Broken pleasure

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(Art done by the wonderful Altop_Ilust from discord/twitter)

[Broken Pleasure]

So, this is the place huh?” James the rabbit asked his friend, as they stood outside of a giant building just covered in neon lights, and various colors of red and pink.

Yep! The best and cheapest whore house this side of the planet!. Me and the boys thought it would be good for you if I bought an extra pass for you in particular, so you could join me inside for tonight to unwind your weary bones!” His friend, a slightly shorter than him, and a bit chubbier too, walrus explained, clapping him on the back with a smile and a laugh.


Oh come now old buddy!. At least try their services out before you deny them!

But their prostitutes are…

Look…” He starts, placing his hand on the rabbit’s shoulder and looking up at him with a knowing and caring look. “We all know you have a problem with the tin-cans, hell, you are not the only one, but have you ever even just ONCE tried one of them out?. Just give the rust buckets 10 minutes, and then you can walk out of here if they really can’t satisfy you. Deal?” He offered, watching as James looks at him, then over towards the whore house, and then back at him again. A few taps with his foot and a hard contemplating look on his face, really told he had a hard time choosing rather to do or don’t.

“......” *Inhale* *Exhale* “Huu… Fine… But I swear Jeff. If one of those damn ‘things’ ends up zapping me because of some loose wire, i’m fucking ponting their metal dome to the moon!” He exclaimed, which in turn makes his friend burst out in jolly laughter

“Hahahah!. Oh, That’s the James we all know and love!. Heheh… ahh. Anyways, here you go…” The walrus said, pulling out a VIP card with James’s name on it. “Keep this on you for the whole of your stay here. If security catches you without it, then you better comply with their commands. This may be one of the cheapest houses on the planet, yet somehow the guys running it managed to get their hands on some old war machines, and they don’t mess around!. Only God knows how the hell they are even allowed to still let those old things walk around with their miniguns attached!”

James gives the walrus a deadpan stare. “...Any particular reason for NOT telling me this?. BEFORE you dragged me here?!”

“*Groan* For the love of... If I had told you that they would have old killer bots as their bouncers, then you definitely wouldn’t have come with me in the first place!”

“Of cou…”

“Just shut up, get in there, and grab one of their tin-whores will ya?!” Jeff exclaimed, done with James’s back and forth dancing.

James looks at his friend with a frown, then looks down at the card, before looking back up to them, having the same sort of frown as himself… Then, with a quick swipe, he takes the card out of the walruse’s hand, and walks off to the entrance, while begrudgingly mumbling swears and curses to no one in particular.

“I’ll be right behind you in a bit!. I just need to do something real quick, so show those rust buckets what a real dick can do!. Hahahah!” Jeff called out to him, as he walked off in another direction.

When James finally reaches the front door of the establishment, he gets his first sight of these war machines Jeff was talking about. Around 3 meters tall, sporting only two thick reverse jointed legs, and a pill shaped core/torso. And not to forget the big ass minigun mounted to the side of its torso, which, upon James' approach, immediately zeros in on him, as the barrel ever so threateningly, slowly starts to spin.

“[IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED!]” The machine boomed at him with its distorted deep voice, stumping one foot down hard as it turned to better look down at him. ‘Sheez’ he thought, no wonder these things in particular gave a bunch of soldiers PTSD, their voices would give anyone bloody nightmares if they saw these things come charging in, blaring whatever to spook them into a stupor.

“Uuuhhm… Here?” He both questionably and fearfully raises the VIP pass up towards the bot, who then a few seconds later lowers down so its singular red eye is leveled with the pass. A laser emanates from the eye, scanning the card a few times, before a comical *DING!* sounds out from the machine.

“[IDENTIFICATION CONFIRMED!. WELCOME. TO. THE RED BARON!]” The thing blurted out, stepping back and away from the door, and then turning to face away from said door once again, before blurting out “[ENJOY. YOUR. FUN. TIME!]”

“......Oookaaayyyy??... erm…” The rabbit slowly said, cautiously walking by the three meter tall death bot, while keeping his eyes on it as he goes. He was not fully expecting that sort of commentating from the thing, but he guesses that’s just some tech wizard doing their magic to make them say that.

When he finally enters the place, he is immediately bombarded by cheering and loud funky club music, and the stench of fancy smokes lingering in the air.

A giant multi ramped stage sits as the main centerpiece of the main room, with various different strip dancers of different kinds and models stationing these ramps. With rows of tables and half-moon sofas surrounding said stage. Cheering and whistling spectators occupying said sofas in abundance, with some seeming to be snorting cocaine down one of the waitresses’ naked back, while said waitress is lying across the table.

