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Chapter One

“Okay, how’s this?”

Sigourney Gaines looked over her shoulder at her younger daughter, Jenny.

“It’s pretty good, but her mouth, like, sticks up on the sides.”

Sigourney knew what Jenny meant, the cheeks were a little too shallow and wouldn’t give Frankie’s mouth that little quirk at the sides that made her look as if she were always on the verge of smiling. It wouldn’t take her very long to adjust the image on the computer screen. It was a three dimensional model of her other daughter’s face.

Perhaps the term daughter was a bit of a stretch. It was Frankie’s face, and while Sigourney and everyone else in the Gaines’ household referred to her as sister or daughter, she was far from that. She wasn’t even a human, or alive for that matter. The only organic component inside of her was the e-stomach that Sigourney had developed as a means of allowing a robot to digest food and fluids. It needed an organic internal stomach lining to function, but even that was connected directly to other electronic components.

Frankie had been living with the Gaines now for upwards of three years and in that time had undergone a number of updates, patches, occasionally some internal rebuilds, and like today, facial reconstructions.

She was preparing to leave the Gaines’ home for life on a college campus. As such, she needed to look the part. When Sigourney had first developed and assembled Frankie, she looked to be little more than a sixteen year old girl, but now she was supposed to look nineteen. Little would change in that time, but being an android meant that she would literally never age, so, Sigourney took the opportunity to manufacture some of those changes and install them.

“Yeah, like that.” Jenny confirmed after a few minutes of small, slight tweaks to the image.

Sigourney nodded once and clicked on the “manufacture” button in one of the corners of the screen. The image would be processed and converted to a new file type then sent to the waiting bank of printers in the corner of her home lab. She had done a lot of work to improve her home set up, she had to. Frankie needed a lot of maintenance as time went on, not just software but new parts as well. Parts that required a place at home to manufacture them.

When she worked for EGG it had been so easy. Full access to world class laboratories, equipment and rapid manufacturing facilities. Jenny had skipped away and didn't see or hear Sigourney let out a small soft sigh. The gentle whirr and whine of the printers drowning out most of the sound.

She looked around the makeshift robotics lab she had set up for herself. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. She had kept Frankie running smoothly for three years now, and this space had served her well enough.

Her eyes fell to the center of the room where a sturdy wooden table dominated the majority of the space. The walls around the perimeter were lined with shelves of parts, pieces, and gadgets. A few smaller card tables were there as well, some hosting 3D printers that were whining as they slowly but surely printed new parts. Others were stacked high with papers and research notes that Sigourney had made over the years. They were there to remind her of the myriad of things she would surely forget, but they were vitally important. She sometimes envied her mechanical daughter for her flawless memory.

Laying on the table in the middle of the room, was Frankie. She was covered with a white sheet that draped over her, covering her head all the way down to her feet and beyond. She was completely obscured. Sigourney thought it was the best option for the time being since Frankie wasn’t fully assembled at the moment. There were a number of open panels, disconnected parts and a myriad of wires and circuitry exposed on her. Sigourney believed it was likely better if her youngest daughter wasn’t subjected to seeing her older sister like that.

Sigourney’s eyes once again flicked to the 3D printers that were humming away in the corner. One of them was still laying down the base layers of what would become Frankie’s new, slightly more mature looking, face plate. Another one, much larger than the first, was busily whirring around the plating sections that would eventually become a new chest panel for Frankie.

Sigourney smirked to herself as she clicked off the lights. Frankie was due for a number of upgrades before her first days on her new college campus, not the least of which was something of a physical upgrade. Frankie had been little more than a high school student until this week, just a girl, but now she was becoming a woman.

The next morning Sigourney, still bleary eyed from sleeping, stepped into her lab space. Frankie was still on the table, deactivated and right where she had been left the night before. The room was more silent now, the 3D printers having finished their work. The base plating for Frankie’s new face plate was ready, supported by thin tendrils of printed plastic. The actual synthetic skin would take some time to craft. Sigourney once again lamented not having the kind of fabrication technology she had back at the EGG facility, but this was far more safe for her daughter, even if it meant sculpting some of it by hand.

The chest panels would be more work though. The four segments were meant to be connected by layers of artificial skin and a framework of plastic “bones” just under the skin. It would make Frankie look even more human, at the cost of a fairly time intensive assembly process.

She stepped across the room, setting her steaming cup of coffee down on her computer desk as she passed it. She gently pried the face plating off of the printer and brought it, and a small tool kit, back to her computer desk. The plate and the tools joined her coffee cup and sat silently while the woman walked over to the head of the table at the core of the room.

Lifting the sheet she was greeted by her daughter's face. Eyes closed, relaxed. She looked like she might just be asleep, but Sigourney knew so much better. As a precaution she had disabled and disconnected Frankie’s power supply. There was no need for her to be using up any of her charge just laying still, even in a lower power state. She had warned Frankie well ahead of time that it might be somewhere around two weeks before she was reactivated. Frankie obviously agreed, and the pair came up with an excuse to tell anyone who asked where she was. Some nebulous illness that had her bed ridden and needing rest was simple enough.

Sigourney gently placed her hands on either side of Frankie’s face, her fingers probing gently against the skin. It had been so long since she had assembled Frankie, that she had to fumble and feel for the locking mechanism that kept her face plate attached. It took a few moments of fumbling, poking and prodding, but she eventually found the latches and unlocked the mechanisms just below the girl's face. There was no grand hissing as the plate unsealed itself, just a gentle click as the solenoid locks disengaged and released the face plate.

It lifted away from Frankie’s head, exposing a number of electronics inside. The actual robotic aspects of her mostly human looking daughter. The lifeless red optics that connected to the glassy eyeballs inside of the disconnected face plate lay inactive. A tangled mess of wires that Sigourney had attempted to tidy up all those years ago when she had first constructed Frankie, filled the faceless head.

Multiple bundles of wires, each one a riot of colors and styles snaked their way through Frankie’s head. For some, it was obvious what they were and where they were going. The thinly wrapped bundle behind the optics that ran to a central circuit board were clearly for Frankie’s optical processors. In and of itself a marvel of modern technology and processing power. Others were just a part of a larger system. Half a dozen smaller bundles diving deep inside of her head and emerging in other places only to wind around and drop into her lower head and neck, disappearing into her torso.

Sigourney settled down at her computer desk, reclining into her chair and taking a sip of her cooling morning coffee. She held Frankie’s face in one hand and the newly printed replacement on the desk. There wasn’t much that needed to be done, but Sigourney had worked to make new mechanisms that would allow Frankie a little more control, and a little more sensitivity, but it required a new plate design. Not to mention new electronics that had become smaller, more efficient, easier on power consumption and offered more performance. All she needed to do was gently peel the artificial skin layer off of her old face, lay down the new electronics, move the eyes, and re-apply the artificial skin layer.

No big deal.

It was hours, long into the afternoon, before Sigourney was approaching completion. She had missed lunch, even though Jenny had brought her a sandwich and left it in the office. The most time consuming part was laying down a mesh of sensory wiring on the plate and meticulously connecting it to the hundreds of connection points on the underside of Frankie’s artificial face. Once done she had to connect the skin layer onto the mechanical controls on the plate itself. Though now that it was late afternoon that was done and she was working on the eyes. They were only semi-spheres of glass, but the inside was packed with delicate electronics. All of which were set into a sophisticated socket with smooth rubberized rollers to help Frankie’s eyes move in a very natural manner.

The whole socket was easily removed, it just took a set of precision screwdrivers to remove the tiny bindings. Even then Sigourney still took her time, the last thing she wanted or needed was to drop one of those miniscule screws onto the floor and lose it in the carpet. Once both were moved, locked into place and the wiring reattached to some of the underlying circuitry, Frankie’s new face plate was ready.

Her mother gingerly placed it back onto the front side of her head, taking the time to manually reconnect some of the wiring and ribbon cables to their matching port inside of her exposed head. Once done, Sigourney tucked the cables into Frankie’s head, making sure they were clear of any of the mechanisms inside, and then clicked her face plate back into place.

“You look good sweetie.” Sigourney muttered before letting out a sigh. “Halfway there.”

Her eyes darted up to the torso on her daughter. It was still covered by the sheet, but she knew what lay there. The 3D printer with her new chest plate was done, it just needed to have the same sensor mesh laid down on it and the same process of removing the synthetic skin from the current plate and moving it over. Though there were a few small enhancements that Sigourney needed to take care of.

Frankie, up until today, had been a child. She had been designed to look and act human, but she wasn’t, as such there were certain components that Sigourney hadn’t installed on the original build. In short, Frankie had never been built with sexual hardware, and as such Sigourney hadn’t felt it necessary to include nipples on her daughter’s breasts. Like all good parents though, she was trying to let go of her little girl, which meant Frankie was going to be more independent. Sigourney wasn’t so naive as to think that with that freedom there wasn’t a chance for Frankie to get into some more mature activities.

Sigourney managed to get Frankie’s current synthetic skin peeled off of the chest plate and the mesh layer laid out on the new chest piece before Jenny came and alerted her that dinner was ready. She wanted so badly to keep working, but her eyes caught the untouched sandwich on the desk and she gave her youngest daughter a crooked smile. She needed to be there for her family, not just the robotic family under the sheet.

Sigourney stepped away from the lab, shutting off the lights and taking the sandwich with her. Dinner was simple, Will, Frankie’s father, had made some baked chicken and veggies. Nutritious, but lacking in panache. Sigourney updated Will and Jenny on Frankie’s state, letting Jenny know she still shouldn’t go into the lab since Frankie wasn’t yet “finished.”

She was tempted to eat and then dash back to her lab for the evening, but somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that she couldn’t finish the tasks in front of her before needing to go to bed, and she hated leaving things half done. Which means she would push herself well beyond her capacity and get sloppy. It would be more beneficial to everyone to spend the rest of the evening as a family, or at least most of a family.

The following day, though, was once again spent locked in her home laboratory. Frankie’s chest evolving over the course of the day. First the mesh of sensory wiring that the artificial flesh would layer onto. Then the connection points were hand wired into place. There was an order of magnitude more than the face plate, but there was also an increased amount of space to work with. It wasn’t easier, but it was certainly less frustrating.

The most challenging part was affixing the new nipples to the tips of Frankie’s breasts. Sigourney needed to cut a small opening in the rounded tips of her chest without piercing the gel sacs inside. Once done, she needed to feed a fine set of wires into the breasts and get them to slip between some of the gel sacs there and into the rear of the soft breasts. Once there, Sigourney could pull the wiring into the back panel and solder them into the controller boards. Once done, it was only a matter of attaching the wires to the microscopic mechanism inside of the nipples and then using industrial strength glue to attach them to Frankie’s breasts.

Once done, all Sigourney needed to do was meticulously connect a few dozen cables from the back of the chest piece into the numerous circuit boards inside of Frankie. Some were easily reached and were only connected to the framework along the sides of the open torso. Others required Sigourney to push aside bundles of cables and blindly reach deep inside of her daughter's body, connecting the cables only by touch. Still others required whole components to be disconnected and removed before the cabling could be connected and then gently pushed out of the way as the component was reinserted.

Everything that Sigourney could do for Frankie was done. There was still one more component that she was working on for her daughter, something far more adult in nature. But it wasn’t anywhere near completed and it wouldn’t be for some time. There was no point in making Frankie remain offline until it was done, Sigourney wasn’t even sure it would be ready before Frankie’s first day at college.

Sigourney plugged her in and left her charging on the table, though she did reactivate her, setting her into a low power mode that would wake her up at her normal waking time. Some time tomorrow morning Frankie’s operating system would receive the boot signal from the smaller management console that was running inside of her, at a random time between six and six thirty, and she would power on. Of course that didn’t mean she would be up and running her human emulation. Far from it.

Frankie was more akin to an entire network of computers all working together. Her arms and legs were their own systems, having dedicated CPU’s, storage media and operating systems. They received most of their instructions from the core processors lodged, somewhere, inside of her chest, but they could operate on their own. At least to a certain degree. They were programmed to function how a normal human would. Regardless of instructions her feet and ankles would attempt to balance her. If her arms detected a sudden change in balance they would move to assist in softening a fall.

A computerized network like that didn’t come on just because there was power flowing. The core of Frankie, her central processors, came online first and began the process of sending power on signals all over her body. As those subsystems came online they were checked to ensure that there was no damage or changes in operation. Once everything was online and showing as green across the board, her human emulation could come online.

Sigourney had put a significant amount of work into the human emulation, and even more so since Frankie had graduated from high school. She was about to go into the real world and would be somewhat unsupervised for much longer periods of time. Frankie needed to have some significant upgrades in order to blend in with the world around her. Physical upgrades were only the beginning of those updates, software to go with it was critical.

When Frankie’s human emulation finally began to execute the following morning, it was only after a series of small twitches and spasms all around her body. Sigourney was kind enough to keep the door closed and locked, allowing Frankie some measure of privacy when she reactivated. The twitching was expected, it was part of her power on self test, once it finished her core operating system knew that everything was working as expected.

What it didn’t expect was the new hardware.

It would take some time for it to load all the needed drivers and software that Mrs. Gaines had provided for Frankie. All new blocks of instructions for Frankie’s software to use to interface and control her new face plate. There was a new range of motion that had been fine tuned and the software was ready to let her operating system know how to access it. Minor changes inside of her as well. There were new parts that would run more efficiently, but only if Frankie’s operating system knew what commands to send to it and what format.

Of course, there was the addition of the nipples as well. There wasn’t a massive amount of work that went into operating them after all. The mechanisms inside the lightly tanned pieces could pucker her nipples when she wanted, or smooth them out into a slightly puffy flat shape. There was a separate fine mesh of sensors in it as well that would feed new programming sets inside of Frankie. The larger programming upgrade had been a whole new addition.

Frankie now had sexual programming. She could be turned on as well as allow her newly upgraded artificial mind formulate desires of her own. The college experience she now faced would be an outstanding opportunity for her to learn about humanity, and that included many of the pleasurable aspects as well. Though, in order to fully take advantage of her new programming her mother needed to finish assembling some of the hardware to complete Frankie’s build. For now though, Frankie was ready. Her software was loaded and her human emulation was online. She was fully operational, despite a small warning that her operating system was expecting some additional hardware that was not present. The warning wasn’t critical, and she could easily close it, though she set a reminder to speak with her mother about it when she got an opportunity.

Frankie blinked several times before sitting up, lifting her whole upper body weight by her hips. The long, dark synthetic hairpiece trailing behind her head as she rose, and then fell neatly along her back. All of it swept from the front, around her ears and down her shoulders. She looked down, the motor assembly in her neck still slightly stiff from no use in several days. She shook her head back and forth to loosen it up, and her complex optics took in her body.

She had seen herself naked before, but last time she saw that was when she dropped into a purely robotic command mode for her mother. She had taken in the information about disrobing and what she looked like. She had memories of the gentle curves of her smooth breasts as she lay down. Now though, they were larger, only slightly though, almost exactly three point eight percent larger. Frankie’s mathematically capable computer mind was still making everything into an equation.

She saw the small tips of her newly installed nipples as well. She knew she had access to the control mechanisms there, and took a moment to familiarize herself with them. Her programming let her know that there was no need to manually control them, her newly installed and configured sexual programming would take over normally. Frankie dismissed the alert and opted to try them out.

The sweeping sensation that came with forcing them to pucker and harden off of the gentle slopes of her chest was all new. It sent an involuntary shiver coursing through her entire body and deep gasp to suck in. She let it seep slowly out her nostrils as she released the manual control and let her new womanly chest relax back down. She gently moved the sheet off of her legs and tossed her legs over the edge of the table. Lowering herself to the floor, her legs balance programming did what it was programmed to do. Ran dozens upon dozens of calculations and adjusted her balance over and over as she walked across the room to her mothers desk.

Mrs. Gaines had left undergarments, a simple black shirt with light gray sleeves, and a pair of form fitting jeans there for Frankie. Socks and shoes were on the floor next to her mother’s chair. Frankie took a few moments to dress herself, noting that her bra was ill fitting and made a reminder to link up with Simone to go to the mall and pick up a few new articles of clothing. She had an inclination that there would be more of her clothing that didn’t quite fit the way it used to.

Once she was dressed, she had a moment where her higher A.I. functions came online and began to notice changes. Her balance was slightly off and the processors in her legs were working extra hard to keep her perfectly balanced. It was learning and becoming easier with every passing moment, but it was a new data point for her to consider. She slipped on her socks and shoes and turned to the door. Once opened she was greeted by her mother and father, somewhere in the background Jenny was sure to be lurking as well.

“How do you feel sweetie?” Will asked.

“I am..different.”

Across town, another android was online. She didn’t receive many of the same upgrades and modifications as Frankie had. In part because she was assembled with a very specific purpose, and partially because until recently she was owned and operated by a very wealthy technology developer.

She appeared to be approximately the same age as Frankie. Some small updates had been done to her body and internal structure while she was still the property of the Weaponized Android Research Project Agency, WARPA for short.

Simone had originally been constructed as an infiltration unit, specializing in information gathering and sabotage. Her design had been crafted with the specific intent of deception. She was built with a kind of generic beauty that could easily scale up with age. Picturesque blond hair that was trimmed to the perfect length around her shoulders and a pale but pretty complexion. She was the ideal innocent girl, looking somewhere around her early twenties, even at first construction. She was equipped with brilliant blue eyes that one could almost swear had a faint, electric glow behind them. Of course a second look proved that to be untrue, but there was always that feeling that you were looking at something subtly inhuman.

WARPA had, in part because of Simone, been completely dismantled. Their grand plans for replacing key members of society and government with a robotic replica were dashed across the proverbial rocks. Simone had had her memory wiped clean and then restored once, and through a series of directed actions had disentangled herself with WARPA. She was free now, able to lean into her artificial mind and make choices for herself, she could live a life she wanted.

Today, as the summer break neared its end, she was packing a bag for school. Her college life began this morning. She wasn’t going to be staying in the dorms at the community college, there was no real point in doing so. Her house was nearby and there was no need to put additional strain on her systems by maintaining herself. Besides that, her near and dear friend, and fellow android, Frankie was attentind the same college and Frankie hadn’t elected to take a dorm either.

Frankie and Simone had been friends for nearly three years now, and they shared one anothers secret, but were programmed to keep the secret from anyone else. Simone, somewhat, revealed herself as an android some time ago through a national broadcast. Since then though, people seemed to have almost forgotten about her. The idea that there were realistic humanoid robots in the world was outrageous and too much for your average citizen to come to grips with. Simone didn’t know it, but most people wrote it off as some manner of publicity stunt that they didn't understand and then moved on with their life.

Simone moved on with her life as well, free from WARPA and a more self sufficient android, she and Frankie had made plans to attend college together, not just to have a friend around in the newest part of their synthetic life, but with the added bonus of being able to look out for one another. Frankie was no slouch when it came to repairing machines. She had picked up a number of tricks from her mothers brilliance, but Simone had as well. She had been maintaining her brother Andrew for a number of years now. It wasn’t the same quality of work that WARPA had offered, but she was competent in his systems, which translated well to maintaining herself.

Today though, as she stepped onto the college campus, sucking in a deep artificial lungful of the crisp, cooling air, she was ready to face whatever came her way. Striding towards her, wearing the same dead set and intentional face was Frankie.

“Good morning Simone.” Frankie’s crisp voice registered with the blonde android.

Frankie sighed and wrinkled her nose a bit as she approached Simone.

“Still no last name?”

Simone stood and moved to Frankie, and the pair walked towards their first class together.

“Why would I pick a last name Frankie? We’re-” Simone looked quickly around her before shushing her voice slightly. “-We’re androids. We don’t exactly need a full human name.”

Frankie’s head tilted slightly and glanced at her friend.

“Technically correct, but it helps to blend in if you have a full name and no one will question you on why you don’t.”

It was sound logic, and logic that Simone didn’t much care about. She had never had any issues in the past. No one at school seemed to care much, even the admissions folks didn’t seem too concerned when she said she didn’t have a last name.

“No one cares, Frankie, only you.”

“It is because my database entry for you is incomplete without a first and last name.”

Simone only rolled her eyes. SHe had known Frankie long enough to know that her mother could have updated some of the software to make that point moot, but it was somehow an endearing part of Frankie’s personality now. Simone worried that if it was ever changed that she might be subtly upset that it wasn't the same old Frankie.

The two robotic girls made their way to their first class of the day, a university level physical fitness class. Both girls had rolled their eyes at the class on their forecasting schedule, but it was a requirement. Both Frankie and Simone were fully mechanical, and not only that, they were specifically constructed to be more physically capable than most humans. A physical fitness class for the two was laughable at best, but the college required a certain number of credits for a physical fitness course, so it had to be done.

The pair entered the locker room with relative silence. Simone and Frankie managed to find vacant lockers and set their bags inside of each before pulling out their new workout clothes. Frankie had brought a relatively plain dark pair of leggings and a matched royal blue form fitting top. It wasn’t so unlike the outfit that Sigourney had dressed her in when Frankie was first activated. She wasted little time in stripping out of her street clothes and shamelessly standing almost completely nude in front of Simone.

Simone, on the other hand, had picked out a pair of comfortable athletic shorts and a light blue top that claimed to be water wicking. She had taken every precaution when it came to liquids. She turned slightly and glanced over her shoulder at Frankie, taking in the sight of her now mostly nude friend. Frankie left her panties on, but her newly remodeled chest was on display for Simone to take in. Smirking to herself, she found that there was some kind of new programming that was welling up inside of her.

Frankie and her had been friends for a long time now, but until this very moment friends were all they were. Simone’s operating system triggered something though. Something that she hadn’t experienced before. She was aware of human attractions and had watched a number of boys fawn over Frankie in their time together through high school. She never once thought the possibility of her feeling the same thing was possible though.

WARPA had programmed her well and the coding on her artificial mind was nearly perfect. She was meant to be a spy and that had meant she had a full suite of simulated human emotions. Now that she was free from WARPA her artificial intellect was free to reconfigure itself, learn new things, and experience all that the deep databases inside of her had to offer.

One of those many waiting feelings was a lustful eye, that was now turned to Frankie.

“New upgrades?”

It wasn’t Simone’s smoothest pick up line, but it was what she had noticed first. Frankie’s chest was definitely slightly larger. It was hard for her own processors to calculate exactly how much, at least not without gathering more data.

“Yes, Sigourney saw fit to upgrade a few systems in order to prepare me for college life. There are a few more to come, or so she says.”

Simone could only guess at what those future upgrades entailed, but she knew that Frankie would be forever changed by them. Frankie was already pulling on a top and covered her previously exposed chest, leaving Simone to force her operating system to switch to her own needs. She gingerly changed her own clothes, but still reveled in the sensation of the cold locker room air wafting over her exposed skin.

Her own flesh was laced with a similar sensor mesh to what Frankie was equipped with. It picked up on the tiniest differences in atmospheric temperature and changes all around her. It was what allowed her to continue operating at such a high capacity. If even the smallest change could be detected by her skin layer and relayed to her core processors for analysis and command.

