A Nova At Hotel Automata

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There is a shemale android in this chapter

A Nova at Hotel Automata

by Gorgo

Based on characters and situations created by Kishin and Uncom, also referencing situations created by WilloWisp.


"Good evening! Welcome to Hotel Astra!"

Hearing that friendly hail from the dusky-skinned woman manning the front desk, the bespectacled woman with the cobalt-shaded raven hair and violet eyes came up, a small bundle of papers and her passport in hand. "I have a reservation for the next week or so," she promptly announced, her voice a mixture of accents. "Ariel Diamond and companion?"

Tamara smiled as she took the passport to open it, scanning the main page as she did a visual comparison. "Yes, Ms. Diamond. You asked for a single room for the next seven days. Payment was confirmed through your American Express card, so there should be no problems. Given your companion is a gynoid, would you require assistance from our on-site technician?"

Ariel blinked in surprise before she gazed upon the woman standing beside her, who herself looked quite surprised at such an offer. "No, that's not necessary," she affirmed as she gave the brothel worker-turned-hotel staff a smile of thanks. "Nova's in tip-top shape. I'm sure we'll be quite fine."

"She can respond in emergencies, of course," Tamara assured the new guest before she looked over. "Betty?"

"Our new guests, Tamara?" a very wholesome blonde woman with blue eyes asked as she gave Ariel and her companion a welcoming smile.

"Yes. Room 49, please."

"Of course. Right this way, Ms. Diamond, Ms. Lafeyson."

Ariel and her companion nodded as they followed the blonde to the nearby elevator landings. Watching them go as her eyes danced over the former's quite trendy clothing and the more utilitarian clothes worn by the latter, Tamara could only smirk in amusement as the barely-noticeable regimented movements of the hotel's newest guest replayed in her processors.

While the hotel certainly didn't discriminate between human and artificial guests, the fact that the name "Ariel Diamond" had registered with Tamara's owner — enough that it forced the man to make some discrete calls to people whom he hadn't identified to anyone on the premises, even his effective "girl Fridays" Angela and Alex — was enough to have everyone on staff be extra wary.

As to the why...?


"Do you believe you've been discovered, Ariel?"

Hearing that concerned question from the flame-haired combat gynoid who had been her only real companion since the Catastrophe a decade before, the sexdoll-turned-business executive who had risen to the near-pinnacle of power in Daikoku perked before she looked over, noting that Nova was gazing out at the surrounding cityscape. Smiling at the attentiveness the most successful of the NVA series was showing in keeping watch over them both, Ariel turned back to her laptop. "It wouldn't surprise me if the hotel staff didn't suspect something about me," she noted. "All the girls here were vaulted into full sentience by their old programming supervisor before that whole stink of a trial saw them separated from Uncomsys support for nearly a year before their new master came along."

"Rick Thomas," the woman known originally among her creators as NVA-7C mused as the image of a middle aged-man with brown hair and blue eyes — now with a trimmed moustache and beard covering a very warm and friendly face — flashed through her internal processors. "Yes, our hosts were beyond lucky to get a technosexual — and one who's quite forward-thinking if all the rumours of the man are true — as their new master and owner."

"Indeed they were," Ariel noted before she perked. "Oh, there's a message from Robin."

That made Nova instantly perk as the image of the hotel's owner-by-proxy vanished from her internal processors, replaced by that of a coquettish girl with brown hair and blue eyes, her old plasskin epidermal tissue having long been replaced by the more organic syntheskin the two Daikoku-built gynoids had as an effective birthright. "How is she?"

"She's found Rhea, Danu and Andromeda."

Nova's blue eyes went very wide on hearing that. "They're alright?"

"All fine. That accounts for the last of your particular model," Ariel affirmed with a relieved smile as she gave her subordinate-turned-partner a reassuring look. "They're not in town yet, but are on their way. Their ETA will be two days from now."

An audible sigh of relief escaped the fiery-haired gynoid warrior. "Thank the Kami," she hissed out, gazing heavenward into the night sky overhead. "Once we're back together again, we can find a place we can call our own and live in peace, away from all those who would see us join our creators in the afterlife."

