The Date

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The Date

Part 1 - Introductions

Sam sighed as his watch passed eight, its chime barely audible over the live jazz in the background. His attention returned to the empty chair opposite him; wondering off for briefly as a rather attractive couple passed his field of view. As the live music played on behind him, Sam wondered if this was another waste of time and money. Strong memories of his last experience with Western Electronics quickly filled his mind. Tiffany, his experience with her and the hour and a half long phone call which followed all fuelled his decision to leave. Downing what remained in his wine glass, he pushed out the velvet chair and quickly stood up, only for his eyes to meet the figure of a gorgeous red-haired woman with a large handbag slung over her left shoulder.

She looked him over as he hastily composed himself, her deep green eyes lingering at in his belt and shoes. “You do realise that a brown belt doesn’t match black shoes?” she quipped, revealing a British accent carried by a confident tone. She crossed her legs as she ran her fingers through her deep red hair, forcing the blue dress to press against her athletic yet busty display, giving him a preview of what was to come.

Sam remained silent as his eyes explored the taller woman. Her long neck which lead down to her emphasised, deep cleavage all added to his interest and curiosity. She seemed a little too perfect, and this time, he knew exactly what she was. “Alexa, right?” she returned his smiled as she nodded slowly. She glanced around at the adjacent tables, taking a good look at the various meals before replacing her focus on Sam.

“I am for you tonight Sam. But first, let’s eat. I’m famished! And the food here looks great!” she rubbed her covered mid-drift with both freshly manicured hands before taking a seat. It didn’t take long for her to see his confused expression.

“I wasn’t aware that you could eat” She didn’t even blink, only giving him a condescending glare as she placed her large handbag under the table.

“Since when can people not eat?” she folded her bare legs and arms as she looked away. “I’m not just some doll you know!”

Before he could even retort, a shorter blonde-haired woman approached the table. “Excuse me, may I take your order?” she asked as she played with her long locks of hair. Sam just waved her off.

“Not now. Give us five minutes”, much to Alexa’s protest.

“Wait! I’m ready, even if this jackass isn’t… I’ll have the Chicken Cabonara with extra white wine sauce. Fettuccine please” As the waitress placed her order on her tablet, Sam quickly grunted and hastily grabbed the menu.

They both waited patiently as he scanned through the limited selection, Alexa rolling her eyes at the waitress just before he made his mind. “Umm, make that two. Extra chicken in mine. And more wine too please, make it white.”

Taking his seat, the waitress thanked them both and moved on to the next table which had two familiar looking women sitting opposite each other. Sam swore that if they were both wearing the same green dress, they’d be twins.

Alexa in the meantime watched the blonde beauty from behind as she bit down on her lower lip. “I’d fuck her you know. Just look at that ass!” she mused. “Always wanted to fuck such a perfect creature”. Leaning in, she gave Sam an incredible view of her deep cleavage as it revealed itself in their deep blue caging. He couldn’t tell if she even had a bra on, but he didn’t care. He needed to prove what she was and quick if he was to salvage the night. He found her contrasting personality to that of Tiffany curious, yet equally arousing. He was also surprised that she hadn’t been as eager to prove what she was.

It didn’t take long for Alexa to break the awkward silence. “So, you’re the guy who solved the energy crisis right? That must have been a god send, pulling the middle east out of that shit show too.” All he did was nod, much to her frustration. She was quick to turn her body away from his, her feet pointing to the exit in the far-right corner.

“I don’t talk business on dates. Especially with anyone affiliated with Western Electronics given what they’ve done recently. I’m here at your request. You’re here for me and only me. And let’s cut the shit, you’re just a pile of plastic and bolts like Tiffany.”

She was quick to protest, slamming her clenched fist on the table, sending the pepper and saltshakers to the ground. “Tiffany was an outdated pile of trash! She was not only older but used more too. She lasted six months before she broke down in your shower and honestly, I’m surprised she even lasted as long as she did.”

“And how about you? How long have you been ‘alive’” he sat back and crossed his arms and feet, noting the change in music to the old-time blues. He also started to notice something odd about the restaurant, something all to familiar, but she didn’t give him time to ponder the thought. She was spitting back faster than he could keep up.

“I’ve been ‘alive’, as you put it, for fifteen days. Based on the production line and research and development schedule, I’m the newest product from Western Electronics to date.” She proudly revealed her perfect set of teeth as she tilted her head ever so slightly. He could tell she was pleased and was eager to show it.

