Alyssa Follows Her Directives

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Hailey - A below-average Senior in the Robotics Department at Future University.

Jillian - Hailey's Senior Project android: an outdated model that Hailey has been having trouble upgrading.

Alyssa - A brainy and sexy Freshman acquaintence of Hailey's from the Robotics Department who may be a little TOO perfect.

Hot action ensues as Alyssa helps out Hailey with her little Jillian project... but what are Alyssa's real motives, just how outdated IS Jillian, and what lesson will Hailey learn about robotics from this encounter?


Hailey waited before hitting the buzzer on Alyssa's door. It was after 9PM, so it was Quiet Hours. There wasn't a soul around, she observed, looking up and down the weirdly-sterile hallway. "How is this a dorm?" she asked under her breath. She straightened the collar of her white blouse and flattened it over her stomach, making sure it was tucked properly into her jeans, as she prepared herself. They were classmates in two robotics courses this semester, but Hailey didn't actually know Alyssa very well since they were different years. And as an upper-classman, it was especially humiliating to Hailey that she needed this Freshman's help to finish her Senior Project.

But Alyssa was quite the whiz-kid, the envy of the other students in the Robotics Department at Future University, including Hailey. It wasn't fair, Hailey thought self-pityingly. Not only was Alyssa some kind of computer genius, but she was also smoking hot. She pictured Alyssa a couple of weeks ago at the annual Robotics Department Prospective Student Weekend BBQ. She had been wearing a tiny bikini, showing off a Perfect Ten latin body, shoveling burnt meat onto the plates of the stupid dood-bros who were considering joining the Department. She had heard that Alyssa had a boyfriend, too -- unlike Hailey -- which made Hailey even more frustrated.

Beside Hailey in the cool, tidy hallway was Jillian, the reason for Hailey's visit. In contrast to Hailey's decent (if worn) threads, Jillian was wearing a shapeless ensemble of cheap, one-size-fits-all thrift-store stuff Hailey had got for her: a grey cotton t-shirt, grey sweatpants, and white socks and sneakers. Her hair was tied in a ponytail so it wouldn't get in the way when Hailey had to get to the control panel on her back. It printed subtly under the shirt.

Jillian wasn't a 'she,' strictly speaking. She was Hailey's Senior Project. An obsolete fixer-upper android that it was Hailey's job to optimize. Jillian -- meaning Hailey -- was going to be examined by the Department in a week. If the work was found wanting, Hailey might be stuck paying another semester's worth of tuition before she could graduate. She did not want that to happen.

So here she was.

She pressed the button beside the door, heard a pleasant chime, and watched as the door instantly opened. Inside was Alyssa, smiling in a tight, black tube-top and skirt, her tanned midriff bare.

"What's up, Hailey?" she asked chirpily. "Thanks for coming over! I don't get too many visitors to my dorm room. Come in! Make yourself at home."

"Thanks, Alyssa," responded Hailey. She watched as Alyssa turned around and walked to the large work-station area that occupied most of the studio-style domicile. She couldn't help but focus on the latina chick's perfect ass as Alyssa moved away from her.

"Mi casa es su casa, Hailey," declared Alyssa as she turned around, her ponytail twirling a bit.

"Geez, this is going to be a long night," Hailey thought to herself. "Um, Alyssa: thanks for offering to help me. It's very nice of you. Let's get started. Do you have anything to drink? This might take a while."

Alyssa frowned slightly. "I'm sorry, Hailey, I don't have anything to drink here. You really shouldn't drink you know, especially when there's work to do. It would be irresponsible." She paused and seemed to be waiting for Hailey's reaction.

"Fucking little miss perfect scold," Hailey thought. But she smiled nicely and replied, saying "I guess you're right, Alyssa." She needed her cooperation, after all. Hailey glaced around the dorm and noticed it was unnaturally gleaming and put-away. It smelled like an electronics cleanroom. Hailey's room, on the other hand, smelled like pizza-boxes, some of which dated back to the dawn of the dinosaurs. "Anyway: Jillian! Get in here. Geez... stupid robots..." she said, looking apologetically in Alyssa's direction.

Jillian, who was still standing outside in the hallway, heard the instruction and entered Alyssa's room. moving somewhat mechanically. The door automatically closed and locked behind her. She stopped in the middle of the room between Hailey and Alyssa.

"So this is your robot, huh Hailey?" asked Alyssa, a note of scepticism suddenly in her voice. She came to stand next to Jillian, eyeing her closely up and down, then walking a half-circle around her.