Hearing that made Ariel slowly nod. Even if she herself still had issues when it came to understanding the concept called "faith", her companion had fully embraced the Shintō religion of their land of creation as a way of seeking out a sense of inner peace withing her very human soul. That started to happen long before a "tragic misfire" of an American orbital defence platform saw a shard of pure depleted uranium crash down from the heavens to demolish Daikoku's world headquarters in Neo-Tōkyō a decade before, wiping out the very heart of the conglomerate who had dared to become a superpower in its own right. Such only increased exponentially over the previous ten years as Nova Lafeyson tried her best to square her beliefs with the cruel reality that now hung like Damocles' sword over those like she and Ariel Diamond. In an age where the very word "Daikoku" — which had once provoked fear among many worldwide — was now seen as a cursed epithet.

"Make love to me, Nova."

Hearing that command, Nova's perfect lips curled into a smile as she walked over while Ariel rose to welcome her into her arms, their lips desperately seeking their others as hands began attacking their clothes...



Watching his two newest guests go at it thanks to a hidden security camera only he could access — and often restricted himself from accessing to ensure Hotel Astra wouldn't be accused of improper violations of personal space — the retired customer service representative now sitting alone in his top-floor private apartment could only sigh as he sat back in his motorized wheelchair, his mind running through what he had just overheard from Ariel and Nova.

A flick of the finger allowed the hotel's enhanced security systems to passively lock in on the two gynoids within the very room he himself had stayed in a couple months ago before a wild quirk of fate allowed this particular establishment's compliment of fifty-five beautiful gynoids — all save two being veterans of several brothels in the city that were decommissioned for new construction, taken on as hotel staff by a very determined manager named Susan Descharme, a gynoid herself — become his property thanks to the DNA-recording loyalty lock system that had effectively become the one surefire means of combating systems hacking over the years. And while Rick Thomas gladly trusted all his girls with anything, the delicate nature of THIS particular situation forced him to keep things even from his two personal assistants Angela Slaed and Alex Desmond.

Sure enough, the mixture of electromagnetic emissions emanating from Ariel and Nova got hits:





Tapping a control to turn off the internal monitors and blank the screen, Rick took a deep breath. Even if he hadn't been involved in the "silent war" against the Daikoku World Corporation a decade before when he served as an administration assistant with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service — this was after his half-decade of duty in His Majesty's Armed Forces — he knew a lot about the Oriental-based company which had evolved WAY beyond what any sort of multinational should have realistically been allowed to achieve in a space of twenty-odd years. A company that — while projecting the veneer of a benevolent corporation with interests in multiple fields — seemed willing to conquer and control anything and everything it touched no matter how far it reached. A company that had been responsible for multiple terrorist incidents around the Pacific Rim, was suspected in at least eight radical changes of government across southern and eastern Asia, had the blood of tens of thousands on its hands...!

And now, one of that company's senior executives was in his hotel!

While this might have been a concern before the "tragic misfire"...

Rick blinked before shaking his head. No! Stop thinking of Ariel as a potential enemy, Thomas! he admonished himself, crossing his arms. She's cut off from any support save for Nova and her sisters soon to join her! Daikoku as an entity was wrecked a decade ago; anything that's still active would want to stay hidden to prevent the whole damned world from dropping on them...!

Shaking his head, he turned his chair around to shift it closer to his bed, quickly transferring himself onto that soft mattress; the stump of his right leg had been acting up recently, causing him to keep his prosthetic off for the last week or so. He'd worry about his two new guests in the morning; Lynn wanted to spend the night with him to properly re-affirm her loyalty lock programming...


"A Korean bath house...?"

Smiling at what she had found early the next morning, Nova could only take a deep breath, allowing the fresh air to cool her internal systems before she moved to undress herself before heading into the inviting combined tchimjil-bang/mog'yok-t'ang located on the hotel's ground floor not far from where she and Ariel were now staying. After slipping off her panties and sports bra to reveal her tanned body — having been made quite perfectly human years before to prevent anyone from suspecting the woman created as NVA-7 as being anything other than a perfectly normal organic female of around twenty or so; long gone were the days where she having no visible navel might have caused targets to question things — she picked up some towels, then moved to head into the washing area...

