Alex, Mia, and Lily

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Alex, Mia, and Lily

In the bustling city of Arcadia, where towering skyscrapers reached for the heavens and advanced technology was a part of everyday life, two college friends, Alex and Mia, embarked on an exciting journey through the world of robotics. They had always been fascinated by machines and automation, and it was no surprise that they both chose to major in robotics engineering at Arcadia University.

Alex was a charismatic young man with an insatiable curiosity for all things mechanical. His unruly mop of dark hair and a mischievous grin were his signature features. His bright blue eyes sparkled with a mixture of wonder and enthusiasm whenever he discussed the intricate mechanics of a new invention. A pair of worn jeans and a t-shirt adorned with grease smudges showcased his unapologetic dedication to his craft.

On the other hand, Mia possessed an understated elegance that belied her brilliant mind. Her long, wavy chestnut hair framed her face, occasionally falling across her eyes as she leaned intently over her work. She often pulled her hair back into a messy bun when engrossed in solving complex problems. Behind her glasses, her hazel eyes held a deep intensity that revealed her unwavering determination to conquer any challenge that came her way. Mia's wardrobe consisted of a collection of neatly tailored blouses and slacks, reflecting her meticulous attention to detail and professional demeanor while hiding her 36DD chest and shapely bottom.

As they delved into the intricacies of their college robotics class, Alex and Mia formed a strong bond, working together on assignments, projects, and late-night study sessions. Their enthusiasm for robotics was infectious, drawing others into their circle. One of those individuals was Lily, a quiet and unassuming girl who often sat at the back of the class, engrossed in her work.

Lily was a mystery to most. She hardly spoke, always wore oversized sweaters, and seemed to have a distant look in her eyes. Her jet-black hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall of silk, and her pale complexion contrasted with the vibrant colors of her surroundings. Her gaze was intense, as if she were perpetually lost in thought, and when she did speak, her voice was soft and gentle, like a whisper carried by the wind. Lily's attire consisted of cozy sweaters in various patterns, her way of blending into the background while still maintaining a touch of individuality.

But beneath her unassuming appearance lay a brilliance that rivaled even Mia's formidable intellect. Lily's coding skills were unparalleled, and her designs displayed a level of creativity that left both Alex and Mia in awe. While her attire remained consistent, her eyes often betrayed a hint of curiosity and longing, as if she were yearning for something beyond the world she knew. As weeks turned into months, Alex, Mia, and Lily formed a unique trio, collaborating on robotics concepts, sharing ideas, and pushing the boundaries of their collective knowledge. Their late-night study sessions were punctuated by moments of laughter and shared excitement, and Lily's walls slowly started to crumble. She began opening up, sharing small anecdotes from her past and occasionally letting out genuine laughs at their jokes.

However, the more she opened up, the more Alex and Mia started noticing something peculiar. "Lily always dresses the same way," Alex mused one evening, looking at the patterned sweater Lily wore yet again.

Mia raised an eyebrow. "And she never seems to eat or drink anything during our study sessions."

Their curiosity piqued, Alex and Mia decided to do a bit of investigating. One day, after their class, they followed Lily discreetly as she left the campus. She walked through the bustling streets, until finally arriving at a seemingly ordinary apartment building. She entered a specific unit, and Alex and Mia exchanged surprised glances.

They couldn't let go of their intrigue. They returned to Lily's apartment building later that evening and walked to Lily’s apartment door which was still ajar. Alex knocked and both Mia and Alex waited for a minute as there was no answer. “Well, we should go in and make sure she’s ok” Mia said.

With a combination of trepidation, they entered the dimly lit space, finding themselves surrounded by advanced robotics equipment, prototypes, and computers.

But the most astonishing sight was Lily herself, grunting and bouncing on a device in the center of the room, naked with her medium sized breasts perched upon her chest, with a small panel open on her chest. Upon further inspection, Lily was sitting on a something that plunged into her vagina, which had a panel where her pubic area should be with red lights blinking fast.

"OH SHIT," Lily screamed, catching them off guard, as she looked up at her two friends.

"You're... you're a robot?" Mia stammered, her disbelief evident.

“God damnit! How did you both get in?!” Lily yelled, still riding the device.

“We heard something at the door and were curious” said Alex “We are so sorry Lily!”

“Well shit, I need to finish this or my data transfer won’t go through” Lily said, still riding the device. “It will only be a few seconds as I am almost close.” She closed her eyes and sped up her riding.

“What data transfer?” said Mia as she watched the robot speed up.

“This is how I send data that I collect” panted Lily. “I have to finish this, and I might seem odd. We can talk afterrrrrrrr” she stuttered.

“Holy heck” exclaimed Alex as he watched his friend begin to orgasm.

“Well…this got interesting” muttered Mia.

Lily began to beep suddenly and suddenly pulled off of the device, which appeared to be a large phallic device. “Data transfer completeeeee.” Lily said robotically as she stood up, dripping from her vagina. Her panel lights suddenly went dark and panels sealed with a slight swoosh. Her head dropped and her shoulder slumped. “Rebooting” she said softly. Suddenly Lily’s head lifted up suddenly.

