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You got yourself a small ticket in your mailbox. You read the letter, enclosed with a ticket: Hello, are you ecstatic about finding the girl of your dreams? Then have we the doll for you? Introducing the Perfect Robo-Girl from Beauty Inc.! She’s like a robot, but she’s the perfect female robot for adult situations. She’s a one-of-a-kind humanoid robot, designed for sexual fun.

You are the lucky son-of-gun to try out a hot young fembot to have, hold, and fuck! You will try her out for a free practice run in our factory in South Beach, Florida; where the factory is located.

Enclosing is our address and invite. Present it to our supervisor, Farra Stevens-Gaynes, and you’ll be in.

You are ecstatic to try out a hot young female robot, but you’re worried about how you’ll go through with it. Will it hurt?

At the factory, you were sitting in a small reception room, on a soft plush bench. You waited for someone to come see you, until you remember that you wanted to keep the ticket within you. Just then, a woman in a white lab coat, 34D breasts, and long flowing bleach blond hair, with a blue streak in her left side, comes toward you.

“Hello, sir,” she asked you, “Can I help you?”

You present the ticket to her, which she takes. She let out a smile and said, “OH! You got our delivery! Thank you. Welcome to our pleasure center: Perfect Robo-Girls from Beauty Inc. My name is Farra Stevens-Gaynes. I am the head supervisor to my company, which my husband and I build.”

You asked her why her husband is involved.

She replied, “My husband has a 390 IQ; his major is in robotics. And for my 30th birthday, he and I help create this wonderful company, which has been doing so well.”

You asked her if it is free.

Farra responded, “Nope. Our services are $2,500 for each unit. It’s yours forever, as long as she gives you a nice sexual ecstasy. (*-NOTE: We are NOT responsible for your damages towards our sexbots)

She then held up her clipboard and asked you, “Shall I give you the grand tour or should we chat in my office?”

What do you do?