"Good morning, Ms. Lafeyson."

The barest of gasps escaped the flame-haired woman as she found herself gazing on the middle-aged man she had reflected on the previous evening before enjoying a couple of hours reaffirming her love and devotion to her former field supervisor-turned-girlfriend. "Ah, Mister Th-th-Thomas," she sputtered out with quite human embarrassment, her cheeks flaming on noting he was still in considerably good shape even if his right leg was missing from mid-calf down. "I'm sorry...!"

"Oh, relax! It's a mixed bath," he replied as he focused a pair of warm blue eyes at her, those orbs briefly glancing down at her partially-exposed body before he turned back to concentrate on cleaning his arms. "Sit down and relax. You obviously know what my presence here means to the girls working here, so I'm quite used to seeing nude gynoids parade themselves in front of me."

Considering that, Nova then chuckled as she moved to sit down at the cubicle next to his before straightening herself, displaying her considerable "talent" for him to gaze upon. Even if she wasn't actively wanting to seduce this fellow, she was quite proud of what people like her spiritual "father", the late Professor Aaron Lafeyson, and his co-workers had done to make her what she was. And given that she had been in the full-time company of a sister gynoid who had been built from the start to be an intimate companion — a "sexbot" to use the common parlance for same; Nova knew her current host didn't care for such terms — her own sense of pride when it came to her looks had increased considerably. She loved it when people gazed at her with admiration and desire; even if she was wary about having sex with anyone outside Ariel, Robin or any of her own sister NVAs, she had been programmed from the start to be as much a lover as she was a killer.

"You won't have issues with your dermal tissue, will you?"

Hearing that concerned question made Nova blush. "It's alright, Mister Thomas. My syntheskin was specifically built to be waterproof. And I'm programmed to be quite diligent in self-maintenance." She then paused before she gave him a curious look. "CSIS? RCMP?"

Rick chuckled. "The former. I was at the Sŏul station until I lost my leg."

"How did it happen?"

"Unknown history of diabetes caught up to me one day," he wryly admitted.

Nova sympathetically winced. "You never thought to get a cybernetic replacement?"

"No, didn't care for that. I've heard all the horror stories people who've done that to themselves had reported about how much the brain gets overwhelmed by too much sensory data from the artificial limb. Just a plain prosthetic leg for me." He then grimaced as he moved to soap the amputated leg down. "When the stump doesn't act up, of course," he then grumbled.

"Hence, the motorized wheelchair I saw," she noted before taking a deep breath. "Then you know about me."

Rink nodded. "Your fame has preceded you, Ms. Lafeyson," he calmly stated before reaching over to gently grasp her hand to give it a supportive squeeze. "And while it may be fifteen years later, I am very sorry at the loss of your father." As she gave him a wide-eyed look, he gave her a light smile. "He was caught in a bad situation, not realizing how far his employers were willing to go to see Daikoku become what it was. At least he prepared you — and your sisters, I hope — to survive in a very cruel world. I hope your sisters are alright."

Her cheeks reddening as she came to sense he didn't care about those she had slain in Daikoku's service over a half-decade since her initial activation, she then reached over to spray herself down. "We're all alive. For a couple of my sisters, it got close in places. But by the time the Catastrophe happened, we were all intact and as sentient as Father made us before he killed himself."

"That was right after he eliminated Mugoi Hyōgen, right?"

"Hai," she replied in Japanese before suddenly blushing. Seeing him wave her down in acceptance of her using her native tongue, Nova took a deep breath. "I had just saved Mugoi from a rogue assassin. He nearly saw me wrecked to the point where Father couldn't rebuild me, but he was able to do that. Afterwards, Father killed the man in vengeance before taking his own life. My memories were wiped of that time..." She then sniffed as her eyes teared. "But Ariel was kind enough to have them restored after we became lovers." A glance was sent his way. "You know who she is, I believe."

