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“I am sorry Master, but you must stop at once,” a young female voice said firmly but calmly. She sat on a chair in a small, humble apartment kitchen, with her hands on her lap. She was very attractive, with long blond hair pulled up in a pony tail, bright blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin. When standing, she was about 5’6”, and sported an athletic but curvy frame. Currently she wore a simple blue jumpsuit, with the zipper open down to her delicately crafted navel.

Brian Johnson, a young man in his late 20’s sat in another chair across from her, with a look of defeat and frustration on his face. He swore under his breath and massaged his temples in an effort to ward off the headache he could feel developing. The woman sitting across from him was his new Cyrex android, Kimmy. He bought her off eBay a few weeks ago for what he thought was a great deal, but he now realized that you get what you pay for.

When Kimmy first arrived in a large, home wrapped box, Brian was so ecstatic that he could barely undo the packaging because his hands were shaking so much. He unwrapped her and threw the box into the corner of his small studio apartment, and stood in awe of her beauty. However, it all came to a crashing stop as soon as he turned her on. He found out that she had been a maintenance bot at the Cyrex corporate headquarters and was scrapped for a newer model. It didn’t really matter to Brian where she came from, but her origin gave her one significant hitch; she had been programmed with anti-sexual harassment software. The result was, that Kimmy would perform all household tasks asked, such as cleaning and cooking (although not too well), but would refuse any sort of sexual advancement. He tried to adjust her systems manually, but he just couldn’t get around the program blocks. After a week of failures, he tried to get a refund, but the seller refused and forwarded Brian the “as is” clause of the sale.

Two weeks later, Brian now sat in his kitchen, cursing himself for spending what little savings he had on a glorified maid who wasn’t too good at her job. He looked up and saw that Kimmy had zipped up her jumpsuit again, and was calmly waiting for instructions. He had one last option this evening that he wanted to try, but resigned himself that it probably wouldn’t work.

Brian reached over and pressed the “reset to command mode” button located near the base of Kimmy’s neck. Her head dropped down slowly for a few seconds, and then perked back up.

“Cyrex systems model 3958-256a. OS SPI4.5 – Kimmy 1.8. Commencing diagnostic.” She began slightly moving her body in a jerky fashion, and then said with a calm monotone voice, “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….nominal. Sensors….nominal. Communications…..nominal. Memory……nominal. All systems are functioning within acceptable parameters. Note: This unit has received 1327 inappropriate sexual advances. Unable to report violations to Human Resources. Would you like to investigate violations now?” Kimmy said, in a flat monotone voice.

“Ignore violations,” Brian grumbled, then crossed his fingers and said, “Kimmy, please remove your clothing.”

“Negative, this violates Cyrex Human Resources sexual harassment policies, and will be reported,” Kimmy said flatly.

“Damnit, ok let’s try this,” Brian grumbled again, “Kimmy, I need to check out your motor systems, please remove your jumpsuit so I can access your ventral hatch.”

“Please enter maintenance login and password,” Kimmy droned.

Brian quickly grabbed a notepad nearby and sifted through a few pages of scrawled notes. “Login: admin-omega-three-five, password: zero-zero-alpha-two-bravo,” he said with restrained hopefulness. He had spent a few weeks crawling through message boards and websites to find this password and login.

“Error,” Kimmy spat, “Incorrect login and password. Access denied.”

“Goddamn, sonofabitch!” Brian shouted as he got up from his chair and threw the notebook to the floor.

“Error, Incorrect login and password. Access denied,” Kimmy proclaimed.

“Shut the fuck up,” Brian cried at the blank droid.

“Error, Incorrect login and password. Access deniiiiiiiiied.” Kimmy slumped forward as Brian clicked her deactivation switch before she could even finish. He picked up her slumped form and carried her over to his bed. He dropped her on the cheap twin bed along with an almost empty bottle of KY jelly.

Brian shook his head and he started to strip off his clothes. “Fucking a lot of money to spend on a glorified blow up doll, that can’t even cook well.”

The next day when Brian got home from his IT support job, he was greeted at the door, as usual by Kimmy. “Hello, Master,” she said with a smile. “I have prepared dinner for you as you requested this morning.”

Brian sat down at his small folding table to a plate of hot dogs and pasta. It was one of the few dishes that Kimmy managed to cook well, and he ate it greedily while Kimmy stood attentively waiting for further instructions. When he finished he told her to clean up the dishes, and he retired to his computer to spend the evening surfing the net for ways to fix his droid, or sell it off to someone else.

After several hours, Brian stumbled across a file share link on an android hacking bbs that caught his eye.

Hack your droid co-workers, or contractors to be your sexual slaves. Works on most Cyrex models. DL now, cause they might kill the link soon.

Brian checked and the link was only a few hours old. Figuring he didn’t have much to lose, he clicked it and started the download. It seemed to be coming from an address in Romania, and judging from the number of random characters in the url, it looked like something someone wanted to hide. Letting it be for a while, he took a break for a quick match of Battlefield 2092.

