Man Made Relationship

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Man Made Relationship

Chapter 1

I ponder for a moment on what ingredients I need to make her meal. It is by no means strenuous. Like a human’s muscle memory, I did this same routine dozens, if not hundreds of times in my databanks, but those same databanks also housed several logs and past records from last week, suggesting that my overall memory might be limited. Did this unit’s owner purchase the required baby formula when he arrived back 17 hours ago, or has he forgotten about it? If so, was there enough baby food from last month left to be used? If not, what other food can be used instead? I would have assessed the situation further, rechecking my memory if there is any specific information that would lead to the owner buying the necessary food, but my audio sensors alert me back to the real world. My audio receptors detect the soft whines and cries nearby. Spinning around, I face the source of the detected sounds. Soon my optic sensors would immediately find where the sound was coming from. The child became sporadic and growing unrest shows it is requiring attention, in which it dutifully provides.

“There there, I’m here. I am here, little one. Mommy’s just logging into her databanks to see if Dad bought the baby milk and other food for this month.”

I bent down, my posture lowered for me to face the infant; it was crucial that I am to take care of this one’s needs. I cycle through the many possible facial responses I could gather. The child is most likely wanting to have me reciprocate her wants, needing attention and possibly food intake. At that moment, I picked the appropriate facial cue and responded accordingly. I smiled, caressing my digits across the child’s warm cheek right after. The warm sensation was received through my processors as the digits dragged across the baby’s cheek. The smile seems to pacify her for now, which is good. Her growing whining seems to have been staved off for a while as well. Her calm demeanor, my happy expression; While this was occurring, I wondered for a moment if such actions were genuine. Was my reciprocated affection simply an adherence to my Master’s child’s needs? A simple programmed task for me to follow? Or were they feats of affection that I may be capable of, and not done solely because I was ordered to? This thought seemed unnecessary at the moment, me taking care of this child is important, rather than pondering the complexity of my simple domestic programming. My pondering was quickly stopped once more as the child began to cry, her weeping now in full effect, in which I quickly reciprocated and acted on accordingly.

“Oh! Oh shoot! Sorry, Okay yea-yes, I’ll give you your milk and your carrot formula!” I squandered, opening the cupboard and quickly grabbing the baby formula, apologizing for wasting her time; questioning such data and questions were not necessary for an android like me. I quickly did my job and began putting the baby powder in the milk bottle, now focused on the mission. “Don’t worry, Master’s wife is here.”

5 minutes and 20 seconds is the projected time for the Master's child to fall asleep; 5 minutes for her to gradually doze off. I used the appropriate humming techniques found in my memory to try and attempt and make her sleep. It is now 10 minutes of failed attempts, cycling all the known humming and singing. None so far seem to work.

“Maybe she is hungry?” A voice came from behind me, my peripheral view restricting me to see who it is, both physically and given the current task I have been employed to do, ensuring that I am not to take my sight off of the baby.

“I have made pureed carrots in the pot and have given her at least 400 milliliters worth prior to that. I am not sure that is the case,” I said, followed by crying, her small hands started squirm out of my grip, slightly increasing my arm’s pneumatic actuators to keep her in place and avoid slipping the child out of it. I send information to not provide any more pressure to my actuators as to not discomfort or hurt the child in any way.

“400 milliliters? What’s that, like, one can of soda’s worth?” He said in a quizzical tone, as determined by the shift of vocal tones in his voice.

“I… I am not sure dear. What I gave her was almost an entire bowl full of it and fed her then by spoon. I only mentioned the measurement as it is most likely what the volume of the bowl is,” I said frankly. I would have explained more in detail why I made that choice, but I am certain that my Master would not really care so much with the more in-depth explanation of knowing what is the full volume of the bowl, much less understand it completely, as I would concur in my assessment.

“Really? Well then, that’s probably not the answer. Here Makyin, let me try.” I quickly see Master coming into view, stepping in front of me as I held his child close, attempting to rock her to sleep. He reached out with his hands, a clear gesture for me to relinquish the hold to him. I looked up at him for a moment. His stature only goes beyond mine by a bit, almost 3.2 inches from the last bio-scan I conducted on him. He looked at me, my facial recognition gave a brief scan of his face, cross referencing that of known facial expressions in my memory. It seems he is expressing worry and curiosity. I look down at the child. She was still crying. Although I was ordered to make his child go to sleep minutes ago, it was clear I failed in that mission.

He held the baby close, singing a lullaby to stop her constant crying. “Go to sleep, little Arphi~,” he said constantly, shifting his tone in a harmonic way that was identical to that of the preset lullabies that I have sung before. His cradling is practically the same thing I had done, but with a few minor deviances in them. I would have attempted to say that his methods would not work, but I simply stepped back, sat down, and watched silently as Master moved around the living space, rocking the baby back and forth, humming his melodies at her, all the while smiling at him.

I observed for a moment and did a brief overall scan of the Master head to toe. His overall appearance is average to that of a normal human, last measured to be 5 feet, 8 inches. His weight though, from what I can gather just by scanning and comparing previous body mass records from before and today does suggest a decrease from weight, likely a lack of food intake due to time restrictions at his job. This would make sense as his attire would suggest so: his white button down shirt is ruffled, untucked, and a few buttons were unfastened on the collar, likely due to irritation. His expression seemed fine, despite his posture and appearance; his hair was still a slick back style, though closer analysis shows some hair strands broke out. His sharp and mostly fair complexion was still fixed to the same calm and cheery expression as before. His look was mostly the same, even when he came back from work. Once I concluded my observation and analysis of his entire appearance, I compiled a few notes and prompts to be brought up to him after this. However, this is to be placed in queue in my log systems as he is currently busy caring for the child.

The following event did not surprise me, although logically my Matrix and a few algorithmic processors would likely say otherwise. Arpheus, or Arphi for short, slowly softened her cries and soon just looked at Master, her dewy eyes stared back at him, and a smile formed on his face in response. He stepped forth and then took a seat beside me, his child in hand.

“Perfect as always Master,” I say, moving a bit out for Master to sit more comfortably. I looked at the calm baby closely before looking up to Master.

“Hmm~ Must be natural at this,” He said in a humorous remark. My social protocols call for a similar retort to humor him to show similar affection.

“Yeah, it took me 5 lullaby songs with no success, but you did so easily with your amazing singing.” I let out a small chuckle.

“Well, my mom did say I sing like an angel.” He smirked, followed by a low grunt, shifting his body in between the cushion chair and mine. My processor quickly noted that he may be uncomfortable in his sitting position between me and the chair.

“Oh sorry, let me just adjust a bit,” I said, moving myself and relinquishing my position on the cushion, giving it for Master to sit more comfortably. The issue quickly arose when my left hip was now pressed against the armchair, unable to move out more to give space to Master, in which he still did not seem to have a good sitting position. This became a problem as the living space only had one chair; the rest were at the counter, in the kitchen area. Quickly, my processors acted and followed with a solution.

“The chair is too small for us to sit together. Here, you sit there while I-” I slide out and attempt to sit kneeling on the floor. The attempt was cut short when an arm quickly wrapped around my gut.

“No, where you sit on the ground like before? The floor is probably dusty; sit with me, on the armchair.”

“Master, you and Arphi should sit comfortably; I don't mind sitting down here. Plus, I cleaned the floor 4 hours ago.”

“No, sit back on the couch,” he said, with irritation vocalized in his voice, as well as projected on his face.

“Master, The armchair might break if I sit on it,” I retorted back.

“Then I’ll scoot over and we both squeeze together here.”

“Master, that's silly, we’ll squeeze Arphi in between.”

“I’d rather have you sit down like a dog then?”

“Hmm… maybe I like being seen like that~” The response opened a few dialogue lines that may sway in my favor. The likeness is low, but testing it might yield results.

“Makyin, no, not in front of the baby.”

“Hmph. Hmm… but how do we resolve this? I do not wish for both of us to sit in such precarious positions. With my processing units, I can conclude that the best solution may be that I-” I was cut short immediately by Master’s pull,bringing me back up to the seat.

“M-Master! Agh- Gene! This is stupid!” I snapped back, opening new emotional files in my social protocols, expressing that of irritation and annoyance. Master responded with a grunt and a chuckle.

“You’re the stupid one, you bot. Here, hold her for a moment.” Carefully, he gave Arpheus to me as readjusts his place. His hands then slipped down below my hips and unto my thighs. This alerted several programs and inactive protocols within my system that were now primed to be activated, especially that of a sexual goal. His arm wrapped around my thighs, lifting me up with his other arm pressed on my back. He then grunted for a moment as he lifted my entire frame with the child in my arms and onto his lap, exhausting a final breath as he settled me down, as the warm air hit my neck, my dermal sensors underneath my synthetic skin felt the spike on it. The process was quick, and something neither my processors nor my quick algorithmic solving abilities could have accounted for. The solution would have been made, but it was thought unlikely to be pursued. I would have to give Master praise justly for this.

“Oh, y’know what, this isn't a bad idea hun~” I smiled at this, the negative emotional responses that I would have shown were now dropped from my log systems.

“Y-Yeah… Oof, wow, you're a bit heavy. Did you gain weight?” He heaved a sigh as he slouched back on the couch. I am unsure if I should respond with a laugh or a facial response of a “eye roll;” the phrase I analyzed is a joke. However, given the context and a slight use of my higher algorithmic social programming, it was a crude joke. I ultimately decided to respond with the latter, adding with a scoff.

The overt moving between bodies however caused the child to start to whine and to softly cry. Something me and Master noticed. I quickly rocked her and shook her gently to calm her down, with Master leant in and hushed her, planting a finger on her lips. She kept crying for a bit before she focused her gaze at me and then at Master’s finger, holding his index finger with both her hands. She pulled at it for a bit and looked at me with a curious look. I smiled back, tilting my head at it. Gene chuckled at this.

“We should take her to her crib, our rambling is upsetting her.” He responded, something I would concur. However…

“Yeah, but can it wait? I want to hold her for a bit.” I leant close to her, Master pulled his finger away, gave a side glance to the adjacent figure who held his beloved daughter. She looked at me, expressing that peculiarity, as if it was her first time seeing me. I continue to smile. Upon close inspection, her face is more fair and tan than that of mine or Gene’s. She looked at me oddly before reaching out and squeezing my right cheek. She pinched it outward as hard as she could, in which I squinted back at her. She seemed to like this, as she began to laugh, pinching my cheek all the while. Several of my systems were lit green and showed to my HUD perspective that the interaction was satisfactory. Gene smiled and leant against my shoulder, watching the whole event.

“She likes your face, Makyin.” He said.

“She has seen this face dozens of times, Master.”

“ I can't blame her; it's just a really pretty face.”

I would blush at this, the compliment prompted my cheeks to change hue and increase in heat to reflect so. He noticed this quickly, smirking at me before rubbing his head at mine. The warm and affectionate interaction was satisfactory to my system as his warmth was detected against my own. Arpheus continued to laugh, letting go of my cheek and looking at both of us.

“Well, I’m grateful that Master bought a very pretty robot that his daughter can ogle at.” I said in a prideful tone.

“Our daughter, Makyin; she’s not only mine, she is yours too.” He said with a soft and comforting tone in his voice. I processed those words, glanced at Master for a moment and then back at her. The designation is logical; Arpheus is technically in care to Master and me, however….

“Yeah, sorry… she is our daughter. I love her just as much.” I responded, the answer is purely in accordance with his wishes for me to say so. I love Master’s child, yet I am unsure if I am rightfully… recognized as her Mother. I look at Master’s child, the smile from her face is slowly changing that of a neutral expression, she should probably go to bed now. I am needing a bit of rest and maintenance myself.

The room that I was given by Master was compact but sufficient enough for my maintenance needs; the previous owner of the apartment used this for a miniature storage room to place miscellaneous items inside. Once Master and I cleared up the room, it was a matter of installing and placing the hardware and tools I needed to perform some self maintenance for myself. It has been 28 minutes since Master returned Arpheus to her crib. He is likely changing attire for his night garments and preparing to sleep. The likelihood of needing my assistance or company with him in bed is low, his state before suggesting fatigue. At the moment, Master would not need me; I am no use for him at the moment. Arpheus was already asleep in our room with the wall divider the construction worker placed. Making space for just the Master's child is sufficient enough for all of us since the bedroom was quite large.. It is better if I am to occupy and do a quick diagnostic check on myself for any bugs or faults in my system; it is better to check and assess, rather than risk potential errors that may arise. Or worse, I am to fail and be a burden to him; that I will not let happen.

I readjust the stool I sat on and faced to the right front wall, where the table is bolted up to chest height to the wall. A myriad of tools were splayed on the top. One of them was a Desktop screen on the right edge with a keyboard and mouse beside it. I reached down below and searched the activation button for the Desktop. I had no need to look down in order to locate the PC, as my databanks had been archived at its exact location, making it so I could locate the button without a second thought. Seconds later, the screen would flash white, processing the images and information in the screen as it boots up. In the meantime, I peered down at the table and searched for the cables connected to the PC used for connecting myself to the PC. The screen finally faded in, showing a few applications and softwares on it, all for various software and hardware testing. I opened a few of these applications and began my diagnosis. After loading the necessary files and information, a message prompts up, asking for the unit to be connected to the PC. Wordlessly, I brushed off my blonde hair to expose my nape, then traced my index finger with my other hand on my skin, searching for the faint seam on it. Locating the seams of a small rectangular patch, I carefully dug my finger in between and peeled the skin off partially from below. Once the ports were now exposed and open for connection, I grabbed the cables, all three of them and plugged them to each respective slot. Each one is important for checking the flow of data in my systems; One for my AI Matrix core, Central Hub, and other miscellaneous . Once they are plugged in, the application starts to set up the links and starts to give special privileges to my system for access. I sat quietly and looked straight at the screen, placing both of my hands on my lap. I complied; Soon my HUD showed a dozen messages of the system of the application control mine.

