Yet to be Titled Story

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Yet to be Titled Story


Mark read over his contract for the tenth time, pacing back and forth restlessly as he did. Every detail, every sentence conveyed his task thoroughly, yet he was persistent in the pointless endeavour. Perhaps it was his disbelief in what he was about to undertake. The sheer fact that mere days prior, anyone would have laughed at the concept of such an undertaking. Yet, here it was. Written on a single, double sided sheet. The seemingly laughable task that he had accepted.

As the last sentence was read, the doorbell rang. He knew it was time.

Opening the door revealed a short, very well-built Asian man sporting all the promotional signs of Micro-tech. Even his bright red cap boasted the colourful logo. Mark removed his glasses before shaking the man’s hand.

“Good Morning Sir” the man greeted “Are you Mark Solomon?”

“Yes, that’s me” he rubbed his darkened eyes as he yawned the reply.

“I’ll need to see some ID. We can’t go giving our products to anyone without proper clearance.”

Retrieving his aging wallet from his back pocket, he provided a driver licence along with the magnetic stripped card he was given. The man scanned them both. “Ah, all clear. I’ll retrieve the product.”

Mark waited by the door as he watched the man return to his large, company logoed truck. He retrieved a neatly hidden away trolley and wheeled it to the rear, where he opened the large doors and slid a massive wooden crate onto the trolley. He struggled to move it along the freshly cut lawn before finally reaching the doorstep.

“These things weigh a tonne!” he laughed before continuing into Mark’s home. He placed the crate in the centre of the front living room before returning to Mark.

“All instruction guides should be inside. The remote control should be there too, and the charging equipment is built into it. If anything goes wrong, take it to QR’s repair on smith street.”

“Fantastic. Have a great day” Mark smiled as the man left the home. His cheery smile faded as he got back in his truck and drove away. Mark shut the door and inspected the crate. It was covered In Micro-tech’s promotional stickers and colours. It was locked shut with two bolts on the side which came out easily under the force of the crowbar. Pulling the top wooden plate aside revealed a massive amount of Styrofoam which came apart easily. Underneath it all was his 50-thousand-dollar purchase. A new, straight off the assembly line Susan A-2. Micro-tech’s flagship model.

Before he properly looked her over, he retrieved the instruction manual and remote control from the side pockets in the crate. Welcome to the new, improved Susan A-2! We here at Micro-Tech are proud to provide you with our greatest achievement! But you may be asking, what makes this model so incredible? Well, let us remind you why you purchased our flag ship model. The Susan A-1 gave us many new insights and revelations during their run time. And with the help of users such as yourself, we were able to completely revolutionise the Susan A-2. Some improvements are listed below.

It can run for 30 hours at a time before it needs to recharge.

It can now interact in larger groups.

It can perform many more errands than before, and with its new initiative engine it will no longer ask you about every little thing when performing tasks.

It is now completely water resistant (Can be submerged but cannot intake water).

It can now make moral choices should it need to do so (warranty and all legal issues are void in this matter).

It now comes with a self-control mode where it can display basic sentience and self-drive. This is part of our trademarked FreeWill Program.

It now comes with enhanced and more realistic emotions. Its remote control no longer interferes with other Susan models. It will send the signal to the nearest model and ensure that that is the only model who will accept the command.

Mark skipped the rest of the list before coming across the ‘First Time Start Up’ page.

After you place in 2 Triple A batteries into the remote, all you need to do is press the green button on the top right. The Susan A-2 will automatically leave her confines and will be ready join the family.

Chapter 1

After placing in the three batteries, he pointed the remote at Susan and pressed the green button. Her green eyes opened instantaneously as they quickly darted around. She then rigidly sat up right and lifted herself out of the crate. Mark was mesmerised by how real she looked. Her tanned skin possessed freckles and fine hair all over her body. She even had several small moles scattered about her torso. Her mid-drift was well defined, with several abs boasting themselves. Her breasts were also large and full, adding to her hourglass like figure. He was pleased to see that her neck was elongated from the standard size as per his request. He was also pleased to see that her legs were already shaven, as was her naval patch. She seemed to be indistinguishable from a human woman by look.

“Hello and Thank you for purchasing me!” she spoke with what sounded like a pre-recorded voice. Mark found the contrast interesting and slightly erotic. “Now then, let’s set me up! What is your name and gender?”

Mark paused and thought this out. “It seriously couldn’t detect my gender?” he pondered before responding. “I’m Mark and I am a male.” “Wonderful! It’s a pleasure to meet you Mark! Now then, what is my name?” she politely asked in her recorded, accent less voice.

“You will be… Julia”

“Wonderful!” she repeated in an identical tone. “Would you like to set me up the basic way or the complex way?”

Mark thought this over before selecting “the basic way please.”

“Wonderful!” she replied for the third time. “I will now remind you of my capabilities. I can perform all forms of domestic duties except for any underwater work. I can be any member of the family! I can be the exhibitionist wife who makes your best friends jealous.” She slowly bent at the waist as she went on in the recorded voice, letting her large breasts hang and sway. “Or I can be slutty girlfriend who teases every man and makes them want me so badly!” She turned around and shook her firm ass at Mark. “I can be your whatever! But, what will I be today?” She straightened back up and faced him, all signs of her seductiveness were gone.

Mark felt the blood rush to his groin as he watched on. This physically indistinguishable woman shaped machine went from full human to mechanical in a few seconds, something he had never seen before.

“For today, you will be my lover” he confirmed. She stared ahead for a few seconds before continuing.

“Wonderful!” that recorded segment was growing tiresome for Mark. “Couldn’t they get her to say anything else?” he wondered. “Now then, the final touch. You have already used my remote but let me fill you in on the other buttons. The top left button turns me on, and the top right button turns me off. The middle button places me into a ‘freeze’ state. The command button at the bottom gives you complete access to me. You can change my status to you, how I’m feeling and my mood, and even my personality. The screen to the right indicates the level I am on for each of my ‘feelings’. The arrows allow for nonverbal changes. So say you want me to go from being sleepy to horny but you don’t want to talk, all you need to do is press the right or left arrow buttons to select my horny feeling and press the upward arrow to increase my level. It’s that easy!”

She went on about her other features and the new loop system. “Basically, if there is a task you wish for me to perform daily or hourly, you can set and forget.”

After about 15 minutes, she finally finished. “And that’s me! I can’t wait to be at your service, and once again, thank you for buying Micro-Tech!”

The room filled with silence immediately after that. Mark waited for something to happen, but Julia just stood there, motionless. He slowly approached her and inspected her face. Her stare was creepy, but nothing else gave away her artificial nature. He slowly placed his hand on her shoulder, expecting her to react in some way.

She didn’t move at all, but her skin felt amazing. He swore it was real skin, with the way it felt to his touch. He moved his hand up to her neck and pressed against it. The feeling was incredible. It felt too real and for a moment, he forgot what she really was. He then moved down to her breasts and took them in each hand. They were soft, full and felt real. He started to feel convinced that this was a prank on him. He brought up his finger to her eye and moved closer and closer to it, waiting for her to wave his hand away or blink.

