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Bay looked wearily over the piles of junk the salvager was offloading from his ship and began to accept that he wasn’t going to find the reactor he needed. He had made a full circuit of the station’s docks, and despite the tons of junk hauled in from derelict ships, stations, and colonies, both human and alien, he hadn’t found anything worth his time. His boss back at the shop, the much older and far more cantankerous Gil, wasn’t going to be pleased – but at least Bay was used to that.

He was about to return to his ship when something in the scrap caught his eye – a metallic arm and a shapely leg protruding from one of the scrap piles. The salvager, a hunched and fur-covered Bentoniad, saw Bays’ interest and pulled free what he was surprised to see was a wholly intact droid. She most closely resembled a human, and was likely some alien’s approximation – her eyes were strangely wide-set, her proportions borderline cartoonish. Her body was an amalgam of metal and latex, patches of her bare grayish ‘skin’ interrupted by mechanical joint. Sections of black coloring along her body suggested a skin-tight teddy, the black on her legs implied stockings or, given her built-in heels, thigh boots.

Despite her not-quite-human appearance, there was a raw sexual appeal in her buoyant curves – as the Bentoniad jerked her free, light glinted from the silver rings piercing her jostling breasts. A pair of red lips offered a splash of color on her otherwise gray form, her mouth smiling absently beneath her large but vacant eyes. Her shoulder-length dark hair held an unnatural sheen, seemingly untouched by the dust that coated the rest of her.

“Sex-droid,” observed the Bentoniad. “Excellent condition. You will pay two thousand.”

It seemed more than a fair price to Bay, but that automatically made him suspicious. “I dunno, I’ve never seen a model like her before… I mean, where am I gonna get the parts to fix her?”

With a flick of a clawed finger, the Bentoniad pressed a button on the back of her neck and her power source hummed to life, her eyes searching briefly before meeting Bay’s. “Greetings, human!” she said in voice both enthusiastic and breathy, touched by a strange accent.

“Still functions,” remarked the Bentoniad with a trill. “No parts needed. Two thousand is your price.”

Bay struggled to keep his expression neutral – he could flip this sexbot for ten times that price, even with her rather odd appearance. After making a show of carefully considering the alien’s offer, he said, “Alright – it’s a deal.”

The impassive alien took his cash and went back to organizing his salvage, casually instructing the droid, “This human is your master now.”

“Well hello there, master!” the droid exclaimed, sidling up to Bay with a sultry expression, a jointed hand reaching down to brush against the now-straining fabric at his crotch.

“Let’s… just… wait,” Bay cautioned, pushing the droid away. “I need to get you back to the shop first.”

“Whatever you say, master,” she purred. As she fell in behind him, he could hear tiny audible sounds from her servos – nothing a little tuning couldn’t fix.

He loaded his otherwise meager haul into his ship and instructed the droid to get in. She slipped into the passenger side of the cab, sliding across the bench toward Bay when he got behind the flight stick – this close, he saw just how much dust was caked on to her. “You really need to clean yourself off,” he said, reaching back to grab her a rag and some cleaning solution.

He lifted off as she began cleaning herself, first misting her synth-skin with the bottle, then wiping herself down with the rag in slow, deliberate motions. She made good progress, her thighs rubbing tightly against each other as she pulled the cloth over her breasts, leaving their latex surface glistening and spotless. “Oh, master!” she groaned, taking extra care to polish one of the silver rings that ran through her stiffening nipple, “This is making me soooo hot!”

Bay realized he should have been watching traffic when he nearly slammed into a slow-moving barge – swerving sharply brought him clear of its rusting hull, but also launched the sex-droid face-first into his lap. Wrestling with the ship, he managed to coax it back into his lane, only then noticing the droid was pulling at his pants.

“Uhhh-” he managed, and with a sharp tug from her hand, his cock was free.

“Oh, master!” she groaned, wrapping her lips around him and taking him in with a throaty moan. As her lips slipped up and down along his length, Bay decided to accept this development, hastily punched the auto-pilot and then pushed his hands through her dark hair, influencing her motions while she continued to suck, groaning lustily. A slight increase in her motion was all it took, and he soon lost himself inside of her, his fingers tensing their grip as she squealed in surprise, a curious whine of machinery emitting from inside her. Her machinery wound down into silence as she recovered with long, slow panting before she finally released him.

