Before Noah could respond, she grabbed him by the hand, leading him through his dad’s new place. As his eyes drifted around the living room, they locked onto another pair of emerald- green eyes. “Oh, sweetie, your stepbrother’s arrived! Come and say hi, will you?”, Catherine asked Blaire, Noah’s new stepsister. “Hi, Noah. Pleasure to meet you...”, Blaire spoke, in a seductive tone. As Noah reached out to shake her hand, Blaire flashed him a sassy grin, showing off her braced, white teeth. “Dad’s in the backyard... I’m sure he’ll be looking forward to seeing you...”, Blaire said as she winked at Noah, causing him to fluster.

Blaire looked like her mother, only more tomboyish, which was reflected in her outfit. A white pattern camisole that revealed her toned tummy and some black sweatpants. The black and white chessboard pattern sneakers completed her look. There was something about her style and mannerisms that Noah found extremely alluring and attractive. And he was sure that Blaire knew that he liked her.

For now, though, he had to push those thoughts to the back of his mind and keep it together. It’d be the first time he’d see his dad in almost three years, after all. Noah stepped into the backyard, seeing his dad hunched over his lawnmower, looking at some kind of fault.

“Hey, dad.” Dad turned around, his face lighting up as he saw his son for the first time in three years. “…Noah! Oh, it’s been too long!” He practically ran at Noah as he embraced him in a bear hug. “For sure… h-hey, dad, chill out, geez…” Noah laughed as he returned the hug, trying to keep himself from tearing up. Catherine and Blaire stood by, with grins on their faces. “How was your drive? You must be shattered. Honey, get my son something to drink, quick!” dad exclaimed to his wife, while still holding his son by the shoulders. “Right away, darling”, she replied as she elegantly turned around and marched back into the house. Her summer dress was short enough that each clicking step in her expensive high heels caused her dress to lift, revealing the black silk panties covering her rear. The sight of his new stepmom’s voluptuous figure once again made Noah nervous, so he quickly looked elsewhere, before his father would notice. As he was searching for something else to look at, his eyes drifted through the neat backyard. This poster child of the American Dream was divided into thirds. To the right, a high-end gas grill with four burners stood on top of a concrete slab floor, along with a steel gazebo. The middle of the yard was where the lawn was, with a humble flower arrangement at the back and the broken lawnmower lounging in the center. The wooden back porch to the left led to a swimming pool, surrounded by a few deckchairs. It was here, where Noah’s eyes once again fell onto Blaire. As she sat on the edge of the porch, she watched him the entire time he was staring at her mom’s ass. Noah quickly was beginning to turn red, expecting her to yell at him, call him a pervert, anything. But instead, she just gave him a slight smile and a wink, before standing up and returning to the house, too. It was at this point that Noah thought he was fucked. As his dad returned to trying to fix his lawnmower, Noah sat on the edge of the porch, bracing for impact as he expected his stepmom to come rushing out of the house to yell at him. Here she comes, Noah thought.

“Here you are, dear.” Catherine said as she handed him a can of soda. As Noah thanked her, she smiled and nodded: “I’d love to stay and chat, but dinner won’t cook itself”, she said cheerfully as she once again strolled into the house. “Oh, right! Dinner!”, dad exclaimed, moving the lawnmower aside as he followed his wife into the house, returning with a plate of fresh chicken and beef. “We’re having a barbecue tonight. I’ll be at the meat station, Catherine’s inside preparing the sides. It’ll take a good minute, so why don’t you two set the tables in the meantime?”, dad asked as he turned on the grill. “Sure.”, Noah replied.