Finally catching his interest, he leaned in across the table while keeping his arms crossed. Her little show of aggression didn’t interest him, much to her increasing frustration.

“You can’t be serious? You guys are developing and making new units that quickly?”

Her aggression melted into a confident grin as she enthusiastically nodded. “We’re currently producing a new model every month. And new models have new processors, hardware, software. The whole shebang and it’s mostly thanks to your investment. We have three new models all being made right now, and they’ll be out in January, February and March. All faster, stronger and better than me!”

Before he could speak, the same waitress returned with two large dishes of the pasta and Sam’s white wine. “Here you go guys. Hope you enjoy!” she smiled as she maintained eye contact with Sam the whole way, her deep green eyes dilating to their peaks.

“And let me get those for you too” she gestured as she bent over to retrieve the salt and pepper shakers.

“Sam, grope her ass” Alexa quickly ordered, much to his surprise. The waitress just ignored her, yet she stayed bent over just a little longer. “Now! Before she leaves!” Not one to disobey, Sam reached his right hand out and gave the waiters ass a firm squeeze. The waiter froze for a second before moaning softly. She quickly straightened up and faced Sam.

“Oh sir, that felt really nice! Thank you!” her enthusiasm had Sam stunned.

“You’re from Western Electronics too?” She nodded as she turned to face him entirely as she placed both shakers on the table.

“Susan Model 99 at your service!” she grinned before moaning softly once again at Alexa’s touch.

“Go now. He’s mine tonight!” she ordered. The waitress was quick to run off, much to Alexa’s amusement. “I could tell you had figured something out. So, take a look around and tell me what’s going on.”

Everywhere Sam’s eyes laid on were gorgeous women, all wearing skimpy and revealing outfits. Some were with other women while others with some men too, but Sam quickly realised Alexa’s point. Yet deep down, he wasn’t surprised. If anything, he was expecting this.

“So, is this why you recommended the Elantra?” He grinned as he relaxed in his seat, taking on a more dominate position.

“Of the four hundred and twelve people here, you are the only human.”

Part 2 - Questions

Leaving his meal untouched, Sam watched Alexa devour hers with little etiquette. He found her lack of table manners amusing, yet curious. What was even more curious was how clean she was too. No food splatter or mess was made, she just went down on it eagerly.

With the meal polished off in a matter of minutes, she wiped her full glossy lips and shot a satisfied smile his way. “So damn good! You’ve barely touched yours!” she pointed at his meal as he looked around the room. Some women were eating hastily like Alexa had, while others didn’t even touch their meals. As he observed, she went on about and on about how good the meal was. Eventually, he grew tired of her persistence.

“Shut up about the damn food for one second!” he shot back much to her surprise. “Now, tell me about the other dolls here.”

She was quick to shoot him an aggressive stare. “Don’t call us dolls. We’re more than that!”

The silence which followed didn’t last too long as she continued. She crossed her arms, yet she leaned in and spread her legs slightly apart, much to his curiosity. “A conflict of programming?” he pondered.

“The oldest model in here is the one in the green dress by the mini-aquarium. Same build date as Tiffany but not as used. As you can see, she’s not made with food in mind.”

Sam’s attention turned to the couple he spotted earlier, and he was surprised he didn’t pick up on it the first time around. Both women looked extremely similar to Tiffany and neither of them had touched their burnt steaks. This sparked a thought that Sam couldn’t pass up. “Can you gain access to her tablet?”

Alexa smirked before staring off into the distance. And just as quickly as she did, she reanimated. “Give us a few seconds” she confidently beamed as she pressed her breasts together much to Sam’s enjoyment. So far, Alexa was simply as realistic as Tiffany was, and Sam was eager to spot the differences. And as always, he was always up for experimentation.

The same waitress as before quickly approached them with a tablet in hand. “I’ll take that” Sam grabbed the remote from her as he shooed her away.

“SAM! Courtesy please!” Alexa exclaimed as the waiter froze, waiting for the next command.

Clenching his eyes for a split second, he faced the waitress and apologised. “It won’t happen again madam”. His attention then turned to the tablet as he ignored her reply. He quickly brought up the Tiffany models command feature, but, before he could set the command, Alexa snatched the tablet from his grasp.

He was quick to react, only stopping short as she pulled the tablet further away from his grasp. “If you do it, you’ll be fined. If I do it, nothing will happen” she grinned as she entered the command herself.

“But how do you know…”

“Shhh, I’ve got my ways” she winked before hitting the command button.

