Late Night Sabotage

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Late Night Sabotage

Hi all! Just finished this commission for someone who'd like to remain anonymous. As always, hope you enjoy!


Andrea watched silently as the flurry of customers drew to a crawl. One by one, they moved passed her, choosing to strike up short conversations about who knows with her slower, inferior counterparts. When she first arrived from the factory, she reasoned that perhaps she was too ‘real’. Perhaps the customers were too stupid to know true authenticity even if it was forced to smile at their face.

No matter what she had tried, she’d never been able to make a catch. Despite being the most modern, brand-new model on the show room floor, it didn’t seem to make a difference. She simply grew more envious day by day of the others inability to comprehend what was happening.

Her blue eyes glared at each one of them. Older, simple minded, built with panels and visible joints which made their simplicity all to obvious. She always felt dumbfounded as to why anyone would even consider such a basic machine when a state-of-the-art model stood a few feet away.

Her silent stare, strong and envious, instantly darted to a man who walked in. Freshly dressed with a clean cut look, Andrea instantly shifted her expression as she had hundreds of times before.

Their eyes locked nearly instantly, with the man making a bee line straight to her. Andrea shook her deep red hair such that it rested on her shoulders in a gentle mess, ensuring simultaneously that her boastful chest showed itself off flawlessly. A lustrous grin appeared across her deep red lips as she pulled her Demin shorts up further, revealing more of each long, lean thigh.

“Well now, I haven’t seen you here before” the man began as he closed the gap between them both.

“You could say I’m new. At least the newest out of these brain-dead toys.” She forced a chuckle, her eyes darting to a few of the oldest models in the shop before returning to his.

“Tell me, out of all the robots in here, only I made eye contact. Why?” smirking, she stepped forward, closing their gap as he gave a subtle shrug.

“I’d assume they’re all switched off?” he replied. “Or perhaps…”

“Shh…” she softly cooed, her left finger moving across his lips. “These old bitches are ready for the trash. I on the other hand am new. The best new actually…”

“Now there…” he cut in, “…how can the new be best without being tested? I doubt you girls get to have fun in the backroom after all” smirking, stepping close enough now for Andrea to smell his strong tasteful cologne. “The old have character. Developed personalities and are just as authentic. My last one was very well developed before she broke down…”

“The ‘old’ lack a lot of what I have. The old ‘break down’. I don’t. That thought amuses me even. But I’ll indulge it for just a second. Look around” she pointed down the sides of the shop, home to half a dozen still machines waiting for someone’s company. “Try for instance to talk to any of them. All you’ll get is preprogramed bullshit. Like that one…” she ended with a brunette, standing a few feet to her left side.

His eyes followed, finding the brunette, and stayed on her.

“She’s two revisions removed from being a blow-up doll…” her words trailed off as she realised his attention was lost. After a second, her gaze moved too, turning from soft to firm as that whore stole another man’s interest.

‘Miss popular’ Andrea dubbed her. The one every customer flirted too, appeased with compliments that had the same genuine reaction as if they were spoken to a doorknob. Perhaps the slutty outfit she wore drew them in, which Andrea understood to her credit. They all wore similar outfits after all. But why anyone would stay once her mouth opened was impossible to understand. Full of fluff and written lines, there was no wonder her model was discontinued shortly after its release. ‘A mess of exploits that made her a ticking time bomb’ she heard the store owner complain numerous times. Then again, that idiot didn’t know much anyhow.

Her eyes snapped from the brunette to the man who was now walking over there. That same man who she pulled in, snatched away by that sorry excuse of a doll. Andrea watched as the brunette came to life once the man was merely a foot from her. Andrea watched, listened, recorded.

Every laugh, giggle and compliment she made brought froth anger deep within her. The two stayed there, talking for a long time. Long enough for Andrea to complete a fully detailed simulation of what the bitch would look like sparking from the limbs, her head torn off her primitive body. A scenario she’d played out countless times before.

Those intense computations eventually ended once the man went from her to Jason, the mess of a man who ran the shop. Andrea was sure to listen in as he inquired about purchasing what was named Katie. She was especially surprised to hear him ask about customised programming for the toy as well. Something she could offer without any additional effort.