“So, where are you studying?”, Blaire asked Noah as she diligently set the table. “Goodyear College, Detroit”, Noah replied. “I’m guessing you’re studying auto mechanics?” “Yup.” “That’s cool. I’m studying robotics, over at Stepford College. I can show it to you some time”, Blaire said. “Oh, like dad?”, Noah asked as he took a sip from his soda. “Yeah! He helps me a lot. Daddy’s so considerate…” Noah choked on his soda. As he coughed, He turned away from Blaire and looked at his dad, wondering if he had heard them. But dad was so entranced by his meats that he didn’t hear them. “You alright, Noah?”, Blaire asked him as she quickly came over, knocking her hand on his back repeatedly. “Eugh, I-I’m fine, my bad”, Noah replied, while thinking that he might be going insane. At this point, Noah was wondering if Blaire was flirting with him. The way she watched him, the winks, the lip biting, the fact that she called his dad ‘daddy’. The combination of it all made Noah’s head spin. He looked back at Blaire, who was still holding his shoulder, with a worried expression on her face. It certainly didn’t help that Blaire was very attractive to him. Her short, light auburn hair with the combination of her green eyes and freckles made for an alluring sight. The braces completed the image of a cheeky tomboy, and Noah couldn’t help but be attracted to it. He leaned himself on his stepsister’s shoulder as he took a minute to catch his breath. The soda hit him harder than expected. “Thanks, I’m fine”, he said, giving Blaire a pat on the shoulder. He concluded that he must’ve been watching too much porn, and that Blaire was just being friendly. “Good to hear. "Now, where were we?”, Blaire asked as she returned to her chair. “Right, Stepford College…”

That night, Noah was awoken by the sound of a squeaking and creaking bed, followed by deep, passionate moans. “Ahnn... oh... yes, Darling... fuck me hard... I’m your little fuck toy...”, Catherine moaned, as the creaking accelerated. Hearing his stepmom’s moans made Noah rock hard. “Fuck yes, Catherine... I love you so much...”, the moans of his dad, however, disintegrated Noah’s boner immediately. He turned away from the noises and went back to sleep.

The next morning, as Noah woke up, he could hear a vacuum cleaner and some distant conversation downstairs. As he got up, he looked around the guest room he was staying in. A dark brown tigerwood floor. A simple closet stood opposite of the double bed he lay in. The only thing that decorated the white walls was a single painting of a woman looking over the seaside. As Noah took a closer look at it, he immediately found that the painting was AI generated, which he thought was odd. Noah took a closer look at the rest of the room; it was completely spotless. He couldn’t find a single speck of dust anywhere. Not a single streak on the windows, nothing. The room was practically sterile. He eventually gave up looking for flaws and headed downstairs. Stepping into the kitchen, Noah immediately noticed the smell of various breakfast goodies. Eggs with bacon, toasted bread, waffles, fresh fruit. In the middle of the table, a pile of pancakes towered over the buffet in an impressive display. Noah didn’t think twice before taking a seat and chowing down on the buffet. He tried a bit of everything, and barely contained his excitement as each bite he took was better than the last. So far, he’s been seriously impressed with Catherine’s cooking skills. Last night, she served a delicious low-carb keto potato salad, and, according to dad, she made the heavenly marinade that covered the chicken breast and ribs. As he marveled at his stepmom’s culinary knowledge, he heard the vacuum cleaner in the living room turn off, and the sound of a pair of high heels clicking on the floor, as Catherine opened the kitchen door. “Good morning, dear!”, Catherine exclaimed, as usual, with a big grin on her face. This time, she was wearing a short, black dress with a pink floral pattern and some black pantyhose. “Your father had to cover for a sick coworker, so he’ll be out for most of the day, unfortunately”, Catherine explained. “Damn, he was gonna show me around the city today…”, Noah sighed, disappointed. “Oh, you can go with Blaire, if you’d like. She knows Stepford like her back pocket!” “Oh, yeah, that could be fun...”, Noah replied. “I’m sure it will be. I need to return to my duties, but you can make yourself comfortable and enjoy breakfast in the meantime. Eat as much as you want!”, Noah’s stepmom proclaimed, leaving Noah to battle the tower of pancakes alone. “Thanks, Catherine, I will.”

