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In a large, gray, and unassuming building, on the backlot of a massive industrial and business complex, the sounds of perpetual machines filled the air. The place had to be built well outside of the city limits, both because of how much land it required and the sheer constant volume of work that went on inside of it. Organic life in the family was a rarity, consisting only of a few on site technicians that would routinely check the assembly lines and the occasional delivery driver making pickups.

Tonight was no different. The automated facility was churning out humanoid robots at the speed it always did. It wasn’t the kind of line that was assembling the quick and cheap bots that had flooded the market. Rather the A.I. controlled factory was meticulously assembling completely custom made robots for all manner of clients.

The job that was being processed this evening was a special order from a repeat customer. Mister Enzo Simpkins had put in half a dozen orders over the past several years. He never complained and never returned the products. Rather they were assembled, shipped directly to him with white glove setup and that was it. Sometimes months, sometimes weeks or even days later another order would come in from him. It wasn’t uncommon for him to reorder the same units and the same specifications.

Tonight was something new though. A set of three units were requested, all in the same order. As soon as the payment processing system had confirmed that the money was available, the mechanical factory began its dance.

The rubberized surface of the conveyor belt began to move even before there was a single part added to it. Soon, though, massive semi clear plastic tubs arrived, inside of them were rows of nothing more than some prefabricated metal frames. A mechanical arm clamped onto what was clearly where the neck would eventually be. Once there it was lifted, then gently set on the belt which smoothly brought it forward to the next station. Another upper frame was lifted and placed while a welding arm spot welded another part, a set of metallic, yet feminine hips.

Another flash of sparks thrown off by the welding arms found the first frame with a number of clamps in place along the back, perfectly aligned to hold an artificial spine once it was ready. Another frame slipped onto the belt and all three of the girls that were slated to be assembled were now in process. An automated system somewhere in the factory pulled up and sent some of the details about the assembly to the designated email address. Enzo's robots were in progress.

As the three robotic torso’s rolled down the line, more and more internal circuitry was pulled into them, guided by equally robotic industrial arms. Specialized arms held the boards in place while others, tipped with fine and articulate fingers precisely connected dozens upon dozens of wires and cables into the circuitry before moving on to the next task.

Soon the bodies were filled with motor assemblies and wiring, but they still didn’t resemble anything like the supple feminine forms that had been ordered. That didn’t last long though.

The majority of the control systems had been installed, and soon the prefabricated paneling began to roll into the assembly line. Similar large plastic tubs containing large panels of flesh appeared. Similar fine tuned mechanical arms pulled the panels from the bins and clipped them easily into place along the three bodies. There were still seams along the plates, but the unmistakable pale skin lent them a defined feminine trait.

Soon pre-assembled legs, packed full of the appropriate wiring, motors systems, cables and tubes were brought in and settled next to the assembly line. Cold mechanical arms clamped onto them and brought them to the hip assembly on the models. Rolling forward a little more along the assembly line, arms were clamped into the waiting joints at the shoulders.

As the three bodies slipped along the assembly line, they resembled a completely naked, though mostly human looking woman. Perfectly rounded breasts capped with small pink nipples. Flawless skin that looked and felt real, save for the slight seam lines where panels of flesh merged together, and realistic looking sexual openings on each. The only thing that distinguished them from a real human was the distinct lack of a head on each one.

The neck remained open, a small bundle of thick cables and fine wires interspersed with fiber optic cables jutting from it. Each of the nearly completed robotic bodies moved to the end of the line where a waiting clamp, coated with microfiber cloth caps, gently grabbed each body and moved it to an upright position where they would wait. The motors inside of the robotic women were locked and remained ridgid.

Elsewhere in the same facility, a very specific set of components were brought together by a completely separate set of mechanical systems. This line was meant to assemble only one component on the robots, the head module.

Much like the body, it all started as a piece of framework. A plastic vessel, approximately the size of a human head was laid out. The upper portion of the spine was brought in, and along with it a bundle of cables that were pulled into the head itself through an opening at the base of the skull where the artificial spine met the cranium. Once there, half a dozen small, finely tuned mechanical arms descended into the head and began to grab onto the wiring and cables, attaching them to a number of equally small and delicate circuit boards.

