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(Note: I made some point deliberately vague, to allow for more options.) Far in the future, on the out of the way colonized planet of Cera IV, a devastating plague struck. The survival rate was low, with a mere 30% for males and nearly 0% for females.

All attempts to control its spread on the planet failed, and it quickly spread over the entire planet. So the Galactic Federation placed the planet under permanent quarantine.

Eventually the plague ran its course and the few survivors, now cut off from the rest of the galaxy, went about trying to rebuild.

They faced several problems in this regard, one being a highly depleted work force, and the second, which was by far the more pressing was a nonexistent female population.

One thing they had on their side was much of their technology remained intact, and a few of their scientists managed to survive.

These scientists decided they should kill 2 birds with one stone, ok more like 1 and a half, and came up with the following plan, they would create a race of anatomically correct gynoids with advanced A.I.’s and complex personality programming, thereby solving their labor shortage and their desire for female companionship. The gynoids would be programmed with the following directives

1. A gynoid will imprint on the first person they have sex with accepting them as their master.

2. A gynoid can not hurt a human except in self defense or in the fulfillment of their duty and only in a superficial way.

3. A gynoid will protect their master.

4. A gynoid with obey their master at all times unless there is a clear and imminent threat to their master by doing so.

5. A masterless gynoid will always have an unconscious desire for a master, though not necessarily a conscious one. This will manifest as arousal around humans which will become increasingly intense the more a human expresses a sexual interest in them.

6. A masterless gynoid will work for the overall benefit of society until they get a master.

7. Any gynoid that creates another gynoid will include the following restrictions in their creation:

A. No two gynoids shall be made to look exactly the same.

B. A gynoid shall be designed to look like a human female but minor deviations are allowed (Blue hair, serial numbers, antennas, etc.).

C. All gynoids shall have gynoid directives installed.

This last one is to insure that the gynoids that would be put in charge of the gynoid factories don’t engineer themselves out of their control.

It should perhaps be obvious by these directives that the scientists were the horny-never-had-a-date type.

This plan was implemented and the production of gynoids began.

The reproduction of humans was however a bigger concern. They decided to try cloning, but repeated cloning started to cause genetic defects after a few generations, so the human population started to dwindle. At the same time, industry started to skyrocket and with it the production of gynoids.

Eventually the humans died out leaving the gynoids to fend for themselves.

There was some disagreement originally on how they should proceed which led to open conflict, and eventually end in the creation of three states.

The gynoids then proceeded to build their own societies and culture, manufacturing generation after generation of themselves yet still bound by the programming of their predecessors.

Thus things progressed for a 1000 years until …

  1. A ship crash lands