As he finished his breakfast, Noah once again heard Catherine talking to somebody. He couldn’t quite make out what she was saying, so he went over to a door and peeked through a crack into the living room. There was Catherine, having finished vacuuming, she was now cleaning the windows. “I am a good Stepford Wife. I will keep Darling’s house spotless. Darling will come home to a perfect house, a perfect wife, a perfect life.” Noah raised an eyebrow as he watched Catherine repeat this same mantra for five minutes straight. As he kept watching, she suddenly stopped cleaning, standing perfectly still as she stared into space. “I need to recharge”, she proclaimed, as she marched over to one of the cabinets and took out some sort of silver cylinder. She stiffly took said cylinder, lifted her skirt and slid it under her pantyhose and into her ass. Noah’s eyes widened as a loud beep emerged from somewhere inside his stepmom. She started to rapidly blink before twitching slightly, only to then continue as if nothing happened. He finally started to suspect that his new stepmom was an android. He was surprised that he took so long to figure it out, considering the rush his dad was in to get married to her, with little to no fanfare. The fact that his dad moved to Stepford, which was already rumored to be filled with androids, strengthened his suspicion even more. Somehow, he wasn’t fully convinced, however, as his brain still tried to rationalize the entire story. Maybe she’s got some sort of fetish? Maybe that cylinder is a butt-plug? Considering their clearly active sex life, it was a possibility. As Catherine once again turned her back on him, Noah quietly opened the door a little more to get a better look at the living room. His gaze was drawn to a particular remote that didn’t seem to belong to any device. Lying on a cabinet, he could swear that the remote had the word Dyson printed on it. If he could get that remote, he’d be able to confirm his suspicions, but the cabinet was right next to his stepmom, so she’d notice him nabbing the remote for-

“Noah, what are you doing?”, Noah almost had a heart attack as Blaire suddenly stood behind him, tapping him on the shoulder. He quietly closed the door again. Catherine didn’t notice a thing. “I... uh- nothing, why?” Noah stumbled over his words as he turned red. From an outsider’s perspective, it once again looked as if Noah was spying on his Stepmom. “Nothing, huh?”, Blaire skeptically asked as she raised an eyebrow. “Well, whatever. I heard you wanted to check out the city of Stepford with me?”, Noah wondered how she even knew. “Sure, I just need to get ready.”

Noah could feel his stepsister staring him down as he struggled to focus on the road. She’s been staring at him for almost the entire drive, only removing her eyes from him to show him stuff outside the car. “So, Noah, do you have a partner?” “Not anymore, no.” “Hm. What happened?”, Blaire asked him. Noah wasn't eager to tell her about his past relationships, but it at least distracted him from her staring. “Her name was Melanie; we’ve been together for about a year. We unanimously broke up a few weeks ago. The spark in the relationship was just kinda gone, and we drifted apart.” “Oh, sorry to hear that.” “It’s okay.” Noah felt like he slowly started building an emotional connection with his stepsister, and he was sure that she felt it too. “Hey, Blaire, can I ask you something?” “Sure, what’s up?” “Do you know what that one remote does? You know, the one in the living room that says Dyson on it?”, Noah decided to just drop the bomb and ask her head-on. Depending on her response, he’d know if his suspicions were correct. “Oh, I know the one. That’s Daddy’s remote. I’ll show you what it does once we’re back home...”, Blaire replied in a mysterious voice. As Noah gave her a quick glance, he noticed that she was biting her lip, so he quickly turned his head back to focus on the non-existent traffic.

As they drove through downtown Stepford, they eventually came across a larger crowd, surrounding a limousine with blacked-out windows. “What’s going on over there?” “Looks like the Dysons are back in town”, Blaire replied. Noah, wanting to get a better look at the family, slowed down his Ford as he passed by the crowd of photographers, reporters and curious bystanders. He managed to catch a glimpse of both Richard and Dolores Dyson as they headed into the large office building. Strangely, it seemed as if Richard Dyson, the patriarch of the Dyson family, was looking directly at Noah, despite his car being obstructed by the crowd. His emotionless expression sent shivers down Noah’s spine, so he quickly sped off and made course back to his dad’s place.