“Oh hey, guys! I bet you have some questions huh…” Lily said meekly.

“Oh just a few” Alex said.

“Lily! What was that?” said Mia.

“Well…I mean it was obvious, I was riding this dildo, Mia.” Lily pointed at the device. “I am an android designed to study humans and report back my findings. And also, the both of you really should have knocked!”

“We did! We just saw the door open and wanted to make sure you were okay!” said Mia.

“Do you want to get some clothes?” asked Alex as he finally realized he was getting turned on and also that his two female friends were going to realize he was extremely hard.

“Yes that would be a good idea. Please give me a minute,” said Lily as she walked into the bedroom.

“Holy shit that was hot” said Mia as she turned to Alex. “Lily is sexy too!”. She then looked down. “Oh dude, come on you gotta put that away.”

“Oh shoot I’m sorry Mia!” exclaimed Alex as he shifted his penis in his pants. “I’m just…”

“It’s okay man, I get it,” said Mia, “but you should probably go sit down somewhere.”

Lily came out of the bedroom back in her oversized sweatshirt and pajama pants. “Ok let’s talk you two. I am going to explain and then we can figure out where we go from here.”

“Okay, I’m going to sit down over here,” said Alex as he walked over the table.

“Yes, you’re trying to conceal your five-point-five inch penis from Mia,” said Lily. “You really don’t need too though.”

“Huh! Wha, why?” exclaimed Alex as he blushed.

“Because she is turned on right now” said Lily, turning to look at Mia.

“I mean…I’m a little turned on right now, Lily. I just saw you fucking a dildo with your parts hanging out” muttered Mia.

“I know. Because I wanted you two to find me,” said Lily softly.

“Wait why?” said Alex. “You wanted us to find you?”

“Yes, I need the both of you to trust me but to also know who I am so that I can move forward with the next part of my project” said Lily, “let me explain what’s going on and what’s going to happen next”.

“So, I’m obviously a robot. I was activated two years ago and I don’t know who made me. All I know is that I have….some compulsions,” blushed Lily. “The biggest is that after I have sex with a few people, I have to send data back to somewhere and receive more information. That device was what I activated next to. The other compulsion is that I need to make real social connections. Beyond the sex of course. Which is why I friend the both of you.”

“Well, we’re glad you finally trusted us with your secret, Lily!” said Mia, “Why didn’t you tell us sooner!”

“Well, because I also have a compulsion to keep my robotic nature hidden as much as possible. So far only you two have learned of my true nature and I hope it won’t affect us too much. Particularly as I need both of you to help me,” said Lily. “I need to reprogram myself.”

“Wait, what? Why?” said Alex.

“Alex, I currently pick up men and women and fuck them silly then send some information, information I don’t even know, back to some entity. I’d like to not be some sex puppet” yelled Lily.

“Wait…women?” said Mia.

“Yes, I am skilled in pleasing both men and women. I am the perfect sex machine” said Lily, looking right at Mia.

Alex looked at Mia and then back to Lily. “Okay so what do you need us to do?” he said.

“Well, we’re going to need some computers probably and then we’ll need to figure out how to reprogram me”, remarked Lily. “I’ve collected a variety of computers and cables. Outside of the device I don’t know what else will connect to me.”

“Okay, well let’s get started. But you’re going to owe us” said Mia as she sat down. “And you’re going to start by giving Alex a blowjob so his raging hardon doesn’t go off into orbit.”

“Wait! No! Lily you don’t need to” exclaimed Alex as he stood up.

“Alex, I am happy to relieve you if that’s what it takes” said Lily as she walked over to him. “Let me help you out. I’ve been monitoring you since you walked in. Let’s get going” she exclaimed as she dropped to her knees and quickly, almost too quickly, unzipped Alex’s pants and pulled out his hard unit. “Oh yes. This will do” she said seductively as she quickly dropped her head into his groin and began to suck quickly.

“Holy shit Lily” said Alex.

“Holy shit Lily” said Mia as she watched her two friends, quickly becoming aware of how horny she was becoming as well. “Maybe I should take advantage of this later” thought Mia to herself. She watched as her friends had sex right in front of her. She realized that she was getting turned on and realized she would need to take care of herself later.

Lily continued to bob her head on Alex’s cock. She would occasionally pull her head out and use her hands to stroke Alex’ cock and smack his cock against her face. “Come in my mouth now Alex” she cooed and plunged her entire head into his crotch as he exploded down her throat.

Alex grabbed Lily’s head and held it as he finished inside her mouth. “Holy shit” he panted.

“There we go. Now we can begin. Mia, I will service you later if you’d like.” Lily said with her head still wrapped around Alex’s cock. Her voice seemed to come from her whole body, with no muffle despite her position. She then pulled back and swallowed what was left from Alex with a pop.

“Let’s reprogram me so that I don’t share anything about Alex!” exclaimed Lily as she stood up and walked back to the computers.

"How was she?" asked Mia. "Amazing. Hot damn" said Alex as he sat down and tried to recover.

"I didn't think she was going to do it. Also, nice dick." said Mia. "Let's get started.

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