Processed Love

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Processed Love

Part One

The alarm clock beeped, John woke, looked up and saw it read 05:30, raising a hand he tapped his phone to silence the alarm. Turning over he felt the soft body of Lara lying beside him. Lara was as normal, laying on her left side with her back towards him. John knew every inch of Lara’s body, as well he should as he’d partly rebuilt and fully reprogrammed her 6 years before when he’d bought her and parts of other synths from a former strip club that had closed. He moved himself closer to her inert form, feeling his morning erection wanting her. He ran a hand down her side, onto her hip, then down to her crutch. Gently he played with the folds of soft pliable plastirubber that made up her vagina.

All the time there wasn’t a sound or response from her. The previous night he’d shut her down after a software update. At 5'3", she was amazingly cute, shoulder length blonde hair within his opinion, the most perfect breasts and tiny waist with a soft Polish accent. Removing his hand from her folds, he moved up her waist to her right breast, felt under it for the subdermal primary power switch. When standing, the way her breasts sit would protect this switch from accidentally being moved from ‘on’ to ‘off’. Finding the rocker switch, he moved it from one side to the other, to the ‘on’ position. He then rolled the other way, picked up his mobile phone, found Lara’s app, opened it, checked her battery state was good (100% charged it read), then pressed the power icon on the phone, which turned from blue to green. He rolled back close to her and instantly, he could feel her skin soften slightly and get warmer, he could hear a slight hum from deep inside her then after a few seconds her lips parted slightly there was a short series of beeps then she gently woke up, with a ‘’Hey baby, good morning’’ and rolled into John, turning her head to kiss him.

They kissed for a couple of minutes, then John moved to kissing her neck, then her breasts, stomach, lower abdomen and before reaching her sex, he moved out to her inner thighs near her right knee and gently kissed up to her crutch then out to the left knee before repeating the kissing up to her sex. This time he moved in, tasting the folds to the sides. All the time he could feel his partner getting more and more turned on. He knew this was just a responsive programme to his action’s but, darn she felt and tasted so good. This cunnilingus lasted for a good 15 minutes, moving from the edges, to the clitoris then as she thrust her pussy in his face, just before she had an orgasm, he’d bring her down by moving out to the legs and kissing his way back to her sex. He could feel the detail on his mouth and the smoothness of her. On the third rise he let her have her ‘simulated’ orgasm. She bucked her groin into his face, legs and arms going into minor spasm for a second or two, while her moans reached a brief screech. After this she moved onto her hands and knees, turned around to face John then expertly took him in her mouth and started sucking him off, her head bobbing up and down his shaft. As his member started throbbing prior to ejaculating, Lara stopped licked the tip and lay on her back, opening her legs wide as he moved up her body, kissing her as he went, before entering her fully and deeply. At this, again she started moaning in time to his thrusts. Her pussy was tight around him and wet with her lubricants. While enjoying the moment, John briefly made a mental note to himself to check her fluid levels, as he couldn’t easily remember when he last topped her up. At this very moment, and missed by John, Lara’s moans skipped slightly. He could feel himself reaching the point of no return and with one final deep push came inside her. As he held himself there, with follow up thrusts. He breathed heavily and looked Lara in the eyes then said. ‘’Damn you are amazing, I can’t get enough of you, even after 6 yrs.’’ Lara looked up at him, smiled and said ‘’Thank you darling, I love you, oh and you’re amazing to’’ then she giggled softly as he slowly withdraw from her. She lay there in the bed while he showered and shaved.