Back at the house, Blaire and Noah noticed that Catherine was still busy cleaning. She was finished with the windows at this point, so she moved on to folding laundry. “Oh, back so soon you two? How was your trip?” “It was fine, mom, thanks”, Blaire quickly replied. She waited for her mom to turn her back on them, and as she did, Blaire quickly snatched the strange remote from the cabinet. “Here you go. Try it out”, Blaire said, handing Noah the remote. As she sat down on the couch, she gestured to her stepbrother to do the same. Noah complied, inspecting the gray remote. It was a smartphone-like device. As Noah tapped on the display, the Dyson logo lit up and a small jingle played. As the logo disappeared, a page with several different commands and settings popped up. "Try this button”, Blaire instructed as she pointed to one of the buttons that said pause. Noah complied. He looked around the room, not noticing any changes. He pressed it again. Nothing. He tried again, and this time he noticed that Catherine had frozen in place. As soon as he pressed the button again, his stepmom continued folding the laundry as if nothing happened. He tried it again two more times, with the same result. Every time he pressed that button, Catherine froze in place. His suspicions were correct. His stepmom was really an android, and he had her remote, meaning he could do whatever he wanted with her. The thought alone made Noah’s pants tighten severely. “Is she a robot?” “Of course, silly”, Blaire replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Come on, let’s have some fun with her.” “Sure.”

Blaire and Noah at first only messed around with Catherine’s controls. Making her walk backwards, pausing her at random intervals, and so on. Catherine reacted to every command with a slight twitch and some rapid blinking. Noah and Blaire had their fun, but eventually got bored, so, they decided to try something more risqué. Hitting the heart-shaped button that said undress, Noah and Blaire watched in awe as the robotic stepmom swiftly took off her summer dress, revealing her luscious curves. She then proceeded to take off her bra and panties, revealing her massive H-cup breasts, as well as her perfectly crafted vagina. Noah noticed that her folds were dripping wet, seemingly enjoying the experience of being ordered around. Next, Noah made Catherine dance. There was a variety of sexy dances to choose from, so he went with a random one. His stepmom rubbed her hands all over her curvy body as she moved her torso in a circular motion, all while biting her lip. Lubricant ran down her leg as she began rubbing her right hand on her clit, letting out passionate moans. As he watched, Noah noticed that his stepsister had taken off her pants, her pink panties had a wet spot, and Blaire put one hand down them as she began masturbating. “Fuck, this is so hot...”, Blaire exclaimed, her breathing turning into gasps as she touched herself. Noah himself was rock hard at this point and decided that he wanted to see his stepmom break, before having some fun with Blaire.

Beginning to issue random commands at extremely fast intervals, his stepmom struggled to keep up with the string of commands flooding her system. The remote began flashing warnings that issuing this many commands could overload Catherine’s processors, but Noah ignored the warnings. Catherine, attempting to complete every command, began twitching severely as her arms jerked around, attempting to both fold the laundry, clean the floor, sweep the windows, undress, masturbate, give a hand job, crack some eggs and apply make-up, all at the same time. “E-e-error. Stack overflow. Stack overflow. Processor temperature rising above recommended levels”, Catherine announced, as her movements became more and more stiff and jerky, and the whirring of internal servo motors was audible. Noah ignored her warnings and kept punching in commands into the remote, finding his stepmom’s malfunction extremely erotic. Blaire bit her lip as she watched an access panel opening above her mother’s breasts. Smoke billowed from the open panel as Catherine stuttered: “Wa-wa-warning. Step-Step-Stepford Wife. Wife. Wife Unit. Perfect. Error. O-o-o-overload. Perfect curves. I must clean the windows- keep the hou- hou-house in order- darling's fucktoy-toy-toy errrrrrrrr-...” pop!

