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Fictional fembot
Name Margaret Callahan
Serial number unknown
Model number unknown
Other names Fembot 03
Date of Manufacture 1976
Manufactured by Dr. Franklin
Sentience none
Functional status destroyed

Margaret Callahan was a robotic duplicate of Oscar Goldman's secretary on the TV show The Bionic Woman. The robot was manufactured by Dr. Franklin as part of his plans to kidnap Oscar Goldman and obtain the weather control device.

First appearance

Callahan was the third fembot made by Dr. Franklin. Once the Lynda robot had been produced and placed at the O.S.I., Katy and the Callahan robot went to Callahan's apartment. While she was on the phone with Jaime Sommers, the real Callahan heard visitors at her door. Upon opening the door, she was confronted with a fembot copy of herself, and the fembot Katy. An aerosol sleeping gas was sprayed by Katy at Callahan, and the fembots were able to enter.

When the fembot Callahan picked up the phone to tell Ms. Sommers that she would call her back, Ms. Sommers heard feedback and interference in her bionic ear - a sure sign that a fembot was nearby. The blank stare that the Callahan robot showed after she hung up the phone is an excellent example of an emotionless expression.

Duties and actions

The fembot Callahan went to work in the real Callahan's place. She used her electronic "television camera" eyes to record and transmit video of Jaime Sommers as she showed off some of her Bionic capabilities. Then, coordinated by Dr. Franklin, the Callahan fembot worked with the Lynda fembot to get Oscar Goldman into the O.S.I. parking lot, where Katy waited with her aerosol sleeping gas.

Later, when Steve Austin had infiltrated Dr. Franklin's first base, the fembot Callahan was again used as a decoy - impersonating the real Callahan. This resulted in one of the "goofs" of the episode, where Steve Austin lifted the fembot Callahan down from a window, but didn't notice her approximately 400 pound weight.

Soon after this, Katy tried to attack Steve Austin by hitting him in the head with a metal pole. Mr. Austin ducked in time, and Katy's blow landed instead on the Callahan robot's head. This sent her spinning and falling backwards into some oil barrels, dislodging her facemask in the process. When she turned to face Mr. Austin again, he knew he was in for a fight with two female robots.

After having her communications with the control center temporarily disrupted, the Callahan robot wandered aimlessly around, bumping into the robot Katy as she did. This caused a loud clanging sound as their plastic-covered metal insides collided.


The Callahan robot was not specifically shown again during the episode, but presumably she was one of the many faceless fembots that attacked and pursued The Bionic Woman and The Bionic Man on the island. She was therefore destroyed by lightning on top of a dam.

Appearance in "Fembots in Las Vegas"

Because the actress who played Lynda did not appear in this episode, the "captured" fembot still held by the O.S.I. was changed to Callahan. In this role, she was shown in a storage room at the start of the episode. Jaime Sommers saw her seated in a chair. Her facemask was off and lying in a box on a table beside her. Ms. Sommers and Mr. Goldman discussed the events of "Kill Oscar" and, along with the real Callahan, left the room.

Duties and actions

At this time, the fembot Callahan was activated again by Dr. Franklin's "son", a robot named Carl. The fembot Callahan then escaped the locked storage room and subdued the real Callahan by use of the aerosol sleeping gas, and returned with her to Carl Franklin's base.

Callahan then received some upgrades, and had her hair cut styled to match the human Callahan. Her A.I. was notably improved, but she still showed herself to be completely emotionless when not in the presence of humans.

The presence of the Callahan robot at the O.S.I. alerted Carl Franklin to the fact that the Tammy Cross robot had been seriously damaged, rendered inoperable and captured. Carl Franklin adjusted his plans accordingly, and the robotic Callahan - along with the fembots Gina and Billie - was used to commandeer control of a directed energy ray weapon.

These three fembots returned to Carl Franklin's base, and then along with Ellen were used to try to repel an attack by Jaime Sommers. Ms. Sommers fought them until the fembot controls were "smashed", leaving all of Carl Franklin's fembots in a non-functional state.


With the launch into orbit of the directed energy weapon now aborted, and with Carl Franklin defeated and destroyed by falling several stories to the ground, the remaining deactivated fembots were left inside the base. The energy weapon was set to destroy the base (and everything inside) when it returned to Earth. The Callahan robot was presumably destroyed at that time.


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