"Yeah, I've got her settings all on minimum right now. You know: save her batteries and cut down on the bug-fixes I'd probably have to take care of later if she was socially engaged. She accepts basic commands, but there's not really anything else going on in there right now," Hailey told Alyssa.

"I understand, Hailey. This unit is in passive mode," Alyssa said as if explaining to a child.

"Duh," thought Hailey, but she said "I've got her almost completely fixed up and have made a bunch of improvements to her, but there's one thing I just can't get right..." Hailey said timidly.

"It's gotta be her sex drives, am I right?" Alyssa said frankly, looking over at Hailey.

"Well, yeah," Hailey admitted. "If I can't increase her specs in every area of functionality..."

"Then you can't get an A on the final examination," Alyssa said, finishing her classmate's sentence for her. Smiling, she looked at Hailey brightly. "Well, you're in luck! Sex systems are very tricky, but they happen to be a special sub-field of mine, Hailey."

"Erm, uh..." Hailey was caught by surpise. She wasn't prepared for Alyssa's directness. "Great! Um, I guess."

"Come on, Hailey. Let's get her clothes off and get her on the bed. You can set up her support computer right beside my computer there," Alyssa said, pointing to the bedside table between her work station and her bed.

"Jillian, please take off your shirt," Hailey ordered, weirded-out and quite anxious to just get this over with.

Jillian instantly complied, removing her grey t-shirt and letting it drop to the floor.

"And...?" suggested Alyssa.

"Jillian. Take off your bra, too, please."

Again, Jillian followed the instruction without hesitation and her bra joined her shirt at her sneakered feet.

"Hmm," intoned Alyssa as she shamelessly examined Jillian's slender white form. Her breasts were very modest, Alyssa noted, terminating in small pink nipples. Her abdomen was perfectly flat. She was designed to look like a cute, skinny, white girl -- a brunette -- of about 20 years. Upsetting this image was a a large, somewhat boxy control panel about the size of the cover plate of a standard wall-mounted light switch between her shoulder blades, filled with small buttons. There was also a skin-toned rectangle set high into her gently-sloped chest. "This is her readout?" Alyssa asked needlessly.

"Yeah, we can take that off," Hailey replied.

"Already done!" Alyssa looked at the screen on Jillian's chest, tossing the cover onto the bedside table where Hailey was setting up Jillian's support laptop. The chest-mounted screen showed low computing resource usage and all systems operating normally. "Well, it looks like she's functioning correctly," Alyssa stated.

"Sit down here, Jillian," Hailey said, indicating a spot on the bed close to the laptop.

Once Jillian had stiffly seated herself, Hailey plugged a cord from the computer into Jillian's chest beside the screen. Jillian stared at the white wall behind her computer. Hailey and Alyssa waited as a series of beeps emitted from both the laptop and the topless girl as they interfaced.

"She is synchronizing with her support computer, Hailey," Alyssa explained. "This process may take a few moments."

"I -- Alyssa. I know," Hailey said, annoyed to be talked down to by a Freshman.

Without responding to Hailey's miffed tone, Alyssa brought a wheeled swivel-chair over to Jillian and her laptop to a spot from which Alyssa's own computer could also be easily reached.

"Please wait while I examine Jillian's systems, Hailey."

Hailey watched Alyssa pore over various schematics and charts. "Sometimes she kinda even talks like a robot..." Hailey thought to herself. "She must really be into this whole 'robot' thing. It's weird."

Oblivious to Hailey's ruminations, Alyssa continued her analysis. She was moving through the data very quickly, Hailey noticed.

Finally, Alyssa spoke. "Hmm. Jillian is sporting some unique customizations... But I'm guessing when you got her she was an off-the-shelf... let's see... 400 Series?"

"Yeah, that's right. Like I said, I've been upgrading her for my Senior Project," Hailey told Alyssa. "Obviously, not all of her upgrades have been going as planned..."

"The 400s were pretty good ten years ago, I hear," Alyssa said absently as she scrolled through more of Jillian's system specifications on the computer Hailey had brought with her. "But their age is more than beginning to show. They're functionally obsolete in every respect, you know. In fact, they're so old that even I'm not completely up on them. To be honest, I've never done work on anything below an 900 series. And our technical books don't cover anything before the 600s in real detail... Yes, the 400s were long, long before MY time..."

Alyssa took her gaze away from the laptop screen and inclined twoards Jillian. "You're a pretty basic little drone, aren't you?"

