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Cafe Stories

Chapter 1

In the heart of bustling Los Angeles, a 20-year-old blonde named Annie woke up to the scent of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the small apartment she shared with her two roommates, John and Sally.

Her room was bathed in the soft morning light, casting a warm hue over her messy desk and the guitar leaning against her wall. She slipped out of bed, unplugged the cord in the wall. She put on her skirt and blouse for work, she opted for a sexy white bra for her perky D cups. She squeezed each breast and twisted her nipples, feeling pleasure spread through her body. “All systems go” she purred. With that, she stretched and began to make her way to the kitchen.

There, she found John, a 22-year-old engineering student, sipping his coffee while scrolling through his laptop, and Sally, a buxom 23-year-old aspiring painter, on her knees, buried between John’s legs. A cord extended from John’s laptop into Sally’s back and small beeps were heard throughout the kitchen.

"Morning, Annie!" Sally greeted her as she pulled her face out of John’s crotch, her face speckled with flecks of cum.

John nodded, his eyes not leaving his screen. "Morning, Annie. Do you have anything to report?"

Annie greeted them back, pouring herself a cup of the aromatic coffee. She leaned against the kitchen counter, savoring the cup’s warmth in her hands. "You guys won't believe the customers I had at the coffee shop yesterday."

John glanced up from his laptop, a glint of curiosity in his eyes. "Oh, do tell."

Annie began her tale about the previous day at 'Cafe Serendipity', the quaint coffee shop where she worked as a barista. "There was this man, probably in his fifties, wearing a tuxedo and a top hat in the middle of the day. He ordered a double espresso and sat in the corner, reading a book for hours."

Sally had resumed her vigorous activity between John’s legs. Despite this, she clearly said "A tuxedo? In broad daylight?" as she pumped harder than before. John looked down and typed on his laptop. Sally began making louder slurping noises and the beeping ended. “Kind of strange to be wearing in this heat,” she muffled.

Annie nodded, her eyes sparkling with amusement. "That's not all. There was also a lady with a parrot on her shoulder. She ordered a cappuccino and a cup of water. The water wasn’t for her but for the parrot." Annie began to finger herself as her sex software began to load. It was important for Annie’s sex system to be tested each morning with John and Sally before she went into the coffee shop for her assignment.

John laughed, shaking his head. "You always meet the most interesting people. Come here and take over for Sally." Annie walked over and pulled Sally’s head off John’s cock, and began stroking him vigorously. Sally pouted but slipped her hand up Annie’s skirt, where she found Annie’s bare crotch beginning to get wet. Sally began vigorously thrusting inside of Annie, who began to pant.

Annie panted. "I know, right? But it's not just about the interesting ones. There was this couple from The Firm, probably on their first date. They were so awkward, so nervous. It was cute. They spent more time deciding what to order than drinking their coffee." Annie moved Sally’s hand out of her crotch and swept her legs over John, and plunged onto his cock grinding harder. “John I’m ready to come when you tell me” she panted. Sally had begun masturbating herself as John continued to type on his laptop.

The apartment might have been small and their schedules chaotic, but moments like these, filled with warm coffee, vigorous sex, and the comfort of each other’s company, made it feel like home. The three roommates, each on their journeys, found solace in these shared mornings, reminding them that amidst the hustle and bustle of their lives, they always had each other to come back to. Mostly because the girls required frequent monitoring.

“It’s time to come, Annie” John grunted as he came inside of Annie. “Are you ready for this morning at the shop?”

“Yes, John” said Annie as she came. She made a few moaning sounds and ran through her library of orgasm maneuvers. As she came, a control panel opened on her chest and John was pleased to see that Annie’s systems were green and her nanobot supply was reactivated by his cum. Annie finished grinding on John and gingerly removed herself, readjusted her clothes, and watched as her control panel slid back. John was still hard, somehow, and Annie reached over to Sally, grabbing her head and forcing it back onto John’s cock. “When will Sally be ready to join the shop?” Annie asked.

“Probably next week, she’s got some more social adjusting to do and we’re waiting on the next set of targets,” John said as Sally began sucking his cock vigorously. “Remember, if you see anyone from the Firm to try to prepare their coffee order,” he reminded Annie. Not that Annie needed reminding.

In her head, she knew everyone who walked into her shop and ensured that anyone from The Firm, the largest short video social platform with questionable foreign ownership, received her special coffee. She didn’t know why she did it. She just made sure that when they requested their coffee she blew gently on the coffee, winking at the customer as she did so, so that a few drops of the nanobots from her mouth would fall into the coffee. All it took was a single drop. Or she could ask a customer if they were getting a cold drink, if they wanted a special kiss on the cheek. Annie also regularly took customers up on date requests if they were from the Firm and she would always make sure they got what they wanted on their first date. Annie was very persuasive.

At this point, she had easily infected at least a thousand employees with the self-replicating nanobot. John and Annie had been working for the government for the past two years, with Annie, and soon Sally’s, infiltration and delivery systems working hard at tracking and listening to the employees as they worked for their foreign bosses. Annie was glad she had taken this mission and knew her work would pay meaningful dividends. Her conversion had gone well, and she knew that her old body would be reawakened from cryo in a few years, as soon as they had discovered the cure for Huntington’s. If not, she would receive a new body with all the needed upgrades. Sally was a new roommate and was the first to feature a generative social AI.