Soon, the optic systems were slotted deep into the eye sockets of the head where fiber optic cables and power connections were soldered into place with mechanical precision. Once in place, glassy human-like eyeballs were brought in. Each one set into a custom made mechanism with rubberized rollers to smoothly move the eyeballs in the sockets. As soon as the data and power connections were made an automated task moved the eyes in a number of directions, testing their functionality.

A rubberized tube was threaded down the throat and into a waiting connector piece at the bottom of the neck. A pre-made set of teeth and tongue were clipped into place and, like the optics, moved and twitched in a preprogrammed manner to ensure functionality.

Once done, the custom made face plates that were designed for each of the robotic women, appeared in a small self container. Each one wrapped in anti-static plastic. A small fleet of mechanical arms descended on each one and pulled it out of the wrapping, bringing it to the faceless head modules and gently placing it against the front of the cranium. Once locked into place a small series of twitches and movements verified that all connections were made and everything was working as expected.

Once each face plate was in place on the head modules, Each one appeared as if it was a woman simply sleeping, even though it was just a head clipped into a mounting joint, they still looked realistic.

The final touch was the hair pieces. Each head module had a scalp in place, and just below the surface of their artificial skin was an array of strong magnetic strips. Each strip would line up with the realistic yet synthetic hair pieces that were trundling in. An almost unnatural orange coloured hair piece was first and was fitted onto the first of the head modules. The magnetic striping on the underside leaping to its intended destination and locking into place. The hair was tied up with rubber bands to keep any of it from getting stuck under the hair piece. Next a blond wig clipped into place on the second head, and finally a vibrant purple on the final one.

Once done, each head module was scooped up by the clamping mechanism on the bottom of the throat and whisked away. Speeding through the factory towards their recently constructed bodies and floating into the final room as the bodies were rolling off of the assembly line. They were each gently lowered into place atop the neck of their bodies and the locks automatically clipped into place, securing each girl's head onto their bodies.

Finally, the rubber bands that held their hair up was released, letting the shoulder length hair tumble down and come to rest around each one's shoulders. Their eyes clicked open all at once, though there was a faint glow behind them to indicate they were powered on, there was no life there, simulated or otherwise. There was still a measure of automated work to do. Each one stepped to a series of wooden crates that contained the outfits they would be shipped in.

Long, skin tight, black leggings covered their feet up to their thighs. Polished black high heels slipped on over those. Matching black one piece body suits barely covered their realistic synthetic sexual modules and just barely covered the equally real nipples on the tops of their breasts. It was just barely enough to hold them in place. White aprons adorned their waists and long black wrist wraps up their forearms. Bits and baubles were attached to each of their outfits, just enough to make them unique, while still remaining distinctly similar.

Once dressed and ready for shipping, the three girls walked through the facility, driven only by their programming and made their way to the shipping department. Once there, a wireless transponder inside of each of them identified who they were, who they belonged to and which order they were manufactured for. From there a new command string was sent to their operating systems and processed, it told them where to go next. Their heels clicked sharply against the smooth cement flooring as each one moved to a row of three crates. Each one stepped inside of the sturdy cardboard and foam lined package and settled into place. Once there they powered down, knowing that the next time they activated they would be at their new owners home. Their personalities would engage and they would be the synthetic person that someone had specifically ordered.

Enzo wasn’t the first face the girls saw. Far from it. In fact they were all three activated by a woman, wearing a similar skimpy maid outfit like they were. Her eyes were open and unblinking and her movements seemed to take far too much effort to execute. She wobbled and swayed as she walked from crate to crate, tapping the power button behind each girl's ear and letting them power on and work their way out of their shipping crates. Soon, they were each standing at attention, their operating systems starting up and their human emulation booting into first time use.

The woman stepped back and her body wobbled a bit more, her head lolling to one side, seemingly beyond her own command. She didn’t blink and barely seemed human. The three android women stepped forward and bowed in turn before the blonde one spoke.

“Hello, I am designated Esmee, will you be our primary user?”

