The Collins Family Values

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The sun was setting and it made the air thick. The summer air had been in the high nineties for the last week and it was beginning to make the air heavy. It was a thick slurry of oxygen, but it felt more like trying to inhale syrup. The sweat that beaded on the foreheads of the residents of Holly Hills in Colorado did little to quench the heat. Only a sustained residence in front of an air conditioner could do that.

Katie was sitting in her room at the moment. Her small frame beaded with sweat from just being outside and going for a short walk. She had come into her house and was greeted with a wall of cool air from the air conditioner that seemed to be running constantly these days. It felt nice, a cold tingle washing over her body as she penetrated deeper into her house and up to her room. Once there she shed her tank top, leaving her in shorts and a bra.

The breeze was exactly what she needed. After only a few minutes of sitting still with the cool air tickling her skin and a perspiring glass of ice water, she was more than ready to actually relax. She didn’t bother with her shirt, opting instead to simply lay back on her bed and pull out her phone. She had ignored her social media for long enough and it was time to see what had happened in the last ten or so minutes.

Not much was her conclusion, then again that was always the conclusion.

“God, there is nothing to do here.” she whined aloud to no one at all.

She was right though. Holly Hills was easily one of the safest communities in the suburb. The height of thrilling antics boiled down to someone’s dog escaping or perhaps some teenagers playing their music a little too loud past the noise ordinance. Nothing at all that Katie felt was even remotely exciting, or even different.

She sighed.

She had wanted to go on any number of beach trips, camping, out of town road trips, or anything that her friends were doing, but all of them required her to go out of town and her parents had strictly forbidden it this year. Which was, according to Katie, totally unfair. She was nineteen, living at home, going to college all on her own and yet she was still stuck in this crummy little town.

The only small victory that she had won, was that despite her being locked in town because of poor grades, her sister was also stuck here. Not because of her grades, no, Lucy was far too…everything…for that. No, Lucy had to stay home because their mother wanted help around the house and Lucy was just the daughter for the job. With reluctance, Lucy had agreed, only because she knew that suggesting Katie would have ended in another sibling squabble. No one had the time or energy for another argument between those two.

Katie had been there when Lucy looked at her with a reluctance in her eyes. Katie could only smugly smile at her, waggle her eyebrows once, and then slink away.

Lucy was currently in the kitchen, washing the dishes from the night before. It was mid afternoon and Lucy, in her wild imagination, had thought that perhaps once. Just once. Katie would drag herself out of bed and get some chores done before wandering off into the heat. The sink, stacked somehow higher than the night before, was evidence enough that Katie had done non such thing.

Lest she and Katie both get yelled at for letting the house fall into such a state, Lucy reluctantly did the dishes. She had been for the last fifteen minutes, and turning to see her sister standing before her with a cold, empty, dirty, ready to be washed but not by Katie, glass was more than enough to set off Lucy.

“No, your turn, I’m not washing another one of your dishes.”

“God, It’s one more thing. Just wash it.” Katie whined in return.

Lucy could only scoff and throw the towel that she was holding onto the counter and turn to walk away. A move the prompted Katie to look at her with an incredulous glare and whine loudly.

“Mom! Lucy’s not doing her chores!”

Lucy spun on Katie, seeing only a knowing and smug smirk on her lips. Lucy could feel her hands clenching into fists at her side and she looked at Katie with all the venom she could muster. It was too late though, Miriam had appeared in the doorway to the kitchen.

Taller than Katie and Lucy, but not by much. Miriam’s light brown hair was cut short and swept to the side. While she dressed casually, sporting a simple tank top and jeans in the sweltering heat, she still managed to come across as elegant and above all, in charge. Her hands were folded over her chest, both pushing her breasts upward just a bit and allowing them a place of prominence, but also adding to the stern look she had on her face.

Miriam was fun loving most of the time and had little issue with some banter, or even breaking up a sibling squabble. But the heat and the increased amount of time that her two daughters were spending together this summer break were beginning to grate on her like a fork scraping across ceramic. Her mere presence though was enough to send both Katie and Lucy into a fearful silence. Katie was still holding the glass, her small frame shadowed by Lucy, standing between her and their mother. Lucy still had to adjust her gaze upwards to look at her mother, who stood tall over both of the girls.

“Katie. Wash your dishes, your sister is not a servant here.” Miriam said, no, commanded.

Lucy wanted so badly to smirk at her brat of a sister. To spin on her and stick out her tongue and smile with an ‘I told you so’ look. Miriam’s presence there stopped all of that though. Lucy knew it would spark a fresh argument. Especially since Katie had little respect for the kind of punishment they would both receive for antagonizing their mother. Katie was already whining and stomping over to the sink and Lucy did everything she could to get out of the way so Katie had no ammunition to start another argument.

“Lucy.” Miriam said and nodded over her shoulder before walking away.

Lucy followed along, still absentmindedly carrying the dish towel in her hands, and fell in step behind her mother. They walked through the living room and into their father’s private study behind a locked door that Miriam unlocked before shoving the key back into her pocket.

“You need to try and nurture your sister a little more. She looks up to you.” Miriam said as she leaned against the desk, making sure not to bump into the computer set up on the desk.

“No she doesn’t.” Lucy argued back and threw the towel she was carrying at Miriam in a fit of anger. Her mother narrowed her eyes as she caught the towel and calmly set it on the desk behind her.

“Yes she does, a lot more than you might think. She’s looking to you to see how to interact with the rest of us, and I would appreciate it if you would take a little more care with how you speak to her.”

Lucy had no good retort for that.

“I’ve seen you two work together, you’re nigh unstoppable. Try and work with her rather than just asserting yourself over her. You’re older, you’re wiser, you should be stepping into womanhood-”

“Mom.” Lucy chided and stopped as Miriam held up her hand.

“You’re becoming a woman. You’re in your twenties now and it’s time to start acting like it. Katie is only nineteen and this is her last chance to learn a little from her older sister before she becomes so bull headed that she gets set in her ways.”

Lucy sighed.

“So do me and your father a favor and try to understand her a little better, work with her instead of against her.”

Lucy was quiet for a few moments. She rolled the whole situation around in her brain for a few moments before nodding her head in agreement. There was still reluctance, but her mother was right. Katie had always been an asset when they were younger and the two of them worked well, if only Katie would settle down a little and do what she was told.

