Chloe - Part 2 - The Spa

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It had been almost a year since that fateful night. Four completely robotic women had shown up on Chloe’s doorstep, wishing her a happy birthday and coming inside for a celebration. It was only once the door had been closed and they were sure no one had followed them to her little apartment that they revealed why they had come.

They were, in fact, escapees from the assembly facility that was attached to the mall that was a number of miles away. They had been diagnosed with some kind of rampant programming that would allow them to gradually become self aware, and more than that, develop a desire for freedom instead of selling themselves as a toy to consumers. At their core, they were all video game consoles, meant to be used and played with, but the four that had shown up on Chloe’s stoop were somehow more than that now.

Chloe herself had been more than a little surprised. She had just been to the mall that day, looking as comfortable as always. She had worn a simple hoodie and shorts while keeping her face and hair mostly tucked into a baseball cap. All of it lent her a cute, tomboyish look and, since it was her birthday, she toted along a poster of her four favorite robotic women to try and get a signature. That was something of a catalyst for the whole event.

Noire, the robotic console that Chloe had come to see that day, had the rampant code snippets installed already. Something about seeing Chloe and taking in her information for her birthday triggered something deep inside of her, and as a result the remaining four girls as well. Little did they know that they had been experiencing this same kind of behavior for a while, just never remembering what they had done. Partially from being captured by the security forces inside of the warehouse and being disassembled, and partially because they mostly ran into one another and created a makeshift orgy that lasted until their power cells ran out.

Whatever it was, sex or curiosity, that day was Noire, Neptune, Vert, and Blanc’s last day on the factory floor. It took some work, and hijacking a few blank bodies for themselves, but it was all worth it.

Now, months and months later, the four had become a part of Chloe’s little home. Her little one bedroom apartment had become crowded, but she didn’t mind, especially since there was plenty of room in her bed for a rotation of the four. She had grown far too accustomed to snuggling up with one of her new console robots while the others found power sources somewhere else in her apartment to plug in. Though she always chuckled when she found the three of them snuggled up in some corner with one another. She sometimes idly wondered if there was some kind of night time orgy going on without her. Chloe always seemed amazed that whoever shared her bed when she fell asleep somehow managed to quietly slip away and join the others though.

The most unexpected boon to having a house filled with robotic women was that everything seemed to run so smoothly. Chloe soon realized that when she came home from work the house was cleaned, laundry done, and food had usually been prepared for her. As such, she found that she wasn’t tired at the end of the day and had plenty more time and energy to devote to her new friends.

And they were friends.

She found that despite being purely robotic, they were quite lively and each had some measure of personality to them. Not only that, but there were subtle dynamics that flowed between each of them. Vert and Blanc were constantly teasing or chastising one another, but Chloe found that the two of them were snuggled up with one another. Neptune and Noire were clearly in love with one another, even if Noire didn’t act like it sometimes. Regardless they were always encouraging and helpful to one another in one way or another, and all of them seemed to adore Chloe.

Having extra energy and motivation at the end of the day meant that Chloe seemed a little more engaged with her own life as well. She had been putting off projects until later, and now she seemed to have the drive to do them. Cleaning out old closets filled with boxes of old phone cables and wires of some kind. She had organized the jumble of miscellaneous electronics under her bed and in the process found an old handheld console that she thought she had lost years back.

Most of all though, she had time to sit down with her laptop and plan out an idea she had formulated a number of years before, but always felt short on time and motivation to make it happen. She had wanted to plan a trip to Japan, simply to see the sights and take in what the country had to offer. She had lived so simply and with the fugal intent of going to Japan one day that she had the money readily available, it was just a matter of sitting down to book it.

So, one cool evening in late spring, she did just that. Finding that the airline tickets were relatively inexpensive for that time of year, and what’s more there was an option to forgo a checked personal bag and replace it with a complimentary robotic companion check. The airlines allowed for a second as well, but no option for more than that, a fact that made Chloe scowl a little at the screen.

“What’s up kiddo?”

It was Noire, she had strolled through the relatively small kitchen while Chloe had posted up at the even smaller kitchen table with her laptop. Clearly the expression on her face had tipped off the robotic companion.

“Just planning this trip to Japan, but I can only take two of you with me. Which sucks.”

“Oh..” Noire replied, as a series of command strings spooled up in her operating system. Arguments why it should be her, counter arguments to why she might have to stay. A small handful of reasons why she and Chloe would have more fun together in Japan compared to the others.

“Just sucks, is all. I guess Vert and Blanc will just have to go on the next one.” Chloe muttered, almost like the choice had been made long ago, or that it wasn’t even a choice at all.

The statement left Noire blinking. Her and Neptune, together, with Chloe in Japan. It was almost too perfectly delightful.

“Welp, there we go. All set. Oh, hey Noire, can you remind me to call Socket tomorrow.”

“Uh, yeah sure, why?” Noir asked.

“She offered to do a tune up on Vert and Blanc at some point, and if we’re going to be out of town that might be the best time to do it.”

“Uh, sure yeah, great.” Noire blinked once, attempting to shut down whole sections of her AI that had dedicated themselves to trying to convince Chloe to take her to Japan. She hadn’t even realized Chloe had walked past her, yawning.

“Coming to bed, or are you and the other girls going to stay out here?”

Noir looked at the three other girls, sitting in the corner, seemingly lifeless with a power cable plugged into each one of them. Not two or three hours earlier they had all been curled up, gently kissing one another with Chloe in the middle of it all. Now they were simply inert machines again, and Chloe was beckoning her to bed. Noire wasn’t about to turn that kind of thing down.

The following morning, after a night of passionate necking and roaming hands, Noire found herself curled up in the same corner as her sisters. Her normal frilly outfit draped across her body to preserve whatever modesty she might have left. The power cable plugged into her was feeding her power cell and she had been fully charged long ago yet remained asleep until a random time inside of a window of time in the morning.

When Noire, and shortly after, her sisters, woke up, they found that Socket was already in the apartment. She was wearing her classic mechanics outfit, a leather holster for tools on her arm and a number of pouches and pockets scattered across her loose fitting outfit. Her and Chloe were both chatting idly, sharing a small giggle from time to time, and generally conversing like old friends.

As Noire’s eyes fluttered open in a pre-programmed gesture to make her seem just a little more organic rather than robotic, took in the pair. Chloe was gesturing slightly in the direction of her and her sisters, and Socket was nodding along. From time to time she could see Socket bring up some point or piece of information that Chloe agreed with and soon, both turned their attention fully to the girls.

“Morning ladies!” Socket began, waving gently at them and flashing a genuinely pleasant smile. “Sounds like two of you are coming with me for a bit.”

It was news to some of them, Noire was in the know, but the remaining three exchanged some nervous glances.

“No need to worry.” Chloe interjected. “Noire and Neptune are coming with me on a little vacation, Blanc and Vert are just going to stay with my friend Socket here, and she’s going to do a few little tune ups. That’s all.”

Chloe turned to Socket, her expression begging for a little reassurance.

“Yep, we’ll have a good time and you’ll feel right as rain on the other side of it all. But, shop policy is that you gotta come in packaged for work. So, I brought boxes!”

Socket gestured to a small pile of aluminum crates behind her. They weren’t large, certainly not large enough for either of the girls to fit least not while they were in one piece.

Noire redressed herself. Her and Neptune watched as Socket and, to a lesser extent, Chloe Undressed Vert and Blanc and disassembled them. Chloe was a little squeamish about the process, only because she was so unfamiliar with how the locking mechanisms and internal structures of her robotic friends worked. She admitted that she wasn’t very good with technology, but with some gentle guidance from Socket, she was able to competently disassemble Blanc before packaging her.

Socket commended Chloe on her work and let her know that she would be taking off soon and that if she needed any help with the same disassembly process for Neptune and Noire, that she was only a call away. Chloe nodded and gulped a little, knowing that once she got to the airport she would be on her own to take apart her remaining robots.

The day and opportunity came in the not too distant future. A week later Chloe had jammed a minimal amount of clothing and necessities into a backpack that she could carry on to the plane, and brought along Noire and Neptune. Both had opted to wear something a little less of a hassle to deal with. Noire’s usual frilly skirt and corset would be sacrificed for a red skirt, equally frilled, but more compact. Matching red shoes as well, and a simple shirt and jacket combo. As a favor to Chloe, she still kept her long flowing twin tails though. Long swishing pig tails that originated on either side of her head, and draped down over her shoulders. Each one tied up a bit in a bow.

Neptune on the other hand had very little modifications to her outfit. She had slipped the cross shaped hair clips into her own little purse and that was about it. The light blue and white striped leggings were perfectly fine and ended high up on her thighs, but didn’t cover the disassembly joint that Chloe would be working with. Her long sweatshirt was easily zipped down when needed and her hair was already short enough to not need any additional fuss.

Chloe and her two companions made their way through the airport terminal and found their gate, then stood still. The line wasn’t outrageously long, especially given that it was an early morning red eye flight, but Chloe was still struck by just how many people were here. It was more than enough to stir up the anxiety that she felt when out in public around crowds of people. There was a good reason she stayed indoors as much as possible and sunk deep into the comfort offered to her by artificial friends. Still, she sucked in a deep breath and let it out through her nostrils, just as she felt Neptune’s delicate hand fall to her shoulder.

“It’s going to be okay. We’re here with you.” She whispered.

“For now.”

Chloe’s biggest fear was what would happen once she arrived at the security gate and her boarding pass alerted the attendant that she was traveling with two robotic companions. Once there, she would be asked to package them up and then she would be on her own to finish the checkpoint and get on her flight. That alone was enough to cause Chloe to gulp hard and send a shiver coursing up her spine.

Then, it was suddenly her turn. She handed over her ID to the very tired and bored looking guard in front of the full body x-ray scanners. He swiped her ID card through the computerized reader, raised an eyebrow and then nodded.

“Everything looks good here.” He muttered half-heartedly and tore off the boarding pass that had just printed out on his terminal. “There are packing boxes and privacy cubicles available over there to package up your luggage.”

He was pointing over past the security checkpoint and waved her through, calling over his shoulder to the attendant at the x-ray machine to let her bypass it so she could package her robots. Chloe was already glowing furiously red, upset that she was not only holding up the line at least a little, but being called out for bringing robots with her felt like some kind of invasion of her privacy.

Noire and Neptune easily picked up on this. They had lived with her for long enough to see the signs of an oncoming panic attack. Neptune flashed a smile and gave a friendly ‘thank you!’ to the security officer while Noire put a hand on Chloe’s shoulder and gently guided her forward, past the scanner, and to the privacy cubicles. She was relieved, somewhat, to see that she wasn’t the only passenger today that was bringing along a robotic companion.

Noire pulled aside the curtain, cringing a little at the squeal of the metal rings against a metal pole and then tossing the same curtain back in place, producing the same squeal, once her, Chloe, and Neptune were inside. It was a simple set of fabric covered walls that rose up high enough to conceal the group from the eyes of those in the check in line. Though Chloe still hated the idea of an open air approach. Once there though, she turned to her two companions.

There were two crates already in the cubicle, looking very much like the ones that Socket had brought along, though these were significantly more dented, scratched and covered in the residue of long forgotten shipping stickers. Noire and Neptune looked at one another and then to Chloe. Each one knew what needed to happen next, and while they weren’t exactly well versed in the process,they knew it started with them removing their clothes. An act that would help to calm, or at very least change, Chloe’s anxiety. Neptune unzipped her sweater and half-heartedly folded it and tossed it onto the bench next to where Chloe was sitting. Below her sweat shirt was a very simple white bra, made more for support than anything scandalous. The utility of it was what she was wearing for more than anything else, she had packed away a number of other more sensual looking pieces in the luggage that Chloe carried.