Frankie locker shut, the metal clang resounding through the locker room. It wasn’t an uncommon sound, but for Frankie, it seemed out of character. She had so much control over her own body and its movements that slamming a locker shut was uncharacteristic for her. Simone’s head darted to the side and looked over her shoulder at her friend, who seemed only to be staring at the locker and then down at her hand.

“You okay Frankie?” Simone asked as her athletic shorts slipped up her shapely legs and came to rest on her hips. She deftly began to tie off the cinch at the front.

“Yes. All systems seem normal.”

Simone’s programming caused her head to swivel around and see if there was anyone listening. She huffed, knowing that she should really keep her secret android identity more of a secret. Maybe Sigourney should program a bit more human language into Frankie, Simone would gladly offer up her own as a basis for it.

“Well, okay, but keep it down will you. We don’t need the whole student body knowing about us.”

“Agreed. Let’s get to class.”

Frankie said with some finality. She pulled on her own leggings and slipped into her shoes in silence. Simone did the same, letting her automated systems control her fingers as her shoe laces were tied tightly and the pair were ready.

The first day of class, Simone and Frankie didn’t expect much. As expected their instructor laid out participation guidelines, absences, and an expectation of what the class would entail. Every class would start with stretches and a self paced one mile jog. After that some kind of targeted activity. Most of the students in the class, all dressed in varying styles of clothes, took the news in stride. It was a physical fitness class after all.

The stretching wasn’t much of an issue for Simone and Frankie. They were machines and had perfect and complete control over their bodies. They were driven less by muscles that needed warming up and more micro servos, hydraulics, and complicated arrays of motors .They gladly went along with the fifteen or so minutes of warm ups though, and made ready to lightly jog along the track just outside of the gymnasium.

Most of the students pretty easily split into a few distinct groups. Friends stuck together and chatted as they trot along the track. More athletic students took the lead and settled into a steady stride, while others hung back and took a slower pace.

Frankie and Simone managed to settle into a nice groove in the middle of the pack. There were no others around them and Frankie and Simone chatted idly as they easily moved along. Both of them noticed a significant dip into their power cells as they moved along, not enough to cause any kind of warnings, but they were using up the power stored in their internal systems at a much more rapid rate than otherwise. In reality it would mean they had to plug in and recharge perhaps an hour earlier than they would have otherwise. Even then there was more than enough charge to keep them both functional throughout the day.

Frankie made it once around the track before she began to notice some issues. Her vision was filled with warnings and alerts. The balance array in her right leg was unsynced from her left. It wouldn’t have normally been an issue, in fact she had experienced a balance mismatch dozens of times in the past. All it took was her operating system reloading the last known good state and resuming the motion. While jogging it would have forced her to stop for only a second or two, a completely normal behavior while jogging.

Unfortunately since the upgrades Sigourney had installed, there was no last known good state. There was only unstable data that she had collected in the few hours she had been operational today and the weeks past. Her and Sigourney hadn’t had time to settle down and fully compile the data into a baseline.

Regardless of the presence of the data, her systems still attempted to run the repair command. Finding that there was no available backup to slot into place, Frankie’s system struggled for a moment or two, attempting to keep her moving while recalculating every step.

In the end, Frankie’s impressively fast processors couldn’t keep up with the pace of her jogging. One foot landed oddly, rolling her ankle to one side, and causing her next step to hit the ground hard, too hard in fact. At that point her central processors were a mess of wild calculations and attempts to correct the issue.

Frankie was already tumbling to the ground, her arms flying in front of her to attempt to cushion the fall, when her vision filled with critical errors and warnings. There were skin lacerations and components around her body had failed completely. Others were reporting only partial functionality or data and power loss. Most of it was centered around her right leg, in particular her ankle. Her operating system wailed that her foot had been disconnected and was no longer available for use.

Frankie hit the ground hard and tumbled along the jogging track a bit, all while Simone chased after her. Finally, She stopped and Simone was already there. Frankie’s operating system reprioritized all of the running commands inside of her and fully truncated other processes.

Frankie pushed herself up and looked down at her leg, her complicated optics scanning over her body and landing on her ankle.

It had twisted in a strange direction and had, indeed, torn her artificial skin. SHe could see the myriad of colored wires from inside of her leg, now exposed. There would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Frankie wasn’t a human girl, but rather a fully mechanical thing.

“Simone, my ankle.”

It was all Frankie managed to get out before Simone sprang into action. She took hold of Frankie’s sock and pulled it up and over the damaged skin on her leg. It wouldn’t hide the odd angle of her foot, but it would cover up some of the blatant damage.

Frankie’s operating system recognized the danger of leaving her foot, or even her whole leg active and automatically powered it off. Her available power spiked upward even as more error messages flooded in about the disconnected limb. Once cleared she could address some of the smaller messages. Her hands and arms showed some minor damage as well. She looked down at the palms of her hands and saw the torn skin there. Under it more exposed wires and microscopic circuitry.

Frankie hissed and tucked her hands against her chest and looked to Simone. By now other students were beginning to take notice and move to see if they could help, or maybe just to gawk.

“She’s okay, just twisted her ankle.” Simone called out, and it seemed to be enough to at least get most of the gathering students to return to their jogging. Simone managed to get one of Frankie’s arms around her neck, and used her inhumanly strong construction to lift Frankie to her one remaining good leg. The pair hobbled along letting Frankie’s disabled leg simply drag along behind her.

Simone had intended to simply bring Frankie to her small car and drive her back to the Gaines’s household, and hoped that Sigourney was there to help repair Frankie. On the way off the track, though, the instructor seemed to appear from nowhere.


Simone and Frankie both froze.

“Yeah, Frankie here, uh, has some weak ankles and she twisted it.”

Frankie turned her head and looked at Simone for a moment before snapping it to look at the instructor. She was completely unaware of how stilted the movements were simply because of how much processing power was being eaten up by the ongoing errors around her body.

“Yes. Weak ankles. I twisted it. I need to go see my mother to fix it.”

The instructor lifted an eyebrow at the pair.

“Your mother is a doctor?”

“Yes, she is, and very good at what she does. We’ll be back tomorrow.” Simone cut in before Frankie could answer.

Frankie looked at Simone again, head head jostling slightly as she did so and then back to the teacher. She smiled weakly and nodded. Once they were well out of earshot in the parking lot Frankie turned to Simone.

“You should not lie to the faculty here.”

“Well I couldn’t exactly tell her ‘My friend Frankie here is actually an experimental android and she damaged her ankle, so I’m taking her home to her inventor mother for disassembly and repair.’”

Frankie pressed her lips together, she didn’t like lying, but in some cases it did seem necessary, at very least to keep her secret safe. Not only hers but Simone’s as well. Reluctantly she accepted what Simone said.

Once the robotic girls had made their way to the car that Simone had driven to campus that day, she ducked under Frankie’s arm and helped her to stay stable while she opened the door. Once opened, she wrapped her arms around Frankie and gently guided her into the car, making sure that her disabled leg was secured in the car before closing the door and dashing around the front to get into the driver's seat herself.

The drive to Frankie’s house was short, and for Simone and Frankie’s part, very silent. Frankie was attempting to conserve as much power as possible. She had noticed a severe dip in consumption when she disabled her leg module, but at the same time, there were other components on her body that had been damaged. Though the damage was slight, it was causing a number of smaller short circuits. Each one a small electric jolt of blue electricity arcing from one component to the next, and each one siphoning away power from her internal batteries.

After a quiet fifteen minute drive, Simone pulled up into the Gaines’s driveway. She swore once as she saw that both Sigourney and Will’s cars were gone. The house was likely empty, and Simone wouldn’t be getting any help from Sigourney with Frankie’s repairs.

Executing the same set of instructions but in reverse, Simone used her own inhuman strength and dexterity to lift Frankie out of the car. There were few witnesses in the neighborhood and she felt there was no need to keep up the illusion. Frankie wouldn’t need to hobble to the house, Simone could easily carry her.

Frankie dug into her pocket and produced a house key and handed it to Simone as they approached the front door and Simone gingerly moved through the open door, attempting to make sure she didn’t hit Frankie’s head on it. She had been inside Frankie’s house enough times to know where Sigourney’s lab was and moved quickly there. Once there she settled Frankie gently down on the table.

“Okay, okay…uh…what’s broken Frankie?”

“My system reports indicate that there is a severed data and power coupling in my right ankle. This is due to a miscalibrated joint.”

“Right. Let’s take a look.”

Simone settled down into a squat at the end of the table, pulling down Frankie’s sock and looking at her ankle.

True to what Frankie had said, her ankle had indeed rolled to one side, and in doing so took on the full weight of Frankie’s stride. It had crumpled some of the support structures in her joint work and in doing so, tore a measurable amount of the cabling there free. Sigourney had designed Frankie well, and many of the disconnected cables were merely that, just disconnected. If that were the only problem Simone could have easily fixed Frankie.

Unfortunately there were a number of cables and wires that had simply stretched beyond their capacity and snapped. They were destroyed and, much to Simone’s chagrin, most of them dove deeper into Frankie’s leg and foot.

Simone sighed, it was a programmed response. She was a machine and didn’t actually breathe, but the emotional processor let her operating system know that it was an appropriate response given what she had just discovered.

She could probably disconnect Frankie’s foot with little problem, but that wouldn’t help much. There were still frayed and ruined wires dangling from the bottom of her ankle. At very least a whole new leg module would need to be made and replaced, or a lot of rewiring inside of Frankie’s leg. Neither one sounded thrilling, nor was it any of her business to do so. Mrs. Gaines would want to do this work, but Simone knew she could at least help start the process.

“‘Kay Frankie. I’m just gonna disconnect your leg, no big deal, alright. Then your mom is going to have to do the actual repair work.”

Frankie looked up and nodded once and settled back onto the table, the same table she had spent weeks on over summer break getting disassembled and reassembled on. Getting all manner of troubleshooting and updates installed. She was getting a little sick of it.

Frankie felt Simone’s strong, but oddly gentle, hands on her legs. They were digging into the waistline of her leggings, and the undergarments as well. Frankie stiffened for a moment, it was what her programming had told her was the correct response. Then, new programming swept through her. She felt hot, but there were no internal temperature warnings, and in fact her skin was registering as so much cooler than before.

Frankie craned her neck and could see Simone dragging her leggings and underwear off of her legs. She was by Frankie’s ankles now, gently moving the stretchy fabric over her damaged ankle and foot. So much care went into Simone’s movements, into taking care of Frankie.

Something in her personality matrix registered something new. Simone had been alongside Frankie for a long time, and she had never once registered anything more than friendship for her. Perhaps it was the new code base that her mother had installed, maybe it was just a moment of being cared for in a way that only another android could.

Maybe it was a swirling combination of both. Frankie would never really understand. She was a machine and could only emulate human thoughts and feelings. But what she was processing at the moment felt new, fresh, warm, comfortable, exciting, thrilling and forbidden all at once. The core processors in her chest struggled along as each emotional beat flew through her, ones and zeros colliding into something new.

Frankie could feel the small weight of her clothes leaving her body.

“Oh!” It was Simone. “You uh. I guess I just figured you were built more like me.”

Frankie wasn’t sure what Simone meant. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and cast a concerned look towards her friend.

“I don’t understand, what do you mean?”

Simone was smirking a little and looking pointedly at the space between Frankie’s thighs. Frankie swiveled the optics embedded in her eye sockets and looked at what Simone was looking at. Her own crotch was smooth and featureless. She would have expected there to be something there, some piece of hardware that would…but then she remembered what her mother had told her when she was reactivated. There was more hardware to come that was still in development.

Frankie blinked, realizing two things. She was not yet fully assembled, which meant that some time in the somewhat near future she would once again be on this very table. Her mother would be leaning over her, taking her apart in some way and installing something new. Frankie admitted that the thought of that was thrilling in a way, and would further unlock more possibilities, but she was always frustrated by being powered down.

Simone knew so much more about how androids worked internally and their programming. Frankie knew some of that, the knowledge was there in her database, but she had never had the opportunity to put it into practice. Not like Simone and Sigourney had.

There was a sudden odd sensation that Frankie’s processors parsed. Balance coordinates and procedures were thrown completely off. A sudden flood of alert messages flooded her field of vision and there was a dramatic drop in her power consumption. All of this just a moment or two after she felt Simone’s hands on her thigh, high on her hips and another between her groin and leg.

Frankie came to realize that her whole leg had just been disconnected, not only because of the myriad of error messages, but because she saw Simone holding it once the field of warnings were cleared from her vision.

She could see the tangled mess of cables and wires dangling from the end of the leg. Her foot was hanging limp at the end of it, dangling from what small amount of cables remained connected and shreds of flesh. Frankie’s eyes drifted from the leg Simone was holding back to her own body. There was a small portion of her upper thigh that remained in place, but her leg was missing. There were matching sets of multi-colored cables and wires dangling from her remaining leg stump.

Lining the edge of where her leg once was, remained a thick layer of artificial skin. It was almost half an inch thick, and it cut a hard edge where it met the internal structure and framework of Frankie’s leg. She pushed herself up just a little more, enough to support her weight on one hand. With her other hand she reached forward, running the tips of her fingers along the edge of the exposed leg port.

Her operating system fed her data about the feeling. She felt her fingers running along the skin, but as soon as they crested over the edge and moved along the inner edge, the edge that was always covered by her now disconnected leg, she suddenly felt nothing. Yet her fingers still registered a feeling, it was enough to throw a myriad of small errors in her processing system.

“I don’t know if your mom has more replacements or anything.” Simone said as soon as she returned from setting Frankie’s damaged leg on Sigourney’s desk. “But I can’t find anything. So, I guess you’re out of commission until she comes home.”

“That is alright.” Frankie replied. “Perhaps you could carry me to my room then? I can rest there until she returns.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Simone scooped up her friend once again, her own system registering the weight difference now that Frankie was missing a leg. In order to help keep herself stable, Frankie reached up and wrapped her arms around Simone’s neck, pulling herself close against her friend's chest. Frankie’s sensitive hearing assembly could detect the smallest sound of whirring and mechanical movements from inside of Simone.

Frankie soon found herself being gently laid into her own bed, missing a leg, torn skin on the palms of her hands, and wearing no pants. She knew she should make a move to cover her nudity, but there was nothing vulgar to see, so she decided against it. She did notice that Simone’s eyes were still dwelling on her body, even as her blond friend lowered herself to sit on the edge of the bed and then slid in to stretch out next to Frankie.

Both robots were processing similar blocks of code. Each one as unique as the person that built and programmed the girls, but each one hurtling towards the same conclusion.

Seemingly at the same time, without a word. Without a packet of data wirelessly sent to the other. Without prompting or inference. The two moved their lips together. There was a sensation there, one she hadn’t felt since her and Cole Reyes were backstage. Something thumped inside of her, not physically, but it was like all of her programming pounded against her processors all at once. She wasn’t nearly as stunned as she was last time she kissed someone, but instead sank deep into the warm sensation of Simone’s lips against hers.

It was a feeling that Frankie didn’t want to stop. She found that her hands were moving, tangling themselves in Simone’s hair and holding her tight. Frankie didn’t recall making an effort to formulate the command to move her hands, yet it happened all the same, and she could only chalk it up to some of the new programming that she had recently installed. More surprising to her was the feeling of Simone’s hands pressing into her head as well, laced deep into the dark hair on her head and holding her just as tightly.

Frankie let out a soft sound. Something pleasurable, something new, something laced with a faint hint of deeper desires. Simone replicated the sound with her own voice, and took the opportunity to lip her own mechanical tongue inside of Frankie’s mouth. Frankie responded in kind, the two girls allowing their tongues to intertwine with one another. Frankie felt the uncontrollable urge to drape her leg over her friend and use it to pull Simone closer. Formulating the command and sending it rocketing through her systems resulted in an error message.

No valid device found.

Her leg was gone and she had forgotten about it. Locked in lustful rapture had caused her to forget that she was partially disassembled. Instead, she moved one of her hands from Simone’s head, letting it smoothly flow down Simone’s back until it reached the hem of her friend's shirt. Once there, it took only a little calculation to slip her hand under the shirt, around the body and upwards.

Frankie let more and more of her new programming take over her actions. It felt warm, wonderful, and thrilling. She seemed to suspend her conscious thoughts and move them back to a palace of merely observing how she would act. She became an audience member in her body’s performance.

Frankie’s hand moved to Simone’s breast, lifting and squeezing it once, then again, and again before becoming somewhat dissatisfied with the feeling. Despite the lewd sounding moans of gratitude and pleasure Simone was making, Frankie wanted more. Not just for her, but to make her friend feel better.

She released Simone’s body and flattened and stiffened her fingers. She only needed to press into Simone’s body a little in order to get her hand under her friend’s bra. Once done though, she moved in and felt the soft warm synthetic skin there. She felt Simone’s artificial nipple, stiff and puckered, like her own. Simone sucked in a sharp breath as Frankie toyed with her chest. The breath seeped out of her nose and mouth, blowing hot air fresh from Simone’s processors against Frankies face and into her mouth as their kiss deepened.

Simone and Frankie stayed like this for a short time. Lips locked together, hands gripping and tangling into one another’s hair, Frankie’s hand planted firmly on Simone’s breast, fondling and toying with it with sensual delight. Both robots could feel it though. There was a rising feeling, something was escalating inside of them, something new. Simone felt it more than Frankie, simply because there was a hardware component to send all of her programmed desires to.

Simone released Frankie’s head and made a frantic movement for her own athletic shorts. Frankie seemed confused at first, but watched as Simone slipped off of her bed and out of her shorts, kicking them half-heartedly across the room and turned.

It was obvious now. Simone had something that Frankie did not. Additional hardware that WARPA must have thought was a necessity at some point. Or maybe it was something Simone herself had installed once she was released. It didn’t matter. There, nestled between Simone’s thighs was the feminine sexual addition that Frankie was missing.

“Frankie..I..are you sure you want to do this?”

The question was sincere, and Frankie could tell that her and Simone were both teetering on the edge of something. This was the moment that the two would look back on and mark as a defining point in their relationship.

“With you? Yes. Of course.” Frankie smiled, her eyes lingering on Simone’s body.

It all happened so quickly. Simone was back on Frankie’s bed, and not curled up next to Frankie. Simone mounted her friend, straddling her at the waist. Frankie let her programming take control once again and stripped off her own top, working the form fitting shirt and then her own sports bra off. Her new, slightly larger and fully capable chest on display for her friend. Simone bent forward, wrapping her lips around Frankie’s new nipples and let her tongue play with it. Swirling in small, tight circles around it. Nibbling playfully and earning a lustful giggle from Frankie. Simone’s other hand occupied itself by playing with Frankie’s other breast in a similar fashion to how Frankie had toyed with hers.

The building heat inside of Simone rose once more, and simply fondling her lover wasn’t enough. She felt a twitch from the hardware between her legs and felt compelled to release Frankie’s chest. With some reluctance, she did just that, but as soon as she did so she began scooting her own legs up towards Frankie’s head.

Frankie found her head cradled between Simone’s robotic thighs. Her womanly sex wet and ready. Simone was slowly lowering herself into position, ensuring that she was gentle. Frankie, on the other hand, grew tired of waiting. She moved her arms up and around her friend's exposed waist and pulled her down, planting Simone’s vaginal assembly directly onto Frankie’s waiting mouth.

Simone was the first to let out a long low peal of delight. Frankie’s tongue, expertly crafted and mechanically controlled, had no problems moving into Simone. The precision that it moved and wiggled, almost subtly vibrated, inside of her drew another moan from the blond android. The two locked like that for what must have seemed like hours, but in reality spanned only a few moments.

Simone’s hips rolled and moved smoothly. Frankie let her tongue stiffen and rub against the artificial sex and the two seemed to easily sync their movements. Both machines cooed softly, moaned in low lewd sounds, and let out long breathy sounds as the sexual encounter continued. Simone’s rising climax was ever present in her synthetic mind. There wasn;t a climbing number or an ever increasing bar to judge when her operating system would execute, it was more intangible than that. All of it felt amazing, but there was still a mystery that even Simone couldn’t reveal.

As suddenly as the programming started, it executed. Simone let her head fall back, her whole body shuddered and her torso fell forward. She managed to reserve enough of her processing power to throw her arms forward and brace herself against the wall. Frankie could feel her legs quivering against her head, and took the opportunity to drive her tongue deep inside of her friend one more time. There was a copious amount of saline based fluids there, Frankie took it all in, joyfully, and felt her hands curl around Simone’s legs.

The moment passed and all that was left was silence broken by panting as Simone drew in fresh air to help cool her processing core. She was burning hot, both physically and mentally. Her artificial intellect was buzzing with new information. She took a moment to recover and then gently extracted herself from Frankie.

The pair locked eyes, each one smiling with brilliant pink on their chests and cheeks. Each one breathing deeply, recovering from the deeply sapphic activity.

The sound of the front door closing and Mrs. Gaines’ voice filled the house.

“Frankie? Simone? Are you here?”

The mood changed. In a frantic scramble Simone pulled on her athletic shorts again and made an effort to align and pull on her bra and shirt. Her programming would normally have no issues with this kind of thing, but there was a massive amount of new data that her operating system was grinding through, leaving precious few remaining resources for her to work with. Her movements were stiff, inefficient, but still productive.

Once dressed, Simone looked at Frankie, she was stuck on the bed and all of her clothes were just out of reach. What’s more, her jogging shorts and leg were downstairs in Sigourney’s lab. Simone tossed Frankie’s shirt and sports bra to her and then dashed to the door.

“Yeah we’re up here in Frankie’s room, we need your help Mrs. Gaines!” Simone called down.

Frankie untangled her shirt from the bra and wiggled into the tight undergarment then yanked on her shirt. Only a moment before Sigourney opened the door, Frankie pulled the blanket up and over her lower body.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you in school?” Sigourney asked.

“Frankie had a bit of an accident, she rolled her ankle a little and uh, broke her foot. I disconnected it down in your lab, so it’s there.”

Frankie nodded along and pulled up the blankets enough to expose her upper leg and the connection port there, earning a sigh from Sigourney.

“So uh, I’ll be going now. Good luck Frankie.”

“I will be fine. See you tomorrow.” Frankie called to Simone as she stopped in the doorway and looked back at Frankie. Her cheeks still vibrant and red, a twinkle in her friends eye let Frankie know that this wouldn’t be the last time the two of them met like this. Frankie’s soft smile, always quirked up at the corners of her mouth, let Simone know that maybe next time Frankie could participate more.

Chapter 2

Sigourney sighed as she looked down at her synthetic daughter's ankle. The damage wasn’t nearly as bad as she had first thought. She had followed Simone out to the front door and locked the door behind her. Once she was sure the house itself was secured she moved to the robotics lab that was also, usually, locked. She huffed to herself as she found the door not only unlocked but standing wide open. Simone and Frankie must have been in some kind of state when they got home to leave the lab open like that. Sigourney couldn’t be too upset, she guessed that seeing her own ankle rolled and bone snap she might be upset enough to forget locking the room as well.