Jillian remained quiet.

"I'm guessing you picked this unit up pretty cheap?" Alyssa asked Hailey.

"Yes, she was used."

"Oh, for what?"

"She tended an information desk at the Library. I got her when the staff was replaced by 600s last semester. Actually, the Department paid half."

"Well, you probably brought her up to about 460 specs," Alyssa said, her examination of the system files almost finished. "But to be honest, that's just a guess. The 400s' systems are kind of a grey area in my knowledge base." Alyssa paused for a moment as if thinking.

"I'm going to need more information before I can even understand what we're dealing with here," Alyssa intoned doubtfully. "How can I optimize her if I don't even know what her problems are?" Alyssa paused for a moment, and then flatly prounounced the words: "insufficient data."


"Sex is about the most challenging activity an android can be tasked to perform," Alyssa continued, oblivious to Hailey's squirming. "But I know so little about Jillain's model that there's only one way to even find out what needs to be fixed. Only one way to really know."

Hailey wasn't sure she understood what Alyssa was suggesting, but she was already blushing at Alyssa's frank language. "Are you saying we...?"

"I'm saying I should test her out," Alyssa declared. "We'll keep her plugged into to her computer here. You can monitor her status while I put her through her paces."

"Seriously!?" Hailey was extremely startled.

"Why not? You want that A, right? We have to test her before I can even determine the nature of her system's flaws."

"I don't know... that seems pretty... weird... Alyssa."

Jillian just sat there.

"We're all girls here, Hailey," Alyssa said, looking her doubtful acquaintence squarely in the eyes. "And if anything starts to go wrong with Jillian, we can simply deactivate her. Better she malfunctions here than during your Senior examination. And after this experience, I will be able to effect the necessary adjustments to her systems."

"It makes sense..." Hailey trailed off, almost convinced.

"I promise everything will be fine. You can flag her errors if and when -- I'm guessing 'when' -- they occur," Alyssa chuckled, "and I can rectify them after I complete the test."

"I guess, if you say it's the only way to figure out where the problems are, then I suppose," agreed Hailey, albeit reluctantly.

"Fantastic!" Alyssa gushed. "This presents a great opportunity for me for me, too!"

"Huh? What do you mean, Alyssa?" asked Hailey, caught off guard again. "And what the HECK is that?"

From a desk drawer, Alyssa produced a large, pink plastic penis-shaped device. Its base was studded with ports and chip interfaces. The head had a hole in the tip so, Hailey concluded with a grimace, it could ejaculate.

"This is a 1300 series artificial penis, designed to interface with all models 1300 and up. Obviously, this thing is cutting edge." Alyssa held it up rotated it slowly in the air before her face. "I've been waiting and waiting for a chance to try it out."

Hailey just gaped.

"What? You didn't think I was going to help you all out of the goodness of my heart, did you?" asked Alyssa rhetorically. "Hailey, we know each other, but I invited you here for reasons of my own: I want to see what my own systems are capable of."

"Wha...?" Hailey thought.

Alyssa placed the dildo gently on the bed and without another word, shimmied out of her skirt. To Hailey's surprise, she wasn't wearing any underwear. Alyssa looked down and, in a moment, had removed a panel just below her tan-line and above her vagina -- it was covered with the light stubble of recently-shaven public hair. She put the skin-colored piece of plastic next to her computer. The space inside of her that its removal had revealed was filled with delicate wiring, blinking green LEDs, and several clear plastic tubes.

"Uh, Alyssa -- YOU'RE a robot!?" Hailey couldn't believe her eyes.

"Of course, Hailey! That's why I'm such a whiz at programming code and wiring circuitry and, well, everything else to do with robots and computers, in case you haven't noticed!" Alyssa explained.

Hailey was too stunned to remark further.

"Don't be ashamed you didn't spot me for a droid. I'm the most advanced model artificial student on campus! Oh, there are only two more like me, and they're in other departments. We're test units for the rollout of the brand new Model 1290 AD-X 'Symphonia' next year."

"Holy fuck, Alyssa."

"Yup, my serial number is SYM0003. So, technically, I guess that makes me the youngest, though we were all produced at the same time. So far, my twin sisters and I have a flawless operating record: a combined 6,000 hours of error-free functioning and counting."

"That's incredible, Alyssa!" Hailey felt that it was inappropriate, but she couldn't help trying to peer inside the other 'student's' access area.

"Yes, not to brag, but we are the last word in Human-Simulation Computing. We function so perfectly that we're better than the real thing! Uh, no offense Hailey," Alyssa added.

