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Welcome to follow your own plot. This section contains stories like the "Choose Your Own Adventure®" series of novels. A starting chapter or scene will be written, then any number of different chapters will be linked after it - depending on choices made by the reader. Is the fembot sentient or just an automaton? You choose! Is she a metal-clad mechanical goddess or a realistic girl-next-door model? You choose!


Just start from one of the introductory scenes and start writing continuations based on whatever you think should happen or is occurring.

Page/link structure

In order to keep track of all the many different paths a story will take, and to keep things as organized as possible, new story paths should be named like this:

FYOP/(Story title)/(next available number)

For example:

FYOP/The Lab Scene/0002

This part will be rather tricky to get right, but the key is to use the "Show preview" button before you save the page. If the link is red, the new page can be created. If the link is blue, then either that page number is taken or the link has been typed in wrong. The page link must appear at the bottom of the previous "page" in order for the story paths to be followed.

It is also vital that the previous page in the story be linked to at the top of every new page.

If you want to add to a story but don't know how, you can go to the main story's talk page and enter the text you want to see. Another editor can get the links working for you.

Have fun!


  1. "The Lab Scene"
  2. "Create A Fembot 2.0"
  3. "Planet of the Gynoids"
  4. "My Life as a Robot"
  5. "Hollywood Hardware"
  6. "Tabula Rasa"
  7. "The Adventures of Alice
  8. "To Love a Sexbot
  9. "The Storage"
  10. "Alberts Discount Android Warehouse"

More to come!