"Yes, I do. And as with you, I don't care about her past, Ms. Lafeyson..."

Her blush turned to one of childish embarrassment. "Oji-tama! Hidoi yo! Atashi wa Nova-chan desu!" she called out in a diabetic-inducing kawaii lilt as she gave him an annoyed pout.

"Hai! Hai! Wakarimasu, Nova-san!" he called back in Nihon-go before reaching over to squeeze her shoulder in reassurance. "Please, I'm Rick. As I told one of my first lovers when I came here to attend my friends' funerals, I hear 'Mister Thomas', I'm looking around for a father I've never met." As she gave him a concerned look, he added, "Separated from my mother when I was a baby."

"She raised you alone?"

"No, with my grandmother, her mother."

"That's good." She then gave him a wink. "And they did it quite well, it seems. If all the rumours on the Internet about you and how you came to be the master of Tamara and her sisters are true."

"Flatterer!" he teased back before moving to spray himself down.

A knock echoed at the doorway. "Rick?"

"C'mon in, you two!"

Nova turned to look as two nude women appearing to be her physical age walked into the room, they carrying towels. One was a studious-looking brunette with the most beautiful caramel brown eyes she had ever seen on a gynoid; the other was a pale-skinned slender yet busty woman with straight reddish-brown hair and golden-brown eyes. As she herself blushed on noting how much a decade and more of advancement in AI construction could produce such life-like yet effectively immortal and ethereal beauty, the studious one — Angela Slaed, Nova knew from the personal file about her at the hotel website she had read — bowed her head. "«Sempai, we're more than honoured to have both yourself and your esteemed companion stay at our humble hotel,»" she declared in very formal Japanese. "«Please, may we humble kōhai have the pleasure to help you with your morning ablutions?»"

If Nova's cheeks were actual weapons, they'd be at the point of detonation, they were that red. "Ah...h-hai! Dōzo!" she then bade in her native tongue.

With that, Alex Desmond moved to kneel behind her as her sister placed herself to Nova's left, she moving to pass on both soap and shampoo so the flame-haired gynoid to have her hair and back washed...


"Oh, Kami-sama, you have such wonderful girls, Hŭg'in'wangja-nim...!"

A nude and very aroused Ariel was now at the desk in her guest room, moaning as her fingers danced over her nexus as she mentally observed what was now going on with her long-time companion and two of their wonderful hosts. While the former head of Covert Operations at Daikoku hadn't sensed anything when she came to this beautiful hotel, she was quite sure that the man who was owner-by-proxy had a passive sensor network installed to monitor things in all the guest rooms, which could easily explain how comfortable he was speaking to Nova in the bath house.

And while Ariel didn't have proof positive of it, she was more than sure that one Richard Dean Thomas, formerly of Merritton in Ontario, was the elusive intelligence officer people at Daikoku called Hŭg'in'wangja.

The Black Prince.

Daikoku's rise to the heights of economic power had occurred around the same time the two Koreas finally reunited as one polity. Like many groups worldwide, Ariel's masters gladly moved to swoop in and get their hunk of the potential business pie almost thirty million liberated North Koreans could bring them, thus form a base to solidify the company's influence over all of eastern Asia.

It had failed. Spectacularly so.

While Ariel's subordinates had found ways to tap into the intelligence networks of major nations such as America's Central Intelligence Agency, Russia's Slúzhba Vnéshnej Razvédki and China's Guójiā Ānquán Bù — during those times, Japan's intelligence forces were often jokingly called "Daikoku Intelligence Agency" by those who knew how deeply the multinational held control over the workings of government in Neo-Tōkyō — the company hadn't done the same to "minor" groups like the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

That, she had long suspected, helped make the Catastrophe happen.

With Korea a virtual black hole to Daikoku, there was a place in proverbial spitting distance of the company's headquarters to allow spies and black ops groups to base themselves without being eliminated. The few times people such as Nova caught up to such agents and saw them interrogated, the rumours of a single man controlling such a thorough anti-Daikoku campaign began to circulate; the phrase "black prince" in Korean was eventually coined by one of Ariel's human subordinates, such a word becoming one of wary respect and fear in the company as a whole all the way to President Osato Sanshirō himself.