On one of the many stage ramps, danced a voluptuous looking Tiger with a nice pair of melons, grinding and spinning their elegant body around the pool of their stage ramp, and at times even spreading their legs for all the onlookers to see their naked nethers.

Over on the stage beside the tiger, was a giant of a cow woman, both in size and shape. Humongous, fondle worthy, bohongers dawns their chest, with an equally grabbable, and blubbery ass to boot as well. Sitting on their knees, they gave the crowd quite a teasing show, as they vigorously fingered themself, while sucking on one of their giant udders, moo’ing as loud and as whorish as they could, which only made the crowd cheer louder.

And then on another stage, they were literally having a gang bang, with the banggery being a flat chested rat girl, who’s holes and hands and tail were getting put to work.

James looked at it all with a bit of amazement, yet said amazement was slightly tainted by him not feeling like he should be in a place like this. More specifically, in a Whorehouse like ‘this’ one. This was a place more suited for the more ‘Technophile’ kinked individuals of society.

“Hey there!”

“Waah!” James jumped when an energetic and feminine voice greeted him to his right.

“Hi hi hi!. Ohh, didn’t mean to spoke you, stud. I just wanted to give you a proper greeting!” A short and lith white furred bunny girl explained to him. Their get up was a classic showgirl one, showcasing their better-than-average and seductive build, with the tightness of the dress squeezing against her body. She even has a top hat that’s tailor fitted with holes for her ears to pass through.

“Hey there!. My designation is BG-0503-K, but you can just call me Alice!” They exclaimed excitedly.

James, only having just met the rabbit bot, can already feel a migraine building up inside head. The last thing he needed tonight was a chippy bot talking his ears off.

“We, at the fine establishment of the Red Baron, are happy and grateful that you’ve chosen to spend your precious time here at our humble house!” They exclaimed again, throwing their arms open as if offering a hug.

I didn’t really ‘choose’ to come here on my own valistion…” He mumbled under his breath

“Now, before we continue, please show me your pass!” The bunny requested, still wearing that happy smile.

“Here you go…” He replied, holding the aforementioned pass up to the showgirl bunny’s face.

They bent forward slightly, and stared at the pass intensely, their happy attitude replaced with a calm and lifeless look, before saying in a monotone voice “Scanning…Scanning…*BEEP! BEEP!* Scan complet” They finish, before springing back up with life once again. “Ooohhhh!!, my my!. You are one of the special studs of tonight!. Why didn’t you tell me sooner!, this way my fine sir!. Come!, come!” The bunny exclaimed, pulling the larger rabbit by the arm to make them follow. James does so, while also being slightly surprised, and a bit on edge by the smaller rabbit’s unexpected strength, as they were literally almost dragging him along the floor, as he almost trips over his own feet with how fast they were pulling him along.

As the mechanical bunny drags him towards one of the halls, he then notices a few more of the war bots like the one outside, standing guard in each corner of the large room. It only made James wonder how these people could even enjoy their time here, when they quite literally had a giant cannon pointed to the back of their head the whole time.

He thankfully didn’t have to think about those tin-cans for long, before he and the white bunny girl disappeared down the hall.

“For tonight's menu, we’ve got a few wonderful girls for you to choose from… Or boys, if you are more attracted to the same sex as yourself, handsome~” The bunny teasingly told him, chuckling a little once again.

“Uh… huh… And what’s on this-Ga! damnit!... This menu?” He asked, almost tripping again.

“Happy to hear that you can’t wait to try our selection of workers, stud!” She happily exclaimed, which only made the bigger rabbit grumble in annoyance at how chipper she was.

“We have Dora!, the thickest hippo that you’ve ever seen!. You can just lose yourself in her fat and girth like she was a nice big pillow!” She bombastically began, before a few seconds later her head twitched a little. “She is sadly preoccupied for the night”

“Then there is Tiffany!, an exotic and curvy Parrot, who’s vibrant and lively colors will stun you through sheer aww and beauty!. She even gives the best blowjobs, if you are into cramming your meat as far as it can go, stud~” She exclaimed again, before once again, her head twitched. “She is sadly preoccupied for the night”

James was starting to see a pattern here, but he kept following the white rabbit.

“Then there’s Andy!, a tomboy possum with an athletic build, who’s for the more ‘submissive’ studs who’ed rather get dominated then being the dominator!. Do be warned, she will use a strap on~” She exclaimed once again, and once again did her head twitch, which made James just roll his eyes in annoyance. This was just starting to waste his time.

“She is-”

“Sadly preoccupied, I get it!. Are there ANY of you tin-cans that are available right now?!” He exclaimed, wishing to move this ordeal along quicker.

The showgirl stopped and let go of the bigger rabbit, before tapping their chin in thought, her ‘mind’ searching through their database for any currently available units.