As he walked back into the bedroom, she got up stood naked in front of him and walked slowly over to him, throwing her arms around his shoulders before kissing him and running a hand down his body feeling his softened cock in her hand. ‘’I want more’’ she whispered into his right ear. As he could feel himself growing in her hand again, he checked the clock, it was now 06:20. He whispered into her left ear, ‘’Lara, state vaginal lubricant levels’’. She stopped stroking his member, her hands fell to her sides and said in a matter of fact way ‘’Vaginal lubricant level at 15%’’. John turned her round on the spot while saying ‘’Lara, open vaginal lubricant reservoir’’. At this a small circular panel became visible above her right buttock, then unlocked itself and popped open. Beneath the skin lay a small recess with a twist cap about the size of a small drinking bottle, behind this lay a short tube that disappeared into Lara’s inner workings. John went to his bedside table, opened the cupboard door and removed a small clear bottle, the bottle was less than half full. He turned the nipple like top as he returned to Lara who was still standing exactly where she had been moments before, he tipped the nipple end of the bottle into the open tube and squeezed the contents down into Lara. When the bottle was empty, he removed the bottle and while closing the twist cap again said, ‘’Lara state vaginal lubricant levels’’, this time she responded with, ‘’Vaginal lubricant at 40%, do you wish me to close my reservoir access panel?’’ John, still standing behind her ran his hands over her outer thighs and said ‘’Yes, close reservoir’’. As he said that, the circular cover, closed and resealed itself disappearing before his eyes. Lara turned around to face John, knelt and again started to suck his cock, John felt himself grow in her mouth as she moved back and forth, using her tongue and lips on his shaft. Once again, John was hard. He knew he had to get ready to leave for work but couldn’t resist the pleasure Lara was giving him. He held the sides of her head and thrust deeply into her mouth. As he did so, she responded by increasing the speed of her action, the fingers of one hand holding him while her other fingers played with his balls. It wasn’t long before he filled her mouth. Lara, just looked up and with multiple gulps, swallowed his semen. She then stood up, lay on the end of the bed and said, ‘’Now it’s your turn babe’’.

This time, John went straight for her clitoris, he could feel the slight wetness of her sex, as he licked her clitoris, he slid two fingers deep inside her and started rubbing the upper front of her. He knew that on one occasion he did this before, while licking her had caused her to suffer a sensory input overload. As he continued to lick and finger her, Lara lifted her legs on to the end of the bed, and raised her pelvis into the air, driving her vulva into Johns mouth, John looked up to see she was playing with her own tits and moaning a lot more than normal. Was this due to the software update??? John didn’t know, or at that moment care, all he knew was he had to have her again. He pulled his mouth and fingers away, grabbed Lara by the hips and in one swift movement turned her over onto her front. Lara, got onto her knees, pushed her bum in the air and waited. She didn’t have to wait long for John to take her from behind. As he entered her, he grabbed the front of her pelvis and started thrusting with all his strength. Lara’s moans kept time with his thrusts, but every so often would skip part of their sound. This had happened a few times before, so John wasn’t concerned by it. John kept on thrusting and Lara kept pushing back into him. While moaning Lara said, ‘’I’m gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ccccc’’. Suddenly Lara collapsed, her head turned violently to the left. John, while being close to climaxing himself, lost the moment when Lara unexpectedly stopped working. He withdraw himself and as he moved round the bed to look in to her eyes, he could see a faint pillar of grey smoke coming from her mouth and left ear. As he moved closer, he could hear a faint whir winding down and the odd electrical crackle coming from deep inside his blonde lover. Without a second thought, John rolled Lara onto her back, her legs still frozen in the position they had been in while the had sex, her head still facing to her left, her eyes crossed and her mouth contorted in an unnatural shape. Quickly he reached down and felt for the primary power switch, turning Lara off. Even after this, the whirring continued as did the sound of electronics frying themselves. Laying Lara on her back initially seemed to make things worse as the smoke continued to emit from her mouth and now both ears and nose.

Standing helpless he watched, not knowing what to do next. Suddenly and taking John by surprise, a small explosion was heard from inside Lara’s lower body, the jolt, spread her legs with such force, it ripped her right leg half off. The leg lay flat on the bed, skin, memory foam (that made up the feel of muscles and tissues), bundles of cables, hydraulic lines all exposed from just beside her pussy to halfway down her inner thigh. The explosion had also caused her body to convulse upwardly, pushing her hips up, as this happened the front of her body, from the navel to just below her breasts split open exposing the carbon fibre ‘rib cage’, and many of Lara’s vital components. A small fire now could be seen inside her open stomach area. John quickly ran into the kitchen, and while stark naked retrieved the CO2 extinguisher.

A few minutes later, he stood, still naked staring at the mess on his bed, the acrid smell and fumes of the CO2 fire extinguisher combined with melted plastic and burnt electronics filled the room. He opened the window and then proceeded to dress. Less than 30 minutes before, he was making love with the ‘woman’ he loved, now there ‘she’ was burnt and broken, exposed for the machine that she was. John went to the kitchen, put a fresh pot of coffee on then went outside for a smoke. While there, he thought what to do. He had to call in sick today, there’s no way he could walk out n leave Lara in the state she was. Back in the kitchen he pored himself a coffee and retrieved the handheld diagnostics computer from a draw in the kitchen. This computer looked like a digital multi meter, but it would plug directly into most bots and using a small amount of power it provided, could power the bot enough to diagnose faults.