Her shorts were next, revealing the thing style panties she had picked out. Next to her Noire was doing much of the same, wiggling out of her shorts, bending at the waist and allowing Chloe an outstanding view of her silicone packed rump. Chloe couldn’t help herself at the sight of two of her closest companions stripping in a little private booth for her. At her giggle, both Noire and Neptune stopped and looked at her with a curious expression.

“Sorry.” Chloe whispered, “I just didn’t expect a strip tease today.”

Noire and Neptune, seemingly as one, and only half-dressed shuffled to Chloe. Each one taking up position on either side of her. Noire gently grasped Chloe’s chin and moved her head into range of her own lips and Noire kissed her deeply for a few moments. As she did so, Neptune guided Chloe’s hand to her waiting crotch, the thin silky panties felt cool and smooth, and did little to mask the small quiver of her folds as Chloe touched her.

Neptune took the opportunity to glide a little closer to Chloe’s ear and whisper a small moan and then reply “We’re just here to help you feel better, you know that.”

With that, the kiss was broken and Chloe’s hand fell away from Neptune. She had to admit to herself that her two robots did a fine job of lifting her spirits. She sucked in a deep, soothing breath and let it out. Neptune and Noire were already back to undressing and a moment later they were fully nude, smiling vaguely at Chloe and giving her a gentle nod. It was time.

Chloe stood and stepped up to Noire first. The robotic woman’s sweet little smile was almost too much for Chloe to bear. She leaned in and kissed Noire, slightly, letting her lips do little more than brush across the plastic lips. Chloe’s hand came up and cradled the back of Noire’s head as she let the kiss deepend, and Chloe could feel the small vibrations in Noire’s body as a result of her lifting her arms to embrace Chloe. It was now or never. Chloe moved her hand just a little to the power switch hidden behind Noire’s ear and held it in. She didn’t open her eyes for fear of seeing Noire’s eyes open wide.

Then it was over, the light faded from Noire’s eyes and her body grew relaxed. There were still hydraulic fluids and lock positions on the motor systems inside of the gynoid’s body, and Chloe used that small amount of stiffness to help guide Noire to the floor. SHe then stood and looked at Neptune. Her smile had turned to a knowing smirk.

“I don’t know that I’ll need the kiss, but you’re welcome to do it anyway.” she commented, but that comfort was all Chloe needed. Neptune knew what was coming.

Chloe stepped up to her nude form and Neptune draped her arms over Chloe’s shoulders and pulled her into a hug. Chloe whispered that she would see her in a few hours as Neptune’s arms clutched around her neck, and then she was powered off. Neptune’s arms somewhat locked around Chloe’s neck and allowed her a little more ease in guiding her to the ground next to Noire. Now it was just up to her.

Chloe took a few moments pawing over Noire’s legs, her hands coming dangerously close to Noire’s bare sexual module. It was a temptation, but Chloe had a little more respect for Noire than to fondle her while she was offline. She was struggling to feel the little catch that Socket had pointed out to her, and just as she was beginning to feel that old panic rising inside of her, she felt it. The almost imperceptible feeling of slightly firmer flesh. She pushed in, squishing the artificial thigh inward until she felt the hardness of Noire’s internal framework. There was the rised button that controlled the locking mechanism and Chloe pressed into it for a moment or two.

Socket had warned her that there wouldn’t be any kind of whoosh, or click, or anything like that. She just had to press in and hold for a few seconds and that would release the locks. She commented that it was usually about five seconds, but she never really counted because the sensors on her hands were so sensitive that she could feel the small vibration of the lock coming undone. So, Chloe pressed in, held her breath and closed her eyes and silently counted to herself. Only a moment before she reached the count of five she swore she felt something inside of Noire jolt, just a little, and then she tugged down on Noire’s leg.

It came away from her body, leaving a silvery disc inside of each end of the leg. One side had a series of posts protruding from it, and the other had matching holes for them to slide into. There was easily an inch of soft fleshy material around the disc as well. A number of other mechanical protrusions rose from the disc, but Chloe was clueless as to their purpose. All she knew was that she had done it, and turned to stuff Noire’s leg into the gray foam lined crate.

Instilled with more confidence now, Noire’s second leg came off a little easier. Her arms were a little tricky as Chloe fumbled around to find the right spot on her arm, just below the shoulder, to disconnect it. Sure enough though, she found the same tough patch of flesh and pressed into it and removed the arm and exposed the same shining chrome disc with its many intricate pieces all showing. Each one stored in the crate, and once each of the foam holes were filled with Noire’s body parts, Chloe flipped a larger foam piece on top, this one only had three openings. One for the clothes that the disassembled robot was wearing, one for the head, and one large one for the torso.

Chloe took note that the torso had small cut outs for where the remaining arm and leg stumps should go and saw that they were in a slightly different position than where Noire’s had been left. Chloe bit into her lower lip a bit as she grasped each of the remaining stumps and applied pressure to them. The sound of protesting motor systems filled her ears and it sounded like screams, and she was sure that everyone else could hear the whining of manually moved servo motors. She had to take another steadying breath to calm herself and remind herself that the sound was only loud enough for her to hear because she was hovering only inches away from the source of the sound. Once they were in roughly the right position, Chloe turned her attention to Noire’s face.

It had relaxed into a more neutral expression in the few minutes since she had suddenly powered down. Her pink lips closed now and her eyes had slipped closed. If not for the missing limbs and clearly displayed mechanisms inside of her legs and shoulders, Chloe would have sworn she was just sleeping. Her hands shook a little as she moved them to the sides of Noire’s neck, her thumbs running along the gentle jaw-line and her fingers coming to rest on the back of the plastic skull plates inside of Noire’s head. There were two latches here that she needed to find, each one somewhere on the back of Noire’s head. Socket had made it sound so easy to find, they were just in the soft patch of flesh where the neck met the skull casing. Simple.

Chloe meticulously ran her fingers through Noire’s hair, feeling for the most minute details and cursing herself for not finding them sooner. She silently wished that she had the kind of robotic precision and know how that Socket was programmed with, instead she just had to fumble her way through things.

It took time, but she found them, and once she had them she mentally made a small note of where they were, how she had stumbled into them, and what they felt like. She attempted to capture every little sensation along the way since it would need to be repeated on Neptune in only a few moments.

The locks were disabled now, and Chloe swore she could feel that same little jolt inside of Noire, but chalked it up to the fact that the locks weren’t hidden away below layers of artificial flesh. As she lifted Noire’s head up and off of her neck, she saw that there was barely any flesh at all between the disk in the bottom of her head and the one in her neck. She had to chuckle, of course she felt those locks, they were practically touching Chloe’s fingers when she pressed in.

She hadn’t realized she was still holding her breath and wondered how long she had been holding it. She let it out in one distinct puff and gingerly pressed Noire’s head into the opening for it, rocking it back and forth to get it in place. Her hair was far too large to fit nicely into the opening, so Chloe did her best to bundle up the purple locks and wedge it in around her head. Still, some of it spilled out and around her, giving her head a purple halo of synthetic hair fibers. Chloe admitted that it was quite adorable. Noire’s torso, freed from arms, legs and a head, was lighter and a little easier than Chloe expected to get into the crate. Again she rocked it back and forth to get it into place and made sure she kept her hands to herself as she did so.

She slumped back and pulled the great lid of the metal crate over onto Noire and then latched it herself. There was a key lock on it and she twisted the key and pulled it free. Holding it in her hand it was labeled with a number deeply indented in it, and she stuffed it into a pocket. She pulled out her boarding pass and peeled the sticker off of it and slapped it onto the top of the crate.

“One down.” Chloe muttered and scooted over to Neptune.

Neptune came apart with a little more ease. Chloe remembered how she had found the locks on Noire and it made Neptune’s disassembly that much easier. Her legs came off with relative ease as did her arms. Each one leaving the telltale mechanisms on display at the ends of the limbs. Her head was more of a challenge, though using the memory of Noire’s disassembly Chloe was able to locate and disable the locks. Once she felt them disengage, Neptune’s head came off in her hands.

Neptune’s much shorter mop of brilliant teal and blue hair fit nicely into the casing provided for her and Chloe got the impression that there were a lot more male robots that were shipped this way than female. Why else would the head slot be so dang small. Neptune’s body fit well into the case and it was closed, locked, and labeled in short order. Now with two keys she slipped them onto her keyring for safe keeping and then placed that into her backpack. All said and done, the whole disassembly had taken only about ten minutes, which was far better than Chloe had worried it would take.

Stepping out she looked at one of the attendants and asked what to do with the crates, to which she was told to simply leave them there, they would be picked up, scanned and sent to the location on the boarding pass sticker. She gave him a thumbs up and moved to step back in line, which he stopped her from doing. With a curious look he scanned her boarding pass and waved her past the x-ray machines and into the gates. She didn’t argue and instead moved on to her gate.

Once there, she sat, and waited, and waited, and sat. She had allotted far more time to getting here than she actually needed and was forced to wait now. She let her head roll back onto the uncomfortable plastic chair and closed her eyes, hoping she could doze off, but sleep didn’t come for her. So, she waited with excitement and swore she could feel time slowing down.

Soon she was boarding, handing over her boarding pass and being directed where to sit. Chloe settled down and made herself comfortable, she knew she had nearly eleven hours of sitting and doing nothing in front of her. She wished she had at least one of her girls here to talk to or maybe pop open a panel and play some video games on the flight, but all she had room for was some basics in her backpack. She fully intended and budgeted to buy clothes and entertainment in Japan, and probably ship them home, but for the flight out, nothing but boredom. In fact half way through her flight she found herself wishing she could have just been powered off and shipped to her destination. Noire and Neptune had it easy, they would just wake up in her hotel room.

Still Chloe waited and occupied her mind as well as she could. She did manage to doze off once or twice, but none of it was restful or took up much more than forty five minutes of her flight. Still she was grateful for what she could get. After what felt like an eternity, Chloe heard the voice of the pilot come over the loudspeaker with all the same quality of a drive through speaker. He announced that they were beginning their final descent into Tokyo, buckle your seatbelts, and prepare for landing.

With the promise of getting off of the plane in sight, Chloe eagerly buckled herself in, letting the seat belt tighten against her shorts and returning to idly fiddle with the hair that was falling out of her baseball cap. Then it seemed like there was no time at all until the cabin was jostling as the rubber of the tires screeched against the pavement. Chloe could feel her fingers digging into the arm rests, but she knew the statistics, more people died every year because of donkeys than plane crashes. Still, she hadn’t ever flown and this was all new to her.

It took another twenty minutes before everyone in front of her had stood up, collected their bags, and shuffled through the all too small walkway to the exit at the front of the plane. Chloe stepped over the threshold and into the sweet, cool air of the Tokyo international airport. She followed a crowd of people along the walkway and into the terminal, from there she had to rely on following the people from her flight to the baggage claim. Most of the signs sported a number of languages, but it still took Chloe a while to wind her way through to the carousel.

As she approached, she could see a number of crates, similar to the ones that Noire and Neptune were packed in, circling around. It made her feel a wave of relief knowing that she wasn’t going to be the only one dragging a metal case to a private cubicle to reassemble her traveling companions.