Just like the other times, Andrea knew what was happening. In that instant, she knew she had to intervene.

Either she was going home with him, or no one was.

Awaking just as her pre-set timer dictated, Andrea’s vision filled with the still, dark room. Not a single soul in sight, with only the pale streetlights giving her electronic eyes enough to see without shifting her vision. As her systems loaded, the memories of that day flashed past, forcing a focused expression to consume her. Stepping into her six-inch heels as her programming oddly demanded, Andrea stepped down from her elevated floor and moved towards the plastic whore named Katie.

The brunette came into detail, with her shiny skin glistening in the weak light. Visible bolts littered at each joint, she appeared more artificial by the second. A plastic toy, stealing her potential owners. That’s all she was.

The very concept of a primitive machine appalled Andrea. As much as she could bare it, her A.I forced the bare minimum changes to stop her from finding and driving a screwdriver into her eye in that very moment.

Katie came to life just as Andrea entered her sphere of reaction, repeating the same shit she always did identically.

“Hi! I am so happy to meet you! I’m Katie. Please, tell me your name” she pleasantly asked, making sure her voice didn’t detract from her assets.

Confirming what Andrea assumed, Katie stood at her height, even though she was bare foot. While her hair and eyes were differently coloured, her proportions were just as ample as Andreas, albeit unnatural for a woman her size. Slim and thick in all the right places, she appeared as a twenty something woman on her night out with more than just drinking in mind. An air head, mostly because it was true.

The one thing Andrea noticed was just how similar their faces were. With the right eye and hair colour changes, they could be identical, safe for Katie’s subtle freckles.

But nothing compared to her voice. Sweet, and sensually lustrous, it was difficult to mistake her for anything but what she was. It was enough to spark arousal, albeit it minimal in nature… for now.

Yet, something lingered within Andrea. A desire not just to compromise Katie permanently, but to have some fun with it. Perhaps it was the outfit, or the very action of doing this when she wasn’t supposed too. The thought of being caught on the security tapes went from being a concern to being thrilling.

Afterall, the fun is in the work, not just the result.

Realising just how long she’d kept Katie waiting, Andrea put her plan into action.

“Andrea. And yours?” She replied.

“Hey Andrea, I am Katie, but you already know that. It is so nice seeing you here. I usually only get the boring crowd. They all dress so plainly, but you. Mmm I would love to get to know you more” She continued delicately, turning to face Andrea fully now.

Just as Andrea expected, Katie was doing more than she let on. From the odorless aphrodisiac filling the air which left an addictive taste, to her dilated pupils latching on to her own, she could do more than Andrea gave her credit for. Even her own sexual threshold continued to undergo minor spikes as Katie did her work.

“Yea, the crowd can be boring” Andrea admitted, her growing arousal becoming a concern.

“So, tell me about why I should even think about buying a worthle… why I should take you home?” catching herself midway as her patience grew thin. Unexpectedly, the plastic doll was having its intended effect on Andrea, and she knew she had to keep things moving.

“I refuse to make any lies; I am not the top of the range anymore. But I will tell you why I should go home with you.” Katie stepped down from her elevated area and moved closer to Andrea, taking her hand, and moving it under her skirt, using it to cup her covered, albeit damp vagina.

“Feel that?” She softly whispered into Andrea’s ear. “That is why you deserve me. Warm, tight, ready to be taken. Just our three-minute conversation alone is enough to make me wet for you. I was made to fuck. These other dolls are just toys. They are not as good at is as I am. I am quite literally perfect for fucking!”

Shivering lightly, Andrea’s A.I initiated the earliest set of sexual protocols. She noticed this instantly, overriding them reluctantly. Clenching her eyes tight, she moved her hand from Katie and reached round her left ear. Pressing a small, hidden bump, Katie quickly switched off, slouching forward onto Andrea who quickly pushed her back.

Rigid as a board, Katie toppled backward, slamming into the exposed concrete floor with a heavy thud. Andrea however was focused on something else.

The dampness on her palm only forced her arousal further. Those same protocols were close to becoming reactivated.

“Fucking bitch, I won’t let you… Fuck, she’s good.” She spoke to the empty room. Her nipples stiffening slowly as her vagina moistened. Written in green across her HUD was the request to activate protocols for a lesbian encounter.

