Emergency Repair

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The reception was going great Brooke quickly chats with the bride Stephanie for a second telling her congratulations and how beautiful she looks. As they finish there conversation Brooke gets a shiver down her spine.

“Are you ok?” Stephanie asks

“I’m fine just a random shiver, I’ll let you get to your other guest love you ” she responds and gives Stephanie a hug

Despite what Brooke said her H.U.D told a different story showing her multiple small errors that could become a bigger issue if she didn’t get them handled soon.

Jordan was taking with a group at the other end of the reception. His watch pings he checks it sets his drink down and excuses himself from the group.

“Be right back guys” he says

He walks out of the main room of the reception where he sees Brooke is girlfriend if 3 years standing off on her own looking deep in thought. He puts his arm around her waist and hugs her looking as natural as possible and he leans in to kiss her on the cheek.

“Is everything ok? I got a warning on my watch” he says quietly

“I don’t know to be honest all of a sudden warnings started going off about minor system failures” she answers

He kisses her forehead trying to play up inebriated overly lovey wedding date.

“Lets go get some fresh air” he says guiding her toward the parking lot. Partially playing off a more loving persona but also not knowing what systems are currently failing inside his girlfriend.

“Run a diagnostic on your system to check for ....”

“I already am what do you think this is my first malfunction” she says a bit snappy at him

Jordan is a bit taken back she rarely snaps at him. Sure she is just a robot but her A.I is advanced enough where he treats her as almost a human. While he did purchase her he had given her latitude with how she presents herself, dresses herself, does her hair, she had a few tattoos that she wanted and he got printed onto her synthetic skin. It’s not to say he doesn’t do some fiddling with he reprogramming from time to time for his own fun, but for the most part she is treated like a human girlfriend much to the disbelief of the very few that know her true nature. Which is the reason for the secrecy no guest at the wedding are aware that Brooke is an android so they need to be careful and get her fixed if possible or leave the right away away get her home and shut down.

Brooke for her part was running her diagnostic as she walks with Jordan to his truck to try to sort out what’s going on. However another issue was coming to light, her A.I. while mainly views herself as near human does get turned on by her true nature now this isn’t that big of an issue usually when she performing any self maintenance or fixing any minor issues she is in the privacy of her own home. She is becoming increasingly horny as she registers these errors and tries to diagnose them. She knows it’s only going to get worse as they try to repair her if she says in this state.

They reach the truck in the back of the lot and he opens the diver door for her and she sits up in the seat as he grabs a small box from the back seat and opens it up. In the box is some fuses, cheaper electronic components that are cheap keep on and and tend to wear out, a skin patch kit.

He goes over to Brooke to check on her

“Ok babe what th..”

He cut off by her leaning forward and placing a big deep kiss on him placing her arms around him and holding him tight.

“Diagnostic scan complete” she says as she lets him breath while she moves on to bitting his neck.

“What’s ... whats the issues reported” Jordan says trying to keep on task as he girlfriend tries to get him turned on. He sides and hand up the slit of her dress bunching it up a bit. When he had her built he opted for a more slender athletic chassis, Brooke stood at 5’5” with B cup breast, green eyes, full lips framed by long dark hair and a nice little butt. The non exaggerated features besides adding to her realism were also a nice departure for the women he had chased in high school and his college years. So much that it raised eyebrows to the people who knew him when he started bringing her around.

Brooke blinks her eyes rapidly clearing out her sexual programming cache as she comes back to the reality of their situation. Jordan comes back to earth as well sliding his hand out from under her dress.