The question seemed sweet and innocent, though it was a standard set up question. The maid in front of her instead blinked once and gave a flat “no” as a response. The voice sounded tinny and distant as well. She thrust her hand into a pocket in her own apron and produced three small chips, barely larger than a fingernail and handed them to each of the three new robotic women.

Without speaking, each one knew what to do. These were designation chips, made specifically to speed up the setup process by having all the pertinent information in one place. Most of the new robots would have to go through a lengthy setup and configuration process and then spend about a week simply getting to know their client. If robots were no new thing to a user though, a copy of a previous unit or a fully customized set of instructions could be made and printed onto a chip.

Each girl turned their heads slightly and used a hand to sweet their hair out of the way as a small port on the side of the head, right where a human temple might be, slid open. The chip was easily inserted and a faint click was heard as a mechanism inside the heads locked it into place and began reading the data. In the span of only a few seconds each one muttered at the same time.

“Orders confirmed. Setup complete.”

Emma, the orange haired girl and Amber, with her purple hair, both turned and strutted into the house. They already had chores to do, chores that this already failing fembot was unable to complete. Esmee’s orders were different. She looked at the robotic woman that had activated her and took a step forward.

“You are to be disassembled and disposed of.” Esmee said, her voice now clearly filling with her human emulation and sounded human to most ears.


It was a simple response, but it carried all the weight of her fate. Her and Esmee walked through the sprawling home. It was large and opulent. Crystal chandeliers lit most of the larger rooms, and paintings and art pieces adorned the walls. All of it clearly indicated Enzo’s vast wealth. Soon they made their way into the back spaces where only the service staff were found. The previous robotic maid followed along, slowly, but surely, wobbling as she moved.

Once they had reached what appeared to be some form of a smaller cement floored outdoor area, Esmee found herself next to a combination dumpster and trash compactor.

“Eject your personal data store.” Esmee ordered, her voice sounding as if she were ordering a dog to sit.

There was no hesitation from the other robot. A panel in her chest split open and a palm sized drive was ejected. Esmee took it and slipped it into her apron. Once secured in place she squatted down, placing her arms behind the knees and shoulder of the other woman and hoisting her upwards. Cradling her for only a moment before unceremoniously dumping her into the trash compactor. She turned, slapped the power button and walked away, the sounds of squealing metal and crunching filling the microphones in her ears. No protests were heard, only destruction.

Amber strode alongside Emma for a moment or two before the orange haired girl split from her, walking up the stairs to the upper level of the house. Amber, meanwhile, began to cheerfully begin the sequence of chores that had been laid out in front of her.

Since the previous maid’s breakdown, there were a number of chores that had gone uncompleted. Emma and Amber were to complete them before the end of the day, per their new owners request.

As Emma left, Amber moved into some of the living spaces, one of them was still occupied. The man there was clearly middle aged, tufts of darker hair atop his head and a clean shaven face. His arms conveyed what looked like a lifetime of hard work,showing muscles that didn’t quite bulge as they relaxed, but were clearly defined. He had the look of someone who always knew exactly what he wanted and was unaccustomed to being denied that. Amber stood in the doorway and tucked her hands into her lap and bowed slightly towards him as he looked over his shoulder at the new arrival.

Enzo wasn’t exactly a human either. There was a certain slight sheen to his skin, indicating that he was far less than an organic human. He was, in actuality, a highly advanced robot himself. The culmination of years of technology layered on top of one another. There were systems and programming well beyond most synthetics. Any component inside of him had a redundant backup which allowed him to seamlessly fall back if there was ever an issue.

“Well well.” he began “Look at you, Amber, is it?”

“Yes sir, it’s good to meet you sir.” Amber replied.

Enzo smirked once and then slipped onto the bed that was waiting for him there. He had been making the bed himself, his old maid rendered useless after so many uses, but Amber was new, fresh, and full functional. He wasn’t currently wearing a shirt, but let his well toned and well muscled torso remain exposed to the open air.

The belt around his pants was already undone, and as he propped himself up on one elbow he raised an eyebrow and Amber’s requested sexual programming took over. It wouldn’t have taken much.

