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Sour Candy

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"Don't you just LOVE my boobs?" she gasped, as faint wisps of smoke again appeared through the long dark hair hanging down her back. Camilla thought she noticed an orangey flash through the fake tanned rubber skin of Candy's bulbous chest and was about to reply, but Candy spoke again, still looking across at her, her expression confidently enthusiastic, yet somehow vacant.

"I am completely fake." She explained clearly over an increasingly audible internal hissing sound. Candy immediately went to speak again, but suddenly a series of crackles emitted from her contoured body, the all-to-perfect complexion of her exposed skin incandescent as flashes appeared from inside it. Electric motors wound furiously. Candy's face contorted unnervingly - the lips stretching sideways in two different directions, the eyes glancing up at the ceiling under frantically fluttering eyelids.

"I-I-I-I-I-I-I..." The digitised syllable repeated rapidly as a pall of white smoke seemed to be appear from all around the neckline of her scant pink sweater, rising up around her distorted face and perfect hair. Candy's body began vibrating as the winding strains of internal servos rose in pitch. There was a more distinct crackling sound and a steady plume of white smoke billowed up from between Candy's twitching oversized bronze breasts. Camilla choked again on the noxious, strengthening odour. A bright flash of sparks flickered up out of the toaster and there was a still louder explosion. Camilla turned away involuntarily, shielding her eyes with one hand. The sounds of a repeating tone, like that of a truck reversing, caused her to look back around.

"Malfunction. Overload. Malfunction." Candy was standing upright, but spinning around with both her arms bent at the elbows, the hands pointing stiffly out infront of her. Smoke issued steadily from her sweater in puffs and swirled around her as she spun like a broken clockwork toy, first in one direction, then the other.

"Warning. Overload. Warning. Overload." She continued quickly, her voice and face utterly vacuous and expressionless as she spun out across the kitchen. The repeating tone began to rise in pitch.

"Circuits malfunctioning. Error. I am perfect. Error. I am perfect." The voice was a lifeless monotone, but seemed somehow insistent. The animatronic doll bounced inelegantly against the opposite counter and spun again in the opposite direction, the chocolate-brown eyes staring vacantly.

"I love my body. Love my body. I am perfect. Perfect."

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