After an hour or two of playing, he decided to check his progress before heading to bed that night. Surprisingly the download was finished, and when he checked to see if anyone had posted any other details of the program on the message board, he found that the post in question, and the entire associated threat had been removed. “Interesting, and promising,” Brian through to himself as he looked at the file.

Brian extracted the file onto his computer and brought up the readme.

Thank you for downloading Haxorz’ Android Hacker a0.9. This program has been designed to get around the damn annoying HR software that some companies install on their droid employees. If you are like us, and have spent many late nights at the office working your ass off, while that hot tease of a droid walks around dusting and emptying garbage cans, then look no further. This program will access that droid over a wireless network, and remotely turn her into a super slut that will answer your every command, without running to HR the next morning to report you.

Warning: This program is an alpha release and for personal development purposes. Haxorz takes no responsibility if the program is used in an illegal manner or in any way damages your droid.

The only other file in the archive was an .exe. Excited at the possibilities, he pulled Kimmy off her charging station and sat her down next to his computer.

“Warning: battery charge incomplete. Current power reserves at 17%,” Kimmy said with a flat tone, then suddenly brightened up, “Good evening Master, is there something you would like me to do for you?”

“Yes Kimmy,” Brian replied, “please give me your wireless IP address.”

“Sure Master,” Kimmy said with a smile. She seemed happy that she could fulfill one of her master’s requests. “My address is”

Brian had fired up the hacker program and quickly input her number as she said it into the “target” field. “Kimmy, please open port 3528,” Brain said, growing more excited.

“Affirmative, port 3528 opened,” Kimmy said again with a smile.

Brian finished filling out the fields and clicked the big button at the bottom of the screen with the big red letters “HACK HER ASS.” He could hear his computer start crunching, and he saw Kimmy’s head slightly twitch to the side. After a few seconds of idle twitching her face went blank.

“Warning: Illegal operation in progress. Unauthorized access to protected programs,” Kimmy started to blurt out in short squeaks. “System files altered. Shutting down.” Her arms dropped to her side and her head slumped forward.

Brian got a little nervous that he had broken Kimmy. She was frustrating, but she was also expensive and still somewhat useful. He looked back to his screen to check on the program and all he saw was a small message box.

Subject Haxored. Boot her back up and have fun.

Brian closed the box and decided to give Kimmy another shot. It was getting late, but he had come too far to stop now and wait till tomorrow. He reached over and pushed her power on switch.

After a few seconds her head rose back up and she smiled at Brian. “Good evening Master, is there something you would like me to do for you?”

Brian crossed his fingers and hoped for the best, “Kimmy, please stand up and take off your clothes.”

“Yes Master,” Kimmy replied smoothly. She calmly stood up and without another word removed her jumpsuit. It hit the floor around her ankles and she quickly stepped out of it. She wore no underwear and stood stark naked in front of Brian. He had seen her perky C cup breasts and hairless pussy many times before, but this is the first time she had been active and naked. He wheeled his office chair over to her and reached out to touch her breasts. They were warm and soft, and he could feel her nipple growing under his touch.

“Ohh yea I like that. You are making me wet baby,” Kimmy suddenly said in a sultry voice. Brian was quite surprised, because he had never heard her talk this way before. He guessed it was part of the program and played along. He reached up and took one of her nipples into his mouth.

“Oh yea, suck on me baby,” Kimmy said again, this time sounding more like a bad porn actor. “That feels so good. You are making me so horny. I want to suck on your cock.” Not wanting to object, Brian slid back a bit and gave her access to his pants. She quickly got down on her knees and unzipped his jeans. She opened them up and pulled his now hard penis out from his boxers. He closed his eyes, anticipating the feel of her warm mouth around his cock, but instead got something different. Kimmy broke out laughing.

“Oh my God, it is so small,” Kimmy giggled wickedly.

Brian was shocked and furious at the same time. “What the hell are you talking about? I am not small. I am average.”

“No way, you are tiny,” Kimmy giggled again.

Brian stood up and pulled down his pants and boxers to let himself hang out fully. “No look, it is about 6 inches. That is supposed to be average.” And true to his work he was standing about half a foot tall at this point. He had never even once thought of himself being small and the few girlfriends he did have never mentioned a thing.

“Nope it is small all right. How do you even see the thing to pee?” Kimmy giggled. Brian’s face grew bright red. After all this time he had finally got her to want sex and now she was mocking his member. “Ohh ohh,” she giggled and pointed, “it’s getting even smaller.” He looked down and saw that the blood rushing to his face was coming from somewhere else.

Brian, now completely enraged, pulled his pants up and then grabbed Kimmy’s shoulders, “What is the matter with you?” he shouted.