She stepped into the room, leaving the door wide open. She wasn’t programmed to have any shame whatsoever, and crawling into bed with her new owner was expected at this point. She started at the end of the bed and slinked her way up his body, stopping only briefly to unfasten the button and work the zipper. She let out a surprised giggle as his already stiff member sprang forth. It wasn’t necessarily a surprise at all, but it added to her girlish charm.

She wasted no time in taking Enzo into her mouth. He let out a single, long, contented sigh as she did so. As the sensitive sensor lined lining of her lips and mouth felt his cock, the back of her head felt his hand press onto it and force it down, hard and fast, causing her to take all of him in all at once. She was programmed to act human, so she let out a small squeal as she took him fully in, but there was no actual danger with taking in that much shaft.

Amber’s head was bobbing up and down on her owner's shaft for a small amount of time before Emma arrived. Her programming had directed her to clean and tidy the bedrooms, one of which was the one that Enzo had been in. Like Amber, her sexual programming took over at the sight of her sister unit pleasuring her owner. Naturally, she joined in.

She swept into the room, smoothly pulling off the apron and pulling aside the small amount of fabric that covered her hairless crotch. She settled into place over Enzo's face and gently lowered herself onto him. His tongue was waiting and she let out a long, low moan as his tongue easily slipped inside of her. Her voice was dripping with lewd intention as he began to lick and lap at her clit. His own desires were rising steadily thanks to Amber, but he was ready and could hold his own.

Enzo’s shaft drove deep inside of Amber, again and again, though every time he felt himself getting closer to a climax Amber would back off and slow her motions. At the same time Emma would increase the rolling wiggler her hips were doing on Enzo’s face. Soon, though, Amber repositioned herself and moved to take Enzo into her perfectly crafted sex. Her systems quickly moistened her own robotic sex and made herself ready for him.

Once inside, she felt the spreading warmth of his cock inside of her and her own systems flared to life. She, nor any of her sister units were designed specifically for sex, though they were capable of it in some capacity.

Some capacity, though, would not be enough for Enzo. He was an android himself and wouldn’t be so easily satisfied.

He should have delved deeper into the more costly line of sexbots for his order. Perhaps that was his intention. He loved power, he loved that his own processing power was far beyond these more rudimentary girls, and he loved that they were simple but sexy .

Emma was the first to show signs of deterioration. Her internal temperature had been steadily rising since she had mounted her owner, and it showed no signs of stopping or slowing down. Every movement of her hips raised it more and more. She was panting and sucking in fresh air, but so much of her CPU cycles were tied up in dedicated sexual movements and protocols, that the heat output vastly outweighed the cooling.

Emma’s operating system flooded her field of vision with critical alerts and warnings, alerting her that her core temperature was reaching dangerous levels. Between panting gasps she muttered some of those warnings to her user.

“S- sir..I am- am- am reaching critical- fffffuck yes that feels so good- critical temperatures.”

“Dismiss warnings and continue.” Enzo only had to push up on her thighs to allow him a little room to speak. He was well versed in the most effective way to get what he wanted, and understood, intimately, the programming sequences these girls would run though. They were, in some small way, the same programming sequences he had.

“Y- yes sir. Con- continuing. Fuck yes..” She whispered and her voice trailed off into a long, lewd moan.

Enzo’s authoritative voice command immediately cleared Emma’s field of vision and returned her to operation. This was clearly not the first time Enzo had heard these warnings. Regardless, with the errors dismissed Emma continued to roll her hips.

Internally the excessive heat was beginning to compromise a number of components. There were delicate parts of her controller circuits that were not rated for the heat and because of the relatively inexpensive style of her construction, her components weren’t shielded either. So, when a heat spike put off by a loading orgasm sequence swept through her body, a number of components failed.

Soldered parts on her internal circuitry began to melt, dribbling off of the components and dripping onto other components and wiring inside of her. As the solder cooled on new circuit boards, they caused short circuits. Soon there were small pops and snaps building inside of her. Each one caused her body to jerk and wiggle. Enzo continued to lap greedily at her slit, but smiled to himself. He recognized the symptoms of a breakdown. It wasn’t the first time he had seen something like this.