“MK-21 DMC-D is online, connecting to PC. Begin diagnosis.”

The system checks as it did countless times before; examining each of my systems for any faults or errors that need fixing or improving. My Matrix core, or the “brain” is what Master likes to call it, checks for any logic error. The Central Hub is the connection point for that Core, where it gets the orders or commands it gets and thens sends it to many directions converges and is then sent out in many directions to respective devices in my hardware. All seems to be in working order; all data and information were logged and no important files were corrupted or lost. I would have to transfer all the memory from last month into another file and store it to save up in my database. All was working and the application confirmed by pinging it to my virtual view, showing me the list of files and programs cleaned or cleared some more space to some of my databases. The test was finished and the application soon gave me back control of my entire body. This assessment was thorough and quick, but it still did not give me enough of an answer I needed.

I reached for the mouse and opened the desktop built in camera, letting it reveal an image of me on screen. I sat on a stool and stared at the camera, unblinking; I was 5 foot 5 inches tall, with a fairly young appearance and some alluring curvy features by design. This chassis that I control and have is akin to that of a young female around their 20’s, maybe older. I had the appealing design of a fit and young adult female with curvy hips, fair skin, and a D-cup breast for Masters desire. My complexion had no blemishes, stretch marks, or undesirable facial characteristics that might break my “perfect” face. My long blonde hair flowed down to my shoulders and was properly groomed and taken care of, along with the rest of my skin for being alluring to my Master, as it is one of my main objectives to do so. Yet even so…

“Is it enough?”

An answer that I let out to no one in this room. I saw my reflection on the screen. I had a default emotionless state, yet I feel I should be expressing that of disappointment. I checked with my logic centers to see if I am experiencing a glitch of wanting to experience this undesirable perception in my mind. I searched, yet none seem to be a problem. Emotions of worry and anxiety would fill my emotional programming. This type of occurrence has been happening since… I was last reactivated online to serve Master.

I looked down, noting my clothes and what garments I wore: a wool sweater, tight blue jeans, and some black doll shoes; I also wore a black bra and dark blue panties beneath to complete it. The wool sweater Master gave to me has some stains on the hem, likely from the carrot mash before. The color had a warm design, having a brown color makes it slightly drab, and it took awhile for me to patch the torn parts in the clothes since Master bought it in a second hand store. I noted it as a significant item as with other stuff Master gave me as… emotionally tied, sentimental as Master would say; I should wash this sweater tomorrow after this. For now I tugged the hem of it in and pull it over my shoulders and head. I then unclasp the two straps of my bra and let it fall off my breasts, leaving me half naked. Now my breasts were exposed. The pink nipples poked out of both of my artificial mammary glands, all round and plump, something I saw from the reflection of the screen, very alluring and satisfactory to Master's needs. I smiled at this, momentarily giving a brief complimentary recognition of my chassis, thanking how well built and designed I am, and how fortunate that Master bought me as such. The admiration took about 4 seconds before I looked over the table once again, and saw the sharp scalpel on it.

The sharp edge of the scalpel was now pressed on my skin, positioned below my collarbone and beside my armpits. I sent a bit more power and effort into my hand to be more precise and delicate so as to not make any mistakes when doing the incision. Once I steadied my hand, I pressed the edge down and cut through, pushing it a bit deeper. I continued pressing until the tip was stopped by a hard surface underneath, likely the inner hard chassis that protected my inner mechanisms. I began making the long incision across my chest; from left and over my right breast, down the middle of my chest, and then below and over my breast once more. During the process, I would glance above to the camera, still showing me cutting my skin open. If it were me or any robot technician doing this, they would find this normal, but Master might view this as morbid or unusual, seeing me cut myself open with no blood coming out and outward reaction doing it. Fortunately, I locked the door before doing this, preventing such a situation from happening, both as to not be discomfort from observing, and to not disturb me when doing so.

I stopped the incision and put down the scalpel, I looked at myself again. A long red line traced across my chest, no reaction or any feeling, as expected of an android. I dug my fingers into the cut and slowly peel away the skin, the sound as its sticky and meaty texture is pulled away is akin to peeling tape off a wall. Slowly, I pulled away my facade and showed the light gray shelling of my inner body; its seams, joints and metal casing slowly revealed. My design is almost identical to that of the human body, but due to the risk of my inner circuitry being crushed or cluttered, the steel weave metal casing was the deterrence to my dermal skin chassis. The hard casing was light and flexible, able to bend and stretch in accordance with the actions and movements of my body, but still rigid and interwoven tightly, like thick cloth, if the threads were metal and aluminum. Seams can be seen and outlines could be traced around to give way for artificial bones or joints. Aside from the sticky residue that was sticking my skin to the malleable chassis, there were small white fiber wires stuck into the skin. These were the small sensory receptors that detect and sense any touch or interaction on my skin, sending data to my systems and notifying me of what part of my body had gained a reaction; it was designed in a way for me to be able to feel and touch things as humanly as possible.

As soon as I peeled enough of the skin away, my optic receptors saw white sacs that gave shape and structure to my artificial mammary glands. The white and jiggling bag was mostly filled with saline and silicone gel; the same things found in breast implants. There were tubes within the sacs that were supposed to flow milk out from the tank within my fluid reserves and into my breast and to my nipples, giving me the ability to have “breastmilk.” I asked Master why I had this kind of modification in my body, to which he replied that I had this before he bought me. He also added that he was unwilling to remove them as it is costly to do so. Whether that is true, or rather, a poor argument to justify me being able to dispense milk from my breast, is inconsequential to my assessment. Although, I do gain added satisfaction whenever the Master uses them for their intended use. I looked at the edges of my breast and saw the small screws planted around it, bolted and harnessed the breasts in place. I grabbed a small screwdriver from the table and began unscrewing them one by one.

Slowly, my right breast would sag and become more loose before the wiring and tubing became visible. I stopped and looked at the intricacies closer. I tugged and pressed my breast down slightly; the dermal sensors detected this and sent me sensor signals to my HUD, alerting me of my skin and that my breast had been accessed and breached; I quickly dismissed these. There my robotic eyes can almost see it, the faint flashing and whirring motions of my inner hardware in work, seen only through a small crevice behind a small hole that was covering my breast. I would have pressed further, but that would risk messing with my more sensitive and complex machinery, something I do not have the tools for, nor the case of me attempting in the first place. In the darkness, within my body, I can see bundles of wires flowing through my circuitry and gears, not one impeding or disrupting each other's purpose. Joints and actuators move and function as I move around even by the slighted movement done. Tubes and small conduits transferring coolants, energy, or even processed food or drinks pass through and into or out small tanks and reserves; all of them neatly packed and given enough space inside me. The view only barely shows the entirety of what my body is really like on the inside. A satisfying remark would be given to my systems as I let out a sigh, complimenting my thought. I look back at the screen and see my state. I held my breast up and showed my inner mechanisms; the display is comparable to peeling an orange, revealing the juicy and delectable parts. Instead my skin is more meat and stretchy, revealing the hard cold steel and wiring within. I look at myself and assess my situation as it is. Even as I am designed to be attractive and “sexy”, built to be suitable to Master as his ideal wife and servant, I am still a programmed automaton, created and programmed to adhere and obey the programs I was pre-packaged into; companionship and subservience to humans. Everything is designed so I am built to the best of my ability for Master. I am built only to serve, and nothing else. Everything is just adherence to my programming, all other things are just a facade.

Just a facade. I noted this last line and continued my thought from last time, when I was holding Arpheus.

A fake, built like an actor playing a role. All are unnecessary and redundant, my purpose is only for Master. I accept and am content with these things, as I am built just like that; other professions or tasks like construction or complex computing and large data storage collecting are not programmed into me. I perceived myself to be happy to be serving Master and taking care of his needs and the needs of his family. But even so… that comes into question as to “if” I actually like these things; I can be modified, programmed into a different way so I may act and do things differently. Master may even format and delete my AI core completely if he so chooses, but would that affect me… “personally?” I am undeterred, even if I were to be scrapped or discarded, that much is true, but is that because I am uncaring of what I may be or where I end up, or is it something else?

Such thoughts are what worries me and my system; these deep and self-reasoned thoughts are uncanny to an android like me, who should be satisfied and unquestioning of what her purpose is. I frequently check my systems yet none show any errors. I am concerned that I may be bugging or some unseen or unknown virus is taking over my logic systems. I do not want Gene to worry, nor have his child and his entire livelihood be in jeopardy over this. At the moment, no negative impact seemed to affect my actions, nor had Master notice this as I had kept it to myself. I will have to check with my local technician soon and check my AI core for more details. For now, I must be there for Master, his happiness is my duty, and seeing him worried or concerned for me is failing it. I won-

“Honey? Are you finished there already? Come on, it's already past 11, Arphi is already asleep.” The voice of Master came outside, followed by three consecutive knocks on the door. I checked my internal clock for confirmation, it was indeed 23:00, 11:00 PM. The diagnosis and self maintenance took longer than anticipated; I will make another note about this hastening my work next time to avoid such slow operations from happening.

“Oh yes Master, just give me a minute to finish my work, I’ll be there shortly.” I responded courteously, quickly looking over the small cabinet drawer on my left. I quickly began screwing my breast back in place and readjusting it properly to avoid deformity when placing my dermal skin back on. I opened one of the drawers and grabbed the contents in my hand. The container was plastic, with the tip being a gray tip dropper. The content was filled with a light brown liquid; it was viscous and thick when shaking it. I held the base of it firmly and slowly applied pressure on it to let the contents be squeezed out from the tip. I then began to spread it all over my metallic chassis all over, catching every part of where the skin has been peeled. My optics scanned and gave me confirmation that the surface has been 76.7% spread all over, in which I slowly began to stick and roll my skin back in place. From what I have seen when Master bought this for me online, the dermal skin adhesive should work quite well into sticking my skin back in place, and leaving no air pockets in between. The gel-like substance should begin to spread all over and stick all of it together in about a few minutes, ideally for one hour as suggested by the producer of this product. Once my skin was planted back unto me, I looked back at the screen, my expression would show disappointment, seeing the faint red outline on my chest and stomach, the cut still visible in observation. The Adhesive would still take awhile to stick it back together properly and hold, and covering the cut would require additional time to cover up with silicone solution, likely needing some makeup and skincare to remove it completely. I would take a few processing inputs of the possible solutions to lessen the time. But before that the door in front of me was knocked again by Master.

“Are you done now?” His voice muffled against the wall, calling me out, likely sensing a bit of impatience. My mind decided whether or not I should tell him to wait a bit more as I cover up the incision, or adhere to his eagerness and attend to Master’s needs immediately. In a matter of 2.34 seconds my Matrix core would make this decision about this.

I slowly opened the door; My optics would peer outside and spot the familiar face of Gene beside the door frame, his back leaning against it as he waited patiently. His brown eyes looked at my jade ones. He then went up and down, likely a scan to see what I did to my body while I was in my maintenance room.

“What’cha doin in there, Makyin?” He asked in a low voice.

“Just some simple diagnostic checks Master, no worries,” I said. My HUD showed a high probability that the lie would be trusted.

“Hmm, whatever you say Dear. You’re going to sleep then?”

“Hmm, my battery is at least 66 percent. Maybe I should charge for the duration of tonight?”

“Oh, I was hoping… we can sleep together this time?” He said in a sheepish tone.

This took a bit of consideration with my logic systems. In the current situation, I do not want to bother Master in his sleep session, and I have a valid reason to reject his proposal. The solution seems obvious yet, the decision to go against it is still contested in my Matrix.

“I am unsure Master. I may need to-” I am cut with a sigh. I looked back, his facial expression showed fatigue and disappointment from my response.

“Yeah sorry, I’ll leave you to it, it was kind of silly of me asking.” He scratched his head and looked away, his mannerisms would suggest that he is… a bit sad. That is unsatisfactory but it's necessary because I need to be in an optimal state to function for him. My Matrix Core has reassured me of this assessment. He doesn't need me at the moment, he needs some time alone. He does not require my services. He needs… I don't…

“...actually, no. Sure why not?” I smiled momentarily, deeming the decision very illogical and unnecessary, likely risking and making me more inefficient later on. However, in the short term, Master’s needs seemed to be satisfied. I am confirmed by this by him rubbing my head.

“Heh, I knew I’d convinced ya. C’mon, I'm getting sleepy already, and I need my cuddle bot to make me feel warm.” He stopped rubbing my head in disarray and walked me along to his bedroom. My mind would rearrange and make additional tasks and objectives upon this event, something I no doubt need a bit of power to perform. However, from my assessment, my opinion… His happiness is worth it.

