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Soldiering On

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“You’re looking good Claire.” He dryly quipped. Claire’s head swiveled in his direction, jittering and stuttering as it moved.

“Negative. This unit is damaged beyond usefulness.” She said in a monotone voice, having wiped out any inflection from it to conserve functionality and CPU cycles.

“It’s a joke, know what nevermind.”

“You will remove the data from thi-this unit and return it to command.” Claire intoned, seemingly unphased.

“Sure thing Claire, what do I need to do?” The new arrival said, understanding the seriousness of the situation.

“You are not an android. You will need to remove my physical storage media.” Claire said and turned her head towards the soldier. “Place your fingers under my. Under my. My. under my jaw line and press inward.”

Claire could feel the slight shaking in his hands as his finger fumbled for the release points somewhere along her jawline. It didn’t help that she stared blankly ahead, simply waiting for him to complete the given task. His left hand managed to caress the left hand side of her jaw and found the small bump he knew was there, but was suddenly interrupted by a fresh volley of weapon fire.

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