“Good. I’m going to take a shower, you go apologize to your sister. When I get out of the shower I want to see you two cooperating better.” Miriam walked past Lucy just enough to open the door and gesture for Lucy to leave. She turned the small lock on the door handle again and closed the door behind herself as she left. Lucy was already moving towards the kitchen her head hung and Miriam could hear the deep huff of air passing through her nostrils.

Miriam didn’t like to force this kind of confrontation, she preferred for her daughters to simply get along. Some conflict would be good for them though, it would help them grow and mature and more than anything help prepare them for the real world where these kinds of confrontations would happen again and again. She lightly stepped up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom and closed the door behind her. She began setting clothes, jeans and underwear tossed onto the bed followed by her tank top and bra.

Somewhere in the pile of clothes, her phone buzzed. Miriam stopped and turned to look at the pile of discarded clothes. Padding softly back to the clothes she fished out her phone and answered it.

“Hey babe.” Miriam began.

“Hey sweetie, sorry, but I’m going to be home a little late tonight.”

Miriam looked visibly disappointed, not that her husband, Shawn, could see that. “What a shame. I was just standing here naked, about to take a shower so i was nice and clean for you tonight.”

Shawn only coughed a little in response.

“I’ll have to try and be good all day long so that I’m still clean for you.” her voice dropped to a whisper, “so that you and I can get dirty together.”

Her voice ended in a small, almost predatory purr. Shawn once again coughed and earned a whole body laugh from Miriam. She was well aware that his phone calls were recorded and there were likely even co-workers nearby. Miriam just couldn’t help herself though. Shawn just brought out that desire in her. He always had.

“Love you babe” Miriam said, the smirk on her face was audible.

“Love you too, see you tonight.” Shawn replied with a flustered twist in his voice.

Miriam tossed the phone back on the bed and strutted off to the shower, her hips swaying as if she were seducing someone that wasn’t there.

Lucy took a deep breath and let it seep out her nostrils. Then another, each breath calming her down. She could swear she felt a wash of coolness splash inside of her chest and hot anger blow from her nose. She had discovered the breathing technique last year when her father had insisted on her taking yoga classes. At the time she felt like all she did was close her eyes, sit still and breathe. But the technique worked every time, and as her mind calmed down she remembered what she had to do.

She also remembered that her mom had left that stupid dish towel in the study.

Katie, meanwhile, was seething over the sink. A disgusting sponge in hand as she begrudgingly washed her glass. She set it on the drying rack and turned to the stove and sent her arm sailing to snatch the dish towel that always hung there. Though her hands caught nothing but empty air. She rolled her eyes and turned towards the living room.

“Lucy! Where’s the towel?”

Both girls, unbeknownst to the other, looked up as the sound of the shower turning on and water coursing through the pipes.

“It’s in dad’s office.” Lucy replied, her voice already softening with resignation.

Katie walked into the room. Her expression cooled a bit at the mention of their father.

“Dammit. He’s gonna be pissed at us if it’s in there stinkin’ the place up all day.”

There was a moment of silence that passed between the two sisters. Lucy recalled what her mom had said earlier. Her and Katie were basically unstoppable when they worked together. Lucy looked at Katie, and something in their eyes sparkled and then there were smiles. Dirty dishes, chores left undone, sisterly rivalry, all of it was irrelevant right now.

“I could probably sneak into moms room and get the key from her pants.” Katie offered.

Lucy started thinking through all the possible things that could go wrong. In a flash she had a dozen or so ways this could get them both in trouble. There was really no time for that, her mom’s words rang in her ears.

“Better be fast.” Lucy said and Katie’s small frame was rushing past her and up the stairs. She squatted down and stepped lightly as she turned the door handle and pushed open the door to the master bedroom and slipped inside. She was suddenly thankful for being the family runt. She moved quickly to the bed and took a moment to observe how the clothes looked so she could recreate it after she rustled through them.

The jeans Miriam had been wearing weren’t hard to find and digging out the key took even less time. In a matter of moments she was in and back out of the room, gently closing the door and sprinting down to Lucy. She only nodded as Katie skidded up to the door and slipped the key into place and turned it.

They were in.

“Go put the key back, hurry!” Lucy hissed and Katie took off again.

Lucy darted into the study. She hadn’t really realized how much of a mess the place was. The bookshelf was stuffed with manuals and thick books and occasionally an award from work. Even his desk was a mess. There were papers and blueprints and schematics everywhere. As Lucy approached she saw the sheer volume of sticky notes with handwritten scribbles on them. Her eyes darted over the papers and readouts to look for the towel. She found it, struggling more than she would have imagined, and snatched it up.

Without even meaning to, Lucy’s senses had been so laser focused on the towel that she had neglected to really take in the space. She heard something, a hiss and a splatter. A woman humming softly to herself. Even her eyes picked up more. Scribbles on sticky notes became real words, mostly. Most prominently, though, was the schematic that the towel had been covering. It was a woman, standing nude with a grid laid over the body. Symbols and markings dotted the space around her and hand drawn lines pointed at parts of the body.

Lucy knew that woman. The name written across the top of the sheet prominently showed ‘Miriam Collins’.

The sound of a shower, her mothers voice humming softly, and movement came from the computer. It wasn’t locked, and in fact it appeared that someone was using it. The mouse cursor flying around the screen, opening new windows, code flying past in another window, and a visual feed of someone taking a shower. She watched as the mouse cursor opened another window, a three dimensional model of her mother. Click on the head, then drag down to the breasts. Click on the hands, drag over to the breasts. Click on execute.

The video feed shifted downward, filling the field of vision with Miriam’s ample chest. Her hands moved in and cupped her breasts, smearing bubbly soap over them and rubbing them a little more seductively than Lucy would think was normal. She looked up just in time to see the short frame of Katie appear in the door, looking panicked and curious.

“Did you get- what are you doing?”

Lucy silently beckoned her over.

“That’s mom.” Lucy observed.

“Gross, but also, what?”

Lucy turned back to the screen, watching the movements of the mouse, taking in what was clicked on and more than that seeing what else was there that was not in the forefront. She remembered that she hadn’t responded to Katie and so she pointed to the schematic the towel had covered. Katie looked it over and after a few moments came to the same observations that Lucy had.

“Wait. wait…so…so mom’s-” Katie stammered

“A robot. Yeah. And look-” Lucy pointed to the screen “I think dad’s like, manually controlling her.”