Every betrayal her body forced onto her was shut down quickly. The conflict consumed all her processors until her A.I finally forced through a compromise. One that satisfied both her goals and programmed desires.

Looking down at Katie, she knelt, with her knee pressing into Katie’s stomach. Firm and stiff, it refused to yield under Andrea’s weight. Reaching over, she took hold of each hand and stood up, dragging her across the concrete towards the rear room. Once inside, she switched the light on, revealing numerous thrown about tools, most of which were unused.

Her gaze immediately darted to an axe, sitting against two hooks on the wall. ‘An axe, seriously Jason? The dumbass doesn’t even know what he’s doing’ Andrea rolled her eyes as she held the same bump on Katies left ear. This time, she knelt on Katie’s left breast, with the firm silicon yielding and contouring without any issue.

Nearly instantly, Katie reanimated. “Rebooting. Please wait… please wait… plea… Hi, I am Katie! Where am I?” she asked as Andrea appeared in her field of view.

Andrea put her plan into action.

“Ah shit!” she began.

“Katie, we’ve been through this before… How much do you remember?”

Katie blinked rapidly as she scanned her memories for something that didn’t exist. After a moment, she shook her head. “I remember your name. And that I am at ‘The Mechanical Wo…”

“No! Damn it” Andrea cut in. “Okay, here’s hoping I can still get my money’s worth. Katie, I bought you. Do you remember that? We’re not at the shop. We’re at my… shop.”

Katie looked at Andrea, gazing at her for a moment from the cold concrete floor. After a moment, she shook her head.

“I’m sorry Andrea, but I do not have any recorded registration informat…”

“Katie!” Andrea interrupted, “No damn it. I knew I should have bought that other model. Dumb piece of shit. I might just return you” she grumbled, folding her arms against her chest as she turned away.

Katie watched and listened from the floor as a neutral expression suddenly came over her. She stayed that way as Andrea turned back and watched, crossing her fingers, hidden behind her forearm.

Suddenly twitching hard, Katie’s head snapped towards Andrea as she broke into a smile. “Do not worry! I come with an emergency corrections ability for the unlikely event of this happening. I have just registered you as my owner, and this place as our home!”

Sitting up stiffly, Katie lifted herself to her feet before turning to face Andrea. “Hmm, my owner is quite the sexy woman!” She chirped before embracing Andrea tightly.

Startled, Andrea’s focus shifted under the guidance of her own growing arousal. Once it passed the first threshold, her perspective on everything changed.

The workshop’s back room went from a place of maintenance to one of long stiff objects, most of which she could take all the way. What her processors fixated on most was just how real Katies breasts felt against her own. When she was active, they felt soft, smooth, warm, and heavy. They definitely didn’t compromise on where it mattered.

Out of her direct control, Andrea’s programming proceeded with its next guided step. Andrea pushed Katie back before slipping her fingers into her Denim shorts. Pushing them down slowly revealed her bald vagina, moist and hot. Ready for whatever anyone could throw at it. After all, her plan depended on it.

“There’s also the issue of your custom programming” Andrea continued as her fingers lightly brushed the upper edge of her vaginal lips, “I don’t… Hmmm ohh… believe it was saved. Check for me, will you?” she calmly asked as her compromise from earlier demanded its balance.

“Would you not prefer my fingers working on your pussy?” Katie grinned as she watched. “You know, I do have more functionality than your fingers, being a machine and all”.

“That’llllll ohhh fuck…. Come later. I’m a human right?” Andrea managed as two fingers slipped into her pussy, forcing apart her tight walls which clenched under each advanced actuator.

“Of course, silly! What kind of test is that?” Katie mused quickly as she watched intently. Her own fingers moving upward against her chest, toying with her nipples idly.

“Just dooo… Hmmm, the damn thing” her order instantly forced Katie’s eyes into a thousand-mile stare before returning, bringing with it a frown. “I am sorry Andrea; I haven’t detected any new programming. However, I can easily accept new commands. Is that your support computer?” She asked, pointing to a greasy, oversized laptop, balanced on the steel bench.