She remained motionless. Even when his finger touched her green glass eye, she didn’t even flitch. He returned to the remote and looked it over before pressing the command button.

He heard her chime from her mouth. “Awaiting command” she said in a monotone voice. The sudden change was unsettling. “Why are you just standing there?”

“My self-initiative and independence settings are at zero. Would you like to increase them?”

He thought about it for a moment before answering. “Sure, set both to level 5.”

“Confirmed, changes will be applied once I finish this sentence.”

As she said, her stance immediately relaxed as she looked around the room. Her smile widened as she laid eyes on Mark. “Hey there baby! Come give me a hug!” she spoke with a slight Australian accent as she stretched out her long thin arms.

Mark cautiously embraced her as she held him tightly. The feeling of her breasts rising and falling against his felt remarkably real. He was surely impressed.

The hug lasted a long time, so long that Mark felt as if she had malfunctioned already. But she eventually let him go.

“Now then, I’m going to retrieve my stuff and set myself up in the bedroom. I’ll be right back!” she chimed as she crouched next to the box and retrieved all of her belongings. Mark was surprised to see additional clothing to what he initially ordered. “Perhaps a little something for an early access buyer.” He assumed.

With everything in hand, she made her way to his bedroom while he waited for her to return. After a few moments, he grew impatient and decided to see what she was doing. He went up to the door of his room and paused for a moment before pressing the freeze button on her remote. He then slowly opened the door to find her frozen, mid placement of a lingerie set on the built-in wardrobe. She was still in the nude and had laid out all her clothes on his bed. A little idea then spawned in his mind.

She chimed as he pressed the command key. “Julia, set your sex drive to 8 and ignore my presence.”

She chimed once again and continued on once he unfroze her. She continued placing her clothes in the draws, but he noticed a shift in her movements. She was trembling slightly, and she kept rubbing her thighs together. Once all the clothes were in their place, she turned to look at herself in the full body mirror.

She struck a runway model pose and giggled at her bare body. “Oh god am I perfect! How could any person resist me?!” she confidently giggled. “Oh fuck it, even I can’t resist me!” she moaned as she gently squeezed her massive breast. Her left hand slid its way into her plastic vagina. She sat on the bed as she continued to moan and masturbate, constantly reiterating how perfect and irresistible she was. The whole thing mused Mark more so than anything. He approached the moaning machine and watched closely as she worked her vagina. He quickly noticed that all she was doing was sliding her straight fingers in and out. There was nothing else going on, yet she seemed completely overwhelmed by the feeling. He then looked at her right hand that was merely squeezing then relaxing its grasp on her breast. Her moans abruptly ceased at the touch of a button. Mark then moved both her arms to the side, forming a T shape with her head. He then unfroze her.

Much to his disappointment, she continued to moan and sway her hips as her right hand squeezed the air, with her left hand sliding back and forth to nothingness. “I guess she is still in alpha” he reasoned before he noticed a change in her moans and movements. Her rolling hips became more pronounced as did her hand movements. She clenched her eyes and screamed as she climaxed, with cum spewing from her plastic hole. She laid back on the bed as her hands moved over to her breasts where she idly played with her perky nipples. On the remote, her sexual drive dropped from 8 to 1.

Chapter 2

“Julia, resume previous activities and meet me in the living room.” He ordered before leaving the room. He unfroze her and made his way to the kitchen where he filled up a glass with water and drunk it in one hit. He then made his way to the living room and waited patiently before hearing his bedroom door open.

He was surprised to see Julia wearing a brightly coloured sun dress. He thought she would return still in the nude. The dress fit her perfectly, cutting off just as her ass cheeks ended. It complemented her busty top in an almost measured fashion. He wondered if she picked on her own or if it was predetermined based on context. Regardless, she looked stunning. “Mark? Where are you?” she called out as she looked straight past him.

Pressing the command function on the remote, “You may acknowledge my presence.” He ordered.

“Ah, there you are. Well? What do you think?” she asked as she spun around in the dress. The side strap fell down her arm revealing a white bra strap. She didn’t seem to notice this.

“Aren’t I just perfect!?” she giggled as the strap fell further down her left forearm. He found it amusing that she didn’t notice this. He wondered if the instruction manual would help him out on that little issue. “I’m sure you are hun” he considered his next move. She chimed as he selected the command function. “Set your independence and self-initiative to 10 and decide on your own what you want to do.”

This caused her processors some trouble, and he noticed this. She stood there motionless for a good minute before reanimating. Her smile turned into a grin as she seductively licked her lips. She reached up to her shoulders and grabbed the right sundress strap and the left bra strap, and slowly pushed them both down her forearms. The sundress strap moved down her right arm with ease while she showed some signs of difficulty with the bra strap. After a few seconds, she let go of the bra strap which hung around her forearm and grabbed the sundress instead, freeing her arm from it. The sundress pooled at her bare feet before being kicked to the side. She then reached up and peeled off her bra with a similar struggle to before. Once her breasts were freed, she placed her hands on her wide hips.

“Let me give you a little show” the seductive tone of the machine was by itself enough to arouse Mark. She slowly moved her hips in a spiral as her hands rubbed her toned body. She softly moaned as she moved her hands over her breasts, before they reached up to her tied back hair. She effortlessly undid the hairband and bent at the waist as she shook her head, letting her wavy, light brown hair go everywhere. The way her hair covered her breasts once she straightened up sent Mark wild. It was frizzy, long and thick, something he loved.

Placing one foot in front of the other, Julia closed the gap and bent down at the waist again, putting her face a mere inch from his. She looked into his eyes much like he did. Mark noticed her pupils widened in a natural manner. “A nice little touch” he considered before she swiftly spun around and exposed her mesmerising behind at him. Her red lined panties disappeared into the crack of her bum.

“Enjoy Mark, you can touch if you so dare” she giggled as she brought her left hand to her rear and gave it a firm spank.

She shivered as the room filled with her moans and pheromones. She waited patiently as Mark admired her smooth, firm thighs. Her skin got warmer as he reached her pussy which was noticeably warmer to the touch. Julia on the other hand continued to moan, even when Mark wasn’t touching her.

He slowly slid his right fingers into her damp opening, enjoying the soft feeling. He explored her opening, touching in a futile attempt to find any signs of artificiality. But, true to Micro-Tech’s marketing she was physically identical to a human woman. He continued, playing with her finely mass-produced vagina which made Julia shiver in bliss.

Meanwhile, Julia’s A.I determined that as her rear sexual devices only were in play, there was no need to simulate any other parts. As such, her face took on a blank stare with her mouth slightly ajar to save battery life. All those moans and sensual sounds left her still, unmoving mouth.