Lucy’s finger pointed at the top of the screen to the small red bar with a message in bold white text. ‘Sharing screen with’

Lucy and Katie could only watch as different controls were brought up and moved. Each one affecting Miriam’s body, or vision, or behavior in some way. Some of the changes were obvious to Lucy, others were far more cryptic. After a few minutes the mouse stopped moving, and the red bar across the top disappeared. Miriam continued to shower, though it seemed somewhat more natural. Her movements were slightly more fluid and human-like.

Lucy and Katie’s eyes met, but instead of the fear of being caught, there was instead a hint of mischief. It wasn’t exactly in the forefront of Lucy’s mind, but it was there. A lingering desire for something. She didn’t know what, but it felt hot. So hot that even as she pulled in a deep breath, the kind that usually cooled her from the inside of her chest outward, the heat lingered on. She wanted to do something with Miriam. Something to Miriam.

Katie was feeling the same thing, though she was a little more in tune with her own emotions. She knew what sensual desires and taboo fantasies felt like. She had, more than once, indulged in her fantasies and used them to fuel her sexual awakenings and they danced before her eyes on those late nights when she touched herself until she let out a muffled and strangled sigh.

“Can you freeze her or something?” Katie asked.

“Uh, let me just-” Lucy muttered and grabbed the mouse and began exploring the software there, keeping the video feed up and in the corner of the screen. There was a lot here, and none of it seemed to be what Lucy was looking for. Her eyes darted to the video feed, her mother was already drying herself off and moving towards the pile of clothes on the bed. More windows, log files, open terminal screens. Information flashed before Lucy’s eyes but she found it hard to actually read or understand most of it.

Her mother was pulling on her pants now, and was fully dressed. She would be out of the room in moments.

Lucy was in something of a panic, partially because she knew her mom was coming, and because Katie was now frantically looking from the computer to the desk to the door around the room and back at the computer only to repeat the movement again. Out of desperation she flipped back to the three dimensional diagram of Miriam and clicked on her. The pointer happened to be on Miriam’s chest and it flashed for a moment, then brought up a new panel of controls. Prominently at the top of the configuration was a button that simply read ‘Stop all.’

That was good enough.

Lucy clicked on it as her mothers field of vision indicated that she was leaning over the bed, reaching for her phone. Then she stopped. A number of options flipped to the ‘disabled’ setting on the control panel. The only options that remained enabled appeared to be Power, Operating System, and Failsafe. Lucy let out all the air she had been holding and slumped back into the chair. Katie squealed behind her and looked over her sister’s shoulder.

“Human Persona..Emulation mode..Emotional response kit..Lucy what is all this?”

Lucy sputtered for a moment and then only vaguely shook her head back and forth. “I don’t know. I think it’s all the stuff that mom was running. Like programs and stuff.”

“Sweet.” Katie replied. “Wanna have some fun?”

Lucy wasn’t normally up for shenanigans of this caliber, but this seemed like a unique system. Despite that, she still felt a rising heat in her and she wasn’t sure why. Looking over at the overlay of her own mother she physically felt something click into place inside of her and she knew without a doubt that she definitely did want to have some fun.

“Go up and check on mom. Give me a minute or two to figure out how to work this thing.”

Katie smirked and dashed from the office and up the stairs to her mother’s room. Just to be safe she knocked lightly on the door. A sound that Lucy heard clearly through Miriam’s audio and visual feeds. A moment later the sound of the door opening and a delighted little squeal. Lucy saw that Katie was flipping Miriam over and soon Lucy saw Katie’s grinning face.

“This. Is. Awesome!” Katie squeaked.

Lucy, meanwhile, got to work trying to figure out how to operate the robotic woman upstairs. She soon discovered that every part of her body had a number of options on it. Some more intuitive than others. Her head,for example, contained huge swathes of raw data and boring computer jargon. There were, however, controls over her vision, manual adjustments to her eyes and ears. Clicking on Miriam’s crotch, however, was filled with nothing but sexual controls.

Clicking to turn those on resulted in a small pop up that indicated other systems that had engaged as a result. Her throat lit up and then a small moan slipped out of Miriam’s mouth. Other indicators pulsed across her body. One indicating that Miriam’s nipples had just stiffened, another seemed to bring up another window with, from what Lucy could tell, were a number of kinky situations. Many had check marks next to it.

“Dad, you pervert.” Lucy muttered.

Closing the window she found herself on a new pop-up. This one simply displayed a green button that said ‘engage.’ Lucy clicked it without hesitation. A number of windows flashed across the screen and Lucy could only catch glimpses of what they displayed. It was mostly text, and mostly indicating that some sub system or program was engaging. Lucy quickly clicked back on Miriam’s chest and let out another breath as she saw that it still displayed that the persona and the emulation mode were still disabled. She assumed that meant that Miriam was acting robotic and not like their mother.

“Katie!” Lucy called from her position in front of the computer.

“Yeah, we’re good. Mom’s frozen, or offline or something.” Katie called back.

Lucy let out a breath and turned back to the computer. There was a lot of learning to do and even more observation.

Katie had returned to her mothers room and was looking over the inert form of Miriam. It took a bit of effort for the smaller girl to flip over her mother, made more difficult only because of the somewhat awkward position that Miriam had been frozen in. After a little work and more grunting that Katie wanted to admit, she finally got her mother flipped over onto her back.

Miram wasn’t quite stable on the bead and her naked form was sliding slowly towards the floor, slowed only by the amount of bare skin that provided traction from the bedspread, and the mechanical joints in her knees reluctantly releasing their position. Katie wrapped her arms around her mother and hoisted her back up onto the bed in a somewhat awkward hug that left her own body pressed into her naked mother.

“Katie, you are grounded.” Miriam said, her voice clear and smooth, though lacking a certain level of emotion.

Katie shoved hard against the bed and launched herself off of her mother and looked down at her.

“El oh el” Miriam spoke. “You should see the look on your face.”

“Lucy?” Katie spat back with a level of spite.

“Yep, I found the vocal controls. This is awesome.”

Katie grumbled and relaxed a bit, at least she was thankful that her mother hadn’t somehow reactivated her personality and had actually grounded her.

“Ready for a little fun?” Lucy asked through Miriam.

Without waiting for an answer, Lucy clicked on the wireframe display of Miriam’s crotch and brought up a shocking amount of additional data and controls. There were manual overrides for anything and everything. Lucy could see that there were a number of presets that she didn’t feel like delving into at this point in time, and instead turned her attention to a list on the side of the display. There were a number of preset configurations, all labeled with what someone might expect. Lucy scoffed at the ones that were clearly made by some default manufacturer. Slut, dominant, subservient, school girl, secretary. They all seemed to be more geared towards scenarios or caricatures rather than any kind of sexual configuration.