Regardless, she retrieved Frankie’s broken foot, the leg module it was attached to, and part of her ankle that remained connected to the foot module. She had taken the whole thing over to one of her work benches and settled it onto a sterile plate and swung a large magnifying glass over it. Sigourney pushed away from the workbench and pinched the bridge of her nose and pressed her eyelids together. Her eyes were stinging and she started to mutter about being too old for all this.

The core strut inside of the ankle was, indeed, broken. Sigourney had attempted to keep Frankie’s construction fairly light weight, and so she had used mostly plastics which were sturdy enough for most places. The “bones” of Frankie’s skeletal structure were the same hardened plastic wrapped around an aircraft aluminum core. It was strong enough to handle most of the weight her chassis would put on it, but clearly not strong enough.

Then again, human bones were also incredibly strong and landing on it at just the wrong angle could snap them as well. With another huff, she concluded that she might just be being too hard on her own construction. This was clearly just an accident, and not something that would involve her completely disassembling Frankie and replacing her skeletal structure with new, as of yet manufactured, bones.

Still, Frankie was going to need some repairs. Sigourney had left her up in her room, plugged in and recharging through a standard wall port. She instructed Frankie to pull down the collar of her shirt and open the roughly triangular panel that nestled between her breasts. It was little more than a receptacle for a number of data ports. Many of which were for Sigourney to bypass Frankie’s software and shove programming and code blocks directly to her hardware. There was one, however, that was an unassumingly standard port.

Sigourney had left her phone connected to that very same, unassuming port. Frankie had specific programming that would begin a full dump of log files, system alerts, and any number of other data points that might help Sigourney. She was most interested in the moments leading up to Frankie twisting her ankle and how it could have been avoided. Frankie normally had impeccable balance, so the fact that she had not only tripped but stumbled enough to cause physical damage was concerning. So the process was set to run and Sigourney left her phone nestled nicely between Frankie’s newly upgraded breasts.

She sighed once again and glanced down at the bare, disconnected foot onto her desk. There was enough actual damage to the module, the wiring, and some of the core components that it might be worth the time to simply disconnect Frankie’s leg and replace it with a new one. But then she would have to replace the fully working one as well. She always felt that matched body parts were like headlights, gotta replace them both at the same time to keep things even. Replacing both legs on her daughter would be the quick and easy thing to do, but it also meant that she would have to settle down and fully manufacture two new legs to replace the spares she would use up.

Another sigh.

Things were infinitely easier when she still had access to state of the art robotics facilities, massive labs and all the manufacturing equipment she could ever want. Now, she needed to be a little more cautious, lest bulk ordering electronics tip off someone who was on the lookout for Frankie. So, repairs it was.

She would need to start by removing the broken parts inside of the foot and whatever remained of the ankle joint. Simone had done a good job in disconnecting the foot from Frankie’s leg. The joint connector itself looked to have taken the brunt of the damage. It was clearly popped free of the bindings that linked it to the rest of the foot module. Along with that a number of wires were stretched beyond their limits and snapped. They were small things, from the looks of it they were just generalized data cables to courier data between internal systems. Things like sensor data from the foot into the leg to help facilitate balance, or the impact of a step.

Sigourney began her investigation by using a scalpel to gently slice into the sides of the foot, skirting around the small plastic cap that protruded outward, giving her foot a very human look. It was meant to look like a Lateral Mallius, but it was nothing more than a blob of plastic. Once she had made a cut down and around to the bottom of the foot, she turned her blade sharply towards the heel and cut around it and back up the other side. Setting aside the knife, she was able to peel off the thick layer of skin.

With the synthetic flesh missing now, Sigourney could see a little better what had happened. The foot itself looked like there was some kind of misstep, and landed completely wrong, forcing all of Frankie’s weight onto one side of the gyroscopic connector inside of the foot. With that much downward force on a singular component, not only did it fail, but it snapped out of the clutch that was specifically built to hold it. It had cracked along the bottom of the hardened casing inside the heel and the whole assembly had slipped towards the back of the foot module.

Once that happened, a number of cables inside of the foot had either popped free of their connection ports, or in one case, snapped. Sigourney was forced to run the knife up the bottom of the foot and peel back the skin there and see if she could see what was and more importantly, was not, still repairable.

The internal framework looked solid and undamaged. Some of the wiring had popped free of the small plastic clips that would normally hold it out of the way of moving parts, and was easy enough for Sigourney to clip back into place. Though she needed a precision screwdriver to pop them back into place, and it took well over ten minutes, but it was done. There was one particular cable that was damaged and needed to be replaced. It was small, but luckily it ran along the inner part of the plantar.

All in all Sigourney found that only the gyroscopic connector in the heel was the biggest problem. She didn’t have a replacement at the moment, and would have to make due with what she had. The casing itself was all that needed to be replaced, the electronics themselves seemed to be serviceable enough. So, she spent a few minutes calling up the 3D printer software and loading the object files before sending them to the little computer module on the side of her overly large 3D printer.

The whole thing would take nearly five hours to finish printing, and even then it would take time to disconnect the broken one and insert the new one. SHe could at least remove the broken piece and set it aside, leaving Frankie’s foot disconnected, with a sturdy looking piece of mechanical mess jutting out the top and several wires dangling free. While her printer hummed and whined behind her, she took a moment to return to Frankie’s room and check in on her robotic daughter.

She was still in bed, laying still and stiff, almost ridgid there. Sigourney plucked the phone from her chest and checked on the download progress. Only another minute or two. She set the phone back down and pulled back the blanket on Frankie’s damaged leg.

Some of the soft artificial skin around her ankle had broken, and in other places had simply stretched. All of it would need to be cut away and replaced once the foot module was completed. Sigourney smirked to herself, of all the work she needed to do on her daughter, replacing her flesh was some of the easiest work.

Unfortunately there would be more work to do. The joint at the end of the core “bone” structure in her leg was damaged. It wasn’t modular enough to be removed and would need to be fully replaced. It wouldn’t be difficult, she even had the replacement parts for just that on hand, it was just a process. She didn’t relish the idea of being hunched over Frankie’s leg for the rest of the evening, and late into the night, but it was what needed to happen.

Until then, Sigourney had to wait. Had to wait for the data transfer to finish, had to wait for the new joint casing to finish printing, had to wait for both of those to be completed so she could strip Frankie’s leg and replace the parts. She was beginning to hate the word “waiting.”

The small chime from Frankie’s direction let her know that the data transfer had finished. Finally, she could get some work done. Even knowing that helped simmer down some of the frustrations that she was feeling. At least she could leave her emotions behind in some mental compartment when she dove deep into Frankie’s log files. She was absolutely sure that there would need to be another dump of new code from her workstation into the myriad of intricate systems that made up Frankie’s programming. First, though, she needed to see what Frankie had been up to.

The data transfer was massive, of course. Frankie’s incredible systems cataloged and recorded everything she experienced. From sights and sounds, to the sensations her skin picked up and the raw numbers flying through her operating system as calculations were done. Not only did she have recordings of what Frankie did do, but also what she didn’t. Her A.I. generated hundreds if not thousands of branching conversation trees whenever she was having a conversation, many of which were never used and simply stored for later analysis and use.

As Sigourney dipped into the lines of code in the log files, most of it seemed pretty straight forward. There were the morning start up routines, logs of the conversations and links to potential responses she had not chosen from this morning. Sigourney scrolled past them, glancing at them only when she had to move her finger back up to the top of the scroll wheel on her mouse. There was a significant amount of data that she glanced over, none of it terribly relevant, that is until she found herself greeted with a wall of red highlighted text.

“Ah, here we go.” She commented aloud to no one in particular.

There were pages and pages of entries all about the failure from earlier in the day. It took Sigourney a while, a long while, before she found anything resembling a root cause. It seemed that there was little more than a cascade of failures. One small calculation had led to Frankie’s foot falling just to one side of perfectly on balance while jogging. It was like making a small calculation error when navigating, once you are off course, everything just compounds and before you know it, the situation is hopeless.

Her foot landed just wrong enough that when she went to put pressure on it again and push off to continue her forward momentum it sent her tumbling forward and caused the damage. SCrolling up a few lines Sigourney started her investigation properly. Meticulously reading each line of text and trying to remember the meaning of it or in some cases decipher the odd combination of letters and numbers that her operating system generated. All of it generated piles of notes for Sigourney to later read and reread as she attempted to figure out the cause of the initial damage.

At some point Mr. Gaines came home and found the house oddly quiet. Calling for his daughter first, then for his wife. When he got no response he didn’t think much of it, after all Sigourney and Frankie led interesting and often busy lives. Though he was still delighted to see his wife in the lab, headphones on, with some kind of music dulling out her senses. Her back was turned to him as she was hunched over something. He thought better of interrupting her when she was in the zone like that, so he quietly slipped away and closed the door silently behind him.

Meanwhile Sigourney worked on into the night. She settled into a kind of rhythm. She would start some analysis or code search on her computer, then swivel around in her chair to return to Frankie’s leg. At some point the 3D printer chimed softly across the room and shattered that rhythm, but it was a grateful break from the back and forth. Mrs. Gaines stood from her stool and blinked twice, feeling the weight on her eyelids. There was still work to do though.

The freshly made gyroscope enclosure seemed to fit nicely into Frankie’s damaged heel, which felt like progress to Sigourney. It was certainly the start of the overall physical repairs. With the new gyroscopic assembly settled neatly into Frankie’s foot, and the wiring repaired, all that remained was to seal up the flesh where Sigourney had cut into it, and then replace the broken core in the leg.

With a small device akin to an airbrush in hand, Sigourney gently held the flaps of Frankie’s cut skin in place and applied layer after layer of sealant to the foot. It was one part flesh colored silicone, one part epoxy, and it was crawling with a fleet of nano machines. Sigourney didn’t have the time to repair the sensor mesh inside the layers of synthetic skin by hand, and why would she? The nano machines would do the job and then simply lay dormant.

The core of the leg was going to be more of a challenge though. It was going to require a significant amount of displacement. She needed to slit open the leg, remove the lengths of wires and tubing, likely disconnecting some of the arrays of motors and then detaching the core, then replacing it and returning everything to its original place. It was a daunting task and one that Sigourney wasn’t looking forward to.

Luckily the beep from her computer let her know that she didn’t need to start at that moment. She had coding to look at and modify. Another task that was sure to take the rest of her evening. She hadn’t even bothered to look at the clock and she knew that if she did now she would surely regret it. Instead she settled into her office chair, a much more comfortable option than the stool by her work bench, and got to reviewing the code.

The code searches had turned up exactly what Sigourney was looking for. The root cause of the malfunction. As she read through the blocks of code that her monitor displayed, she almost laughed. Almost. It was so simple and bordered on stupid. The reason for Frankie’s tumble was that she had never run before, or more accurately, her operating system had been refreshed and with her new mature body she hadn’t run with those specifications before. So her OS struggled to calculate the data live. It was a simple enough fix, she could have easily copied and pasted the calculations from her previous code base, then let Frankie’s processors adjust on the fly. It would certainly be less strain on her systems than trying to do it from scratch.

Then again, she also had a treadmill in the garage and it wouldn’t take much work to rig up some kind of harness to allow Frankie to walk, jog, run, and sprint on it. With the addition of a harness she could tumble without causing any physical damage. The simplicity of it made Sigourney smile, more so because she knew she wouldn’t have to do any additional coding. She could just leave everything there and rest assured that she did everything correctly, and allow Frankie to naturally grow her code base with half an hour of physical activity.

Her leg would still require repairs though.

Sigourney huffed a breath. More work.

She was just about to push away from her desk when the code search popped up another set of logs. She hadn’t been expecting that, the only thing that happened was a trip and then Simone brought Frankie home. Maybe it was from the leg disconnection. Sigourney wouldn’t be happy until she made sure though.

The log files were less errors and warnings, and more alerts about new programming sets unlocked and executing them. Sigourney raised an eyebrow as she dug deeper into the programming sets that were called up and was more than a little shocked to learn that they were accessing Frankie’s newly installed sexual hardware and software. She blinked a few times as she read through more and more of the log files and audibly let out a small gasp when she found the entries about Simone being set as the target of the sensual data.

Had it just been Frankie accessing her new systems to masturate and explore a little more of her newly upgraded body, Sigourney could have understood more completely. But with Simone…another girl. Another robot…

Sigourney settled down and caught her breath.

She had no issues with Frankie being sexual, or even being sexual with another woman. It was just unexpected. Andrew seemed more like Frankie’s type given what she had seen in the last few years. Simone wasn’t a terrible choice though, and Sigourney wouldn’t mind the two of them spending more time together. After the initial shock wore off, she was glad she stumbled upon Frankie’s little encounter. Any time Simone showed up she would make sure to give the two of them a wide berth and allow them plenty of time alone to explore one another.

Shaking her head cleared the web of thoughts she was formulating. She even found herself a little flushed imagining Simone that way…the girl wasn’t unattractive after her upgrades and Sigourney wouldn’t mind getting a little closer to- no, work came first. She needed Frankie to be fully operational by morning. Still she couldn’t help but feel her thighs rubbing against one another ever so slightly.

Frankie’s leg needed to be cut open, from ankle to knee. Sigourney needed a moment to breathe deep and settle her nerves. A steady hand was required for this type of work and it almost made her a little upset that she didn’t have the kind of robotic precision that Frankie and Simone had. She found her thoughts turning back to Simone again, imagining her and Frankie together..what that must have been like. How she could have contributed her own knowledge and skills to the pair. She shook her head again.

“Focus Sigourney..” She muttered and seemed to mentally snap back into the moment.

Her hands were once again steady and she was mentally and physically ready. With blade in hand she started a long, steady movement from the bottom of the leg module up to the soft underside of Frankie’s knee. Once done, Sigourney set aside the knife and wiggled her fingers into the opening she had just created. Once she had a hand inside the thick layers of artificial skin, she retrieved the blade again, and began cutting around the circumference of the synthetic thigh, slicing deeper and deeper with every pass until she had created a flap of skin that was only connected over the shin. She repeated the movements on the other side of the leg and then again around the lower portions until she had two long flaps of skin peeled back.

Now that she had fully access to the internal structure of Frankie’s leg she could get back to work. There was a somewhat soft, flexible casing around the whole internal structure. It gave Frankie’s legs a more consistent shape considering that there was only a small amount of actual electronics inside of her limb. Sigourney thanked her lucky stars that she had thought ahead enough to install a system to easily remove the casing. A few locking mechanisms that required little more than a screwdriver and the knowledge of where the screw holes were.

Once the whole casing was removed she was greeted with a tangled mess of wires, cables and so much tubing. She had a moment to curse her past self for not taking the extra time to bundle up the wiring and do some cable management. She also quietly apologized to her future self as she would be doing no clean up tonight either.

The core strut was hidden somewhere in the forest of tangled wires in front of her and it took more than a little digging to get to it, but once there she could start to push other components out of the way until the whole of it was exposed. Once it was she could go to work disconnecting it, first, from where it connected to the knee assembly. It was latched into a powerful and highly complex array of micro-motors and servos. It took a significant amount of torque on a hearty wrench to even begin to loosen the first of three bolts that held it in place. Once loosened though, the other bolts were easier to remove.

Once all the bolts were loose enough Sigourney set aside the wrench and simply wiggled her fingers into place and manually turned them until they fell free. Then the whole long metal strut came free from the knee. Sigourney set it gently down so she could easily pick it back up. The process of disconnecting it from the ankle joint would be more work. It was damaged there and she couldn’t put any amount of significant pressure on it, lest it break again. If it did she would be up all night string to wrench it free of the ankle binder.

So she proceeded, a gentle hand, and firm pressure that was enough but not so much as to put unnecessary torque on the piece. It was a tense few minutes of gently increasing pressure before the smaller bolt gave and allowed her to undo it. She found that she had been holding her breath and let it seem out between her teeth. Then the next one…and another…each one a tense exercise in control and pressure.

But it was freed now. The whole strut was removed and set aside. The top portion of it was a toothed loop that locked into the kneecap, tapering down into a similarly toothed loop that locked into the ankle. Just above the ankle connector the strut was clearly twisted, no small feat for a quarter inch piece of metal that had only just been inside of her robotic daughter's leg. There was an immense amount of pressure and weight that must have been pushed onto it at just the wrong angle to cause that. She could even see where the metal rod was beginning to show fatigue and breaking apart.

Replacing it was no small task either, but significantly less work than removing it in the first place. Inserting the new piece into the core of Frankie’s leg and reattaching it to the knee first and then tightening the bolts down. She had to use almost her whole body weight to wrench them into place and ensure that they wouldn’t come loose from regular daily wear and tear. The ankle was the same way, but once attached all she needed to do was shuffle the cables back into place around the rod and make sure none of them would get caught by movement.

She left the leg flayed open and scooted over to her computer, snatching up a tablet and a mess of cables hooked into a metal box. She set it down near the upper portion of the leg and began plugging in a number of cables to the open ports that were nestled down inside of the thigh. Once done she tapped through a few menus on the tablet until she found the programming she needed.

The metal box served as a host, tricking the leg into operating like it was connected to Frankie’s main body. It was basic, but it worked. She tapped in a command to make the leg slowly move, flexing it back to ensure none of the cables were snagged. Then she tapped another one in to make the leg straighten out, never taking her eyes off of the internal wiring.

She really needed to tidy up in there..

A few more commands to roll the ankle, move the foot back and forth and side to side and she was satisfied. Everything was fixed, finally. All that remained was to reseal the leg and reapply a fresh layer of skin patches to the ankle where Frankie’s artificial flesh had torn. She reinserted the casing to Frankie’s leg and locked it into place before flapping the layers of skin over it and pulling it into place. Once there she applied more of the spray on nano machine concoction. She held the skin in place just long enough for it to set and hold on its own before moving to the foot and doing the same process, though she applied a much thicker layer over the ankle where the skin itself had been cut away.

Finally, hours and hours after beginning it was all done. Sigourney flopped back into her desk chair and as she leaned forward to put her computer to sleep, she caught another glimpse of the marked up code base. The sensual data dumps from Frankie and Simone. Sigourney felt that same hot flash of lust fill her again. She wondered if Simone would have any complaints about her joining in next time Simone came over.

Another deep breath, she needed to reattach Frankie’s leg first.

She waited another ten minutes for the nano machine flesh spray to set up. She knew that the repairs to the sensor mesh wouldn’t be completed until the morning, but that was fine. She only just then glanced at the clock on her computer.

It was just past two in the morning. Still enough time for the nano machines to work, but far far later than Sigourney wanted. She scooped up the freshly repaired leg module and stumbled out into the house. The lights were all off, save for a few night lights plugged into the wall in the kitchen or by the stairs. They were just enough to illuminate the path enough to make her way up to Frankie’s room. Once there, she flicked on the light, finding that Frankie hadn’t moved at all.

It wasn’t a surprise, in fact Frankie’s eyes were wide open, staring up at the ceiling as electrical life flowed into her. It made it easy on Sigourney, she set the leg on the edge of the bed and then settled down at the foot of the bed, next to Frankie’s still connected leg. She pulled the blanket back, fully exposing Frankie’s body, finding that she was fully naked at the moment. SIgourney guessed that she had interrupted her and Simone, which explained some of Simone’s initial reaction.

The faint scent of some of the sexual fluids she had installed and the, now dry, runnels of liquid along Frankie’s new womanly folds told Sigourney everything she needed to know. She took only a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship she had put into Frankie’s slit. It was modeled after Sigourney’s own, and it was only a little odd to see it connected to someone else. She smirked and thought it a compliment that Simone had been the first to interact with it.

The leg slipped into place, locking into the mounting posts left inside of Frankie’s hip and locking into place with little resistance. Once connected Frankie’s automated sealing process engaged, whirring slightly inside of her leg, though it was audible to Sigourney only because she knew exactly what to listen for. As the pumping system whirled on, the seam line around her thigh disappeared, leaving nothing but a smooth, continuous leg. Once again, Frankie looked perfectly human.

Sigourney smiled to herself, knowing that Frankie was fully offline. She ran her hands over the smooth, soft skin along Frankie’s though and congratulated herself on how perfectly human it felt. Not that it was flawless, far from it. There were small imperfections built into it. A small, slightly harder piece of gel under the skin to feel like a coiled muscle, or a faint irregularity in the texture. It felt as close to human skin as she was able to manage and was modeled after her own flesh. Her mind idly wondered if Simone’s was the same way.

She was tired. Not just from the late night, but from the volume of energy it took to fully concentrate on such intricate work for so long. She was hungry, but unwilling to eat anything in the middle of the night. There were a myriad of conditions that might have led her to do what she did. Not the least of which was a clawing, gnawing, lingering, hungry desire for some sort or sensual release. She had read the log files for her own daughters first, and only, sexual encounter with another woman. Both androids had been fully upgraded to a mature programming set and a body to match. Simone was beautiful in her own right, as was Frankie, and both of them were fully capable of their own adult desires now.

Sigourney’s eyes drifted down to Frankie, her jaw clenched just once, pushing the skin on her own face out just a little as her nostrils flared.

She would be getting little sleep tonight, but it was well worth it.

She left Frankie’s chest panel open, a data cable dangling from it, and dashed back down to her own lab, overcome with a sudden flash of motivation. She felt a slight twinge of guilt about her plan, but the heat in her body and the pounding of her heart quickly overwhelmed and suppressed those feelings. She had a plan, it wasn’t solid or foolproof, but it would surely present an opportunity. She just needed to be a little careful with the execution.

The lines of code it would take were easy enough to write out. A few errant database entries needed to be changed as well, but those were easily modified. It was the behavioral process that would end up taking the lion's share of the time. It wasn’t like the movies where someone could just type in a few lines telling the machine what to do. Robot’s weren’t like that. They didn’t use the same kind of language or natural learning as a human. They required both specific instructions. Sigourney couldn’t be vague, nor could she be too specific lest the internal software crash from acting in a way that was unexpected or clashed with pre-existing parameters.

In short, she needed to be just specific enough without being blatant.

It took time, and some testing, and more than a little debugging, but before the rest of the family woke up, the new programming was ready. Sigourney wasted no time in returning to Frankie and started the new patch she had spent the last hour or so coding. The data coursed into her daughter from the phone she held in her hand. It wouldn’t take long, the changes weren’t drastic, but they would open an opportunity for Sigourney, and that was all she would need.

The small chime from her phone let her know everything was done and passed the system check on Frankie’s systems. She disconnected the cable, and tapped one small button inside of Frankie. The panel hissed into place, resealed itself and Frankie once again looked fully human. SIgourney pulled the blanket over Frankie’s newly installed leg, covered her chest, and kissed her once on the forehead. Then she slipped out of the room and down the hall to her own room where she pulled her top off of her body and let it fall. Then her bra and her slacks came next. She tumbled into bed wearing only her panties and drifted off into a sweet sleep.