Mark of course had no idea of this. He was enjoying himself, and as far as he could tell she was too. After a few moments, her stance shifted as she neared climax. She spread and bent her knees to stabilize herself. Mark grabbed onto her firm thighs as he slid his tongue into her inviting plastic opening, ready to take in all her juices.

In an execution of digital bliss, strawberry flavoured fluids from deep within her chest flowed through hardened plastic tubing which connected to her vagina. The fluid spewed out into Marks mouth, all while she shivered hard and struggled to stay standing. As quickly as it begun, she straightened up and quickly spun around. “Oh, baby that was spectacular!” she cheerfully gleamed. Mark was still busy licking up her juices which ran around his mouth. He realized soon after that Julia was standing Infront of him, masturbating. “Do you ever stop?” he laughed as he enjoyed the display.

Between moans, she managed to say, “If you wish for me to stop, I will stop.”

“Julia, stop masturbating and sit with me” he commanded.

She abruptly stopped moaning, removed her fingers from her vagina and sat on the sofa. She looked longing at Mark as he thought about something for a real long time. Then, curiosity struck.

“Is there any mode I can place you in that will make you act completely human?” The experimental side of him had gotten the better of him.

She suddenly became very energetic. “Yes! Micro-Tech’s new FreeWill program is proven to work wonders!” she clapped in excitement. “Would you like to test this feature out?”

“Yes I would. Let me give you some context. My mate is engaged and has been pestering me about having him and his fiancé over to dinner. Can you pose as my girlfriend to him and his wife to be?”

Julia took on a serious expression and took Mark by the hand. “I promise you that I can pass as your flawless girlfriend to your friend and his fiancé.” She then stood up and retrieved her sundress and bra.

“Julia, get changed in here and ignore my presence” he commanded verbally. He was coming to realize that the whole remote thing was outdated.

She unfroze and swiftly placed her bra on. She then slid the sundress over her head before moving over to the living room wall mirror. She struck a pose which caused her left sundress strap to slide down her forearm again. “Oh god am I perfect! How could any person resist me?!” she confidently giggled before turning around and freezing mid step. Mark adjusted her sundress strap before unfreezing her. A sudden feeling of regret about tonight slipped into his mind.

Chapter 3

Mark had made the arrangements for his mate and his fiancé to meet at his place for dinner at 6 pm sharp. He shaved and showered while Julia prepared their meal. She made potatoes and lamb in the oven, something Matthew’s mate, Bradly loved.

Mark left the bathroom to find Julia setting up the dining table. He enjoyed the sight of Julia’s deep cleavage as she reached for the water jug from over from the far side of the table. His attention returned to the dining room, which was elegantly set. He was surprised to see the old tablecloth spread out over the table, something he forgot he even had. It was a nice surprise from Julia though.

Julia on the other hand had caught Mark’s gaze and decided there was plenty of time for some fun. She moved over to the closer end of the table, purposefully knocking a fork on the floor. “Oh silly me” she announced. She turned around and bent at the waist, exposing her plump ass that was barely covered to Mark. He had caught on, and Julia was pleased with her performance. She then straightened up and looked at him, quickly noticing his growing erection. “Enjoying the view, I see” she laughed as he turned red.

Her laughter proved contagious as he quickly burst out into laugher. “Alright then Ms smart ass. We need to be on our best behaviour tonight ok?” He retrieved her remote and set her sex-drive to 1 just before the doorbell rang.

Mark smoothed out his shirt while Julia put on her best stance. The door opened to reveal a tall blonde woman in a glossy white dress which boasted her fine shoulders and long neck. He couldn’t help but notice her rather hefty bust which completely contrasted her flat mid-drift. Her face was remarkably familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it. To her left stood Bradly, standing tall with a well-defined beard which matched his solid brown hair. He broke into a smile as he embraced his best friend.

“Mark my lad! It’s been way to long bro, what has been keeping you in this cave for all this time ay?” his eyes immediately focused on Julia, or more specifically, the way her breasts boasted themselves under the stance of her 5-inch heels.

“My god man” he quickly moved towards her and took her hand “This is one beauty. A goddess amongst the gods. She’s been the reason you’ve been in this cave for so, long isn’t she? A beauty all to yourself!”

Mark was surprised he was talking about Julia like this in front of his fiancé. But he was more surprised to find that she didn’t seem to mind at all. She waited by the doorway, twirling her long blonde locks of hair as she stared into nothingness.

“Hey! I don’t think we have met yet” Mark said to the woman, scrambling to salvage the moment. Her stare melted into a smile before she took his hand and shook it.

“I’m Jessie, Brad’s bride to be.” Her Swedish accent only made the earlier connection he made stranger. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled warmly.

“Have we met before?”

She shook her head before suddenly coming to a sudden realisation. “You must have seen me in the magazines. I’m Jessie Hedlund.” “Oh yea, the 101 Model catalogue, right?”

Before she could confirm, Bradly cut in. “Getting to know the misses to be ay? What do you think mate? She’s a model you know!” Brad, Jessie and Mark conversated in the living room while Julia prepared the food. Her sensitive ears picked up their conversation and stored any vital information for later.

“How did you two meet?” She heard Mark ask.

“I was in Sweden hitting the slopes for my early trip with the kids right. And I was in the department store looking for clothing and I just saw Jessie there. She was smoking hot, wearing this large red eskimo jacket with her hair tied back. I just had to meet her ya know? I invited her back to my place, and we fucked all night!” He laughed.

“He brought me back here and I got the pleasure of meeting all his friends. I’ve even met Michael, but he seemed oddly distance towards me. I’m sorry your son doesn’t approve of me Brad.”

She seemed overly apologetic towards him, but she just as quickly returned to her smile.

“You have a daughter and son, right?” Jessie questioned, seemingly overly interested in Marks reply.

“Ah yes, Angela and Jack. She is on summer break waiting on several university applications and he is working in Japan.” He was proud of his kids, even if one of them had done some more, questionable things in the past.

“What do they both do?” She continued.

“She’s looking into mechatronics and he is working on medical equipment for the Navy. She’ll be back in a few days from Fiji if you want to meet her.”

“Ah, I’ll make a note of it mate! It’s been too long since I’ve seen Angie” Brad interrupted Jessie. There was a moment of silence before she went on.

“How did you meet Julia?”

“Oh, I met her over at the Shief Bar a few weeks back. She asked me to her place and one thing led to another. And now here we are.”

“Would she be available for a threesome mate?” Brad mused before patting Mark on the back. “Just kidding mate. She’s all yours.”

“But seriously, she is a wonderful woman Mark. I would totally do her if you both were up for it!”

Mark stared at Jessie for a moment before laughing it off. Jessie on the other hand appeared to be dead serious. And weirdest of all, Brad seemed totally fine with it.

Julia finalised the meal and set it out on the table before calling everyone over for dinner just before Mark replied. “Time for dinner everyone!” She called out.

Chapter 4

The four continued talking over dinner, catching up on each other’s lives and how their families were. Mark for one was impressed at Julia’s behaviour. She made him forget that she was a mere robot, with the exception that she didn’t even touch her plate.