I put on my loose button up shirt for the night; wearing the clothing, it was quite baggy. The black color of it was rather plain, as well as the black cloth that it weaved into. At least with my pajamas, they were of the same color and they fit my short physique. This kind of quality would be expected for another of Masters purchases in thrift shops, as he probably did not have the money to buy a proper female night dress. I tugged on it and stretched on it slightly, the length already passing almost below my kneecaps. I bent my upper body and twist; my neck servos and actuators stretched and craned out. This made it possible for me to look over my back and see the design and condition of the back of this shirt. The process was slightly straining to my actuators doing these kinds of overextended movements to my body, and it could cause my skin to have some stretch marks if done too much, added to the fact that it might look uncanny to any observer. Such attention didn’t, however, as I looked behind me I saw Master on his bed. His head nodded down to the side of a pillow, where he also clutched one with both his arms around, somnolent. My neck servos whirred and grinded inside my chassis as I quickly warped back to a more canny look, walking and then crawling into bed with Master. I crawled in as carefully as I could, however the creaking of the bed must have woken Master up. He looked at me with an expression of drowsiness, yet that would be contradicted with a smile.

“Oh sorry, I’m getting really tired now. It’s so late into midnight.” He said, yawning.

I crept up to Master and went beside him, reciprocating his smile with my own. “Yes, I’m sorry for taking so long. I expected that you didn't need my company due to showing signs of-”

“Fatigue? Tired? Like I just came back from the office like a bit of a mess?.” He said, my processors interpret his analogy not very positive. I expressed that sadness, placing my head on his shoulder, and wrapping one arm over him. This let out a faint chuckle from him.

“Yeah…” He yawned. “but I should at least see my family before I hit the hay.”

“You shouldn’t strain yourself too much Master; that's the fourth time this week you came back tired. It’s not good for your health.”

“I’ll manage, Maky. I need to so I can pay for rent and your expenses.” He poked my nose at that. The gesture was gratifying; the affection sent positive messages to my system. That, however, did not quell my distress, noting the last part of his sentence; the words were negative no doubt, as it pertains to me and my operating expenses.

“Yeah… I wish I can help you.” I try to sound as positive as possible, yet my tone did not sound that uplifting.

“You really shouldn’t. Little Arphi needs you, and I need you to be as safe and happy as possible.” He retorted.

“Yes, but my happiness also wants you not to overexert yourself too much. You don't have a chargeable battery that can charge you for at least 3 to 4 days to fully function.” I looked up at him, my worry grew more.

“Some coffee and energy drinks can do that easily, heh.” His sarcastic tone contradicts his sleepy expression and yawning. I closed into Master, hugging him tighter. My system was alerting me to concern, not because of any problem seen in my systems, but at the state Master Gene is in. I do not want to make Master worry anymore. I would increase my dermal skin chassis temperature to 2.3 degrees and cradle Master as requested before. At least I can do is be useful and not cause more anxiety to-

“I love you Makyin. Don’t forget that.” He wraps his arms around me. “I don’t want you to worry about me, too.” Then, he placed his hand on my head, ruffling my hair a bit. This decreased my feeling slightly.

“Okay… Okay, yeah, I will.” I expressed a smile on my face, although my emotional output still is worrisome. I’d rub and knead myself against his body to make him comfortable, using my soft and plump mass to ease him in his sleep, adding a bit of my external heat for added effect. It seems to be working, his body would start to loosen and relax under my comforting grasp.

He put his hand on my chin and tilted my head upwards to face him… I looked at him as he leant close and he kissed me. The kiss took longer than I expected. He pecked my lips a few times and bit on my lower lip as well. The sensation was satisfactory, the positive and reassuring actions he did were sent to my Matrix and were responded back with happy emotional outputs.

“You are my wife. My most important person in the world.” More satisfactory responses. My system was becoming more active than before. Hundreds of my processors took in the information, then my AI core was deliberating how to respond, what appropriate action or response should I do. This type of affectionate response is typical for Master to do to me, yet almost all the time…

His arms kneaded my back and my hips, and my body would start to squirm. I tried to move away and give him breathing room, but he pulled me back in. I’d start to gasp and breathe more as if I was starting to hyperventilate. I am not supposed to break his kiss, but his insistence is making my body go against my commands. I couldn’t help myself; his moves are making me do irrational and likely inappropriate behaviors that an android like me should not do. Am I experiencing an error? Has my AI Core been overtaxed and sent the wrong signals and orders? I couldn't react quickly as he chuckled and stopped his advances.

“I’m sorry, am I too forceful?” He said in a playful yet worried manner.

“No, It is fine that you may use me as comfort, it's just that…” I was having some kind of malfunction. His actions towards me always arouse complications to my system whenever we are this intimate. I was beginning to blush,My cheeks were beginning to blush rose pink. Oh Goodness, he might’ve seen my face was red. “Hey are you alright?” He asked.

“Yeah yeah I-I-I’m just… Very flustered.” I try to hide my embarrassment away from him. This did not work as he rubbed his hand on my back, his warm skin against it was sending shivers all over my body.

“If you don't want to, I can stop, Makyin, but if you do…” He pulled me in close, my chest now barely able to touch his. I know I shouldn’t; he should be early for work, and I should be early to charge later. He is giving me the option to not proceed, yet I…

I sheepishly look up at him; the worry is still there, the anxiety of his worried face and his well being. All for me, for Arpheus, for this family. I closed in and pecked his lips. He reciprocated back with a deeper kiss. My heart began to flutter now. I rubbed his back as well, locking my legs around his hips, intertwining them with his legs. Wait, I don’t have a heart, why did I say that? What was happening? Does this fluke in my systems matter? At this very moment, I need to focus and… kiss and rub against Master more.

“Master, you feel so good.” “You do more so dear, you're so warm.”

“Yeah, but your feeling is real, and genuine. You’re making me more comfortable and happy than what I am supposed to do to you~” I breathed hot air against his neck as I said this. He, no doubt, tingled at the sensation. He then pressed himself against me. His warm body now against mine, our warm bodies now cradled together. His warm skin is so soothing, the shirt barely shielding it. I want more.

“You too, Makyin, you make me so happy.” His words are making me edge in my place. A notification showed in my peripheral view. A small leakage was beginning to form on my crotch. His comforting words and massaging is making me wet.

“No, please Master Gen. Please let me do my purpose. I’m supposed to please you.” I was pleading. I was pleading yet it came from deaf’s ears. His hand moved down and squeezed my butt; I tightened up, and I quickly corrected that by loosening my artificial muscles there for him to grab and squeeze. The slight mishap of my systems didn’t stop him, as he squeezed my butt and kneaded them carefully. He then pecked and nibbled against my neck, whispering sweet nothings to my ear, making sure the entire process wasn't too forceful or too dull, just enough for me to react. He is so careful as to not impede too much unto me. He is such a gentleman; he was not like this when we first met. I’d laugh as I thought about that.

Even so, I want more. He is such a caring person, but I want to give back to him more. I want to be his darling- no, his servant. I want to obey and please him. I want to fulfill my purpose and be his android wife. I want to edge more to that idea.

“Mmm, Oh god yes, please use me as you see fit.” I squirm, clutching against him, my breasts pressed against his, no doubt loving the feeling. “Yes, please use me more as your android, yes.”

His body tensed a bit from the hug; wiggling his fingers, arms and legs. I’m not sure if he is getting aroused by my advances, or he is just stretching. Either way I want to make this more interesting. I rose up from the bed, going on top and hovering over him. The dimly lit room obscured the bit of vision here, added to the fact that I was literally overshadowing him on top. But even still, I can see his face with the best of my eyes ability to focus in and clarify his expression. His face shows it, as much as mine, We both looked dumbfounded but smiling. I moved in and kissed him, the act made me want to go deeper once more. I began to unbutton my shirt and pull down my pants; He did so as well with just his pants. The kiss progressed further. I can feel our lips start to open so our tongues can slip out and coil around. I happily obliged, curling and twisting my malleable, rubber tongue with his. With taste buds, I wonder what he tastes like, if I even care if it tasted good or not. The sloppy and wet slick of our kissing filled the room, swaying and ruffling under the bed as our bodies rub against each other. His left leg rose up and bent, lifting my frame up for a moment, in which I put myself around it and rubbed my crotch against his thigh; the feeling was making me hot. He pulled out from the kiss and looked at me,then he unbuttoned my shirt, revealing my black bra and panties. He broke the hold for a moment as he tried to remove his shirt over his head; I helped and quickened the process. I looked down at his chest and body.

“Heh, sorry that I don't work out that much.” His cute shy demeanor was adorable, just as he propped me up to his hip and let me sit on him more comfortably.

“Gene, even if you were fat or skinny, I’d love you all the same.” I said, holding his wrists with each hand to steady myself on top of him. I then shifted and crawled down, planting my lips unto his chest and down further. I snake further down until I am at his crotch, rubbing my hands at his obvious erection against his underwear. He flinched a bit, in which I licked my lips and began to pull it down. My heart and breathing suddenly quicken and become hot. His penis sprung out, and it plopped down on his crotch, like a tree falling down on the hairy ground below. I gently grasped his shaft and rubbed it. The warm and almost veiny texture was exhilarating. I couldn't help but drool, reaching down with my hand and rubbing my own wet clit in desperation.

“G-God, Your hands are so soft.” he said in a hasty voice; my touch was making him breathe deeply. My sexual and arousal programming told me this is typical for humans to be aroused when handling with their genatalia. Luckily I am getting aroused doing it as well.

“OOoooH~. I can never get tired of Master’s cock.” I pumped it with my hand, looking at it slyly and with seduction, despite my clear want of submission. I couldn’t wait any more. I craned my neck and put my head hovering over his cock, letting the slimy saliva down his shaft and tip. I then kissed his tip and licked it, then to his shaft; I did this all over his entire member until it was fully lubricated, my glistening saliva now covered his entire foreskin . Now I wish I had taste buds so I can taste his musky cock.

I squinted at him, a lazy but eager look was what I expressed to show to him as I licked his tip and its hole in such a viscous display. Watching him trying not to squirm and to control himself is so funny and cute. Sadly, I can't control myself either; I finally plant my lips on his cock and slowly take his entire length. The twitching and meaty rod started stretching my rubber esophagus, filling the walls with his lovely cock. I looked up, his shallow breathing and slight bewilderment on his face was so damn hot that I can't help but just rub myself more. I started to pump with my lips, slipping half his penis in and out of my lips before engulfing the entire thing once more. I closed my eyes and let my automatic movements flow, repeating the same movements of my head and neck servos before and looping it. Feeling every instance of his hard cock go in and out of me like a piston. Making sure each suck was enjoyable and mind melting, not just for me but for Gene. The sloppy sounds of my mouth was now what filled the room, concerning me a bit about Arpheus next door,but Gene was squirming against my deepthroat and it was endearing; I'm sure our intimate copulation won't wake Arpheus up, certainty is low, but a calculated risk I am willing to take. I should stop and give him some time to breathe, but his cock is delectable to suck and pleasurable for my robot mind.

“M-Makyin, please sto-Hnnngh, give me time to breathe.” This made me snap out of it and pull his cock out of my mouth.

“Sorry… You’re just so…” My words were slurring; my voice box started lagging and making my voice slower. The intoxicating feeling was filling my processors, and it felt so wonderful.

“It’s ok, Makyin… Just let me… take a moment.” His shallow breathing made it seem like he was having some sort of attack. I quickly began to worry. I would have to drop and negate all incoming notifications and data to my Matrix and would try to see if he was ok-

“Okay…Okay… Sorry, you were just intense.” He sat upright, wiping my lips and mouth and fixing my ruffled up hair.

"Ah god, M-Makyin you need to calm down and take it down a peg, I dont have the heart to have this intense…sex, especially not right now." He was… fixing my hair… and face… He even fixed and readjusted my bra and attempted to button up my shirt. He wants to clean my appearance and try to make me look better and not be such a mess in bed. Such a gentle human. This made me want more.

“M-Makyin, wha- wait!-” I quickly plunged his dick in. I wrapped my hands around him and locked myself in place. My pace was quicker, which meant I wanted more. His loving and caring side, him wanting to slow down and check up on me, it's not fair.

“S-Slow down, Makyin! I can’t…”

I love humans so much. I love this human so much right now. I just want to be engulfed and be into this drunken sex drived frenzy that my meager hopeless android mind can barely keep up and breakdown into pure lust. I pulled out one more time and licked his shaft and balls. His attempt to clean my face was squandered. I probably look like a mess as I sucked and licked all over like a starving child to their lollipop.

“I love you soooo much~ So very much Gene.”

“I-I love you to-”

“Are you going to come soon? Go ahead!~ Wanna do it in my mouth? Deep into my throat? Maybe all over my face and tits?” I was infatuated, gripping him all the more tightly as I groaned and huffed over his cock and balls.

