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Fictional fembot
Kill Oscar 03.png
Name Katy
Serial number unknown
Model number unknown
Other names Fembot 01
Date of Manufacture 1976
Manufactured by Dr. Franklin
Sentience none
Functional status destroyed

Katy is a fictional fembot in the TV series The Bionic Woman three-parter episode "Kill Oscar".


Played by Janice Whitby, she is Dr. Franklin's assistant and his first "finished product", used to shown off Franklin's idea of replacing members of the Office of Strategic Intelligence (OSI) with fembots to a doubtful sponsor.

Of all the fembots made by Dr. Franklin, Katy seemed to have the most sophisticated A.I. She was the only fembot shown questioning an order by her maker, though her programming ensured she follow the order upon his insistence.

Dr. Franklin was shown to have an emotional attachment to his first fembot. It is speculated that their relationship may have had a sexual aspect to it. The other fembots he produced did not appear to mean as much to him as Katy. This is particularly evident during Katy's final scene in "Kill Oscar Part 3".

Duties and actions

Katy assisted Dr. Franklin in his plan to obtain the weather control device that had been developed by the O.S.I. She helped in the manufacture of other fembots, and was specifically shown working with Dr. Franklin to get the appearance of the Lynda fembot just right. Katy also captured Lynda and Callahan, and replaced them with their robotic duplicates.

When Jaime Sommers confronted the "impostor" Callahan, Katy was waiting outside the apartment to prevent Ms. Sommers from escaping. In the ensuing fight, both Callahan and Katy were revealed to Ms. Sommers to be robots. This happened when Ms. Sommers removed Katy's facemask during a struggle.

Later, Katy captured Oscar Goldman. Along with the Callahan robot, Katy fought Steve Austin until he temporarily deactivated all of Dr. Franklin's fembots by destroying a communications dish. When Dr. Franklin had moved to another base, Katy helped him control the other fembots in attempting to halt the Bionic Man and Woman from interfering with Dr. Franklin's plans.


Along with almost all of Dr. Franklin's fembots, Katy was destroyed by lightning on the crest of a dam. Dr Franklin had attempted to drive the invaders of his base away with the weather control device, but had instead destroyed the extremely expensive squad of female robots he had built.


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