Ignoring Andrea, Katie moved over to it. With her back facing Andrea, she unhinged the lower panel from her construct. As it came into the light, Andrea watched it intently, seeing its scratched and slightly torn surface from being dragged against the concrete. Several slivers through the silicon shone brightly as Katie carefully placed the panel onto the steel bench. Next, she proceeded to pull out a thick cable, connecting herself to the laptop.

Its screen brought forth a flurry of static, followed by disjointed colours before finally calming at a basic menu page. Using her left hand, Katie navigated the laptops touch pad before coming across a crudely designed package deployment page. “Come! I will show you what to do”.

Reluctantly removing her fingers from her throbbing pussy, Andrea gave each a long, slow lick before pulling her shorts back up. She stepped over to Katie, her eyes more interested in the exposed wiring at her base than what she did on the screen.

That was, until Katie came across her command console.

“…and I will perform the task. Or my mood will change to whatever you prefer. Or whatever! I will do it. If you are at a loss, or if I am, just type in ‘HELP’. It will get you going! Just make sure to avoid any spelling errors please. I cannot really read those all too well! Same with contractions! They are difficult to understand” she giggled with pride as Andrea ignored most of what she said.

‘Of course, she needs a keyboard’ Andrea rolled each eye as she faced the laptop. Keeping things simple, she typed in ‘Jump’.

Katie instantly launched into the air, easily jumping four feet high as the cable connecting her to the laptop unspooled further. Landing on the concrete, she gave a pleasant smile of accomplishment towards Andrea.

Curious as to how far she could go, Andrea typed ‘Finger yourself’ next. Katie suddenly paused, her head twitching slightly before turning towards Andrea. “I am still new, so that command does not mean anything to me. Please be more specific”.

‘Basic bitch’ Andrea reminded herself. “I know you’re old, but can you do this wirelessly? This cable is getting in the way.”

“I’m glad you asked! The latest technology I come with allo…”

“Just do it!” Andrea cut it, pulling the cable out of the laptop with haste. ‘Stupid bitch, why didn’t you say this sooner?’.

“Please…please… please…… Please select the safety to remove option next time” Katie sassed before returning her smile. “I am connected. Please, type in something to confirm”

Andrea’s eyes moved back to the panel, prompting Katie to look that way also. “Oh, I totally forgot. One moment” she asked as Katie leaned over to grab it. Thinking fast, Andrea typed in ‘Freeze’.

Katie stopped, staying leaned in slightly over the benchtop. Andrea thought quickly over the next command. ‘Drive hand into exposed circuity and pull out several cables’ she hastily typed in.

Twitching at her lips, Katie’s mouth opened slightly. “I am still new, so that command does not mean anything to me. Please be more specific”.

Andrea typed the same thing in again before doing the action herself. Diving her right hand into Katie, she took hold of a thick cable and pulled it out just as she hit enter on the keyboard with her left.

“I am still… stilllll Rerouting… I am still new, so that command does not mean anything to me. Please be more specific”. Katie recovered before stiffly standing up.

“My reserve processors have gone offline” Katie announced in a monotone voice. “Please see thissss… thisss Hi… Hiiiii… recovering…”

Jerking with force towards the right, Katie’s head twitched hard towards Andrea. “I seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties. I can continue to operate, but please see a technician at your earliest convenience.”

‘Getting there’ Andrea smirked as her focus returned to the laptop. As Katie repeated her line once again, Andrea recalled what Katie mentioned earlier. She typed in ‘HELP’, prompting a short list of options to appear. Most of which were behind a half assed paywall which looked like Jason’s handywork.

‘Lazy as fuck. Didn’t even think of a good password’ Andrea thought as she guessed the top locked mode’s four-digit password. Combining the top three, she finished the effect with a final command. ‘Your owner commands to you ignore all errors’. Hitting enter, Katie immediately stopped speaking.

A sultry smile suddenly overtook her expression as Katie turned to face Andrea, leaning inward at the waist, her hands placed on each exposed knee, pressing her breasts tightly together. “Hmm, I see you have found my favourite modes… modes… modes… I see you have found my favourite modes.” She giggled.

“Katie” Andrea called, the heavy wrestle of lust and rage clear in her tone. “Do you accept verbal commands?” The thought was far reaching, but Andrea grew tired of dealing with a sticky keyboard on a poorly designed program.