“S-Slow down… I need time…”

“Decide, choose! I want to be your obedient doll; please be quick; I can hold myself for so long in this state!” I see him grip his sheets and begin to arch his back as I continue licking. With a constrained and heavy sigh, he just nodded at me. That's all the commands I needed from Master. I used my tongue to pull his cock upright, taking in his entire length once more and deepthroat him. I took it deep and widened my jaw; the whirring noises of their actuators was clear for both of us to hear; The clicks and the mechanisms churning as well as stretching of skin made it abundantly clear for him to hear and be bewildered. I extended my tongue to its furthest length and licked his balls,swaying and corking my head back and forth like a snake, all the while sucking and doing small pumps on his dick. I then began to thrust my head once more, groaning and moaning at each thrust I took in. I can feel my rubber esophagus stretch and relax repeatedly. I can feel myself in climax already. I took all my energy, all the commands in my system to stave it for a bit, so I can cum with Master at the same time. I took him in again and again until…

“M-MMM!!~” His white juicy load burst into my throat. The warm sudden feeling made me clutch him so tightly.

“I apologize for hurting you master.” I said to myself. He groaned just as well as I did when I continued my fellatio, arching his back and gripped the sheets with the pure ecstasy and climax he and I just felt. the warm flow of his semen going down into my throat and into my waste tank inside was exquisite.I squirted at this, my panties now drenched and leaking at this wonderful feeling. I don't want to let go, it was heavenly for an android like me.

“M-Makyin…God you’re so…so were so damn forceful.”

“I’m so sorry, I'm so, so sorry.” The thought was filled with bashful intent as I digged deep with his cock in my mouth. His back loosened, and he collapsed on his bed, panting and sounding more groggy at each interval. My throat was still full, making an effort to swallow every last drop that was taken in. He groaned and sighed. Soon after, I began to hear a slow murmur, then his body relaxed. Finally I pulled out, My saliva traced and left a thin thread on his cock, which was slowly deflating. I looked back at my master with a satisfied and dazed look…

He passed out. I blinked a few times and assessed what I did… It seems my arousal and sexual programming was hijacked or went into overdrive, intervening with most of my logical systems. I shook my head and would express the quick and appropriate response of shame and guilt in my emotional output in my social protocols. “I’m so sorry.” I covered my face in shame, an act I deem fitting for this situation. I looked at him once more and saw his sleeping face. His expression was that of exhaustion from what I interpret, but also satisfaction. I could not help but express a smile under my covered face. I wiped my face and fixed my hair from all the sweat and saliva. I crawled closer and placed my head on his chest, feeling the subtle beats and movements of his heart. I was left with more symptoms of worry and shame, but with a subtle persistence over it. I should try to be more cooperative and heed my Master's command more next time.

“You worry about me too much, Master.” I closed my eyes and listened to his heartbeat closely. I set up a timer to wake myself up in 4 hours and 23 minutes when I go into low energy sleep mode. Now I'm going to sleep with Master.

Chapter 2

Gene POV

The table creaked as Arpheus and I sat beside each other, both eating and trying to enjoy the breakfast made by my robot wife. Arpheus sat on a high chair, which had no tray or counter attached to it; it was something I knew since they didn't have one when I bought it, so we decided to sit her close to the table to eat. The legs of the table shifted and lurched as Arpheus prodded and poked around her bowl of rice cereal and pureed vegetables. She ogled at it; her mouth hung and was more curious with its slimy and mashed qualities than eating. She then smacked the top of it with her plastic spoon. For me, I was rather less enthusiastic about eating the meal that I was given. The food was plain; white rice, two whole hotdogs and some scrambled eggs. I thought it didn't seem appealing to me at least as I sliced a chunk of it and slid it into my maw, but after its juices seeped out onto my taste buds, it wasn't terrible. I chewed and swallowed, unimpressed by Makyin’s cooking. I shouldn’t say that, nor really place fault; she isn't a bad cook. Being programmed and designed to be an ideal housewife, you would expect her cooking skills to be on par to a skilled chef or something similar, but if your budget does not permit you to make more savory meals and have no income whatsoever to buy the fancier ingredients and sometimes deal with instant cooked food, you make what you can have; in this case Makyin’s skills are limited to what we have right now.

I thought about that while mindlessly eating the food on my plate, slowly shifting my gaze at my attentive wife. Her back was turned at me, already busying herself scrubbing and wiping the plates on the sink. From the brief glances and movements she made, she still had that familiar attitude she gives off, and from the view from here, she still exudes that loving and sexy posture I adore. She wore a fitting white blouse, and black skirt, all covered with a black apron. Her hips sway back and forth, as does her ponytail when she moves around the sink and tiled counter, showing her ample assets straight at me while I eat. Whether it's intentional or not doesn't matter, that kind of thing isn't going to woo me that easily. Although, I would give her points in the cute factor for her choice of clothing.

I ogled at Makyin for so long that as Arphi was playing with her bowl, the table tilted, causing the bowl to tip and spill all over her face. It took a moment for me to notice before I jumped on my seat. Chunks of the stuff were now all over my work clothes; my white button down shirt now stained with the gooey mess. I almost cursed under my lips, quickly grabbing the nearby tissues and wiping off the chunks and goo out from my shirt. I wiped, frustrated that my clothes are soiled. I sighed and looked back at Arpheus.

It took a moment for Arpheus to process what happened. I was expecting crying or a shriek as her face was plastered with bits of cereal and red carrot puree. But instead, she laughed. She was laughing, reveling over the spilt baby formula over both herself and the area around her. She giggled and proceeded to make more of a mess, playing with the mash and spreading it all over the table. I quickly acted upon this and stopped her.

“H-Hey! Arpheus, no!” I said sternly. I reached towards her chair, moved her away from the table, and then positioned her to face me. I grabbed more tissues and began to wipe the formula off her, with Arpheus smiling and giggling all the while. She can be such a rowdy fellow, and be such a pain. But she has those charming and endearing factors she had picked up by her mom.

“The sink has been properly disinfected and cleaned, now for Arpheu-” Makyin started, before what seemed as a gasp escaped her lips. Her head did that familiar twitch to the side with the eye twitch as well, right as she rushed towards the other side of the table and confronted the latest travesty.

“What happened?” She said walking around the table and towards us.

“Oh, the table must’ve lurched to one side again and made Arpheus’s bowl split all over.” I said calmly as I continued to flick and remove the bits and pieces of cereal and carrot off of her stained onesie. After that, Makyin picked her up.

“Oh dear, structural inconsistencies are always a hindrance to human convenience; I should really fix that table.” She stated.

“No worries, I’ll just slip some rubber or paper under to level it off.” I said, standing up from my seat; breakfast was now ruined. I might as well clean the place and change myself some new clothes before leaving. I walked towards the nearby rag and tried to grab it. Just before that however, Makyin quickly slides in and stops me.

“No don’t worry Master, I will clean this mess, please change yourself into a new proper attire while I fix this.” She said while Arpheus cradled to her shoulder, nodding at me.

“No, it’s alright, I can clean the table before I do that, you just make a new batch of baby formula for Arpheus in the meantime.” I said lightly.

“I argue, Gene, that it's much more pertinent to change your clothes and let me do the cleaning.” She retorts, with Arpheus knowingly or rather unknowingly reacted by nodding.

“I also argue that since I have a bit of time before leaving that the least I can do is clean it since I am at fault-”

“Impossible, your statement before contradicts this. Master never makes mistakes.” She puffs her cheeks now, both Makyin and Arpheus for that matter.

I rolled my eyes and continued to try and argue with her. After a few moments of spat, I put my foot down and commanded her strictly.

“Makyin, I order you to let me wipe this table and floor and you give our child food.” I said in an authoritative voice. She blinked a few times, both peeved while also disarmed. Arpheus in a confused delight looked at us simultaneously, probably trying to grasp the words that I’m trying to employ unto my literal thickheaded wife. She took an uncomfortably long time to process my order, staring at me blankly and still. Oh come on Makyin the order wasn't that much of a brain twister. A second passed, and she simply nodded.

“I apologize Master, I should do so as you please.” She said in a placated manner. She moved away from me and let me do my own thing. Even though I am sure she isnt showing it, I can tell she is a bit frustrated that she can’t be the one doing the cleaning. Her obligation, “ingrained programming” she would say that she rather do it and be useful to my needs is better. And of course that means I won't be helpful to her in turn. Whatever, I paid no mind and just grabbed the rag and spray bottle of disinfectant beside it and started cleaning.

I hunched down, wiped down the floor with a rag in hand and began wiping. As I wiped, one of the legs of the table. It lurched whenever I moved one of them. Curious, I rocked at it for a moment and saw which one was faulty. Then I saw that one of the legs was uneven.

“Makyin, can you get me some paper, or maybe a thin piece of rubber, so I can fix this thing?” I asked.

“Certainly, Master,” Makyin said, followed by Arpheus trying to mimic what she said before both went off.

I continued on after a few more moments of wiping and spraying the floor before finally rising from the floor. Looking down, I see that I left it more shiny and clean than before, probably out doing Makyin’s cleaning than her in a small way, I bet. I then took notice of the fact that there was a big stain on my shirt. I cursed silently as I realized the soup spread almost to my entire upper torso. Maybe Makyin was right, I thought; the washing of this would be a pain to do if it started to leave a stain. However, considering Makyin’s position, she would not be peeved when she would wash. I huffed and moved on for now, grabbing the dining utensils off the table and bringing it back to the sink to wash.

True to her word, the sink was clean as before, leaving no oil or grime in it. The metal sink was all clean and it left a nice shine; it didn't even smell bad. I rinsed the rest and began to return them to their proper spot; The plates, spoons and forks to the dishrack, then the serving spoon to the hanging rack to the wall beside me. I did try to hook the serving spoon. As I placed the hook into the ring of the large spoon, I must've tugged it down a bit too much and broke off, causing the entire rack to rattle. The entire ensemble of utensils shook and dropped down on the counter and on the floor.

“Shit,” I cursed out loud, looking at the now broken-off piece of the rack and splayed utensils all over the place. This is the second thing that broke down here in this apartment this past month. I knew that when we first rented the apartment, some of the stuff left here wouldn’t last, or were just bad quality, but at this point this place is going to break down faster than I can spend to replace. Thinking about it now, I worry about the rent this year. My salary can just barely keep up with it, while also buying supplies for the house. In addition to the recent news of inflation, I don't think I can afford to sustain it.

Ughh, I shouldn’t think about this, especially so early in the morning, I have work soon and the last thing I want is stress before even working. At least Makyin doesn’t seem to be worried when dealing with this. “Here you go Master, can a piece be used to level the structure of the table?” Makyin said behind me. I turn around and see what she brought me. My eyes opened wide, and I almost choked at my own spit.

“Wha!- Why did ‘chu-” It was rubber, as in literal rubber; she got a large condom! How did she get that? Where did she get that?! I quickly swiped it off her hand flabbergasted.

“Why did you get this?!”

“I assume you needed a thin and slightly sturdy material as well as having a rubbery-”

“N-No! I mean, Why did you get this of all things?! It's a condom!” I said, my face now turning red.

My distress seems to perturb her. “Yes, but you needed it to even out the table. I dont think it would be that crude to use since-”

“It’s indecent!” I snapped back. I looked around to see if Arpheus is in ear shot near us. “Where is Arpheus?”

“In her bedroom, Master. Do not worry, she did not see me pick it up.” She said, smiling, but inhumanly transitioned to a worried one so quick.

“Well THAT’s good.” I sighed, cooling myself and looked back at her strictly. “ When I mention rubber. I meant something like a rubber pad, or a piece of mat, or even just 2 pieces of paper, not a condom.” I leant next to the table gesturing with the yellow elastic piece in hand.

“Well, I couldn’t find any rubber that may fit that description. I looked briefly into my own maintenance room but found none.” She paused, still calibrating in her metalhead what she did wrong. “I’m sorry, but…”

“But?...” I raised my eyebrow.

“I don’t understand how this condom won’t suffice…?” She looked at me with those artificial eyes, staring deep in me, like a confused puppy wondering what it did wrong. All the while she leant closer, her cleavage now visible for me to see from here.

This sexy, yet stupid robot. “Makyin, condoms and any other sex themed objects are not supposed to be shown or used anywhere outside the bedroom.” I looked at her sternly. “These types of things can give people a bad impression of us if we just leave it out all willy-nilly.”

“But those aren't used for anything, and it can be used for more applicable things like the table.” She started. “Besides, maybe the best option is to change the appearance slightly to not appear as such.” She responded, still not quite understanding what I meant.

“Makyin, just because you have a hammer doesn't mean everything's a nail. We humans don't use dildos as handles and buttplugs as door stops. It’s indecent, crude, and makes you look like a sex deviant.” I said, saying the most absurdist thing ever this week to my clueless wife. For a moment she looked down at the condom I had in hand and seemed to stand there blankly, probably processing the data I explained to her. If she were an older model, she would probably take a long time to process this, probably more if she was like a sexbot. Although, she has some programs akin to a sexbot; I’m wondering if what I said might blow a fuse in her robot brain.

Suddenly she jolted straight up and looked at me. Her face quickly turned to shock and embarrassment, her face quickly turning red. “Looaddinn-respon-Oh-h my goodness! Oh great human heavens! Your robot wife is an indecent harlot!” She placed her hands on her face and covered it in shame. “I’m such a hopeless android! What was I thinking!? Giving not only a wrong item, but also one that potentially portrays Master as a deviant, and me as well!” She rambled, shaking around, displaying the most overly embarrassed act a ditzy woman can do. “I should be scrapped for this! I’m such a stupid-”

“Okay, enough.” I said stopping her rant. “Stop. It was weird, but it's okay. There is no need to-”

“But I gave you a condom! We don’t even use condoms Master! I just thought the ones found in the drawer in the living room might be of usage but it's not!” Shit, that’s where she found it? Wait, I think I placed them there when I was drunk with my coworkers weeks ago.