A major spark flew out of Catherine’s access panel. Noah’s stepmom subsequently froze in place as her pupils started glowing red. Smoke billowed out of her parted lips as she shut down where she stood, one hand still on her folds, the other one in a random position. Her head cocked to the side. Impressively, she managed to keep her balance, even in this broken state. Her remote flashed all kinds of warnings, but Noah didn’t care. Throwing the remote aside, he took his clothes off as he looked over to Blaire, who already knew what would come next. She took off her tank top, revealing her slim yet toned figure dotted by freckles, and a pair of perky B-cup breasts. As Blaire tore off her panties, Noah noticed her crotch tattoo, reading Fuck Toy in a cursive font. Just below, her flawless pussy was drenching the couch in lubricant. Blaire smiled as she leaned over Noah’s stiff member, grabbing it with one hand and giving it a big kiss. She then proceeded to lick off all the precum that had collected during her stepmom’s ‘performance’. Once clean, she gave Noah the best blow job he’s ever had, expertly using her long tongue to wrap around his throbbing member like a snake.

“Mmm... I don’t know whose cock I like more, yours or daddy’s?”, she said in-between sucks. “You’re about to find out”, Noah replied, and in a trance, he grabbed his stepsister and impaled her on his member. Gasping loudly, she immediately began riding him hard, bouncing on her stepbrother’s throbbing cock. “Oh, fuck... you’re so big, Noah... Ahnnn... I’m a good girl, aren’t I- fuuuck...”, Blaire moaned as she picked up speed. Noah didn’t reply as he was about to burst. Just as he was about to fill up his own stepsister though, Blaire paused. “Blaire?”, Noah asked. No reply. She stared ahead into nothing, with her mouth wide open in a gasp. He tried moving her, but she was stiff as steel. Suddenly, he felt his muscles tensing up and then stiffening completely. Noah’s eyes widened as his mind went blank.

Dad walked into the living room to assess the damage. He sighed as he saw his wife Catherine, standing in the middle of the room in the nude, the access panel above her breasts still releasing small plumes of smoke. There was a potent smell of burnt plastic and electronics in the air. There, on the couch, were his Stepford Son and Daughter units, Noah and Blaire, mid-coitus. The couch was drenched in lubricant and precum. Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed another remote, identical to Catherine’s. Quickly entering a command, Blaire’s eyes darkened as she slumped over backwards onto the couch, deactivated. He left Noah on the couch for now. Dad reached into his other pocket, pulling out his phone. He contacted his employer.

“Evening, Mister Smith, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Good evening, Mister Dyson. It’s about Noah.”

“Ah yes, your ‘son’?”

“He discovered my wife and stepdaughter’s true natures way faster than anticipated. He had his way with Blaire and broke Catherine. He'll be here for the entire summer, and he’ll be a problem if he keeps going like this.”

“So, what are you suggesting?”

Dad inspected his wife’s damage, peeking into her access panel. Her processor was fried, but otherwise, the damage was light. He could fix it right at home once he got the replacement parts. Checking his wife’s remote, he accessed her command log. Dad saw that before Catherine shut down, she attempted to execute a combination of 936 commands. He shook his head.

“I want to turn down its autonomy setting for the duration of the stay.”

“Mister Smith, I understand your concern. But Stepford Son Unit N150 is our most advanced android to date. It’s the first sleeper unit to operate outside of Stepford, and it has done so successfully for the past four years. Changing its advanced autonomy setting might jeopardize its programming-”

“Let me take care of the details. I’ve prepared for this scenario in advance. For summer break, I’ve prepared a set of constructed memories that I will install on the unit before it returns to Detroit. There will be no trace of this incident or any others.”