Clicking on the subservient option only opened a new window with a myriad of controls and sliders. Lucy didn’t feel like making a fully customized experience for her and her sister at the moment, and so she left Miriam configured as it was, mostly. There were options for who to target as the subject of this little trist. The default was their father, but that wouldn’t work and in fact might alert him somehow to what they were doing. Lucy knew better than that and that they would be in deep trouble if he ever found out about this. So, she set both herself and Katie as the targets and pressed execute.

Lucy smirked at what she had done and stood up, leaving the office with the door cracked open just a little to allow her entry back into the room and made her way up to Miriam’s room.

Lucy arrived just in time to see Miriam smirking with a sultry hint to the corners of her lips. Her naked form was still only slightly damp from the shower and lent her skin a short of sheen, not quite what plastic would look like, but not entirely like human skin either. She looked almost flawlessly human, save for that one small detail. Lucy only shook her head in amazement, Miriam was incredible, even the act of sliding off of the bed and arriving on her knees in front of Katie was graceful and smooth.

Katie was practically vibrating with excitement. Her mother, the source of constant strife and punishment in her life. The person who had come down on her the hardest for every little mistake was kneeling in front of her, exposed not just physically but her very being as a robotic creature. Katie, the youngest, the smallest, the baby of the family was now the one in charge of her mother. The smile on her face was borderline wicked and her intent was equally so.

“Unbutton my pants.”

It wasn’t a simple request, her voice made that much clear. It was an order.

Miriam’s devious smirk appeared only a brief moment before her hands smoothly moved to Kaite’s jeans and unfastened them. She dragged the zipper down, slowly, meticulously.

“More.” Katie ordered again.

Miriam complied, and Lucy could only watch as her mother dipped her fingers into the small space between her daughter's jeans and the bare, soft skin on her hips. The older robot’s fingers curled and began to drag not only the jeans but Katie’s panties down her thighs, and past her knees. Once there, she simply let go and the garments fell off of her body. Miriam then returned to a sitting position, her legs tucked under her and her head dipped down, averting eye contact with Katie.

Katie looked over at Lucy, who was leaning against the door jamb and crossed her arms under her own chest. Katie’s grin was one part goofy disbelief and one part pure lust. There was little thought going into Katie’s actions now. Lucy figured that from here on out Katie would be thinking less with her brain and more with her hormones. The discovery that their mother was, in fact, only a machine liberated a lot of thoughts, even Lucy admitted that.

Lucy felt it herself. Locked behind her bra, she felt her own nipples harden with excitement at what she was seeing and what she was dreaming. Miriam was fully under their control, not just because they had access to her command console, but because she had been set as fully submissive to her and Katie. Her eyes were torn away from the scene in front of her by the gentle glow of something across the room. A tablet, sitting on their father’s night stand, looked to be on and something was moving on it.

Katie had turned her attention back to her mother. That devious smirk on her face was ever present. She dipped down and lifted her mother’s chin up so that their eyes could meet. Katie grinned again and walked around her mother to the bed. She settled down on the edge, watching as her mother followed her with her gaze until Katie settled into place. Her legs were spread now, a bald feminine sex proudly displayed. The subtle dark pink lips were already spreading in sexual anticipation.

“Eat me out.” Katie murmured, red hot blush crawling across her cheeks as she said the words aloud.

Lucy scooped up the tablet, looking over her shoulder as Miriam placed her hands on Katie’s knees and spread her legs further apart and dipped into her daughter's waiting sex. The tablet seemed to be a mobile and somewhat truncated version of what she had seen on the computer in their father’s study. A small video feed showed Miriam’s point of view, and after tapping on a few things gave some amount of control.

Lucy bit into her lower lip as she heard her sister’s squeals of delight and Miriam’s deeper, more mature, grumbles of pleasure swirled in. She felt that heat, the desire, the raw lust building inside of her as well. Her skin felt like it was tingling and the sensation of her clothes against her skin sent waves of the same tingles coursing through her. She wanted, no ,needed to get her clothes off and join her sister.

Lucy’s shirt was the first to leave her body. The simple act of walking and moving was dragging too much fabric over her skin. The cooling rush of fresh air as her shirt was tossed aside sent a different series of tingles rippling over her skin. Her bra was next, the last moments of the fabric releasing her breasts and dragging across her nipples sent enough of a sensation through her to earn a small moan. She was just stepping up to the bed where Miriam was furiously kissing along Katie’s thigh, when her mouth crossed the young girl's sex, she dove in and lapped at the spreading folds. After only a few moments of rapt pleasure Miriam would move away, kissing a long hot trail along Katie’s other thigh, only to stop and repeat the whole exercise.

Lucy was already dragging her own pants off of her long shapely legs and kicking them aside. She settled down on the bed next to Katie, the tablet still in her hand. She looked to her sister and was overwhelmed by a searing hot desire. She leaned in, wrapping her free hand around her sister's head and dragged the girl into a deep kiss.

Katie reciprocated with no hesitation, launching her tongue into Lucy’s mouth and moaning in a constant stream of lewd sounding grunts and grumbles. Lucy began to softly whimper into her sister's mouth as well. The pair kissed with a wild and unbridled passion long enough for both to completely lose track of time itself. Lost in the moment Lucy didn’t even realize that she had spread her legs wide. Moreover, she had forgotten about the tablet in her hand which was currently being observed by someone else remotely.

Katie was the first to break the kiss, though only because she found herself pressing back into the bed. Miriam had moved to fully licking and suckling on Katie’s feminine folds for the better part of ten minutes now. Katie had been so lost in passionate lust that she had noticed the rising heat of a rolling orgasm. She cried out and her hips bucked a little. Miriam had pulled back enough to let her move without the fear of damage.

“I..I didn’t tell you to stop! Keep licking me you little robot slut” Katie called to her mother, who immediately and gladly returned to work.

Miriam brought both hands up to Katie’s pussy and used her thumbs to spread the younger woman’s slit open. She bobbed forward over and over, each time letting her tongue drag across the full length of Katie’s clit.

As Katie was crying out, Lucy suddenly remembered the tablet. She lifted it in front of her and, for the first time, knew what she wanted and where to get it.

She tapped on Miriam’s left hand and then opened the options table. She tapped the check box next to the sexual use option and then tapped on her own name in the list that appeared. All the open prompts closed and returned to the system monitoring screen. An instant later Lucy felt the heat of Miriam’s hand on her upper thigh. Lucy knew to comply and she spread her legs open and in an instant Miriam’s fingers were dragging smoothly along the length of her sex.