I waved my hand and reassured her by placing a firm grip on her shoulder, rubbing it and feeling the bone, or rather what could be her metal joints disguised as bones. “It’s fine, it was a goof after all. And I might have overreacted a bit towards you. Sorry Maky~”

She looked at me dewy eyed before nodding. She then stood erect once more and nodded.

“I am sorry as well, Master Gene, I should have been more keenly aware and in control of my emotional responses. I’ll be careful next time.” She looked at me resolutely, her shiny doll eyes shining more in the growing sunlight. Her mood and demeanor today is a bit strange, the fact she made that assumption was quite nutty. But it's to be expected, she can be strange and maybe just unintentionally smutty, but she is genuine, and she can be receptive. At the end of the day, with a pat on her head and saying it's fine shows her that it really is fine, nothing can be crooked or broken as this lovely doll right here. The sun rose and The lighting however made her face instead go crooked, back to literal panic mode when she saw my shirt.

“Your work attire!” She said, but instead of showing distress, she looked at me angry. “I told you to change your clothes, Master!”

I responded with a smile. “Y-Yeah, I will, dont worry- I said before she tugged one of my cuffs and pulled me out of the kitchen.

“You change now! I told you to let me handle the cleaning! Now you have dirty clothes, and wasted 11 minutes! You will be late at this rate!”

I shamelessly lowered my head and followed suit to the bedroom. “Y-yeah, sorry, I’ll be quick.”

“This is why I am the assigned nanny or maid in this relationship, master; don’t take the jobs and orders you gave me! I was built for it!” She quipped, opening the door and pulling me in for redressing. What a weird start to the day.

With breakfast wasted, I have about half an hour to change into a new suit for work. While I was sifting through my drawers, half naked and seeing if there were any good looking shirts that I may use instead for today, Makyin stood behind me, with my stained shirt and her apron in hand. She observed, waited for me to pick my new clothes, probably to immediately have it be ironed and perfumed in succession; Still, her looming presence makes it feel a bit menacing.

“Do you have to stand there so ominously, Makyin?” I said, still keeping eye contact on the stacks of t-shirts in front of me.

She stood for a moment, looking at me with inquisitive eyes. “I am simply waiting for your choice of your attire so I can iron it and properly dress you into a more fitting and adjusted social worker appearance than before.”

“Thanks? Wait… Are you saying I didn’t look good before with the shirt on?” This time I looked back at Makyin.

“Master, you know I interpret your appearance as more than satisfying w-w-with the ideals I have in my programming. However…” She looked at the side and squinted.

“Humans would use analogies for comparison. I think in this case it would be like arranging a bouquet of flowers randomly with no desire to make it look good.” Real subtle, Makyin.

“Okaaay then,” I said, turning towards her with the new long sleeve shirt in hand. “How about you iron this out and you fix my shirt when I wear it then? So I will be the handsome boy ya want?”

“Optimally, I would also make you some lunch in the meantime; I would make the usual, but I would kindly ask you to finish your food next time and not leave 46 percent of it untouched or not consumed by you,” she said as I handed the shirt to her.

“Alright Mom, would you pick me up for soccer practice later this afternoon too?” I snickered at her.

“You don’t play soccer, and I do not possess a vehicle, nor have the license to drive one. You are 23 years old Master, I do not understand what yo-” She continued, somehow making my quip fall harder into the mud of thickness with my wife’s understanding of it.

“Nevermind, just make sure to be quick about it okay?” I said, placing a hand on her shoulder once more.

“I will… cerrrtainllyy” She slurred her words. Her hand just floated just inches towards my chest before she jerked her arm up and down. “analyzing… torso?...” She said, her voice now sounding more synthetic than human, making me worry more. “Masteeeer’s Torso…satisfactor-r-rrry~” Her slowly tilted to the side and looked almost she was spaced out.

Just after that her head snapped to the other side, and her body twitched and straightened back to a more neutral pose, it was as if she was struck by a ‘be-normal’ ray. “I-I’m sorry, I must have-e a glitch in my systems, probably due to a maintenance check I have done poorly. I’m sorry, that was weird.”

“Uh-huh.” I said, now looking at her with questioning eyes. I then held her arm and shoulder, expecting her to flop down like a ragdoll.

Seeing me holding her in preparation caused her to squirm and move erratically. At first I thought she was glitching again, in which I held her closely this time, both my hands now wrapped around her back. She looked at me, unsure if she was reacting with a worried or blank face. I’m not sure since she switches between them, which proves my fear that she is definitely experiencing some big glitch. In fear, I gently motioned her to the bed and let her lay down. But then she snapped and wrapped her arms around my back, bending her knees suddenly and hitting me at the shins. The sudden impact made me wince and caused me to lose balance, making us both fall down. Luckily both of us fell down on the bed, with me on top of the now glitching Makyin.

“YYYEeerrr-M-Master…Mmm sexual intercourssss.” Her voice muffled against my chest. Her legs were on both of my hips, then which stiffly rose upwards. A familiar soft whirring noise can be heard within Makyin as her legs seem to bend and move around. Suddenly her legs closed inwards, squeezing my hips tightly. What is happening? What are you doing, Makyin?!

“M-Makyin, now’s not the time-” I said struggling, but her legs were locked, her twitchy movements made it impossible for me to squeeze out from this. My face starts to redden, not just the blood circulating into my face due to the tight grip being inflicted by my robot wife, but into the compromise we just both got ourselves into. I pulled myself up; the both of us were looking astonished at each other, with her face having a bit of a disoriented look. My chest once again pressed on her soft cushy chest. Warm and soft, like her body. Her rigid and stiff movements, almost trying to push me out, reached out and pressed her delicate hands to my breasts.

“L-Loooow Ene-Ener…g-gy…Sorry Masteeerrr… Want you-u-u.” She said, her voice sounding less human and more like it came from a speaker phone; it still sounded human, but was gradually degrading. At this point, she must be running out of energy. It must be when she blew me last night that made her act this way. However, that was last night, and we didn't do it for that long. Was giving me that deepthroat so energy consuming? If so, why didn't she charge after? Was it not enough? Maybe she didn’t charge at all. Most importantly, why is this turning me on so goddamn much?!

“T-This Makyin Unit has loww energy…needs to put into…loaaading response, low energy is cauuusssing slow responses Massterrrr-rrrr-r.” This… This stupid, sexy robot. Her hands are all over me, her plump legs are twitching all over, and we are in bed, jerking around like fallen wind up toys. My shirt is ruined, I’m going to be late, my wife has a low battery and is going to shut down, and I’m getting damn horny thinking about it. I have who knows many minutes left before work; how much time do I have?

“You…you stupid robot, you should have charged more.” I grabbed her thighs with all my strength and lifted myself up into the bed, pushing her enough for my member to press against her crotch. I was breathing heavily and squinted at her, she noticed and looked at me, twitching in anticipation.

“S-Ssssex? Sooo… Morning? …You-l-l be late…D-do…n.”

“You should have rested, or at least told what’s wrong.” I would have understood and done the chores this morning. I unzipped my pants, pulling my now growing penis out and flopped it right unto Makyin’s smooth skin. Makyin looked down, wide eyed and motioned her mouth open and tongue out. Even in a low power mode, you’ll still have the programs and robot brain cells to make it look like your craving for dick.

“Masssteeer…Peniiiss~ D-...Master Dooon-.”

“Why do you have to be so hard headed, doing everything you need to satisfy me?” I started to get sexually frustrated, which made me want to go into her more. I went in, hand on her breast and groped her, the other working its way to unzip and pull down her skirt and panties. Part of me wants to know what type of panties she was wearing, part of me wants to wedgie her and see if she has enough energy to muster a pained moan from her, but most of it wants to pull it down and position my dick in. I planted my entire weight on top of her, then leaned into her neck and nibbled on it, tasting the warm synthetic skin and biting lightly. It tastes of something like bitter soap and cream; not sure if she moisturized beforehand or if her skin just tastes like that. Makyin writhed and expectantly craned her neck to the other side for me to bite more into.

“M-Mmm dermal chassis de-detect… small impacts on neck regiooo-MmmMaster likes my skinn~” She said, her voice now sounded more sultry despite the glitchy voice, getting more into it as I continued.

“You are such a persistent, dense, and loveable smut android.” I said, looking deep into her eyes, the camera lenses in those eyeballs became so clear this close. I looked at her, frustrated and determined, wanting and pleasing. All this, I wonder, what I’m feeling; is that what Makyin is feeling right now? She must be; an android like her has to feel the same way as me. She has to be just as horny as me. I want to know, I want her to…

“Fuck it.” I said, grabbing my dick and positioning it towards the lip of her clit.

“Masteeer you will be-e laate… Don't do i-i-iiiUmmph!~ Ohhh yes!” Her eyes, once dim and soulless for a time, were revitalized with lustful vigor. “Masteee-r-r Dick….haaah” Her voice was still grainy and hazy, but now also sounded more lewd and energetic like before. “U-using me while being laaat-t-te is suu…Bad idea-a-aaa-Errrr But cannot disobeyyy dick! N-Never Disobey Mastteeer!~” Her hands sprung upwards and wrapped around my neck. She leaned her head in and tried to slip her sloppy tongue into my lips. “Is real-ly…low bat-bat-...brained Slut!~ Master alw-always has to compromis-ise for this sexboooot-t-t.” I obliged with the tongue and proceeded to exchange natural and artificial saliva with each other. “Su-Such a caring and lov-ving Hum-Human! Huma-Human be-Human prompt compl-Complimenting Humans are grea-Copulating with humans is great!” She said, her shameless love for my species is turning me on so much as I was pounding her plump robot cunt. “M-Mmm~ Gene dick so-so-ssex-sexceeeded pleasurable levels!~” Her legs locked me in, her legs still moved in weird, robotic ways, but at least she tries to make it easier for me to hump her by making her hip region limp. I moved my hips back and forth, the wet slaps of my hips hitting her crotch was such a pleasant and bestial feeling.

“Y-Yeah, Yes its your fault for me making f-feel…-fuck! But I love you too Makyin” I said, unflatteringly. I reached in and tried to grope her breast once more. Makyin, on the other hand, grabbed my wrist in fast succession and pressed my palm deep into her right breast. No pain or uncomfort from her, just pure glitching lust.

“Harderr…to th-think…Is sorry? Ye-Yess Yes, so sorry! Will be-beetter Sexbot for you!” Her hand fumbles and squeezes my occupied hand several times. Everytime I squeezed and groped, her hand danced around it, seemingly trying to help me grope her breast, until finally she achieved what she was trying to do and intertwined her hand with mine, both of us groping her breast. It was so hot, if not for the fact that I’m fondling her soft flesh balloons without any worry.

Minutes passed and the wet sloshing of my cock coming in and out of her pussy made it audible in the room we were in. I grunted at each thrust of my dick, and Makyin let out yelps and moans of static pleasure. Her movements became more and more jerky. Her hands around me moved stiffly, moving up and down and changing grips at every part of my back. Makyin’s expressions were no different; her face was full of glee, but was occasionally interrupted with an eye twitch, and or followed by her neck clicking, something that can be heard up close to where I am. I should be panicking and try to plug her into a port or something, but this entire thing is so goddamn hot, and Makyin seems to agree as well. Both of us want this to continue. I pulled out for a bit. Makyin finally released her legs around my hips and set me free, but she knew that I wasn't going to stop. She smiled; drool came down from the edge of her lips, which she licked up slowly and seductively as her head tilted to the other side, waiting for my next move. I reached below and shoved three fingers into her; my thumb in her cunt, the other two in her asshole.

`Makyin didn’t scream this time, but she arched her back forwards, Her mouth agape and showing the thrilling feeling. A moment later, she fell back down on the bed. “Extreme-mely lowww battery 14 percennn-...Mmm!~ Sh-Shame no di-dick in me…felt really gooo-beeep berrrror-overextensive usage-eee of this unittsss-But your fingers feel good tooo-Ah!” She said just as I was about to overload her pleasure limits by suckling her left boob, then her nipple. “M-Mmm Alw-Always love Masterr-danger low battery-Love Master use my tiiiits-Danger tearing in dermal skin-nnnmm!~”

As I was fondling her, I faintly heard soft stretching noises, followed by the growing sounds of servos and whirring. I stopped for a moment and looked on at Makyin’s chest, now horrified at what I had done.

“Oh-Oh Shi-Your chest! It’s cut open!.” A large cut around and over her left breast and down to her gut opened. The skin peeled back, revealing the white and gray metal beneath.

“Oh No-Nooo… Error sh-should have applied more adhess-sive…” She said, bending to the side unintentionally, causing the cut to open more and reveal more of her metal interior.