“Ok what’s the deal” he asks trying to ignore his own urges

“4 number 7SW fusses are blown out, a XJ22 Regulator chip is running critical and abdominal power sub regulator is blow out” Brooke tells him mater of factly

“Ok that’s all relatively minor stuff we sound be able to patch this up and finish she the night” he says as he looks through his parts he had on hand

“Sweetie I think it would be best to put me in standby mode while you fix me up. These malfunctions have cause a spike in arousal data” she says as she cups her breast

“No can do we are out in public I may need you to react fast and cover yourself up if need be. No offense but you aren’t setting any speed records in maintenance mode” he responds

She leans forward and grabs his crotch “‘mmm I don’t think that’s a great idea babe you are looking delicious all dressed up and that cologne is to die for” she says as she nibbles his ear

Her head pops up and she blinks rapidly cleaning her cache again “ you need to work quick” she says in a serious tone a stark departure form her playful seductive tone from a second ago

He pulls her in and unzips the back of her dress. He begins to slide off the tight form fitting black dress. She gets it off her shoulders exposing her black lace bra that matches her panties he had just minutes ago had his hands on.

“Did you have to wear something so form fitting” he complains

“Hey I wear functional clothing all the time, give me just once to dress like a real girl not your fuck toy and not have to worry about access points” she responds

“Yes yours is a heavy burden”

“Aww did I hurt my humans little feelings” she says in a playful sadish tone

He laughs pulling the dress down to her waist and he about to lean her back when he hears voices heading their way

“Ah shit! Turn the light off and cover up as best you can” he says as he closed the door on her

He looks over and sees a man and a woman walking their direction he recognizes them as Tim and Melissa while he knows them a bit it’s mainly through other people.

“Hey Jordan what are you doing out here?” Tim says

“Oh just stepped away to grab a smoke” Jordan resounds pulling out a cigarette and lighter while not a smoker he learned quick in life it’s a good excuse to get away from people

Melissa looks past Jordan and sees a figure in the truck “what’s Brooke doing?”

“She uh is fixing her dress she had a issue” he says less than convincingly “what are you two doing, headed home already?” He tries to deflect into them

“We only have the babysitter till 10 so have to head out” Melissa responds

Tim gives Jordan a smirk “you dirty dog you came out here for a quickie didn’t you” he laughs as Melissa hits her husband

Jordan thinks fuck it lean into it “yeah you got us, we were being a little naughty” he lies

“Nice!” Tim gently hits Jordan in the shoulder

Melissa shakes her head “you men always thinning with your penises, anyways I may not approve but you two should defiantly have kids you are super cute together” she says as she walks her husband over to their car and head off.

“Thank you, it’s definitely something I look forward to hopefully soon” he says as they leave

Once they are out of sight Jordan opens up the door. Brooke leans towards him and plants a big kiss on him.

“Yeah babe lets make a baby, baby baby “she coos at him when she breaks off the kiss repeating herself as her system becomes taxed by all the excess data.

He notices her dress is bit completely bunched around her waist she had clearly been playing with herself in the short time she closed the door on her.

“Brooklyn clear all sexual data in cache, and free up some memory, your processors are overloading” Jordan says to her sternly

Brooke sits straight up and blinks rapidly “Data has been cleared” she said monotone voice then goes back into her normal programming “

“I’m sorry I couldn’t control myself sweetie” she explains

He doesn’t respond as he gently pushes her back down against the center counsel of his truck an presses her belly button and opens up her abdominal panel. The 24”x10” section of flesh swings open and Jordan begins pulling out the burnt fuses and and other failing components. Brooke traces the skin around the edge of her open with the hand that isn’t blocked by her open panel.

“Mmmm I love when you open my up and work on my hardware so sexy so manly” she coos at him “mmm I’m going to rock your world later babe” she continues

Jordan doesn’t day much as he’s trying to find the replacement parts for his girlfriend.

Brooke doesn’t read this as he is just busy her A.I. goes into overdrive reading into his reaction. She looks inside her open cavity and she comes to a realization.

“Oh no you are going to get rid of me!?!” She says and jumps up a bit

“Relax Brooke” he says

Jordan pulls his tweezers away not wanting to damage Brooke, he puts a hand on her chest and holds her down to keep from breaking anything.

“Brooklyn calm down!” He says in a forceful tone. A low key command program he had installed in her for when he needs to override parts of her A.I. in public. She relaxes back to her position waiting for him to complete the repairs on her. As realistic as she is built and as advanced as her A.I . is at the end of the day she is just a machine who is at his command. He may look like he’s being a dick to his girlfriend to everyone else but it’s better than outing her as a robot.