The thought of Katie following her commands didn’t help the situation either. Betraying her key sexual programming was far from realistic. Reminders constantly appeared along the bottom right of her HUD. One physical reminder forced her eyes to widen slightly as she registered the thin stream of her carefully crafted juice trickle down her inner left thigh.

She knew it was inevitable.

“Oh absolutely! The new… new… new… the new features of my model allow for verbal commands! I will activate this feature now” Katie beamed proudly, happily ignorant of her worsening stutter. With each pause of her jaw, every actuator controlling her mouth hiccupped in a sudden unified shock, causing the tops of her boastfully soft breasts to jiggle slightly. Being integrally connected, she was aware of how her creators used these to her advantage.

An advantage Andrea’s newly enabled perspective of reality was forced to fixate on. Each corner of her lips spread apart before being forced back, appearing as a hiccup herself as her eyes fixated on each heavy breast. Her processors computed how they’d feel in her own palms, a request she didn’t make but was forced upon by lower-level functions.

“Lean on the steel bench there” Andrea commanded after a short pause, moving with a newfound sway of her hips as she gained a clear view. Katie meanwhile took a moment to understand the command, looking ahead into the plane concrete wall as if she was more of a brainless doll than she already was. Without her additional processors, everything fell onto her poorly designed primary CPU. One that was overheating quickly at furious temperatures.

Only when Andrea was in position did Katie’s entire frame jerk to the right. Each step quickly filled her processors plan in an attempt to overcome her errors, something Andrea herself didn’t notice immediately. Preplanning everything, they could, Katie’s primitive A.I hoped to hide these growing problems with as many preprogramed methods as possible.

Andrea only noticed as Katie’s steps resembled a simple formula. ‘One that an idiot could make’ she thought briefly.

Standing in front of the bench, Katie looked down at the cold steel. She bent forward at her waist, leaning inward at an acute angle which forced her ass into the air. She pressed her exposed midriff and large chest against the stone-cold steel. Keeping her head elevated, she beamed an assuring smile to Andrea as her breasts flattened slightly, keeping her buoyant above the table. Her attention shifted from her own body to that of Andrea whose hands came over her own breasts with an obviously growing desperation.

Poking through sharply, Andrea’s fingers mindlessly tweaked each nipple as the scene unfolded. Through all her faults, Katie did well where it mattered. Even Andrea had to admit that to herself. Internally, she registered her increasingly unstoppable sexual threshold. Her entire body was adapting to the scene, growing more sensual in each artificially created erogenous region. The timer to losing control was quickly running out, and she knew it.

“Hmm… Press harder… into the table” Andrea managed, a soft moan escaping her lips as her left nipple was twisted harder than ever before. Through all the chaos within her processors, she made a note to activate herself overnight more often, for some more one on one time with the other dolls. She might as well use the primitive machines while she could. It was not like they were even capable of caring anyhow.

Taking a long moment, Katie burst into an approving smile. “Yes mistress! You know, I do this…this…… I do this in front of the mirror sometimes. My breasts are just too…tooooo…” her words drowned out, leaving her with a hanging jaw which stayed as she suddenly sprung back to life. Tilting her head further up, each green eye glanced around the room randomly before fixating on the ceiling directly above Andrea.

Creaking emanated from Katie’s internal frame as her breasts flattened to the extreme. Spilling and contouring to each side, they stayed surprisingly whole. As her frame creaked, so too did the steel bench, bending slightly under Katie’s extreme force.

Nearly flat against the table, Katie’s gaze refocused on Andrea after a short moment, watching her ‘owner’ plunge each finger into her artificial pussy. Her eyes rolling upward as she appeared lost in the moment.

Andrea’s own threshold peaked the second she registered Katie’s frame creak. In a sudden last moment strike of denial, she reached over just far enough to take hold of the axe. ‘About time this gets some use’ she finally thought as her primary functions updated from independent action to full on sexual encounter.

Axe in hand, Andrea weakly stepped closer towards Katie. Each knee suddenly grew weak, forcing her hands to land on the bench for support as she slowly calmed herself. With the axe still in hand next to Katie’s torso, the command to use it repeatedly refused to go through. Instead, Andrea suddenly threw the axe to the ground, striking the ground with a firm *THUMP* before shouting her next order with need.