“Oh fuck..oh god…oh fuck…oh god..” Emma’s voice began to loop as her vocal systems began to lose connectivity to some of her internal components and her operating system fully crashed, leaving her looping the last known sequence. Enzo drove deep inside of her one more time and felt absolutely no response from her mechanical pussy. Smirking to himself he pulled back a bit and shoved her off of him. She tumbled to the ground hard. Emma landed oddly, her head slamming into the wall and then the weight of her body crashed into her neck joint as she fell. The combination of the two resulted in her neck joint falling under enough pressure and forces to fully snap her artificial spine and sever a large amount of her internal wiring. Her vocal processors squealed and squelched as they lost all power and connectivity. Emma was offline now, her head attached to the rest of her body only by a few remaining threads of artificial skin along her throat.

Amber, still bouncing happily on Enzo’s cock, had shed her maid’s uniform, leaving her naked and smiling lustfully. Her own womanly sex was filled with Enzo and her breasts bounced and swayed with every gentle bounce. Her legs flexed a little to assist with the movement but Enzo was happy to thrust harder and harder, shoving her upwards. She was groaning with lewd intent the whole time and on occasion her hands would come to cup her own chest or tangle themselves in her hair as her head fell back, eyes closed, and mouth open.

Like Emma, she was also processing a large amount of highly sexual data. Her construction, like her sister units, was designed to handle a normal human sexual encounter. Enzo, though, was insatiable, he was built and programmed for this kind of thing and he wouldn’t find satisfaction so easily. He slammed himself into her harder and harder and with each slap of his synthetic flesh against her synthetic body she groaned louder. Soon the entire room was filled with her moans of pleasure, swirled together with the deep rumbler of Enzo’s own lust filled voice.

The sound carried far enough to reach the finely tuned ears on Esmee, who had been sweeping and cleaning the downstairs foyer. The sounds of pleasure and sensual contact was enough to activate her own sexual systems. In doing so a small internal tank of lubricating fluids began to slowly pump trace amounts of lubricants into her sex.

Meanwhile, Amber was gleefully bouncing on Enzo while her internal systems also rose in heat. She had heard the same dismissal from Enzo earlier, and since it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, her own operating system took it and executed it just as much as Emma had. A sharp pop from another system overloading in Emma’s body drew a small glance from Amber, and she saw her sister's vacant stare, small wisps of smoke trailing from her mouth, ears, and the torn section of her neck.

All the while the circuitry and wiring inside of her own body was melting and beginning to fail. Esmee appeared in the doorway, her blond hair still falling down around her shoulder. A small chaste gasp was heard as if she had just stumbled upon something so delightfully sensual that she shouldn’t have seen. Her cheeks tinted themselves with a pink hue and she clutched at her chest for a moment.

“Join us wont you. Wont you. You. won't you.” Amber muttered as her own systems failed. Her vocal processors looped in the same way Emma’s had.

“Of course.” Esmee commented. “You look to be having such a good time, how could I stay away?” She gleefully replied.

“Just what I like to hear.” Enzo commented and shoved harder inside of Amber once again.

Esmee took a step into the room, her hands already pulling up on the skirt she wore. The optics inside of her head flicked to the ruined robot on the floor, recognized it as Emma, but had no problem ignoring it. They were machines, and breakdown’s were bound to happen. She had no attachment to Emma, she was only there to serve.

Amber seemed to hiccup once, then again, and again. Each bounce sent her chest swaying and bouncing and drew Enzo’s attention away from Esmee and to the purple haired android riding him. Her arms moved up, the movements jerky and stilted, and her fingers twitched and spasmed in odd directions as her hands moved.

Amber’s head began jerking from one side to the other. Each movement sharp and unexpected, her mouth remained open and her voice fluctuated in pitch and tone. She was still repeating her request for Esmee to join them. Enzo looked amused, if not slightly annoyed. He was still hard and solidly planted inside of Amber, and though he had felt a climax rising in him a number of times, he had never let himself go. Now his second android was breaking on top of him. He let out a sigh and moved the hands that were holding her hips in place, and let her stiff body wobble on top of him.