“I’m sorry” she says looking away she can’t fight her shame even though she knows it’s irrational to feel like he’s going to get rid of her even if he was it’s with in his right to get rid of an appliance he no longer needs.

He replaces the first few fuses that had burned out, status lights inside Brooke change from yellow to green as regular current is restored to all components.

“So what was that all about, it’s very out of character for you?” He says with a hint of concern worrying her personality matrix is degrading or someone.

“I’m sorry” she says again quietly, it’s rare but in her own internal thoughts she always wonders why Jordan keeps her with such a high functioning A.I. he could easily just have her programmed to be a maid he fucks and she would be completely fine with that and not just because she would be programmed to be. He could have a human girlfriend who could love him not because it’s not apart of her base programming and give him what she can’t a child, she’s just a play thing he could never really care for. She feels a tapping on her forehead.

“Hello earth to Brooke, dammit did your system lock up” he says looking in her at the status screen.

“No, no I’m running just fine I’m sorry” she says apologetically

“Look not that I’m not thrilled your laying still and not trying to fuck me while I try to fix you overly apologetic Brooke is just as worry some. You are clearly pre occupied with something what it is.” He asks as he looses the clamp on her inverter to get to the problem regulator.

“It’s ... just look at me how could you want this” she blurts out

“I’m not following you are beautiful ... inside and out” he says tapping his screwdriver in a metal brace inside of her.

“Yeah but I’m not real, you had to take time away from a party to fix your toy. If you had a real girl you would be in there actually enjoying yourself not fixing your fuck doll” she explains

Jordan rubs his forehead not wanted to deal with this right now he could just have he file this and come back to it later but he had never been a fan of being that way with her.

“You know I love you” he starts before being cut off

“Don’t say that you know I can’t love you back it’s just a phrase I’m programmed to say to you at times” she says eyes slightly watery

He reaches up and wipes the tears from the eyes “you don’t want to mess up your makeup my dear” he says calmly

“Ok you know I care for you, I don’t know what had brought this up, maybe it s the malfunction or you have been thinking of s lot of different scenarios, but I have no plans on getting rid of you” he assures her

“But I heard you say you are looking forward to having a kid, and I don’t know if you have noticed but there isn’t exactly a baby maker in me” she gestures inside of her

Jordan begins to chuckle as he inserts the new regulator and tightens up her inverter

“Babe what do you want me to tell people, no one takes no as an answer and always follow up with questions. Yeah maybe I do want kids some day, but that would involve you either we adopt or we have a robot kid those are becoming more popular. I have no intention of being with anyone other than you my dear” he puts her hand up to his lips and kisses it

“You are super cheesy you know that” she says

“Did .. did you do a personality reboot while I was talking?” He says confused

“No I swear, that was great it actually makes me feel better” she says looking down at herself. “I mean as good as a undress exposed robot can feel right now, so how about you hurry up there with this repair and I can thank you.” She smirks

He closes her stomach up and pulls her up to a sitting position “

“ B990 do a system restart and scan” he says directly

Brooke straightens up and stares straight ahead unblinking for 60 seconds. She blinks a few times and announces “Eastech Model 990 series 24H version 2.99. After another 60 seconds she blinks again and says in a monotone voice all systems read normal, regulator chip XJ22 reporting minor errors, this will log for further review”

She blinks a few more times then her personality comes back online she smiles and gives Jordan a little kiss on the lips

“your all done except for the regulator chip which I don’t have, but it isn’t too big of a concern you may just need to do less while dancing for the rest of the night”

“Hmph where is the fun in that” she protest playfully as she slides off the seat and slides the bottom of her dress down and put the shoulder straps back and turns around for Jordan to zip her up

“I’d say make sure you zip me up, but to be honest you having your way with me right now would be very hot” she says over here sounder

He laughed and zips her up and giver her a slap on the butt

“Ohh” she responds

He closes up his truck and hooks her arm in his “don’t worry after all your teasing and needing to be fixed tonight, when we get back to the hotel I’m going to treat you the way you deserve” he winks at her

She giggles as she is already anticipating there late night plans

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