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Fictional fembot
Name Lynda Wilson
Serial number unknown
Model number unknown
Other names Fembot 02
Date of Manufacture 1976
Manufactured by Dr. Franklin
Sentience none
Functional status unknown (possibly destroyed)

Lynda was the second fembot manufactured by Dr. Franklin as part of his plan to obtain the weather control device developed by the O.S.I. She was constructed as an exact copy of Lynda Wilson, the secretary and assistant to O.S.I. scientist Rudy Wells. The Lynda robot was the first fembot to be "placed" by Dr. Franklin's operatives. Katy assisted in placing the robot Lynda while the human was simultaneously kidnapped and brought back to Dr. Franklin's base.

Duties and actions

The Lynda robot acted as a spy within the O.S.I. and acted later with the robot Callahan to capture Oscar Goldman. After Steve Austin had arrived at one of Dr. Franklin's bases and deactivated the fembots by disrupting a wireless communication link, Lynda was "discovered" to be a robot by Rudy Wells. She had stopped functioning too, which gave Rudy the opportunity to immobilize her and examine her construction.

Lynda was later reactivated by Dr. Franklin, and played a part in his announcement to O.S.I. staff that he had gained control of the weather control device. This was the last time the Lynda robot was seen in action.

Eventual fate

Within the "Kill Oscar" episodes storyline, the eventual fate of the Lynda robot is not clear. Due perhaps to the show "The Bionic Woman" switching to another television network, the actress who played Lynda was not available to reprise her role in the "Fembots in Las Vegas" episodes. In those episodes, one of the original fembots had been kept in storage by the O.S.I. Logically, this should have turned out to be Lynda, who was already at the O.S.I. when Dr. Franklin's base in the Caribbean was destroyed.

Rather than re-cast the role of Lynda, the show's producers instead chose to make Callahan the robot that had been stored by the O.S.I. Since the Callahan fembot was eventually destroyed at the end of "Fembots in Las Vegas", it is presumed that the Lynda robot would have met a similar fate. However, the possibility that the Lynda robot was not destroyed opens up possibilities to use that character in fan fiction or other derivative works.


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