My heart started to beat really fast, and the panic started to set in. All the worries and the fear of breaking her all came rushing in, causing me to stiffen up, making me unsure of what to do next. I looked at the gash of her skin, revealing her smooth and metal endoskeleton underneath. The small and writhing movements of pseudo muscle underneath it, which are bundled into wires and stuck underneath the layer of skin, were now made visible for me to see. I would have been more shocked and terrified if I did not know what she was already. I knew what she was underneath; it was obvious, and I did have some glimpses and previous accounts of seeing what she was under the hood. Still, it’s so uncanny seeing it. She jerked around, side to side; the hole widened and narrowed the more she writhed in her malfunctioning state. The state she was in was also a bit enticing, to say the least. It’s odd, but Makyin doesn't seem that overly worried about this. Shouldn’t she be? I know I would.

Even until now, she continued on. Her hips, while stiff in movement, still kept a modicum of effort in having intercourse with me. It's kinda like being pressed by the gentlest industrial press over and over and over again. Meanwhile, A soft whirr was heard behind me. One of her legs finally gave out and seemed to be limp, out of energy. Now only one remained, still clinging to my hips.

“Mm-Ex-Expooosed circuits dangeeeer.” Makyin said plainly, in her droning voice. “Pl-Pleasure s-still not ach-chieved, activity has to stop Masster…Don-Don… want to beeee breaaak~”

However, against all my better judgment, I decided to press on. I grabbed her hips, gripping her squishy flesh, and continued to thrust. Makyin reacted with a yelp and a few grunts and moans. She stared back at me, hazy and twitchy-eyed. The bed rocked as Makyin was moving more and more robotically and with little movement. Then, at that moment, she let out an exhaustive moan and reached towards me, grabbing my shoulder and fondled her right breast.

“A-Ahh!~ Command acknow-acknowledge! Please fuck me sill-y!” She said, her excessive groping and her hips moving made the cut open more, revealing more of her shiny endoskeleton underneath.

The room was now filled with moans, grunts and the mechanical noises within her. The whirring of her gears, hisses of air coming in and out from her body, and the grinding noises of metal on metal were now abundantly clear for me to hear. She rose up, her upper half bending forward; the act made a loud hissing noise as her metal chassis bent inward. The right breast she fondled before now had its skin peeled off completely, revealing the white translucent sack underneath. She wrapped her arms around my neck. She pulled me in, this made me wrap my arms hers as well. Our chests met again, but this time the exposed chassis felt sticky and hard, and the subtle movements on her malleable metal felt strange yet exciting. The only difference now was her sac that was once her breast felt even more squishy, with the warm stuffing felt on my skin; Is it some kind of liquid? Or some kind of gel? Either way, it feels weird but also very good.

Makyin moaned more and more until her mouth overflowed with drool. “Y-You-you’re so br-breaking hard!” Her right leg spasms and drops down; both of her legs were now unresponsive as I dicked her down. My legs started to buckle as I was coming closer. “Lo-Losing power…won-wont be…have energy.” I continued my thrusting; the grinding mess her body made and the wet sloshing sounds of my dick coming in and out was so damn arousing. “F-Fiiiivveee percent. Won’t have energy left Gene…finisshsssh me guuud.” Her voice now sounded a bit more euphoric than glitchy. I humped more and more until finally. “D-Do it! Fuck Me so goo-ood! A-Ahhh!” With a loud grunt, I came inside her. She in turn writhed in ecstasy as she usually does, but with the added benefit of moving stiffly and having half her skin torn off, showing off her amazing yet uncanny metal chassis within. “Yesssh-CRITICAL LOW BATTERR-AHHH” She screamed in her frailing glitchy mess. A few moments passed and a loud hiss came out from her. “Your t-tasty great semen i-insiiiideee-…You…did…it Mashhhhte…FORCE Shutdowwnnn…” She said before she finally went rigid. Her entire body powered down as multiple systems in her whirr slowly and faded out.

Her body slowly went limp, her face now only projecting pure bliss. I then fell down right next to her. I looked at her as her deactivated smile stared back at me. I felt satisfied for a moment before the inevitable shame kicked in. I just fucked my robot wife into deactivation. Way to go me, fucking jackass. I let out a deep breath and sighed, looking up for a moment and looked at the alarm clock at the night stand. Yup, I’m gonna be late. Great, not only did I do that to Makyin, but now I have to give my superiors a reason as to why I was late. I should have listened to Makyin and been freaking reasonable. I sighed, then whispered sorry into Makyin’s ear and pressed my face under the cushions, exhausted. I looked at her one more time, still having that lewd face, smiling. I have to make this right.

“I'm such an ass.” I rose up sluggishly from the bed and went towards the exit. Before that though, I have to charge her back up. I don't think I have time to wait, so I have to do this before I leave and hope she will be okay when I’m home. I should also probably call the technician to see if she is broken. Either way, I need to give her something more in return after this. I have to make it up to her. Oh god, I hope I didn't actually break her.

I’m in so much trouble.

I slouched on my chair and stared intently at the long list of spreadsheets and softcopy paperwork as they filled up on my desktop. The list of documents was around 30 to 50 pages, and I had to make sure the data was properly inputted and had not gone empty in the files done by the system. I glanced back at the table, as another problem was given to me; A pile of unsigned and unchecked paper queued up for me. I felt sick looking at them, feeling as if I might pass out from all this paperwork that I have to do. I have been late coming to work, and while my superiors were considerate enough to give me a warning and not something serious, the work piled on makes up for my tardy behavior. Although I’m pretty sure this type of punishment was a bit too much for being 30 minutes late to work. After everything this morning, I deserve it.I sighed and looked back at the screen, trying to finish through all of these messages and files I had piled up on the office computer.

Soon it became mid-day. Half of the work is done, just had to finish encoding them and then move on to the actual physical copies. My stomach growled and my back was aching after so long staring at the screen. I rest my head down on the desk and take a minute to process, resting my eyes.

“Dang, still haven’t finished those papers yet champ?” A smug voice came from the other side of my cubicle, almost booming and sounding cheerful. Feeling worn out, I let my head flop to the side, facing to where the voice was coming from.

I was greeted by a large, bulky man, sitting on an office chair, leaning against the thin wall divider that separates our work cubicle from one another. He stood around 6 feet, maybe more from where he was sitting. He had a bodybuilder physique, with each of his muscles and biceps accentuating his tone and ripped shape. He actually has fair light skin, which was a bit surprising considering how much he goes out to exercise. He had short wavy black hair with a well shaved beard, showing off his chiseled face and chin. He wore the same long sleeve white shirt as me, and had blue slacks and black loafers. He had a bright smug on his face as he looked at my haggard self, right shoulder leant against the wall and the other holding a tumbler full of what I presumed to be his protein shake.

“How ya holding up Gene? Did the boss’s extra paperwork kill you already?” He said scooting close to me. His already hulking form overshadows my frail weakened body.

“No Mike, sadly I don't have the insurance to pay for my funeral.” I groaned, begrudgingly rose back up and went back on the screen.

“Hmm, that's unfortunate, you should’ve just asked them to refuse some of the workload, considering that you seem to have a hard time managing to finish them all.” He took a quick swig of his tumbler after responding.

“Yeah, I don’t think that's possible considering I was late this time. And they found out I haven’t finished some requirements of last week's agenda.”

“Oh that’s bullcrap, no one did last week’s inventory check and recheck all the work done on that sale.”

“Yeah, well that's the life of a salaryman, don't do what they say, they give you twice the work as punishment.” I said, endlessly typing and scrolling passed the feed of info from my spreadsheet.

“I say that’s against worker’s rights!” Mike exclaimed, slamming his fist on the desk; My table creaked at the initial impact. “You and I both know you are one of the most hardworking officers working in this entire office, more so than me!” He said, patting my shoulder. “You shouldn’t work yourself too hard, especially with a broad waiting for you at home.” He smiled at that,clearly nudging me regarding my wife. The words are encouraging, but I don't think it would be enough to encourage me to bail out on this yet.

I scoffed at him and continued to type. Impatiently though, he grabbed the entire stack of paper suddenly and leant back to his chair and looked at it closely. “H-Hey! Don’t touch that! C’mon Mike, I need that to be filled up before the end of the weekend.” I said in panic.

“No you won't, I’ll handle this bro. You finish up whatever you're doing on the computer and wait for me so we can finally have lunch. I'm getting peckish just from looking at your sorry state.” A snicker came out from his lips before he poked a little jab at me.

I quickly tried to grab the paper from him, not just wanting to be upstaged, but rather not giving him the burden I had. He in turn pushed me away with his beefy hand and held the stack high. “Ah-ah! No, you finish that. I’ll worry about this.” He said in assert. I tried a few times in swiping it, in which he stopped me with just one arm. Seeing no point I relented, he just patted me in the shoulder when I did. “Good, now stop trying to be a stinking robot, relax, and finish up.”

I sighed and nodded back, looking back at the screen. I do feel the literal burden of me was gone though, and I feel a bit better now since I don't have to worry about too much. I looked back at Mike and he was nonchalantly flipping through the pages and seeing the contents within. He grabbed a pencil and twirled it around, leaning back at his chair and continued to read; The small frame of the chair creaked as he slanted more, making himself more comfortable in his workstation. His calm and confident demeanor is envious, and it's making me want to finish this. Not wanting this opportunity to waste, I focused all my effort into efficiently encoding and finishing up all the files in my computer, making sure that I would finish this as soon as possible for Mike, and of course Makyin.

“...Thanks buddy.” I said as I furiously typed away at the keyboard.

“Yeah yeah, thank me later when we go out for lunch; I got coupons for the nearby restaurant and I want to get that 50% off, and I want you to come,” he said. My stomach immediately growled as he said that.

“Do they still offer the special meal this week?” I said, my mouth a bit watery at the claim.

“That's for us to find out bro~” We both smiled at this and went back to work.

The restaurant we went to was sadly full; they had no spare seats for us to take. We just ended up getting take outs, then went back to the office and planned to eat there. The food Mike got was downright delectable: two pieces of glazed lemon steak with scallops. The heat from the carton box I held was hot, and the smell of it made my mouth water a bit; no doubt that what Mike had was no different. We both walked side by side at the hallway leading to the office space we worked. We both chit-chatted on the way there.

“And before you believe it, he listened to my advice. Because a week later, this kid was doing 5 to 10 reps now. Isn't that inspiring?” Mike said, his deep voice had a cheery tone when talking about his gym escapades.

“Yeah, but isn’t it a bit too early for him? I mean, it’s his first time, and doing that seems a bit too extreme for a newbie.” I responded, holding the carton box carefully.

“Oh he’ll be fine, one of my guys is his personal coach; he makes sure to be his spotter as well.” He reassured me with a big grin on his face.

“Well if you say so.”

“I know so Gene, I’m sure that dude will-”

He said before he crashed into a small figure in front of him. It took a moment before realizing what had happened. We were both so engrossed by our talking that we did not see where we were going or who Mike bumped into. Or rather, what Mike bumped into. The thing was at waist level and it was akin to a small metal shelf rack, with a boxed head at top. It has a white sheen on it, hiding the black metal bars underneath to give it a clean facade. Each compartment was filled with various office tools and documents stacked on each other, filling all 4 of them top to bottom, it creaked and let out a grinding sound whenever its 4 wheels tried to move against Mike’s burly body. Its box head had a black screen in front, flashing white, then showing a compressed smiley face on it.

“Excuse me please! you are blocking the way, please step aside,” the robot said. Its voice was compressed and in low quality; its voice mimicking a friendly female.

Mike grunted and stepped back, then walked to the right to try and move past it. It however moved to its left and blocked the way again. Once again Mike tried to go the opposite way but was once again blocked by the robot, saying the same excuse prompt once more.

“Excuse me please! You are blocking the way, please step aside.”

“Oh you’ve got to be-This useless piece of…” Mike fumed, his grip on his food was almost being crushed. Finally Mike decided to take things in his own hand. “Here take this.” He shoved the food into my hands and then grabbed the bot from both its sides.

“Warning! You are moving this bot and handling it unregulated, please step away from me to avoid serious harm.” It said in a cheery tone.

But Mike did not listen, as he bent down momentarily and wrapped his arms around and gripped its bars before lifting it up, effortlessly. The 2 ton bot flashed a warning again before Mike turned around and dropped the bot down, carelessly crashing it onto the ground. The voice glitched and stuttered, its voice unintelligible. After a few moments, it started to wheel forward, its gears and wheels screeching as it moved along in a semi zigzag, probably having its wheels busted from the impact.

“You know that was a priceless bot you just broke.” I scolded.

“That metal box isn't broken, it's moving perfectly fine, away from its annoying presence from us.” He said in a soft spiteful tone.

“You could get in trouble if anyone saw you did that”

“No I won't, besides. Like all robots, they’re unnecessary and a waste of money. That thing moves at a snail's pace; a total waste of investment in this department.” He remarked at the bot, even as it limped away out the door. And just as it was out of view, Mike’s expression went into a complete 180 and smiled back at me. “Now can I have my box please? Can't wait to eat this!”

I nodded, somewhat scared at Mike’s demeanor before giving him the box. He opened his box and produced a loud sucking sound, air coming in between his teeth. “Crap, they put potato mash on my food, now it's mushed with my scallops. Damn it. Hey wanna get the scallops with potatoes on ‘em?”

“O-Oh yeah, sure man, when we're in the office kitchen.” I quickly snapped back out from the fright from before.