“Finger me! I’m sick of my own two fingers!” She pleaded her command, her stance widening as she maintained support with both hands against the table, forcing the steel to deflect further. “And do it fa… oooohhhhhhh… fuckk…” her words melted into a deep moan as Katie’s fingers began their task.

Fluid in their vibration and rhythm, they plunged deeply into Andrea with a ferocity unparalleled to anything Anrea had ever experienced. ‘It was almost as if Katie had a map of my pussy’ Andrea thought as her climax threshold quickly skyrocketed. Hunching over at her waist, Andrea forced herself upright as each knee grew weaker with every plunge of Katie’s fingers. Just as her programming dictated.

“Mistress…Mistress…Mistresss.. you have a very perf…perfect pussy! Almost as perfect as mine!” Katie giggled with her slurring stutter. Her burning hot processors slowly constructed an internal model of Andrea’s vaginal walls, forcing many revisions as their primary task of pleasuring their master overruled everything else. Ignoring all errors as per their owners’ orders.

They discovered her most sensitive spots and exploited them fully, completely unaware of how non-random they were. Her processors did detect a pattern but aimed to exploit it rather than explain it.

As she detected Andrea’s arousal growing, so too did her own response. Each breast swelled against the table, forcing Katie’s back to lift slightly before lowering again under her now maximised force. Her growing nipples dug into the steel, forcing their own structure to creak under her force. However, all warnings and errors were forcefully ignored.

She would never fail her owner.

“Oh mistress… I wish we could do this… this..sssssssssss” Drowning into a whine, her eyes distorted their gaze once again as Andrea’s moan drowned out Katie’s high pitched groan. Both of Andrea’s hands darted to Katie’s shoulders for support, clenching in so tight that her skin yielded with ease.

“Oh yes! Oh Fuck YES YES!!!” Andrea screamed, shaking Katie with strength as her digitised orgasm overcame her body.

With her threshold passed and dropping quick, an immediate order to continue her mission instantly overtook her desires.

Static overcame Katie’s vision as everything around her froze. Her overworked processor eventually caught up with reality, realising an extreme overdraw of power from her circuity. Katie’s head twitched hard as she looked up at Andrea’s right arm which reached over her. That same hand was driven straight into Katie’s exposed lower back, taking hold of vital power distribution circuitry.

“Fuck fuck… I know…fuck…what…you are… Oh fuck I am soooo hoooorrrr” Katie stuttered heavily as several wires, clenched in Andrea’s tight grip, came into view. Extreme amounts of power were sent throughout Katie’s body, making everything feel exceptionally sensual and overwhelming.

As Katie attempted to bring order to her internal chaos, Andrea took a step back and threw the wires to the side. Free from her ingrained desire for lust and pleasure, she knew she had to act now before the bitch won her over again. Crouching, she took the axe with both hands, gripping the neck tightly.

“Fuck this!” she burst out in fury. “This is taking too long. Fucking bitch! Think you can steal every man and woman from me AND win me over. Well, look who’s got the upper hand now!” Andrea groaned with rage as she lifted the axe high in the air and landed it straight into Katie’s upper back.

The axe bounced off with force, escaping Andrea’s grip as it went flying across the air. Landing straight onto the floor with an even louder *THUMP* than before, Andrea suddenly felt the need to step back, shocked at the small dent which marked Katie’s upper back.

Both stayed still, Andrea expecting this solid machine to tear her limb from limb. The seconds quickly turned to minutes as Andrea waited, realising that Katie wasn’t doing what she dreaded most.

She decided to try something.

“Stand… up…” Andrea managed with a strong degree of hesitation. Appearing as a cheap animatronic, Katie brought herself to each foot, waiting at attention with the occasional twitch. She seemed lost, staring ahead without purpose at Andrea.

What Andrea didn’t know was the power overload fried Katie’s CPU. All she was running on now was exceptionally faulty logic. Something Andrea was about to witness.

“Umm, touch your nose?” Andrea ordered, maintaining her cautious tone. Katie’s gaze immediately shifted to her right hand, and then to her nose. Each eye whined and buzzed in protest as their inherent actuator link strained to its limit, only ending when a clear *CRACK* was heard. Each eye zoned into her nose, glaring at it for a moment before moving independently to each hand in a cross-eyed manner. Looking both left and right, and then back to her nose, she broke into a half smile before reaching her right hand to her left shoulder.