Tiffany suddenly stopped and blankly stared at her doppelganger for a few seconds. All three of them watched as she parted her lips and said what could be barely made out as a connection confirmation. She then stared at her food for a few seconds before taking a large chunk of meat with her bare hands and forcing it down her throat. Her date watched on in horror.

“Tiffany! Stop!” she shouted, but it was too late. The poorly made steak was visibly lodged in her long neck as she gargled some words. She then took a glass of red wine and poured what she could into her mouth, causing her to twitch hard. A loud *CRACK* peaked over the live music as Sam looked back at Alexa with a curious look.

“Why’d you want that to happen?” She asked as the Tiffany model struggled to get to her feet, knocking the whole table over and sending her date to the floor.

“I enjoy learning everything about you girls. Especially what breaks you.” He laughed as Tiffany tripped on the carpet, slamming straight onto her date. Several other women rushed to her aid, removing the steak from her throat and trying to get the wine out from inside her. Sam watched on as several people from the far end of the restaurant stopped mid-way and return to their seats as if nothing had happened.

Alexa just smiled on, knowing full well that Tiffany would be alright. “You do know she’ll be repaired right? She will be taken away later tonight and will be ready tomorrow, as if nothing ever happened.”

“Oh really? I had no idea” he sarcastically remarked, much to Alexa’s enjoyment. “I know full well that she will be fine. The question is though, is she really fearful of her ‘life’ ending?”

Alexa’s grin faded into a confused expression as she tilted her head to the right. At this point, the music had stopped as a group surrounded both Tiffany’s in a desperate attempt to save the broken robot. Even the waitress from before was on the phone to what Sam could only assume was the Western Electronics support team.

“Your query is illogical. Being afraid of death is irrelevant as death is nothingness”, she stared right past Sam as his grinned widened. Those moments were his favourite.

As quickly as it happened, Alexa refocused on him and bit her lower lip. “You do know that I can out fuck any girl on the planet, right? I’m literally the perfect sex machine!” she giggled in her seat, completely unaware of her non-sequitur response.

Sam found it amusing, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. As Alexa smiled on, Sam quickly glanced at the Tiffany model who was now sitting up and twitching randomly. He wondered what was going on inside her head; if there was something inside there that was actually afraid of dying. He was so entrenched in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice Alexa reach over the table. She took his pasta and quickly scoffed it down in a matter of minutes. By the time Sam refocused on her, she was wiping her lips again in an identical manner as before.

“So!” she shouted, “Am I to answer questions all night or are we going to have some fun?”

As Tiffany stood up, Sam nodded slowly and took to his feet. “I have a place in mind. And I want to put you to the real test. Before we make tracks, where’s the bathroom?”

Alexa stared at him blankly for only a moment before twitching slightly. “The bathroom is in the back-left corner.”

Giving her one last smile, he turned and quickly made his way out of sight. Once the sounds of all the people were drowned out, he made a phone call.

Part 3 - The Hotel Pool

With their meal already paid by Western Electronics, Sam and Tiffany hastily left the restaurant and walked a few blocks down to the Casio Hotel, the tallest hotel in the city and Sam’s personal favourite. Just as they reached the foyer, the heavy clouds above released their water, sending down the heaviest rain the city had seen in months. The noise was quickly drowned out as they entered the massive lobby which boasted an exquisitely golden look. Many people dressed in formal attire quickly moved through the warm, wide-open space, many of which were older people with serious tones, pacing quickly as they spoke on their phones.

Sam didn’t bother signing in. With Alexa in hand, they both went straight to the elevator, returning the greetings of every person who said hello on the way. Alexa was stunned by the sheer number of hellos they received, yet Sam was used to this. After all, it was his hotel.

The elevator doors opened, revealing a massive room with mirrors on each side. Alexa stepped in first as Sam made sure to get a good view of her ripe ass to which her blue dress struggled to keep hidden. He selected the top floor before looking back at Alexa whose attention was at her own reflection. She waved her hands, seemingly puzzled by the infinitely repeating image the mirrors created.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” he said as she stared on. Her lack of reply didn’t faze him. He instead waited patiently as they ascended the four hundred floors in a matter of minutes. Once there, the doors opened, revealing a large room encased by glass walls and a glass roof. The moon pierced through the heavy clouds, shining light onto the large, heated pool which gave it a calming, steamy glow. The light was only outmatched by the sudden spark of lightning off in the distance, sending a bellowing *CRACK* which the glass failed to muffle. The contrasting view of the city on his left and the country on his right always had a calming effect on him.

He did wonder the view was like during the day though, having only been here on nights like these.

