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A man salvages a sexbot from a scrap pile.

He was about to return to his ship when something in the scrap caught his eye – a metallic arm and a shapely leg protruding from one of the scrap piles. The salvager, a hunched and fur-covered Bentoniad, saw Bays’ interest and pulled free what he was surprised to see was a wholly intact droid. She most closely resembled a human, and was likely some alien’s approximation – her eyes were strangely wide-set, her proportions borderline cartoonish. Her body was an amalgam of metal and latex, patches of her bare grayish ‘skin’ interrupted by mechanical joint. Sections of black coloring along her body suggested a skin-tight teddy, the black on her legs implied stockings or, given her built-in heels, thigh boots.

Despite her not-quite-human appearance, there was a raw sexual appeal in her buoyant curves – as the Bentoniad jerked her free, light glinted from the silver rings piercing her jostling breasts. A pair of red lips offered a splash of color on her otherwise gray form, her mouth smiling absently beneath her large but vacant eyes. Her shoulder-length dark hair held an unnatural sheen, seemingly untouched by the dust that coated the rest of her.

“Sex-droid,” observed the Bentoniad. “Excellent condition. You will pay two thousand.”

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