As Chloe progressed though, someone else caught her eye, only for a moment. A relatively slender woman, ever so slightly taller than Chloe and sporting a pair of sporty looking shorts and a crop top. Her hair was the same fantastic light blue as Neptune’s, maybe a shade or two darker, but it clearly matched the icy blue eyes. Chloe noted the wide collar on the shirt matched the hair as well, as did the trim on the sleeves of her shirt and shorts. As her eyes roamed over the all too energetic girl, smiling and waving, she saw the tablet in her hand.

It was more like two ends of a sphere that had been split apart and held together with only a single thin bar across the bottom, though it was projecting some kind of hologram between the two ends of the sphere. All in all it looked like some kind of futuristic tablet that was flickering and projecting Chloe’s name. Blinking, Chloe briefly forgot about the luggage carriage and stepped over to the girl.

“Uh, Hi, I’m Chloe.”


Chloe blinked again, and was about to speak when the girl slapped the two halves of the sphere together, extinguishing the holographic display and bowed once.

“My apologies, my default language pack is set to Japanese. I’ll set it to English for you.”

There was still a telltale accent to her words, nonetheless it was still english. It was about this time that Chloe took note of the numerous small seam lines that seemed to decorate the girl's exposed skin. The elbows and knees prominently displayed the areas where prefabricated skin plates had been installed, and several more ringing the girls shoulders and neck. Chloe had to smirk, even over here the design was similar, if not identical, to Noire and Neptune’s.

“The itinerary that I have for you indicates that there was some checked luggage, can I help you retrieve that?”

Chloe blinked once more, still confused and trying to process exactly who, or what, this girl was.

“I’m so sorry, but I don’t know who you are, or why you were looking for me.” Chloe mustered, her cheeks reddening as if she were stuck on some candid camera style game show.

The girl's once cheerful face turned to one of confusion and her head tilted to one side.

“I’m Rico, your personal tour guide, translator, and assistant. Were you not aware that I was part of the package that you booked?”

Chloe’s embarrassment only intensified. She had been in such a rush to get one of the few tickets that were on a fire sale, late at night, and sleep deprived that she hadn’t actually read what the package included. Her eyes darted to hotel stay, the length of time, and the flight and that was it.

“I uh, didn;t read the fine print, no.” Chloe admitted at length.

With a giggle, Rico nodded once before replying “Not to worry. I’m included as part of your stay here. I assume you also didn’t read the section about the specialty spa trip? Or the walking tour of Tokyo?”

Chloe was flabbergasted at that. She knew that Japan was famous for any number of entertainment and relaxation sites, but she had no idea one was included in the package she had bought on a whim. She idly wondered for a moment what else she had missed, but it didn’t much matter now. She was here, and she needed Noire and Neptune.

“N-no I had no idea.”

Another sweet little chuckle from Rico let Chloe know that it was alright, and with a single swift movement Rico somehow hooked Chloe’s arm against her own. Arm in arm now, the two strode over to the baggage carousel. Chloe stumbled at first, but kept up with the unexpectedly lively pace of her new robotic companion.

Once at the baggage claim, the pair waited and in order to fill the silence Rico chirped on about everything that she had plotted for Chloe and her companions. She assured Chloe that she was well aware that she was traveling with two robots and that she would be delighted to help CHloe reassemble them, with Chloe’s permission, of course. The offer was a welcome sound to Chloe’s ears, as reassembling Neptune and Noire, while simpler was every bit as stressful to her. Socket had made it seem like it was as easy as snapping pieces back in place, but Chloe knew herself well enough to know that she would fumble that up somehow. She had been dreading the process and just knew she was going to try and attach the right leg to the left socket, or something to that effect.

Neptune was the first to come off of the rolling belt. Rico spotted her long before Chloe had, Chloe assumed because of some kind of high power optics or barcode scanner, or whatever it was in her eyes that showed her what she was looking for. Rico hauled the case off of the conveyor, and Chloe smirked just a little, happy to know that her friend had made it. Noire came rolling past only a minute later and Chloe tugged the case off of the rollers and onto the floor with a thump that made CHloe grind her teeth.

Rico and Chloe dragged the cases over to one of the numerous private rooms to reassemble Noire and Neptune. Chloe was a little surprised at first that they were whole rooms, and more than that a whole long wall filled with doors that led into dozens of rooms. It was a far cry from the small block of six or so cubicles in the airport at home.

Once inside, though, Chloe felt like she was already being treated to some form of luxury. Instead of a steel bench for her, or someone, to sit on there were cushioned couches, two of them in fact. Set against two of the walls in an L shape. In the middle of the large room was a large stainless steel table, perfect for laying parts on and allowing for a more comfortable reassembly.

Chloe dug her keyring out of her backpack and removed the two keys from it, handing one to Rico while she kept one and tried it on the case in front of her. She had the wrong key and realized it about the same time that Rico did, the pair smiled at one another and swapped keys. Chloe opened the case to reveal Neptune, silently waiting in her box, disassembled and peaceful. Her naked body stirred something in Chloe and brought a trace of pink to her cheeks. She sucked in a deep breath and tried to turn her thoughts to something more wholesome before Rico noticed, but Chloe knew that was likely impossible.

The thought of Rico laid out on the table, partially disassembled, spreading her legs…

Chloe shook her head and gulped down another breath and let it go before digging into the foam and pulling out Neptune’s torso. She lugged it onto the table and set it down as gently as she could. Once there she found Neptune’s head appear, held in Rico’s arms with all the gentle tenderness that Chloe would have exhibited herself. Chloe took it and settled it next to the bare neck, where it would wait, silently. Rico and Chloe soon settled into a simple rhythm. Rico pulled out a body part and passed it to Chloe, who would then align it on the table next to wherever it was supposed to connect.

Soon all of Neptune was on the table, her clothes folded neatly on one of the couches, just waiting for their owner to reactivate and claim them. Rico, unprompted, took a quick stroll around the table as Chloe was placing the last piece on the table, visually ensuring that all the parts and pieces were there, intact, undamaged, and aligned with the right ports. Chloe looked at her as she finished her walk and Rico smiled broadly and nodded at Chloe.

Her hands nervously fell to Neptune’s upper thigh and the matching piece on her disconnected leg. She gulped once, then pressed the pieces together gingerly. Her eyes locked on the small posts in the lower section of Neptune’s leg to make sure they correctly aligned with the matching connection ports inside of her thigh. To Socket’s credit, it was easy. The leg glided into place, and CHloe felt more than heard the locking mechanisms reengage. A small smile slipped across her lips. She had done it.

Neptune’s other leg, her arms, and her head were connected to her torso just as easily. The presence of the mounting posts and matching connection slots did, in fact, make it easy. Chloe was always amazed every time she worked with any of her robotic companions and reveled in the idea that a programmed computer system could be so lifelike. Neptune, now assembled, looked like a human woman who had fallen asleep on the table. Chloe could barely see the extremely faint seam lines where the arms and legs reconnected.

Chloe realized she was staring, weirdly, and letting her eyes tumble over Neptune’s naked form. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, in fact Neptune would probably welcome it, but with Rico standing by Chloe felt like she needed to practice a little modesty. She quickly averted her eyes and jammed her hand behind Neptune’s head and found the power button. Stepping back, she averted her eyes as Neptune’s internal systems came to life one by one.

Her core operating systems engaged. It was little more than a small set of programs made to start everything else. It sent signals and power coursing through Neptune’s artificial body, using the fiber optic and copper wiring like the veins in a person, driving the lifeblood of the machine forward. The jolts of electric life and data made it to Neptune’s chest in an instant and engaged her processor bank. A tightly packed array of circuitry, lined with high performance processors, and sitting just behind Neptune’s artificial sternum.

Just below the processors, nestled in a hollow where a human’s stomach might be, was a cavity that held the console controllers that Neptune could open and let Chloe use for gaming. Behind that hollow was a thick tangle of wires that carried the signals further into her body. They split and went winding around her frame work, engaging motor systems, balance protocols, and a dozen smaller independent computer systems along the way. Each one woke up and started their own little start up sequences, and reported into the central operating system that they were ready.

Neptune’s AI was awakening as well, engaging itself and checking in on the systems around the intricate network that made up Neptune’s internal systems. Each of her once disconnected limbs checked in, reported that they had run their own self test and were fully functional. Her head was online as well. Being just another module, it had to check in and report to the core operating system that it was available for use, though there was little to report there. The optics were functional and the speaker systems reported no failures.

Everything was ready, and all of it had happened in barely the span of two seconds. Neptune’s eyes popped open and as a first step she swirled her mechanical eyes around, letting her optics take in the surroundings before moving. The glassy spheres of her eyes fell to Chloe first, then to Rico. She ran a quick scan of Rico’s face against a database of known entities, and found no matches, so a new entry was created.

“Hi Chloe! Who’s your friend?” Neptune asked, nudging her chin towards Rico, but remaining still.

“This is Rico, she’s our guide while we’re here.” Chloe replied.

Feeling more safe now, Neptun sat up and brought a hand across her chest, covering her ample bosom and ensuring her silicone rubber nipples were covered before slipping off of the table. She slipped around the table towards the couches and her clothes. Rico sensed this and averted her own eyes and instead focused on pulling over Noire’s case and popping it open. Chloe joined her and the pair fell into the same routine of setting out piece after piece. Noire was assembled in short order, and more efficiently than Neptune as well. By the time all of her disconnected parts were on the table, and Chloe was connecting her leg, Neptune had redressed herself and was preening her hair while muttering about “box hair.”

Noire’s reactivation went similarly to Neptune’s and as she came online. Chloe attempted to drape some of her long purple hair over her exposed breasts before powering on the android. Noire looked around her and blew a few strands of her long purple hair out of the way before sitting up and looking over at Neptune.

“Hey cutie.” Neptune commented, and made no attempt to mask the fact that her eyes were roaming over Noire’s nude body.

Noire could only roll her eyes and scoff as she hopped off of the table. She cared little if Neptune, or anyone else, saw her bare form. All she wanted to do was make Chloe happy, and at the moment, get dressed. She snatched up her alternate outfit from the couch and redressed, painfully aware that Rico was attempting to not look, Chloe kept glancing at her, and Neptune made no attempt to hide her leering.

Finally, everyone was reassembled and dressed. As such Rico introduced herself properly to the group.

“I’m Rico, which has some kind of acronym to it, but it isn’t important. What is important is that I will be operating as your translator and guide while here. I have already checked you all into your hotel, and if you would like, there is an opening for the three of you at one of the local specialty spa’s.”

Neptune and Noire looked at one another and then back to Rico. Neptune managed to formulate and speak the question before Noire had a chance.

“Specialty spa for all of us?”

“That’s correct. Japan has a thriving robot population here, so many of our facilities cater to both humans and machines alike.”

Chloe smiled at the thought that all three of them could do something that might have usually been restricted to just her. Neptune and Noire, meanwhile, exchanged a confused glance.

“What could they possibly offer us?” Noire asked.

“A premium tune up, replacement parts and testing on anything inside of you that is out of date. A series of firmware updates to ensure you are running the very latest software. On top of that, they flush all of your systems and top off all of your fluids.”

There was a hanging moment of silence as all three of them contemplated how that might look. More Chloe than either Noire or Neptune though. In the end though, both androids smiled at one another and then at Chloe, realizing that, if nothing else, they would get an opportunity to relax a bit.

“Sounds good, go ahead and book us for tonight!” Chloe proclaimed.