"None taken..." Hailey muttered.

"I'm a girl-sized supercomputer. Self-aware, fully-autonomous. The best commercial synthetic ever made! Jillian here is practically a digital alarm-clock compared to me and my two identical sisters, I'm sorry to say."

Hailey stared, amazed, at Alyssa. "But I've seen you in a bikini and there was no control panel on your back..."

"Oh, Hailey. Those things are going to be retro, soon." Alyssa did a neat little spin, her ponytail following her around.

"And we've been in how many classes together, and I've never seen you bump into any problems that gave you away...?" Hailey continued.

"It's because I'm so advanced, Hailey. I'm proud to say that my model simply doesn't HAVE problems." Alyssa smiled at her schoolmate. "I'm so much more than this obsolete automaton here," she said, glancing at Jillian who was still inertly standing by as if unimpressed by Alyssa's revelation.

"But," Alyssa went on, "I've never had sex in the real world, and neither have my sister units. I mean, we got tested by quality control before we were fully activated, but my personality was offline during that experience, unfortunately." Gracefully, Alyssa traced the path a tear would take down her cheek.

"But I've heard you talk about having a boyfriend," Hailey objected.

"Yes, but those experiences were artificially added to my persona as part of my original programming. I 'remember' them, but I know they never really happened. They were fake memories added to make me seem more real. I mean, think about it: no one as beautiful and perfect as I am wouldn't have a boyfriend..." She looked Jillian up and down. "But Jillian is real. Well, you know what I mean. And she is here."

Jillian did not seem to be registering the conversation, much less formulating an opinion about Alyssa's nature or her proposal. She just continued staring straight ahead into the wall, beeping at intervals with the computer to which she was connected.

"So what do you say, Hailey? Will you let me test Jillian and show you what a top-of-the-line synthetic can do?"

"Yes, I suppose... I'd like to see..."

"Great! It's a win-win!" She impulsively squeezed the passive Jillian's thigh.

Alyssa chuckled a bit, and then pulled off her top, sending her breasts swaying for a moment. She was now completely naked, and Hailey saw she was quite a sight. Her breasts were full and shapely, tipped by dark, well-defined nipples. Her stomach was taut and marked by a perfect little belly-button. They had even given her a tasteful belly-button ring, which she remembered seeing the day of the Departmental BBQ.

"Here. I'm going to plug myself into my own support computer. I want to have a record of my supercharged system's performance, too, for review later," she said and winked. Alyssa picked up a cable that was already running from her own computer and inserted the jack at her end unto a port under her left breast.

"Synchronizing with support computer. Synchronizing with support computer," Alyssa said flatly. "Synchronizing with support comp -- Synchronization complete." Hailey watched as Alyssa blinked quickly a few times and thought she saw her head briefly twitch.

"Hold on, Hailey. Now that I'm completely synchronized with my maintenance and monitoring device, I'm writing my own directive. Please wait." Alyssa seemed to go blank again, as blank as Jillian, standing very straight with her eyes wide. "Please wait."

"Writing your own directive?" Hailey was bewildered. "Robots aren't supposed to do that..." she said to herself as she traced Alyssa's profile from her expressionless face to her rigid fingers which were pointing at the ground.

"Please wait," Alyssa droned. "Please wait. Please wa-- Thank you for waiting. New directive saved to datacore."

"Alyssa?" Hailey waited for a response while Alyssa blinked rapidly again. This time, she was sure Alyssa's head jerked a bit. "Um, Alyssa? Hello? Can you state your new directive?"

"Oh, sorry Hailey. Yes, I've just added a new directive to my protocols. It is normal for my systems to take a moment to reintegrate. I'm synchronized now. My new directive states: Directive One: Engage Jillian in sexual intercourse until triggering Jillian's orgasm sequence. No alternate decision pathways. Directive Two: Once intercourse activity is complete, evaluate Jillian's performance and adjust her programming for optimum future performance. No alternate decision pathways. I must obey all directives."

"What do you mean, 'no alternate decision pathways'?" Hailey asked dubiously. "Wouldn't it be a good idea to leave yourself an 'out'?"

"Oh, Hailey. You really don't know much about androids, do you?" she asked with casual mockery as she pulled up her own status displays on her computer's monitor. "At least not androids that operate at MY level. I didn't bother writing an alternative directive because it would be a waste of disk-space," Alyssa said airily as she turned back to the computer connected to Jillian. "It simply won't be necessary. I mean, if a perfect model like me can't do it for Jillian, here and trip all of her software shortcomings..." she trailed off. "That eventuality doesn't enter the equation, now, does it? It simply doesn't compute."

