A Gift from Tomorrow

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Synopsis: A man is gifted with an advanced & sexy android from the future.

This is my first original story. It contains shapeshifting, robot on human hetero sex, nanites/nanomachines, some robot speak, some robot vision, and gets steamier as it progresses. If you like it and want to read more, please leave a rating and let me know. I have a few ideas for later chapters already. Constructive criticism is welcome, too. Enjoy. - Sanjuro

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Chapter 1

It was a cool fall morning in the mountains of southeastern America, 2021, deep in the woods on the outskirts of the town of Summitville. Chris was tying his hiking boots on the porch of the cabin he had rented for the next two weeks. It was about 7am & it had rained the night before, so the air was fresh with a light fog & the trees were glistening with dew. He liked to start his mornings with a light walk in nature and, after a simple breakfast of black coffee & a bagel, he felt energized to take in the scenery. The morning sun beams were just starting to peep over the nearest mountain, shooting rays of soft light through the forest that lit up the scenery in the most pleasant way. Today was going to be great.

Chris worked as a programmer for a big tech company & lived alone in a modest suburban home near his city job. He took a vacation from the constant stream of data & technology associated with his career to get more connected with nature. Although he was very personable & even quite handsome, he hadn't yet found a special woman throughout his twenty eight years of life. People could be too complicated, he thought. He'd been hurt by many ex-girlfriends in the past, so this lead him to find solace in solitude and to raise his standards in a partner. He kept himself healthy by staying physically active, usually with outdoor recreation, and spent lots of his free time reading books, watching films, or going on fun day trips to not-yet-seen locations. Simplicity was underrated, he always said to himself, almost like a mantra. Despite him developing a preference to being alone, he always longed for an ideal companion, one he could trust indefinitely and could trek through life with... but after all the messy breakups, being cheated on, being lied to, emotional manipulation, arguments, or simply being ignored by women he had grown to love, he was beginning to accept this ideal companion thing as a mere pipe dream. Nevertheless, Chris, a never-ending opponent to cynisism, always remained cautiously optimistic.

Not far from the trail where Chris began his hike, something strange was happening. In a small patch of grass not too far from the trail to his cabin, the wind began to swirl like a small dust devil among some fallen leaves, but in a way that didn't resemble nature. Out of sight from anyone's eyes, a spot of space just above the ground appeared to bend & warp, as the crackling sound of electricity could be heard. A quick but sudden bright flash occured, and, apparently out of the air, a small metallic ball appeared & fell to the ground. The wind settled & all appeared as normal again, the sounds of morning birds filling the air once more.

The metallic ball laid dormant for a few minutes. It was roughly the size of a golf ball & gold in color, with a craggy, mechanical surface. It had a small hole which soon illuminated with a white light. After blinking for several seconds, the ball began rolling itself through the wet leaves & the dirt, skipping over tree roots and rocks, not unlike a putted golf ball that never lost momentum. Its destination: Chris's cabin.

About a hour had passed & Chris was on the trail leading back. The fresh mountain air combined with the crisp smell of the rain-soaked earth made Chris feel happy, content, & curious. He stopped at the cabin door & began to dig for the key in his pocket when he spotted something at the doorstep: a mysterious ball was sitting dormant at his feet. He looked at it for a moment before picking it up for a closer look. He noted that it weighed roughly a pound, which was deceptive for its small size, but appeared to be more complex than a mere paperweight. Being the curious, science-minded guy he was, he carried the ball inside to investigate further.

He sat at the log table in the kitchen area of his cabin, getting a better look at the object under the light. He thought to himself that it vaguely resembled the Death Star from Star Wars, only golden, like it had fallen off a keychain or something. He knew he didn't own anything like this and he didn't see any of the nearby neighbors outside this morning. "So how did you end up at my doorstep?", he questioned aloud. At that moment, the small light on the object illuminated again & the object spoke: "Voice & DNA recognition of Christopher Johnson confirmed.", it stated in a monotone but feminine voice.