Frankie’s eyes slipped open smoothly, though she was not online. Not fully at least. There was a small piece of programming that would swiftly remove the charging cable from her body and then settle back into bed. Once done, her full operating system would come online. She would start her human emulation and begin operating as if she were just another person in the world. Despite the fact that just a few hours prior she had been partially disassembled, her chest opened, and a new set of programming installed. To everyone else, she would just be Frankie. Same old Frankie.

She slipped out of bed and stretched. It wasn’t something she needed to do, far from it. Stretching wouldn’t do anything for the hydraulics or microscopic motor systems inside of her. It was, however, a very human reaction to slipping out of bed and getting ready for a day of classes at the university. She needed only to run through her programming and appear human. So she dressed herself, not even noticing that her freshly repaired leg was once again attached.

She knew it had been missing, and she knew her mother had come home and repaired it. There were even log files that showed exactly when her systems had registered the component was reattached. None of it mattered though, not to Frankie. She was once again whole and there was no need to dwell or make any kind of show of her newly repaired limb. She simply accepted it and moved on to getting dressed for the day.

A mid thigh length skirt with dark leggings under it and a smart looking button up shirt made up her outfit today. She turned herself from side to side, admiring herself in the full length mirror hanging on the back of her door, and smiled once, and nodded.

Her computerized mind opened up the messenger app that she had her mother install for her long ago and opened the contact for her equally robotic classmate. There was already a message waiting for her from Simone.

‘How’s things Frankie?’

The message had been sent last night, just after ten in the evening. Frankie would have been offline for a while and her mother would have been working hard on repairs still.

‘I am repaired now. Everything is working as expected.’

Almost immediately Frankie saw that Simone was formulating a response. There was no typing involved, just a brief moment where her systems alerted her that Simon was responding and then the message appeared.

‘Good! I’m glad you’re back on your feet…so…about yesterday, what we did. When we got you into your room.’

‘What about it? Did I do something wrong?’

‘No! Far from it.’

Frankie wasn’t sure what came over her in that moment. There were floods and spikes of information that her processors were parsing. Her operating system was “remembering” all that the two of them had shared the day before. The wild new sensations and floods of new data sets. The euphoria of feeling something brand new and so very intense. There was programming in her that made her shiver a little at the very recollection of their time together. Not only that, but there was something else.

Frankie didn’t even register that a brand new set of programming was running. It was just a small piece of code, running in the background. Something that was subtly removing conversation options from her queue and replacing them with something else. It was gently tugging at other programming sets, begging them to be part of her current operating set. There were lustful tidbits of programming that were already seeping into Frankie’s currently running cache of assets.

‘Perhaps this time we could both participate.’

Frankie’s simple message let Simone know where they both stood with one another.

‘Perhaps we could. I think I owe you at least that much.’ Simone replied

‘After classes end today we should get together. We can do any homework and then explore these activities a bit deeper.’

In her room, Simone stood half naked. Tight jeans, slightly distressed across the thighs and outright ripped at one knee covered her lower half. Her upper torso remained unclothed. Her breasts standing firm, rounded, and ready. The pink synthetic nipples capping them were equally perky. She was standing still, a bra in her hand and red blush crawling across her face as she read and then reread Frankie’s words. With one more blink she returned to her normal operating process. Her bra held back and shaped her breasts, transforming them into prominently displayed mounds. A simple shirt covered her slender body and the long, straight dirty blond hair fell all around her shoulders.

She was still smiling and blushing when she stepped into the hall to head out to the campus. When the flushed redness on her cheeks still hadn’t faded she had to manually access the system and truncate the process herself. She was loathed to think of what she would look like with a glowing red face all day long. Let alone when she finally met up with Frankie again at university.

The redness triggered another process request and Simone denied it herself…

Frankie was already in the quad, sitting perfectly upright with impeccable posture on one of the benches there. Simone caught her eye and wondered if the blushing programming would ever stop triggering. Maybe she could get Sigourney to edit her software a bit and tone it down. At just the thought of being, even partially, disassembled under Sigourney’s hand caused her to process all manner of other code bases. She was reminded of Frankie, broken and sparking. The sight of her electronic self so readily on display.

It wasn’t a far leap for Simone to imagine her own internal systems exposed like that as well. Her software simulated what that might look like and displayed a small visual for her in the corner of her field of vision. She was naked on Mrs. Gaines lab table, the same one Frankie had been on last night she was sure. Her chest flayed open and a forest of wires and tubes connected into her. She could almost feel it.

Then the image faded and it was replaced with the same scene, but Frankie was on the table now. Her mother was working inside of her. Mrs. Gaines arms deep in Frankie’s open torso, taking parts and pieces out of Frankie, all while she was smiling and looking vaguely at the ceiling. Just a machine powered down and letting someone-

“Simone, are you functioning properly?”

The small scene evaporated into nothingness and Simone smiled. Frankie was in front of her, a look of concern on her face and her hands were on Simone’s shoulders. She was being shaken slightly.

“Yes, sorry, just a little glitch. We should get to class.”

Frankie’s look of concern faded with a small head tilt as Simone walked past Frankie, partially because class was starting soon, partially because she wanted to ensure that those video simulations were stored and saved some place safe, and partially because her cheeks were turning red again.

The day had been long and the late afternoon sun was long past its apex. Simone had finished her last class nearly half an hour before Frankie had. She had found a nice quiet bench under a tree and was simply lounging. The gentle breeze tickled the sensor laced flesh that covered her body, and she let the subtle warmth of the late afternoon sun swirl and mix with the cool air into a cocktail of sensory data.

Her eyes were closed and a vague smile showed prominently on her face. Anyone looking at her would have thought she was another college student enjoying the beauty that surrounded her. In reality, her closed eyes only gave her a proper theater to rewatch the two simulated scenes from earlier. She alternated back and forth, trying to decide which she liked seeing more, her own self on the table with Mrs. Gaines working on her, or watching Frankie get disassembled and tinkered with.

As she viewed the scenes again, something new happened. The room changed, it dimmed to utter darkness and then reappeared. It was the same room, but larger now, and accommodated two tables. Frankie was there, laying naked on one table. Her chest opened and the same electronics inside of her. The faint glowing of status lights from her circuitry illuminating the soft, pale skin. Simone was on the second table. She was missing both of her arms, and she could see the silvered disks that housed the connection ports. The small bundles of cables that dangled from where her missing limb would attach. She was aware of her surroundings, and looked around only to see Mrs. Gaines. In the center of the room. No one was being repaired or worked on, rather Mrs. Gaines was wearing a cocktail dress of some kind, and looking at Simone and Frankie. She bent low over Frankie and kissed her daughter, then stood and walked to Simone. Another kiss planted on Simone’s lips.


Her eyes snapped open and Frankie was once again standing over her. While her expression looked concerned, it wasn’t the same upset face she had worn this morning.

“Perhaps my mother should have a look at your software set. You seem to be having a number of glitches.”

The sentiment was there, genuine concern and seeking simply to help her friend. None of Frankie’s higher AI and logic systems had any idea that the idea was a seed that had been planted by Sigourney the night before. Frankie’s operating system had generated a number of responses. There were options to merely speak to her mother, and others to simply ignore the glitches or offer to help her troubleshoot them. Normally Frankie would not have jumped directly to allowing her mother to inspect and modify Simone’s programming, but after Sigourney’s late night modifications, the options were regarded as highly productive.

To Simone, there was no change in Frankie’s behavior. Her own operating system concluded much the same thing. Mrs Gaines was an accomplished robotics expert, and Simone’s programming and construction was so similar to Frankie’s that it would likely be a simple task to help troubleshoot. Then again, Simone knew that these weren’t glitches, they were active processes that her OS was conjuring up and she was intentionally tuning out the world to watch them.

The lingering image of Mrs. Gaines with her hands inside of Simone’s naked and opened body trickled back into her field of vision one last time though. Frankie’s suggestion would lead, she knew, to almost that exact scenario. Allowing Mrs. Gaines to probe her programming would lead to her exposing herself as a machine and allowing her into some of Simone’s most intimately hidden systems. It was, in fact, what she had been dreaming about.

“I think you’re right Frankie. I should have your mom help me out. Just a look can’t hurt right?”

It wasn’t a long drive back to Frankie’s house. Simone drove there, letting her internal GPS and navigation programming take over her operation. She actively stopped the simulations from running though her field of vision again, and stopped her cheeks from blushing every time she glanced over at Frankie. The shape of her friend's body had never been so enticing to her, and all at once both Frankie and Sigourney were newly acquired objects of desire. She wasn’t upset by that at all though, she actually liked the idea of having a more mature woman as a lover, and one that was a machine like she was.

Simone idly wondered if there were possibilities and opportunities for the two of them to share some of that pleasurable data. Comparing blocks of stored data and logs, experiencing things in a different way. Though, Simone thought, that would likely lead to malfunctions of some kind. She couldn’t help but bite into her lower lip just a little at that line of thinking. There were a lot of new ideas and sensations coursing through her again, and she sucked in a fresh breath of cool air to help dissipate some of the heat coming off of her processor core.

Simone was thankful when they pulled up in front of the Gaines’s house and she put her little sedan in park. She and Frankie made their way inside and found themselves greeted by a very tired looking Sigourney.

She had changed her clothes from the day before. Comfortable looking jeans that did little to mask the curves of her mature legs. The form fitting black shirt tucked into them did the same for her chest. Her breasts covered, but without a bra there was little left to the imagination. It was clear, to Simone at least, that there was some level of excitement, bordering on arousal, judging by how prominently displayed Mrs. Gaines' nipples were, and how little embarrassment she seemed to take.

Simone was practically bursting with erotic desire as well. She made no effort to suppress the spreading blush that was creeping across her face and chest. She did, however, attempt to keep the intake and output of her breath steady and even. She needed the cooling as the double speed processor core inside of her was driving hard and generating a rising amount of heat.

Simone’s audio receptors, deep inside of her ears and skull casing picked up the sound of Frankie talking, and gesturing towards Simone, but her processors were currently occupied to the point where the audio wasn’t fully parsed. A moment later the sensor flesh on her shoulder lit up and her balance programming took over as her body was shaking back and forth. Her regulation software took over and truncated many of the running processes that were clogging up her CPU usage. She blinked once and looked up to see Frankie looking at her, and Mrs. Gaines looking deeply into her eyes.

“Do you see what I mean?” Frankie was saying.

“Yes, it’s a little concerning for sure.” Sigourney replied. “Simone, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I- sorry. My CPU core just got a little tied up with some other processes.” Simone replied.

“It shouldn’t be.” Mrs. Gaines replied, stepping back and rubbing her chin slightly. “You were built with processors fast enough to make a convincingly human android. Your processors shouldn’t get tied up.”

Frankie looked to her mother, “Can you check her programming. Perhaps there is some kind of hardware optimization that is troubling her?”

Simone’s issue was a legitimate concern for Sigourney. She had reprogrammed her daughter just enough to suggest some kind of meeting today with Sigourney. She had fully expected it to be something like a girls night or study session. Simone’s glitching software was a happy accident and Sigourney’s heart began to pound against her chest at the possibilities. Ethics be damned, she was burning with desire still and Simone was right here. So was Frankie…

“Yeah, let’s get you into the lab. Uh, Frankie, why don’t you head on up to your room and do your homework and then plug in for the evening. I can send Simone up to you when I have a better idea of what’s going on.”

Simone cast her eyes downward, biting into her lower lip just a little. She was well aware that there were no software issues for Mrs. Gaines to diagnose. Which only meant she could likely spend even more time on Mrs. Gaines’ examination table. Another small simulated scene appeared in her field of vision, once again it was her lying naked on the table, though this time she was missing her arms and legs. She was squirming a little, and the sound of-

“Simone, sweetie? Is that okay?”

Several blinks later Simone nodded. She was fine with whatever Mrs. Gaines did or did not find. Tonight, right now, was a treat to Simone more than anything. Frankie was nodding and Simone was barely aware of her turning, more robotically than she had seen in a while, and walk towards her room. Mrs. Gaines had already taken several steps forward and Simone watched her hips swaying for a moment before she began to swiftly follow after her.

Sigourney, meanwhile, had turned to face away from Simone as quickly as she felt the spreading warmth on her cheeks. She didn’t want to betray her own feelings, and instead moved to keep Simone at something of a distance, or at least distracted until she could calm her heart rate. She was delighted with how the opportunity that had presented itself was turning out. She legitimately wanted to try and diagnose what was happening with Simone, but there were other things that she was looking forward to as well. According to the log files she had pulled from Frankie, Simone had something of an upgrade as well, similar to Frankie’s.

Sigourney let Simone into the lab and then, very quietly, turned and closed the door behind her before twisting the lock into place. The last thing she wanted was an interruption.

“Alright Simone, now I’m sure you understand that in order for me to access some of your systems I’m going to need you to fully disrobe for me.”

Sigourney tried her absolute best to keep a clinical edge on her voice, but she still worried that the robot girl would pick up on her excitement. Inside her own mind, Sigourney felt like a giddy little girl.

“Yeah, I expected as much.” Simone replied, her hands were already undoing the buttons on her plaid shirt.

She shrugged out of the top, tossing it onto one of the surfaces that didn’t appear to have much on it, leaving her standing in her skin tight jeans and a simple white tank top. Sigourney had been preparing the computer terminal in the room for diagnostics, opening a number of pre-written commands and programs that she had written to help her. She turned around to face Simone just in time to see the robotic college student stripping her tank top off of her, letting her hair tumble out of it and leaving her facing away from Sigourney in a bra and jeans.

Simone tossed her shirt on top of the button up one and, noticing the lack of keyboard sounds, turned around to see if Mrs. Gaines needed something from her. She had just unclasped her bra and let her breasts bounce free.

Sigourney tried her best to not let her erotically charged emotions get the better of her. She tried with desperation not to let her eyes drift down to Simone’s clearly upgraded chest.

She failed.

Her eyes rolled down Simone’s body. Her hair fell perfectly where it should, landing on her shoulders with a gentle pause. Her slender neck seemed sturdy and delicate all at once, and it gave way to the broad planes of Simone’s chest. Her chest, clearly an improvement, had grown. With the upgrade to a more mature, adult body, so too had her chest grown. Plump and rounded breasts dominated her torso, ending in the most ideal nipples Sigourney could imagine. They were pert, perky, and clearly ready.

Sigourney thought she felt a little bit of what Frankie must have been processing the day before. Unbridled lust. The desire to reach out and touch, to take, to kiss and love, to make Simone her own while also giving herself fully to the android. Her torso, just below her impressive chest, tapered down to her hips where it widened back out, filling the waistline of her jeans.

The jeans themselves were already unbuttoned and Simone was pushing downward, rolling them down her thighs, exposing her legs with every passing moment. She bent forward, letting her breasts hang from where they were attached to her chest, as more and more of her legs were exposed. SIgourney hadn;t even noticed that Simone had hooked her thumb into the waistband of her panties. So when the blonde robot stepped out of her clothes with a dainty little step, that her entire body was revealed.

Sigourney took it all in for only a moment, only a brief and fleeting glance, but the image was seared into her mind. The slender body and perfectly proportioned structure. Skin that seemed perfect, but was in fact clearly designed to look perfectly human. Everything looked so well toned, like Simone worked out for hours every day, and yet all of it was soft. Like Sigourney could reach out and touch it and have her hand sink in just enough. Even the artificial sex module that had been installed looked perfectly human while looking incredible at the same time. No pubic hair had been installed, and it only served to highlight that, while human in appearance, Simone was still very much a machine.

“Alright, uh, Simone go ahead and lay down on here, on the bench that is, and um, can you access post. Excuse me, open an access port for a data transfer. Please.”

Sigourney turned back to the computer, pressing her eyelids closed in embarrassment. She could hear Simone moving around, the sound of her hopping up onto the table. Her soft, synthetic flesh slapping gently against the cold stainless steel. A moment later, the air filled with the hissing of something being unsealed, like a long forgotten bottle of champagne finally being uncorked with care. The sound of a once sealed, internal system becoming exposed to the open air. The sound of a twenty-something android splitting her chest open and letting it reveal her inner most circuitry.

Sigourney turned, knowing full well what to expect, but seeing it was another thing altogether.

Simone was on the table, as requested, and she had opened a port for Sigourney to plug in to. What she did not expect was that it would be her entire chest panel. It was split down the middle, across her collar bone and belly. It was standing open, like a pair of welcoming hands, jutting up into the room. Nested between them was what made Simone, Simone. Fine wires all bundled together in black mesh tubes to keep them out of the way of the small spinning fans.

Under the wires, nestled deep in the forest of cables and tubes, was a hard casing. Sigourney knew it was little more than a case to give Simone’s body some shape and form, but set into it were a number of data ports. Everything was there and readily available, which is precisely what she had asked for. Though, as she walked up she was a little surprised at how similar yet distinctly different Simone’s construction was.

The hard plastic casing that covered the majority of Simone’s internal workings was formed to resemble a normal looking rib cage. Just below the hardened plastic ribs was a metal support structure that kept the ribs in place and allowed for wires and circuitry to be mounted directly to it. A distinct change from Frankie’s construction which simply relied on a number of boards to be connected to her spinal column where they could Others were bolted directly onto the back of Frankie’s ribs, but Simone’s configuration allowed for a number of additional components to be mounted on both her back and just under the ribs.

“Do. Uh, do these come off?” Sigourney asked, gently placing one hand on the edge of one of Simone’s open chest panels.

“Yes, there are locks where the joint is. Just disable them.” Simone replied, looking up from the table, letting her eyes drift over the edges of her own chest first. Taking in the very precise point where the soft artificial flesh met the hard plastic and metal interior. The part where she transitioned from human to machine.

Sigourney only nodded and then positioned herself just above Simone’s head. Bending forward, she reached into Simone. The little robot girl couldn’t exactly feel her hands inside of her body, but she certainly registered the feeling of her body gently swaying as Mrs. Gaines worked inside of her. She closed her eyes and let the simulation she had been viewing earlier run again. This time she junctioned it to the sensory data her processors so kindly provided. It felt more real now, more interactive and true. She could practically see herself from a distant corner.

One of Simone’s chest panels was free now. Sigourney lifted it up and off of her, making sure to keep clear of the rest of her body. Simone watched as it was extracted and brought away from her. There was a sudden surge between her legs. Nothing quite as prominent as a real orgasm, but a twitch, a small spasm, right at the very core of her newly installed womanly folds. The mere sight of one simple robotic component being lifted off of her was all it took.

This was going to be a long maintenance session.

Her other chest panel came off with a little less work now that Sigourney had found where the locking mechanisms were nestled inside of her. The second panel caused the very same little twinge of pleasure for Simone, and it took a lightning fast processor request to block the small moan from making its way to her vocal processors. Not that Simone was even capable of dreams, but if she could be, this one was coming true right before her eyes.

Simone was able to turn her head just a little and swivel the artificial eyes inside of her sockets to follow Mrs. Gaines. She watched as she moved across her little makeshift lab and set the two halves of Simone’s chest on a table. SHe could see her firm breasts jiggle and sway as the physics of the world around her took hold of them. She turned her attention back to her own body, craning her neck just a little to peek inside of her own exposed toros. The sight of the same hard edge meeting the soft flesh was still every bit as enticing as it was on her chest panels. Though, now it was highlighted by the maze of cables and components, backlit by her own status lights.

“Never seen inside of yourself?”

It was Mrs. Gaines’ voice, floating somewhere above Simone.

“N-no, I never had a need to.”

“Do you want to see a little better?”

It wasn’t a question that needed contemplation. Simone had literally imagined it all along. She nodded, tempering her response so she didn’t look too eager.

A moment later Sigourney’s cold but firm fingers were pressing into Simone’s neck, just behind her jugular. A second later they were pressing into a soft spot just behind her jaw. Simone could see the commands being executed inside of her, the pressure points initiated an unlocking sequence that disengaged nearly a dozen mechanisms inside of her throat. Whole other systems were safely disconnecting devices and physically retracting mounting posts inside of her neck. Still others were loosening the artificial flesh around her throat, allowing the skin to peel back just a bit. Then it was done.

Sigourney could feel the subtle vibrations inside of Simone’s head as her mechanical neck disjoined from her throat. All she had to do was wait until the slight stuttering stopped and then she was ready.

Simone felt Mrs. Gaines grip her head on both sides, then begin to gently twist back and forth. It was little more than a small movement to get the mounting posts free of their connections, and within a moment Simone could see her field of vision lifting upward and off of her body. A rapid mid-range wireless connection established itself and reconnected her to the systems inside of her body.

She was still facing forward and enjoyed the sensation of having her head removed and moved across the room without her needing to formulate the commands to move her whole body. It was both disorienting, and given Simone’s current set of programming, extremely erotic. It was intoxicating really. The more Simone felt like she was truly just a machine, the more sensual data she felt coursing through her systems.

In a moment her head was turned around and tilted back, letting her long golden hair fall slightly away from where her neck would be. Then Mrs. Gaines slotted her onto some kind of post or podium. She connected to it, and found that there was a request for a data connection to Mrs. Gaines’ workstation as well as began to provide the small powercell inside of her skull with electricity. She gladly allowed the connection to her data ports and let her eyes slip closed as she let out a soft sigh.

It was meant to be a small sigh, something more akin to a comforting, relaxing release. The kind of sound someone made when they sat down after a long day of standing. Instead, Simone’s sexual programming hijacked her own vocal sub-systems and changed the sound from a soft sigh into a gentle moan. It drew out longer than she had wanted, and combined with her eyes closed and her mouth open just a little it would have looked incredibly lewd to Sigourney.

“Oh my gosh, im so sorry. I- I don’t know what-”

Sigourney held up a hand and silenced her. “It’s alright. I honestly kind of expected that kind of reaction from you.”

“ did?”

“Mmhmm” Sigourney replied.

She was settling into the chair across from Simone. Her legs were tightly crossed over one another at the knee and she was giving Simone a knowing smirk.

“After Frankie’s repairs last night I went crawling through the log files to see what caused it, and after correcting it I found some other things.”

She raised her eyebrows at Simone, a clear indication that she knew what her and Frankie had done. She wasn’t entirely sure that Simone’s social programming would pick up on the indication though.

“So I know that you and Frankie had-”

“I’m really sorry! It won't happen again if you don’t want.” Simone blurted at high speed.

“No no, It’s really okay. In fact I would encourage the two of you to branch out and explore. Try new things with new people. You never know what it might..spark.”

Sigourney bit into her lower lip just a little with her last word and let the twinkle in her eye show. Simone seemed confused at first, and then, with a sudden burst of realization, her programming took it all in and ground it down into something her base code could understand. In response, her own eyebrows flew up and her mouth drooped open just a little. The blush was uncontrollable at this point though, and the artificial pigment injectors inside of her cheeks were running rampant.

“Do those red cheeks mean you get my meaning?” Sigourney murmured, her breath starting to flow in hot puffs.

Simone stammered for only a moment as the satalink between her core processors and the smaller processing unit inside of her head sent swarms of new information back and forth. Did she understand? Her social programming knew what Mrs. Gaines was referring to, but she was older, married, and the mother of Simone’s best friend. There were conflicts.