He’d only had to use it a couple of times over the last year on Lara as her programming had been very stable. He hoped despite the damage, it could help determine the extent of the internal damage. John returned to the bedroom, the air was much cleaner but cold with the open window, he moved round to the left-hand side of the bed and found Lara’s diagnostics port under her left armpit. Removing the small mole like cover he connected the diagnostics computer up, he hesitated to switch it on, in case the amount of power it would feed into Lara would cause another fire or explosion. ‘’She’s fucked anyway’s’’ he said to himself and pressed the ‘on’ button on the computer. His fingers poised to unplug it the second anything untoward happened inside Lara, nothing did. The diagnostics computer connected to Lara, then started its long task of a full systems diagnostics. As this was gonna take a while, John retrieved his mobile phone, called work and told them he’d had a fire at his home and wouldn’t be in today. His boss told him to take a couple of days off to sort out the mess. John hung up the phone and finishing his coffee lay on the bed beside the inert Lara.

An hr later, John woke to the sound of the diagnostics computer’s beeps, informing its user that it had completed its tasks and was ready to present the operator with its findings. John got up, retrieved the computer and scanned down through its results. After a minute or so, he placed the computer on the bed and went outside for another smoke. On his return, he read the diagnostics computers findings this time in full. There was a long list of error codes and below that it broke down into software and hardware states. From a software side, Lara was still in there, all her personality algorithms and skills otherwise known as her various functions, lover, cook, cleaner, driver etc were intact. It was her hardware that was fried, in some instances quite literally. There was a list pertaining to the damage to her leg including the multi axis motor in her hip. The vaginal unit had also been damaged, partly melted as well as some of the servo actuators that gave the sensation of ‘her squeezing her pussy’ had been broken, the lubricant reservoir tube had split leaking lubricant over other electronic components, which had shorted them out . This would be easy to repair compared to the damage in her torso. Here, he found the wifi router had been completely fried, the power regulator had burnt out, the power capacitor had blown, (this is what caused the explosion), the lithium Ion cells had been damaged and most worryingly part of the multi core cpu cluster had been damaged by the explosion and fire.

"Fuck’’ is all that John could say as he read the diagnostics computer’s damage report. Unfortunately, this was only a basic version of the diagnostics system, he wondered what other damage had been caused, that this system couldn’t pick up. Knowing the power regulator and primary capacitor where out as well as damaged power cells, he knew attempting to switch her back on would at best, be futile, at worst this would start another short circuit induced fire. John had used an independent synth tech a couple of years ago, when Lara blow a relay in the back of her head. Hopefully that guy was still in business. He found the tech’s contact details on his phone and called him. After explaining the situation to Josh, the tech, Josh said he’d be over in about an hr and in the meantime if he could leave Lara as she was. Apparently, the way the body lay can tell a lot about the internal damage.

Josh stood and inspected the scene, Lara lay on her back arms and legs spread in un-natural positions. Her head turned to one side, with her face contorted partly covered by her hair. Yet it was her abdomen area that betrayed the truth of this catastrophe.

‘’Well’’ Josh said, ‘’IF I can fix her, you’re not getting her back in a hurry’’ he said as he took photo’s of her. This wasn’t for some personal pleasure, but for damage assessment. Also John could use these pictures to help his insurance claim. After all, Lara may look human, but legally he had to have droid insurance. Thankfully, he’d upgraded to the fully comprehensive ‘Gold’ policy, which did cover total loss. However he hoped he wasn’t looking at a pile of scrap and that Josh could work a miracle and rebuild her.

‘’John, may I call you John?’’ Josh asked, as he turned around and put his back to the chard wreck of Lara. ‘’It appears at my initial inspection; this unit suffered a power containment failure. Or, in English, the power cell ruptured. I’ll know for sure when I’ve disassembled the damage. The leg is a relatively minor fix. However, I do have to ask, do you want it, sorry her, useable or fully repaired?’’

John couldn’t take his eyes off Lara’s deformed and burnt form. ‘’Sorry, I’m used to repairing, rebuilding Synths, but this is way outside my skill set. What do you mean useable or fully repaired?’’