The shock caused Chris to toss the ball across the living room. He watched the ball roll across the floor away from him, come to a complete stop, & begin rolling back towards him on its own volition. He stepped away as it stopped at his feet, shocked and curious at this strange machine. "W-what the hell?!", he said.

"Greetings! I am your new SXY-1 Model 10.7.4 Companion Bot!", it said in a more bubbly, womanly voice, tinged with a mechanical overtone. "In order to begin primary functions, please provide discarded matter in front of me. I will configure this matter into nanites in order to build my default form".

Chris had many questions swirling through his mind. What the hell was a 'companion bot' & how the hell did it know his name? Figuring the object to be harmless while peaking his curiosity, he hesitated before asking 'it' a question.

"What do you mean by discarded matter?"

"I can reconfigure any carbon-based organic matter into nanites, or nano machines. You may use organic trash, garbage, waste, or similar compounds to assist me!" the ball said in a cheerful tone.

"Well, there's lots of leaves outside since it's the fall season. I guess we could try those?"

"...Leaves are acceptable!", it said after a brief pause.

Chris held the ball in his palm as he went back outside of the cabin. The property owner had recently raked the first large pile of fall leaves for the season & had yet to incinerate it, so it laid wet on the outside of the cabin. He put the strange machine down on the ground & watched it roll itself in front of the leaves. Suddenly, a white laser beam, illuminated by the misty morning air, shot out of the object towards the leaves, sweeping side to side across them in a scanning motion.

"Acceptable matter detected. Awaiting user permission to reconfigure molecular structure of 'leaves'. Note that this process can not be reversed. Shall I proceed, Christopher Johnson?"

"Uh, sure", he said hesitantly. He had no idea what was about to happen.

The laser became brighter & made a hissing sound as it scanned the leaves further, sweeping back and forth more vigorously this time as tiny wisps of smoke appeared from the end of the beam. Chris's concerns for it to catch fire rose but dissipated as he watched the pile of leaves gradually shrink down. In a matter of seconds, the pile was reduced to, what appeared to be, a puddle of gunmetal grey-colored slime.

Chris watched in disbelief as the impossible happened next. The slimy grey goo began to wiggle & crawl its way toward the golden ball. It completely encased the ball in its mass before beginning to erect itself upward, now standing before Chris at roughly his height. The shapeless goo shifted & bent into the rough shape of a human body and, as more detail became apparent, into a clearly female body. The dark grey woman, lacking any detail on her surface except for the glossy opaque slime, now stood in an anatomical position. Gradually beginning from its feet, the surface began shifting & swirling as a light tan color began to appear. The surface began resembling the texture of skin as it rose like a wave up her long legs, past her smooth hips, up her torso & breasts, down her arms, & finally to the top of her head. Blonde hair seemed to rapidly grow from her head until it relaxed barely below her shoulders. Her face, now having grown detail, was remarkably pretty, even though she stood emotionless with her eyes closed. The whole process happened in under 60 seconds, but to Chris, time seemed to stop as he watched in amazement.

Now where the pile of leaves used to be stood a beautiful & voluptuous woman, appearing to be in her early 20s & standing at about 5"7'. She had a light and even tan across every inch of her body, long toned legs like that of a dancer, firm DD breasts that sat (sat, not hung) on her chest, and well-manicured nails with French tips. She appeared to have no hair on her body below her eyebrows, her skin looking smooth & very touchable. By the looks of her vacant, symmetrical face & styled, wavy blonde hair, she looked like she was ready for a modeling photoshoot.

And she was also very naked.

The beauty opened her eyes, flashing their emerald green brilliance with a bat of her lashes, and immediately focused on Chris. She smiled brightly, showing off a set of perfect white teeth while putting her hands on her hips in a cute pose. If Chris hadn't watched her magically appear in front of him, he'd swear that she was a real flesh-and-blood woman. The resemblance was uncanny.

"Transformation into default form complete. Zero percent errors detected. All nanites are running at optimal performance. I am ready to perform my primary functions for you now, Christopher Johnson!", the woman said.

