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“I’m not one of those sexbots, Dan!” Molly said as I used her breast panels to activate her sexbot mode. “Now let me see that cock”, she mused.

Molly was a sleeper. We had been married for 10 years before her disease had taken her mind and her body. She had the idea of going in for full conversion but I had requested that she not remember that part. A few other changes had also been made including the ability to modify her body through her app. My reasoning was that no one stayed the same size forever and small changes would make more sense for her programming. She also got some upgrading on her cooking skills.

As I watched she unzipped my pants and whipped out my cock which was still slightly soft. “Well we can’t have this” Molly said as she began stroking my cock and popped her mouth over my cock. “Mmm god I love your cock now. I don’t know why I didn’t suck it more” Molly said as she continued sucking my cock. She was also programmed to ignore some obvious things like the fact she could talk with her mouth full of my cock or that sometimes panels would be open over her body. Or that when she charged she had to use a large plug in vibrator. Molly was a lot more fun now.

As Molly gave me a wonderful blowjob I watched as the panel between her chest began to light up. “I’m going to try going deeper”, Molly said as she increased her frequency and pushed her head closer to my body. “but I’m not going to let you come yet” Molly had a number of programs that could edge me forever. She also had a very small fast-acting, numbing agent in her mouth and vagina that could prevent me from coming too quickly. She continued this for a few more minutes, mimicking some gagging noises and licking my cock once in a while.

“Stand up and go in front of the mirror,Molly” I said. Molly quickly popped off my cock and went to stand in front of the mirror. Her skirt was still on but was naked otherwise. “What do you see babe?” I asked her. “I see a grown ass woman who is horny as fuck” Molly said as she grabbed her left breast and started to knead it as she reached with her left hand between her legs. “You don’t see anything else?” I asked. “No, Dan. God just fuck me already.” Molly panted as she went to town on herself. “You don’t see anything on your body?” I asked as I watched her breast panel lights flash rapidly. “No. Just my wonderful tits” Molly said as she looked down at her LED panel. “Will you please get in me?” she moaned. I slipped her panties over to the side and plunged in to her wet pussy. “Oh god Dan yes” Molly moaned as her plastic vagina tightened around me. As I pounded my robotic wife I watched as her status panel went from green to yellow. “Molly, open your back panel” I said. As I said this, Molly opened her back panel and I pressed a button that said ‘Vibrate”. As I did this, Molly said “Vibrate on” and her plastic pussy began to vibrate softly. “Molly, increase your cup size” I moaned and watched as Molly’s breasts grew a little bit more. Molly now had to hold her breasts as they expanded to a DD cup from a D cup. Molly was also now moaning and grunting a little bit more as her sex processors tried to keep up her sleeper programming and her sexbot programming at the same time.

“Dan I think I’m going to come.” Molly said. Doing too much would activate her orgasm sequences and I was close as well. “Dan, I think I’m going to comeeee” Molly moaned again. I could feel her turn off her vibrator in her pussy and felt as her pussy clenched on my cock. As she did this I reached around her body and grabbed her larger breasts and brought her closer to me. Her silicon body was practically humming. “Molly you can’t come until you report your mode” I whispered in her ear as I slowed down a bit. Molly looked at herself in the mirror and said “Sexbot mode on” and immediately came. I had also added the ability for Molly to produce excessive female ejaculate. As she came everywhere, I unleashed my own load into her and pushed her into the mirror. “Open all your panels, Molly” I said and Molly’s panels across her head, groin, legs, and arms all opened. Since they were all LEDs, there was no danger of them getting damaged, but I liked seeing my robotic wife covered in cum with panels open everywhere. “Oh my god Dan. I think you were right. I think I’m a sexbot” Molly moaned as her panels turned to red and she collapsed on the floor.

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