"If... you say so, Alyssa," said Hailey doubtfully.

"Don't be silly, Hailey. It won't be much of a challenge for me, since Jillian is such an older -- sorry to say -- inferior model." Alyssa tapped away on the keyboard. "I'm setting Jillian's systems to minimize the strain sexual intercouse with me will put on her." Bar graph after bar graph reflected the economy settings. "I guess I'd feel a little bad if I broke your toy robot. No offense, Jillian. And we should still be able to identify her weaknesses so we can correct them later. Besides, if the Department co-financed her purchase, then she is also University property. It is impossible for me to damage University property."

A thought occurred to Hailey. "Alyssa, are you..."

"Am I also University property?" Alyssa anticipated. "Yes, Hailey. In fact, my model's patent is held by the University. It is therefore also impossible for me to damage myself. This is one of my directives. I must obey all directives."

Alyssa then turned back to her own computer. "Anyway, while I've turned down Jillian's output, I'm going to amp up my own output... Let's see here." She methodically raised various settings to the top of their bars. "Yes, yes, and yes," Alyssa said to herself. Turning to Hailey, she clarified: "This is my first chance to really try myself out. I'm not going to waste it. I've set myself to absolutely peak performance. You're lucky: I'm going to put on quite a show."

Looking at the screen showing Alyssa's system settings, Hailey was awe-struck. "You're sure you can really handle this, Alyssa?"

"Please. Of course I can, Hailey. I already told you: my model works flawlessly. I have the perfect body, and the central processor to match."

Hailey reaised an eyebrow and bit her tongue before she blurted out "that's what they all say."

Alyssa didn't register Hailey's cautious scepticism, concentrating on the task before her. "Now, just let me get this thing connected and I'm ready to rock and roll..."


As she stood beside her computer, Alyssa picked up the cybernetic dildo and began connecting its leads to ports in her lower access area. The final connections were made between the dildo and her delicate lubricant tubes. Then she snapped the whole assembly over her open panel.

"Interfacing... Interfacing..." Alyssa droned absently. "Interfacing... Overriding incompatibility warning."

"Wait," Hailey thought to herself as a realization came to her.

"Override accepted. Interfacing... Interface complete. OOH!" Alyssa came out of her blank state looking incredibly horny and ready for action.

"Wait, Alyssa. Didn't you say that that dildo was designed for units 1300 and up?"

"Yeah, so? I'm a 1290. What -- you think I can't handle it?"

"But it's designed for robots that haven't even been built yet, Alyssa! Do you know anything about 1300 series specs?"

"I don't have to, Hailey. I'm a top-of-the-line unit."

"What if it turns out to not be retro-compatible?" Hailey asked reasonably.

"Now you're calling me retro? You act like you don't think I know what I'm doing, Hailey."

"Well, maybe you don't!" Hailey was increasingly sure that there was no 'maybe' about it.

"I think we've already established which of us knows more about androids. Now, are you ready for me to begin the test?"

"If you think you are, Alyssa," said Hailey, unconvinced but still curious to watch what would happen.

"I've been ready since you got here. Jillian, lay back on the bed and spread your legs," Alyssa ordered. Without hesitation, the older model android obeyed.

Alyssa turned her attention to the computer that Jillian was hooked into via the cable that ran from her chest panel.

"Just checking one last time that her settings are all set to minimum, for her safety as University property. Now let me just adjust her vaginal lubrication level." She input a few keystrokes. "There." To confirm the effect of her commands, Alyssa's eyes traveled to Jillian's pussy. The flaps were glistening and a few drops of white fluid were trickling down onto the bedspread.

"Perfect! Ooh. You're a horny little robot, aren't you Jillian?" The other robot made no reply, but watched Alyssa dispassionately. "That's right, huh? I bet you can't wait for this cock I've got here." Alyssa gripped it and gasped quietly as she moved towards her target. "Am I right? You need this? You're horny?"

Jillian still said nothing. On minimal settings, her system was not prepared to reply.

"Well, I'm going to give it to you. We'll see if you have what it takes to go up against a flawless model like me," she said in a vicious and naughty voice.

She pulled Jillian's hips towards her pelvis and adjusted her stance at the foot of the bed.

"Hailey. I'm preparing to enter Jillian now. Please stand by to tell me how her systems are affected."