Simone wanted so desperately to experience another sexual encounter, and the idea of a twist to it was all the more exciting. Frankie had been incredible, and Simone wanted nothing more than to march upstairs and make out with her once again, stripping each other slowly of their clothes until their naked bodies were once again tangled with one another.

Then again, she had literally been pining for this very scenario for a day. She had visualized this set up and it was what had led her to this position in the first place. There was nothing wrong with her after all, she was just lost in a fantasy. All of the factors combined and swirled around into something approximating data, enough at least to formulate a response.

“I get your meaning, Mrs’ Gaines, and I agree.” She ended her statement with a knowing and lust filled smirk.

Sigourney smiled in return, her own desires reaching their own boiling point. She stepped over to the computer and tapped in a number of commands, each one enabling controls over the robot’s body, granting access to her most intimate and crucial systems, and handing those controls to Sigourney. She tapped in a final command and pressed enter before turning back to Simone’s disconnected head.

Simone was biting into her lower lip just a little, she was now fully, and unabashedly, running her sexual programming. All her social matrices were directed only at processing sensual data and enticing Mrs. Gaines into making love to her. As her optics swiveled up and looked into Mrs. Gaines' eyes she wanted nothing more than to spread her legs and invite the older woman to her.

But Simone found that she no longer had any kind of control over her body.

Sigourney saw the flash of concern and genuine upset that flashed across Simone’s disembodied head. She contemplated letting Simone sweat a bit more, but decided against it. She flashed a broad smile instead and bent forward at the waist, bending her knees a little and placing her hands on them for support. It was a movement that brought her down to eye level with Simone’s head, and as a bonus, her low cut shirt displayed her impressive cleavage for an added enticement for Simone.

“Don’t worry sweetie. I’ve disabled your motor controls. You’ll still be able to feel everything, but for now, only I can move your body.”

Sigourney took the opportunity to lean in and plant a firm, sensual kiss on Simones lips. She lingered there for long minutes, both of the two women enjoying the sensation. Sigourney’s organic tongue penetrating inside of Simone’s artificial mouth. Simone wanted to wrap her hands around Mrs. Gaines, to hold her tight and draw out the kiss for longer, but she was unable to, doubly so. Regardless, Sigourney pulled away and gently wiped the sweet tasting artificial saliva from her lips. She was smiling at Simone as she stepped across the lab, making her way to Simone’s body.

“What- what are you-” Simone began, but quickly put the pieces together.

Sigourney’s hands fell to Simone’s naked thighs. The sensation of the woman’s hands running up and down the soft artificial flesh sent a wave of pleasurable data coursing through her body and across the wireless link. It was a fraction of a second delayed, but Simone let out a long, soft moan, little more than an exhaled sound of delight, but the traces of lustful desires were there. Then she felt her legs spreading wider and wider. It was an odd sensation to be truthful, one that wasn’t wholly unpleasant.

Simone could only watch through half lidded eyes as Mrs. Gaines pushed her legs open. She could tell that there was a bit of effort that went into the movement, and Simone could easily hear the motor systems inside of her hips whining in protest as they were moved without the proper input. Still, her womanly folds were on display for Mrs. Gaines now, and the more mature woman wasted little time.

Sigourney licked her lips once and then lowered herself to the stool she had left at the end of the table. It was usually used for her to sit on when she was doing heavy modifications on Frankie so she didn’t have to loom over the girl and it put her nicely on the correct level.

The gentle tingling of hands on her inner thighs sent another wave of desire blasting into Simone’s vocal processors, and this time she was not afraid to let a long, husky moan rumble out of the speaker assembly in her throat. Along with the sweet sounds of love rolling across her vocal processors, her social programming interlaced a number of breathy sighs and gasps as Mrs’ Gaines’ fingers spread her slit and her tongue drilled deep inside of her.

The amount of pleasure being processed in Simone caused her whole face to flare red and generate a number of requests to her CPU to move her body, to squirm, to write in pleasure, to lace her fingers into Mrs. Gaines’ hair, but all of it was stopped by the blocker that had been installed. They were all perfectly legal blocks, so no errors or warnings were generated, though her log files did begin to fill up with requests and blocks.

Simone was beginning to get a good sense of exactly how Frankie must have felt the day before, when she herself was unable to fully move her body, though this seemed to be a much more intense and full body sensation. She was feeling everything Mrs. Gaines was doing every touch, every movement of her tongue inside of Simone, and every subtle stroke of her fingers along Simone’s legs. Every last touch brought fresh and hot tingles surging through Simone’s body.

It wasn’t long before Simone was panting, a purely social response. She wasn’t actually breathing, she was a machine afterall and could happily spend the rest of her life without taking another breath. Her sexual programming, on the other hand, was operating as if she were with any other human. Her complicated blocks of programming didn’t precisely know that Sigourney was well aware of Simone’s artificial nature, nor that Simone was currently semi-disassembled and her chest opened for Mrs. Gaines to see.

As Sigourney carried on, she listened carefully to Simone’s voice. She had hand programmed much of Frankie’s sequences, and being a woman herself, she knew the kind of rising, keening sounds that swirled into the voice as climax began to build. She had only casually stroked herself through the thick jeans once or twice as she pleasured Simone. She wasn’t ready just yet to let Simone reach her finale just yet. So she pulled back, planting one last kiss on Simone’s womanhood and then standing up. She lapped up the juices on her lips with her tongue and took it in, smirking at the red faced androids disconnected head.

Simone was still panting, mewling, whining, and craving more. She had been so very close to the sensual release she had been dreaming of all day long. Mrs Gaines was stopping around her torso, fingers trailing along her exposed skin, sending hot lines of tingling data through her CPU. She moved along until she was standing in the space between Simone’s body and her head.

“Enjoying yourself sweetie?”

It was the same tone that a loving mother would ask her child's friend while they were playing in the backyard. It was sweet, kind, caring, and longing to know if she was satisfied with how she had been treated. The gentle whirr and whine of the mechanisms in Simone’s neck as she vigorously nodded answered Sigourney’s question.

It wasn’t really a question that Sigourney needed an answer to, it had been obvious from the moment that she asked Simone to strip naked and crawl onto her bench. But now things were escalating, Simone was riled up, and so was Sigourney. The older woman had barely noticed that as she leaned against the workbench that her thighs were gently rubbing together out of pure excitement.

She watched Simone’s glassy fake eyeballs drift down her body, taking in the breasts that were barely held back by her shirt, and more importantly the fact that Mrs. Gaines was letting her hands work the zipper on her already unbuttoned jeans. She bent forward, once again giving Simone a delightful view of her cleavage as she peeled her jeans off of her legs. Once she stepped out of them and stood back up Simone was treated to a wondrous view of Sigourney’s long sultry legs, ending only when they hid themselves inside her panties.

As she stood back up her hands moved up her thighs, over her hips and curled just as they met the lower hem of her shirt. She never stopped the movement of her hands and arms though, they continued upward, taking her shirt with them until her head disappeared below its edges and then reappeared a moment later, her hair flying wildly as it spilled from her top. Sigourney let the garment drop and didn’t put any more thought into it. Instead she took a slinking step forward, accentuating the sway in her almost bare hips.

Her next step saw her hands rising up to her already bare breasts. Once there she cupped them and held them up, squeezing them over and over, massaging her own fingers into her skin. Her nipples hardened under her palms and she knew that it was a clear sign that she was turned on. She released them just as she stepped up to Simone’s disconnected head, and let them bounce and jiggle in front of her.

Simone looked upward, taking in the gentle curves of Mrs. Gaines’ chest and delighting in the puckered nipples capping her rounded mounds. Then Sigourney’s hands gently pressed into either side of her head and plucked her from the mounting post that she was on. Her vision flashed with warnings about disconnections but they were dismissed with barely a few CPU cycles spared. Her operating system was now fully engulfed with loading and executing sexual programming.

Simone found her head once again rising, it wasn’t as disorienting this time around, but she was still a little thrown off. The gyroscopic systems inside of her head that helped control balance were spinning as she rose and then stopped. Simone was directly in front of Mrs. Gaines’ gorgeous breasts and with no hesitation she was pressed into one of her breasts. Simone reacted with the kind of speed that only a machine could and opened her mouth and accepted the erect nipple into her mouth.

In an instant Simone’s tongue was dancing over the mature woman’s nipple, teasting, taunting, and tickling it with reckless abandon. Sigourney let out a long, low moan, filled with long breathy notes and a husky undertone. She was instantly enraptured at the very thought of Simone’s robotic head suckling at her breast, let alone the actual feeling of Simone’s silicone rubber tongue flicking and swirling around it. Sigourney let out another moan and held Simone’s head tight against her chest.

The older of the two lost track of how long she let the robotic head of her daughter's best friend suckle at her breast, but she felt her throat growing ragged from the amount of breath passing over it as she began panting and squirming. Her thighs were growing slick with her own juices, and she could only imagine what SImone’s body was going through. She could have let Simone carry on until the micro power cell in her head discharged and went offline, but that wouldn’t be productive at all.

Sigourney took Simone’s head with her as she pushed away from the workbench she had been lounging against and moved around the younger girl’s body. SIgourney somewhat awkwardly lowered herself back to her stool, spreading her legs as she did so and settling Simone’s still functional head between her thighs. She only had to press her legs together ever so slightly to clamp the head in place and Simone wasted no time in lapping hungrily at Mrs. Gaines’s womanly folds.

All the while, Sigourney leaned forward, pressing her thumbs into the edges of Simone’s freshly installed artificial slit and spread it open, letting her drive her tongue into the young looking robot. She knew Simone would be squirming and writhing, though for now all she could do was let out a series of moans and lustful squeaks from the speaker assembly in her throat. On occasion Sigourney would push against Simone’s legs, pushing them to the very edge of their range of motion.

Sigourney sighed in slight frustration as she pulled away, transitioning into a lewd sounding moan as her own slit twitched slightly with Simone’s relentless tongue lashing. SIgourney gathered her thoughts and placed her hands on Simone’s thighs, fumbling for a moment as another pleasurable wave swept over her body from Simone’s disconnected head. Soon though she found the locks on the leg and pressed in. Once disengaged she removed Simone’s left leg, then a moment or two later her right, leaving Simone’s body open and legless.

With her legs no longer prohibiting her, she dove back in and pressed her face deep into the soft, supple flesh along the remaining portions of Simone’s legs. Her hands resting on the very verges of where her mostly human-like flesh met the hard mechanical internals. A flexible, but firm plastic cuff set into the skin marked the start of Simone’s robotic self and presented a reminder to Sigourney that, while Simone looked, acted, and felt human, she was nothing more than a collection of circuitry, wires, and mechanisms. A very convincing human-like woman, but at the end of the day, only a machine.

A machine that was squealing in delight as Sigourney felt her synthetic sex twitch again and again, before tightening all at once. It was a clear sign that Simone had finally reached the peak of her sexual experience and her operating system was initiating her final climactic release. Mrs. Gaines herself had somewhat held herself back from releasing the same feelings, but between feeling the young robot's orgasm and letting her hands drift along the softness of her thighs, she too felt the boiling hot release of sensual desires in her own loins.

Sigourney found her legs pressing hard against Simone’s head as her own womanly sex contracted over and over as her own climax rolled up from her crotch and sizzled its way into her mind. The euphoric rush of release swept over her, letting her finally release the pent up breath she had been holding onto in her final moments and letting out a sigh of relief. She moved her hands down to Simone’s head and gently extracted the android’s head from between her legs and brought it up.

Still field with lust, Mrs. Gaines brought Simone in for a deep, passionate kiss. She could taste herself on Simone’s lips. The taste did little to satiate her lust, but it would have to do as a bookend to her encounter with Simone. Both women, artificial and biological, had achieved climax. With that Sigourney felt her mind clearing and a rush of motivation sweep over her. She returned Simone’s head to the podium mounted on her desk and then tugged on her panties, but nothing else. She settled back into her office chair and let the cool leather touch her burning hot skin.

“Alright. Well, that was..something.” Sigourney began. “Now let’s see if we can figure out what’s causing these glitches shall we.”

Simone could only giggle. Her processor core had taken in the tidal waves of pleasurable data, parsed it, tagged it with metadata and filed it away. She had fully experienced an orgasm, but unlike her human counterpart, she needed little in the way of time to settle back into a relaxed state. It was just configuration files that were loaded and executed and nothing more. She was fully back to her normal self now, though she wore a deeply pleased smile.

“What’s so funny?” Sigourney asked.

“Just- I already knew what was causing the glitches. Frankie was just worried and I didn’t want to tell her what they were about.”

Sigourney turned to face her, still mostly nude, her breasts still firm and her nipples still perked up from the excitement and the cocktail of hormones and sexual chemistry running through her. She raised an eyebrow and looked down at Simone’s head. Simone was looking back at her and wore a cheeky smile on her still glistening lips.

“I uh. I was fantasizing.”


“Yeah, about this actually. That was what I was laughing about. I was dreaming about you taking me apart and it just really turned me on. So I was dwelling on that. I Just didn’t want to tell Frankie about it. Even though- uh..nevermind.”

Sigourney blinked for a moment. There was a lot of information to take in there.

“ can dream?”

“I- well- Yes in a way I suppose. My operating system just assembled some kind of video file or simulation. It was your lab, and I was there and you were taking me apart.” Simone managed.

“And that turned you on? In a sexual way?”

“Yeah.” Simone uttered, her cheeks reddening a little and her eyes drifting downward.

“Simone, I can’t stress this enough, that is an incredible gift and one that I never imagined a robot like you would be capable of.”

Simone’s eyes twitched back to Sigourney, the small amount of shame her social programming had been running was quickly truncated and she returned to a much more cheerful demeanor.

“-But I need to know, was there more? Is there something you aren’t telling me, like you weren’t telling Frankie?”

Simone hesitated, which was more than enough confirmation for Mrs. Gaines to know that there was more. The only question now was whether or not Simone would tell her the truth and reveal the second set of simulations her systems had conjured up.

“There’s more. I- I was also dreaming of you, and me, and…and Frankie. I liked seeing her disassembled as well. And all three of us were- well- we were doing what you and I were just doing.”

“What you and Frankie had done yesterday as well?”

“-yeah…” Simone whispered.

“There’s no shame here Simone. You’re a young woman, and even though you, and Frankie, are machines, there is something inside of you both that is growing and morphing into something that even I can’t control. You’re becoming more than just a bundle of programming and wires, you’re becoming your own person, and with that comes discovery and experimentation. I just want you to know that I am happy to help with that, in any way I can.”

The two shared a smile and Simone nodded in agreement.

“Good, well then, if there is no actual work to do here, we might as well get you put back together so you and Frankie can..what did you say? Get some studying and homework done.”

Sigourney’s tone easily alerted Simone that she was well aware of what the two girls were planning and more importantly, not planning on doing. They could both finish the homework with little to no effort, and studying for an android was almost laughable. Their artificial minds would take in the information and store it indefinitely.

Simone found herself watching Mrs. Gaines reattached her chest panels, each one clicking into place with a satisfying ping. Next, her legs were reconnected and then she returned to the computer. A few more hastily entered commands and Simone felt the quick flush of programming sweep over her. She found she was once again in control of her own body through the remote connection. Next, Mrs. Gaines lifted and reconnected her head to Simone’s waiting neck stump. With that, Simone was once again fully operational.

She slipped off of the table, finding Sigourney already redressing herself, but Simone took a moment to take in the sight of the more mature woman as she bent over, collecting garments and slipping into them. Then wondered what she might look like doing the same motions and what Frankie might look like. She shivered once as she felt the residual data coursing through her from the sexual release and she too began to pick up her clothes and redress herself.

“Thank you, Mrs. Gaines, for uhm..for everything.’ Simone said as she tucked some of her dirty blonde hair behind her ear and smiled weakly at Frankie’s mother.

“Any time. And I mean that.” Sigourney replied.

Simone and Sigourney stepped up to one another, settling into a sweet embrace. Sigourney broke the hug and stepped back and to one side, sweeping her hand with a gesture that let Simone know that she was free to leave the little lab and return to her friend. Sigourney watched her leave, sighing happily to herself. Not just because of the still simmering sensual desires that had been released, but also with swelling pride. Simone and Frankie were growing up, and it was a pleasure to see. But there were more questions here than answers, and Sigourney needed to delve back into both Frankie and Simone’s programming to see what it was that started the growth, predict where it would go, and what might become of it.

Chapter 3

The sun was high in the sky, sending waves of radiant heat towards the earth below. By the time the sunlight hit the surface it had cooled significantly, but it was still enough to gently warm the artificial skin along the android’s skin. She sat happily, one leg crossed over the other at the ankle as they lazily swayed back and forth. Her skin registered the temperature and passed the information off to her processor core for identification, classification and processing.

There were a dozen different metadata tags that were added to the data packet. Things that would indicate a risk factor for overheating, the kind of response a normal human might have, which was also tagged with how she would react to it. Social filters, raw data, and a number of other less exciting data points were added. Still, Simone sucked in a deep breath of the warm air, for which her internal cooling systems were thankful, and let it seep out of her nostrils. The sunshine, to her and her programming and all her combined social filters, felt amazing.

So amazing in fact that she flopped back onto the grass, letting the skin coating her robotic body have a new data set. The cool feel of the plant life and the soil below that was in stark contrast to the warm sunlight that caressed her body. She smiled, and stayed there, content to perhaps spend her entire day there. She had classes soon, for sure, and she definitely wouldn’t miss them, but her artificial mind considered it.

After a few minutes of pure bliss she was interrupted as the warm sunshine suddenly stopped. A fact that her AI struggled with. Sunlight didn’t just stop, something had to get inbetween it. She peeked open an eye to see what it was. She expected a cloud or something, but instead it was the silhouette outline of a person. The sunshine behind it gave it a bright and brilliant halo of light. It was impossible, even with her highly advanced optics to see who it was.

She couldn’t see the face or body features, but the wireless transmission identifier that Frankie emitted to her friend and sometimes lover was all Simone needed to identify the girl. She sat up and squinted, seeing more of Frankie’s features now.

“You will be late for class if you spend all day laying on the grass” Frankie stated in her matter of fact tone of voice.

“Is that such a bad thing?” Simone replied even as she got to her feet.

“Yes, you cannot graduate without attending class.”

Simone sighed. Frankie was technically right, but she was also just that, technical.

“You need to learn to cut loose and have a little fun.” Simone said through a smile and then risked leaning in for a quick kiss on Frankie’s cheek. Frankie blinked rapidly and blushed, then smiled slightly.

Frankie composed herself and then settled into stride next to Simone who had reluctantly scooped up her bag and started walking towards her next class.

“So, I will be out of town for a week starting tomorrow.” Frankie said.

“What? Why?” Simone asked, already disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to make out with Frankie after school under the pretense of studying.

“There is a university level Brain Squad tournament that I will be attending.”

Simone rolled her eyes and smirked. ‘Of course’ she thought. She couldn’t be upset with Frankie though, it was more than enough to help provide a cover story for the fact that Frankie was an android. It was still a disappointment though and Simone would have to figure out something else to do with a week’s worth of free evenings. It only took a moment to realize that meant she would have all that time alone to perfect some manual stimulation techniques that she could try on Frankie once she returned.

“Well fine.” Simone huffed. “I’ll just be here wandering around the school all alone.”

Simone chuckled and let Frankie know that there were no actual hard feelings. She did tell her that she was going to miss Frankie though.

The pair spent the evening together, “studying” in Frankie’s room. In actuality both of the robotic girls had already absorbed the material and instead were laying on Frankie’s bed, nude, with their lips locked against one another. Frankie’s hands were roaming over Simone’s body, earning her a number of small mewling moans and happy sighs. Simone was doing the same, letting her own robotic hands trail over Frankie’s body and taking in every little curve and attempting to memorize them; she would need them in Frankie’s absence.

“I promise we will have some fun as soon as i return” Frankie assured Simone. Her android friend knew it was true and even if they didn’t plan for something she knew that,by default, she and Frankie would get into all kinds of trouble, but having Frankie’s word allowed her to hold her robotic friend to it.

“Fine, but you better win this competition.” Simone chided before giving her friend a quick hug and wandering off to her class.

Simone’s artificial mind was lazily twirling around the lack of Frankie in her near future. She found herself letting out a small sigh on more than one occasion as she only vaguely paid attention to her lessons. She didn’t exactly need them anyway. One of the advantages of having a nearly flawless programmed knowledge about the present subject was the ability to redirect a large portion of her system resources to her own desires.

Her present desire was Frankie, and her artificial mind continued to wander to her friend and lover. her time away was going to put a real damper on Simone’s mood, unless Simone could find some manner of distraction. Her mind snapped to Frankie’s mother, Sigourney. She could check in with her and see if there was some kind of maintenance or update that would help Simone, while simultaneously scratching her itch to be treated like an android. If her and Mrs. Gaines accidentally fell into another afternoon of sapphic love, then so be it.

Simone dwelt on the thought and the steps needed to initiate that while class droned on and soon her lesson was over, snapping a portion of Simone’s highly advanced AI back to the present. She packed her bag and slung it over her shoulder and trudged off to her next class with little joy. Not just because Frankie’s absence was dwelling in her mind, but also because it was a physical education class. Simone had been required to take the class, it was part of the standard class load and there was no excuse she could give to be excused from it that didn’t involve her openly admitting she was a robot.

So, she slipped into the women’s locker room and tossed her backpack into her locker and begrudgingly pulled out a pair of athletic shorts and a sports bra. Like everyone else in the locker room she hastily stripped out of her normal clothes, leaving her in a pair of simple panties, socks, and no bra. She was only topless for a moment as she squirmed her way into the sports bra that held her breasts tightly in place and covered her chest. Athletic shorts and a pair of tennis shoes completed her outfit and she strode off to do some menial jogging and sit ups. An exercise that her fully mechanical body would have no struggle with beyond, perhaps, draining her power cells just a little more than usual.

Today’s warm up and exercise routines were as bland as usual, highlighted only by the appearance of a new student in class. A student who caught Simone’s attention long enough for her to analyze and take in her form.

Slender throughout, with curves that seemed to seamlessly merge into one another. Her thighs meeting her hips with nothing more than a smooth curve. Her chest settled nicely on her body and all of it culminated in a slender face with bleached blond hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. She was running on the treadmill and keeping a good pace, arms pumping and her legs moving smoothly. Everything about her was elegant and perfectly toned and in sync. Simone stared at her for a moment, taking in not only her physical appearance, which was a delight, but how she moved. There was something not quite right about it. Rather, it was too right.

Simone had watched a number of humans, it was part of her infiltration and subterfuge programming. She needed to look and act human if she wanted to integrate with a human population. Because of that, she had a rather extensive database of not only pre-programmed knowledge, but information she had gathered and compiled from years of observation and interaction.