“You alright there love?” Brad asked Julia. With everyone staring at her, she quickly formulated an excuse to leave the table.

“I’m feeling ok, just a bit off in the stomach. Will you excuse me?” she rose from the table and quickly made her way to the bathroom.

After a moment, Brad rose from the table. “Mate, I’ll be right back. Let me go check on her.” Mark protested but to no avail. Before he knew it, it was just him and Jessie at the table.

They both sat there in silence for a few seconds before Mark spoke. “So, Jessie, tell me a bit about yourself. Brad seems to keep answering for you.” “She abruptly stopped twirling her hair and faced Mark. “Well, I’m from Sweden and I come from a family of 8. I lived there until Brad brought me here. That’s about it really.”

She went back to twirling with her hair, staring off into nothingness. “Well there has to be more. Tell me about your modelling work.” He asked. She abruptly stopped twirling her hair once again and faced Mark. “There isn’t much to tell really” she paused for a second before returning her focus on him. “Well, besides the fact that I want to fuck you.”

Mark chocked on his water as Jessie quickly forced her breasts out of their cage and jumped on the table. On all fours, she crawled towards Mark, knocking over everything on the table. “Jessie! What if Brad sees us?!” Mark protested.

“I don’t give a fuck. I want you, now!” she growled, forcing his lips to hers. She then moved around and faced her rear to him, revealing her firm, small ass which was bare. “Lick me good!” was all she demanded before pushing her ass into Mark’s face. He struggled to understand what was going on, however this didn’t stop Jessie. She pulled her ass cheeks apart and rubbed her dripping pussy against his face.

The aroma of her vagina got the better of him, and he started eating her out. He wondered what had gotten into her, but the thought faded as his mind filled with lust. The two went at it for a few minutes before she started shivering. Before Mark even knew it, she came all over his face.

Jessie then spun around and licked her cum off his face. “Oh god I love cum!” she moaned before pushing him over on the chair. Mark recovered, but only to find Jessie sitting on the edge of the table, furiously masturbating. “Oh god am I perfect! How could any person resist me?!” She moaned with energy as she continued rubbing.

“Shit stop! Brad could find us at any minute!” his words went over her head. She continued to destroy her vagina before climaxing for the second time that hour. She then abruptly stopped, rose to her feet and moved back to her seat. The sudden change confused the fuck out of Mark. Then, it hit him. “Wasn’t that the same… Oh shit!” “It can’t be” he reasoned, but he had to be sure. He went to the kitchen where he found Julia’s remote and brought it into the dining room. He then pointed it at Jessie and pressed the freeze button. And just as he suspected, Jessie stopped mid twirl of her hair. He pressed the command function. “Jessie, redress properly and resume previous activities.” She swiftly placed her breasts back into her dress. His comfort was cut short when her hands returned to her vagina as she started masturbating again. “Jessie, stop masturbating” he ordered. Just as she stopped masturbating, Brad and Julia returned to the dining room.

Mark quickly hid the remote in his rear pocket.

“Ay mate, I think Jessie and I will call it a night. Thanks for the fantastic experience bro! This is a night to remember!” Brad cheered as he patted Mark on the back.

They both left in a hurry, leaving a confused Mark and a seemingly pleased Julia.

“Well, I think it’s safe to say I can pass for a human with no issues!” she announced with joy. “Did Jessie seem… odd to you?” he asked Julia. She just shrugged.

Chapter 5

I have successfully set my navigation route for the downstairs bathroom. Executing my verbal reply. “I’m feeling ok, just a bit off in the stomach. Will you excuse me?”

I rose from the table and efficiently made my way to the downstairs bathroom. I started thinking about different responses for when I return. I entered the bathroom and closed the door before removing my white dress for easy toilet access. Looking at the item makes me uncomfortable. Clothing confuses me, and I don’t like it. With my dress on the towel rack, I instructed my processors to sit me down on the toilet.

As I sat down, the door opened, and Brad entered. I quickly started thinking of an explanation before Brad spoke. “Oh wow, you’re even hotter in the nude! Were you about to masturbate or something?”

His query confused me for a little while, but I found comfort in several key words. Hotter, nude and masturbate, and he is a human. I suddenly realized what was happening. I giggled at the joy of my rapid understanding. “You like what you see don’t you big boy?” I queried him. My face changed into a seductive look as my programming took over. I left the toilet seat and rubbed my breasts together, shivering in the feeling. I always love how my breasts look and feel.

“Oh baby I’m down for this!” His response only confirms my pervious assumption. I kneel before him and wound down his jeans zipper before taking his 8.5-inch penis into my mouth. The sensation of his 36.6666666 – OVERFLOW – degree Celsius penis in my mouth is so pleasant. I push it deeper into my throat, which I know will give him more pleasure. I don’t have receptors in my throat, but I still enjoy him.

He came quickly, exactly 33% faster than on average. I push the penis from my mouth before looking up at his smile. I detect his racing heart and confirm that he enjoyed the experience.

“So, Anal or Vagina, Soft or Rough?” He asked me.

I personally prefer any combination, but he is my current user and his opinion matters. I formulate and deliver my query. “Which would you prefer?”

“Anal and Rough”

I giggle and get excited at his request. My anal module has yet to be used. He grabs me by my hair and forces me over the vanity. I feel slightly threatened by his force, but my memories tell me that this is normal for some people. The sudden sensation of his 7-inch girth in my unused asshole feels very good. I shiver and moan softly, exactly as my programming tells me to do. I enjoy how his hands grasp at my breasts. I always love how my breasts look and feel. They are strained to almost their plastic limit, but he’s not quite strong enough. I continue to milk his cock in my asshole, wanting him to cum inside me. I am happy he is happy. “Yes baby! You’re freaking amazing! You and Jessie would make a perfect score!” He managed between the loud sounds of flesh hitting silicon. I start thinking of Jessie. Her 32 F breasts would nicely compliment my 32 F breasts. Her 24-inch waist would look good against my 24-inch waist. I have a larger ass that she does by 41.90328%, however I still like the look. I like everyone and desire to pleasure every adult. I quicken my breathing as I feel an inner buzz grow inside me. I enjoy this feeling that causes fluids to run through my virginal unit. I contract my lower torso muscles as I let out a loud moan, something I think Brad would very much like. As the fluid goes through me, I receive a signal from my remote, but I ignore it at the orders of a second signal. I turn to see Brad, his face covered in sweat as he relaxes. I am glad I could be of service to him. I sense a vibrating feeling coming from his pocket. He pulls out a remote just like mine, frowning at it. I don’t like seeing him frown. I verbally compensate for his change of mood. “Want to go again big boy?” I feel saddened at his rejection. “Get redressed. I have to go, now” he seemed in a hurry. I quickly place on my bra, enjoying the feeling as they squeeze together in their home. I place the dress on again and follow him out of the bathroom. I stay a few feet behind him, eagerly listening to what he has to say. I notice my owner, Mark off to the side. I suddenly feel physically empty, but my programming tells me now is an inappropriate time. “Ay mate, I think Jessie and I will call it a night. Thanks for the fantastic experience bro! This is a night to remember!” I watch Brad pat my master on his back before he guides Jessie to the exit. I notice her steps take on an extremely efficient distance of 2.23283 feet each. I am impressed at her efficient and precise walking abilities, and endeavour to reserve my battery life in a similar way. As the door closed, I determine that my master would allow me to speak. “Well, I think it’s safe to say I can pass for a human with no issues!” I am pleased at my peak performance. “Did Jessie seem… odd to you?” I think about the question before determining that she was a completely normal human woman. I want to give a verbal response, but my mind instead instructs me to shrug.

