First Sparks of Love

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First Sparks of Love

A chilly, overcast day; a sight like this was comforting, rather calm even for the youthful looking woman. It was around 6 p.m. that Beverly walked home; her footsteps clicked one by one, as in sync as a metronome as she paced home swiftly. She knew rain was to join her footstep's chorus soon.

Her roommate always used to say the coming storm had a way of messing with Beverly. How silly though! Electrons floating through the air weren't the cause of her glee; the cerulean haired girl was simply enamored by the wonderful colors of the cloud-streaked sky.

One step, two step. Another then another and she'd be home in no time! Her black, stocking-covered, slender legs moved with precision as she walked down the quiet sidewalks to her apartment only a few blocks away now.

The streets were mostly empty. It was late after all and the sky called out warnings of quite the coming shower. It didn't make much of a difference to Beverly; her movements were always swift and directly communicated her destination. Even those who didn't move for her she was quick enough to dodge.

Her roommate, however, must have been partially right about the storms grasp on the woman. This was what ran through Beverly's mind as she haphazardly bumped headfirst into someone.

The girl was only slightly shorter than Beverly. She looked about as youthful, too. Her green hair fell in a bob that barely touched her shoulders, unlike Beverly's longer lockes. Her navy lips perked as her emerald eyes gazed into Beverly's cerulean ones.

There was a lustful look in one another's eyes as the beautiful girl's gazed into each other. They were one in the same; Their backgrounds unbeknownst to each other but one thing was for certain... It was love

The blue haired beauty spoke first: "Im...sorry. I'm...uh...Beverly..."

The gorgeous green haired girl was quick to interject: "Its...ok. Really...." "Im...uh...Sara..."

They cupped each other's shoulders tenderly. They stood still, frozen in time, hypnotized in each other's embrace. A new static charge of enamorment filled the air as they touched in unison. They moved to embrace slowly, staring entranced in each other's faces.

Surely, Beverly could convince her roommate to let the gorgeous girl stay, she thought. It was about to rain! Surely that was excuse enough, yes!

Sara couldn't go home tonight, she thought. Her home was here, in Beverly's arms. It felt so strong, magnetic, she has to have her...

And both of the girls thought together, unbeknownst, yet silently understood:

Why wait...

Soft faces smushed together as textured lips crossed. An entire world of colors spun around as they intertwined, stocking-covered legs wrapping around each other as they nearly tipped over. They danced around, a fiery dance of passion as their moans sung through the air like a great symphony. They'd both reach their hands under their skirts, feeling each other all over. Every crevice, bump, hole, oh gods they needed it all!

They reached from each other's kisses to say lovingly:

"Sara..." "Oh...Beverly!" "Sara!" "Beverly!!!"

They continued their onslaught of kisses, overwhelmed by pleasure and practically screaming each other's names:

"Sara Sara Sara Sara Sara-" "Beverly Beverly Beverly Beverly Beverly-"

The girls worlds went dark, possibly for the last time...

The two androids had been seen colliding about 27 minutes prior to the shower. They stood there, simply shaking and blinking with the androids default plastic smile.

With no one around to reset them, the torrent fell. Synthetic skin was soaked, carbon fiber hairs flooded. Their processors seemed to jump up in heat, possibly in glitching pleasure before the pathetic things were put to rest.

Their roommates had both warned the simple sleeper synthetics of storms, and could only sigh as they slipped them into the trash heap.

The lightning struck lovers forever side by side until compaction and destruction next trash day.

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