A small *Beep* a few seconds later, she holds her finger up in the air like she just got an idea. “Yes!, we have a unit available as of right now!. Tina the werewolf has just finished up with her previous client, and should be more than happy to satisfy you!. Right this way, stud!” She excitedly exclaimed, before grabbing james by the arm again towards their destination, which thankfully wasn’t far.

Both of them stop in front of a door with a name plate that spells ‘Tina’ on it. After a minute of just standing with nothing happening, James assumed that the showgirl was waiting for him to enter. But the moment he reached out to grab the door handle, did the rabbit bot shoot their arm in front of him to halt his action. “Please wait a moment while I check up on her, for some reason she doesn’t answer my notes. It won’t take long” She politely told him, stepping in front of the door before opening it to step inside.

The moment she opened it however, did James hear what sounded like low distorted howling, and barely audible motors creaking and screeching, from inside the room. And then a few seconds later does he catch a whiff of something burning

A moment later, and the bunny comes back out from the room, before then closing the door, and then afterwards puls out what looks like a keycard from between her bust, and swipes it over the touchscreen beside the door. A very audible *Click!* can be heard from the door, as the touchscreen beside it now says locked in red letters.

“I’m terribly sorry, stud. But it seems Tina’s last client has left her quite an exhausted mess. But not to worry, if you wish to try her out when she has gotten better, we can schedule a session for you both, for next time you decide to bless us with your time” She crestfallenly explained, before peeking right back up with that smile again. “But not to worry!. We have one more that is guaranteed ready for your pleasure!. Right this way, stud!” She exclaimed with vigor. But the same could not be said about James.

“*Grumble* For the love of god… I swear, this better not be another time waster, else I'm leaving…” He mumbled under his breath.

After another minute or two of walking, they come to, what James very much hopes, is the final door. The name tag on this one spells out the name ‘Evalin’.

“Here we are!” The bunny exclaimed, letting go of James's arm after half throwing him in front of the door. “Evalin has just gotten her check up done, and is more than ready to please you!” She continued, before taking a bow. “On the behalf of The Red Baron’s staff, we wish you a wonderful time!. Enjoy!” She exclaimed for the last time, before walking her fine ass out of his sight, her hips swaying ever so seductively, and her puffy tail shaking just so likewise.

James wasn’t gonna admit it, but it made his wiener kinda jump slightly, as he watched her leave. But he quickly shook his head back to reality, he was there to get this robo-sex shit over with. All these bots may be ever so enticing, but he still hated their mechanical guts with a cold passion.

Turning back to the door, he reached down and grabbed the handle. Taking a big breath of air, before calmly exhaling, James opened the door and stepped inside.

As he walks in, his nose is bombarded with the smell of nose pinching perfumes, and incense laden candles. Then, as he now stands in the middle of the ‘small’ room, he spots his ‘partner’ for tonight.

Lying chest down on the bed, and legs teasingly kicking in the air behind them, laid a stunning, red-brown dragoness. Firie hair adorned her head, with the same colored membrane that made up her wings. Lying completely naked and looking at him with seductive and wanting eyes

“Greetings, master~. I’ve been waiting for you for alllll to long…” She lustfully greeted, turning around on the bed til her legs got over the bed’s edge, and stepping towards him with her thick thighs swaying from side to side.

“What part of me do you want to use?. You wanna fuck my tight little ass~” She huskely asked, getting right up in his personal space, before slowly taking off his shirt and pants.

“Or, would you rather want to ravaged my hot and hungry pussy, which is only made for you and your BIG, MEATY, Scepter~” She kept talking, already pulled off most of his cloths in a span of seconds, leaving only his underpants, which had a hard time hiding the half hard bulge, lightly pulsating under them.

“Or, do you wish to make your little cumdump dragon, choke herself on your manly rod?. Oh my Mighty, Handsome, Stud~” She finished, right as she pulled out his stiffening rod and gave it a few strokes.

For any other man, they would be rock solid and ready to just plow the ever loving shit out of this dragon. But James, even though his junior was standing at attention in the dragon-bot’s grasp, was not all that amused. He merely looked down at the lustfully smiling dragon with a grimes and a scuff, rolling his eyes as he slightly shook his head in annoyance.

Fucking, fake ass, trashcan, piece of…” He thought to himself

“Whatever… Lets start off with that yapping mouth of yours… See if it’s any good for sucking, other than talking”

“Ohh, yes master!. I’m going to savor this with all of my being, you won’t regret it!. GURK!” She wantonly exclaimed, as she kneels down in front of him, before then swallowing his pride down to the base.

“Mrk!, Damn…!” He grunted out, taken by surprise by her taking him whole in one go, and the surreal vibrations and warms of her synthetic throat.