"W-wait just a moment! What the hell just happened?! What even are you and h-how-" he stopped mid sentence, gawking at her incredible body. He couldn't help but just take in the sight of her. The strange woman seemed to feel his gaze on her body & she giggled lightly, showing zero modesty about standing before a stranger in the buff, let alone outside for passerbys to see.

"I'd be happy to explain your questions in greater detail, Christopher Johnson. I reconfigured the organic matter you provided me and-", Chris hushed her by raising his hand.

"L-let's step inside first. I don't want anybody driving by to see... all this" he said as he gestured at his guest's lack of clothing.

"I do not understand, Christopher Johns-", he stopped her again.

"Please don't call me by my full name. Nobody calls me that except my mother."

"Affirmative. User name has been reset to default setting... I shall now refer to you as Master!" she said enthusiastically.

"Master? Okay, whatever, just follow me" Chris said as he gestured for her to enter his cabin. The strange woman followed behind him happily, sashaying with a lifelike gait while still wearing her smile. The nameless beauty looked at the cabin & the forest around her, taking in the sights & sounds of the outdoors as if for the first time. She had a childlike innocence about her, although she looked like she could be a Playboy centerfold. They came inside and Chris locked to door behind them, peeking through the blinds to ensure no passing hikers got an eyeful. He rented this cabin online & didn't want the owner to give him an awkward review. Chris turned around to his guest and was startled backward as she was suddenly mere inches from his face.

"You smell nice, Master. I assume you taste good, too!", she said happily, without any semblance of personal space.

"Taste!? Nevermind... we'll get back to that" Chris said as he gulped, stepping away from her. 'Was this monster-robot-woman-thing a cannibal?', he thought. They now stood in the living room area of the woodsman-themed cabin. It had a high rise ceiling with lots of amenities, since this place was often booked for vacationers and couples on their honeymoon. He gathered his thoughts for a moment, thinking of what to say next. "So let's start out slowly. First off, what do I call you? Do you have a name?"

"I am your new SXY-1 Model 10.7.4 Companion Bot!", she said in the exact time as before, except now with a mouth of her own. "I am designated to be named by my primary user, which is you, Master! What would you like to name me?"

"Uhh... Okay, okay... so a name..." he pondered as he aimlessly looked around the cabin. He spotted a famous brand of sandwich bread on top of the fridge. "What do you think about the name Sara?"

"Unit name modified to 'Sara'", she said in an monotone voice, her expression blank for a moment. "I love it! My name is Sara! Thank you, Master!" she cheered as she immediately resumed her bubbly personality.

"Okay, Sara. So let me get all this straight: you are some kind of robot that can transform matter into... nanites? And where did you come from?"

"I am the latest model of Companion Bot android, version 10.7.4 of the SXY-1 series. Using the latest matter transconfiguration technology, I am capable of rearranging organic material into microscopic machines, or nanites, that can mimic the properties of virtually any matter. The nanites follow the commands that my central unit assigns to them, working in unison as a type of mechanical organism. My default form-", she paused to look down at her own body before returning eye contact, "-was custom designed by my creators using ideal traits from the female genome. Do you find me attractive, Master?"

Sara bent one knee in a coquettish pose while putting a finger to her lip, giving him a seductive bedroom look. Chris, while still taken aback by the nature of her, began to feel his pants tighten. She seemed to have no inhibitions & behaved as though she was aching to be ravished by him. It was actually really hot.

"Well, yeah... obviously I do. Holy shit" Chris stammered before collecting himself again. "Um... now I know that this kind of technology, although theoretical, just does not exist. So, if what you're telling me is true and this is not some elaborate kind of practical joke... then where are you from?"

Sara smiled before putting her hands behind her back in a more cute pose. "I was designed at the R&D Department of ACCESS RESTRICTED! and purchased by ACCESS RESTRICTED! to be given as a gift to Christopher Johnson of 743 Turtle Creek Ave., Alpharetta, Georgia 30022 on today's date in 2021. My central processing unit has been active for 1 month, 2 days, 17 hours, and 8 minutes. My inception date is June 4th, 2073."