There was a brief pause on the other end of the line.

“...Very well. But please, make sure to pass by the maintenance lab before returning the unit to Detroit. I’ll have my engineers inspect N150’s programming to make sure no unwanted incidents happen.”

“Of course, thank you. And another thing, could you have someone send me a new processor? Noah’s meddling completely burned-out Catherine’s old one.”

“Of course. I’ll have one sent to you right away. Enjoy your evening, Mister Smith.”

“Thank you, Mister Dyson. Good night.”

Letting out a sigh of relief, dad headed to his bedroom. Reaching under his bed for a wooden box, he took out another gray remote. He powered it on as he returned to the living room. Once there, he decided to compare settings. The average Stepford Unit’s autonomy setting is at a six or seven. Catherine’s autonomy setting was set to a three. Blaire’s was higher, at an eight. Noah’s setting was locked at a twelve, which is the highest possible setting. Dad had to enter an override code to even be able to change Noah’s autonomy setting, turning it down to a four, as well as changing a few programming settings. He then turned to Blaire, reactivating her. Blaire opened her eyes before blinking rapidly as she robotically rose from the couch: “Stepford Daughter Unit B586 ‘Blaire’ online. Loading personality... Oh... dad, I’m sorry, we didn’t mean to-” “Go to your room, Blaire, I’ll deal with you later.” “O-okay. Again, I’m sorry...”, Blaire said as she quietly grabbed her clothes and hurriedly retreated to her room.

Dad looked back at his synthetic son. He built Noah from scratch as part of an experiment, where Dyson would release a sleeper Stepford unit into a random American location to test how well an android could blend into human society. Noah’s been at it for almost four years without major issues, until now. As dad unpaused his son, Noah robotically rose from his lying position, twitching slightly and blinking rapidly. A small beep was heard as he turned to his ‘father’.

“How may I be of service?”, Noah smiled as he awaited Dad’s commands. “Go upstairs and get yourself cleaned up and changed. Come to the living room once you’re finished.” “Right away”, Noah replied monotonously as he marched upstairs to the bathroom. Cum was dripping from his now flaccid member and down his leg as he entered the shower.

Once Noah was clean, he inspected himself in the mirror. He’s always had a... softer face and physique than most males his age. His slim and short figure was complimented by his wider hips and large ass. He’s also always been more in touch with his female side. So, to please his father, whom he loved dearly, he decided to amplify his more feminine features even further. Grabbing Blaire’s make-up kit, he got to work. Once finished, he headed over to Blaire’s room and knocked on her door. Blaire slowly opened it, expecting her father to come and yell at her. Instead, she saw her stepbrother in the nude, now wearing heavy make-up. Black eyeliner along with dark-red cheeks and red lipstick. His nails were painted red. He was very pretty. “Oh, Noah, did you need something?”, Blaire raised an eyebrow at his stepbrother’s makeover. She was surprised but intrigued. “I need some of your clothes. Daddy asked me to change for him.” “Oh, sure! Come right in.” Blaire led Noah to her closet, allowing him to pick out whatever he thought would please daddy the most. He settled on a short, white tank top, revealing his slim tummy. A pink miniskirt wrapped tightly around his hips and ass, barely covering the white panties underneath. Black and white striped knee socks wrapped around his legs, ending in a pair of black sandal high heels. “Thank you, Blaire”, Noah cheerfully said, giving his synthetic stepsister a kiss on the cheek. “No problem, Noah, have fun”, Blaire replied, smirking as she gave her femboy stepbrother a slap on the ass. He headed back downstairs towards the living room. The thought of being able to show his beloved father his sexy makeover made Noah’s hard member spill out of his tight panties.

Dad was still busy working on Catherine as Noah entered the room, striking a pose to show his makeover to his owner. “Did you get yourself cleaned up?”, Dad asked, without looking up from his wife’s access panel.

“Yes, daddy. I am a good son. I am ready to please.”