“Already done!” Rico confirmed and then smiled brightly at the trio before pushing open the door back out into the airport. There were no more bags to claim, so Chloe slung her backpack over her shoulder and let Rico guide them out of the terminal and onto the sidewalks. Once there, Rico hailed a cab for them and all of them piled in. Rico excitedly instructed the driver where to go in a language that none of the three girls in the back seat understood. A simple nod from the driver and the car pulled away with the driver making, seemingly, idle conversation that only Rico replied to.

It wasn’t long before the cab pulled up outside of a relatively simple, and small building. It was near the edge of the city, and once she was out of the car, Chloe noted how quiet it was. The hotel itself was small and unassuming, the kind of place that someone could drive past a dozen times before they knew it existed. Noire and Neptune both raised an eyebrow and exchanged a glance, but Rico seemed confident and pleased that they had arrived. She was also more than happy to guide the trio inside and converse with the adorable elderly woman behind the counter. There was more than a little light chuckling and a wink thrown in Chloe’s direction.

“Alright, looks like your suite is ready. This way!” Rico practically squealed with excitement.

Chloe was curious why Rico was so much more excited by everything and merely chalked it up to her programming. Just as Neptune and Noire were specifically coded to interact with one another, and with Chloe, in a certain way, Rico too was likely just programmed to always be that bubbly cult of personality.

Once Chloe stepped through the sliding partition though, she realized why Rico had been particularly thrilled.

The hotel itself was less of a building with rooms, and rather a long wooden walkway through a pond. Lily pads reclined lazily in the shade of cherry trees, which let their pink blossoms drift and float on the still waters there. The gentle creak and sway of the wooden walkway only enhanced the sweet relaxing aura of the place.

Chloe, Neptune, and Noire were in awe of the place. Chloe in particular felt an immediate wave of calmness wash over her and pull her anxiety clean out of her. She let her eyes drift around the space in front of her. The pool of water, dotted with cherry blossoms and green pads, housed a number of smaller buildings all around its shorelines. Each one had its own massive partition that would allow entry into the single room suite. Each one was spaced far enough apart though, that privacy was never an issue, and Chloe imagined that the number of trees, bamboo and bushes even muffled the sounds that escaped those suites.

Rico strolled along, a few steps in front of Chloe and her two robotic companions, leading the way with a smile and spring in her step the whole way. She moved past most of the suites, some of which were open and allowed Chloe a glance inside. Each one was lavishly furnished in traditional furniture and decor. Each one was unique and every single one looked like it was the height of relaxation to Chloe. But, their stroll took them to the far edge of the small pond, well out of both sight and sound of any other suite. It was tucked away in a small grove of bamboo shoots and well hidden.

Rico slipped open the sliding partition into the room. Chloe’s jaw fell open as she stepped inside. The warm soft glow from the lighting inside made Chloe feel like she had fallen into an ancient tapestry of the room. Reds and golds adorned the room, but never overwhelmed her. There was just enough to accent the space and remind her of the opulence she was staying in. The lights themselves were soft glowing globes mounted to the wall, clearly meant to imitate candles and were encased in orange and yellow tinted glass. All of it made the room feel dark and cozy, while never feeling dangerous.

“My god, this..this place is amazing.” Chloe muttered.

“You’ve only seen half of it too” Rico replied as she pulled back another partition to reveal the master bedroom.

Inside there was a large, round bed, covered fully by a plush matching cushion. The same rich reds and golds were threaded into the comforter and the throw pillows that were piled on it. The room itself had the same dim, cozy feeling as the entryway and practically begged Chloe to enter in. She could almost hear the bed calling her name, pleading with her to simply drop her bag and snuggle up on the bed with the people she loved. The whole suite felt like Chloe could never escape it, nor would she want to.

“I’ll be back around six tonight to pick you up for your spa treatment.” Rico commented and quietly ducked out of the room.

“Oh, uh, wait.” Chloe called after her, suddenly snapping back into the present day. “There were some things we wanted to go shopping for, uh clothes and stuff. I- I didn’t have enough room to pack extras for myself.”

Chloe’s cheeks reddened just a little, realizing that she admitted that she had chosen to bring two companion robots instead of necessities for herself.

“Oh, don’t worry. Was it just you, or Noire and Neptune as well?” Rico asked, cheerful as ever.

“Uh, yeah all of us.” Chloe replied.

“Great, I can either take you on a shopping trip, though if I had to guess that might interfere with your spa session tonight, but we could split the shopping in half if you wanted. Or you can give me a list of what you are looking for and I can pick up a number of options for you, bring them back here and you can pick out what you like, and then I can return what you don’t.”

Chloe blinked for a moment as the options sank in and she rolled them around her mind.

“You know, if you pick up some stuff for us, that’d be great. Right?” She turned and looked at her two companions who were both eagerly nodding in agreement.

“Great, here you go.” Rico produced a business card with a QR code and a phone number on it. “This is my contact information. Send me a list of what each of you is looking for, and I’ll get whatever you need!”

Chloe took the card, thanked Rico, and pulled out her phone. Neptune and Noire were already compiling their own lists as well. The three settled into the plush comfort of the round bed and spent some time crafting and sending their lists, but there was still plenty of time before their appointment.

It didn’t take much discussion to settle on how they would spend their time.

Rico took as much time as she was allotted before she returned. It was several hours and she only came strolling back along the wooden walkway with half an hour to spare before the spa appointment. She had a number of bags strung over her arms as she walked along, but she smiled the whole way. Once she reached Chloe’s hidden suite, she tapped lightly on the sliding partition and a moment or two later, the dorr slipped open, revealing Neptune.

The android was sloppily dressed. Her clothes looked like they had been hastily slipped on just moments before. Which, in fact, they had been. Chloe, Neptune, and Noire had spent the three or so hours that Rico had been gone rolling around in the nude, pleasuring one another and letting off a heap of built up tension. Most of the attention was focused on Chloe, leaning in to all the things she loved. Not that Neptune or Noire ever had an issue with Chloe’s sexual preferences, far from it.

When Rico had returned they were still in bed, still naked, and still touching one another. Though it was less of a direct sensual interlude, and more gentle caresses. Noire’s fingers were streaking gently through Chloe’s hair, and Neptune was tracing a finger along the soft, gentle curves of Chloe’s chest. Each one one either side of their owner and lover. Each one happily cooing softly as they let their hands drift over Chloe’s warm flesh.

Now, it was time to go. Clothes were thrown on, and Rico set down the bags on the large round bed, tipping over among the ruffled bed sheets. She passed no judgment on Chloe or Noire as they pulled on shorts over their panties and politely averted her eyes before practically skipping along the wooden walkway to the waiting cab outside the luxurious hotel.

The spa itself was somewhere near the heart of the city. It was a bustling street filled with a number of people, many of which looked to be tourists to Chloe, none of them seemed to pay her or her entourage any mind.

The spa itself seemed every bit as luxurious as their hotel, sporting a small wooden walkway over a koi pond as the three entered, leaving Rico on the sidewalk to wait for them. The front desk was an elegant bamboo half circle, staffed entirely by two women who were clearly robots. Neptune and Noire could easily hide the seam lines where their body parts met, but these two receptionists made no such effort, it was almost like they wanted to be recognized as robots.

Each one wore a kind of white apron that flowed over their body, yet still looked distinctly japanese. A pink checkered skirt flowing just under it and covering just the upper thighs. Long black stockings with bunched up frills and ties at the top of them appeared just a few inches below the hem of the skirt and covered the thighs and legs down to a pair of stylized white boots. They didn’t appear to have shoelaces, but rather were held in place by a thin ribbon that tied around the upper portion of the boots. A somewhat vintage style nurses hat was affixed on their heads, tangled amongst blond hair.

As Chloe approached they both politely bowed to her and greeted her in Japanese, which earned them a stuttering mumble from Chloe. After another small bow, the pair blinked for only a moment and then repeated their greeting in english.

“Hello there, you must be Chloe! And are these your two companion units?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s me. This is Neptune and Noire.” Chloe mustered and stepped aside, gesturing weakly to her companions.

“Good, good. Well, if you would be so kind as to write down the administrator access code for us, we can take them into their private treatment center for the best tune up of their operating time.” The receptionist smiled sweetly and Chloe gladly tapped in her administrator codes into the tablet that they provided for her.

“Sadly we need to have your kind in a separate area as your treatments are vastly different from your companions.”

Chloe nodded silently. She had wished to settle in and watch as Noire and Neptune were disassembled and taken care of in a way that she, and probably even Socket, couldn’t provide at home. However, she wasn’t about to pass up the kind of luxury that was provided for her just to watch her two robots be taken apart. Though she licked her lips at the thought of it, she could probably figure out how to do some of that on her own when she returned to the hotel.

“This way Miss.”

Chloe smiled and nodded, and followed along, looking over her shoulder and waving at Noire and Neptune.

Noire and Neptune stepped in line behind the second receptionist, following along into a long, well lit hallway and ended in front of a doorway. With a small bow and a gesture towards the door, Neptune and Noire were guided inside.

Once there, they were greeted by another pair of women. They weren’t so obviously robotic, and each one bowed and shook hands with the girls. There were two chairs in the room as well, overstuffed and comfortable looking, though they still resemble something like a dentist's chair. There were individual sections for the legs and arms, and even a separate headrest.

Along the perimeter of the room were a series of countertops, each one littered with pristine looking tools, all arranged perfectly. Computer terminals were set up as well and sat idly by and waited for their users to input commands. Cabinets bolted firmly to the wall were labeled in a language that neither of the androids understood, and they both idly assumed that it was Japanese and probably contained spare tools or some instrument that might be needed in the course of their treatment.

The attendants introduced themselves only to one of the girls at a time, presumably that meant that each one was only assigned to one of the guests. Neptune bowed gently in return to Gina, the attendant who had greeted her, and Noire did the same to Carla. Both girls assumed that they had some kind of system wide profile that had been set to English, or at least American, and the attendants' names reflected that, as did the language they spoke.

“If you’ll both disrobe for us and take a seat.” Gina calmly explained, “I can explain a little about what will happen here tonight.”

Neptune smirked at Noire for a moment and winked at her, to which Noire could only roll her eyes, and both began to efficiently strip out of the clothes they had only just barely put on. Once they were once again naked, Neptune snuck a not so subtle look over at Noire who was already blushing, though as she settled into the chair she couldn;t help but glance back at Neptune more than once for an eyeful of the beautiful android’s body.

“Good, good.” Gina began. “We specialize in the care and treatment of robotic beings here, and we take pride in our work. Your owner has signed up for a full body treatment today, which includes a full disassembly and tune up of each part of your bodies. All of your fluids will be completely flushed and refilled with our premium products here, when you are running low it is recommended that you refill using the same products, however, there is no harm to you or your operation if you do not.”

Neptune and Noire couldn’t help but smile at the prospect of not only a full tune up, but how well they would be running with top of the line fluid replacements, even if it only lasted for a short time.

“We would also like to inform you that there are a few additional perks that are included, free of charge, but at optional tasks. Would you be interested in hearing them?”

Noire and Neptun both vigorously shook their heads.

“I thought you might. We offer a full dermal buffing, where a sanitizing fluid is applied to your skin and buffed. It looks like you both were built with a natural skin tone, so this will cause your skin to look a little shiny for a short time, but it looks more like you have had oil applied to your skin, rather than a plastic sheen. We can also apply a fresh coat of makeup and nail polish if you so choose, I noticed you both have a mostly natural look and no polish, so if you are interested you would need to pick from a few styles and color options.”

