Under the Influence

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@RealGirlKendra's feed switched to her condo's multi-cam setup as the eponymous influencer stumbled through the door, propped up by her far more steady sexbot companion. "Home at last!" she announced loudly to her viewers, slipping off her sexbot's shoulder to brace herself on her console table.

The sexbot furrowed her brow at her owner. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"Leandra, I will be... when we get some drinks!" Kendra laughed. Her sexbot gave one last look of concern before heading to the kitchen, providing Kendra with an enticing view of a backside just as tailor-made as her designed jeans. Kendra turned to check herself in the mirror - it had been a wild night, but she was holding up pretty well, especially for being human. With her lustrous, wavy brown hair accented in crimson, her big tits pushed up in her sleek black dress, and a beautiful face that hadn't aged a day in her years as an influencer, she could understand why people thought she was a bot herself.

She strolled down the hall slowly, giving her viewers a show as the apartment's cameras caught her slow saunter from every angle. She flung herself dramatically on the couch, noticing Leandra bent in front of the liquor cabinet, the lights from the cabinet framing her round hips in a backlit halo... "Leandra, forget the drinks - just take off those pants and come sit on my face."

From the tick of Leandra's head, Kendra could immediately tell Leandra had registered the command, but was having trouble deciding whether she should comply.

"Is that a serious request?" Leandra asked, standing with a bottle in each hand. "Or is it meant to be 'tongue-in-cheek?'"

Kendra couldn't tell if Leandra was intentionally engaging in wordplay here, but regardless the conversation was clearly spiking her processor. "God you're sexy when your CPU is pegged."

Leandra turned stiffly, an uncertain smile on her dark lips. "Th-that doesn't answer my question."

Kendra took in a deep breath, then purred, "Wriggle out of your pants and park that pussy right here." She tapped her lips with her finger, then gave it a kiss, adding, "And do it now." She watched Leandra return the bottles to the cabinet, then slowly unbutton her pants, gently tugging them over her wide hips, careful not to bring the black lace thong with them as she shimmied them down to her thick thighs.

Seeing her sexbot half-undressed, Kendra suddenly remembered a new toy she had been wanting to try out on her, and slumped off the couch in a motion far less sensual than her robotic companion.. Flopping on to her knees, she then stumbled to her feet and made for her bedroom. "Leandra, you have no idea what's I got for you-"

Kendra felt a sudden pressure on her shoulders, followed by Leandra's dark thighs slipping over either side of her head. "L-Leandra, what th-the fuck are you-" Leandra swung around Kendra's shoulders, crossed her legs behind Kendra's back, and pulled, bringing her pussy exactly where her master had indicated. Kendra stumbled, her arms flailing wildly, until she was tumbling backward with her sexbot locked on her face. With a shriek muffled by one of the best models of artificial sex organs on the market, Kendra crashed into the glass coffee table behind her.

Kendra stirred, not sure how long she had been out. She was back on the couch, only this time she was spread out on Leandra's lap, staring up at the ceiling.

"Kendra, are you registering my speech?" Leandra asked.

Kendra felt strange - tingly, maybe even a bit feverish. Nothing hurt, but she definitely didn't feel like her normal self. "I can hear you, if that's what you're asking in the creepiest way possible…" Kendra groaned, trying to sit up.

"Please, do not try to move," Leandra said while gently pushing down on her chest. Kendra suddenly realized she was naked aside from her panties and stockings.

"Did I break something?" Kendra asked.

"The coffee table." Leandra's hand kept dropping to her side, and Kendra could feel a curious sensation on her abdomen… what was Leandra doing to her? Against Leandra's efforts, Kendra shifted and saw a… hole in her side. Inside were wires, electronics, strange lights that were blinking in a way that felt significant. The fever was coming back, the room spinning. "Leandra?" Kendra began slowly. "What. The. Fuuuuuu-" Suddenly, Kendra froze, her face catatonic, and Leandra finished a long-press at the nape of Kendra's neck.

"My apologies, Kendra - but repairing you will be easier without the added complication of your personality software."

"Rebooting," Kendra muttered, her dark brown eyes staring vacantly. A moment later, her expression changed into a lascivious smile as she saw the gorgeous figure looming above her. Her long, silken black hair accented in gold, her smooth ebony skin, her beautiful face looking down at her with such tenderness, partially obscured by a pair of tits Kendra felt compelled to latch on to.