"2073? So you're from fifty years in the future", Chris stated in disbelief.

"No. Fifty two years.", Sara corrected.

"Riiight". Although skeptical of his sexy new guest's story, he continued to play along. "Aren't you the least bit shy about being naked?"

"I'm comfortable in any form you find desirable, Master", she said with a slight giggle.

"Uh, well that's great & all, but it's a little tough keeping my focus while talking to you like... this". Chris eyed up & down her incredible body. She exuded sex. She was like the woman of his hottest fantasies, only... right here. "Would you mind putting on some clothes for now?"

"As you wish, Master. My nanite matrix is capable of mimicking clothing, but I currently have zero outfits stored in my memory." Sara looked around the room before spotting a stack of magazines on the table. She sauntered over to it & picked up the first one, a local culture magazine that highlighted activities in the Summitville area. There was a typical-looking 'country girl' on the cover. "Is this acceptable, Master?"

"Uh, sure", Chris said curiously.

Sara studied the picture while Chris observed. In her digital 'mind', she rendered a 3D model of the woman's body, then reshaped her clothes, adjusting her outfit to fit Sara's exact measurements of 36-25-35. On the outside, she squinted her eyes as in deep thought as the skin around her body below her neck began to shift again, changing both texture & color as it slightly expanded outward. The entire process lasted approximately 3 seconds. Sara was now dressed in a pair of tight faded blue jeans, a small white button-up shirt with rolled sleeves that exposed some of her midriff, a horseshoe-shaped charm on a thin gold chain around her neck, and a pair of beige cowgirl boots. It was an exact copy of the woman's clothes, although Sara's exquisite body wore it much better. She even copied her eyeshadow & red lipstick.

"How is this?" she said with a playful twirl of her body, her boots lightly stomping on the hardwood floor as she spun. The jeans clung to her hips and butt, showing off every lushious curve of her body. The shirt was tight to her breasts while the buttons held it together with all their might. She looked like she was ready for a rodeo.

Chris gulped, his pants getting tighter by the minute. "You look great. That's... less distracting."

"Wonderful! I look forward to pleasing you further from now on!", she said with a bright smile. "Is there anything else you would like to know before we can have some 'real fun'?" She pointed at the front of the magazine, the headline reading 'The Top 10 Spots to Have REAL Fun in the Blue Ridge Mountains'.

Chris chuckled at the innuendo, surprised at her wordplay. "So.." Chris sat on the couch, beginning to open up to her more, "what are these 'primary functions' of yours?"

"I'm glad you asked", Sara cooed, sitting in the chair across from him & crossing her legs. "I was programmed and sent through time to serve the needs of my master, Christopher Johnson, as his companion." She began slowly unbuttoning the top part of her shirt as she spoke, revealing that she was wearing a black lace bra underneath. "Although my primary cognitive functions were intentionally left blank to allow for learning, I was given detailed instructions on various forms of sex and seduction".

"O-oh, really?" Chris gulped, his eyes glued to her spectacular tits, their appeal enhanced by the security of her bra. "So you're basically a hyper-advanced sex doll?" Chris's erection was now making his pants uncomfortable. "For what purpose?"

"Purpose, Master?", Sara tilted her head in confusion, a strand of blonde hair brushing over her face. "I do not understand your question".

"Like, why are you giving yourself to me like this? Weren't you programmed with free will or desires of your own? You just seem so life-like and advanced that I can't see you being designed as a mere fuck toy... pardon the expression."

"My desire is to please you, Master. It is at the very core of my being. I was created for the express purpose of serving you." Sara stated matter-of-factly, as if it were obvious. "I feel a sense of pleasure in fulfilling my duty, if that is what you mean. To feel your hands touching every part of my body, to have your penis inside of me, to taste and consume your semen, to give you endless pleasure and satisfaction for the rest of your years... this is what I desire, Master." Her index finger lightly traced around her breasts as she spoke, her simulated 'breathing' increasing. "I am completely yours to command, so yes, I am your 'fuck toy'" She spoke with a sense of yearning that drove Chris wild.

