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You've been looking forward to buying your very own gynoid for months now. You've scrimped and saved for the down payment, and now you're ready to hit the showroom. You've decided to get a unit modeled after a celebrity, a sexy actress. But there are so many nubile hotties in California, you can't make up your mind!

You decide to visit the Hollywood Hardware showroom in person to get a better look at the inventory. A vast, gleaming, clean and brightly lit warehouse, the showroom has hundreds of beautiful women standing in quiet repose along every wall. There is no salesman, only an automated computer system to guide you through your browsing.

You pass by a blonde in a flowing white dress.

"This unit is based on the physical parameters of Marylin Monroe. Widely considered the first sex symbol, she is also one of the first figures to have been photographed extensively enough to allow our engineers to accurately reconstruct her appearance."

You stop for a moment, distracted by four gynoids in a row who look remarkably similar.

"These units are based on the physical parameters of Goldie Hawn. Famous for aging gracefully, by popular demand we have units available modeled after her at age twenty, thirty, fourty and fifty. Age sixty is available by special order."

She is quite beautiful but that statement is a bit much for you. You continue browsing.

After half an hour, you've narrowed your preference down to two units: a blonde and a latina. Your final selections were shallow, but popular. You feel guilty at your choices; you probably watch way too much tabloid TV. As you are agonizing over your options, the gentle, feminine voice of the store's computer informs you of a stunning fact.

"These units are available to test drive if you are still unsure. There are private rooms available in the rear of the showroom. Simply state which unit you would like to activate."

The blood pounds in your ears at the realization, then suddenly flows downward. Which do you choose?