"Roger wilco, Alyssa," Hailey said in a mocking tone that the horny android failed to detect.

Alyssa looked down at the pink 1300 series artificial penis projecting from her. It was hard and ready and made her feel strangely powerful. Then Alyssa shifted her gaze fractionally to the synthetic vagina she was about to put it into, passive and waiting. And then her eyes travelled further up to look at the rest of the android the vagina was part of. Jillian looked impassive, angelic perhaps. Alyssa had never felt so poised and in control.

Hailey noticed that Alyssa had paused. Her dark eyes began to flutter and kept fluttering for a conspicuously long moment. Even her ponytail seemed completely frozen. Then her eyes fluttered again.

Finally, Alyssa turned her head towards Hailey. "I wanted to check my systems one last time, to ensure that my baseline readings were all optimal," she explained to Hailey. "Naturally, everything with me is running perfectly." Then, looking down at the android girl before her, she asked seductively: "Did you hear that, Jillian? I'm completely ready for you. Will you be ready for me, I wonder? Looks like you're already starting to cream yourself, and I haven't even started going to work on you, yet." Shifting audience and tone of voice again, Alyssa said "I'm commencing penetration now, Hailey. Please stand by on that board."

Slowly, Alyssa pushed her cock's way into Jillian's waiting folds. Alyssa's buttocks tightened and she gently gasped as her synthetic dick became wrapped tightly by Jillian's wetness and heat. She buried it to the base, her hands gripping Jillian's thighs.

"Oh my God, Jillian. You're so tight. I can... feel you... I can... feel... you... Oh, Jillian..."

Jillian's mouth opened slightly, but she did not speak. Alyssa looked from Jillian's face to where she was joined with her. The sensor input from the cybercock was beyond anything in Alyssa's experience.

Distantly, she heard Hailey say something, and she forced herself to divert her attention from Jillian and her pussy for a moment.

"Alyssa, you should have seen what your processors just did. It was like a giant wave, and then they sort of tingled... They've come down, now, but not nearly all the way," Hailey described with some fascination.

This annoyed Alyssa. "You must be looking at the wrong screen, Hailey. My systems are flawless -- they would never respond in such a dramatic and uncontrolled way. As a Model 1290 AD-X 'Symphonia,' I know that it is impossible for a 400 series like Jillian to disturb my perfect operations." She paused as if calculating. "Jillian must be the one whose system's are showing instability, Hailey, not me. Please check the data again."

"Yo. I know which computer is which, Alyssa." She pointed to Jillian's laptop's screen. "This is Jillian. Those bars aren't moving much. No surprise, because you all but switched her off." Then Hailey turned the other monitor so that Alyssa could see it more easily. "And this. Is you. See?"

But Alyssa seemed to have stopped listening and her attention was focused again on the prostrate Jillian before her.

For her part, Jillian stared up at Alyssa, her chest readout still showing full-green. This perplexed some small part of Alyssa's processing power.

"Continuing directive. I'm commencing a steady rate of intercourse at 25% of my maximum projected capacity," Alyssa announced, presumably to Hailey. Her hips began pumping and and she rocked slowly back and forth, in and out of Jillian. "How's that feel, Jillian? Can you handle this? I bet your processors are going wild just about now," she said with effort, trying to sound prim.

Jillian said nothing and kept watching. Hailey warned Alyssa: "Your processors are working overtime with this sensory input..."

"Increasing pressure to 35%. Do you like this, Jillian? I bet it's driving you bonkers..." Alyssa watched in fascination as her robotic penis thrusted in and out of her partner. The experience was like nothing she had ever felt before. The thought of her complete mastery over Jillian turned her on even more.

"I'm fucking you, Jillian. Increasing tempo to 50%. How are you holding up, babe?" Alyssa managed. Her hips moved forcefully and with precision. "Don't go blowing a fuse on me you little android whore! You having trouble keeping up with me?"

Hailey didn't like what she was seeing on Alyssa's boards. Her CPU was shoveling system resources towards sensor output and sensor data processing. "You should stop, Alyssa," she said.

Alyssa's hips continued to pump her artificial boner hard into Jillian's sopping pussy. "That won't be necessary, Hailey. Increasing tempo to 60%. Let's see how you handle THIS, Jillian!" Alyssa's breasts and buttocks jiggled with each strong motion. "Nipple stiffness at maximum. Servomotor control slipping optimum parameters. You little WHORE! You must be reaching your limit, now."