Sam was quick to realise that Alexa was still inside the elevator, frozen. “Wow, hey? Hey!” he quickly waved his hand in front of her face to no avail. She remained perfectly still. Thinking for a moment, he lifted her rather light frame and moved her out of the elevator before trying again. As the elevator disappeared into the tiled floor, he placed both hands on Alexa’s shoulders as he looked her over.

Her eyes erratically darted about before locking on to his. She tilted her head and smiled. “Hey. How’d we end up here?” The concern in her voice was impossible to ignore.

“I think your processor couldn’t keep up with the infinite reflecting mirrors” he mused, much to her frustration.

“I’m the most advanced being to date! I can handle anything!” she quipped as she crossed her arms and spun around, leaving his reach. This aggressive form quickly dissolved as she approached the glass and looked down at the lights below.

“Beautiful isn’t it? This came to me in a dream many years ago, and I knew I had to have it. So high up, above all those little lights which fade into the horizon. Tell me what you see.” He said as he slowly approached her. The moon light bounced off the pool, showing how thin her dress really was as her body became visible underneath her thin dress. She may as well have had nothing on at all.

“We’re exactly 1203.8 metres above the ground here. 123.9 Kilometres to the horizon and approximately….”

Silence filled the room as Alexa just froze. A few seconds passed before Sam intervened. “Hey? Snap out of it!” he shouted as he placed his hands on her shoulders.

She immediately reanimated. “145 thousand lights in view. The incoming thunderstorm is not beautiful as it can damage houses and be dangerous” she analytically stated.

Sam had had enough at this point. “Alexa, stop being a robot for a moment and find some beauty in this! Please” he pleaded as his hands slowly reached around her, gently resting on her soft breasts.

She tilted her head as her eyes erratically darted. He watched on in the glass’s reflection as the frenzy of computations leaked through via her reactions. With his hopes high, she opened her mouth and froze.

“This… I find this… Don’t you think I’m sexy?!” she quickly spun around and hugged him tightly. Sam just shook his head.

“So close” he muttered, prompting Alexa to pull back and look at him.

“Well? Are you going to answer me?!” she mused as she let the sides of her dress slide down her arms. “Maybe this may help you along” she stepped back as she let the blue dress pool to her feet, revealing an athletic frame. She gently groped her enormous breasts as she moaned. “I’ve been enhanced since Tiffany. Just stand back and watch.”

She slowly bent over at the waist, letting her breasts hang while keeping her eyes on his. “Twenty percent softer and smoother too. Makes titty fucking all the more fun!” As she straightened up, she brought her left leg up parallel to her body, giving him a perfect view of her pussy. “Thanks to you, I’ve got the most realistic vagina yet. Not perfectly symmetrical like Tiffany’s. Same with my entire body too!”

As she brought her leg down, the sky lit up as a thunderous crack followed. Sam jumped back as Alexa remained unfazed. She continued, completely oblivious to the lightning and to his reaction.

“Much like Tiffany, I have complete control over my body’s proportions. I don’t even have any stupid software telling me to tell you what my sizes are. Unless you prefer that.” She winked as her breasts grew slightly larger.

Licking her lips, she took one step forward. “My current size has been increased to 34 DD.” She took a second step, closing the gap between the two. “And this is my favourite size too.”

Just mere inches apart, she looked at Sam straight in his eyes. “My pupils also react on light too, not just attraction.”

She slowly closed the gap, planting her full lips on his as she wrapped her arms around his torso. Thunder struck as their tongues met, sending flashes of light through the sky, matching her circuitry. She pressed her crotch onto his as they kissed like star crossed lovers, completely lost in the moment. His hands ran over her firm back, amazed at how smooth and soft her skin felt. She even felt naturally warm too.

She did the same, reaching her hands through his belt and pants as they both took a hand full of his firm ass.

He softly moaned as they slowly shuffled to the edge of the pool. Sam slowly pulled out as she submissively grinned. “Ever fucked in a pool?” She shook her head.

“Want to take my pool virginity?” They laughed before she quickly threw him into the pool, diving in shortly after.

Emerging to the surface, he failed to see Alexa. The worry that grew in his mind quickly vanished as he felt a familiar set of hands meet his groin. She was quick to remove his belt and pants, exposing his rock-hard penis.

His eyes rolled back as she performed her magic, giving him a wild ride. Her mechanical tongue expertly teased him as it hit all the right places. The sensation only grew as the tongue wrapped around his member and started vibrating. He reached down and grabbed her hair by the root and forced her to take him all in, something she gladly complied with as every inch of her mouth and throat went into action.