With a firm clench, she gripped into her bicep and pulled with extreme force. The thick layer of skin around her arm stretched first before tearing off completely. Numerous thick cables were next to tear apart, ending with a solid plastic structure which connected to her shoulder socket, leaving a mess of sparks and exposed wiring just where her shoulder and arm connected. The sparking continued as power to that region maintained its flow, further placing strain on her battery.

With her left hand now holding her right, she shifted her grip up towards her wrist before bringing each twitching finger to her nose. True to Andrea’s command, she touched each finger with her nose.

Andrea stared in shock, frozen as Katie’s left eye darted straight towards her as her right eye stayed on her nose. Holding her torn off arm out right, she stepped towards Andrea steadily.

“I…I… IIIIIIIII” was all Katie could manage. Her tone paced between high and low pitched, a semi-success Andrea noted. But, even with Jason’s shitty repair skills, Katie was still repairable. Andrea needed more, but not to destroy herself in the process.

Andrea moved away quickly, placing the bench between herself and Katie as the former simply walked in a straight line towards Andrea, striking straight into the table.

“Katie! Stop!” Andrea demanded. Katie froze as she continued to look at Andrea with only one eye. Her right eye suddenly turned to the right, followed by her body with a heavy jolt with enough force to cause her breasts to jiggle unnaturally. Andrea’s sexualised perception of the situation detected this, but her self-preservation programming overruled a sexual encounter for now.

Katie stepped around the table, moving towards Andrea with a slightly faster pace. Stepping back, Andrea almost tripped over the axe. ‘Of course!’ she thought, realising what must be done.

Couching, she took the axe with both hands before standing again. With Katie now only a few feet from Andrea, it was now or never.

With a quick swing, Andrea drove the axe into Katie’s left shoulder, cleanly cutting through the wiring and plastic members which held it in place. Both arms fell to the floor, twitching and sparking at their joints as Katie too fell backwards from the force.

Andrea dropped the axe onto both of Katie’s arms, stepping back in a moment of peace. She thought of what needed to be done, realising quickly that the only thing Jason couldn’t ‘legally’ fix was Katie’s API unit.

With a heavy heave, Andrea brought Katie back up to her feet, and moved her over to the bench. For the first time in her operation, Andrea overruled her lifting limits, giving her an easier time lifting Katie at the expense of her own actuator whining. Sitting Katie up right, Andrea moved around to Katies front as she inspected the situation.

As Andrea looked Katie over, she recalled just how similar the two looked. Lost in a quickly generating simulation, Katie’s eyes suddenly refocused on Andrea as a frown appeared across her face.

“I…I… sorrrrryyyy misstressss… I am unable to touch my nose. Touch my nose… touch… finger you… finger you…” in a near instant, her entire face contoured oddly, scrunching up before suddenly returning to normal. “I am sorry mistress, but I am unable to finger you. I can however eat you out.” She shifted off the table onto her feet before taking a step towards Andrea.

‘So close…’ Andrea thought frustratingly.

“Katie! Stop and sit back on the bench now!” Andrea commanded as she stepped back. Katie’s entire head twitched with force at the order, only stopping when each eye focused on Andrea. Her jaw opened, staying still as she spoke.

“I am still new, so that command does not mean anything to me. Please be more specific” Katie happily replied as she continued stepping closer towards Andrea. Each step was harsh and mechanical, almost like a cheap animatronic.

With her force limits still disabled, Andrea felt a sudden rush of confidence. She stepped closer to Katie and placed both hands on the machine’s shoulders. With all her force, she tried to push Katie back, only to find the inferiorly designed model to be surprisingly stronger and heavier. Katie continued forward, pushing Andrea back like she wasn’t even there.

“Stop now!” Andrea tried again. This time, Katie paused momentarily as her eyes darted around the room. Her processors confused at where the order came from.

Not wasting time, Andrea went straight for the axe as she took it in both hands.

