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After placing in the three batteries, he pointed the remote at Susan and pressed the green button. Her green eyes opened instantaneously as they quickly darted around. She then rigidly sat up right and lifted herself out of the crate. Mark was mesmerised by how real she looked. Her tanned skin possessed freckles and fine hair all over her body. She even had several small moles scattered about her torso. Her mid-drift was well defined, with several abs boasting themselves. Her breasts were also large and full, adding to her hourglass like figure. He was pleased to see that her neck was elongated from the standard size as per his request. He was also pleased to see that her legs were already shaven, as was her naval patch. She seemed to be indistinguishable from a human woman by look.

“Hello and Thank you for purchasing me!” she spoke with what sounded like a pre-recorded voice. Mark found the contrast interesting and slightly erotic. “Now then, let’s set me up! What is your name and gender?”

Mark paused and thought this out. “It seriously couldn’t detect my gender?” he pondered before responding. “I’m Mark and I am a male.” “Wonderful! It’s a pleasure to meet you Mark! Now then, what is my name?” she politely asked in her recorded, accent less voice.

“You will be… Julia”

“Wonderful!” she repeated in an identical tone. “Would you like to set me up the basic way or the complex way?”

Mark thought this over before selecting “the basic way please.”


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