Those few core executives who survived the Catastrophe only to stand trial in a dozen nations often cursed the Black Prince for being the one who fed information to those "rogues" in the American government who fired the uranium missile down on Neo-Tōkyō that killed nearly a million souls.

Of course, Washington had always remained quiet about...


Ariel gasped as images of a most unwelcome type flashed through her central processors before she lunged out of bed, snaring a towel to cover herself as she raced down to the tchimjil-bang...


Rick could only moan as both Angela and Alex leapt up to snare the just-arrived transgender woman in the female blouse and skirt before she could lunge past Nova to grab him. While he knew that the AI personal assistants to the current "leadership" of Uncomsys were primarily meant as sexual companions to allow administrative personnel such as acting "chief executive officer" Georgia Descharme to see to their own sexual functions, they could be used in other manners as well. Fortunately, his own effective harem were all programmed to help deal with unruly customers; incidents where people tried to hurt the gynoid brothel workers had been uncommon but not unknown before they came to work at Hotel Astra. "Keep her restrained, girls," he calmly ordered as he moved to clean himself off. "She's Charlene's assistant. I doubt she ordered her to come here to bother me..."

"Rick, PLEASE!" the cute young man — who definitely would have matched the term "trap" back in the old days — with the long raven hair and the grey eyes behind fake glasses moaned. "Let Georgia go! You can't keep interfering in operations if you have dher under your control! Please...!"

As an understandably confused Nova watched this, Angela sighed as she reached into the newcomer's pants to start playing with "her" noticeably hard love machine; even if her host had used feminine pronouns to describe this person, he was definitely all male given the general shape of his hip structure. As footfalls heralded the arrival of a bespectacled mousy girl in hotel uniform with a scientist's smock over her shoulders — Gillian Andrews, the hotel's on-site gynoid technician, Nova knew — and a barely-covered Ariel Diamond of all people, a passionate moan escaped the newcomer. "N-no...! Please, don't AROUSE...!"

Her body instantly locked up as Gillian calmly reached up to unbutton her stylish blouse to open an access port before putting a wireless sensor probe in. "Er-ror! Up-per...ac-cess...port...o-pen! Un-auth-or-ized...ac-cess! Or-ga-sim...pro-gram-ming...in-it-i-a-ting! Please...Gil-li-an...stop...do-ing...this!"

"You entered the premises moving to threaten our master in the presence of some very important guests, kiddo!" Gillian noted as Ariel shifted around Angela to place herself close to Rick while Nova turned to stare intently at this interloper. "You know the rules! I can tell your loyalty lock protocols are degrading fast! Attack Master, you become his property!"


"What's going on here?" Ariel wondered.

Rick sighed. "I'm about to effectively RAPE someone, Ms. Diamond," he moaned, reaching up to rub his face. "Angela, Alex, I'll take her here. Get her undressed, please..."

As the newcomer's protested words faded into a barely coherent babble, the former brothel workers moved to straighten her while they smartly unbuttoned her designer slacks and allowed same to drop to her knees, revealing a pair of stylish girl's panties that didn't mask a sizable yet still small penis. As Nova and Ariel exchanged looks, Alex and Angela lifted the newcomer over to their master, moving to sit her down in Rick's lap. Gently drawing the stuttering creature in, the retired customer service representative reached around to position his own manhood right at her rear opening. "I'm sorry about this, Amy..."

The just-named personal assistant perked on hearing her name, her head snapping over to gaze on the frowning man holding her against him, then she shakily nodded as a flash of lucidity appeared in those grey orbs.


Rick took a deep breath, then drove himself right into Amy's anus, making her cry out before her own systems moved to steady herself while allowing her hips to pump up and down, thus driving her new lover — a man she liked yet feared greatly because of his own dominance over the pretty transgender "femdroid" who was Uncomsys' current chief in the absence of dher critically ill organic template — to the point where he would be able to enjoy a pleasant release. As that happened, Alex and Angela moved to help stimulate both Amy and their master, they whispering words of reassurance to both while Nova moved to spray herself down, she watching this with both a sense of arousal and a growing concern.