She just went to town sucking his cuck raw, shifting between fast and slow sucking motions while also squeezing his balls with shifting levels of pressure. Even shifting to giving him a boobjob shortly before going back to sucking.

"*sluuurp* *plurk* *gruk* *sluurp* Aah! master! your cuck is soo gloriuoes!. I can’t get enough of it!. Want me to choke myself on it, master?” The draconic fuck bot asked, giving the rutty rabbit a questioning and begging look from down between his legs. His cuck grinding against her face and smearing it in pre, and her synthetic saliva.

"*groan* Less talk…” he starts, grabbing the dragoness by their horns, before forcefully thrusting her head down on his cuck. “...more sucking, bitch bot! Gauuh~” the rabbit moaned as he slowly bopped the dragon’s head up and down his rod, revealing in the fembot’s warm and comfy throat, as it massaged his pride.

“As you wish, master!” The fuck bot chipped clearly, even tho their mouth was full of rabbit meat.

The vigorous sounds of wet slurps and lustful moans played out in their little room for a good while, and all these sounds, plus the dirty talk from the fuck bot now and again, only fueled the rabbit’s need to breed this synthetic bitch. His hate for the bot getting temporarily drowned with each burst of lustful need

After a few more ‘heavenly’ sucks, James grabbed the top of the dragon's head, before roughly pushing it off his cuck. Pre and saliva spiderwebbed between the bot’s still gabbing mouth and his rock hard rod, glistening in the dim light that lit up the room. The dragoness’s illuminated eyes rolled up to look at him with a waiting look, the lenses and mechanics in those glowing orbs spinning and zooming in and out, as she awaits his next command like a good little doll.

“...Lay on your side and hold up your leg. I need to fuck that steal pot you call a pussy, NOW” He commanded, his lust on the verge of turning him mad.

The fuck-bot didn’t waste a second to comply, as the robotic slut threw herself onto the bed, turning sideways in the most seductive way possible, and held her long, slender leg up in the air, completely still and unwavering. Her synthetic pussy winking at him, as it leaked in abundance for what was to come.

“Please master~ Use me like the dirty whore I am!. I was made to serve your every need, my hunky stud~” She teasingly begged, groping one of her large tits and giving him a deep needy moan to spur him on. And it was working like a charm.

James shimmied his way along the bed until his and her pelvises were close to one another, cuck still wet and dripping from the bot’s sloppy foreplay.

He grabbed a hold around her outstretched leg, getting both amazed and a bit weirded out by how stiff and solid it was holding. “Heh… I still prefer real women over you walking trash cans… But I must admit, depending on the position, you tin-cans’ limbs work as excellent handlebars!” He told the bot with a slight chuckle, grinding his cuck against their lower lips, and earning a few moans from the robotic whore.

“Oh yes master~!. Keep talking those dirty words to me!, it makes me so hot and bothered, I can't wait for you to ram that meaty rod into me over and over again, making me scream out your wonderful name with each passing thrust of your beefy hips!. Ooohuuhhhu!~” She screamed the last bit out, before giving a surprised moan the moment James thrusted his hips inside her waiting folds.

He didn’t just thrust inside just because of her dramatics, which was actually tuning him on more(as much as he hates to admit it), but also because he’s a man that can only take so much cheesy dialog at a time, upping to both satiating his ever growing need, while also shutting the fuck-bot up.

This brings up another reason why he prefers real women over dolls. The real thing would react ‘properly’ to his jokes and words, while dolls would ‘react’ to his words, but then spew out something completely different from what he was talking about. For most, this is no biggie, but for him, it kinda is a big problem.

“Yeah, yeah… Just shut up while i fuck your brains out… or whatever counts as a ‘Brain’ inside that skull of your’s” He somberly told the bot, while he steadily thrusted in and out of her warm wet folds.

The insides of the bot’s synthetic pussy felt like a dream come true, which is a given, as dolls like this were made with the best sex experience in mind. The soft vibrations, delightful warmth, and minor massaging apparatuses that surrounded the high quality cuck-sleve he was currently fucking in and out of, gives the user the best bliss and satisfaction of their dreams…

Which, funny enough, was also a thing he didn’t like about sex bots. A man to each their own of course, but he just preferred when things like this are all-natural, not all this synthetic and adjustable bull crab that everyone is blabbering about. That’s why he also liked to encourage other men to get a real girl, whenever they ask about his opinion. Sure, it's not as easy as just buying a walking sex doll, but they’ll just end up poisoning their own expectations, when and if they ever get a real lady to mess around with.

