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“You want me to beta test Tabula what?” Jack asked his friend Josh an engineer at Cybertech Labs.

“Tabula Rasa. It means blank slate, or in this case it’s an analysis program.” Josh explains.

“OK. What does that have to do with the naked girl in the box?” Jack responds still confused.

“This isn’t a girl exactly,” Josh begins to explain, “It’s one of many androids we’re beta testing the program on.”

“But she has a-“ Jack starts.

“Her body is a multifunctional type,” Interrupts red faced, “ adaptable to any purpose, including… the more carnal ones.”

“So she’s a sexb-“ begins again.

“Only potentially!” Josh explains, “Let me just explain the program. This unit TR-007, you might want to give it a better name, anyway the way the program works is the android begins as a mindless doll, but then the program starts analyzing its user and environment and creates behavior and personality programming based on its analysis. It also will alter it physical parameters to a limited extent, Eye color, Hair length and color,-“

“Breasts?” Jack asked interrupting.

“Yes breasts to,” Josh sighed. “Basically it becomes what the user desires of it. In theory anyway. For the FAQ there is a decent chance of its obedience programming will be overridden to a limited extent. Just stuff like you tell it to stay put but it pushes you out of the way of a car. Its overall loyalty programming should remain intact, probably, we think. There is also the possibility that it might develop multiple personalities, and that said personalities develop different physical characteristics.” Josh stopped.

“So it’s mine?” Jack asked.

“Yes,” Josh replied, “Just sign here, there is some clothes for it in here.”

Jack took the paper and signed it.

“To start it up, press a button at the back of its neck, its only the activation button, you have to open it up for its off one. It’ll prompt you if you want to rename it.” Josh explained.

“Hmm, I think I’ll call it Rasa,” Jack muses to himself.

“How very unoriginal.” Josh comments , “Anyway I have other people to see, bye.”

At that Josh left.