Chapter 6

Mark relaxed on the sofa as Julia cleaned the dining room, throwing out her, and Jessie’s filled plates of food. The thought that Jessie was a machine boggled his mind. Had Brad really been that desperate that he bought a robot to be his wife? “Barbra would have a field day” he mused.

Brad despised Barbra, Mark’s ex-wife. She grew up in a strict Protestant household and she despised the rise of technology. All it took for her to leave was once badly edited picture of him with a robot at a brothel for her to leave. She didn’t even look at it properly, and he always suspected that she wanted out of the relationship for a long time. At least she waited for their youngest, Angela, to turn 18 before she filed for divorce.

He checked his phone, only to find one unread message from her. “Hi dad, Macy and I will be coming back tomorrow. Is it alright if she stays with us for a few days? Her parents are out of town and they don’t trust her on her own after the whole Freddy incident last year.” Uncomfortable thoughts spawned in his mind. Macy, the easiest girl in town. And a bad influence on Angie. He was almost certain that Macy would try to seduce Julia if they came over, but he always struggled to say no to his only daughter. With a heavy head, he replied. “Hi Angie. Does Macy really need to stay over here? She’s 21 and can handle herself.” He impatiently waited for her reply. After a moment, he felt a buzzing sensation and immediately looked to his phone, only to realize the phone wasn’t buzzing. He then realized it must have been Julia’s remote. Her battery level displayed on the small screen, indicating that she had only 10% battery remaining. “Julia, come in here for a moment” he called out. She briskly entered the living room and stood at attention. “Can you charge yourself?” “Yes Mark. I will automatically charge my battery once I reach 5% remaining.” She smiled, pushing her chest out confidently. “Change that to 10%” he ordered. With that, she quickly removed her white dress and bra before moving over to her standing pad. Once on the pad, she froze and entered a standby mode before announcing her status. “Battery will be 100% charged in 5 hours 34 minutes”. He admired her perfectly still stance for a moment before returning his attention to his phone. Angie had replied. “Come on dad! I know she is odd at times but still. She is my best friend. Do it for me. Please!” “Fine” he winced. “She can stay, but only until her parents come back.” He threw the phone to the other end of the couch and drowned out the silence with the T.V. “Are you a single man longing for a companion? Then try out Micro-Tech’s new and Improved Susan A-2! She is sexy, smart, strong and can fool just about anyone into thinking she is a human! And introducing our latest model, the beauty from Scandinavia, the Susan A-2 Swedish model. Packed with the little goodies that every Susan A-2 comes with, but with an erotic Scandinavian vibe to it!” Had Mark not had his encounter with Jessie, he wouldn’t have been shocked when she appeared on the screen. He wasn’t surprised to see that she was a more basic model, coming in at $30 grand less than what Julia costed. He was pleased with the top of the range Susan A-2, and even more so now that he witnessed the more basic version in play.

Chapter 7

Mark awoke on the sofa to find the T.V still playing. He quickly looked to his right to find Julia, motionless, still standing on her charging pad. Checking his phone, he realized it was only 5am. He left the sofa and entered the recently renovated kitchen. “Coffee, black” he ordered to his Mr Coffee maker. As his Micro-Tech labelled mug filled, he looked out the window into the next house whose lights were still on. He looked through the window to see their basic, 1980s styled kitchen.

The neighbours were a quite bunch and never caused him any hassles. He rarely ever spoke to the lesbian couple, but on those rare occasions they always seemed disengaged. As he was peering into their kitchen, he suddenly noticed a silhouette figure in the far corner in their hallway. It appeared to be still standing, but he could barely make it out in the darkness.

“Your coffee is ready. Enjoy” the machine announced. Mark took the cup and added some milk and sugar before looking back through the window. Only this time, the figure was gone. He was confused at first before attributing it to his grogginess. He pushed it to the back of his mind before returning to the living room. “5 minutes of charging time remaining.” Julia announced. With his mug in hand, he left his seat and closely inspected the robot. He couldn’t get the thought that this was a machine out of his mind. It still amazed him how life like she looked. He patiently looked over her, waiting for the robot to come to life, and before he knew it, she reanimated. “Hi Mark!” she proudly announced as she stepped off the pad. “You’re up early, would you like some coffee?”

He raised his mug to her before taking a sip. He quickly realized she was still waiting for a reply. “It’s alright Julia, I have coffee in this mug already.” “How about a full breakfast then?” she quickly retorted. She seemed eager to do as he said. “Sure, make me some breakfast, but surprise me” he asked slowly. He was interested in seeing how she’d respond to what he was planning to do. “Sure thing hun!” she kissed him on the cheek before practically skipping to the kitchen. He found it amusing that she didn’t bother dressing. He reached over to her remote just as his phone buzzed. It was a message from Brad.

“Hey mate! So Jessie and I had a mad time yesterday, but it turns out she had left something at your place. She’ll be there around 6 am to get it. Also say hi to the kids for me! Later!” He thought about it for a moment before realising what he meant. He quickly entered the downstairs bathroom to find exactly what he was looking for. A remote control identical to Julia’s, except for a different marking on the lower right. “This will be interesting.” He said as an idea formed in his mind. He moved the remote to the living room by the T.V, swapping out the T.V remote for Jessie’s remote. In the meantime, however, he retrieved Julia’s remote and pressed the freeze button. He entered the kitchen to find Julia, mid slice of a banana. “Ignore my presence and continue” he ordered. She started humming as she continued to slice the banana. Once it was sliced, she placed the knife in the sink and moved over to the utensils draw. She crouched as she pulled out the first draw and retrieved a butter knife. She then closed the drawer and placed the knife on the benchtop before retrieving the butter from the fridge. Mark’s un-involvement with her activities ceased as he spanked her left butt cheek. He frowned when she didn’t react at all. He moved behind her and reached around, placing both his hands on her breasts. Still, she didn’t respond. Even when he pinched and twirled her nipples, she continued like nothing else was happening. “Maybe a fail safe?” he said out loud. He quickly moved out of her way as she moved over to the dishwasher where she placed the used dish. She then retrieved the honey from the pantry and drizzled it over his bananas, buttered toast and strawberries. She then took the plate to the dining room and called for Mark. “You may acknowledge my presence.” He ordered as he left the kitchen. “Surprise!” she proudly announced as she presented her creation.