He rammed into the fuck-bot with slow, but heavy, thrusts. Making a muffled ‘hmf!’ with each thrust he made, which combined with the steady, pre-coded moans the bitch-bot made from said thrusts. Most of it was just the usual ‘aah!’ and ‘ooh!’, but with the occasional ‘Aaah! yes daddy!’ or ‘Fuck me harder master!’ whenever he bottomed out inside her. This however lost it’s magic, when said fuck-bot said those exact lines four times in a row, each.

Whoever programmed this tin-can apparently only gave it all the sexual knowledge they could, and made any consistent, or for that matter ‘reasonable’ dialogue, a second thought.

After a time of fucking this bot sideways, while both his lust and annoyance for said bot kept on growing, James decided to shake things up a bit.

“Alright tin-can…” He began, Pulling his cuck out with a wet *Plop* “Get on your hands and knees and shake that ass for me…” he commanded the fembot, to which they complied graciously. They turned around til they laid face down on the bed, before, with the stiff motions only a machine could do, push themselves up on their hands and knees til they were in the doggy position. They looked back with a drowsy smile, flicking their thick tail to the side so James could get a proper look at her goods.

A nice thick and robust ass blessed his eyes, putting him in a trance for a few seconds before he shook himself out of it. Getting minorly annoyed that he must give the tin-can another point for its ‘assets’ to be just the right size for him.

He’s a lover of thick booties afterall, even if said booty belongs to a damn tin-can. But he cannot deny that the whole ‘customization’ of a bot, sounds very enticing. A bit hypocritical coming from him who likes things to be ‘All-natural’, but he's too drunk on lust to think fully straight right about now.

But too bad for him(Thankfully) that the higher quality Ai chips with a bit more ‘personality’, costs the same, if not more, of a bloody medium class cargo ship. If they were cheaper, he would maybe consider getting a bot himself, against his better judgment, and just see if he can’t make a ‘real’ girl out of them.

The rabbit crawls up behind the dragon, grinding the tip of his cuck up and down the whore-bot’s lips. His eyes then drift up to the nice little hole that were her anus, and decided he was gonna try something new, which he’s always wanted to do with some of his partners.

However, the moment his tip touches the dragon’s anus, said dragon goes completely rigid and stiff, head looking straight as they blurt out in a blank yet still feminine voice “Attempted anal entry detected!. Please refrain from using this unit’s alternate entrance. Anal entrance is currently out of service until further notice” They advised. After the sodden spoke from the dragon, said dragon then went back to being a lusting whore

“Please master, fuck my little tight pussy, i need to feel it ravage my insides!” She moaned out like none of what she said before happened, shaking her ass and even lifting it up to try and guide his cuck towards her honeypot.

James, however, itched away slightly. He’s had enough of doing the vanilla stuff, so if he wanted to try anal, he damn well will!. He was there to ‘enjoy’ himself, so to hell with the warnings!.

“I don’t think so, tin-bitch!. You are supposed to do anything I say, right?”

“Yes master~. I’m your little dragon slut, and your word is law!”

“Then let me fuck that ass of yours!”

"ALERT!. Anal entrance is un-”

“Didn’t you just say you’d do whatever i say?. Sounds a lot like you are disobeying my demand”

“*Twicth* O-Of course not m-master!. KZZ!-Anal entrance is-Kzz!. I-i’m he-here to serve you-u” The slut-bot glitched ”En-entrance is not-is not*Beep!* F-Fuck mmm-m-m-My tight L-L-Little ass!“ She blurted out, her systems fighting one another for who had higher priority.

This gave James the time he needed to line his cuck up to their anus, before, with a strong thrust, dived as deep into their depths as he could.

“WA-WAR-WARNING!. M-Minor Interior-or damage de-detected!. Ple-ple-please remo-OH-OH-OH-Fuck me harder-er Daddydydy!” She exclaimed again, her speech taking on a more glitchier tone and pitch

Well, now he knows why her ass was off limits, her anal fleshlight wasn’t hooked up properly, he was wondering what it was his cuck hit half way in, apparently some of her internal hardware it would seem.

Just as a test, he moved his hips around while he was still balls deep in her ass, and low and behold, said cuck was moving freely around in there, slapping against all manner of jagged and blocky surfaces. Good thing that the fleshlight was there to embrace around his prick, else he would assume that he would be slapping it against what could be considered as sharp rocks.

He’s prodding however did make the slut-bot spazz out with each collision of his cuck, slamming into her internals.

“E-Error!- Hmm ye-es stu-Error-My ass i-i-is so nee-nee-needy!”

After a few minutes of slapping her insides with his meat, listening to her line delivery getting fucked up, and getting a few chuckles out of his system from it, James decided that it was time to get back in action.

He took hold of her hips with an iron grip, before just hammering into the mechanical whore.