A normal human stride while jogging or running was similar, but no two footfalls would be exactly the same distance from one another. From only a few moments of pretending to act casual and observing this girl, they were all within only a centimeter or two of one another, nearly perfect. Similarly her arms were engaged and swinging back and forth, which was a critical part of balancing the body while running, but like a person’s stride, they shouldn’t be so precise as to swing to the exact same location every time. Her’s were. There were other smaller indicators that Simone used to decide that this was not, in fact, a human but rather another android. Her blinks were exactly four seconds apart, her mouth hung open as if she were breathing hard, but her chest rose and fell steadily. All things that, to a casual observer, would be fine or even undetected, but Simone knew.

She looked away before she was caught staring, but as she worked her way around the gym she kept glancing at this woman. Everything about her seemed to point at the very same conclusion. She was as much an android as Simone was.

There were certain programming subsets on Simone’s storage media. Things she was more than capable of doing, but hadn’t done in a long while, not since she had gained a certain measure of freedom. She was built as an infiltrator and a good portion of that programming was centered around observation and information collection. Simone realized that all through the useless gym class she had been doing just that. Observing this woman, collecting information, and now coming to a conclusion. All that was left was to confront her about it.

She didn’t want to out this girl though. If there was one thing Simone could appreciate, it was someone who could keep a secret. She could rely on Frankie to do that, and Simone wanted to see if she could do the same for this other android. Her own logic centers justified this as both a way to befriend another robot and foster a sense of camaraderie among machines, but also to get closer to another unit like her.

Simone kept a close eye on the suspected android until gym class ended and then waited. She knew what she would do if she were a secret android trying to keep her identity under wraps. Especially after the kind of workout that Simone had observed. She could only imagine the kind of system alerts this other robot must be experiencing. She knew that if it was her, there would be a number of system checks that would need to be run and even a physical inspection that might need to take place before she was around humans again.

Simone made a feint to stay behind and collect her bag, clean up the workout equipment she had been using and generally dawdle and eventually she watched as the petite blond girl slipped away, heading into the girls locker room. Simone gave her a minute to feel comfortable in the space before she silently slipped through the door, twisting the door handle to let it quietly close behind her. She was in the locker room and slipped out of her tennis shoes and socks, allowing her bare feet to pad along the ground without making a sound.

It took Simone a moment or two to sealthfully pace the locker room and find the girl she was looking for. She pressed herself against a stack of lockers and peered around the corner, gathering more information and making absolutely sure she was correct in her assumptions. She didn’t have long to wait.

The blond was in the far corner of the locker room, in a small space that contained a minimal amount of lockers. They appeared to be shoved there as a way to utilize every last bit of space as they were crowded between a cinderblock wall, painted a tan color and acting as a barrier to the showers. On the other side, a mere four lockers away, was the wall. It was the perfect little spot for someone who wanted a little bit of privacy from the majority of the locker room. The locker room was empty at the moment, this girl having spent all her time waiting for others to rush in, change, and then leave. The door into the locker room was obscured by row upon row of lockers and benches, and the other door, the one Simone had slipped into, was equally hidden. In essence, from where she was, this mysterious blond girl couldn’t be directly seen without her having at least a few moments to cover up.

The was, unless she was being observed by an android that was purpose built and programmed to be sneaky.

Because of this, she had become comfortable, and as Simone expected, she was inspecting herself. Her back was turned to Simone, but she could see the distinct outline of the two halves of her chest, pulled open like a pair of cabinet doors. Simone couldn’t see what she was doing inside of her opened chest, but she had no doubt that it was the kind of physical inspection that Simone knew she had done before. The wall just past this girl was plastered with the unmistakable faint glow of status lights from inside of the android’s body. It was all the confirmation Simone needed.

“I knew you were a machine.” Simone thought to herself, but remained hidden.

She watched as this girl tinkered inside of her open chest for another few moments and then tucked the tool she was using into some kind of slot inside of her chest, then closed the panels. Once she was looking human again, she slipped into a bra and a stylish looking black button down blouse and a skirt. Just enough to be casual, but certainly more dressy than most students on campus. Simone could only see her from behind, but what a view of the behind! She had curves in all the right places and none of them seemed to be grossly exaggerated, but more than enough to draw the eye.

She strode out of the room and Simone remained still until she heard the sounds of the door clicking shut. From there she sprang into action. She needed to get changed quickly and then she needed to find the girl, and follow her.

Once she was free of the locker room, it didn’t take very long for Simone to find her target. She settled onto a bench and leaned back, draping her arms over the backrest and let her head fall back as her eyes closed. To anyone walking past her she would look like any other college freshman taking a break between classes, in reality though, she was tapping into the available wireless networks and cutting her way through the meager community college security protocols. There was no shortage of external security cameras for Simone’s artificial mind to swim through and eventually she caught sight of the girl.

She was across the campus, heading towards the parking lot. Simone disconnected and sprang to her feet, power walking through the crowded central courtyard in an attempt to reach the parking lot and possibly identify what vehicle she was getting into.

Simone reached the parking lot in record time and had enough time to slip into a doorway and peer out. The enhanced vision her mechanical eyes granted her was more than enough to spot her target. The slender blond girl was already on the far side of the parking lot, though she showed no signs of fishing out a set of keys from her bag, or looking around for a car to climb into with a friend. No, instead, she reached the end of the parking lot and kept going, onto the sidewalk and walking at a steady pace along the street.

Blinking for only a moment Simone had a choice to make. She had class to attend, at least one more, but this seemed more important, even if it was just to sate her curiosity about other androids in her town. She darted from the door frame that had concealed her and made her way across the parking lot, attempting to keep a close eye on the girl while also appearing casual. After all she was actually stalking someone, but she didn’t need to look like she was.

Once out of the parking lot and onto the city streets it was a little easier to look casual as she followed a few hundred yards behind the girl. Simone pulled out her phone and texted Frankie a few things, letting her know that she was going to potentially be home late because she was working on a project that she would tell her about later. Once the girl began transitioning into a more neighborhood setting, Simone had to rely on her infiltration programming to keep tailing the girl.

More than once she had ducked down behind a bush or walked past the street her target had turned on to, only to double back and resume her pursuit. Eventually She spotted the girl slipping into a small house towards the end of a dead end street. Simone slipped up to the house and settled into place outside one of the windows and slowly peeked into the window.

There were two figures there, Simone recognized the slight frame of the girl she had followed, the other figure belonged to another woman. She looked more mature, but still carried the same slender figure and long blond hair that the younger girl sported. They were clearly meant to be mother and daughter judging by similarities in facial structure and body frame not to mention the somewhat dominant stance the older one took.

Simone struggled to hear their voices from where she was hiding, though with the finely tuned microphones in her ears she was able to tune out the ambiance around her and focus in on the pair, making out some of the conversation, though her A.I. struggled to fully comprehend everything. What she did manage to pick up from the muffled and broken words was that the younger android was “Kenna” and that her mothers name was “Serene.”

Kenna made increasingly frantic gestures towards her chest, then down at her leg and then her arms before finally turning her head and pointing at her neck. Her mother nodded a few times as she listened along and inspected the spot on Kenna’s neck before speaking to her and pointing off somewhere in the house. As Simone watched Kenna nodded once and walked swiftly off to somewhere in the house and returned a moment later with a cable in hand. She pulled aside her hair and plugged the cable into some kind of hidden dataport somewhere on the back of her head then handed the other end of the cable to Serene. Once she had it in hand, the older woman swept her hair out of the way and plugged the cable into, presumably, a similar port in the back of her own head.

Simone was slightly astonished at this. Kenna being an android wasn’t so shocking, her and Frankie were both androids afterall and had been created to look like younger girls. She had simply assumed that Serene was a real human who had created Kenna, but it looked like both were robots. Simone had to duck low as she continued to watch for fear of being spotted as Kenna adjusted her position and faced more towards the window Simone was skulking outside of.

Inside of the house Kenna and Serene were oblivious to Simone’s presence. She had done her due diligence in masking her digital signature and was practically invisible unless directly observed. For now though, they were both oblivious. As Kenna returned home she fell into a more stiff routine. She obeyed her programming and found the other android in the house, the one designated as Serene, and addressed her by her familiar name as designated in her internal database.

“Mommy, I have returned.”

“In here sweetie.” Serene’s voice rang from the kitchen.

As Kenna entered she engaged all of her submissive programming and fell into compliance with what Serene had designated her.

“Alright sweetheart, give me a full system report.”

Kenn obediently generated the requested report and began to give details. She gestured to her chest, telling her mother unit that she had to do some rapid repairs inside of her chest, explaining that the cooling systems had begun to fail towards the end of a rather intensive session in the She gestured at her legs and arms as a major source of heat generation and finally pulled her hair aside.

“There also appears to be a number of log file entries about motor failure in the neck joint here.” She gestured towards one side of her head.

Serene nodded along before simply ordering Kenna to go and retrieve a data cable from the robotics lab in the basement. She knew her daughter would dutifully obey and so she made ready her operating system to connect to Kenna’s. Once her daughter returned she automatically connected herself to the data cable then handed it to her mother. Once both androids were connected, Serene had no issues connecting to her little girl, authenticating herself and then browsing the log files.

Sure enough, there were entries about the motor control issues in Kenna’s neck, as well as the overheating issues. One of the liquid cooling systems inside of Kenna’s torso had failed. It wasn’t enough to fully overload the younger robot, but it was something that would need to be addressed. Similarly, the motor controller board in Kenna’s body had sent too much power to the motors in her neck and had overloaded one of the movement arrays there. It was completely burned out and would need to be replaced. With a sigh, Serene ordered her little girl to move to the robotics lab for immediate repair.

“Yes mommy.” She said without hesitation and moved to the basement, taking the data cable with her.

Once there she loaded and executed the same programming her mother unit had installed. There were certain routines that needed to be followed for repairs and Kenna was incapable of disobeying any of them. She dutifully pulled her shirt up and over her head before setting it in a small hamper there. Soon her bra followed, releasing her petite breasts to the open air. Next her sneakers and socks and finally her jeans and panties, leaving her completely nude. Her smooth, hairless body moved with subtle grace to the examination table that dominated the center of the room and slipped onto it with a sort of mechanical efficiency.

Kenna remained online, though her processors dipped down into a low use state, leaving her artificial mind blank and her face expressionless. Soon her mother unit gingerly opened the door and stepped into the robotics lab, causing Kenna’s head to swivel, slightly stiltedly, towards her.

“Hello mommy. I’m ready. Chassis sealing and locking systems have been disengaged.”

Serene smirked down at Kenna as she stepped up to the examination table her daughter was laying on.

“Good girl. I think we’re going to need you to be offline for this though.”

Without hesitation Serene slipped her hand behind Kenna’s ear and pressed the power button, just as her daughter had muttered “Yes mommy” drawing out the last syllable as power faded from her android body.

Serene had a number or repair protocols to go through before she could even begin working on her daughter. She needed to discharge any latent static electricity that her own body had generated, moreover, she needed to stop more from building up. She strapped a wristband on that had been grounded, and then began assembling the tools she needed. A number of specialized tools for disassembly and repair, most were specifically crafted for herself and Kenna.

Serene started by inserting a tool deep into Kenna’s ear. She pushed it inside, much further than would be comfortable for a human and found it pressing into a manual lock release. With a small clockwise twist, the basement lab filled with a gentle hiss as Kenna’s faceplate unsealed itself from her head. Serene left the tool lodged inside the robotic girl's head and squeezed her fingernails into the small gap between Kenna’s face and her head.

Inside, Kenna was unmistakably mechanical. The array of cameras that were installed behind her glassy artificial eyes were still clipped firmly inside of their sockets. A number of small micro-circuit boards were clipped into place along the plastic skull casing that gave her head shape, and each one was stuffed full of complicated microchips and connected to one another by dozens of tiny fiber optic and copper cables.

It didn’t take Serene too long to take it all in, after all she was intimately familiar with Kenna’s construction. Not only because it wasn’t too dissimilar to her own, but she had helped assemble the girl from a crate of parts. Many of the wires and circuits inside of her daughter had been attached and configured by her own hand. So much of Kenna’s functionality and daily operation passed through the core processor inside of her head, the block of chips that resides towards the back of her cranium, that it was the wisest first place to start.

It took Serene a good half an hour of gently prying circuits and cabling out of her little girl’s opened head before she had a chance to get to the processor core. Once she had access to it though, it only took a little more work to pry it free. A pair of long, thin, needle nosed pliers to undo the clips holding it in place, and another custom made clamp to pull it free. Soon, though, Serene held her daughter's processor core in her hands.

The whole thing was little more than a single closed circuit that was studded with high capacity processors. Each one working in tandem with one another to process and parse the absolutely daunting amount of data that an android pulls in over the course of a single day, or even a single interaction. As she examined it, she could see that there were, in fact, two individual processor units that had been insufficiently cooled.

There was no evidence that Kenna’ liquid cooling mechanisms had failed, but she couldn’t be sure, not without powering on those specific systems and observing them. A process that she would do, but it would take time. First, she wanted to inspect the neck joint Kenna had mentioned and then the cooling system pump inside of the girl’s chest. For now, the processor bank was reinserted into Kenna’s open cranium and clipped into place with most, but not all, of the connecting wires and fiber optics reattached.

Lower in the girl’s open head, Serene pushed some wiring out of the way and angled her own sophisticated optics deep inside of the neck. She was hoping to see some of the motor functionality issues that Kenna had described earlier without more disassembly. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. In a case of fortunately and unfortunately, she would need to disconnect Kenna’s head completely. She needed to do so anyway to connect it to a computer and run some tests on the liquid cooling systems, but she was hoping she wouldn’t have had to go so far to examine the neck motors.

Again, it would have to happen later. She needed to examine the internals of the chest and get a good look at the pump system inside of Kenna’s torso.

Serene turned back to her small supply of tools and plucked another one. The screwdriver-like handle ended in a long, thin, metal rod with a square end with a single protruding key. She turned back to her daughter’s body, her eyes focusing in on Kenna’s chest, more importantly on her breasts. She grabbed a handful of the girl’s petite, but well proportioned breast and squeezed and moved it around until the nipple was prominently on top of the mount of silicone flesh. She aligned the tip of the tool with the very center of the nipple and pressed in.

Kenna’s nipple accepted the tool and it slid deep inside of the girl’s breast, or more accurately, the flexible vinyl tubing inside of it, down to the hardened plastic chest plate. Once there, Serene let go of the breast and began gently moving the tool around until she found the small keyhole and inserted the tool into it. The protruding key block on the end of it aligned with the lock and, once in place, Serene turned it gently, over and over, until the chest panel unlatched. As she moved it Kenna’s little pink nipple occasionally gripped the rod and twisted around slightly until it reached the limitation of the traction it had gained and popped back into place before starting again.

A mechanism inside of Kenna’s chest sprang out and latched firmly onto the tool that Serene was holding. With it clamped on, Serene was able to pull upwards and separate Kenna’s chest from her torso. She didn’t risk lifting the whole weight of it off with just a thin metal bar, so she quickly scooped up the bottom of it with her free hand.

With her chest panel removed all that remained was a quarter inch thick layer of sensor laced flesh at the edge of the opening in her chest. Just below that was another shelf made of hard plastics and below tha, Kenna’s inner workings. Everything from motor control circuits, to wiring and processors, and mechanisms that connected her body together. Somewhere under the mass of cables, wires,m fiber optics, and circuits was her spinal column. It was one of the few parts made of metal, and for good reason. It housed a thick bundle of cables that carried power and data from her head and the processors contained within it, down to the rest of the body.

Somewhere off to one side was a small, but efficient pumping system. The latex tubes ran to only two places within Kenna’s body. The secondary processor core inside of her belly that controlled the movements of her legs, arms, various other systems, and her sexual modules; and the other up into her neck and into her head where it would cool the processors there.

Serene suspected that if there was some kind of tear in one of the tubes that there would be a much more disastrous sign inside of Kenna. There was no indication of fluids or even of a small leak. Serene’s robotic mind snapped into its logical and analytical programming and began working outward from the pumps. The tubes were all perfectly fine and contained the liquid just fine, then they disappeared up into Kenna’s throat.

With a small artifact of her human emulation programming, Serene let out a small sigh. She now had three reasons to remove Kenna’s head and investigate further. She had avoided it long enough. She moved back to the android’s head and dug her fingers deep inside of it, gingerly fumbling bundles of cables and wires out of the way until her long, slender fingers were into the throat. There she found the internal locks and managed to disable them one by one. Once done, she slowly retracted her own hands from inside of her daughter's head, careful to not snag her own flesh on the sharp edges of the circuit boards inside and tear her own skin.

Once done, Kenna’s faceless head lifted off of her neck with little issue. The tubes for the water cooling separated from the gaskets that held them in place and prevented the water leaking everywhere. Serene placed Kenna’s head on a nearby workbench and immediately moved back to check those very gaskets.

The whole casket connector was its own system. Double sealed to ensure that absolutely nothing leaked, and even then the whole double gasket configuration was inside of another watertight pump to help for water into and out of Kenna’s head. All of it was still sealed with absolutely no signs of damage or leaking. Even after a thorough visual inspection from Serene’s advanced optics, there was no sign at all of a problem.

She turned her gaze back to Kenna’s head, resting still on her bench. She picked it up and settled it onto a custom made stand that sported a built-in connection to her workstation as well as its own water cooling configuration and some clever circuitry to emulate a connection to a functional body. Serene began tapping in commands on her computer and activated Kenna’s head and began booting only a minimal amount of components.

Status lights and systems began to faintly glow, giving the faceless head module an ethereal glow in the somewhat dim basement lab. The water pump that was clamped on Serene’s desk began to gently whirr to life and begin pushing cold water around the copper pipes and into the heat sink. Serene peered into Kenna’s open head and almost immediately noticed the problem. There was water flowing through the system, that much was true, but it seemed to be a very weak flow, particularly around the chip sets that had burned out. From there it was just a matter of tracing the tubing back down into her neck.

The tube that ran through her daughters neck was nestled just next to some of the mechanisms that moved her neck around, and therein lay the issue. The mechanism had wiggled free of some of the binding clamps. It wasn’t enough to stop her from moving her head, but certainly enough to cause an alert, moreover, it was enough to pinch the fluid tubing and restrict the flow of water into the cooling system.

Serene gingerly reached into the throat and pushed the mechanisms back into place and made a note to, perhaps, redesign the neck joint to utilize better materials that would prevent this in the future. Once she had pushed the assembly back into place, the water began flowing with ease. She could see it flowing through the cooling tubes and over the burned out processors. She nodded once and then shut down the systems again. Once everything was off again she began the process of pulling out everything again, exposing the processor core and extracting that as well. With it in hand she removed the burned out processors and replaced them from her dwindling supply of spares and reinserted the core into Kenna’s head.

It would take another half an hour to replace the processor chips, settle the processor core and all the connected wiring back into place inside of Kenna’s head. Then she had to test and ensure all of it was working as expected before she could reattach the head and face module to her daughter’s chassis. Once done, she took a moment to simply admire her little girl’s youthful beauty.

Kenna had been built to look like a gorgeous young woman, bursting with youthful radiance and desirable by all conventional means. A slender body that had curves in the right places without looking too petite. A pair of breasts that were well proportioned to her body. Not too big, and not too small. Enough to draw the eye, but not so much that it became her defining feature. Hair that was fun and sun kissed blond, and practically screamed to be invited to a party.

Serene had to admit that, despite being an android herself, she was attracted to Kenna. While her internal database had the younger looking robot marked as her daughter, that was only a chunk of data. There was no biological reason to not see the beauty in the machine that lay still on the examination table before her. As such, her own sensual programming sets began to spool up and load into her cached processes, ready and practically begging to be activated.

There was no logical reason for her not to indulge in her processes.

She slipped a finely crafted hand around the back of Kenna’s head and tapped the power button there and waited for the myriad of complex systems to boot up and recognize the new processors and log the changes to her OS. Once done, her human emulation came online and her eyes fluttered open and she stared at the ceiling for only a moment or two before her head smoothly turned to look at her mother and a wide smile spread across her lips.

“Am I all fixed now?” Kenna asked, her sweet voice was light and airy.

“Yes sweetheart, you’re all better now. Any errors on your boot sequence?”

Kenna only shook her head as she pushed herself up to a sitting position and looked over at the pile of her own clothes across the room. Serene could practically see the set of processes Kenna was running, wanting to get dressed and return to her duties as a student. Serene had to interrupt that.

“Stay here with me for a few minutes before getting dressed.”

Serene ruffled her own long blond mane over her head and waited for Kenna to turn back to her. Her daughter looked so much more adorable as she looked over her shoulder at her mother unit, her own blond hair obscuring a part of her face and a small smile crept over her face. The blush was unmistakable on Kenna’s cheeks and chest. She turned fully around on the table to face her mother and in doing so was already spreading her legs a little.

Inside of Kenna’s hips, the small pump systems were beginning to come to life and gently feeding a steady but slow dip of artificial lubricants into her robotic slit. It added a small glisten to the outer edges of her folds and, if either one had the ability to smell, a gentle sweet but natural odor wafted from her. The odor itself was laced with a subtle amount of artificially created pheromones that would have enticed most humans, but Serene and Kenna had no use for that between them. Regardless, Kenna couldn’t stop the process, she was an android and was compelled to obey her programming to a fault.

Serene smirked, knowing her daughter bot was already loading her sexual programming, so when Serene placed her hands on Kenna’s shoulders there was no hesitation as she lowered her daughter down to the table once again. The older android’s clothes came off with the kind of mechanical efficiency that only a robot could have. Crisp and precise movements that left her nude in a matter of moments. She slowly stepped around the table, letting her hand gently glide over Kenna’s synthetic flesh, sending waves of data coursing through Kenna’s body and culminating in a small, soft moan when Senren let her finger caress the younger android's nipple.

She stopped when she was looming over Kenna’s head once again, she began stroking the young girl's hair, letting the golden strands tumble between her fingers and fall from her hand. She bent forward, letting her own breasts, larger, firmer, and more full fall across Kenna’s face and conveniently one of them fell directly into her daughter's waiting mouth. Kenna suckled gently on her mothers nipple, sucking it into her mouth and causing her tongue to flick back and forth over the puckered tip.

Serene let out a small whimper as her own sexual programming pulled up the appropriate response to the stimulation she was receiving. Her arms stretched out in front of her as her daughter continued to suck on her nipple. Her slender fingers found Kenna’s wet folds and pushed eagerly inside. It was warm, wet, and ready.

Serene expertly lifted her leg to the table, placing her knee on the edge of it and smoothly pivoting her weight onto it and off of her foot. It was all a complicated balancing act to get her weight evenly distributed between her knee and her two hands, but as an android she had little issues with the calculation and her processor core perfectly handled the movement. She was on the table in a moment with a silky smooth motion that no one would have thought was anything less than the practice grace of a dancer.

