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Electra huffed and looked around nervously. I looked around as well copying her, and realized that we were alone. Of course we were, everyone else was inside working. Abruptly, Electra lifted up her shirt in front of me. I freaked out for a moment but realized she wasn't flashing me, and was only showing me her muscular tight stomach.

"Push my belly button in for 3 seconds" she demanded.

"I don't think I should just be touching a girl" I objected. "I'll get in-"

"Just do it stupid!" she ordered.

She was clearly serious, and I didn't want to get a finger broken by NOT touching her, so... I pressed my index finger gently against her stomach. She giggled with a girlish laugh for a moment as I felt her soft warm skin.

"Harder than that" she clarified harshly.

"Right" I grunted as I pushed my finger against her harder. She was still warm, soft, and human as far as I could tell. She heaved slightly as a barely audible click released something inside her. I watched with amazement and fascination as her stomach popped open with two large panels, which she opened to either side to reveal her true nature. Inside I could see small diodes flashing, wires and tubes, plastic and circuits, and everything else you'd expect to see in a robot, and then some. She was unlike any android I had ever seen, and she had several systems I never saw before.

"Don't look so closely" she blushed. "It's embarrassing."


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