John was just happy to spend time with Annie and appreciative that the nanobots required daily activation from his DNA. He also appreciated that Sally and Annie had small testosterone nanobots that would replenish his refractory period.

Annie wiped herself with a kitchen towel and gave John a peck on the cheek. “I’ll be back later, babe,” she said as she walked out of the kitchen with Sally’s vigorous thrusts getting fainter as she made her way out the door. “Don’t forget to pay rent!” she called as she opened the door and stepped out into the fresh morning. “Fuck! I forgot my coffee” she remarked as she made her way into work.

Chapter 2

Annie’s shift at 'Cafe Serendipity' started as it always did, with the early morning sun casting a golden hue through the glass windows and the aroma of fresh coffee beans filling the air. The coffee shop was a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture and vintage posters, exuding a warm, welcoming charm. The steady hum of the coffee grinder and the soft jazz playing on the radio served as the day's first soundtrack. Annie’s colleagues, Tim and Justine had no idea that Annie was a government operative, using the Café as an infection site for tech firm employees across the street. All they knew was that Annie was sweet and incredibly good at sex, as they had both been out with Annie on dates. Justine still pleasured herself thinking about Annie’s breasts and her head between her thighs. Justine wasn’t even a lesbian; they had just gotten drunk after work, and Justine still regretted not asking Annie out again.

As the clock struck eight, the first customer of the day walked in. It was Mr. Thompson, a regular who always ordered a large black coffee and a blueberry muffin. He was a tall, elderly man with a white beard and sparkling eyes that crinkled when he smiled.

"Good morning, Mr. Thompson!" Annie greeted him, her hands already reaching for the large coffee cup. "Morning, Annie," he responded, settling onto his usual stool at the counter. "How are you this fine day?" "Just fine, Mr. Thompson," she said, pouring the steaming coffee into his cup. "And how about yourself?" "Couldn't be better, my dear. Couldn’t be better," he replied, his eyes twinkling.

Throughout the morning, a parade of regulars and newcomers flowed through the cafe. There was Ms. Jenkins, a writer who always seemed to be on her fifth draft of something, ordering her usual Earl Grey tea and occasionally sharing snippets of her work. Then there were students from the nearby university, cramming for exams and ordering a steady supply of caffeine.

The highlight of Annie's day was when a little girl named Lily walked in with her mother, Kate. Lily was all of five, a bundle of energy with a mop of curly hair. She always had a story to share with Annie about her day at kindergarten.

"Annie! Annie! I drew a picture today!" Lily exclaimed, her eyes wide with excitement as she presented a colorful scribble.

"That's beautiful, Lily!" Annie responded, her eyes twinkling as she admired the drawing. "Would you like a hot chocolate?"

"Yes, please!" Lily said, hopping onto a stool.

Annie prepared the hot chocolate, adding a generous dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. She served it with a smile, and Lily's face lit up at the sight. Kate ordered a coffee as well and Annie made sure to blow on the coffee as she handed it to Kate. Kate was an employee of “The Firm”, a large digital media company with questionable foreign ownership. She was also responsible for The Firm’s lobbying efforts and had yet to order any hot drinks that would have allowed Annie to infect her. Luckily, the nanobots would only monitor and spy on Kate at work, there was no danger to Lily or any other people.

As the day wound down, the crowd at the cafe thinned. Annie took a moment to breathe, her gaze sweeping across the now quiet cafe. She loved the calm that settled after the day's rush, where she could hear the soft jazz more clearly, and the scent of coffee beans seemed a little more potent.

In these moments, Annie realized why she loved working at 'Cafe Serendipity'. It wasn't just about serving coffee. It was about the connections she made with the people who walked through the door, the snippets of their lives that they shared with her, and the smiles that lit up their faces when she served them their favorite drink. It was about being a part of their day, their routine, and their lives, in her own small, yet significant way. And she had infected only five employees today, a rather low amount, and she was ready to get home soon. Annie wondered if Justine would ask her out again as she had enjoyed her night with Justine. Tim had been a regret as he had been one of the worst partners Annie had ever been with. Annie had infected Tim with a variation of the nanobots that would keep her partners vigorous. Instead, she had reduced Tim’s ability to produce enough testosterone, leading to his lack of interest in Annie.

As she cleaned up for the day, Annie couldn't help but look forward to another day at 'Cafe Serendipity', to more stories, smiles, and connections to be made over coffee. Today hadn’t been the best day, but she had Sally and John at home to pleasure her and she had some new ideas for testing Sally’s sex systems. The buxom girl needed to be fully tested before she joined Annie at the cafe. “Maybe I’ll stop by the store and grab some new devices to test on her” Annie told herself. Annie loved using machines on a machine. She often turned on her own internal vibrator when the store was empty and fingered herself when no one was looking. Annie shut off the lights and prepared to make her way back home. On the way home, she stopped at her local sex store and purchased a small vibrator that the clerk had sworn would send her into a heaven of bliss. The clerk had been pleasantly surprised when Annie offered to thank him and gave him an amazing blowjob in the back. He had no clue that Annie was infecting him with nanobots as he was a Firm intern. It did turn out to be a productive day after all, Annie thought as she walked home with a bounce in her step and her internal vibrator humming as she prepared for the night’s events.

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