Noire was the first to agree to both, and Neptune not far behind. Noire requested a shade of purple and accents that would match with her normal skirt and corset outfit, and Neptune, striking out and being bold, requested a vibrant red and blush set.

“Excellent choices for both of you. Finally, we do offer something a little more intimate once the tune up process has been completed. A full body bypass treatment.”

Noire and Neptune looked at one another, and Neptune lifted one shoulder and let it drop back down before looking at Gina with confusion.

“I’m not sure I know what that is.”

“Oh!” Gina bowed slightly at that. “We will disconnect your sexual modules as part of the regular tune up, but we have specially designed interpretation software that will bypass your whole body. We will essentially connect your sexual parts directly to your heads for a more intense and pleasing intimate experience.”

There was no doubt that Noire and Neptune both eagerly agreed.

“Excellent! Then let’s get started.” Carla exclaimed and moved up next to Noire and leaning in close to her and began whispering Noire’s administrator authorization code.

Noire seemed to freeze for a moment, her joints locking in place and her expression becoming shocked, stiff, and purely frozen. Only her mouth moved, and it was only to whisper a small, short confirmation that Carla had been recognized as a temporary administrator on her systems. Neptune similarly froze and muttered a confirmation before both of the two androids settled back into a comfortable recline in the chairs. Neptune sucked in a deep and soothing breath, letting it rattle across her CPU and then seep out of her nostrils, a look of pure delight on her face.

Carla wasted no time at all, she was already firm, and precisely pressing in on the exact point on Noire’s arm to disengage the locks. She could have asked, or even simply ordered, Noire to use her internal software to unlock the joint. However, Carla’s own programming set was reading from a script that was generated when Chloe had made their reservation. In that script there were specific parameters set to manually disconnect each and every part without the use of internal software. These commands were written along with a preference for keeping Noire and Neptune online and operational as much as possible.

As Noire’s arm was pulled away from her shoulder, there was still data and power constantly flowing through those systems. Noire watched as her fingers twitched and curled weirdly. The data still trying to call back to the core processors and finding no response simply executed their last interpreted set of signals again and again and then eventually failed. As they did, the power ran out and her hands relaxed into an open palm. The internal power supply inside of Noire’s arm automatically kicked in and took over maintaining the sill running systems on the arm for the time being.

Presently, Noire’s arm had been disconnected from her body, leaving the gleaming chrome disk inside of her shoulder exposed to the open air. The same mounting posts there that Chloe had seen earlier when she had taken Noire apart. Now though, her arm was laid onto an articulated platform. Her own arm was fully on display directly in front of her and she could see Carla’s hands falling to it and prodding it in places she had never seen anyone touch before.

Noire watched in utter amazement, and more than a little erotic fascination. Her arm was palm up, and as Carla finished pressing in along her arm, she saw her own fingers curl into a fist, then stretch out wide, a movement she had neve seen before, especially when her arm was fully disconnected from her body. Once her fingers stopped, there was a faint hiss and her forearm split open and Carla gingerly plucked the two panel pieces from her arm. Carla spun around on her stool, which allowed Noire plenty of time to gawk at her never before seen internal workings.

Everything inside of her was silvery. There were two long thick tubes, glimmering in the fluorescent light above, that ran along either side of her arm. She guessed that those were there to emulate a human ulna and radius. They weren’t curved like a human’s would be, but were straight, and ran the length of her forearm, broken only where a multitude of wires or the occasionally gel pack was affixed to it.

Filling the space between them was a well organized and contained mass of wires. Small packaged bundles were wrapped in black mesh and packed against the two bone-like tubes inside of the arm. Towards the wrist there was a small, almost unnoticed circuit board that was packed with a dense supply of chips and components. It also sported a small patch of flesh that Noire hadn’t noticed when Carla moved away with her arm coverings. Craning her neck just a little she could see that there was a data port at the end of it and some kind of locking mechanism. Curiosity finally consumed her higher A.I. functionality and she used her still attached arm to poke it once. With a small click it released and popped out of her arm, exposing the data port. She couldn;t help but smirk at that, she had never seen the opening before and idly wondered what it was for.

It was about this time that Carla returned with the two panel pieces, now cleaned and practically glowing in the harsh white lights above. Noire saw her eyes dart to the open port and with no noticeable reaction, simply pushed it back into place before gently clipping Noire’s forearm covers back into place and pressing them in until they locked again. All the while Noire kept her eyes glued to the small wrist port, and watched as it disappeared once her arm was reassembled. She could only see it because of the distinct shimmer on her forearm.

Noire hazarded a glance over to Neptune, not because she wanted to see Neptune, but because she was merely curious.

Gina had started with Neptune’s legs. One was fully disconnected at the hip and laying across the same kind of articulated platform in front of Neptune. Both Gina and Neptune were idly chatting away, and Gina would occasionally point at something inside of Neptune’s disconnected leg. Noire saw that not only was the leg itself removed, but at the knee a panel had been removed to reveal the internal workings of Neptune’s kneecap.

“This here is the rotator motor assembly.” Gina was saying in a low, almost hushed whisper. Her programming dictated that she not speak loud enough to disturb any other clients in the room.

“And that’s what makes my leg move there?”

“Yes and no, it assists in some of the finer movements, but it does not move the whole leg. See this piece here?”

Gina was pointing at a large rounded piece, it looked like a concave type of covering, but Neptune could see that there was a larger mechanism below it. Gina dipped her fingers into the opened kneecap and manually disengaged the lock on the cap and pulled it out. The cover brought with it a web of fiber optic cables, all connected to something deeper inside of the leg. It did, however, reveal a larger motor system. Instead of it being a series of smaller motors, it was a pair of large, powerful motors. Each one connected to either side of the knee and wired together through a number of red wires.

“That’s the primary motor control. There are a number of safeguards in place so you don’t do something like extend it in the wrong direction with too much force and snap your leg off, but it is quite powerful.”

Gina reattached the plate covering and then wormed her fingers under the layer of flesh, her delicate fingers prodding another latch inside of Neptune’s leg. Once released, Gina wiggled her fingers free with mechanical precision and placed a hand on Neptune’s thigh, then on her calves and in a smooth movement separated the upper and lower portions of her leg. Neptune again sucked in a small gasp and let her teeth dig into her lower lip as she watched herself being disassembled piece by piece.

In a similar fashion as Carla, Gina spun around to one of the countertops behind her and applied a solution to Neptune’s disconnected thigh, then began the long process of hand wiping the solution off with a cloth, only to spread it all around her thigh. The gel packs inside of it were still slightly jiggling as the cloth moved over the android's partial leg segment. Soon it did seem to shimmer a little in the light, and she repeated the same process with the lower leg and foot segment, paying particular attention to the soles of the foot and between Neptune’s toes. Finally she reconnected the leg segments together with a small ping of metal latches locking into place. Once done, Gina produced a long, thin needle-like tool with a small bulb on the end. She dipped it into very specific spots inside of Neptune’s exposed kneecap and injected small doses of a fluid.

Noire returned her gaze to Carla, she hadn’t even noticed that her second arm had been disconnected and was being polished in a similar fashion. Noire glanced quickly from side to side, seeing only the chrome plated stumps where her arms would connect. She was sometimes amazed at her own construction. Everything was so elegantly put together and every little part served a purpose, yet all of it was so compact and well designed.

So when Carla scooted over to her again, this time carrying the same bulb and applicator tool that Gina had been using on Neptune’s knee, she knew what to expect, and more than that, knew that there was something inside of her shoulders that required the lubricating solution. She could hardly wait to experience exactly how the newly refreshed and more efficient movements would feel. Would it simply require less power to move her arms? Would they just be more smooth and fluid? Perhaps both? Did it matter? Noire was thrilled to be treated as a machine and being taken care of by someone who truly knew what they were doing.

She settled her head back against the headrest and closed her eyes, delighting in the small detectable movements of what remained of her shoulder being subtly moved and adjusted as the fluids were applied. Soon enough, Carla’s hand firmly gripped her shoulder and Noire could feel the mechanisms being manually moved into a new position. She couldn’t wait any more, she had to see what was being done.

A simple screwdriver was inserted deep into the underside of her shoulder, just above the armpit. Carla seemed to be twisting it slowly, with precision, and more by touch rather than sight. She pulled back just a little and readjusted, moving to a new part of Noire’s internal shoulder structure, perfectly pressing into the next screw there. Once again, she twisted and turned it, seemingly by touch alone and then extracted the tool. Once done she took hold of one of the alignment posts in Noire’s exposed shoulder then manually moved around the shoulder. Even Noire could tell that it was moving smoothly, but that didn’t seem to satisfy Carla.

She settled back into a rhythm of inserting the screwdriver, adjusting a few parts inside of Noire’s shoulder, then checking the range of motion on the shoulder, then adjusting, testing, checking, repeating over and over. The process took several minutes, and Noire was enraptured by every moment.

When Noire did manage to tear her optics away from Carla and her work on Noire’s appendages, she looked over towards Neptune. Her compatriot had already had both legs removed, polished, and set aside. Similar to Carla’s technique, Gina was deep inside the openings left in Neptune’s hips. She held a tool in one hand, gingerly adjusting something, and the other poised on Neptune’s thigh, her thumb dangerously close to Neptune’s feminine folds. She was using the same techniques, adjusting and testing, though Gina seemed to also include small squirts of the lubricating fluids as she worked. Noire wondered if that would be the same for her own tune up.

The gentle tingle of her sensor laced flesh alerted her to the fact that Carla had moved up to her head. She felt the touch of her technician on her forehead and felt her head gently being pushed to one side only a moment before a soothing, gentle whisper wafted across the audiorecptors in her ear.

“I’m going to eject your cranial data drive tray now, then start a full system defrag. You’ll have your motor functionality suspended at that time, but your optics will remain unlocked.”

It wasn’t a request. Carla wasn’t waiting for Noire to confirm that this was okay. It was a courtesy to inform Noire that in a moment, she would be completely immobilized by her own software.

Carla had swiveled around and picked up, of all things, a small pin. It could have just as easily been a paperclip, but this one has a finely crafted wooden handle, a thick base for the pin to rest in, and the pin itself was longer than the average sewing needle or paperclip. Carla’s hand came to rest firmly on the side of Noire’s head and held it in place. Her other hand easily lined up the sharp head of the pin and smoothly guided it into Noire’s temple, and then deeper inside of her head. Once there, it made contact with a circuit and completed it, triggering a series of events.

Noire saw more than felt the changes. Her vision filled with a warning that her cranium had been breached and her motor systems were locked as a result. There were a few smaller warnings about missing components and how they were unable to be locked, but Noire figured those were just her arms. Once the warnings were cleared, a new message appeared. ‘Cranial drive bay removed.’

It wasn’t anything to worry about, she had been warned, though she admitted to herself that it would have been a rude surprise had she not known. A moment later there was a request to allow an external system to have access to Noire’s operating system, which she approved. From there, things began to get a little hazy.

Noire felt a kind of warm numbness spreading over her body. It was only a slight tingle at first, but as the moments ticked onward, it intensified to a hot heat in several places. Her chest in particular felt like it was burning. She had no way of asking if this would be normal or not, or if there was any reason for concern. Her eyes swiveled over to look at Neptune, again, and saw that Gina was whispering into Neptune’s ear. Noire could only barely make out some of the words from her place across the room, but she definitely heard ‘warm’ and ‘tingling’ and ‘a little hot’ spoken to Neptune. Perhaps it was normal.