During our lunch time, I can’t help but think about that robot that Mike negligently breaking that bot with no care whatsoever. Even after we sat down and began to dig in, Mike doesn't seem to have a hint of remorse as to what he did to it. Even as he took a bit of his steak, he didn't seem bothered by it.

“Hey uhh, what do you think that small robot is doing right now?” I said as I sliced my potato infused scallop in half and took the half into my mouth with a fork.

Mike eyed me, his mouth filled with food. He chewed slowly before swallowing it down and shrugged. “I dunno, carrying stuff around. Why?”

“I dunno, you kinda busted its wheels good and probably broke its voice modulator or something.”

“Hmm, yeah I suppose, but it was still moving like I said, I’m sure some technician can fix that.” He gestured with his fork, twirling around in the air before plunging it deep into another scallop and taking it into his maw.

“Yeah, but I kinda feel bad for it.” I said bashful, trying to cut the steak in half.

“Oh it will be fine, it’s a robot, robots can’t feel. That thing can’t think. Plus, that thing was probably a cheap buy. I’m sure once it breaks, it will be replaced with another cheap copy all the same, all the while reducing our pay and probably miscarrying the wrong tools or files to another office as always with these things.” He sighed at the weird tangent he remarked, and looked at me trying to cut the steak. “You want me to cut that?” I refused the offer.

“Yeah but robots overall are a big boom in our everyday life. I mean, they are slowly making our lives better.”

“Better is still questionable. Bots like that walking shelf rack before are just a drain in our resources, and the new more sleek ones are just a bigger waste, a big giant danger sign for on site accidents, in my opinion. They don't even do the jobs that well.”

“Sounds like you're jealous of them, Mike. Most are very good at what they do; some of them probably have the same carrying strength as you do.”

“Please, nothing can match these guns.” he said, nonchalantly flexing his left muscle, showing off his bulbous biceps at me. “Besides, no amount of shiny metal can replace good hard work and determination that we Mankind had done for thousands of years.”

“You sound like those old geriatric guys who rave about how the way of living is doing things by hand.” I smirked at him, eating the food silently, protesting my advocacy of the robot kind.

“I’m not like that Gene, I’m very well versed in all things tech-y.” He said gesturing with his fingers in making air quotes. “I’m not against progress of technology, I’m saying over-reliance over these things is stupid and counterproductive. I mean, they aren't able to get any jobs without our help. They break easily, and are no doubt a pain to repair. Most just throw them away and replace them with a new one.”

“Hmm… I guess you’re…right”

We chatted and debated for a bit. The more he argues against robots, the more I feel a bit uneasy in continuing the conversation. He genuinely doesn't like robots or any artificial intelligence. It could be even argued that he despises them for how they seem to be used as replacing various jobs from people, in which there is some truth to that. There are people who still think like that, and Mike is definitely one of them. But his ranting was understandable in a layman’s perspective, but his bitterness towards the robot was a bit unjustified. But I was not surprised. Mikey is genuinely a good guy, and a great friend to be around. But his overall views on robots are rather very negative it seems.

Robots over the years have been improved and integrated into society to lessen the workload of man and make life easier for everyone. It's the way of progressing into the new advanced modern era where automation would be in full effect. That would be the idea, but in practice, there are caveats. Robots need specific parts to work, which means more complex machinery is required to consistently produce them. They need programming and a way to use them in the most efficient way possible. However, these parts are not easily available, nothing that can be easily bought or found in the open market less in the general public, and their programming is rather basic; they can easily fail or break. They can be destroyed, and maintaining them can be more costly than just hiring a human being to do their work. The biggest problem is that they are more artificial than intelligent. There are very few that are truly free thinking and what we have now are the most basic ones that can do basic industrial or domestic work. Robots are here, but they are far from what we envision they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do. And only a scant few are useful in doing more complex work… or ones that we can enjoy being with in this case.

“So, How's your wife Gene?” I almost choked on my own food when hearing that.

“Y-yeah she’s fine, she’s uhhh, she’s a bit naggy on me this week.”

“Oh really? What did you do this time? Forgot to properly put the trash in the correct bin? Didn’t wash the plates? Let your wife change diapers instead of you?”

“N-No no… I haven't bought the groceries she wants this week.” I smiled, keeping my cool around Mike.

“Well what are you doing Gene? Buy the woman her groceries! You have a beautiful lady working hard and taking care of your equally beautiful precious baby! And you leave them with no food?” He reprimanded.

“What? No! Well sort of. She wants me to buy some ingredients for making dishes she is planning to make, both for us and Arpheus.”

“Oh shoot really? Darn, your wife is a great cook! Remember when you brought in those veggie fajitas in the kitchen? Those bell peppers tasted great! She has to be like a 1 or 2 star chef with those! She must have a lot of practice done.” He exclaimed, smiling brightly as he complimented my wife’s cooking skills.

“Yeah… She’s a great cook, she was happy when hearing about that.” Although I would agree that my wife is a great cook, considering she has the skills and knowledge literally programmed into her mind to make it into an almost complete replica as seen on cooking shows, I can't help but feel guilty as to not tell Mike the truth about her and her true nature.

“Man, when we have some time, you have to invite me into your home and let me meet your wife finally! She seems such a joy to be around. Maybe even invite both of you to do some work out with me in the gym.”

“Yeah, maybe some other time. She can be quite busy doing… house work, and we don't really have the time since we are tight on budget and… I don't know.” I said, looking nervously at the side, hastily finishing my food and tried to deflect the topic altogether.

“Ah that’s a shame man, you two are such workaholics. Your wife seems so great to meet. She also seems like the type who knows how to take care of one’s health with those dishes she makes.” He smirked right after. He then fished around his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He opened and grabbed a few bills out and handed it out to me. “Here dude, this is for the groceries, make sure you buy the freshest ones for the lady to enjoy.”

My eyes grew wide, for a moment I leant back and put my hand up, refusing the generosity given by Mike. “Mike no please, this is too much. You’ve helped so much today I cant even be able to repay-” I tried to retort.

“Gene, it's fine. We're best friends, you don't need to repay anything back to me. This is on the house. Just make sure to say hi to misses for me and give her a smooch right after.” He smirked again. After a few failed rejections, I finally relented and grabbed the money. The cash was big alright, I can almost buy half a ham with this.

“Thanks Mike, you're a great dude.” I smiled brightly.

“No problem dude. That money is just what I got from winning local lifting tournaments anyway, so it's no biggie. Unlike that tin can from before, or any of those soulless automatas, We humans have to help each other. Gotta look out for each other right?” he grinned down at me, raising his fist at me and hovered it across my face, waiting for me to fist bump.

That last sentence made my smile less bright. Meeting Makyin would be an utter nightmare for both of us, and he could just tear her apart the moment he found out the truth. For now, I just have to keep her from a distance.

“Yeah, fistbump.” I said, I felt sick in the stomach at the same time. The lunch is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Makyin POV

I scanned the entire frame of Arpheus's form in her crib, her expression may indicate drowsiness, due to her inactivity for the past 5 and a half minutes after I had entered her room. I denote that she had not shown signs of discomfort or agitation during… my copulation with Master; she would have resulted in crying because of it. My processing algorithms in my matrix suggest that she may have been asleep during that, but that does not explain why she was awake when I arrived in her crib room. My algorithms within my matrix would further suggest that she may have been awoken either when I opened the door, or some time later when I was not present to see. That assessment is… good; I really do not want Arpheus to hear that, or get woken up by our moaning.

My scanners would indicate a small discrepancy in the area of Arpheus’s room. A plush toy was detected on the floor, presumably fallen and tumbled down away from the rest of the pile of toys I had neatly organized beforehand by about 5.1 inches. I quickly moved to face the small toy and went to it so I may return it to its previous place. I did so but-

A warning flashed on my peripheral view, my HUD then flashed a warning. WARNING CABLE CONNECTION HAS BEEN INTERRUPTED, FIXING CONNECTION, CHECKING CABLE IN PROCESS.

I looked around and saw my cable was sticking out from my nape, stretched and tugged out from the door. Each movement forward constrained my movement in doing so. Further attempts may cause the entire cable to be unexpectedly unplugged from my charging port. I briefly checked my systems to see my energy percentage; 7 percent flashed on my HUD. Fluid movement was disabled leaving rudimentary and efficient locomotion as modes of movement. Facial musculature movement has been disabled. Breathing and voice modulation were also disabled to expedite the charging process. The only possible energy consuming action I can disable is my rudimentary movement.

I looked at Arpheus one more time. My optic scanners note her look towards me and then looking down at my… oh. I should really reattach my dermal chassis back to my body. My inner metal chassis would probably cause irritation to the child as noise within my chassis is audible in this distance… and I’m also naked. I immediately stepped back, turned around and left the room, pressuring myself and my Matrix not to express shame and guilt to my emotional output and then express it outwards through facial expression. Trying not to waste energy while also trying not to hit myself in the head is a difficult task indeed.

I sat at the edge of the bed. Motionless and waiting. My peripheral view only staring at the small wardrobes of both mine and Master in front, and the socket which houses the adaptor for my charging cable. This is then connected to the charging port on my nape with the other end of the cable, charging me in the process. The low droning hum emanates from my chest, the slow grinding and churning of my many piston gears and hissing pneumatics move and work in different intervals underneath my metal sheet. I cannot ascertain, nor know what expression I may be showing. However, considering I have disabled those features, I would most likely express the default blank expression. The percentage was now 12 percent, estimated recommended functioning capability to be approximately 4.6 hours. That would likely be about 20 percent. Manageable, however not ideal. A complete charge may take 18 hours, then I have to repair my skin; that would take almost the entire day to complete. I would sigh, but I could not, I am only to process and assess in my own Matrix core.

The next set of emotions I would exhibit now would be a conflicting line of displeasure and understanding, all data that pertain to Master Gene. The cause was simple and logical to my programming, however it is conflicting due to the nature of it. The likely cause is… why did you have to have sex with me Master?! Error, redundant question, Master is not here. Again, exhibiting the same conflicting nature bug I encountered again. I would have to properly fix this as soon as possible as it is draining my energy and taxing my processors. For now I must leave my minor malfunction as is, as to not tax my system further.

But seriously?! Why can't he just wait for night time to do it?! Or just asked when he had woken up? Morning blowjobs or other early day sexual activities had excited his mood and satisfaction before, and previous accounts proved this. Why did he engage me in intercourse while I was clearly dissuading him of further actions?

Logic error, Master’s order and actions upon this unit is not to be impeded unless it causes harm or discomfort to himself. Well that's obvious to know, But this is a different set of situations. I’m stopping him as I am not fully powered. I needed to stop him, since the likelihood of my engagement in the act would likely have caused me to shut down and incomplete the intercourse. There is also the more important note is my open chassis. The chance of harm on Gene would have increased greatly, probability of it to suddenly electrical shocks to him would be great, or cause lacerations due to the many sharp edges to my chassis. Not only that, he would have been late to his job. I can't let him pork me while he may be tardy in his work! What kind of irresponsible loving android would I be if I did? Logic error. Master’s order and actions upon this unit is not to be impeded unless it causes harm or discomfort to himself. Hmm, fair enough.

Logic error. Process of assessment is flawed. This unit took precedence of copulation and completion of task rather than the health risk of this unit's owner, this unit is experiencing high outputs of emotional data and causing distress in its Matrix core. Oh yeah, I should really calm down a bit. Also I’m right, why did I focus more on sex than the risk of danger towards Master? Oh human gods, this bug is messing with my logic centers. I'm thinking illogically, the worst kind of thinking to a robot. I should just disable my higher processing function of Matrix and just go into Default mode and wait out my charging session. The incessant use of my emotional output is stressing my processors too much.

I am still questioning the probable reasons as to why Master acted such. I should just leave it alone, but that kind of action warrants a bit of investigation, probably a bit of hypothetical or assumptions on algorithmic programs? No, that's nonsensical, like I said, don't think, let Master do his thing. Even so, my assumptive results may not be accurate or correct at all. I require more processing of this information… The best action would be to wait and confront Master about this event to better understand and comprehend the actions done by him. So the only required prompt this unit should do is wait.

…He has said that he warned me of charging, so he must have known of my condition. However, why did he engage when I tried to push him away? I was at 15 percent at the time, so I still had enough energy to freely move even in low power. My audio sensors did hear him during that time frame where he seemed to struggle during that. Was my movement somehow misconstrued as something else? I entered my database and looked into past logs and shifted through records of this day, then found the record and analyzed its logs and prior inputs and information. I enabled a few of my processing chips and put more algorithmic programs to see and how this all occurred.

Oh, oh I see. I was constricting him of movement; the joints and overall movement became rigid and bolted Gene in place. The act and current position I was in must have been interpreted as an engagement to sex. Oh dear, I also touched his chest and my speech was stuttered! I know I was previously programmed to have more programs that include sexual protocols, but this was obscene! I was losing power and had drastically hindered my processing power, lowering my Matrix functions. Then even after that, I continued the intercourse even after knowing I was going to be deactivated!

