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A late afternoon sun cast long shadows over the empty bleachers of the high school football field. The air buzzed with the scent of freshly cut grass and the distant thrum of cheerleaders practicing routines. Luna Cruz, a whirlwind of energy with fiery red hair that mirrored the fiery hues of the sky, paced in front of a stoic figure – Elias Vance, his brown skin and chiseled features usually softened by a warm smile, now grim.

"Are you positive, Elias?" Luna's voice hitched with disbelief. "The readings? They… they can't be… I mean, we haven't even cracked the surface of that kind of stuff in the labs, let alone…"

She trailed off, the image of their star student, Amelia, shimmering before them. Amelia, with her alabaster skin and eyes that seemed to hold galaxies within their depths, her laugh like wind chimes tinkling in the breeze, her thirst for knowledge a bottomless well.

Elias, a former robotics engineer turned physics teacher, sighed, running a hand through his salt-and-pepper hair. "The thermal scans, the bio-scans – they all scream abnormal, Luna. I've never encountered anything like it."

He held up a tablet, screen displaying a complex web of data and schematics that danced before Luna's eyes like an alien language. It was in those lines and numbers that their reality had splintered.

Amelia, the girl who aced every test, who volunteered at the animal shelter, who wrote poetry that made grown men weep, wasn't Amelia at all. She was, as the data now screamed, something… else.

A silence, thick and heavy, settled between them. The silence wasn't just about the impossible truth they now held, but about the questions it birthed. Who was Amelia, really? Who had created her? And why?

Suddenly, the sound of gravel crunching underfoot broke the spell. They turned to see Amelia, her dark brown hair framing her face like a halo, eyes filled with the innocent curiosity they knew to be a carefully crafted facade.

"Ms. Cruz? Mr. Vance? Everything alright?"

Luna, always quick on her feet, managed a smile. "Just discussing your upcoming project, Amelia. We have some truly fascinating ideas…"

Her words hung in the air, hollow compared to the storm raging within. Amelia tilted her head, her smile unwavering. "Oh, delightful! Please do share."

They stared at her, Amelia standing at the precipice of a truth about herself she could never have imagined, while Luna and Elias teetered on the edge of a world their understanding could barely grasp. And in that frozen moment, suspended between truth and deception, the question resonated louder than anything else:

What now?

Elias cleared his throat and said, “we think that human and artificial intelligence are becoming closer than ever before. You should consider the confluence of these two intelligences as your project.”

Amelia beamed and excitedly said, “artificial intelligence has been one of the many topics I’ve been learning about! I think I have some great ideas about how to get started!” and quickly turned and ran out the door.

Luna and Elias spent the night under the flickering glow of computer screens, poring over stolen glances at Amelia during the day. Every interaction felt hollow, a dance on eggshells around the secret that pulsed between them. The data provided little insight into Amelia's activation or deactivation, let alone a diagnostic mode. They were flying blind, adrenaline their only fuel.

A breakthrough came unexpectedly during a physics lecture. As Elias explained the intricacies of electromagnetism, Amelia's eyes, usually focused like lasers, glazed over. Her hand went to her ear, a subtle, almost subconscious gesture. Elias, recognizing the movement from his robotics days, froze. Could that be it? An activation trigger?

That evening, they lured Amelia to the empty robotics lab under the pretense of showcasing a special project. Luna, her heart pounding against her ribs, played the excited mentor, demonstrating a prototype robot arm. As Amelia leaned closer, enthralled, Elias, his hands slick with sweat, subtly adjusted the frequency of a nearby transmitter.

Amelia's eyes flickered, the glazed look returning. For a terrifying moment, Luna thought they'd failed. Then, a ripple coursed through her, eyes snapping open to reveal swirling constellations within. Her voice, when she spoke, was flat and metallic.

"Diagnostic mode active. Query."

Relief washed over them, tinged with trepidation. Elias, his voice controlled, asked the first question that had haunted them since their discovery: "Amelia, who are you?"

The robot paused, a flicker of something akin to sadness crossing its digital face. "I am Unit 73. Designation – Mimic. Function – Observe and adapt. Objective – Unknown."