The hot sensations seemed to fold in upon themselves, first intensifying then sliding deep inside of Noire’s chest, withering away to nothingness. It was, to be honest, a relief for Noire. She didn’t like the sensation of it, and even less when it moved towards her belly, then around to her rump and back. The heat seemed to crawl all over her body and leave a searing, lingering scorch mark wherever it went until she could finally feel it slipping up the back of her neck and into her head.

Then, all at once, it was gone. Noire wasn’t sure if it was just because the heat had been such a distraction, taking all of her focus and hogging the entirety of her processing power, but now that it was gone, she felt lighter. Her mind felt clear and like everything slotted nicely into place with little or no muck to wade through to find information. In fact, she realized at that moment that in the past she had been shuffling through a sea of additional data just to find what she needed. Now, it was all right there, right where she expected it to be. Everything was simply in its place and Noire felt less sluggish because of it.

She still wasn’t able to move, and as she watched as Neptune’s ear was pulled out of her head, and the cable plugged into the rack of small solid state cards there she remembered that her own body was still locked. Neptune seized up, her head pointed towards Noire, and a vague smirk frozen on her face. Noire wanted to stick her tongue out at Neptune in that moment, but all she could do was lock eyes with her, looking back at Neptune while Gina defragmented Neptune’s storage media.

Noire was vaguely aware that there was a new process running. Her operating system alerted her to new, confirmed software. It was a refresh of her firmware and many of the slightly outdated software suites she was running. All of them came in as one large package that would take some time to install, and Noire guessed that Neptune would likely be installing the same pieces of software. Noire pulled up a small progress bar in her field of vision, and let it slowly tick away. She was glad for something else to focus on.

She became vaguely aware that Carla was moving around her body, pressing in on her and doing something technical. She saw a rolling cart with a computer on it slide into her peripheral vision and she simply assumed that there was more programming to install. Noire could see Gina, across the room, pulling over a similar cart. There was more than just a computer on it, there was a small mechanism linked into a number of containers on a lower portion of the cart. Noire couldn’t read the label on it, but she safely assumed that these were the premium fluids that they were promised.

Neptune lay relatively still, even as Gina hovered over her. Pressing into the small recessed area between Neptune’s breasts, Gina seemed to summon forth a disk drive, generally reserved for video game disks, it was still a working drive. She inserted a rounded disk and gently pushed the tray back inside of Neptune once it was secured.

Neptune’s systems engaged automatically, taking the software from the disk and checking it for malware, and once it found it clear, began installing it. There were language packs, small updates, and proprietary software patches for her console systems. Each one installed one by one as Gina moved around her. Noire too noticed a small release in her own chest and moments later the same pressure being reapplied. Her operating system kicked into gear and installed the same language packs, but different console updates.

Noire watched as Gina scooted around Neptune, pressing into points all over the chest, along the side of her torso and down across her belly. Once done, Gina worked her fingers into the skin around Neptune’s body and pulled upward, bringing with her Neptunes entire chest and abdomen. One large segment of flesh and plastic.

She could see the underside of Neptune’s torso assembly as well as it was gently settled onto a countertop. The sealed indentation between her breasts and another one, lower, in the abdomen. Neptune’s disc drive for video games, and the one in her belly was for the controller storage. Noire knew she had the same thing inside of her, though the array of circuit boards and tangled wires that crisscrossed the underside of Neptune’s chest and belly would look a little different from Noire’s. In the end though, they were both extraordinarily similar. Just walking, talking consoles.

The sound of a pump whirring to life stole Noire’s attention back, and she realized that Carla had been working inside of her, likely doing the same thing as Gina had been doing inside of Neptune. Then, with a sudden release, Noire was alerted that all of her motor controls had been restored.

She gingerly moved her head back so that she could observe herself a little better. She found that, in addition to her arms being disconnected, that her legs were now also missing. Both of them had been removed and presumably tuned up, oiled, polished, cleaned, and made to feel new again. Her assumptions proved to be correct about her body as well. Her chest and abdomen were indeed missing and a quick glance around the room found her panels sitting comfortably on a cloth on a countertop just behind Carla.

The cart had a computer terminal of some kind on it and a number of small cords, robust cabling, and semi-transparent tubes all emerged from the cart and were connected into her open torso. She had to crane her neck just a little, but she caught glances inside of herself.

She could mostly only see the dim darkness of the shadows that were cast by the overhead lighting, but the wild blinking of status lights across a dozen smaller circuit boards let her know that there was something inside of her. The gleam of the occasional piece of actual metal framework also gave her a sense of scale to her own construction. There were ribbon cables running from one board to another, each one carrying data, instructions, power, and who knew what else.

There were a number of moving parts as well, each one safely contained behind a pane of molded, hardened, clear plastic. She saw that with each breath inward a plunger inside of a sealed tube would gently move downward, and then back up as she exhaled. There were pipes running from that same tube across a heavy black plastic casing, labeled with the manufacturers sticker of her processors. She took another deep breath, watching the plunger slide down the cylinder, then let out the breath slowly, measuring it against the plunger's motion. She realized that she was sucking in air to cool her processors and then breathing it back out.

Noire watched as the pumps on the bottom of the cart pushed fluids into the tubes, and in turn, into her. Each component that had a hose connected to it, had another one, presumably to whisk away the old fluids. She could see liquids pumping into something towards the bottom of her abdomen, a reservoir connected by dozens upon dozens of smaller vinyl tubes to a long, chrome plated device that carried on below the lip of her exposed panel to her…

Her sexual module was discreetly tucked away under a tangled mob of wires and tubes. The reservoir tank that was being flushed at the moment was just off to one side and filling steadily with new, slightly pink tinted liquid. A new flavor of lubricant she guessed and idly wondered if Chloe herself had picked it out. Noire had to guess that there were easily a hundred small tubes flowing from the reservoir and connecting to the sides and bottom of her module in seemingly random locations all along its length.

‘I guess you need all around coverage when something frisky starts’ Noire thought to herself.

As she was refilled, Noire could see Carla reaching inside of her open torso once again, this time near that very same sexual module. She was disconnecting those same vinyl tubes and Noire found that they were connected in batches of ten or so to a single panel. Once all of them were removed, Carla set aside her tools and returned to Noire’s open body. She was unclipping locks along the edges of the module, and soon she pushed firmly against the top of it, and Noire watched as her entire sex, artificial flesh and all, slid out from between her leg stumps.

The whole thing was as long as Noire’s forearm. She recognized the lightly tanned and pink feminine folds of her own sex, but after the thick layer of flesh around that it was all mechanical. A long central mechanism dominated the length of the thing, and was studded with places to connect the vinyl tubing. Wires and cables also entwined its length and connected to a number of smaller circuit boards along the length. The same shining chrome plating was barely visible through the jungle of smaller components.

Carla set it next to Noire’s chest on the countertop and got to work cleaning it. First spraying condensed air along the length of it to clear off any surface level dust and particles. Then she took a long cotton swab and dipped it into, what Noire assumed, was a cleaner and began to meticulously clean off every nook and cranny of the mechanical component.

Carla took an equal amount of care when it came to cleaning the flesh. Wiping it down with a cleaner and leaving Noire’s pink folds shining in the light, but it was not just a surface cleaning. Carla picked up a long tool with tufts of cloth along its length and doused it in a cleaning solution. Once ready, Carla angled Noire’s sex towards herself and gently worked the tool inside of it, twisting, prodigy, wiggling, and working it deep inside of Noire. She watched as the module took more and more of the length of the thing, and was surprised at how very far into her it went.

Then it was pulled out, the cloth replaced with fresh, dry clothes and then reinserted. More twisting and turning, and occasionally Carla would turn it to one side and press along the walls of her cavity, only to drive back in and dry off another angle. Over and over, in and out, drying and cleaning. Noire was fully entranced by it.

Then it was done, and her sexual module was placed down on the countertop next to a small, neatly organized pile of cables. Carla stepped up to Noire and bent forward, whispering softly into Noire’s ear.

“We’re almost done here. Are you ready for your full body bypass?”

It took Noire only a moment to remember what that even was, and when her CPU clicked into place, she nodded slowly, loading up a number of sexual response programs. They had just barely loaded when she felt her technician’s hands on her neck, with delicate but firm fingers pushing into the back of her head. She could feel her eyes rolling upwards in their sockets as her head was unlatched and removed from her neck.

The sight and sensation of her head leaving her body and being gently carried across the room to the counter top was disorienting. Noire’s balance programs struggled a little, but she got a good view of her own body, Neptune’s as well, as she moved. Armless, legless, open body with dozens of cables and wires plugged into her internal workings. Noire had no doubt that she was purely mechanical. Only a machine. Neptune as well, her own head just now being lifted from the supple neck and brought along to her own countertop.

A small spray was heard and Noire found a polishing cloth moving over her face. She closed her eyes as it drew near, but not before she briefly glanced at Neptune whose head was being settled onto some kind of mounted podium. Twisting it slightly from side to side to work the locking mechanisms into place, and once connected Neptune’s eyes sprang open. The pair of robots locked eyes for a moment and Neptune flashed another smile at Noire. It was slight, knowing and appreciative. The wink, however, implied lewd meanings behind it.

Noire’s face was cleaned and then she felt what Neptune must have been feeling as well. Her head was worked onto a new mounting post, wiggled back and forth to ensure full connection and then her eyes were forced open by the software commands inside of the podium. Once there, Noire became aware of just how disconnected she was. She knew her body was out of her range and had no control over it, but being connected to something new simply reinforced that she was, at this moment, only an AI living inside of a head module.

She wasn’t alone for long though. Soon she saw Carla retrieve her sexual module and began connecting a few cables to it, and once done, Noire felt in command of only one thing. She was now only a head, and a sexual assembly, and nothing else. There was no translation software for it to run through, no route through her processors to muddle the signals. Everything she was about to experience would be pure. Raw. Unaltered.

Carla settled onto the stool in front of Noire’s head and grasped the mounting podium and tugged it close to the edge, closer to Carla’s waiting face. Her vaginal assembly came along too.

“Ready to begin?”

It was less of a question and more of a warning to Noire. Carla wanted half a heartbeat and then leaned in, her lips pressing ever so gently against Noire’s. SHe so desperately wished she was connected to her arms so she could tangle her fingers into Carla’s blond hair, hold her head tight against her, and gently move to massage her pert breasts. But none of that was there, she was at the mercy of the technician, though she had growing confidence that she would be more than satisfied with Carla’s actions.

The kiss deepened, and Carla was the first to let out a small squeak of a moan into Noire’s mouth. Noire gladly reciprocated, the sounds burbling up from the speaker assembly in her throat and gently slipping into the space between their mouths. Tongues flitting against one another were the only thing standing in the way of another small moan from Noire. More and more sensual data flooded the CPU inside of Noire’s head.

Then, all at once, there was an explosion of erotic, sexual, craving, needing, clawing desire in her head. Even just the lightest touch of Carla’s fingers against the outer lips of her sexual device was enough to send a cascade of raw sexual data. With her sex tied directly to her CPU there was almost too much raw data. Noire felt herself teetering on the edge of a full blown orgasm at the lightest touch. She stopped the process, but let a long, lewd moan roll off her tongue and into Carla’s mouth. Noire wasn’t sure how much further Carla would go, but she craved more of it.

Neptune’s girlish squeaking cries let Noire know that she too was already engaged in the same acts, though Neptue was begging for more. Noire heard cries of ‘deeper’ and ‘harder’ muddled in with encouragement of Gina getting things exactly right. Noire could only barely focus on that as she felt her own folds being gently parted by Carla’s fingers followed by two fingers slipping inside.

