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Alyssa Follows Her Directives

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"Jillian. Take off your bra, too, please."

Again, Jillian followed the instruction without hesitation and her bra joined her shirt at her sneakered feet.

"Hmm," intoned Alyssa as she shamelessly examined Jillian's slender white form. Her breasts were very modest, Alyssa noted, terminating in small pink nipples. Her abdomen was perfectly flat. She was designed to look like a cute, skinny, white girl -- a brunette -- of about 20 years. Upsetting this image was a a large, somewhat boxy control panel about the size of the cover plate of a standard wall-mounted light switch between her shoulder blades, filled with small buttons. There was also a skin-toned rectangle set high into her gently-sloped chest. "This is her readout?" Alyssa asked needlessly.

"Yeah, we can take that off," Hailey replied.

"Already done!" Alyssa looked at the screen on Jillian's chest, tossing the cover onto the bedside table where Hailey was setting up Jillian's support laptop. The chest-mounted screen showed low computing resource usage and all systems operating normally. "Well, it looks like she's functioning correctly," Alyssa stated.

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