For her, this was an effortless task. Her hardware took him with no issues and for the first time that night, he forgot what she really was.

Within minutes, he peaked and came harder than he ever had. He pressed her tightly against his penis, forcing it down her throat as she milked him as much as she could. Once done, she was quick to emerge from the water. Her mouth opened as the pool water gushed out.

“You… are… amazing!” he managed between laboured breaths, making her smile widely.

“I have my perks!” she giggled as she reached for his hands and placed them on her breasts. “That was the tip of the ice burg!” she giggled as she pressed his hands against her soft breasts.

“Oh yes, that feels good” she softly whispered. Both their eyes met for a moment before he moved in, pressing his lips against hers as he found her nipples, giving them a light brush as they quickly grew between his fingers. They stayed like that, tongues in a passionate dance as his fingers toyed with her plastic nipples. They were warm now, much like her entire breast. Another nice update to that of Tiffany he thought.

She was the first to break away, leaning into his left ear and whispering, “Want to know a little secret? I love getting fucked in the ass.”

“Well then” he slowly ran his hands down her smooth sides, reaching her wide hips, “Let’s do something about that”. He grabbed both of her firm cheeks and spread them before pushing everything he had into her tight hole.

“Ohhhhh!!” her eyes rolled back as she blinked erratically. She was insanely tight, and Sam knew he wouldn’t last long. “Please don’t stop!” She begged as they pounded flesh against silicon. Their pace quickened, matching that of her moans which only grew louder and louder.

Her processors worked hard to simulate the reaction of a real woman. Her breathing increased as did her sweat. She kept her limbs moving as she moaned and reacted as naturally as she could. All this was lost on Sam, who was having the time of his life.

Sam was close, and her sensors could tell, prompting her programming to do what it did best.

“AHHH FUCK YES!!” She exclaimed as they both shuttered hard. He felt her milking him once again, running hi dry as she twitched for several seconds before resting in Sam’s arms. “You’re… amazing… at that!” she managed between heavy, simulated breaths.

Sam returned her embrace as the two just held each other. He stayed inside her as they shared an embrace which made him forget everything.

On the other side of the thick glass panes, the rain had increased with lightning and thunder became more frequent. All this just added to Sam’s happiness, and as far as he could tell so was, she.

Alexa was the first to pull out and look him in the eyes. “What do you want to do next?”

Sam returned her gaze as he pondered what was behind those green eyes. “Tell me the time.”

Part 4 - Discovery

With a surprised look, she answered “11:29 pm. Why do you ask?” She loosely moved her arms around his shoulders, joining at the fingers as she tilted her head slightly.

“One minute then. Alexa, ignore my presence” he was quick to move out of her reach as he watched her smile fade into nothingness. With a blank stare, she looked around the room as Sam left the pool.

“I swear he was just here! Ah well fuck it” she frustratingly exclaimed as she moved over to the stepped edge of the pool. She sat there, perfectly still as if she was waiting for something to happen.

As she waited, he turned his attention to the countryside view which was dowsed in heavy rain. Just as the sky lit up, he saw the elevator rise from the floor through the reflection of the glass. He immediately turned around and shouted. “Tiffany, ignore my presence.”

Nothing happened. He quickly remembered the glitch which affected Alexa and hastily rushed to her side, pulling the much heavier unit out of the elevator. By the time she was out, Alexa had already noticed the trench coat covered Tiffany unit standing on the opposite end of the pool.

“Oh well now what do we have here?” she condescendingly remarked as she moved towards Tiffany, clenched fisted and glaring at the other robot as she recovered.

Being sure she heard him the first time, Sam repeated his order as he moved over to the edge and observed. Once in place, both girls were looking each other eye to eye.

“Sam ordered you, didn’t he? You think you can take him away from me?!” Alexa shouted as she clenched both fists. Tiffany simply smiled.

“I’m here to do my job Madam. Now if you’ll please let me.” she lost her trench coat and dumped her handbag on the wet floor as her hands immediately moved onto Alexa’s breasts. She held Alexa’s right mammary up and brought her lips to her nipple.

Alexa didn’t resist, in the physical sense at least. “Oh yes, that feels good… Stop it! You won’t… Oh yes just there, do the other one too!... Get away with this! I’m Sam’s!” She twitched with each contradiction while Sam just stood back and enjoyed the mood as the soft moans drowned out the pitter patter of the rain.