“Nothing is the matter with ME,” Kimmy said sarcastically. “You are the one that has a problem,” she giggled. Then suddenly she switched to a more serious voice, “What you really need is SuperStud 3000, the new totally natural male enhancement pill. It is guaranteed to make you feel longer and fuller, and your woman will feel it too. Right now you can get a limited free 1 month supply if you order right away, and it only costs $10.99 shipping and handling.”

“What the fuck is going on?” Brain shouted.

“What is going on?” Kimmy said with an odd smile, “you have been selected for a special offer of SuperStud 3000. Order now and you can be one of the first to try a product that has been selling off store shelves for years in Asia, and is only available in the US through this exclusive offer.”

“I don’t need any penis pills,” Brain shouted, and suddenly it came to him. That damn hacker program must have installed Spyware into her system. He had to get rid of this quick, before she spammed him to death.

“Oh yes you do baby,” Kimmy replied, “It is free anyway except for the small handling fee. They accept Visa, MC, AMEX and Diner’s Club. Just give me your credit card and I will take care of it.”

“Fuck off; you can’t have my credit card. Kimmy sit down, we have to clean out your system,” Brian said as he walked over and tried to push her back into her seat. To Brian’s great surprise, she resisted him and while he was distracted, she reached into his back pocket and removed his wallet. “Hey, give that back.”

Kimmy silently opened the wallet and tried to pull out a small plastic card. Brian, darted his hand down and tried to snatch the walled, but her grip was too firm. She brushed his hand aside, and thinking quickly, Brian used his other hand to hit her power down switch. She dropped the wallet and slumped to the floor.

Brian grumbled as he dragged his lifeless droid close enough to his computer to attach the hardwire interface. He plugged a USB plug into her bellybutton and rebooted her into safe mode.

“Cyrex systems model 3958-256a. OS SPI4.5 – Kimmy 1.8. Commencing diagnostic.” She began slightly moving her body in a jerky fashion, and then said with a calm monotone voice, “Motor systems…nominal. CPU….nominal. Sensors….nominal. Communications…..nominal. Memory……nominal. All systems are functioning within acceptable parameters.” Kimmy said, in a flat monotone voice. Brian noted that she didn’t remind him about the sexual violations, and set to work trying to fix up her system.

After several hours of careful scrubbing, Brian managed to clean almost all traces of the spyware program out of Kimmy’s memory. He did however leave one feature. Although it almost ran off with his credit numbers, the program did disable the sexual protection software that had given him so much trouble. Once he was sure she was safe, he unplugged her and booted her up.

After a few seconds Kimmy’s head rose up and she smiled at Brian. “Good morning master, is there something you would like me to do for you?” So far he was happy that she hadn’t protested about being stark naked.

Kimmy stood up and Brian reached over and lightly squeezed her breasts. He could feel her nipples harden under his touch, and he saw her look down at what he was doing with confusion across her face. “What are you doing Master? This stimulation is having a strange effect on my systems.”

“I am feeling you up Kimmy,” Brian said with a smile. “Does it feel good?”

“I don’t know Master. I have never sensed this before, and I do not know how to process this data. My body is reacting strangely on its own. Does this activity please you?” Kimmy said in a happy but hesitant voice.

“Oh yea it pleases me Kimmy,” Brian said with an ear to ear smile. His eyes never broke contact with her soft inviting breasts.

“Then I am glad that I can please you Master,” Kimmy cheerfully said, content that she could now please her master although she wasn’t sure why.

Feeling lucky, Brian reached down and pushed Kimmy’s legs slightly apart. She complied but again looked a little confused as her eyes traced his hand moving up to her hairless crotch. He gently felt her delicate silky folds and her face twitched with the new sensations. Suddenly she looked scared, “Master, I appear to have sprung a fluid leak,” she nervously said as he could feel a bit of moisture slide over his fingers.

“Don’t worry Kimmy,” Brain whispered, “this is supposed to happen. Now go lie down on my bed and spread your legs.” She moved to the bed and complied with the order. He stripped down and climbed on top of her. He slid himself inside of her, and moaned feeling her warm folds. He pumped away happily, and she just lay there, moving with slight uncontrollable tremors.

In a few short minutes, Brain had brought himself to climax, and he shot his load deep into Kimmy with a few short grunts. He collapsed onto her warm body and rested his head against her soft breasts. “I am detecting a foreign substance inside my vagina, should I remove it now Master?”

“Not now,” Brain said between breaths, “do it later on.”

“Did I please you Master?” Kimmy asked.

“Oh yea,” Brain gasped, “very very pleased. Time to sleep now.” He drifted off into a pleasant sleep, and Kimmy smiled down on him. She didn’t remember a time that he had seemed that pleased by her actions, and she was satisfied in her performance. She had a lot of strange data to process, but before she starting working on it, she set her internal alarm to wake her Master up in 3 hours for work. She hoped that after understanding these new glandular functions she could better please her master.

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