The fembot’s moans of artificial ecstasy, and error filled warnings, played in the rabbit’s ears. Her ‘song’ only grew louder and louder, the deeper and harder he went. He even felt on some of his thrusts, that he knocked a few things loose inside her metallic frame.

Changing things up again, James rammed inside down to his base and stayed there, before reaching around the glitching fuck-bot’s torso to grab her tits, and bends her up so they both were sitting on their knees.

“Get a load of this, tin-bitch!” He called out, before pistoning into her like only a rabbit could.

“AAAhh-ahaAh-haa-Aah. Yes stud!-yes stud!-yes stud!. Bre-bre-eed my need*thunk!* My sss-slutty*thunk!* I’m your pretty little cum-*thunk!* Wa-warning!. In-n-teria*Thunk!* co-collision with-with-with*Thunk!* exterior-or stomach pla-pla-plating!*Thunk!* Cea-cea-cease user’s current act*Crak-kizz!*” The dragon was about to finish, before the sound of a hatch getting knocked open, stops her in her tracks, and in toe, James’s as well.

“A-a-Alert!. Ex-ex-exterior plating-ting dislodged… Kzz!-Error!. Please inform-orm nearest tech-tech-Technician!”

Curious, James looks over and down the glitched bot’s shoulder, and sees her ‘exterior’ plating lying on the bed before them. He then looks down at her now open stomach, and sees not only a bunch of wires, cables, and mechanical do-dats, but also the outline of his own dick sticking slightly out of the hatch, embraced by a barely holding fleshlight.

Now that he sees what he’s been fucking, one couldn’t even call that a fleshlight!. It looked more like a very thick condom if anything!. No wonder why she was trying to keep him from fucking her butt, cheap ass bastards trying to cut corners!.

Well, if the people of this business don't wanna keep their sex dolls in better working conditions than this, then he might as well give them a reason to do so!.

He let go of one of her tits, and floats said hand down to her exposed interior. Ignoring the slightly malfunctioning whore-bot, he traced his fingers around inside her, running them along a few of her cables, and what felt like circuit boards and other doohickies he could give less of a fuck about. He then hummed in thought, before an idea struck him.

He pulled out of the glitching fembot. “Alright, turn around and get on your back!. I wanna finish this, missionary style”

“A-a-As you wish-wish mast-ster~” She jitteringly said, her movements slightly jerky, which resulted in her flopping onto her back in a less than elegant manner. Reaching a jittering hand down to her crouch, she split her pussy open for James in a beconing manner, with her eyes giving him an even more beckoning look. Said look however was a bit ruined by her one eyelid, twitching ever so often.

“Ra-Ra-Ravage this slutty-slutty dragon whore!-bitch!-cumdump!” She exclaimed, her words starting to mesh together more and more.

He crawled up and over the bot, their faces inches from each other, while the tip of James’s prick was eagerly grinding against the whore-bot’s lips. Said whore-bot’s hand then grabbed the rabbit’s cuck, stroking it in a needy effort to pull him inside.

“Fff-Fuck me, master~” She begged, locking her lips with his in a passionate kiss, their tongs dansing with one another. And with this, it only took one thrust, and James was all the way in.

He thrusted a few times, moaning slightly into their lustful kissing, before pushing away with a small string of saliva connecting their lips. He noticed one of her eyes was looking off to the side, before it moved back in sync with her other eye to stare at him.

He bents up to better look down and inside her open stomach, watching as his cuck filled out the ‘proper’ cucksleeve that was connected to her pussy. He sees how some small pistons squeeze down and off his cuck, in tandem with his repeated entry and exit. How, via some unseen device, it shakes and vibrates around his prick. As he looked inside to her inner workings, he decided it was time to get the fun started, and what better way to make a bot march towards it’s own demise, then its eternally sworn enemy… Liquid.

Massing together all the spit he currently had in his mouth, he moved over the oblivious sex-bot’s open stomach, took aim, and haked a big ‘ol ball of spit down into her sensitive components.

Not even two seconds after it lands on some of the exposed circuits, does sparks start to fly out of her. The dragon’s face fucks up mid moan, with half of it going slack while the other stares blankly forward, while at the same time she’s blurting out “War-war-war-war-KZZ!- Warning!. Liquid de-de-detected in tem-tem-tempre-re-ture circuit-circuit!. Innnnn-BZZT!- Fuck me up!-fuck me up!-fuck me up!-KZZ!- Studududud”

Upon seeing how she was breaking from just such a little thing, and the possibilities of what else he could do to see what happens, made him feel ‘funny’, but he couldn't tell ‘why’ that was, right now.

Putting that thought on the shelf for now, James continued with his ‘destructive’ exploration of the dragoness’s inner workings.