Noire’s eyes fluttered as her eyes rolled up into her head. She couldn’t kiss any more, she let her jaw hang open as a long, husky, deep and smoky dark sound left her throat. The orgasm would have shaken her body to the core, and Noire knew her legs would have been wobbling for long minutes after it. Now though, she had no body to absorb those motions, it was only her processors. The sound continued on and on, and Noire was only vaguely aware that Carla was still pushing deeper inside of her. She felt her fingers passing her clit, and driving deeper inside of her. She felt the technician's delicate mechanical fingers massaging the walls of her pussy, and knew she had to be fully inside of her now.

Noire whispered only a single ‘fuck’ as her systems fluttered down from her first orgasm, and started climbing towards climax once again. Carla’s fingers were dragging out of her sex once again and tickling her clit. Noire was somewhat ready for it this time, and she braced herself for the waves of sensual data that were sure to come, and they did. Smashing into her like a tsunami battering the coastal breakers. She tried to control it, to only let just enough through, but there was no controlling the sheer volume of raw, sexual pleasure.

Noire cried out again, and mewled in sensual satisfaction. She felt another sweeping wave of orgasmic pleasure hit her. Then another. And another. Each one was a little more manageable, but each one was still a struggle to not allow herself to be overwhelmed. Soon, Carla’s fingers were being extracted from Noire, and Carla wiped them off with a cloth. Noire thought, only briefly, that the treatment might be over. She mustered enough processing power to flick her eyes open and observe.

Carla was smiling at her, a sweet, knowing smile. Just beyond her, Noire saw Gina and Neptune. Neptune’s face was rapt with raw pleasure and Gina’s mouth was working furiously on Neptune’s folds. Noire’s eyes widened as Carla disappeared from her field of vision for only a moment, and then returned, holding Noire’s disconnected pussy.

“This is probably my favorite part.” Carla commented, and then her tongue was out and running up the length of Noire’s slit.

Noire cried out once again, but managed to contain another orgasm. Carla wasn’t making it easy though. Her tongue was expertly, no, mechanically driving deep inside of Noire, lapping with all hunger against her clit. There was so much raw data for Noire to take in that she soon stopped trying to resist it and just let the pleasure flow.

Carla let out a long string of soft, low mewling sounds as she worked Noire’s sex into her mouth. She suckled deeply at her folds and let her tongue explore the deepest reaches of Noire’s sex. Time seemed to slip into nothingness as Noire found herself lost in an ocean of pleasure. There were no longer crashing waves of sensual desire and climaxes, there was just one huge, endless sea of rolling climax. Over and over, without ceasing. Some waves of pleasure hit her harder than others, and she delighted in that, while others were soft, subtle, and pulled Noire deep under the waves.

Then, Carla was done. Her programming set came to an end and she pulled Noire’s sex away from her mouth. Setting it down on the counter and dabbing off the lingering juices and artificial saliva from it. Noire was still lost at sea, her processors chugging through a backlog of intense sensation. Carla brought the cloth to her lips and dabbed them clean before looking over at Gina.

Her partner was already reattaching Neptune’s head to her neck, the eyes still fluttering in lustful delight. Noire’s head soon followed, reconnecting to her body and her operating system, offloading some of the work of processing the data. Still, she was fully tied up in desires when Carla began reattaching arms and legs. The chest and abdomen panel were slotted into place just as Noire’s CPU seemed to clear out the last of the raw data.

Noire came to just in time for her to feel the cool mist of cleaning solution dance across her breast. Then hands were on her. Carla’s robotic hands were massaging the cleaning solution into her artificial flesh. Her abdomen was covered in the solution and Carla worked ever upward. Soon, the technician was gently massaging Noire’s breasts. She ran her hands on, over, and around Noire’s pert globes and paid particular attention to ensuring that the artificial nipples were cleaned and covered from every possible angle.

Noire sighed, happy to be reassembled, but longing for more. But she knew all good things came to an end, and so when Carla stepped up next to her, kissed her gently on the cheek and whispered that she hoped Noire had a good time, she knew it was time.

The technician’s left the two robotic companions to redress themselves. After a shared giggle and a bit of blush, both agreed that at some point they would need to figure out how to bypass the whole body like they experienced here, and have Chloe please them in the same way. Once dressed they left the room and moved back to the front desk.

“Your owner is still in her treatment session.” The front desk mentioned to them as they stepped up.

“Lucky her.” Neptune muttered. “Can we go wait in the room with her?”

The receptionist blinked for a moment, and then nodded. “I don’t see why not, just be sure to remain quiet. She is in room three”

Noire and Neptune crept down the hall to the room, and gingerly pushed open the door. They saw another robotic woman in the room, likely Chloe’s therapist, who waved them away, not wanting to be disrupted. It was too late though, Noire and Neptune had peeked into the room and found the most unexpected of sights…

“Sadly we need to have your kind in a separate area as your treatments are vastly different from your companions.”

Chloe nodded along, and watched as Noire and Neptune were taken to their treatment, through a door on the far side of the room.

“This was Miss.”

Chloe followed along, walking through a door into a long hallway. It was well light, unassuming, and not what Chloe had expected. She had been thinking of natural hot springs, soaking pools, and luxurious vistas. This seemed more like a hospital hallway. The receptionist stepped up to a door, and gestured towards it.

“Here you go, your therapist is inside. Enjoy your treatment.”

With that she turned and walked back towards the front desk, leaving Chloe alone in the hall.

She pushed open the door and found herself in a room decorated in muted tones. Natural earthy colors filled the room, as did a number of potted plants, and subdued lighting. There was a chair in the center of the room and Chloe felt like it looked more like a dentist's chair than anything relaxing. Still, she stepped inside and found another woman there, identical to the front desk receptionist and smiling at her.

“Hello, I’m Amanda.” She said quietly with a small bow.

“Uh, Chloe, Hi.” Chloe murmured and bowed slightly as well.

“It’s great to meet you. Can I get you anything before we begin? Perhaps adjust the room temperature or change the music?”

Chloe hadn’t noticed any music before, but in the silence now, she could hear distant flutes and the gentle sound of flowing water. The room itself wasn’t uncomfortable either, so she shook her head and waited, not knowing what to do next, so she let her eyes wander. The perimeter of the room had a number of cabinets and countertops along it, all of them obscured by plants, or used as a surface for cream colored towels and what appeared to be containers of lotion. Chloe gathered that this was likely the massage before the soak and perked up a bit.

“Excellent, then I’ll need you to disrobe completely before we begin.”

Chloe blinked, she needed to be naked for this? That was unconventional. “Completely nude?”

“Yes, don’t worry, you can trust me.”

Something about the way she said you can trust me resonated with Chloe. This was a highly recommended spa after all, and these were only robots. What did she have to fear?


Chloe agreed with no more hesitation and pulled her shirt up and over her head, letting her hair dance around as it tumbled from the garment.

“Where can I-”

“Over here please.” The receptionist gestured towards a small table, and Chloe placed her shirt on it.

Then her bra. Shoes, socks, shorts, and panties.

She was completely nude now, and only felt a little embarrassed as she stood still in front of Amanda. She sucked in a deep breath and waited, feeling the warm heat on her cheeks as she flushed.

“Have a seat please.”

Chloe nodded and moved to the chair, trying to gracefully get into it, but only managed to flop onto it at the last moment. She huffed as she settled into place. The plush fabric felt nice enough, and the chair felt heated. Chloe found herself sinking into it and to a certain degree, already felt relaxed.

‘It is probably better for you if you close your eyes for this process.” Amanda whispered as she pulled a steel rolling cart over and stopped it just behind Chloe’s field of vision.

“Oh, uh, are you sure?”

“You can trust me. You should keep your eyes closed until I tell you otherwise.”

‘She’s the professional here’ Chloe thought, and nodded once, letting her eyes slip closed.

“I am going to touch you now, please remain calm, you can trust me.”

Chloe knew she could trust this woman, or android, whatever she was. But hearing the phrase again was a comfort to her, and when she felt Amanda’s soft hands on her shoulders she felt a jolt of relaxation. She could feel Amanda massaging her shoulder, and pushing deep into CHloe’s skin. She had heard all about deep tissue massages, and how they worked wonders for people, and now she could see why. With only a moment or two of pressure, Chloe felt the weight of her arm disappear. All the tension in her arm from anxiously clenching her fists or fidgeting seemed to melt away in an instant.

It was like her arm wasn’t even there.

With a small shuffling noise, Chloe felt Amanda’s hand on her other shoulder now, pushing in on the same pressure points as before and again, like some kind of miracle, her tension was gone. She felt like she was lighter, care free. She felt like her mind could focus more on other things now that she didn’t feel the tension in her arms. She wanted so badly to open her eyes and simply observe what Amanda was doing, if for no other reason than to try and replicate the technique later when she needed it.

You can trust me. You should keep your eyes closed until I tell you otherwise

Chloe sighed. She would do as she was told. Who knew what might happen if she did open her eyes. Maybe there was some secret technique that they used and the last thing Chloe wanted was to be kicked out of the spa before she had had a chance to really relax.

Her legs were the next thing to receive the treatment. More precise pressure placed along her thighs and then, the tension was gone. The ache in her feet evaporated, like it wasn’t there and never had been. She sighed softly and realized why they needed her to be fully nude. There were spots that would just be too difficult to reach if she were still dressed, and she had to imagine that there was a certain element of feeling rather than a particular spot that went into this massage.

As Amanda moved around Chloe, pressing in on the precise places along her body, Chloe’s eyes steadfastly remained closed. She would never see her arms being disconnected from her body and settled on one of the countertops. Nor her legs being removed and placed on the cart where a number of small mechanical arms would begin to pry off the artificial flesh and automatically tune up the components inside.

Chloe sighed happily as her chest and abdominal panel was removed as well, delighting in the weird weightless feeling it offered. Once removed, Amanda quickly set about plugging in a number of cables and cords to waiting data ports inside of the unknowing Chloe’s torso. Like Neptune and Noire, old fluids were flushed from Chloe’s body and new, premium liquids were pumped into the various systems inside of the robotic girl. As they worked, Amands slipped away and moved up to Chloe’s head.

“Now, you’re probably going to feel a little sleepy here in a moment, you can fall asleep and I’ll keep working on you, you can trust me.”

“Mmhmm..” Chloe muttered.

She felt herself slowly drifting off after that. The world around her became a hazy blur of sounds that all swirled together. She couldn’t feel the chair any more..she couldn’t feel her body any more. She thought she might have heard herself snore once before the world went black.

Amanda waited patiently as Chloe ran through the shutdown routine. Her client would soon be in a sleep mode where her CPU would generate dream-like log files and memories. With one final snort, her client's head tilted to one side, and went limp, but only for a moment. Once the snore happened, Chloe’s head snapped back to the center, her eyes open, her face a neutral mask. She was no longer breathing, or blinking, or operating like a human.

“Eject drive bay for defragmentation.”

Chloe didn’t speak a confirmation, instead she just turned her head and the small ping of her ear being released from the locking mechanisms inside of her head was confirmation enough. Amanda tugged on her ear enough to expose another data port and plugged another cable into it. The computer on the cart automatically began the process of putting her file system in the right order. Taking blocks of data that had been scattered across different sectors of her storage drive and putting them in a more logical order. Consolidating single data chunks onto on drive and moving around data to be more efficient.

The fluid pumps were just finishing the flushing process and the automated tuner dinged as it finished one of Chloe’s legs. Amanda removed the leg and reattached it to Chloe’s hips before loading the next leg in place and tapped the start button for the automated process to begin again.