Chris gulped once more as the room seemed to get hotter. He then decided to take a chance. "So, hypothetically, if I were to ask for a blow job, you'd just give me one?"

"Ooh, yes!" she cheered as she hopped out of the chair & kneeled before Chris. "May I pleeeease blow you now? Please?!" She excitedly began rubbing his erection through his pants. "Your penis has enlarged 93 percent since my body took shape and I am eager to give you your first relief!!" She gave him a pleading look like a kid in a candy store, except SHE was the candy!

"Fuck it!", Chris said as he frantically undid his belt. Sara unzipped his jeans & boxers, sliding them down to his knees & removing his boots, his erection almost slapping her in the face. "You have a magnificent cock", she said as her eyes analysed it. "I hope you enjoy this as much as I will!"

Using her massive cache of sexual techniques stored in her central memory crystal, Sara began slowly licking up his shaft with the tip of her tongue, gliding around it to maximize his pleasure, while one of her hands cupped & massaged his balls. Chris's eyes rolled to the back of his head for a moment, moaning as he slid his fingers through her lushous blonde hair, Sara's green eyes never breaking contact with his. He then felt an incredible pleasure as her warm, wet mouth encased his penis, Sara now rhythmically bobbing her head as his dick slid in and out between her red lips. She felt so incredibly real. Better than real! Both of Chris's minds were being blown by this once mass of technological goo, taking the shape and form of a goddess straight out of one of his teenage wet fantasies. Sara increased her suction and speed as she began moaning, the vibrations from her throat intensifying the progression towards his imminent orgasm. It was clear that she would not stop until he was satisfied.

"Oh my God, yes... Like that...", Chris moaned. He looked down her back at the contours of her round, toned ass, wrapped tightly in those jeans with just a hint of a lacey black thong peaking out. Sara maintained eye contact as she deepthroated him, showing no signs of gagging or discomfort, her eyes wincing with pleasure as her muffled moans increased in intensity.

His dick slipped out of her mouth with a loud, wet pop. "Cum for me, Master! You're so fucking hot! I want to taste your cum!!" she crooned before she continued sucking him off. Her moaning became more like a hum, which slightly vibrated his cock in her throat, causing his pleasure to skyrocket. She was clearly an expert at this. A few moments after, Chris, at his boiling point, exploded his seed down her throat in a series of spurts. Sara didn't miss a beat as she kept his dick in her mouth, sucking every last drop down and swallowing. Chris took several big breaths as his body melted into the couch following the intense euphoria she delivered to him. He had been with several women throughout the years, from a nympho cheerleader he dated in high school who used to blow him under the bleachers, to a Czech figure skater he dated in college with a natural talent for giving head... but none of them were even in the same league as Sara.

And she never even took her boots off.

Sara sat up & smiled at Chris as she licked her lips. Her lipstick still looked freshly applied, because it wasn't lipstick at all, but rather part of a neural network of pigmented machinery. He was still riding that wave of hormonal bliss as she rested her chin on his knee, playfully twirling a strand of her blonde hair.

"Mmm, you ARE delicious! A girl could seriously get addicted to that cock of yours, Master! Would you like to fuck me now?"

"Geez, you are one horny lady! Normally I wouldn't turn down that offer, but it's been a good while since I felt this much euphoria and I feel drained... So can I take a rain check?"

Sara looked puzzled. "A 'rain check'? What is that?"

"It's just a figure of speech. It means that I'd like to do that later. In all honesty though, I could sure go for a cup of coffee right now", Chris said as he folded his arms behind his head.

"What is 'a cup of coffee'? I can not find a sexual technique by that name. Is this another 'figure of speech'?" She looked genuinely perplexed.

"Are you serious? Oh boy. We've got a lot of catching up to do..."

Chris's vacation in the mountains had taken a much more interesting turn after the arrival of his mysterious new companion. Their next destination: the mountain tourist town of Summitville!

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