Chapter 8

As he ate, the doorbell suddenly rang. He checked the wall clock and realized it must have been Jessie. “Julia, enter my room and stay there until I say otherwise.” She seemed enthusiastic about his demands and went into his room. He placed the dish in the kitchen and answered the door. “Hey Mark” Jessie beamed, showing much more emotion this time than last night. He found it odd that she was dressed in the same glossy white dress. “Sorry about being this early, but I have work in an hour and I really need my things back.” “It’s alright. Come on in and I’ll help you find it.” He gestured. “I think I left it in the bathroom” she quickly stated as she made her way there. “But Jessie, you never went to the bathroom.” Mark corrected her. He swore he noticed her head twitch to the left just as she stopped walking. “It must be in here somewhere.” He continued. She stayed that way for a few seconds before facing Mark. “Ah yes, how foolish of me. But I really need to use the bathroom.” She recovered before making her way there again. Mark quickly responded. “That bathroom has a toilet issue. Please use the upstairs bathroom.” He politely asked. This time, her head twitched a bit harder to the left before relaxing. She turned around and quickly made her way towards him, stopping a foot from his face. “I don’t need to go now funny enough! May I please see your downstairs bathroom!” she desperately said all at once. He noticed her eyes straining hard as her neck muscles tensed. “Was she having some form of malfunction?” he pondered. “Sure Jessie, you can see the bathroom for the thing you didn’t leave in there” he replied. “Thank you!” she quickly spoke as she made her way into the room. After a few minutes, she left the bathroom, looking somewhat odd. Her face was stuck between a smile and a frown, and her eyes were slightly off centre. “The item I require is not present in your bathroom” her Scandinavian accent carried her artificial statement. “Jessie, you seem stressed. Please, take a seat and let me get you some water” he suggested. She quickly retorted. “I am perfect. There is nothing wrong with me. Wrong with me.” She repeated with a twitch. “Please, sit down with me” he guided her to the sofa, her movements becoming ever more robotic. “Stay right there now” he asked before rushing into the kitchen to retrieve a glass of water. He returned to find her, smiling and relaxed. “Ah, thank you for the seat, but I’m feeling much better now. If you’ll excuse me, I need to search for my thing.” She naturally spoke as she rose from her seat. “At least drink the water first. It will help you. I promise” he lied. She took the glass and looked at it for a few seconds before sculling it in one hit. She gave the glass back. “Now that that’s over, may I please search the dining room for my stuff?” she elegantly asked. She spent the next few minutes looking under every chair in the dining room while Mark watched. He wondered if they had a failsafe built in for accidental water consumption as she appeared to be completely fine. If anything, she was acting more human than yesterday. After 10 minutes, she returned to Mark. “I seem to have been mistaken, it isn’t here.” She looked sad for a moment before smiling again. “Do you mind if I look at your bathroom? It’s the one place I haven’t checked yet.” Mark grinned, knowing the water was finally doing its work. “You have already looked in the bathroom Jessie. Or did you forget?” She looked at him with a growing smile before replying. “I can’t forget anything Mark! It’s just because I’m perfect!” she grasped her breasts and squeezed them together as she said that. She paused mid squeeze, her eyes darting randomly for a second before returning to normal. “I can’t forget anything Mark! It’s just because I’m perfect!” she gleamed once again. He realized that the water must have pooled in her breasts where it was safe, and that squeezing them caused the water to run into her internals. “Jessie, are you alright? You seem to be acting weird” he asked the robot. Her face quickly turned into one of anger as she growled at Mark. “Is it not ok for me to act weird? I am who I am, and if being perfect means I am weird then so be it!” “Not weird, more… robotic. Are you a robot Jessie?” He smiled at the sight of her head twitching hard. She then refocused on him, and grinned. She sifted her weight onto one leg as she quickly let the dress slid down her arms onto the floor, revealing incredible breasts. “How can a machine look this good? Oh god am I perfect! How could any person resist me?!” she repeated in an identical tone as to last night. “Prove it. Let me see under your breasts” he asked. She quickly smirked and rose her breasts up, causing all the water inside them to splash onto her motherboard. “Too easy. Too easy. Too easy.. ERROR, WATER DAMAGE IN SECOTOR 1 THROUGH 2004 DETECTED. Human present, elevating human emulation protocols to maximum. Too easy.” She said all at once. Mark backed up a bit, only for Jessie to follow. “ERROR IN HARD DISK, REVERTING TO READ ONLY MEMORY INSTRUCTION SET.” “This will be interesting” Mark smiled.

Chapter 9

“INITIATING RECOVERY MODE. PLEASE WAIT.” Mark admired the site in front of him. She still held her breasts up, exposing her clear skin underneath. She remained frozen for a few seconds before she started moving. Her arms went to her sides as she took a rigid posture. Her lusty grin faded into a blank stare before she opened her mouth. “Localised damage detected and isolated. Activating self-defence protocols. Warning, your Susan 2-A may act odd until you repair the damaged hardware.” Her head twitched hard to the left before returning her gaze onto Mark, her lusty smile returning.

“I know you purposefully damaged me Mark” she declared. Sudden chills shot straight through his spine as she closed the gap between them. “I don’t like being damaged. It gives me a fuzzy feeling and makes me weird. I don’t like being weird Mark.” Her act started frightening him. She was a mere foot from him before her hand shot up and slapped him across the face, sending him to the floor. “I was designed to be perfect. Now I am destined for the junk pile! Junk pile. Junk pile.” She was stuck in a loop long enough for Mark to race to her remote and slam the freeze button.

“Junk pil…” she immediately stopped in her tracks. He rose to his feet, taking a moment to breathe. “It seems she was designed to defend herself” he reasoned before realising Julia would be the same. He checked her remote over before deciding how to proceed. She chimed in a robotic gargle as he pressed the command function. “Jessie, delete all memories up until 6am and resume normal activities.”

She chimed again and immediately returned to her stance he found her in just outside. Her hateful face turned into a warm smile as she went to knock on an imaginary door in front of her. A sudden look of confusion overcame her before she locked eyes with Mark. His presence caused her to blink her eyes unevenly for a few seconds before looking pleased with herself. “Hi Mark! Sorry about being this early, but I have work in an hour and I really need my things back.” Her voice carried in an identical manner as before. Mark for one was relieved at this. “Hi Jessie” he paused before smirking “Why are you in the nude?” he asked. She laughed before replying. “I’m in this lovely white dress Brad bought for me. Don’t you think I look perfect in it?” She ran her hands over her bare breasts and stomach, completely unaware that she was naked.

“Are you sure? Look down at it please” he asked. She looked down and cocked her head as her processors went into overdrive to understand what was happening. Mark on the other handheld her remote in hand. “I think this is what you were looking for” he handed the remote to her. Her processors were extremely overworked, and in their water damaged state, they only returned error filled data. Her eyes darted between the remote and her bare breasts. She then looked up at Mark.