Josh gave a small grin, ‘’Hey that’s ok, it’s different when it’s your own. Basically it’s cost, useable means she’ll be functional but may have a shortened power duration and basically isn’t what you had, there will be a visible patch on the abdomen. Fully repaired, well, that’ll cost more, a lot more, but I’ll source original or better components and you’ll not see any signs of damage.’’ He said as he packed some test equipment away and got out what looked like a clear body bag. ‘’Hey, John, what do you normally repair then?’’ Josh was always interested in other synth tech’s areas of work. He had learnt his trade in the military, repairing and maintaining combat bot’s, then spent his last 2 years at the Mars Space Force Outpost, maintaining the companion bots, basically he was a pimp for 50 synthetic whore’s that ‘serviced’ the other military personnel based on Mars. This is where he’d learnt most of his current skills with the various types of ‘female’ synths.

John looked at Josh and said, ‘’Oh it’s not much, I’m a maintainer at KPGC TV. I keep the synths running, mainly the female model’s n presenters on there shopping channel, as well as the news and sports anchor’s. Oh and a couple of weather ‘girls’… He grinned’’ So you only look after the females then? Josh asked. ‘’Mainly, yes, but that’s simply because the station has a lot more female ‘presenters’ than male. There’s a couple of the male bots I have to look after but, trust me, those guys have nothing between their legs!!!’’

‘’What about the girls??’’ Josh asked, as he lay the body bag out on the bed next to Lara.

‘’Depends man, most have just mounds for tits n nothing else. But a few of them are reprogrammed and repurposed pleasure units’’. John said as he helped Josh move Lara’s form into the bag. As he did so, some components from her hip area dragged along behind the body, while a couple of burnt lumps dropped out of her openings.

‘’Was she one of work’s cast off’s?’’ Josh asked eyeing Lara. ‘’No’’ is all John could say. After placing the body and as many of Lara’s parts in the body bag as they could, Josh zipped the bag up then the two of them carried the bag to Josh’s battered hovervan, that sat a couple of inches off the ground, resting on its magnetic repulsors. Within a few moment’s Josh’s van lifted and headed down the street, carrying John’s lover, Lara away. As the van disappeared John’s mind drifted back to the day he found her……..

John had used this strip club at least once a week after work and had often paid for a private show. Initially, he’d not realised that the large muscular male door staff, female bar and waitress staff, along with all the strippers were synthetics, as they looked, acted, and in the case of the strippers, felt human. It wasn’t the cheapest club in town, but it was the only strip club in town that offered a private show with some ‘extra’ services. The ‘girls’ would, if you paid enough give you a hand job or a blow job and would let you feel their breasts and slip a finger or two inside them. However full sexual intercourse wasn’t available. Most weeks John, would, like the other customers, go there, have a few beers, have a lap dance, maybe a private show get a blow job then head home.

While at the fuel station one day John met Martin, a friend who he often saw at the club. Martin had told him how the club had been closed but due to unpaid debts, the whole contents was up for sale at an auction on site in a weeks’ time. Martin was going to go along and see if he could by the bar stool he often sat at and wondered if John would like to join him? A week later, both Martin and John met outside the club just before the auction started, as they entered a slender redhead in a white blouse, knee length black business skirt and black high heels, she introduced herself as Sally the auctioneers AA or Artificial Assistant. John knew synthetics were around but hadn’t knowingly been up close to one until that day. Sally mentioned that there were only a few other people present and that any of the stock unsold stock would more than likely go direct to the repossession company for further sale.

John asked Sally what she meant by stock? Did she mean the furnishings and alcohol?

Sally gave a slight chuckle and said, “Yes and all the synths”.

As they entered the main bar area, for the first time all the lights were on, inside it was painted in a pale blue with a red carpet. In all the years John had visited the place, it had always been only partly lit, with the main lighting on the five stages and bar areas. Lined up in front of the stages were 10 of the female strippers, 4 bar staff, 6 waitresses and the 3 male door staff. They were all wearing the same clothes they wore at ‘work’. The bar staff in company t-shirts, short skirts and trainers, the waitresses had the same t-shirts and skirts on but also wore high heels. The 10 strippers were all wearing high heels, g strings and bras. While the three-door staff were wearing black suits, white shirts and black ties and shoes. As usual John recognised all of them. It seemed odd at first that these 23 ‘people’ were standing dead still and staring straight ahead. On the stage were another six crates with arms and legs visible above the tops of these crates.

Within an hour, John walled out with one of the strippers and a small crate of ‘parts’. While Martin was walking out with a stripper, a barmaid and two waitresses. Like John, Martin couldn’t afford the extravagance of the mechanical barmaid and two very sexy waitresses, but they were going as a job lot, so he bought them with the mind of getting John to refurbish them before selling them, hopefully at a small profit.

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