Her legs settled into place on either side of Kenna’s head and she smoothly lowered her whole body downward. Her mouth perfectly placed over her daughter's wet clit, and from where Serene was, it looked perfectly ready to accept her. Serene had been aroused, for certain, but her body hadn’t naturally gone through the process of becoming ready for pleasure, but that was an issue. The control she had over her body was incredible, and with barely any additional CPU cycles she forced her own slit to become wet, glistening with her own juices. Her outer folds blossomed like a flower and Kenna’s tongue easily slid into her place.

Serene let out a small mewling moan as Kenna pleasured her, and as a result lowered her own mouth onto her little girl's waiting pussy. SHe drove her tongue deep inside of the wet and waiting slit. The room was filled with the sound of soft coos and lewd sounding moans of pleasure.

Kenna’s hips thrust upward on occasion as her operating system jockied for more intense pleasure from her mother’s mouth. Serene, at the same time, was grinding her hips into her daughter’s face, feeling her perfectly crafted android tongue driving deep inside of her and tickling her artificial clit.

“Mmm, good girl, just like that…” Serene muttered as she pulled back from her daughter’s sex, leaving a thin silver line of artificial saliva running from her own tongue to the very brim of the sexual module.

“Yes mommy.” Was all Kenna could respond with before her hands wrapped around her mothers hips and pulled the whole weight of it back into her ready and waiting mouth. Kenna’s tongue pierced deep into her the older android’s pussy and was guided straight to Serene’s g-spot. Her own programming was more than familiar with just how to move to bring her mother to a full climax.

Kenna continued to lap and lick with an eager hunger at her mother unit’s wetness, taking in the juices with a delighted childlike pleasure. Meanwhile Serene was merely toying with her little girl’s sex. She knew exactly how to cause an orgasm for Kenna, she was an expert on the subject. She had hand crafted most of Kenna’s body and programmed the systems herself. She would have no problems navigating her daughter’s sex like it was a menu on a computer program. She was simply waiting for Kenna to bring her to orgasm, and she admitted, enjoying the sounds of her daughter’s soft moans every time she would drag her tongue across the sexual opening.

All good things needed to come to an end though, and Serene had strung her daughter along enough. She was confident that she had caused enough heat to rise inside of Kenna’s body, and there was no indication of any more processor burn out. She had been watching for small stutters in her daughter bot’s movements and functionality and she was still operating flawlessly. With a relative degree of confidence, Serene was sure she had corrected and tested the issue. She hadn’t yet fully worked through a normal and natural orgasm sequence, but that was fine. She crafted a command and sent it to her sexual systems for processing, and when executed she cried out in pleasure as her sex did what it was designed to do.

In response Kenna did the same. She was a little more simplistic compared to Serene. She was programmed to not orgasm until one of the current users on her sexual systems completed an orgasm. Then, and only then, was she allowed to load and execute her own climactic orgasm. Feeling Serene’s juices surging into her mouth, Kenna executed her own climax and her petite body writhed under Serene’s mature chassis. She squirmed and moaned, even as her mouth was clamped over Serene’s pussy.

Soon it was all concluded, and Serene perfectly rolled off of her daughter and down to the floor. She took a deep breath, bringing fresh air to her cooling systems and looked down at Kenna. The streaks of her own juices were smattered around Kenna’s mouth and were a perfect highlight against her radiant smile. Serene bent down and began to kiss Kenna, partially for more pleasure, but more to help lick up her own synthetic juices. Kenna did the same, and both android women kissed and roamed around one another for a few moments. Kenna slipped off of the table once they were done and took a moment to retrieve some paper towels.

Both androids took some time to clean themselves and then dress. They were silent as they did so, executing their routines with perfect mechanical efficiency. Then both returned to their daily routines. Serene re-engaged her human programming and began to putter around her house. She cooked dinner, watched some television, read a book before bed, and laid down to sleep. Kenna meanwhile immediately went to her room and began working on her homework. It was less of a practice session and more an exercise in filling out the answers.

Kenna took a shower, then changed into her pajamas before laying down in bed before slipping a hand into her bottoms and gently masturbating twice before plugging herself in to recharge and laying in bed for the evening.

Simone had been hiding outside for a while. She was well aware that the two women had disappeared down to the basement, which made it significantly more challenging to observe them. She had paced around the house looking for some kind of window into the basement space, but found that the only one there had been covered thoroughly. Despite that, she was able to switch to a thermal camera inside of her optics and somewhat observe the two.

Android heat signatures were different from a human’s though. A small cloud of heat surrounded them, but for the most part the skin was fairly cool, at least compared to a human’s. But when Simone watched as Kenna’s head was detached, and her face removed, there was a sudden burst of brilliant orange and red waves radiating out of the open head. Simone knew what was happening, but was shocked by the sheer volume of heat pouring from the girl’s head. It didn’t seem normal.

Simone watched and could only guess at the kind of work Serene was doing inside of the opened cranium, but whatever it was it eventually quelled the heat waves. Then it was reattached and Simone watched as the two heat signatures melded into one. She knew Seren was on top of Kenna and that the two were making love, but it was a challenge to distinguish where one body stopped and another began. Still, Simone watched and tried her very best to make heads or tails of any of it.

Eventually though, it was over and Simone knew she should slip away. The last thing she wanted was to be caught stalking around someone else’s backyard. She was relatively sure that Serene would have some form of detection for the outside of her home, especially given what she was and what her and Kenna were just doing. Simone’s infiltration systems could only suppress detection for so long.

Simone slunk out of the back yard, stealthily slipping out of the neighborhood as the sun was just beginning to rest on the horizon, casting the night sky into a wild flurry of deep oranges and hints of dark purple. It would be almost an hour before she stepped into her house. Once there, she made her way to her room. She had to tell Frankie about this.

“They are both androids?” Frankie’s voice played inside of Simone’s operating system, it was just a sound file, but the two used the file transfer protocols they had installed as a sort of vocal walkie talkie between the two of them.

“Yep, Kenna, the new girl that’s in our English Lit class. She and I have Phys Ed together and I watched her in the locker room today.”

“That seems risky and a little creepy, Simone.”

“I know.” Simone replied. “But I had a hunch, and I just had to make sure she was like us. I saw her open her chest and fiddle with something inside of her. So I followed her home and her mom and her both had data ports.”

“I see. Well, that is certainly a new development. What are you planning to do now?”

Simone hesitated for a moment. She knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to get close to Kenna, and her mother, and join in the next time they decided to disassemble one another and fool around.

“I think I might try and introduce myself to Kenna, you know, get to know her a little better and see if I can get invited into her house and see what I can learn from there.”

“You are certainly the most qualified for that.” Frankie replied.

“You know it.”

“Let me know how it all works out.” Frankie replied, “I’ll be back in two weeks, so you have some time to work through this.”

Simone assured her that she wouldn’t leave Frankie in the dark and the two said their goodbyes. Simone knew her human emulation would be running rampant for the rest of the evening, dreaming about Kenna and what the two of them could get into. It reminded her of when she was first falling for Frankie. She would spend hours generating situations and scenarios where the two of them would be doing everything from a quiet and cozy night together, to making out furiously in Simone’s room and through a series of wild disassembly situations where each would be left panting and whimpering in orgasmic ecstasy.

She wasn’t about to keep her processors spinning all night long, so she manually switched off her human emulation, turning her into a stony faced android. She stiffly and efficiently moved to her bed, plugged herself into a power cable she left there, and laid down. Once she was settled and her operating system ensured that power was flowing into her power cells, she triggered a sleep cycle and slipped into a lower power state until the morning.

In the morning, her eyes popped open and her OS automatically started her humanity emulating software. She yawned and stretched before disconnecting the charging cable and slipped out of bed. She tossed aside her pajamas before getting dressed and slinging her backpack over her shoulder and heading immediately out.

Her commute to the university was relatively short. A quick bus ride and a walk for the last few blocks only took around half an hour. Once there she was on the lookout for Kenna, though she never spotted her, she wasn’t terribly worried. She appeared to be working as expected after her mother took her apart and worked on her last night. Unless something significant happened in the middle of the night, she should be at school. If nothing else, Simone knew she would see Kenna in their English Lit class.

Sure enough, Simone spotted Kenna in their English Lit class, sitting to one side of the room and trying to look at each student that walked into the room, but never making eye contact. She seemed so shy and demure and small. Simone put on her best warm smile and walked straight over to the empty desk next to Kenna.

“Is anyone sitting here?” Simone asked.

Kenna looked up at her from the distant spot on the floor she had been focused on. Her face seemed like a wild mixture of surprise, excitement, and a little bit of fear.

“Oh, uh, n-no I don't think so. Go ahead.” She stammered.

“Great” Simone chirped and sat down, sliding her bag off of her shoulder and getting comfortable. “You’re new here right?”

Kenna had already looked away and had to snap her head back to look at Simone. “Y-yeah I’m new. Just moved here a few weeks ago.”

“Nice, well, good to meet you, I’m Simone.”

She held out her hand and Kenna took it, shaking it gently with a real hint of nervousness to her meek movements.

Simone initiated some of her more social programming. Chatting with Kenna who seemed to be only a little resistant to chatting at first, but as the pair of girls sat and chatted before the first bell rang, they found that there was much they had in common. Or at least it seemed that way to Kenna.

Simone was programmed with a number of manipulative code bases that allowed her to engage in conversation with someone and subtly agree with most if not all that was said. Her charm and wit was easily on display as she flashed a smile and giggled at some of Kenna’s conversations. Simone’s infiltration programming took over and easily modified her speech patterns to match Kenna’s. All of it was as artificial as both of the androids speaking were, but that didn't matter.

The week passed on, and Simone found herself sitting with Kenna not only in their Lit class, but also working out side by side in gym class. The two of them striking up a running conversation and becoming fast friends. Most of the work was done by Simone though. She constantly utilized her robust hardware to ensure that the conversation was steered in all the right directions and found herself agreeing with Kenna on a number of topics that she would normally not care about. They did find that they both enjoyed giggling and ogling both men and women around the campus, but there was a definite favoritism towards the girls.

It isn’t long before Kenna and Simone start seeing each other in that same light. The Friday after meeting Simone was able to easily catch Kenna looking her over as she jogged alongside her in gym class, or gently eyeballing her thighs when Simone pressed them together in English Lit.

As Friday was winding down, Kenna and Simone were walking side by side towards the same parking lot that Simone had stalked her across not a week earlier. They were idly chatting with one another and Simone was bemoaning her weekend plans. She had crafted a small lie that because her friend Frankie was out of town, she had nothing to do. Simone could easily generate something else to do, but her hopes were brought to fruition. Kenna mentioned that she had little going on this weekend as well and asked if Simone wanted to come over for a little time to get to know one another a little better.

Simone, of course, eagerly agreed and pushed further. She asked if Kenna’s mom would be open to a little sleep over? It would give them both a little time to study together for their English Lit class, gossip about life on a college campus, and just spend some quality time together. Kenna was, at first, a little apprehensive. She muttered that she would have to check with her mom, but in reality it was a cover story generated by her operating system. She needed some time to check in with Serene and ensure that there was no plan to do maintenance on her systems this weekend. Simone was more than happy to wait and exchanged phone numbers with Kenna and let her know to simply text her if they were on or not.

The pair split and Simone lingered around the campus for a short while, hoping that Kenna would quickly contact her mother unit and confirm their plans. After all there was little logic in walking home only to have to turn around and rehash her steps to get across town to Kenna’s home.

Simone finally gave up and trudged her way back to her home. She had been there almost an hour before she got a text from Kenna. It was a simple confirmation that they were on for a sleepover. Simone smirked gleefully as she returned the text and let Kenna know that she would gather her stuff and meet there as soon as she could. She asked for Kenna’s address, even though she had already locked in a GPS location in her own system that let her know exactly how to get there.

Simone put together a small bag of the essentials that a human girl might bring to a sleepover. Some make up, nail polish, and school work. Of course that was all a cover. She also stashed a spare charging cable in her bag, a small amount of tools for emergency field repairs should she need them and her laptop. She huffed in amusement once as she zipped up her bag. It was stuffed with her two identities, fifty percent human girl, the other half clearly meant for an android.

Simone wasn’t terribly upset about the walk over to Kenna’s home. She used the time to allow her body to run on autopilot and devoted a significant amount of processing power to rolling around a question in her head.

Should she tell Kenna that she was also an android?

Would that help or hinder her attempts to learn more about the pair of robotic women? She found herself lustfully attracted to Kenna, with her silky blond hair and her gentle youthful curves. But there was also something about her mother. A more mature body and a clear understanding about how to please another woman, and Simone suspected, specifically another android.

Before she knew it, Simone was rapping her knuckles against the front door of the quaint and cozy little house nestled in the crook of suburban luxury. It was settled perfectly in the space between small and cozy, unassuming, and pristine and large enough to house everything the two residents would need. Not so large as to question what Serene did to afford such a place.

Serene was the first to the door and allowed Simone a good look at her for the first time. She wore a ruby red blazer, buttoned up just below her chest. It matched perfectly with the vibrant red lips she presented. A plain white blouse covered what would have been an overly exposed chest from view and a comfortable pencil skirt brought the office casual outfit together. She clearly would have been wearing heels if she were in an office setting, but here in her home she was barefoot.

Her golden hair tumbled down her head and spilled over her shoulders. Some of it fell to her back, while just the perfect amount streaked over her shoulders and only served to accentuate the curve of her breasts. There was only the barest hint of a curl to her hair, either intentional or natural, Simone wasn’t sure, but it added another curve for her eyes to slide along as she took the woman in. The red nail polish matched perfectly with her lips and blazer, and her delicate fingers rested effortlessly on her hip. Simone couldn’t help but be attracted to her. She was the very image of an early forties woman. In perfect shape and sculpted for desire.

Of course Simone knew that she was just that. She was likely literally built for desire. From the intricate circuitry and wiring inside of her, to the soft artificial flesh that coated her chassis, everything about Serene was clearly hand crafted.

“Is Kenna home?” Simone muttered, surprised that her own human emulation betrayed her intention. She heard her own voice and there was no doubt that she was taken aback by Serene’s beauty.

“Oh, you must be Simone. Come on in sweetie.”

Serene stepped aside and let Simone into the house. Once there, the door was carefully closed behind her and Simone got the impression that this was a routine that Serene had practiced many times before. The soft and subtly sultry hostess. Perhaps that same dark, smooth voice had been used when welcoming in a gentleman or some other caller. It didn’t matter now, and a moment later Serene was calling for Kenna.

“I’m so glad she found some friends here. She was so worried about fitting in, and she’s done nothing but rave about how enamored she is with you. “

Simone detected just a hint of something more, hiding just below the surface of Serene’s voice. She wasn’t entirely sure if it was something that Kenna had actually told her mother, or if that was simply information that had been scraped out of the android’s log files. Was the comment a real conversation or just an interpretation of a database entry and metadata tags. She devoted just a little more of her own CPU to sorting it out but was cut short as Kenna appeared at the top of the stairs just adjacent to the entryway.

“Hey Simone!” Kenna’s enthusiastic voice was a far cry from the first meek sounds she had made when Simone had first met her at the beginning of the week. “You can put your stuff in my room!”

Simone nodded at Kenna and then turned back to Serene. She wasn’t sure why, but was met with a somewhat sultry smile, like Seren knew something she didn’t. It triggered a lot of analysis inside of Simone’s operating system and tasks to be completed later, when she had time. She was curious about the look, the stance, everything about Serene. She was an intriguing mystery and one that Simone wanted to unfold in time.

In the meantime the two girls made their way to Kenna’s room and Simone dropped her backpack and settled down onto the floor.

“Sorry if my mom was a little, much, she likes to get all dressed up any time we have guests over.”

“Oh, it’s not a problem, I just wasn’t expecting her to be so..put together.” Simone chuckled, “It’s just a far cry from what I’m used to is all.”

The pair giggled at that and settled into a cheerful rhythm of laughing and simply discussing life at home. Kenna was far more open about how her life here was and only made a vague amount of references to her last home, and only when Simone specifically asked about it. For her part, Simone was fairly cagey about her own home life, revealing the barest amount of information to satiate Kenna’s questions and then steering the conversation back to Kenna.

Soon they had dug into their school work and were quietly studying and occasionally asking one another clarifying questions on the reading or, more often, lamenting just how much work it was to ingest all of the course work.

Simone’s artificial mind stepped in to remind her of her earlier thought processes and junctioned that conversation to her present situation. It was late, Serene was likely to be in her own room, either powered down or at least in a low power “sleeping” mode. If she was going to confront Kenna with the knowledge that Simone knew what she was, now was the time.

There was a lull in the conversation and Simone knew it was her time.

“Kenna-” Simone hesitated a moment, her operating system still formulating the best way to phrase this. “I- I wanted to tell you something. I know we’ve only been friends for like, a week now, but…”

“I know, it feels good to be close to someone. You and I really seemed to click pretty well huh?”

“Yeah.” Simone muttered “but that’s not what I was going to say.”

Simone had been laying on her belly on a sleeping bag she had rolled out and was reading. She pushed herself up into a sitting position and folded her legs in front of her then turned her eyes to Kenna.

“I.. I know what you are.” Simone said bluntly, no better way than to be honest, she thought.

“What?” Kenna replied, confusion and more than a little defensiveness lacing the tone of her voice.

“It’s alright. I know that you’re an android.”

“How- wait…I’m- I’m not an android.” Kenna said, her voice quivering.

“Yeah you are. I saw you in the locker room the other day. You took off your shirt and opened your chest. You were clearly working on something inside of you.”

Kenna’s face had flushed a brilliant red at this, and she couldn’t help but break eye contact with Simone, refusing to look her in the face. She stammered but made no real words form in her mouth.

“It’s alright. Your secret is safe with me, because, well, I’m an android too.”

Kenna blinked rapidly for a moment. Her own CPU spiraled out of control at the revelation. “W- what?”

Simone smirked and knew that the final straw would be a physical show. It was irrefutable proof of what she was and it would likely be more than enough to calm Kenna and settle down whatever wild processes were running rampant through her operating system at the moment. Simone’s hands dropped to the lower hem of her shirt and in a smooth motion pulled it up and off of her torso. Her own blond hair flying wildly as it tumbled out of the hastily removed shirt. Her bra held back her breasts and left them as perfectly rounded semi-spheres behind their padded walls.

Simone looked down at her own semi-bare chest. She smiled a little while her operating system formulated a small command. It was sent to her CPU for processing and resulted in a small patch of flesh, roughly triangular with soft, smooth angles receding into her chest and then sliding up. Below the thin layer of artificial flesh and plastic was a complicated array of wires and circuits. Simone had opened one of her more sensitive panels. She had revealed raw circuitry to Kenna, a few connection ports that were more for in depth maintenance and troubleshooting rather than connecting a simple device.

The effect it had on Kenna was far better than Simone had hoped for. She looked stunned, her mouth hanging open. She looked so flawlessly human, despite Simone outright telling her that her robotic nature was known.

“See. I’m just as much an android as you are.” Simone whispered, shattering the silence that had encased the room.

Kenna found herself gently leaning forward, her hand extended as if she wouldn’t believe it until she had the tactile sensation of touching it. Simone didn’t make any move to shy away from the touch either. Kenna slipped ever closer and her finger tip gingerly traced the edge of Simone’s chest. Kenna registered the very edge where Simone’s soft, human-like flesh gave way to the hard and unreal plastic of her internal framework.

“I..” Kenna began, seemingly struggling with something and taking a moment of hard concentration to finish. “I- I’m not really pr- allowed…to talk about what I am.”

“You’re not programmed to reveal that you’re an android?” Simone questioned, attempting to speak the words that Kenna was clearly not able to say.

Kenna’s eyes darted to Simone and then looked away as if she were ashamed, or maybe jealous. Still, she nodded her head to confirm what Simone had said. There was a small hiss as Simone’s chest panel slipped back into place and resealed itself, making Simone look, once again, fully human. Her hand rose to cradle Kenna’s cheek and she spoke in a soft, almost motherly tone to Kenna.

“It’s alright. You and I both know what each other is now. You don’t have to say it out loud.”

Kenna nodded and looked up at Simone, their eyes locked and for a brief moment there was silence in the room again. Simone was so very close to Kenna and she could swear that she saw the mechanical iris inside of Kenna’s artificial eyes adjusting. Or perhaps it was just a trick of the light in the room and her operating system attempting to see what it wanted to see. Either way they were so close that the heat carried on their breaths swirled around one another’s face.

Neither Kenna nor Simone was sure which one of them had leaned in for the last few inches between their lips, but there was a sudden moment where their lips met and there was an intangible amount of electricity. Not literal voltage from either one of the androids, but an unquantifiable amount of raw energy that filled the open space in their mouths.

Simone was the first to raise her hand and hold Kenna’s head against hers. The delicate fingers tangled themselves into Kenna’s hair like a wild hunt getting lost in the woods and grasping for whatever they could find. Each time Simone curled her fingers and felt Kenna’s head she heard her lover let out a small moan. It was little more than a whimper that was muffled by Simone’s tongue inside of her mouth. Each passing moment was filled with a deep burning passion.

Kenna’s systems were not so overwhelmed with the influx of pleasurable and sensual data as one might have expected. She had regularly interfaced with Serene in similar ways, but never in a capacity where she had as much freedom as she had now. She was used to submitting her will to her mother and following along with her guidance. Simone let her explore and branch out in any way that she wanted, and because of that, Kenna’s hands found their way to Simone’s bra strap and with mechanical precision, undid it.

Simone was more than happy to shrug her shoulders and let the garment fall off of her, exposing her shapely breasts to the open air. The sharp snap of cold air that found its way to her nipples was more than enough to send a shiver through her body as her operating system processed the sensual data from kissing Kenna. Her nipples puckered just a moment before Kenna’s hands graced her soft breasts and hard nipples. Simone let a moan bubble up in her vocal processors and roll out of her mouth and directly into Kenna’s.

The pair were more than happy for several long minutes. Simply kissing one another, Kenna fondling Simone’s exposed breasts and even moving to toy with her nipples from time to time. Each time she did she earned a small mewling whimper from Simone and then kept kissing.

Simone was relatively impressed with Kenna’s performance though. She had been moving and squirming and responding so perfectly well to Simone’s every move. So, with some small fears about potentially slipping into something Kenna wasn’t programmed for abated, Simone decided to move things on to the next level.

Simone leaned forward, pressing her lips hard into Kenna, and then toppling the girl backwards. Simone’s hands were there to help guide her to the ground and Kenna only squeaked in delight as Simone moved on top of her. It was Simone’s turn to fondle Kenna. Placing her hands on the smaller, but still firm mounds on Kenna’s chest and squeezing them through both her shirt and bra. Soon, Simone was wiggling her hands under the shirt and then under the bra to achieve her prize.

Kenna, meanwhile, could only moan with lewd intent and do her best to squirm out of her shirt and then her bra. She moved so carefully, putting in extra effort to not risk taking Simone’s hands off of her soft, artificial flesh. With a little work Kenna was as topless as Simone was, and her lover wasted no time in utilizing that fact.