“Easily worth two-thousand,” Bay remarked, hastily pulling up his pants before resuming control of the ship.

“Th-thank you, m-master,” she stammered, her head ticking slightly as her servos whined once more, maybe a hair louder than before. I’ll need to look into that, Bay thought, but remained undaunted in his purchase.

Bay entered Gil’s shop hoping to find the old man was out; but before he could close the door behind him, Gil poked his head out from the back and snarling, “You were supposed to rebuild that respulsor engine this morning!”

“I couldn’t fix it without a new reactor,” Bay protested, “and figured I could-“

But Gil cut him off, pointing over his shoulder with a screwdriver. “What is that?”

“I’m here for your p-p-pleasure!” the droid squealed, sliding her hands up and down her curving hips.

Bay was quick to explain, “She was only two-thousand credits, and there’s hardly anything wrong with her!”

Gil ran an oil-stained hand over his leathery face. “You ever heard of a Melanogast pleasure droid?”

“No…” Bay admitted, hastily adding, “But it’s obvious she’s designed for humans-“

“She sure is, kid. Humans with poor impulse control.”

“Look, if you think she was such a waste of money, just take the two-grand out of my pay!” Bay demanded, though he couldn’t keep doubt from creeping into his voice. “But it’s only fair that I get the cash when I flip her.”

“Oooohhh…” the droid cooed. “You can flip me anytime you want…“

“Sure, kid,” Gil chuckled. “She’s all yours. But you’re gonna want to give her a thorough test. And on that note,” he walked past them, turning off the ‘Open’ sign, closing the shutters, and stepping out of the shop, “I’m going out for a smoke.” The door shut behind him, locking with a magnetic click.

As Bay’s mind continued to second guess his purchase, the droid leapt up on a nearby table, leaning back as her hands caressed her breasts. “G-go on, put me to the t-t-test!” she moaned.

“Fuck it,” Bay muttered, pulling off his clothes and climbing on top of the lascivious droid. She gripped his hips and spread her legs wide, pulling him into her tight sex as she sighed, “Ohhhhh, yes!” Her legs twitched electrically with mechanical clicking sounds, and one of her arms began to rebel, bending at strange angle before could use to guide his face into her jiggling chest. “Yes!” she exclaimed, her breasts making a straining sound as they seemed to even larger, her nipple rings jostling wildly, the material of her synthetic skin creaking in its tautness.

Bay buried his face in her cleavage, tonguing, sucking, nipping at her as her vocalizations grew louder and wilder, her hips quivering amidst obviously straining machinery, a faint electrical smell hanging in the air. She abruptly rolled him on his back, her twitching knees tightening against his body as her hips juddered stiffly up and down, grey smoke rising from her joints, while she cried sharply, “Oh my! Oh yes!”

Attempting to steady her increasingly erratic movements, Bay grabbed her hips, his fingers squeezing into the soft cushioning of her well-curved backside. “Mmmmm! Nnnnngh! Sex! Oh yeszzz! Oh myyyy!” she cried in heightening tones, her voice becoming more synthesized with every word. As the nipple ring of one of her shivering breasts tickled his face, her champed on to the silver loop and tugged. “Nipplessss!” she shrieked, sparks erupting from her neck as her eyes opened wider.

Suddenly her hips shot forward, burying his entire length within her tight, trembling, synthetic sex, as another series of sparks fizzed from her temple. The moment Bay came, her eyes strained unnaturally wide, the growing electrical buzzing inside of her reaching a shrieking pitch, her voice a tinny, distorted whimper just before the top of her head exploded in a spray of circuitry and machinery. All that remained of her face was her red lips in a stunned, round ‘o’, smoke rising from the jagged crater above.

Deprived of their primary processor, the broken droid’s machinery wound down and she sank against Bay’s hips, a static sigh escaping from her unmoving lips.

Bay pulled the broken droid off of him and hauled her to the back of the shop, realizing once again that Gil had been right. Setting the voluptuous droid among the other non-functioning robots, he consoled himself that at least this lesson hadn’t been entirely without its moments.

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