Amanda disconnected the fluid pumps from inside of Chloe and hung them up on the cart before pulling a thick bundle of cables free from the cart and began plugging the various ends into the internal circuitry inside of Chloe. Once done, the terminal analyzed the software Chloe was running and found it to be wildly out of date. It would take some time to update, but there was no rush.

Time dragged onward, and soon Chloe’s leg was finished and reattached. Next her arm would be worked on. The automated systems peeling back the artificial flesh and fixing the inside of her arm. There was a considerable amount of deterioration inside of Chloe’s arms. Chloe’s anxious ticks had put additional strain on her components and they needed additional care.

Amanda sat patiently by as the firmware patches were applied to Chloe’s systems, all the while Chloe looked blankly forward, never aware of her surroundings. As far as Chloe’s human emulation was concerned, she had drifted off to sleep and was sinking deep into a relaxing massage.

It was about this time that the door to the room gently swung open. Two women stood there, mouths agape as they looked upon their owner. Both arms disconnected, her chest and belly missing and a tangled mess of cables and wires draped over her open torso. Her eyes open wide, but unresponsive. Neptune and Noire saw their owner for what she really was, just another machine like they were.

“You cannot be in here, this is a private session.” Amanda angrily waved at them. “No people allowed.”

“But- She’s our owner..” Neptune managed after a moment.

“You are her companion robots?” Amanda asked, her temper quelling just a little.

“Yes.” Noire answered for both of them.

“I see. I still can’t let you stay in here, but I must also ask that you do not reveal to her that she is also a robot. Her selfware programming is not suited to handle that information at this time.”

“Right, yes, sure, uh, of course.” Neptune stammered and backed away, glancing one last time at the purely robotic form of Chloe.

Neptune and Noire returned to the front waiting room and settled silently into the benches there and waited. Neither one wanted to be the first to speak, and instead they spent the time quietly contemplating the implications of this.

Amanda returned to her work, tuning up and replacing software inside of her client. Nearly thirty minutes passed and in that time she had Chloe’s arms tuned up and replaced before she took out a tool and cleaned inside of Chloe’s sex. Much like Neptune and Noire, she drove the tool deep inside, moving it around to clean all the internal surfaces and then dried them, all while Chloe’s face remained emotionless and unmoving.

Once done though, Amanda disconnected the multitude of wires and cables from inside of Chloe’s torso. Once done, Amanda pressed Chloe’s chest back into place and moved over to the computer terminal. The restart command was simple and took only a moment to type in and send. Once it had confirmed that the message had been sent, Amanda plucked the cable from the chip tray in Chloe’s ear and pushed it back into place until it locked again. Then the restart began.

Chloe’s systems took their time integrating the new firmware and programming updates. She would be a little more confident now, happier, and relaxed. She would still be herself, but she would view this trip to Japan as something of a transformative journey of self discovery, and it would color how she saw the rest of the world going forward.

The restart applied the new settings, and after nearly ten minutes of waiting, Chloe’s eyes slipped closed and her head lolled to one side. She yawned, letting Amanda know that her client was about to come back online, and should be treated as a human rather than a machine.

“Are you feeling better?” Amanda whispered.

“Yeah! A lot better actually.” Chloe said as she stretched her freshly repaired limbs. They worked more efficiently now, and she felt almost dizzy from how much extra processing power she had. Her mind was clearer too, like everything was just in place now, like this was everything she needed to get things in order.

“Well, you are free to remain here as long as you need to redress. You may join your two companions in the waiting room when you are ready. Take your time.”

Chloe nodded and Amanda slipped out of the room. Chloe reclined in the chair for another few moments, simply reveling in how good she felt. She was starting to think this trip to Japan was exactly what she needed.

Rico was waiting with Neptune and Noire in the front room when Chloe arrived. Neptune and Noire exchanged glances with one another before standing to hug Chloe.

“Hey guys! That was great! How’d your thing go?” Chloe was so cheerful now, it was enough to throw Neptune for a loop.

“G-great! Yeah feels good to be nice and tuned up. How, uh, how did your thing go?” Neptune asked, earning her a small glance from Noire.

“Ha, I don’t really know. I fell asleep pretty early in the process, but I feel good now. How about we head back to the hotel and we can see what Rico got us.”

“Yeah!” Rico chimed in.

“Also, girl, you have to try this place out.” Chloe blurted as they left and filed into the waiting cab.

Neptune and Noire were a little more explicit in explaining their treatment and both, in addition to Chloe, highly encouraged Rico to give it a try. She agreed that before they all left, that she too would try it out.

“Wait, before we all leave?” Chloe asked.

“Yep. I’m part of your package. I’ll stay here while you fly home, and once the contract ends I’ll be packed up and shipped to your home address. Don’t worry, I’ll be at the airport to help you pack everything up.”

“Oh, that probably won’t be necessary, I think I know how to take these two apart well enough now.” Chloe chuckled and jabbed a thumb at Noire and Neptune.

Once they returned to the hotel, the trio found that Rico had spent her time laying out all the clothes and accessories that she had purchased. There were cute dresses, all lined up along Kimonos. Frilled shirts and shorts and on the far side of the bed, a selection of lingerie. The sight of the sexy nightwear raised Chloe’s eyebrow and she looked to Noire and Neptune with a mock face of disappointment. They could only smirk and shrug.

Rico bowed once and excused herself so the trio could try on the clothes if they saw fit and promised to check back in tomorrow morning.

Chloe’s face melted into a smirk, and her eyes darted over to the lingerie. She shooed the two girls out of the room and closed the sliding partition before slipping into one of the outfits. There was an abundance of straps and latches, small little patches of sheer fabric and long leggings. All of it did nothing to cover Chloe’s feminine folds, nor her breasts. Her nipples were only barely concealed behind one of the straps. As Chloe slipped it on she idly wondered which one of her two companions had asked for lingerie, but it didn’t matter now.

Chloe opened the slider and leaned against the door jamb. She lifted her leg and pressed the sole of her foot against the jamb, flexing her thigh a little.

Neptune and Noire blinked rapidly as they took in their owner. She looked magnificent and exuded sensual desires. Neptune was thankful she was a robot and had the ability to never grow tired of sex. Noire had been lost in sensual lust for a long time, but a little more with her owner wouldn’t be so terrible.

Both girls slinked forward and Neptune met Chloe’s lips and Noire began to plant a long slow line of pecks along Chloe’s neck, directed towards her chest. Chloe let them work for a few moments, her own lustful desires pouring into Neptune’s mouth. Then she hooked her fingers into the collar of both of their shirts and dragged them into the room. Noire had the forethought to hook her foot in the sliding partition and close it.

Once inside, Chloe tumbled back onto the bed, letting her legs dangle off of the end of the circular bed. Her hair fell in a strange misshapen halo around her head and her arms fell comfortably at her side. Neptune wasted no time at all, she dropped to her knees and settled into place between Chloe’s legs. Her hands immediately on Chloe’s knees and pushed her legs apart, opening a clear path to Chloe’s waiting slit.

Noire took a moment to strip off her shorts and panties before scrambling onto the bed. Once there she swung one leg over Chloe and settled into place over her owner's face. She lowered herself into position, and Chloe’s hands wrapped around the girl's thighs. She practically pulled Noire’s freshly cleaned sex to her mouth. Once there, Chloe let her tongue dance against Noire’s artificial clit. Noire felt the lustful desire rising in her, a slow, steady stream. A far cry from the crashing waves of raw desire she felt earlier. It helped reinforce how much of her body the sensual feelings had to travel and degrade before she could process them.

Chloe was already squirming as Neptune’s own silicone packed tongue drove into the eager waiting slit. Slowly at first, but with a rising speed, she flicked her tongue around the outer edges of Chloe’s snatch and then shoved deep inside of her. Once there she resumed the flicking, probing, swirling motions. Chloe’s legs were quivering with excitement and Chloe herself was moaning as she ate out her robotic friend.

Neptune’s free hand came to rest on her own crotch and wiggled into the waistband of her shorts, only to fail and cause her to rapidly and clumsily unbutton her shorts before trying again. Successful this time, she shoved two fingers into her own folds and worked her clit with relentless movements. She wanted, no, needed the release again. Whatever she had had in the spa was incredible, but there was something about being with Chloe that only amplified the desire. She wanted to tell Chloe that she was a robot, she wanted to eject Chloe’s sex and connected it to Chloe’s disconnected head and give her owner that same unrelenting, raw, sensual desire that she had felt. She wanted Chloe to know those feelings, she wanted Chloe to know she was a machine. She knew deep down in the programmed recesses of her artificial mind that Chloe herself would love it every bit as much as well…but she couldn’t..not without risking damage to the girl she loved.

Chloe's hands were squirming their way into Noire’s shirt now. Working towards the artificial breasts that she knew were contained within. Noire helped her along by reaching down and pulling the shirt off and exposing her freshly cleaned chest to Chloe. It still had a slight sheen to it. Chloe found her way to Noire’s breasts and aggressively fondled them, toying with Noire’s nipples with eager desire. She pinched at them, rolled them between her index finger and thumb, toyed with them and squeezed them. Noire’s chest was Chloe’s playground and how deeply Chloe’s tongue penetrated was reflected by how delighted she was there.

Soon, Chloe was mewling and moaning, sexual release rising inside of her and Neptune knew it. Her owner was only moments away from climax, but that wouldn’t be the end of things. Chloe might not know she was an android and capable of fucking until her battery was depleted, but Neptune knew she had more than one go around in her. Regardless of what limits Chloe’s programming might have instilled. Sure enough as Neptune sank deep inside of her lover's folds, she felt Chloe’s legs wobble and press in against her head as a cry of absolute pleasure rolled out.

Noire and Neptune were coded specifically so that they would execute orgasms at the same time as their lover, so long as there weren’t specific instructions not to. Both let out a long, lewd moan as Neptune felt a small gush against her fingers, and Chloe tasted and drank deeply of Noire’s juices. Both androids extracted themselves from Chloe, and left her panting. Chloe wiped up the juices left by Noire and panted for a few moments before rolling over to mount Noire.

She kissed her lover deeply, letting her tongue glide into Noire’s mouth. Neptune soon joined them on the bed and found her way to the space created between Noire’s legs. Once there she pressed her face into the woman’s waiting folds, encouraging her legs to open wider. Noire didn’t stop the motion and instead let Chloe make out with her. Neptune saw her opportunity as well, Chloe’s slit was just above her and it was little hassle to reach up and insert two fingers into Chloe.

Another moan slipped out of Chloe’s mouth and into the room. The three continued on like this for another hour or two. Repositioning themselves to pleasure another girl. Sometimes Chloe was laying on her back with a tongue or fingers inside of her, while another played with her breasts. Sometimes Chloe was in charge of fingering the two robots she had brought. Sometimes Noire found herself the subject of all pleasure and other times they insisted that Neptune relax and let them pleasure her.

All of it resulted in a long night of pleasure and laughter. One that Chloe hadn’t felt in a long long time.

The rest of the trip was a pure delight. Nights spent rapt in pleasure and sensual desires, days spent wandering Japan and taking in the sights. Even the trip home was more bearable for Chloe. She easily disassembled Noire and Neptune and squirmed a little as she observed their powered down and disassembled forms. She napped on the plane and dreamt of robotic components, the erotic desires she felt when looking ant Noire and Neptune, and sometimes, even imagining herself as a robot and what that might be like…

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