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A scene from the opening credits

The Bionic Woman was a television series that aired from 1976 to 1978 on the ABC and NBC networks. The show featured a cyborg woman who had been "rebuilt" with electronic and mechanical parts after a parachuting accident. The show was a spin-off from a similar show about a male cyborg called "The Six Million Dollar Man"

The term fembot was coined by one of the script writers for the show.

Fembots in "The Bionic Woman"

In 1976, the show aired some crossover episodes with "The Six Million Dollar Man" in which both bionic protagonists appeared. This was actually a three part story called "Kill Oscar". Parts 1 and two aired as episodes of "The Bionic Woman" while part 2 aired as an episode of "The Six Million Dollar Man". In syndication, they were all aired as episodes of "The Bionic Woman".

In 1978, after the show had switched networks, the show aired the two-part episode "Fembots in Las Vegas"

Both of these multi-part episodes featured fembots that were realistic enough to pass themselves off as human. Each of the five 30-minute shows contain many scenes of these fembots without their facemasks, and both "Kill Oscar" and "Fembots in Las Vegas" are popular among technosexuals for these depictions.

DVD releases

In 2005, the complete first and second seasons of the show were released in the United Kingdom. Germany saw releases of these two seasons in 2008, with the third season planned for release in the future. VHS to digital versions are available online and through e-bay and other auction sites.

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