He spat a few more times into her, and just enjoyed the sound of her various mechanical failures and corrupted moans, while he casually fucked her. Then, he shifted to pulling her cables and wires a bit, even pulling a few of them loose or just out completely.

“L-L-Lower pelvis-is p-p-p-power cable di-discooo-KZZ!. Co-co-comunicaaaTION! hardware offfffff-PZZT!. Cease-ase destru-BZZ!-Harder daddy!-BZZ!-Destruc-BZZ!-My big titties~-BZZ!” She blurted out between warnings and radom sex lines. Her sporadic outburst only made James chuckle in amusement, just loving every second of this.

After a little longer, the rabbit thought to himself that it was about time to send this bitch of a dragon to the scrap heap.

He reached inside her once more, and grabbed onto the ‘cage’ that held the pussy fleshlight in place, before, with a grunt and a heave, he rips said cage out of the bitch bot, wires sparking from both the cage and where it sat before, while the bot in question freezes up and repeatedly spouting out some ‘Error code 505’, whatever that stands for.

He throws the broken cages behind him, before grabbing onto the frozen fuck-bot’s hips, and got ready to ‘really’ mess up her insides, now that there was nothing to hold his ravageing cuck in place, and away from her more sensitive bits.

Thrusting away, James felt with each powerful blow, and saw so too, each little and major part getting either yeeted out of her, or just outright smashed to pieces under the wraight of his mighty schlong.

And the fembot’s sporadic moans and heavily distorted and corrupted speech, coupled with the likewise distorted alerts blending together with it, in worse and worse states of word barfing essentially, pushed the rabbit man to shift into overdrive.

He hammered into the breaking fembot like a mad bull, spurred on by the promised goal of breaking this bitch-bot good and proper!.

“Er-er-er-error-error, interior-or damage-damage escala-la-lating!. in-in-inform nearest… Oh-oh OH YES!-YES!. FUCK ME-BZZ!.. FUCK ME! harder-der Master-BZZ!... Daddy-BZZ!... Master…” The fuck-bot blurted out, their presovation protocals mixing together with their sexual ones. A testament to their soon to be decommissioning.

“That’s what i’m doing, you dumb trash can!. Guh!” He blurted out in his grunting, feeling his imminent climax closing in fast. And it didn’t help that he could see the fleshlight inside the bot, slamming and breaking her circuits and mechanics with each fast, and vigorous thrust he made. Not to mention seeing his prick deforming the fleshlight he was fucking more and more, while he thrusted away to the finish line.

“Grh!, get ready bitch-bot!. I’m about to… Grr-aaaahh~!” He grunted out his warning, before letting the floodgates release a colossal wave of pent up seed. He blew his load so hard in fact, the fleshlight inside the bot, with how deformed it has become, broke open at the tip, letting all of the rabbit’s pent up frustrations drown the bot’s systems in baby batter.

“WA-WA-WARN-NING-WAGING!. LI-LI-LIQUID DE-DE- Oh yes-es-es!. F-fu-fuck me up-p-p daddy-daddy-dy!. Hello handsome-some-some… Hello mas-mas-OOOHH-master!. Would y-you like-ke a blow-ow-ow-owjob?. Oh fuc-k yea-CRITICAL DAMAGE-DAMAGE!!” The bitch-bot blurted out in a jumbled mess of words, arms flailing about and head turning left and right sporadically, her systems going haywire as James kept blasting inside the malfunctioning fembot.

James smirks, “Heh, maybe this will… urk!. Do the trick!” he exclaimed between climaxing thrusts, still feeling a good few rounds left in his ‘gun’, he decided he would make sure that they would finish this bimbot.

He plunged his hand inside the fembot’s sparking entrance, grabbing a handful of components, against the fembot’s less than pleased warnings.

“A-ALERT!- U-U-Unauthorized tinkering is not per-permitted by-by non-personal-al!. Refrain from-*RIP!* *POW!* *ZAP!* *BZZ!* fromfromfromfrom-Oh yes!-Oh yes!-BZZ!. Fuckmefuckmefuckme!-BZZ! Big STUD!-KZZ-Big DAADDY!-KZZ-Little cum dump-dump-dump-BZZ!” The dragon’s warnings turned from mechanical banter, to out right chaotic nonsense of pre-written lines mixing together. James, holding a bundle of sparking wires and other mechanical do-dats, was getting a bigger hard on then he already had, just from seeing the tin-can break more and more before him.

“Grr!, okay then…” he grunted, throwing the bundle away before grabbing onto the spazzing dragon’s hips. “Time to give you a proper send off!” He yelled, shifting into high gear as he thrusted into the bot like a jackhammer, enjoying the sound of the bitch-bot’s damage reports and malfunctions, as he went to town on them.