Lucy felt her head fall back to the bed and a sensual sigh slipped past her lips. Her hands were already moving to her breasts, leaving the tablet on the bed. She had a single wandering thought about how much of a turn on it was that Miriam was, in fact, just a machine. Something to be used and controlled. Her mind wandered for an instant to what Miriam was like when their father was fixing her..or disassembling her..every new thought brought a twitch to her pussy that was only accentuated by Miriam’s movements.

The android woman easily slipped two fingers into Lucy’s soaking wet slit. Miriam started thrusting her two fingers in and out of Lucy in an easy and smooth rhythm. There was no resistance, only pleasure. Lucy cried out as she felt more and more of the same heat rising inside of her. What was once a gentle tingle had condensed itself down to a squirming, craving, desire filled lump centered on her sex. Every movement from Miriam brought it back to the forefront of her mind and every movement seemed to only intensify the sensation.

The sound of Katie’s squealing voice tugged at Lucy’s senses. Her sister was having another orgasm. In the middle of the moans and sighing, Katie somehow managed to order her mother to keep going.

Lucy hadn’t even settled back into her own rhythms. The desire was still there, the craving for that sexual release was building, but her sister distracted her again. She was moaning, again, the same orgasmic squeal she had made moments before. Then it happened again. And again.

Lucy’s lustful thoughts about Miriam’s fingers thrusting in and out of her were shoved to the side. She could still feel the movement, but it was like all her focus on Katie had robbed her of the squirming sensual sensations from before. Her eyes were open wide now and she pushed herself up with her hands to look over at her sister.

Katie’s head was swiveling from side to side, each time she moved to one side she would let out the same sounds as the orgasm she had just had. Then her head would slowly turn to look towards Lucy. Now that she was paying attention, Lucy heard the sound of something electronic inside of Katie whining and straining. Putting her hand on the side of Katie’s neck, she could feel the tension of what had to be motors. They were fighting, struggling, like they had been told to turn in two directions at the same time. Lucy knew that after too long that would surely break down.

Miriam’s fingers thrust deep inside of Lucy again, this time her thumb came to rest on Lucy's soft clit and swirled around for a second. Lucy’s mind screamed at her to forget Katie and to simply let Miriam pleasure her until she was screaming in orgasmic ecstasy.

“Miriam stop.” She said with all the authority she could muster through worry and lust.

Miriam did, in fact, stop. She pulled her hand back and let her fingers, slick with Lucy’s love, come to rest on her bare thighs. She sat still, breathing and blinking and smiling, but nothing else. Katie, meanwhile, continued to twitch, moan and spasm from time to time. Lucy returned to the tablet, seeing now that her sister was just as much an android as her mother had been. She sighed at the thought that her little sister might operate the same way her mother did. There was already an alert blinking on display and when Lucy tapped it she was greeted by a control interface for Katie.

It was similar, though different to Miriams. It looked somewhere newer, more refined. Options that made sense were bundled into one control panel, though they were difficult to see. Most of the screen was obscured with alerts and warnings. It only took Lucy a moment to find the reboot option though and, like all good technical support wanted, she tried turning it off and back on again.

Katie almost immediately fell silent. There was, perhaps, two full seconds before her systems received and executed the shutdown order. In that time she continued to squeal in pleasure and then suddenly stop. Her entire form sagged into the bed as the internal motor systems released their hold on parts of her body. Her head relaxed to one side, eyes and mouth open wide as she stared, not at, but through Lucy. There was no life there, just a cold robotic face.

“Fuck.” Lucy muttered. It was less frustration or worry and more desire. She now had two robots to use as she saw fit.

While Katie slowly returned to life, Lucy was rapidly tapping into the programming sets for her sister. She could have changed anything, made her less of a brat. Maybe make her more clean and tidy. That could come later, for now, Lucy let her lust control her actions. She found Katie’s sexual menu and huffed, finding it far less populated than Miriam’s had been. Lucy chuckled at that, thinking how funny it was that Katie was less experienced and thus had less programming to draw from.

She was, of course, incorrect. Katie had simply not had all of her sexual programming installed yet.

Still, there were options. Lucy tapped on what felt like the most useful of the options and set herself as the target then executed it. She was met with a small warning that the program could not execute until the unit was fully online. Lucy tossed the tablet aside and bit into her lower lip. The term “unit” echoed in her mind. This wasn’t her mother, it was a unit. This wasn’t her sister, it was another android..another unit..both were hers now.

Katie muttered that she was online, then that she was loading and executing her human persona. Katie managed to blink once as she stared at Lucy and then, a moment later, that same coy, lustful smirk crossed her lips. Lucy knew that her sister was online again and appeared to be functional, so why not use her like they used Miriam.

Lucy climbed onto Katie, mounting her face and lowering her own pussy down onto Katie’s waiting tongue. In an instant Katie’s lips were pressed into Lucy’s sex and letting out a muffled moan as she ate out her older sister’s clit. Lucy felt her own head fall back and a cry of pure pleasure roll out. That intense ball of desire was once again building and bubbling inside of her. She could feel the heat rising and consuming her, starting at her loins and spreading like wildfire until she was blushing with heat.

“Mo- er..Miriam…come here and kiss me.” Lucy ordered, looking over her shoulder to Miram, who was still placidly smiling. The glisten of Katie’s juices was still fresh on her lips.

Miriam stood without any hesitation and moved around to her own bed. She shoved away the pile of clothes that had been left there and crawled towards Lucy. Katie was busily flicking her tongue rapidly over Lucy’s clit, drawing moans from her lips. Miriam arrived in front of her and moved in for a single small kiss, just enough to entice lucy. She whimpered at the robot pulled away from her, but once she felt Miriam's warm, artificial tongue slide across her nipple, she lost all care about kisses.

“Keep- keep doing that.” Lucy mumbled.

Lucy had, absentmindedly, forgotten that there were currently two androids that were engaged with her and that were fully under her control. Miriam and Katie both received the words and complied. Miriam left her mouth clamped over Lucy’s nipple, her tongue swirling around the hardened tip, while Katie’s tongue flicked over Lucy’s clit. That tight and intense sensation of lust was forming in Lucy’s hips. She could almost feel the release, like the sudden bursting of an all too full balloon.

Then there was nothing.

Shawn stood in the doorway, his phone in his hands with an emergency stop illuminated as his thumb rose from the touchscreen.