"Hey, beautiful," Kendra said, her speech slightly slurred.

"Hello, Kendra." Leandra's hands were still busy insider of her, repairing the damaged wiring from their tumble. She had meant to start Kendra in a 'safe' mode, but it appeared the damage had put Kendra into a hybrid state between her factory sexbot setting and her programmed personality. Leandra considered switching her off entirely, but even if it were for her own good, it was simply incompatible with Leandra's own programming. "I will have you fully repaired in just a moment."

"But I feel fine now - let me show you…" Kendra sat up, kissing Leandra's breasts with a sensuality that gave the sexbot pause. Leandra loved it when her master relished in her body, and felt she had no higher purpose than to facilitate Kendra's pleasure - but there was a calculation to be made regarding Kendra's immediate gratification versus the potential damage she might bzzzt! Leandra's computation was cut short but a sudden champing at her nipple, a hand on her plump backside, giving her a squeeze that sent shockwaves of pleasure through her systems.

K-Kendra! Leandra gasped, trying to steady the hand that held her owner's decoupled wiring. "P-please, if y-you will j-just give me a moment."

But Kendra only tightened her grip on her sexbot, lavishing her tits with kisses, her hand slipping behind Leandra's thong and into her pussy. Leandra's sexual response systems compelled her to express her pleasure in a gasp, in the stiffening of her nipples, in the silent activation of pumps supplying lubricant and a thin sheet of artificial sweat across her smooth, dark skin. "K-Kendra, p-please, t-try to r-restrain y-yourself…"

Kendra refused, her fingers working more vigorously, her lips suckling aggressively at her sexbot's tits until they responded with a sudden release of peaches-and-cream-flavored liquid. "K-Kendra!" Leandra gasped, her hands twitching inside of her owner, undoing much of the rewiring she had accomplished and even snapping a few more connections.

Kendra spasmed, falling away from Leandra's breasts with a groan while electricity snapped around the opening at her side. Several other ports flew open across her frame, flashing warning lights. A spurt of liquid from Leandra's swollen breast sent a creamy rivulet along the influencer's beautiful but wholly artificial body, dripping into her internal components with a sizzling sound.

"Wh-what's g-good y'all!" Kendra stammered, her voice affected by a creeping digital distortion. "Th-this is R-real G-G-Girl Kendra heeerrreeee w-w-with her b-best g-girl L-Leandra!" Kendra's stocking-clad legs kicked in the air, her hand furiously working Leandra's pussy. "B-but f-first time viewers m-might not know, L-Llleandra is a sex-b-bot, aren't you, girl?!"

"Y-yes!" Leandra gasped, completely overwhelmed by the cascade of damage her owner was suffering, well beyond her ability to address - but even more overwhelming was Kendra's aggressive pleasuring of her during her breakdown, triggering pleasure in means wholly unfamiliar to her systems in her years of service.

"Wh-why d-don't you sh-show them!" Kendra gasped, smoke pouring from her lips.

Leandra pressed in on her abdomen, a panel sliding open to expose humming components being jostled by Kendra's forceful ministrations.

"So f-f-fucking hot!" Kendra groaned, recklessly plunging her other hand into the opening.

"W-wait!" Leandra gasped, but felt paralyzed by the sensation of Kendra inside of her, the malfunctioning of her owner only heightening the situation. "K-Kendra, y-you're g-g-going to make me… m-make mmmmeeee-!"

"S-system e-error! H-heat c-c-criticalll!" Kendra moaned, sparks erupting from her panels as her hand roughly explored Leandra's internal systems, a feedback of shocks coursing between the two sexbots until electricity danced continuously over their writhing forms, each bot squealing in release as their systems overloaded in a cascading chain of failures. With a final cry of, "I l-love my s-ssexyyyyy ss-sexb-b-bot-!" Kendra's primary battery blew, leaving her abdomen a smoldering crater of wires and charred electronics.

"L-Love… y-yooou-!" Leandra squeaked, just before her own systems completely lost power, the dutiful bot wavering for a moment before slumping across her master's broken form with a contented smile on her face.

@RealGirlKendra's lone viewer stared at the tableau in silence, allowing the apartment's cameras to cycle through several angles on his two broken bots, watching the contrails of smoke drift from their tangled embrace. Suddenly, his headset chirped. "This is Starchild Robotics, we've just detected a significant incident with two of your units. Would you like us to send out a repair team?"


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