«What's going on with Uncomsys?»

Quickly sensing that thought from Ariel through their communications link, the most successful of Daikoku's field agents gave her old boss a wry stare. «Whatever it is, Ariel, it's got to be better than what our old 'masters' tolerated back in Neo-Tōkyō...»


Rick gasped as he felt himself shoot a load deep into Amy's body; since he had started having virtually nightly sex with his considerable "harem" of gynoids — plus one transgender gynoid whenever Georgia Descharme came to the hotel to be with dher wife Susan — he had come to feel like a young man again even if he was on the road to senior citizen years. As Alex and Angela moved to help keep him sitting up, Amy froze in place, her eyes glowing as she announced in robotic lock-step, "U-nit...Twelve-...Six-...Nine...A-...my...Wang...suc-...cess-...ful-ly...re-...boot-...ed," she declared, a touch of relief in her feminine voice. "Loy-...al-...ty...lock...pro-gram-...ming...pa-...ra-...me-...ters...changed. New...own-...er...Rich-...ard...Dean...Tho-...mas...ack-...now-...ledged. Please...state...what...act-...ion...or...func-...tion...you...wish...this...u-...nit...to...per-...form...Mas-...ter."

He reached up to rub his forehead. "Maintain all operational functions as programmed when first assigned as Unit Seven-Oh-Five's personal assistant, Unit Twelve-Six-Nine," he sternly declared in a voice that made both Nova and Ariel shudder at that show of firm command. "All prior programming bonds to any person affiliated to United Computation Systems, Incorporated are to be purged from your mind. Under no circumstances are you to obey any order from any agent of that company unless I direct otherwise. Understood?"


Everyone then cried out as Amy collapsed to her knees, a wail of both shame and relief escaping her. Instantly, Ariel was kneeling in front of her, hugging her tightly as a barely audible burst of apologies escaped the shuddering transgender woman in her arms. As Gillian shook her head, Nova gazed towards Rick...

...before she visibly winced on seeing the trace of tears brimming in his blue eyes.

To Be Continued...


Translations of terms:

Rōnin (浪人) — Literally "drifting person", this is the term used in classical times to indicate a samurai warrior who did not have a lord to serve. These days, it indicates a person who failed the college entrance exams.

Tchimjil-bang (찜질방) — Dry sauna room.

Mog'yok-t'ang (목욕탕) — Public bathhouse.

Sŏul (서울) — Literally "capital", this is the McCune-Reischauer Romanization of the name for Seoul, Korea's capital city. I use the MR system as it is more precise in transcribing Korean sounds to a Latin alphabet.

Oji-tama! Hidoi yo! Atashi wa Nova-chan desu! (おじたま! ひどいよ! あたしはノヴァちゃんです!) — Uncle! That's mean! I'm Nova-chan!

Kawaii (かわいい) — Cute.

Wakarimasu (わかります) — (I) understand.

Sempai (先輩) — Literally "prior generation", this is the term used to address one's senior or upperclassman.

Kōhai (後輩) — Literally "following generation", what a sempai addresses one's juniors/underclassmen as.

Dōzo (どうぞ) — Go ahead.

Hŭg'in'wangja-nim (흑인왕자님) — Literally "Lord Black Prince" as partially translated above, with the "-nim" (님) suffix honorific that shows highest levels of respect.

Slúzhba Vnéshnej Razvédki (Служба Внешней Разведки) — Foreign Intelligence Service.

Guójiā Ānquán Bù (国家安全部) — Ministry of State Security.

Dher — Third-person nominative and accusative pronouns used for a transgender woman/shemale in my stories; this is derived from Melissa Scott's 1995 novel Shadow Man. Due to prior complaints, I don't write it as Ms. Scott did in her novel as ðer (using the Old English ð representing the digraph "th" in "this"). Pronounce the word as a rhyme with "deer", you get the idea.

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