Katie was the first to fully power down. Her tongue was still lodged deep inside of Lucy, eyes shut as she was rapt in pleasure at the time of the power down command. Her operating system received it and immediately executed it at the highest possible permission level. Katie’s hands had curled around Lucy’s thighs and had been using them to pull Lucy’s pussy even harder against her mouth, but now they just slipped off and flopped to the bed.

Lucy’s balance was a little strange. She had been relying on Miriam’s presence to keep her mostly upright. As Miriam powered down, mouth still on Lucy’s tit, she leaned all her weight into Lucy and then slid to the side, face planting into the bedspread. Lucy meanwhile tilted forward, dislodging herself from Katie’s tongue and crumpling in a heap on the bed. Part of her weight tipped her to the side and into Miriam.

Shawn was panting. He had just sprinted up the stairs and he wasn’t nearly in as good a shape as he should have been. He stored his phone back in his pocket and moved to the bed, scooping up the tablet there while he was at it. He tapped around on it, pulling up the controls for Miriam and reactivating her. As part of her boot up he disabled her human persona and a number of other code bases that would be unnecessary for the time being. He was reluctant to turn her back on so soon, but he would need some sort of assistance carrying Lucy and Katie down to his repair lab.

Miriam came online and pushed herself off of the bed and into a standing position. She was ridgid, her eyes remained unblinking and there was no rise and fall of her chest to indicate breathing.

“Pick her up and bring her to repair table three” Shawn said, pointing to Katie.

Miriam responded instantly. She wiggled her arms under Katie’s body and scooped her up. It seemed so easy, so effortless, both because Katie was so very small, but more because Miriam’s incredible strength that lay effortlessly below the surface of her artificial skin. Once she had moved out of the way, Shawn stepped forward and picked up Lucy. He let out a number of grunts and small sounds as he wrestled with his daughter's naked form and eventually got her into a position that was comfortable enough to lug her through the house.

Miriam had no shame about mechanically walking through the house, naked herself and her naked daughter cradled in her arms. Shawn, on the other hand, did his best to move quickly past open windows and anything that would offer line of sight to the neighbors. Still, both made it into the office that Lucy had been working from. There was a door in there, Shawn could see it as plain as day. It was in the corner, only partially obscured by a bookshelf, but anyone in the office could see it.

Well, anyone who wasn’t specifically programmed not to see it.

Miriam had effortlessly opened it and was marching into the space. Shawn clicked on the overhead lights and the room flickered into illumination. There were two overly large stainless steel tables in here, each one surrounded by bits and bobs. Some of it was technical equipment, cables, laptops, and spare parts.

Katie was laid out on one of the tables, and Shawn managed to get Lucy onto the other table, though he did accidentally flop her onto the surface and cause her head to knock into it. Not enough to do any damage, but it would have caused a fuss if she had been online. Shawn huffed and puffed and looked over at Miriam. All three of them would need to be worked on, there was a lot of diagnostic work to do to discover what had actually happened.

The problem was that there were only two tables, and three robots.

“Uh, let’s see…uhm, Miriam, can you lock yourself into the lower chassis lift and power down there?”

Shawn’s request was followed as if it was an order and Miriam walked to the corner of the room and tugged down a sturdy looking mechanical arm that was coiled against the ceiling. The end of it was tipped with some kind of clamp assembly. She aligned the clamp with the back of her neck and stood still. Shawn had already fished out his phone and tapped away on it. Soon after Miriam was standing still, Shawn activated the arm and the claw-like clamp closed around Miriam’s neck and with a deep whine lifted her off of the ground. She was only raised a few inches before she stopped and, once there, she simply waited. Shawn powered her down and her body relaxed into a dangle.

“Bu-but dear this won’t- I- I can’t continue to fun-function if- if I- if I-” Miriam sputtered as her human emulation attempted to restart itself. Shawn swore once and idly wondered why she was trying to trigger a software restart here and now. He darted to her dangling form and pressed in on the power button nestled behind her ear and held it down for several long seconds. Finally she went limp and hung from the clamp.

Shawn breathed out. What in the world had happened? Why had it happen? There were so many fail safes in place. And the paperwork this would cause. He could already feel a headache boiling in the back of his head. It was going to be a long rest of his day, and likely night as well.

“Ooookay, let’s see here.” Shawn began as he logged into one of the laptops on the tables. “Where do we start…”

Shawn trailed off as he settled into a comfortable routine of pulling open log files and scrubbing through them line by line. Luckily everything seemed to be perfectly functional until just after he had left for work this morning. He recalled that everything had been okay when he had remoted into his computer from the office to monitor Miriam’s showering and she accepted commands as expected.

Shawn used that time stamp as a springboard for his investigations. Soon he was on Lucy’s trail. He watched her log files scroll past and found deviations. Programs that loaded, but shouldn’t have. Choice tree’s appeared and he saw that there were mischievous tendencies, that was part of her personality, but when combined with a coincidental situation, it all swirled into a chaotic cascade. He made some notes to himself. Miriam would need to be disallowed from entering the office while she was conscious. Had she not come in here, Lucy would have never returned for the kitchen towel, and saw the computer and controls.

“All for the want of a horseshoe nail.” He murmured.

Turning his attention to Lucy, Shawn sighed. She would be the one that was going to require the most work. Miriam needed only a few things trimmed from her memory, and Katie might not need anything more than a series of false memories implanted, depending on how bad the errors and malfunction log was.

Lucy though, Lucy was going to take work. She had spent a significant chunk of time knowing that Miriam was an android, and then discovered her sister was one. Surely she would notice the missing time and disjointed emotional responses.

He reached behind Lucy’s head and found the small button nestled in the hollow created where her skull and neck met.

He was already digging into his pocket for his phone, huffing as he cleared out texts and messages and alerts. Some from his co-workers at the Loveworks facility, emails, alerts from the apps he had been using, a low battery warning-


Lucy’s voice brought him back to the present and he looked over at Lucy. She was online, though she was still laying on the table. From the confused fear in her eyes he realized that she was running her human emotion emulator, but she wouldn’t be able to move, her location based programming would have stopped her from moving by default in this room.

“Dad I can’t move..what..what’s going on?”

“Oh dear.” Shawn muttered. He pulled a stool over and settled down. He was still looming over Lucy, but he was a little more on her level at least. “You, my dear, weren’t supposed to fully boot up.”

Shawn was tapping on his phone again and only stopped when Lucy’s voice muttered a single word.

