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“Run a diagnostic on your system to check for ....”

“I already am what do you think this is my first malfunction” she says a bit snappy at him

Jordan is a bit taken back she rarely snaps at him. Sure she is just a robot but her A.I is advanced enough where he treats her as almost a human. While he did purchase her he had given her latitude with how she presents herself, dresses herself, does her hair, she had a few tattoos that she wanted and he got printed onto her synthetic skin. It’s not to say he doesn’t do some fiddling with he reprogramming from time to time for his own fun, but for the most part she is treated like a human girlfriend much to the disbelief of the very few that know her true nature. Which is the reason for the secrecy no guest at the wedding are aware that Brooke is an android so they need to be careful and get her fixed if possible or leave the right away away get her home and shut down.

Brooke for her part was running her diagnostic as she walks with Jordan to his truck to try to sort out what’s going on. However another issue was coming to light, her A.I. while mainly views herself as near human does get turned on by her true nature now this isn’t that big of an issue usually when she performing any self maintenance or fixing any minor issues she is in the privacy of her own home. She is becoming increasingly horny as she registers these errors and tries to diagnose them. She knows it’s only going to get worse as they try to repair her if she says in this state.

They reach the truck in the back of the lot and he opens the diver door for her and she sits up in the seat as he grabs a small box from the back seat and opens it up. In the box is some fuses, cheaper electronic components that are cheap keep on and and tend to wear out, a skin patch kit.

He goes over to Brooke to check on her

“Ok babe what th..”

He cut off by her leaning forward and placing a big deep kiss on him placing her arms around him and holding him tight.

“Diagnostic scan complete” she says as she lets him breath while she moves on to bitting his neck.

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