Simone forced her operating system to remove her lips from Kenna’s and instead moved down to her cheek, then her neck, and across her chest until she was kissing and suckling Kenna’s nipples. Each little movement caused a new moan to formulate in Kenna’s throat and her high quality speaker assembly perfectly mimicked the sound a human girl would make. Combined with the same moaning and sighing sounds Simone was making with a dash of the wet sucking sound her mouth was making, the room was soon filled with the sensual sounds of love.

Kenna’s operating system flashed a small, brief message across her field of vision. There was an internal cooling issue somewhere inside of her. She promptly ignored it in favor of encouraging Simone to keep touching her. Kenna’ hands tangled themselves into Simone’s dirty blond hair and pushed her head firmly against her chest. Simone was more than happy to clamp her mouth over Kenna’s nipples and suck hard on them, letting her artificial tongue glide over them. The textured silicone rubber tongue inside of Simone’s mouth moved and teased Kenna with programmed efficiency.

Simone’s human emulation almost didn’t notice when one of her hands slipped down her own body and began toying with her feminine sex through her jeans. She soon felt the hot rush of sexual data surging into her processor core. She let out a new moan and found that there was a whole cascade of new programs loading into her cache. Many of them would start executing almost immediately. All of them were designed to move Simone from simply kissing and touching into true love making.

Her hand was still working at her folds through her jeans, but Simone moved down Kenna’s body more and more. Her one free hand fumbling slightly with the button and zipper on Kenna’s pants, but she didn't have to wait long before Kenna joined in and helped undress. Kenna, as expected, looked perfectly human below the waist. Simone had only a moment to admire how the android before her looked so realistic. Instead, she opened her mouth, lowered her torso to the ground and slid forward.

Her mouth was on Kenna’s vaginal opening and she was wasting no time. Simone and Frankie had had more than a few encounters just like this and Simone knew what to do. She pushed her tongue deep inside of Kenna and began exploring. Each movement made Kenna squirm and squeak with pleasure. Simone was vaguely aware of Kenna’s hands gripping her hair and pulling her tight against her sex.

Simone was also blissfully unaware of how truly hot Kenna was getting.

Her internal temperatures were once again rising beyond their safety ratings. Despite Serene’s best efforts she had only found and repaired one or two of the faults inside of Kenna. There was, in fact, a fundamental issue with the android girls cooling systems in that they only powered on when the CPU reported that the heat levels across the processors was getting too high. Which would normally be fine, if Kenna was only a computer, but she was a whole functional android. There were other components inside of her that generated a lot of heat and were presently insufficiently cooled.

As her legs squirmed and a number of systems inside of her worked hard to keep her moving and behaving like a human, her systems were generating massive amounts of heat. Her breath was coming in deep gulps and ragged, sharp breaths. All of it helped, but it would never be enough. As a result there were a number of critical systems inside of her that were suffering and degrading at an alarming rate.

Simone was busy licking her way around and into Kenna when the first systems began to truly break down. Another message flashed across Kenna’s field of vision and elicited a swear from her, but it was lost in the sea of other sounds she had been making. Simone paid no attention to it. Instead Kenna’s head began to flop from side to side as her body began to buck and thrash. It could have been a particularly intense orgasm, or it could have been a critical malfunction, Simone wasn’t sure.

What soon became apparent was how long it lasted. Simone had wrapped her arms around Kenna’s thighs and was holding her legs apart so she could continue to eat out her friend, but as the seconds ticked away Simone became more and more worried. Kenna was still writhing and making sounds, though Simone soon noticed that they were less comprehensible, and becoming more and more a scramble of half formed words, hastily mutteres syllables with no real meaning and jerky sounds. All culminating in an unintelligible stream of sounds and words.

Simone pulled back and wiped the artificial juices from her lips, leaving the back of her hand glistening with their love.

Kenna continued to twitch and burble.

Simoen was stunned for only a moment as she watched her new friend twitch and spasm before her. She could hear the faint, distant pops of capacitors and components bursting inside of the girl's body. The layers of plastics, framework, wires, circuitry and layers of synthetic skin muffled the sounds and suppressed the flashes of light as components sizzled and burst inside of her. The acrid black smoke roiling from her mouth, nose and ears let Simone know that there was something seriously wrong. She darted forward, cradled the androids head and started to engage the limited amount of repair programming she had, but Kenna was a wholly custom unit and Simone had no idea where to start.

Serene had been laying in bed. She wasn’t quite powered off, nor was she in any kind of low power mode. In fact she was topless, with a power cable plugged into a port in an open panel located just above her equally exposed vagina. A small display panel next to the plug showed some of her vital statistics as well as an estimated time to complete her recharge.

While charging, the mature blond android had remained online, browsing a number of tech forums and researching topics to help improve Kenna and herself. They were both custom units and Sereen was in a constant state of looking for improvements. So when the borders of her internal browser flashed red she was taken by surprise. The alert was coming from Kenna and was coded as an emergency shut down event. Particularly one that was initiated in order to prevent further damage to the younger girl’s systems as a whole.

Serene quickly slipped out of her bed, her operating system already generating explanations to tell Simone so that any kind of trauma Kenna’s new friend might have could be quelled. There would undoubtedly be a need to tell Simone what Kenna really was, though there was still a chance that Simone might be asleep and no explanation would be necessary. Serene’s complicated systems struggled to think of, and generate explanations, for every possible scenario without any real working knowledge of the situation. She would simply need to assess things once she arrived at Kenna’s room.

She knocked lightly on Kenna’s door and then waited only a half second before quietly turning the door handle and pushing open the door to peer inside.

Kenna lay on the floor, only small, faint whispers of the black smoke trailed from her lips now. Her head was cradled on Simone’s lap. Serene noticed that Simone was naked and clothes from both girls seemed to be strewn around the room and it left little to guess what the pair were up to. Simone was busily pawing over Kenna’s body, probing her skin in various places and seemed genuinely surprised when Serene appeared in the doorway.

The older android was still wearing a silky, almost sheer, nightgown that stopped mid thigh and sported a deep plunging neckline. It was more lingerie than it was night wear. Still, it did the job of covering the woman, though it left little else to the imagination. Her hair was still hanging loosely around her shoulders and back and served only to frame her face and drag the gaze down to her breasts where her hair suddenly stopped.

“Kenna- she just-” Simone began to explain, her expression worried, but not the abject terror that Serene had expected.

“I know sweetie, we should talk about what Kenna truly is” Serene said in soothing tones as she settled down onto the floor next to Simone. Her hand gently found its way to the back of Kenna’s head where she found and pressed in the power button, holding it for several seconds to make sure her daughter was fully powered down.

“She’s an android. Obviously.” Simone murmured.

Serene seemed a little taken aback at that. Of all the situations that her operating system had predicted, the kind of cool matter of fact statement wasn’t one of them.

“Well yes, but-” Serene began, but was cut off by Simone again.

“I think her cooling system either didn’t engage or was at least inadequate for, uh, what we were doing. I was trying to get into her chest cavity to see how she was constructed, but I can’t seem to find a manual release.”

“How do-” Serene began and Simone replied with a smirk and a look down at her own chest, where the same panel she had opened to convince Kenna was once again opened.

Serene’s eyes widened and she began to nod. Her operating system finally received the information she needed to put all the puzzle pieces into place.

“You’re also an android. That’s why you’re so calm about this.” Serene muttered. “I see. Well, let’s get her down to my work space and we can take a look inside of her. Do you mind?”

Serene stood and Simone closed her chest panel and scooped Kenna up into her arms. Simone was constructed to be more than strong enough to lift Kenna’s slight form. Once her friend and lover was safely cradled in her arms, she followed Serene through the house and to the basement. Simone was only vaguely familiar with this place from her previous spying, and now her spatial scanning systems took it in fully and meshed it together with what information she already had.

Without prompting, Simone placed Kenna on the table in the middle of the space and Serene immediately got to work on her daughter. Simone could only watch, feeling as if she would get in the way if she tried to offer Serene any help. Clearly the mature android knew what she was doing when it came to her own daughter’s internal workings.

With an amount of mechanical efficiency Serene managed to find and disconnect Kenna’s chest panel, exposing her internal workings for Simone to see. She leaned in a little and peered at her friend's complicated internals. As the chest panel was removed, the final puff of building black smoke was released and evaporated in short order.

Simone took in as much as she could and as the lights around the lab flickered to life she could see most of the issues right away. She was correct, there was a cooling system malfunction and a number of Kenna’s systems had burned out as a result. Serene was already disconnecting bundles of cables and thick fiber optic connections in order to make extracting the ruined components easier. Simone did step in and gingerly take the bundles from Serene and drape them over the open torso cavity to keep them out of the way.

When Serene began taking parts out of her daughter, Simone was there to take them from her, and with only a little guidance, found a place to put them on a nearby workbench. Soon the pair were shining flashlights inside of the partially emptied torso and were looking for more damage. Simone spotted a number of damaged and scorched components near Kenna’s shoulders, while Serene was focused solely on the sexual module.

Serene muttered the barest amount of instructions to Simone on how to find and disconnect the arms from the sockets. With the same robotic effectiveness that Serene had shown, Simone was able to disconnect the arms and place them on a table where she was able to better inspect the damage. To her genuine relief there was only some residue and sediment from the burned and exploded components inside of Kenna. They were easily cleaned, but Simone left the detached arms on the workbench.

As she finished cleaning them, the workspace was occupied by Kenna’s disconnected head module, which Serene deposited there and returned to her daughter’s body.

Simone returned to Kenna’s headless and armless form to find her mother’s arms deep inside of the torso, near the pelvis. She was working hard to wrench something out from under Kenna’s sexual assembly and soon managed to free it. A few more moments and Serene was instructing Simone to spread her daughter's legs as she pushed the sexual module out and into Simone’s waiting hands.

The pair inspected it more closely and found that some of the smaller control boards on the upper end of the long and somewhat cylindrical module were damaged. Serene swore at that and muttered that they were custom built and she would have to manufacture new ones before the weekend was over. Simone suggested that she could take her time on them since Kenna could simply refrain from any sexual activity until the repairs were truly completed properly.

“You’ve done this before haven't you?” Serene asked as she set down the sexual module and began to gently detach the broken components.

“This specifically, no. But I’m no stranger to finding and working around damaged components.” Simone said with some measure of pride.

“Well, I appreciate the help here, and I apologize for Kenna’s breakdown. You two looked like you were having a good time.”

It was at this time that Simone realized she was still fully naked and Serene was only barely clothed. Judging by her attire Simone doubted that there was anything under the somewhat sensual garment. A hint of pink blush crept across Simone’s face and Serene clearly noticed, because she smirked, took one last look over the younger android, and returned to her work.

It would be another half an hour at least before the pair had scoured Kenna’s internals enough to find and remove all of the damaged or dirtied parts. Simone got to work cleaning the blackened components and returning them to the framework inside of Kenna. She needed guidance on only a few of them, but Serene was more than happy to shoulder up next to Simone and guide her hands into place.

Serene, meanwhile, worked diligently to gather replacement parts and slot them into place inside of her little girl’s open body and then begin working on soldering and assembling replacement parts for the sexual module. It wouldn’t be finished tonight, and though Kenna was soon in a functional state, Serene opted not to power on her daughter at the moment. There would be a significant amount of programming and trial and error to diagnose and fix the underlying issues, and she sought to save Simone from having to see her new friend in such a state. Though, she guessed Simone wouldn’t be too squeamish about that process.

It was nearing midnight when Serene finally clicked the last of the replacement parts back into place, and Simone reattached the arms and Kenna’s head onto the torso unit. Serene smiled warmly at Simone.

“It’s late. We should call it a night. I’m sure you’ll need to recharge a bit and get back home.”

Simone nodded and looked towards Serene and then glanced down at the inactive Kenna. “You know, I never had a mom, obviously. But seeing you and Kenna, and how you interacted with one another.” She huffed once. “I’m a little jealous.”

Serene lifted an eyebrow, not at what Simone was saying but at the conversation tree that her processors were assembling in her OS and the wide array of scenarios that it was predicting. She smirked a little and leaned into it.

“Well, Simone, if you would like, you are more than welcome to call me your mommy.”

The look of lewd intention was unmistakable on Serene’s face and Simone raised her own eyebrows just a little. She wasn’t surprised, she had seen how Kenna and Serene had acted when she first spied on the pair. The turn wasn’t unexpected either. Simone would be lying if she said that working on Kenna, disassembling her and working on some of her most intimate components hadn’t been a turn on. She was thankful she had the ability to manually power down parts of her own body, lest the artificial lubricant pumps in her own sexual module run all through the night.

“I think I’d like that, mommy.” Simone muttered in return, the insinuations clear.

Serene smiled.

“You know, there are some things that I have wanted to try with Kenna.” Serene said as she walked around her daughter towards Simone. Her hand falling gently to the remaining soft flesh on Kenna’s body and gently dragging along the curves as Serene stepped around her. “But I didn’t know if she would be ready for it just yet. Clearly not. But you. You seem to have a much more hearty construction to you. Would you be willing to try out a few things with me?”

“What kind of things?” Simone asked, not that it mattered, her own sexual programming was in full effect and she wanted, no, needed Serene. A more mature and experienced woman to show her what to do.

“Things that only one android can do to another.” Serene said, and smoothly took hold of Simone’s hand. Simone put up no resistance as Serene guided her out of the lab and up to her own bedroom.

Once there, Serene shed her own nightgown, leaving her just as naked as Simone.

Her body was magnificent and Simone had to take a moment to fully take her in. She wasn’t petite and slender like Kenna. Instead she had full hips that gave way to mature and powerful legs. Her thighs were perfectly proportioned to her body while not looking as if they contained an ounce of spare fat. Her body was perfectly molded to look mature and enticing all at once and the larger rounded breasts that perched on her chest were every bit a part of that. They were rounded and firm, with perky nipples just begging to have Simone play with them.

Sloping shoulders that were perfectly made to cradle her vibrant blond hair and slope up to her throat. Well defined and cradling the android’s head in place while leaving more than enough room for Simone to leave a trail of kisses along it. All of Serene looked too good to be true while still remaining, somehow, unmistakably human-like. She was the kind of woman that looked to ride the line somewhere between unbelievably beautiful without sacrificing realism. She was almost too good to be true.

As she slipped into bed, a gentle hiss, as if some distant container were being unsealed, filled Simone’s audio receptors.

Simone was moving towards her as Serene gently removed the faceplate from the front of her head. Simone lamented the loss of lips to kiss, but as the internal workings were revealed Simone found herself not caring. She slipped into the bed next to the more mature android and found that Serene immediately moved to allow her more room and to give her a moment to place her face plate on her side table.

Glancing at the face plate, Serene looked so peaceful, like it was a small window into a sleeping woman. The weight of Serene mounting Simone demanded her attention be refocused though. The firm and hungry feeling of Serene’s hands on Simone’s firm breasts caused a rolling tingle to flutter through all of Simone’s systems, culminating in a small gasp.

“Your turn sweetie.” Serene said, her voice coming out just a little louder now that it wasn’t muffled by her face plate. Simone looked confused for a moment until she felt Serene’s hands leave her breasts and her delicate fingertips come to rest on either side of Simone’s own face.

“Oh!” Simone muttered and then coyly smiled. “Yes mommy.”

It was Serene’s turn to shiver in anticipation at that. Simone’s head vibrated slightly under her touch and Simone’s own face plate unlatched itself and rose a centimeter or two away from Simone’s internal framework. Serene gently pulled it off and set it on her own nightstand, right next to her own disconnected face plate.

Serene brought her hand up to her own exposed face now, using her thumb and index finger to grasp a plug and pull out a long cable that unspooled itself from inside of her own head. Simone’s optics, now exposed and taking in a wide array of information, saw it and identified it as a more universal style plug. If she still had lips connected, she would have smiled, particularly when Serene connected the long cable to a port inside of Simone;s exposed head.

There was a prompt asking if Simone wanted to allow this external device to have access to core parts of her operating system, and while usually hesitant of this type of thing, she allowed Serene entry.

“Such a good little girl.” Serene said aloud and then began to slink down Simone’s body. Her hands returned to Simone’s breasts again, but as she groped at them she sent a command to Simone’s operating system and gently nudged the sensitivity in her nipples upward. Simone let out a new gasp, not just from a sudden burst of new code for her to process but also from the searing hot waves of sensual data that her nipples were now sending to her processor core.

Simone took a moment to see what, exactly, Serene had requested access to and became even more aroused when she found the log entry.

Everything, Serene had almost complete control over Simone.

Not that Serene had to puppet Simone, rather she had the ability to override Simone in whatever way she wanted. Simone could still move and think independently as she always had, but Serene now had the ability to truncate or modify those commands if she chose to.

This became evident as Simone found her legs spreading wide open and her pussy moistening even without her formulating the commands to do so, instead they were sent directly from Serene into Simone’s CPU for immediate processing, bypassing Simone;s operating system completely. Simone groaned with pleasure as she felt Serne controlling her and more so a moment later as she felt the motherly android’s fingers pierce deep inside of her wet womanly folds.

“Unf..yes mommy..That feels so good.” Simone muttered, her voice dripping with lust and her words sounding breathy, despite not needing to breathe at all.

“Just you wait.” was all Serene said and then sent another command to Simone.

Serene had inserted two fingers inside of Simone now, and with this new command her slit tightened hard around those fingers. Serene had manually constricted her vaginal canal and gripped the fingers inside of it tightly. So when Serene began to gently move her fingers back and forth, in and out, the sensation to Simone was immeasurably more incense than she had ever felt before.

Simone cried out in pure, unadulterated pleasure. She knew that she was moments away from a rolling orgasm at any moment, she could see the programming block loaded into her cache already and she squirmed as she waited. Serene’s fingers still plunging in and out of her tight clit with an increased pace, and then, it was gone. Simone saw the programming block unload itself and the process disappear completely. The sensual data was still burning inside of her system, but the orgasm had left.

“Not yet honey.” Serene whispered and then drove her fingers deep inside of Simone again.

“Ye- Yes mommy!” Simone called between deep husky moans that originated deep inside of her throat.

Serene sent a few more packets of data to Simone for processing. She moved Simone just a little, nudging her to the center of the bed to allow Serene more room to maneuver if she needed. She toyed with the sensitivity all over Simone’s body, each time letting her fingernail etch a small line across Simone’s flesh. Each time the younger android would squirm and gasp and make the most lewd sounds. Each time Serene wished only to have a face so she could smile down at Simone.

More panels were opened along both Simone and Serene’s body. Each one had some manner of exposed circuitry and connecting cables that Serene connected into Simone’s exposed body to allow her easier access to Simone’s controls. Simone soon found that she only needed to relax into the sensation of surrender. Serene, her new surrogate mommy, took control of the younger android. Her movements, the kind of stimulations Simone responded to and how sensitive every inch of her artificial flesh was. All of it seemed to be controlled by Serene, not because it had to be, but because Simone wanted it to be.

With exposed electronics and Serene’s fingers thrusting deeply inside of her, Simone felt a rolling orgasm boiling inside of her. She was so ready for it, though she wasn’t sure if her new mommy would allow her to execute it. She had completely submitted herself to Kenna’s mother unit and her pleasure depended solely on Serene’s commands. Simone could only allow her new mommy unit to make the right choices for her, she could, afterall, see and experience all the pleasure Simone was processing at the moment and knew what was best for her.

So when another orgasm sequence loaded itself Simone was a little surprised that Serene allowed it to execute. Simone’s head fell back, pressing hard into the pillows below her. If her face plate were still attached her mouth would have hung open, instead she was treated to an array of alerts that the device needed to complete the operation was missing. There were many more alerts too as her exposed circuitry had garnered a massive amount of heat and backlogged data from the numerous truncated orgasms.

Her head began to swivel violently back and forth and her fingers clenched and spasmed in odd ways. Her operating system became confused and frenzied as the clear signs of a massive overload in her software became evident to Simone’s A.I. She felt her body shaking below the weight of the mommy unit on top of her, and while it terrified her it stimulated something deep inside of her that longed for the feeling of being little more than a purely mechanical thing.

Serene also noticed the malfunction, not just from the physical signs but also the massive spike in log files and alert messages that she could clearly see inside of Simone’s OS. She didn’t panic, this was nothing new to her. She had tried this with Kenna before and the signs were clear. The difference was that Kenna’s experience had been all new, and her more fragile body was less hardened than Simone. For a brief moment Serene even thought that Simone might recover all on her own, but when it became apparent that the malfunctioning android was not recovering, Serene stepped in.

Like a good mother, she gently powered down many of the overloading internal systems. Simone stopped twitching and lay still, though she remained online. She saw the systems and processes that were shut down around her body, systems that were struggling to remain in a human emulation mode and were taking up valuable CPU cycles that she desperately needed to parse the immense amount of pleasurable data from a backlog of nearly half a dozen loaded but unexecuted orgasms.

Simone lay still, unable to move, and simply moaned and filled the room with the most lewd and lust filled sounds she had heard in a long time. Her processor core eventually worked through the backlog of data she eventually settled down, breathing hard as her CPU demanded more fresh air to supplement the cooling systems. Serene could even see the artificial breath processing systems flexing inside of Simone’s open panels, hidden somewhere deep below a tangled web of wires and fiber optic cables. In that time her own hips had been grinding against Simone’s own slit, bringing herself to a pleasurable release, her own ground of pleasure lost in the sea of sounds that Simone had been making.

Both androids, satisfied of their sensual desires, relaxed into a calming afterglow. Serene ejected herself from Simone’s systems and gently plucked the connecting cables from Simone’s body and retracted them into her own body. Panels were closed and Serene took extra care to delicately click Simone’s faceplate back onto the front of her head before placing her own face back on her own.

She rolled off of Simone and snuggled up next to her, letting her hands idly glide over Simone’s soft, artificial skin. Taking in the lingering warmth, the softness of it and the gentle slopes of her curved body.

“How do you feel sweetie?” Serene asked at last.

“I think..that was possibly the most intense thing I have ever experienced.” Simone said with a wide grin. “Thank you..mommy.”

Serene chuckled slightly at the addition to the end of her statement and planted a sweet kiss on Simone’s cheek as a means of reply.

“You’re welcome to sleep with me tonight and recharge yourself here. Unless, of course, you would rather I take you home.”

“I’d like to stay with you in bed. That sounds like the perfect way to end this sleepover.” Simone commented and curled into Serene and ventured a softly passionate kiss with her new mommy unit.

The night slipped past and Simone packed her belongings the next morning. Serene assured her that by Monday morning Kenna would be back in class, though less functional for a small amount of time while new parts were manufactured and installed.

“You know, Simone, you’ve got a very interesting design there. Maybe I’m overstepping my bounds a little, but I would love to study you a little more in depth, if you’re okay with that.”

Simone considered the idea, and everything it might entail. Wild visions of herself taken apart, down to some of her most delicate systems and scattered around Serene’s lab..Kenna assisting her…everything that entailed. All of it sounded to her like a pure delight.

“We’ll see.” Simone said with a smirk and left for the long walk back home. She needed to take some time to figure out how to formulate the weekend experience into a cohesive narrative that she could tell Frankie about when she returned.