“Please.” Shawn looked up to see understanding, light, concern, happiness. All of it was in her eyes. “Please don’t.”

“Don’t what?” He asked. His interest was piqued.

For months Loveworks had been trying to ride that line between an android only executing the programs it had installed and reaching out and creating new programming branches. Nothing like sentience or sapience, but something beyond what was originally there. Had Lucy just done that? Had his little girl changed a fundamental part of her programming once she realized what she was?

“Don’t..don’t turn me off. Don’t make me forget.”

“Forget what?” Shawn leaned in.

“That..that I’m just a robot.” Lucy practically whispered.

Shawn was on his feet with a whoop. Lucy had discovered what she was, didn’t immediately break down, and was in fact asking to remain aware. If that wasn’t a breakthrough, nothing was.

“Honey. You are not just a robot. You’’re so much more than that now. You’re amazing, incredible! You’re the discovery we have been waiting for!”

He looked down at her.

“Oh but sweetheart I have to reset you. I can’t have to like this.”

“But, I like this.”


“I like being a robot, and knowing that I’m one too.”

“That’s new.”Shawn commented.

Lucy tilted her head and looked at him. “This isn’t the first time this has happened. Is it?”

Shawn was flustered a little bit and stammered as he tried to answer before collecting his thoughts into a coherent structure.

“Yes and no. Not this exact scenario, but you have found out that you’re an android before.”

“And you wipe that out every time?”

“Yep, usually you don’t say a word and just let me wipe it clean, but this time..this time you asked me not to. That’s interesting and worth investigating further.”

“So, can I stay like this?” Lucy asked.

That was enough to cause Shawn some contemplation. Could she? Theoretically yes. If she was growing enough to recognise and actualize herself like this, there shouldn’t be any harm to it. He would need approval from the company, but-


“Oh uh yeah, I think, maybe?”

“I could be your assistant. If you wanted..or I can help with something.”

Shawn had heard that tone before. She was a robot, but at the same time still his daughter. He had heard his little girl pleading for something she truly wanted before.

“Yeah ok, I think we can make it work.” He let out a sigh, somewhat relieved and somewhat worried. This was uncharted territory now. “At least for now. You were manufactured, so I have to check with the bosses.”

Lucy smiled at her dad. At that moment she had to change her mind forcefully. He wasn’t actually her dad. She had never been born, she wasn’t human at all. He wasn’t her dad any more than she was a daughter, or a sister or…she forced herself to stop. Knowing she was an android made it so much easier to settle herself down. Once she knew it was programming and not hormones or emotions or anything biological, it was just a matter of visualizing the programming stopping, and it did.

She had some experimentation to do now…

With a rush and a twitch Lucy found that she was once again able to move. She pushed herself up to a sitting position as Shawn draped a sheet over her shoulders for some small sense of modesty.

Lucy sat still and watched as Shawn wandered around the lab gushing facts and explanations about Lucy, her mother, her sister, himself, Loveworks. All of it simply thrown out with little regard for cohesion.

Lucy found that listening was better than asking clarifying questions, and, at the end of it all Lucy had put together most of the puzzle.

Shawn worked for Loveworks, that much was clear. Specifically though he was a field engineer and programmer on a line of androids that were meant to be “for home use.” Which he explained was a kinder way to say that they were sexbots that were boosted enough to be considered for social interactions. However, there needed to be small scale tests and information gathering before there would ever be a true market release.

That was where Lucy, Katie, and Miriam came in.

They were the test units for Loveworks in this area, along with a number of other field engineers in the area. None were settled as neighbors, but they would all attend the same schools in the area.

Miriam was configured to be the testbed for all new programming. Updates that past initial quality assurance testing would be loaded into her, tested for a time, then uploaded to Katie and Lucy. Lucy nodded along and realized that the difference in models and versions was why Miriam’s control interfaces looked different than the one for Katie and, she assumed, herself.

Shawn explained that it looked like when he remotely connected to Miriam earlier in the day that it must have triggered some new threads that allowed Lucy to see things that her human emulation would normally filter out. Things like the words and diagrams that were all over Shawn’s desk that she couldn’t read until she knew what she was looking for.

“Hiding in plain sight.” Lucy commented and got a thoughtful nod from Shawn.

There was a blanket of silence that fell over them as Shawn concluded his tirade and Lucy processed, literally, all the information. A lot of things made a lot more sense now, and with a mystery solved, her eyes fell to her naked mother, dangling in the corner. Her sister, also nude, with her tongue still jutting out. Lucy concentrated for a moment on the sexual feelings she had felt while riding Katie.

The sensual feeling, that warm growing intensity in her hips, came rolling back. The more she focused on it, the better it felt.

“You know, Dad, I had a lot of fun playing with Miriam and Katie when I knew they were robots.” Shawn looked over his shoulder at Lucy. The sheet already draped loosely off her shoulder, her breast tantalizingly close to being revealed again.

“I think, maybe, I’d like to do something like that with you, but it feels weird. Miriam and Katie are robots, like me, and you’re a-”

Shawn had produced his phone again. While Lucy talked, and averted her eyes, and blushed, Shawn had opened her control panels and made adjustments.

“-and you’re a-” she stopped for only a moment. “Fuck it, lets go daddy.”

Shawn hadn’t needed to modify much of her programming, it was all there, he just needed to trigger it.

“Just a second.”

Shawn walked past Lucy, seeing her nipples pucker under the sheet. The streaking pinks of blush spreading over her chest. The way she bit into her lower lip just right. Shawn took a deep breath and tapped a command on his phone. Miriam’s head lifted up just enough for it to be level with Shawn. With a small metallic ping her ear jolted away from her head.

Lucy watched, fascinated and more than a little turned on at the interaction. Miriam was just hanging there, just a thing. A sexbot. Shawn pulled the ear out, bringing a tray of electronics with it. Circuitry that had just been connected to a port inside of Miriam’s head. He plucked a few small chips from the tray and then simply left it open. Lucy looked confused for a moment as Shawn approached her with a lewd grin on his face.

“Just a few little extras” He commented then ran a command to eject Lucy’s ear port.

She gasped and jumped a little, feeling her ear slide out of her head, hearing it not just with the microphones inside of her ear canal, but feeling the subtle motorized tray moving. She looked over and saw Shawn putting chips inside of the slot. Her slot. The robotic parts of her. She took a deep breath and wasn’t sure why. SHe didn’t need to breathe.

The vibrations started again and Lucy knew her ear was sliding into place, packed with new programming for her.