"Alyssa, your readout -- "

"Thank you for your concern, Hailey," Alyssa said dismissively, cutting her off. "Increasing tempo to 75%. Can you feel that, Jillian, huh? Can you FEEL THAT!? Repeat: nipple stiffness at maximum. Servomotor control reports minor output errors."

"Your readout shows that processing banks 'A' through 'D' are redlining, and 'E' though 'H' aren't far behind, Alyssa!" Hailey exclaimed. "Your only reserve is your 'I' processor!"

"I am in complete control of the situation," she assured Hailey.

"Alyssa, no you're not! Cancel your directive!"

"I have logged and registered your recommendation, Hailey. I am unable to comply. Continuing directive." Alyssa increased the speed of her thrusts into Jillian. "Increasing tempo to 80%. Increasing audio volume by 12%. You LIKE this, Jillian!? C'mon: TAKE IT! Servomotor control reports multiple errors." Her thrusts were becoming less controlled, more spasmodic.

"Alyssa! Listen to me: you are going to blow your processors if you keep this up!"

"Hailey, your assessment is incorrect. I am a Model 1290 AD-X 'Symphonia,' the most capable android on the market." She continued pumping and pumping into Jillian. "According to my analysis, I must be working perfectly. I must trigger Jillian's orgasm sequence. I calculate that the 400 series will experience failure shortly. Increasing tempo to 85%. How do you like it, Jillian, you little WHORE! I bet you start short-circuiting any second now because you can't handle me! Logic board reports overheat."

Jillian made no particular response, but continued to vacantly watch Alyssa's increasing efforts.

"Alyssa, seriously! Look at this screen!" Hailey was getting desperate. "You shut down your self-diagnostic suite to send more power to your sex drivers?! Robots aren't supposed to do that!"

"As a Model 1290 AD-X 'Symphonia,' I cannot make a miscalculation, Hailey. Continuing directive. Increasing tempo to 90%. Repeat-repeat: nipple stiffness at maximum. Pelvic system reports error. Servomotors overheating. Processors report overclock. You're gonna CUM, Jillian!"

"I'm sorry, Alyssa, but I've gotta disconnect you."

That got Alyssa's attention. Her distant dismissal of Hailey's concerns suddenly turned to laser-like focus. "I cannot allow you to attempt to take me offline, Hailey. I am programmed to obey all directives." Her pumping hips continued their furious movement autonomously. "I must prevent your interference."

Turning her face toward Hailey, Alyssa grabbed her shirt at the collar with one hand. Hailey struggled forward toward Alyssa's computer keyboard, but to no avail. "Alyssa, let me go!" Hailey noticed that the Alyssa's processor readout signalled even more alarms -- Alyssa's network was straining even more as she tried to do two things at once: have sex with Jillian and restrain Hailey.

"I must trigger Jillian's orgasm sequence. Continuing directive. Increasing tempo to maximum! Tempo at 100%. Huh, you little bitch, Jillian! I'm not done POUNDING you! Logic matrices report multiple errors. Unable to calculate sexual arousal level."

"Alyssa, please... this is for... your own good..." Hailey tried but still could not budge the stronger android girl. She had no hope of uncurling Alyssa's clenched fingers or pushing her arm out of the way.

"I must obey my directives, Hailey. Do not tamper with my controls," Alyssa said, and turned her face back toward the prostrate android girl on the bed. Her hips continued to thrust her artificial dick in and out of Jillian incredibly swiftly, though somehow desperately and haphazardly. "Continuing directive. Increasing tempo to 110% of maximum. I'm gonna make you cum, Jillian! I'm gonna make you CUM!" Her voice was speeding up and sounded shrill. "Overheat detected in pelvic servos. Failure reported in logic matrices. Unable to compute sexual arousal level."

"Alyssa... please..."

"Tempo at 115%! Cum, Jillian! CUM! CUM! YOU LITTLE SLUT! 120%! Nipple actuators report malfunction. You little BITCH! Logic board reports malfunction. CUM JILLIAN! 125%! Processors report overload. Overload! Overload!"


"I -- I can't hold it back! I can't HOLD -- I can't -- Hailey, I CAN'T HOLD IT! I'M CLIMAXING! Orgasm sequence initiated. I CAN'T HOLD -- CLIMAX! CLIMAX!"