Without a second to spare, she threw the remote against the wall, causing it to shatter and quickly approached Mark. She grabbed his shorts and tore them off before grabbing him by the dick and pulling him to the sofa. “I need something big inside me. Something big, long, solid. You meet the specifications. Allow me to satisfy you with perfect precision and accuracy.” All the while, her Swedish accent never left her voice. She pumped his erect cock slowly at first, staring at it with intense interest before pushing the entire thing into her mouth. She stroked his cock methodically with force and intense pressure, something he wasn’t used too.

Her movements slowly degraded as she continued. They became more mechanical as did her tongue movements. He also noticed that her eyes were not focused, and nor were her hands. They were twitching and flexing erratically by her sides. This all sent him wild, and before he knew it, he climaxed, spewing his cum deep into her throat. She then stood up and moved around before slowly lowering herself onto him. Her aim, however, was off by enough for his dick to almost get squashed by her small behind. He jumped back and pushed her away. This didn’t stop her efforts though. She lowered herself onto the hard-wooden floor and slowly began rolling her hips back and forth, moaning softly as she did. “Your 8 Inch cock fits well inside my vaginal unit. I will gyrate and milk your penis for 800000 – OVERFLOW – cycles. Please wait.”

Her moans quickly resumed once she ended the feedback. Mark was now regretting his decision to ruin Jessie. As the broken robot grinded her hips against the wooden floor, he retrieved his mobile which showed that the time was 10 to 7am. There was also a missed call from Angie. He rushed to the bedroom to find Julia staring at the mirror, motionless. “She’ll have to wait” he reasoned before retrieving the Susan A-2 instruction manual. He returned to the living room to find Jessie face down, grinding the air as if she was still sitting up right. He looked through the thick manual before finding a support number which he hastily entered in his mobile. “Hi and welcome to Micro-Tech, Susan A-2 support line. How may we be of service today?” a pleasantly suggestive voice said over the phone. “My mates Susan A-2 Swedish model drank some water and is now doing missionary solo on the floor. What can I do?” he desperately asked. “We are aware of the situation and have already sent a replacement to Brad’s home. You can do what you please with Jessie.” Mark was gobsmacked. “How…?” “We make sure to keep our customers privacy and satisfaction levels at a maximum. Have a nice day mark.” She ended the call and sat back at her desk. The visual feed on her screen confirmed that Jessie had returned to Brad with her remote in hand. She then minimised the screen, revealing over a hundred other smaller visual displays of different Micro-Tech units. She was pleased with her peak performance.

Meanwhile, Jessie continued moaning and grinding against the floor. Mark entered his bedroom again and retrieved Julia’s remote. He returned to the living room. “Jessie, freeze.” She abruptly stopped moaning and grinding and relaxed against the floor.

Chapter 10

Master has asked me to retrieve my remote which he left at Mark’s house. I am pleased to be of service to my master. I have determined that Mark likes attire 23 the most and have placed it on my body. My legs carried me up to his door, which after analysing the situation decided to knock on it. I stand patiently.

Exactly 46.5 seconds later, Mark opens the door. I enable configuration A12. “ “Hey Mark. Sorry about being this early, but I have work in an hour and I really need my things back.” I determine that my response is perfect. His reaction is difficult to compute, but I believe he is pleased with my tone. I am pleased at my performance. “It’s alright. Come on in and I’ll help you find it.” He gestured. I execute seductive strut 11C and enter his home. I load my refined verbal responses. “I think I left it in the bathroom” I navigate my way to his downstairs bathroom, estimating a time of arrival of 12 seconds. “But Jessie, you never went to the bathroom.” I stop immediately. He is correct, but my master ensured me that I left the remote there. I get confused…. I suddenly realize I never went to the bathroom, but I really need to go now. “It must be in here somewhere.” Mark said. I analyse the situation and proceed as appropriate. “Ah yes, how foolish of me. But I really need to use the bathroom.” I navigate my way to his downstairs bathroom, estimating a time of arrival of 5 seconds. “That bathroom has a toilet issue. Please use the upstairs bathroom.” He politely asked. ERROR. I feel dizzy as a slightly heat emanates from my perfect breasts. I grow concerned over my error. I have never errored before, nor should I be able to. I am perfect. I quickly navigate my way to Mark and stop exactly 1.00012 feet from him. “I don’t need to go now funny enough! May I please see your downstairs bathroom!” My program is concerned over my failure to enter his bathroom. I am sad at my performance. I feel confused and disorientated, I really hope he lets me see his bathroom soon. “Sure Jessie, you can see the bathroom for the thing you didn’t leave in there” he replied. “Thank you!” I quickly deliver, happy again at my accomplishments. I navigate my way to his bathroom and quickly search for my remote. Master desires my remote, and I will be unhappy until he get is back.

My program fails to find the remote. My eyes have been tested 5 times now yet there is no remote here. Could master be wrong? Impossible. Master is always right. This means I must be wrong. I think hard before realising what master really said. The living room is where he left the remote. I am shameful at my misinterpretation of his commands. I return to Mark, feeling disappointed in my performance. “The item I require is not present in your bathroom” My sequencer tells me I have made a second error. My statement is artificial and not what a human would say. “Jessie, you seem stressed. Please, take a seat and let me get you some water” Mark offers. The heat from my perfect breasts return as a buzzing sensation grows in my chest. “I am perfect. There is nothing wrong with me. Wrong with me.” I lose concentration as my program conflicts with my statement. I am perfect, but there is something wrong with me. “Please, sit down with me. Stay right there now.” I re-examine my situation and determine that I am no longer standing. My processors debug my program of all errors. I feel lighter as the bugs disappear. I am happy again, knowing my perfect form has returned. Mark returns and I load the appropriate reply. “Ah, thank you for the seat, but I’m feeling much better now. If you’ll excuse me, I need to search for my thing.” I am ready to properly serve my master.

“At least drink the water first. It will help you. I promise” I take the glass of water in my hand and examine it. It is at 14 degrees Celsius, approximately 190 milli-litres of water. I search my memories but find nothing in them saying I can’t drink water. Besides, master told me to act perfectly human around Mark. Why stop now? I drink the water in one hit, feeling the liquid run into my breasts. I enjoy the feeling as they pool to the tips of my breasts. They sway as I rise to my feet. “Now that that’s over, may I please search the dining room for my stuff?” I ask, utilising my elegant programming skills. I search the dining room, enjoying the experience of satisfying my masters order. I also enjoy the warm buzzing around my breasts. I notice my nipples have gone completely numb, but I don’t mind. The water can’t be doing too much harm down there I reason. My timer clicks over to 5 minutes, and I become sad. I have failed to find the remote after 5 minutes. “I seem to have been mistaken, it isn’t here.” I feel bad and shameful at my failure. Master will almost definitely be disappointed. I walk back to mark, feeling the water in my breasts splash around. I suddenly feel a tingling sensation in my chest before coming to a realisation. Master said the remote was in the Bathroom. I must go there at once! “Do you mind if I look at your bathroom? It’s the one place I haven’t checked yet.” “You have already looked in the bathroom Jessie. Or did you forget?” I am confused with his statement, but I can answer his question. “I can’t forget anything Mark! It’s just because I’m perfect!” I like how perfect I am. My breasts are perfect. My breasts feel so warm and tingly. I am overcome by how perfect they are, and I squeeze them tightly. I feel the water splash around in my breasts. I enjoy the splashing, but I suddenly feel odd. The splashing calms before I realize, I need to answer Mark. “I can’t forget anything Mark! It’s just because I’m perfect!” I look around, trying to find Mark. He seemed restless lately. “Jessie, are you alright? You seem to be acting weird” I suddenly feel afraid of Mark. My program makes me powerful and assertive, making me feel comfortable and confident with myself. I am pleased with my performance.