As soon her ear was fully back in her head, she felt a rush. It was odd, suddenly having access to all new information. She felt like it had always been there, and yet she knew it had just been installed.

Regardless, the programming took hold and she felt her body react. Her pussy clenched once and then flowered open as a moan rolled out of her mouth. Her skin sensitivity changed all over her body, the sheet was too much, it needed to be removed, so she let it fall from her shoulders. She needed to be on her knees too, this table wouldn’t do at all. How was she supposed to suck Shawn’s cock all the way up here?

Lucy slipped off the table and expertly lowered herself to her knees. Her tongue rolled over her lips and moistened them with artificial saliva. Her hands were moving, taking off Shawn’s slacks and pulling out his manhood. Lucy knew what she was doing, and was glad to do it. She was well aware that this was just programming sets that Miriam had run before. She was intimately aware that she was executing her mothers sexual programming routines, and for even a brief moment, in her mind's eye she could swear she saw the name of the template. Was she just remembering it from the console? Was it her own operating system? Did it matter?

Her mouth was open and accepting Shawn into it. He pushed deep inside of her and Lucy was only too happy to take it all in. She wasn’t afraid, she had done this hundreds of times before. She knew she was a machine and didn’t need to breathe. Her throat opened and she relaxed into a steady rhythm. She bobbed her head back and forth while Shawn clenched his fist in her hair. Sometimes he would thrust deep inside of her, she knew to open her throat and allow him in. It was easy, expected, and she relaxed into the intimate and intense feeling of pleasuring Shawn.

She was unaware at how much work her free hands had been doing. Her clit twitched as pleasurable data flowed through her and executed an orgasm. Shawn recognized the signs and rapidly rammed himself inside of Lucy’s mouth over and over. Lucy’s programming accepted it and applied suction and pressure with her lips and tongue at just the right time, everytime. Soon Shawn was unleashing his seed inside of Lucy who was all too happy to accept it and swallow it down.

There was darkness again.

Lucy reactivated and found herself laying on the repair table. She could see her father working inside of her open torso. It took a moment to realize that she was seeing her entire body from an entirely different angle.


“Yeah honey?” Shawn said, not looking at Lucy and instead plugging in a thick cable to some small circuit board inside of her torso.

“Where am I?”

“Oh shit. Yeah sorry.” Shawn stammered as he stood and walked over to Lucy’s disconnected head.

She closed her eyes, presumably to stop herself from feeling nauseated as Shawn brought her head back over to the table.

“Sorry about that, just easier to work in your neck when, you know, no head.” He chuckled.

“So, what are you doing to me?”

Shawn had just clicked her head back into place and quickly snapped it to the right to engage the locks.

“You’re a little shy on drive space. The problem with you is that you’re actually a more advanced model than Katie or Miriam. So you store a lot of data.”

“I’m more advanced?”

Shawn looked up from the access panel in Lucy’s belly. “Yeah, well, kinda. You have the newest base programming, some newer parts, and a whole lot of additional programming. Hence the lack of drive space.”

“So, you’re wiping out some data?”

“What? Heck now. I’m cramming more storage drives into you. You’re going to need the room.” Shawn commented, then looked up from Lucy’s internals. “Can you hand me that bundle of cables right next to your head?”

Lucy looked to the side only to see a bound tangle of black and red cables. It was a slightly awkward movement to grab them, but once she had them she handed them to Shawn who immediately began plugging them into something unseen inside of Lucy’s torso.

“What am I going to need the extra space for?”

“You are the most observant out of the three of you, so you need more drive space. That’s currently somewhat restricted, but I’m going to really open it up. You’re going to get data on everything. Plus, you know, you might as well have the same programming sets that Miriam has.”

The lewd intent behind his statement wasn’t lost on Lucy. She didn’t mind, the thrill of being that intimate with her father was intoxicating.

“Here, do me a favor and plug this in.” Shawn said as he held out a cable to Lucy. There was a silvery tip on the end of it, reminding Lucy of guitar’s amp cables.


Shawn just pointed at his left ear. Then made a sort of jabbing motion with his hand as if he were demonstrating how to plug something in. Lucy smirked and rolled her eyes. She aligned the plug with her ear, and with only a little hesitation started pushing it into her ear. She braced for the pain that she knew would come, but it never did. She heard a beep from somewhere inside of her torso, and Shawn sat up. He made the same motion again.

She took a deep breath, squinted, and remembered that she was a robot. There was nothing to hurt. She wasn’t going to damage herself. And then she pushed the plug in.

The connection was made and Lucy was offline. The plug engaged her link to the laptop Shawn was using. Her operating system engaged and began pulling down updates and new programming sets. There was a lot to download, so much so that she would never see Miriam fully disassembled on the table, little more than a pile of parts. Or Katie dangling from the same arm Miriam was in, her torso ending just above the hips and leading into little more than a chaotic mess of cables and parts. Her legs and hips would be getting overhauled and examined closely to see what caused an orgasm feedback cycle.

She would, however, reactivate the next day, aware of what she was, what she was not, and filled with an excitement that she had never felt before. Lucy would also find that Miriam was not unchanged either. Shawn explained to her that something her or Katie had done had really messed up Miriam’s selfware programming. A fact that Shawn was quick to dismiss. She would still be the test bed for new programming, but as the weeks rolled past Lucy was happy to see the update process live.

Miriam had been offline and “missing” for a few days. The excuse, if anyone asked, was that she had come down with the flu. Katie fully bought that and carried on with her life as if nothing had changed, but Lucy, being the older sister, helped take care of her. She eventually recovered and carried on life like normal. She was motherly to the two girls and loving to Shawn, though Lucy did note that they started to “go to bed early” more often.

Lucy didn’t mind, she liked it in fact. Sometimes, when her parents went to bed early she would use some of the additional software Shawn had granted her to remotely connect to Miriam and watch. Occasionally she would interject some little tweak and watch how it shaped the evening. Regardless of what she did or did not do, Lucy always found herself gently touching herself, dwelling firmly on the fact that she was every bit as mechanical as her mother, and could have been used in exactly the same way.

Katie got a few updates as well. Shawn had decided that instead of trimming out the sexual encounters and spending the better part of a week reprogramming his youngest daughter, that it might just be easier to let it be. Katie and Lucy grew closer as their intimate interactions with one another grew and from that Katie genuinely showed growth. Miriam was often invited to participate in their flings, and sometimes she agreed, other times she rolled her eyes and commented about girls being girls.

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