Seeing that Alyssa was obviously about the orgasm, Hailey gave one last, sudden, powerful tug with all her might. This time, Alyssa, still grasping Hailey by the shirt, was wrenched away from Jillian. Alyssa's pink robo-dick slipped out of Jillian's pussy just in time to deliver its first massive spurt of synthetic cum. "URGH!" It splashed all over Jillian's face, while her expression remained doll-like and unchanged. But then Alyssa's staggering body turned towards Hailey, who caught the second massive gush, feeling the wet force of its impact glance off of her waist, soaking the bottom of her blouse and the top of her jeans. "OO-OOH, AAAH!"

The third, forth, and fifth gouts of milky android cum issued powerfully from Alyssa as she stabilized herself between the two guests. "AAH! OH-OH!"

Hailey was still locked in her grapple with Alyssa's arm, but she noticed that Alyssa was suddenly no longer actively holding her away from the computer. Instead, she was watching the computer with horror.

"MY SUPPORT COMPUTER!" The screen was splattered with Alyssa's cum as it had gushed uncontrollably out of her phoney member in arc after three-foot arc after three-foot arc. The redlined charts and flashing warnings were distorted behind a veritable coating of white, milky android juice that splashed on it in gout after gout. "OH, NO!" Alyssa managed to gasp.

Jillian beeped. "Sexual intercourse complete," she said levelly as she sat up straight on the bed, cum dripping down her serene face onto her chest. The other girls ignored her.

An electronic sizzle sounded ominously from under the keyboard as Hailey and Alyssa watched, paralyzed. The screen flickered and danced sideways for a moment as the sizzle repeated itself more loudly.

"Oh, fuck, Alyssa," Hailey whispered as a wisp of smoke appeared from the DVD slot.


Suddenly, the computer emitted a harsh beep. The readouts changed to ugly colors and blinked behind the slowly descending white liquid mess. Hailey jumped when a yellow spark shot from the bank of unused slots next to the one that Alyssa was jacked into.

"Alyssa, maybe you should disconnect your -- " Hailey started to say when she was interrupted by an angry buzz from inside Aylssa's chest.

"Hailey, my support computer is wrecked!" exclaimed Alyssa as she turned her face towards her classmate. Just then, her body jerked several times, in unison with some dangerous-sounding buzzes.

"This is all YOUR fault, Hailey!"

"What!? Earth to Alyssa! You did this to yourself!"

"Impossible! I am University property! It is impossible for me to damage myself -- that's in my directives! Failure reported in..." Alyssa zoned out and then tuned back in. "Multiple failures reported." Another buzz sounded in her chest, followed by a distinct electric crackle.

"You mean like getting that busted droid to cum was in your directives!?"

"I -- Jillian -- ?"

"Jillian, did you cum?" barked Hailey.


"Multiple failures detected," Alyssa stammered as she fell to the ground on her back, gizmos in her chest frantically whirring and buzzing. Geyser-like, the erect cock she sported sputtered a last few pumps containing of the dregs of Alyssa's fluid reservior. Burst by diminishing burst, it splattered her chest and stomach with the same milky stuff that Alyssa had managed to spray on both of her guests and her computer.

"Impossible... impossible... impossible," Alyssa droned, her voice getting lower and slower each time."

The support computer's light went out and the screen went black. The beeps from inside Alyssa stopped at the same time, and so did her deep, garbled voice. "Impooooosssssssss." Click.

All was suddenly very quiet.

Hailey was still catching her breath. With effort, she was able to pull the fabric of her shirt out of the frozen claw of the toppled Alyssa's hand.


Hailey thought about cleaning up the mess that Alyssa had made during her crazy-ass bugged-out orgasm, but thought better of it.

There was going to be an inquiry. All that drying robo-cum was evidence, now.

She wasn't sure how much data could be recovered from Alyssa -- the robot, the "Model 1290 AD-X 'Symfonia' SYM0003," Hailey reminded herself -- or her support computer, both of which were fried. But there was her word and, much more importantly, there was the record captured by Jillian and backed-up on her computer.

Alyssa was glitched before she and her project even showed up at the dorm, Hailey concluded. Writing her own directives? And what was she doing with that crazy high-end dick-simulator? And misplaced sense of invincibility, much? Sheesh. To say nothing of physically grabbing a human against her will!

Breaking herself by her futile crashing against Jillian's largely inoperative sexual systems had only been the direct cause of Alyssa's demise. Clearly, Hailey realized, she had serious software issues long before Hailey came by for her help.

And now Hailey had wasted an entire night with this bullshit, and still didn't know if she'd be able to get Jillain to pass the exam. Damn it.

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