Logic error, further copulation caused the unit’s Matrix to continue the act even in such low energy conditions. Sigh… At least I did finish it, that was such a major fluke for both me and Master. Now I wish to smack my head at that. I currently exhibit emotional outputs of shame on both this unit and Master. I am still displeased by the previous act done by Master, even though it was still enjoyable, but also acutely aware of this unit’s fault as well. I should note this event and discuss Master on making a schedule on our frequent sex sessions. Yes, that can be arranged. That way, this won't happen again and it would be in safe parameters; Both parties would be satisfied and neither have to sacrifice precious time when doing it. I should still discuss this with Master as to not do such hasty and dangerous act with this unit again, but the scheduled sex is more important.

Hmm, revisiting such recording in my logs though does invoke the arousal in my arousal levels. Although a hastily and frowned act upon both me and Master to do, I still could not ignore such data, as it actually felt pleasurable. Mmmph, his stiff and magnificent rod hitting my vaginal module back and forth was once again an ecstatic experience, and his proper and proper handling of my body, most notably my breast was added to my pleasure levels. Oh~ and when he saw my internal chassis, so shamelessly open and exposed, revealing the metal bending stretching, no doubt the many actuators, gears and wires screaming and hissing as he manhandled me, almost as if my system to was in pained pleasure, Ah~

Warning, excessive processor power use, the charging process slowed. Yes, I should stop now, before I deactivate in pleasure again.

Gene POV

I opened the door and went in, plastic bags filled with food and other essentials needed for Makyin and stuff for the apartment. First thing that greeted me was a pouting and rather angry expression of a blonde android, crossing her arms below her chest; Staring at me squinting with those jade eyes. It is almost normal that Makyin would wait for me at the door before my arrival when she has nothing to do, so I wasn't surprised that she was standing there in the first place. Although her angry face floods back all the guilt I felt from before.

“Welcome home Master. You’re early for once. Have you had a good time at work?” She put emphasis on good. I’m in so much trouble. I put down the groceries and sucked up enough air to puff up my chest.

I immediately pounced at her and hugged. “I am so sorry.” I said profusely. “I’m such a dolt, I thought I broke you, I may even have. I swear I will make it up to you. I will spend time with you and try and make up everything I did, I-” I rambled on. Overall, my plea was truthfully pathetic, but I made it as clear as possible in apologizing to her about how bad I messed up.

After a bit I took a step back and let her process. I know it won't be much, but this should be a start, and I should definitely try to make up to her. She may be broken and require some repairs that I may be of use in doing instead of her doing herself. I should also ask my supervisors for leaving work tomorrow or the next few days so I can be with her and-

Wait! She’s twitching. Oh god is she malfunctioning?! I instinctively moved close, seeing what damage I might have caused before and-.

“Apology accepted, Master.” She said suddenly. The frown on her face slowly grew back to a weak and into an almost understanding smile. She dropped her hands down and then clasp them back together, squeezing her chest in between. “I understood and accepted the intentions you did. You were experiencing a stimulating situation that was exacerbated with my rather… suggestive and erratic behavior when at low energy.” She said, blowing air out of her mouth, simulating it as a sigh. She looked at the side and looked apologetically with her eyes, yet still kept her scolding mannerisms. “However, your assessment is correct. What we did was erratic, dangerous…and hot.”

“Yes I know and- wait what did you say-.”

“E-Error in my speech programs. I meant to say it was hazardous to your health and mine. We should avoid such actions from happening so that you may not be hurt by me, and this unit experiencing a critical malfunction, greatly causing in turn being nonfunctional and compromised,” she said in a stern and stoic manner.

I of course let out a deep sigh, then just reached in and hugged again. Again whispering sorry to her in her ear softly. She reciprocated and hugged me in return, patting me in the back, rubbing her head against mine. “I presumed in my algorithms that you would think that your subservient android would not be angry at her user due to her being incapable of being as such to you. Did you assume otherwise to be true?” She said in a sort of a sly manner.

“W-well yeah, I would be too if I was dumped and left with half my skin torn off, I’d be furious! Plus you looked at me angry from before. Isn’t that enough to warrant me thinking so?”

“Hmm, the thought process is clear, but I was merely 21% irritated, 25% displeased. 54% of emotions I am exhibiting right now were concerned for you Master.”

“So you were acting mad?”

“Negative, still mad~ But I am now quite satisfied by this welcoming hug you have provided me. You were early too this time, so you are improving.” She chuckled at that in which I hugged tighter.

I looked behind her and noticed the long protruding connector, attached to her back and its long cable running down below her and out in the entrance, plugged to an extension cord and its wire running along out of view. “Are you fine though?”

“Yes, I am fine Master, you just simply used all of my power to have sex with me which caused me to force shutdown. You could say ‘you fucked me to sleep~’” She joked, in which I cringed and hugged her more.

We were in the living room now. I lightly dabbed the foundation brush on the long cut on Makyin’s chest. Dabbing the brown makeup onto the brush and lightly dab and sometimes brushing it to mask it. “And you said it would take how long to completely heal?”

“Around 6 hours, 12 minutes for the adhesive to mold the skin together and completely seal up the incision, thus the damage would be reversed.” She said in an instructional voice. We both sat at the couch, Makyin was simply half naked while I did work on the cut and masking it with the makeup she has with her.

She looked at my careful hands applying the makeup, unfazed that I am doing this while her breast was exposed. I suppose this doesnt warrant a sexual response from her, more like maintenance and repairing her body. “Right, I’m sorry for tearing your skin Maky.”

“Your apology is unwarranted. The incision was not out of your actions during our sex session, rather it was from a previous maintenance I did the previous day. The incision did not completely seal up, thus was open once more when you groped my chest repeatedly.”

“That’s… I still opened your wound either way Makyin, the fault is still on me.” I said, grabbing another brush from the box set aside, filled with various makeup tools Makyin uses and then putting back the previous I used.

“That is true… I still dislike your profuse apology to me, Master. All future apologies pertaining to this event are forgiven. Now please make my chest pretty.” I snickered at her last remark.

Makyin smiled as she observed me working, tilting her head occasionally, presumably doing her usual scanning and analyzing quirk as usual. I looked at this and sort of mockingly tilt my head at the same direction Makyin is. She looked at me and tilted at the other side, I did so the same. “Is there something wrong, Master?”

“Not just like seeing my owl of a wife curiously use her robot eyes to scan me.” I smiled, smudging my thumb at her skin, spreading the cosmetics evenly in one part.”

“It is standard for me to occasionally observe and retrieve data that I deem important or useful.”

“Oh, so my makeup skills are good?” I cracked a smile.

“Negative, you are subpar…for being a perfect Master hehe~” She said, reaching down and grabbed the brush from my hand.

“Here, please see how I do it properly. Look carefully Master, so you may do it yourself without my supervision. ” I nodded and listened to what she had to say.

A few minutes later, the masking was done, and the cut was barely visible. “Looks good as new Makyin!”

“Very satisfactory. My dermal chassis may not be fully repaired, but this can obscure the cut from being an eyesore. Plus Master can see my pleasing boobies~” She cooed, taking her black bra and putting it back on.

“Yeah, well I don't think I would be going near them for a while considering what happened.”

“That is correct. Speaking of, in light of said event, I suppose we should make sure this would not happen again. Thus I recommend a schedule for your carnal usage of this unit.” She said, putting a finger up and waving it at me.

“Schedule? Oh okay, that's fair. How would this work?”

“I would make a set time, day and night, for when we may engage in intercourse. Modifications can be made if special occasions arise.”

“Oh okay, and how can we make sure our… ‘session’ won't get too rough that I might hurt you again?”

“That shouldn’t be an issue, the cut was merely a set of unfortunate events that coalesced into an unavoidable incident.” She said as a matter of fact.

“Yeah, but how would you be sure?” I said furrowing my brow.

“I am certain that would not happen again.”

“Yeah, but what if it do-”

“Master, trust me, it won’t.” She said, putting her hand on my shoulder. I was suspicious of her certainty, but I’ll trust her. I simply nodded and smiled back.

Makyin smiled back, looking at the side once more and spotted the bags of groceries I bought. “Oh wonderful, Master! You brought this week's groceries!”

“Yeah, but I also bought some extra stuff and ingredients for you to use in making really good meals for us and Arpheus.” I smirked at her, proud of my purchase while fixing up the makeup set. “Now we don't have to rely on precooked noodles or plain hotdogs for a while!”

Makyin just tilts her head once more, processing what I said and just reaching for one of the bags and looking inside and checking its contents. She looked back at me with worry and shock. “Several items that I detect are way above the adjusted budget you are able to use. How many did you buy and why did you buy them if we are limited to the proposed budget?”

I simply waved at her dismissively. “No, don't worry about that. A friend just gave me money to buy it.”

“Really? Who?”

“Oh, it was Mike.” I said, in which Makyin’s worried lips flipped into a bright smile.

“You humans truly are the most benevolent species! I have not heard from Mike for a while. How is he, dear Master?” She said, taking a can out from the bag and scanned the ingredients written on it.

“Oh, you know, he’s still drinking protein shakes and still built like a bull. The usual.” I nonchalantly waved my hand around explaining the bulk of that man.

“Mhm, it seems his frequent workout regiment and intake of protein supplements still sustain his big physique. Very good for him!” She said before leaning close to me. “So wait, he gave you money to buy this?”

“Yeah, he figured he wanted to help me since I have been working too much, and probably struggled a bit as well, money and such.”

“...O-Oh.” her smile seemed to dampen a bit, looking back at what she held and at the other bags I bought. “Well… that is very charitable for him.”

“Yeah. Is something the matter?” I noticed the sudden shift of mood she showed.

“N-Nothing. I’m glad a friend like Mike can be so generous. I would like to meet him soon and thank him for this. Maybe we can engage in joint cooking and make some vegan dishes or something with similar high nutritional value!” She said, and now my mood changed to awkwardness;I immediately began to dismiss this.

“Y-Yeah, sadly he’s uhh, busy with stuff, so that may not happen so soon… or at all.” I glanced to the side, scratching my head.

“Oh, that is unfortunate. What is he so busy with, if I may ask?” She questioned. I really don’t like her to know that as well.

“Oh… you know, lifting weights. Working the same 9 to 5… lifting weights.” I shodilly said, hopefully that would satisfy her curiosity.

“Understandable, his description I gathered from you does seem that he is very engaged in mid to high intensity workouts, so It is normal for him to lift weights that much.” Yes! She bought it. “That is a shame, I would have loved to see your best friend. He seems such a good and great human to converse and interact with as well. Maybe he’d be interested in knowing me and my design and functions? I’m sure some model units built for workouts would be useful for him!”

“Yeaaahhh, I’m sure he’d love to buy a robot.” I rolled my eyes at that.

“Mhmm. I’m sure.” She said before setting aside the groceries and scooting closer to me.

“Well, in this daily after report. Our day had been quite hectic. but my Matrix would surmise that this has been a very fruitful result. I have many meals I can cook for you and Arpheus, and other stuff I can use to spruce up the place. Very positive results indeed.”

Her report made me happy again and nodded at what she said. “Yup, And all thanks to Mike!”

“Thank you Master, Mike, and the great humans for giving such satisfying income!”

“You are very cheery in thanking us Humies today.” I smirked, not really feeling the compliment given.

“I should be! Your race is the reason I was built, and the one who bought me and let me praise them in the first place. Often being quite the ‘delinquent cutie’~” I rolled my eyes at that, but it did make me blush a bit.

“C’mere, you cutiepie.” I said, grabbing her head and rubbing it, ruffling her hair. She giggled like a little girl.

“I am cute for you, yes, but I’m unsure the addition of pie would be appropriate as a description. Unless you meant I am delectable, otherwise that is unwise, but as a form of flattery as in as a sex-” She would continue, but not before lightly slapping her on top of the head.

“No, no horny bot.” I scolded, followed by a long “awwww” from her. I chuckled lightly.

“Understandable Master, shall I cook dinner now?”

“Yeah, you can. Want me to help you and wash the vegetables and organize the pantry?” I said standing up, reaching for the other bags.

“Hmm, I think it should best be that you change into your night garments and wait while I prepare the food.” She said standing up as well.

“Cool, so prepare the vegetables you need and then organize them into their respective places, gotcha.” I said walking towards the kitchen. I catch a glimpse of Makyin puffing her cheeks and looked at me annoyed.

“Master! Stop ignoring my advice! You are doing it again! I thought we had settled this matter already!” She marched towards me in a little hissy fit.

I snickered and put the bags onto the counter, both of us grabbed aprons, one was pink and the other was black. Makyin and I wore both of them respectfully.

“Can’t stop this delinquent cutie, Makyin. You are programmed not to after all.” She looked at me pissy, I responded with a wide grin. “So, what are we having today?” I said as we are both placing all the stuff on the counter.

“Garlic Butter Fish.” She said, taking the cold prepackaged cod fish out. “Do we have lemon juice?”

“I have these lemons, will they work?” I held two in both hands. She nodded and grabbed one.

What a strange day this was. I thought this would be very hectic, with Makyin shutting down, and Mike’s little tangent, but it worked out in the end. Guess I got out easy. I just hope this thing won't happen again. Which reminds me-


"Awwwh~ My daily requirement of Master's kiss has been fufilled!" Makyin said touching the cheek where I kissed.

One smooch on the cheek later we started working on dinner together. Thanks, Mike.

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