He sighed once, and shook his head, pushing himself up onto his elbows. The movement was enough to tip the malfunctioning robot off of her balance. Her eyes were already rolling up in her head and acrid black smoke was beginning to form in her nostrils, spilling into the room.

Esmee watched as Amber tumbled off of Enzo, her hands still twitching and arms moving in odd directions at random intervals. Her legs seemed to move inward just a little, then with a snap reset to a previous position and then repeat the movement again and again. She would continue like that until her power core went offline or something more drastic happened inside of her.

“Looks like it’s just you and me now.” Enzo purred as he slipped off of the bed.

“So it would seem”

“How about you let me show you what a real android’s sexual systems can do?” Enzo remarked.

“Gladly, sir.”

Emsee’s reply was laced with the same lustful desires that Emma and Amber had been processing. She had already removed much of her uniform and was lowering herself down to her knees, a wickedly delighted smile on her face.

“No no.” Enzo commanded and pointed to the bed. “Stand here.”

Esmee dipped her head and complied. She rose back to her feet and stepped up to the end of the bed and turned to face Enzo, or at least began to. Enzo placed a firm hand on her head and shoulder and turned her around so she was facing away from him. Then it was on the back of her neck, shoving her upper torso down towards the bed. His feet tapped against hers and let her know she should spread her legs, Esmee had no problems complying with the unspoken orders.

Then Enzo was inside of her. Pumping hard, fast, and wild. His breath was rapid and Esmee could already detect that he was likely only moments away from an orgasm. There was, however, an issue. He was deep inside of her, pumping her ass full of his mighty shaft. She was, however, not constructed for that kind of sexual intercourse.

“Sir, I regret to inform you that-” She began, but was cut off as Enzo released himself inside of her.

There were a number of strong thrusts and then bursts of Enzo’s seed inside of her. The mechanisms inside of her that would have taken his cum and pumped it away to some other storage container inside of her were simply not there. Instead there was an opening that led into her body, straight into her internal circuitry.

Enzo’s love splattered against a number of internal circuit boards. He had pulled out of her and she was standing up straight and turning to speak with him, but stopped partially through the movement.

“S- sir there is an issue with- with this- this sexual- error. Foreign substance detected in- issue with…issue with…with…”

Esmee had stopped blinking and was staring vacantly past the smirking Enzo. He was very sure he was about to witness her collapse as well. He wasn’t wrong either.

The controller boards inside of her that were coated in his thick ropes of cum were specifically there to pass data to her legs from her central processors. With that interrupted her legs wobbled and she swayed falling back onto the bed. Her head turned to one side and she continued to mutter about lost connections, errors, warnings, and a smattering of requests for service.

There was a small pop inside of her hips as one of the capacitors on her controller board finally burst from a jolt of electricity from her short circuiting power core. Her hips bucked once and then her legs began to flail wildly, the sound of struggling motor systems inside of her filled Enzo’s ears. He was chuckling at the sight of her. Esmee’s head slowly turned to one side, another angry whine from the small motor array in her neck filling the room. It sounded as if the motors were attempting to turn her head in two directions at once.

Soon, those same motors began to burn out, and eventually fully broke. Emsee’s head suddenly flopped to one side, covering her face and head in a tangle of blonde hair. Her mouth was still moving, even as smoke billowed from it. Her voice was distorted as more error messages tumbled out. Her legs were still kicking, though it was clear that they were losing power as the movements were less sharp, turning sluggish and eventually her legs extended, toes flared out and stayed there. Eventually they slowly failed to maintain the position and gently floated down, letting gravity overcome the last position of the motors inside of her.

The bedroom was now a mortuary for the three deactivated androids and Enzo sucked in a deep, soothing breath and let it slowly seep out his nose. It had been such a long time since he had so much fun, and he thought that maybe his own programming was beginning to develop something of a love for breaking robots. He turned and left the three broken robots and found a bathrobe to wrap himself in. Once covered he returned to his study and booted his computer. He needed to order a few more girls. Maybe several more to keep in reserve so he didn’t have to wait.

What was the point in being disgustingly wealthy if he couldn’t use that wealth to satisfy his every desire. More robots were on the way.