“Please Alexa, let me pleasure you like I was asked too” Tiffany slowly lowered herself to her knees as she looked up at her successor. “Join me here” she gestured to the wet floor. Alexa quickly followed as she laid on her back. With a bit of force, Tiffany spread Alexa’s legs wide and kissed up along the inner thigh before placing the tip of her tongue on Alexa’s clit.

“I will not be out done by the likes of you!” Alexa exclaimed as Tiffany just giggled, her eyes locking onto Alexa’s.

“We’ll see soon enough” With that, the room filled with a quiet vibrating noise as she plunged her long tongue straight into Alexa, causing her to flinch and moan wildly.

“Ohh damn you! Keep going!” She pressed her thighs against Tiffany’s head as she pulled at her blonde hair by the roots, moaning harder as Tiffany’s soft hands reached up to fondle her breasts.

“OH YES OH YES OH YES!” Her entire body shivered and twitched as Tiffany used everything in her power to bring the advanced machine to her peak. Little did Tiffany know that she was pushing all of Alexa’s buttons in the right spot and order. She was even moving and reacting in a very similar manner to Tiffany, and Sam picked up on this. He found the laziness on the programmer’s side amusing.

As Tiffany worked her magic, Sam’s observation came to an end as he came up behind her and impulsively spanked her ass.

Nothing happened.

She completely ignored his interference, continuing to eat out Alexa like nothing happened. He kneeled and pushed his fingers into her pussy, only to find it dry. “Cheap model” he thought as she once again, completely ignored his actions. He decided to take a different approach. “Alexa, increase your breast size to 34 F and orgasm.”

Her breasts expanded wildly, causing her to freeze momentarily before screaming in pure pleasure. “FUCK YES BABY FUCK YES!” She came hard, sending her cum all over Tiffany’s face and hair.

Tiffany’s eyes immediately locked onto Alexa’s breasts, causing her to freeze. Alexa completely ignored her predecessor, withering and moaning in her simulated bliss.

Tiffany quickly recovered and moved her hands away from Alexa’s breasts. She twitched hard before looking at the doll on the ground.

“Unnatural action performed. You’re designated as a human, yet your breasts… ERROR. Contradiction detected” She pressed her ear on her left shoulder as she struggled stay standing. “You’re amazing… ERROR… Amazing!... ERROR. Please help! ERROR 01 IDENTIFIED UNABLE TO CONTAIN” she exclaimed as she slowly backed away from the more advanced robot who was still enjoying the moment.

Sam was quick to back away, moving to the opposite end of the pool as worry set in. He had no idea what was about to happen.

A mere step from the pools edge, Tiffany froze as her eyes erratically darted about. Her arms suddenly flayed about before dropping by her side. Her head tilted down as a beep emanated from her body, and just as quickly, she reanimated and looked around the room. Turning around, she spotted Sam and smiled widely.

“Sam, I’m just an advanced doll. Come on, do what…” she took one step forward before realising there was no floor. As she fell, her entire body went stiff causing her to plank into the water with a large splash which covered Alexa but failed to reach Sam.

As she sunk to the bottom, everything suddenly stopped. As lighting lit the sky one last time, Sam rushed around the side to get a better look. He saw Tiffany, motionless at the bottom of the pool. He quickly went for the steps, only to be stopped by Alexa.

“I know you told me to ignore your presence, but I’m programmed to override it when danger is afoot. Step into that water and you’ll fry.” The concern in her voice sent shivers down Sam’s spine.

Suddenly, Tiffany shot up from the water as she looked straight at Sam, water gushing out of her mouth. A loud *POP* filled the room as she slowly moved closer to him. “HI Hi Hi hi hhhhhh…. HI! I am *MEMORY SECTOR NOT FOUND* You must… You be Sammmm… ERROR… ERROR…” Her arms reached out for Sam before she froze.

Her entire face shuffled through several exaggerated expressions, water leaking out of her eyes and nose as she struggled to regain control. Her face froze in between a look of worry and happiness before fixing to one of aggression. She glared straight at Alexa. “HE’S MINE!” She exclaimed before freezing entirely. The room filled with the pitter patter of rain before a whisper left her still lips. “Help” was all she said before falling face first into the water. She quickly sunk to the bottom, dead in the water.

Sam sat there in Tiffany’s grasp, stunned. “At least you’re still here” he mused before he felt her shiver. He turned to find the life drained from her silicon face. “Are you ok?”

She looked at him and faked a smile. “I’m… I’m ok”. The pause which followed was shortly lived as they embraced each other.

Sam knew he had found the one.

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