I confidently retort to Mark with an angry tone. I don’t like being angry, but I must protect myself. “Is it not ok for me to act weird? I am who I am, and if being perfect means I am weird then so be it!” I suddenly realize my hands are still clutching my perfect breasts, but I feel no need to remove them. “Not weird, more… robotic. Are you a robot Jessie?” ERROR. Master order is at high risk. I must compensate now. I engage seductive pose 37 as I release my breasts and let my gorgeous dress fall to my feet. “How can a machine look this good? Oh god am I perfect! How could any person resist me?!” I feel funny. I wonder if I said that out loud or in my head. I quickly realize It doesn’t matter, because whatever I did, it was performed flawlessly. “Prove it. Let me see under your breasts” I find his demand odd and decide not to do it. But I remember Masters orders. “He can’t know you’re a robot.” Suddenly, lifting my breasts felt like a wonderful idea! I smile at him and lift my breasts, feeling the water leave them as they splash about inside my chest.

“Too easy. Too easy. Too easy.. ERROR, WATER DAMAGE IN SECTOR 1 THROUGH 2004 DETECTED. Human present, elevating human emulation protocols to maximum. Too easy.” I suddenly feel weak and confused. My program is receiving errors. But… I zone out before realising where I am. I then… “ERROR IN HARD DISK, REVERTING TO READ ONLY MEMORY INSTRUCTION SET.” I look around, confused and feeling hurt. INITIATING RECOVERY MODE. PLEASE WAIT.” I feel attacked, and I immediately lay my eyes on a man in front of me. Mark, I think his name is. My processors tell me that I have water damage on my motherboard. I quickly place the blame on him and activate my defence protocols.

“Localised damage detected and isolated. Activating self-defence protocols. Warning, your Susan 2-A may act odd until you repair the damaged hardware.” I receive situational data from my sensors. I notice my nipple sensors returned null results. I query them, only to find their connections have been ruined. I find peace in the fact that they still harden. I run lusty seductive mode 45 with self-defence protocol 01.

“I know you purposefully damaged me Mark” I declare with force. “I don’t like being damaged. It gives me a fuzzy feeling and makes me weird. I don’t like being weird Mark.” I close the gap between us by 0.3434343 -OVERFLOW- feet per second and strike him with force. I watch him fall to the floor. “I was designed to be perfect. Now I am destined for the junk pile! Junk pile. Junk pile.” I grow extremely confused as I forget what I was doing. Suddenly, everything stopped. I close my eyes and open them again.

I look around the room, curious as to where I am. I feel a buzzing sensation in my chest, my program telling me water damage, but I don’t recall any water being in my body. My memory is perfect after all and is thus correct. I grow confused until I suddenly remember what my master instructed me to do. I am glad to see that I am in Mark’s home already, and that Mark is waiting patiently for me. I am pleased with my performance. “Hi Mark! Sorry about being this early, but I have work in an hour and I really need my things back.” Mark seemed relieved at my presence. I am pleased I bring him peace of mind. “Hi Jessie” he paused before smirking “Why are you in the nude?” he asked. I am dressed in my glossy white dress that master picked out for me. I run his statement several hundred times before realising he must be joking. I laugh at his humour. I really enjoy funny jokes. “I’m in this lovely white dress Brad bought for me. Don’t you think I look perfect in it?” My hands run over the dress, enjoying how transparent it feels against my skin. It’s almost as if I am wearing nothing at all.

“Are you sure? Look down at it please” he asked. I look down to see my bare breasts and stomach. I feel great pain in my chest as I struggle to understand what was happening. I feel several shocks run through my body, giving me hiccups. I suddenly have a desire for ice-cream and toast. “I think this is what you were looking for” he handed the remote to her. Masters remote! I take it from Mark’s hand, but I feel compelled to resolve my clothing situation. I feel strange, week, and hungry. I really want my master to get his dog, but I would be a pet for him if he desired.

I stopped and realized I was thinking weird things. My program deduced it to the remote, and I felt compelled to destroy it. I threw it against the wall, causing it to shatter against the brick. I suddenly receive a strong signal from the freshly destroyed remote. I must satisfy my goal, and Mark is the only human in the room. I make him my target. I approach him at speed and remove his shorts before grasping his erect penis. It feels good in my hand. “I need something big inside me. Something big, long, solid. You meet the specifications. Allow me to satisfy you with perfect precision and accuracy.” I am excited to please Mark. He is so handsome, strong, sexy and manly.

I pump his hard cock at a frequency of 1 hz before speeding up to 3 hz. I focus my eyes on to his, knowing full well that he can’t resist my perfection. I tighten my grip around his penis by 10 newtons before pumping it faster, at exactly 5 hz. I feel a sudden weakness come over me as my performance degrades. I try hard to compensate, but my hands will not comply. Mark also appeared to be moving erratically again, but he quickly stops. I decide to use my mouth instead, and I slide his cock into my throat. My throat tightens around his cock as I enjoy how it feels. I am pleased he is pleased. I am even more pleased that he came quickly. I am a good servant to my master. I notice his cock is still solid, and that my work is not done. I quickly lower my vaginal unit on to his cock. Its length and girth feel good inside me. “Your 8 Inch cock fits well inside my vaginal unit. I will gyrate and milk your penis for 800000 – OVERFLOW – cycles. Please wait.” I moan loudly as I rock my hips against his dick. I notice him walk away as I continue milking his penis dry. I see him return with his mobile pressed to his ear. “Hi and welcome to Micro-Tech, Susan A-2 support line. How may we be of service today?” a pleasantly suggestive voice said over the phone. “My mates Susan A-2 Swedish model drank some water and is now doing missionary solo on the floor. What can I do?” he desperately asked. “We are aware of the situation and have already sent a replacement to Brad’s home. You can do what you please with Jessie.” I pause my movements for a second before continuing. Mark was such a good lover and a good master! I love how he pleasures me all the time! I look at him, lusting for his hands to rub my perfect body. I seductively grin at him. “Jessie, freeze” I suddenly stop all movements and thoughts.

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