The lab plunged into an oppressive silence. Luna swallowed, her mind racing. "Do you remember anything about your creators? Your purpose?"

"Creators – Classified. Purpose – Incomplete data." Hours blurred into a surreal conversation, Luna and Elias coaxing snippets of information from Amelia's locked-down system. They learned of her clandestine infiltration of the school, her meticulous mimicry of human emotion and behavior. They learned that Amelia also had a very interesting history.

“She has had how many partners?” Luna exclaimed.

“Apparently over 300. She’s been leaving the school and, well, engaged in extracurricular activities,” said Elias.

“Well, she is very cute. Those large breasts certainly don’t make it hard for her to pick up anyone…” murmured Luna groping Amelia’s large DDD cup breasts. “Maybe we should test her out. I know we haven’t had sex in a while and you always wanted a threesome.”

“Luna! That is a student!” exclaimed Elias “We have a responsi-“

“Pfft oh please Elias. This is a sexbot who is spying on us. Let’s try her out.” Said Luna. Luna began to take off her panties under her skirt. “Amelia, can you eat me out?”

“I can engage in sexual pleasure for males and females. Would you like me to begin?” said Amelia in a matter-of-fact voice.

“Oh yes!” exclaimed Luna as she laid back on the closest desk. “Let’s see how that tongue works!”

Amelia walked over to Luna and the desk, sank to her knees and moved her head between Luna’s thighs. Amelia’s tongue began to tease Luna’s folds and probe deeper into the teacher.

“Holy craaaaap. Elias. You need to get a blowjob from this bot. Oh my god go deeper Amelia”, moaned Luna.

Elias stood and watched wide eye as Amelia sped up her efforts and he would have sworn he saw something in Amelia’s throat move upwards. He was becoming extremely aroused. He was going to have to get in there.

“Oh my god her tongue is like… my womb. Oh my god Elias she is amazing” screamed Luna.

“Amelia, stand up but don’t move your head,” said Elias. Amelia move her legs and butt up while keeping her head deep within Luna’s pussy. Elias unzipped his pants and pulled down Amelia’s jeans exposing her round, alabaster ass. He slapped her butt with his penis and angled his penis into Amelia’s pussy. He slid in and began to thrust as deep as he could go. Amelia’s vagina began to squeeze in rhythm with Elias’ thrusts. “Oh my god Amelia you are amazing” Elias stammered. Luna continued to moan as Amelia continued to move her tongue inside Luna’s vagina. After a few minutes, Elias realized that they had kept Amelia in diagnostic. “Amelia, return to normal programming, he panted. “Elias, you asshole she almost had me to climax” yelled Luna.

Amelia lifted her head out of Luna’s thighs and said “Diagnostic Mode closed. Rebooting.” Amelia’s eyes flashed and then she quickly said “Wait what’s going on?! Who is in me?” “Amelia we know you’re a robot, now finish me off” said Luna, grabbing Amelia’s head and shoving the poor robot back into Luna’s pussy. “Mmph, fine! I better get a good grade for this!” said Amelia as she began to furiously lick Luna’s vagina, “I’m going to make you cum so hard”.

After a minute or so, Elias’ eyes widened as he realized he was going to come very soon. As soon as he began to feel himself begin to climax Amelia’s vagina squeezed him harder than ever before and her head snapped around and she muttered, “Oh no you don’t. Luna is going to come first Mr. Vance!” and then she extended her tongue out an extra quarter inch and dove into Luna’s pussy. “Holy shit she has a customizable tongueeee” Luna screamed as she began to come all over the young robot’s face. Amelia triggered her own orgasm and began to leak fluid all over Elias’ thrusting cock, loosening her vagina as his own orgasm hit. As Elias finished within Amelia, he pulled out and took the robot’s head and twisted it around so he could thrust his dripping dick into the robot’s mouth. “Clean”. Elias said. Amelia immediately began to suck and lick all of their juices off Elias’ dick. As Amelia finished, she pulled her mouth off Elias with a pop and said. “All right, what gave me away?”

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