Upon his fiftieth thrust, he came inside the malfunctioning whore once more, now with a new, slightly sparking, path for his cum to cover even more of the bot’s vital systems.

“A-A-A-A-A*BZZT!* Hehehe*BZZT!*HELLO-HEJ-HELLO-DADDY-DADDY-DADDY*KZZT!’ Major da-da-damage-damage*Pzzt!* CoRe COm-oM-Om-Pro*BZZT!* Yesyesyesyesyesyes- *KZZT!* *POP!* *POW!* ‘Error’ Fill me-Kzz!-fill me-kzz!-fill me-Kzz! *PEW!* ErrOr… eRroR… ErRoR… Ai NoT-t rE-Re-SpoNDiNg!. PLeaSe cA-A-aLl *POP!* Bruuu……”

The bitch bot spewed out, while James drowned her parts in even more seed. Watching through half clenched eyes, as a slew of electrical arcs travel along her body and up to her head, before with a resounding *POP!* and *POW!* The bot’s eyes went a skewed, sparks spilling out of her mouth and ears, with smoke also flowing out of said mouth and ears following the cascade of malfunctioning and frying circuits.

Her flailing arms slowed to a halt, twitching every now and then, and copied by her legs as well. Hands clenching and unclenching from misfiring inputs, while her tail wiggled in a blur, until the motors inside it burnt out, each one going off with a small *pop!* individually along her tail, sparks ejecting out from between the scales, before the whole limb went dead over the bed’s edge

A few spurts of sparks came flying out of the bot’s open stomach as well, with streams of smoke following suit. Thankfully, James’s fur was thick enough to protect him from the scorching hot sparks, but some of these sporadic spews did find their way to his still sensitive cuck through the bot’s fleshlight, making him hiss slightly in pain and knocking him out of his post-nut-enjoyment.

“Gaa!, damn it!...” He hissed in pain, quickly pulling his cuck out of the still twitching bot, painting her nethers white with the last few streaks from his softening cuck.

James looked down at his handiwork with an exhausted breath, caringly patting his spark stung member, and watching as the dragon would spasm once or twice every 5 seconds, tits bouncing enticingly with every jump of their broken frame. An occasional attempt at vocalization from the broken whore-bot would appear, but ultimately fails as her words would be a fumbled mess of errors, and mixed together sex lines.

“ERROR! Fuck m-m-my Ti-tight pussy-sy!-KRRK!- Handsome-some-KZZ- Welcome to-PZZT!- MY ASS!- ZZP!- ER-R-RROR!. A-a-a-a-Ai CoRe-cOre-CORE!... Com-com-COMPRO*BZZT!-POW!*OOooommmiiiiccceeeeedddd……”

“Haa… haa… Heh… phew!. Guese Jeff was right…” He admitted to no one, before collapsing onto the bed beside the still twitching fembot. “Haa… You tin-cans aren’t half bad… Not the sex part in particular, but you work excellently at being glorified punching bags…” He told the twitching bot, looking into their derp skewed eyes, noticing inside their mouth that a small fire was flickering down their throat.

“FUCK ME!-YES!-FUCK ME!-YES!- Perfect tits~ -AaAAhHhHHh!-KZZT!- MAJORMALFUCTION!-BEEP!-*POW!*Ppeeerrrrfeeecctttt...” she droned.

“uNIt Eeev-v-Valiiiinn…TZZ! SHuuut.. ddoooowwwnnnn…. *POP!*” With one final pop, and a spittle of sparks shooting out from the side of her head, the lights in the dragon’s eyes blinked out, and a black smoke trail, trails out her nostroals a second later.

“Hmhm… Ahh…” He exhaled, before turning around to the nightstand on his side and opened the drawer. “Huh, Jeff wasn’t kidding about the abundance of fancy smokes here…” He mumbled while taking out a neatly packed cigar and lighter. “Hmm… Ooohh, strawberry flavored~. Don’t mind if I do…”

He laid the lighter on the nightstand, before reaching down the drawer again to pull out a cigar clipper. With a quick *Snip* and a satisfying *Kling-Click!* A few seconds later, the rabbit took a good longful of the strawberry flavored smoke, before blowing it out in the air with a contempt and satisfied sigh.

Lying back onto the bed, cigar in mouth and looking up into the roof, James pondered this new experience he just went through. Just lying there in semi-sillence, and the sound of the broken and sparking bot beside him.

Then, right as he was getting comfortable, an epiphany struck him. An epiphany, that makes him sit up in shocked realization.

“Holy shit… I… I think I might have a ‘kink’ for breaking you trash cans?… Fuck me…”

[The end]

[Thanks for reading!]