FYOP/Create A Fembot 2.0

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(Note: This is an edited transplantation of a similer order sheet I made on Chyoo.)

This is AndroTechs automated custom fembot order system.

Please input data for the Desired physical parameters, Personallty and Control programing for the robot you wish created.

Additional features may also be added. (Popular ones are Build yourself kits, remotes and False memories.)

Base Physical Parameters


1.Externally totally human (will appear totally human on the outside)

2.Marked (Will appear primarily human but will one or more small things marking them as not{Example: Corporate logo, Tattooed serial number, data port, etc.}

3.Hybrid (Will look human but have clear machine features{Example: sensors for ears, bits of metal or plastic here and there, seams, etc.}

4.Total machine (looks femalish but is all machine (Example: All Chrome, and whatever else you can think of)