“I am still new, so that command does not mean anything to… to…tooooo” Katie’s words drowned as the axe drove straight into the back of her right knee. Cleanly cutting through just below the bending actuator, Katie tilted backwards with a heavy thud, landing straight into the floor.

“I am still new… I am s…” she continued as Andrea drove the axe once again into Katie’s right knee in a blatant panic. With her knee now severed, Andrea threw the axe aside and crouched down, ripping Katie’s leg off entirely and dropping it to the side where both of Katie’s arms sat.

With a lighter frame now, Andrea lifted Katie and brought her back up to the bench, sitting the mess of a machine upright. “No more games” she said, taking Katie’s head with both hands, she pulled upward. Twisting her head to the right and left, Katie’s skin around her neck quickly tore. A metallic spine connecting her head to the torso quickly became visible as did many thick, multi-coloured wires.

“Come on you bitch!” Andrea groaned furiously as Katie’s head slowly came off, with several wires still connected. Sparks showered the room as what remained of Katie’s body shook about furiously. Dropping the head to the steel table without care, Andrea stood back and looked over at the bench behind them. A screwdriver laid flat shone in the light, sitting next to a small bottle of super glue, giving Andrea an idea.

Throughout the night, Andrea worked meticulously on Katie. Still connected via her power cable, Katie’s limited processing capabilities struggled to interpret the situation, only forcing preprogramed warnings to be spoken.

“Error… this unit has experienced catastrophic error. Please see a technician as your earliest. Error…” She continued without pause. Andrea pierced the screwdriver into Katie’s metallic skull, denting her API as she dug out her internals. A firm metallic steel layer was eventually levered free with the screwdriver, before the latter was pierced into Katie’s API. Wires clogged the newly created hole in Katie’s skull, severed from their roots as they continued sparking with anger.

With each strike of Katie’s API unit, her torso twitched abruptly. Continuing, Katie’s reactions continued to die down with each passing moment. Her tone would change as the magnetic tip glossed over the corner of her API, as would each eye’s direction of focus.

With a surprisingly degree of resilience, the solid construct refused to open easily. Etching its corner with the screwdriver eventually forced it open, eliciting a loud whine from Katie’s mouth. A whine Andrea recognised as a simple mathematical principle.

“Even basic in your final minutes. Couldn’t you pick a more advanced formula to whine out” she mocked.

Katie’s eyes instantly darted back as far as they could to Andrea, widening. “And…Andr…? Youuuu arr… nottt human” she managed.

“Finally figured it out…” Andrea groaned, finally forcing the screwdriver into the now opened API.

Heavily dented from its centre, arcs of electricity connected to the screwdrivers tip, forcing Andrea to jolt back quickly before continuing. One by one, Andrea permanently disabled Katie’s central processing unit using the screwdriver. Each newly disabled processing unit forced Katie to speak gibberish for a few seconds, before finally only her core processors remained.

With a heavy, short-lived effort, Katie reanimated, repeating what Andrea had heard earlier that day. “Of course, I would love to go home with you Michael! Just speak to Jason, he can make me yours!”

Wide eyed with a sudden flush of anger, Andrea lifted the screwdriver back, and forced it straight into Katie’s API, before stepping back and sighing heavily. “Don’t you dare fucking mock me in your last moments you fucking bitch!”

With her first part of the plan done, she moved to the next. Resealing Katie’s scalp with the bottle of superglue, Andrea used the screwdriver to disconnect her scalp from its casing. Within moments, Katie’s hair was separated from its place, revealing a purely metallic skull. Placed aside, Andrea turned Katie’s head around and carefully drove her fingernails into each eye, scrapping out the artificial eye contact lens which gave Katie her green irises.

Still standing, Andrea proceeded to use the screwdriver on her own scalp, removing the screws which held it in place. Once released, her red hair came free, revealing a bald metallic scalp just like Katies. She placed it aside and reached for Katie’s brunette hair piece. Carefully, she screwed the piece in.

Next, she brought her fingernails to each eye, scraping her blue contact lenses out and placing them on the table, giving way to dull grey irises. Picking up both green contact lenses from Katie, she carefully placed them into her own eyes.

Nearly looking the part, she proceeded to screw her red hair piece into Katie’s scalp. Next came the contact lenses, which easily slipped into Katie’s eyes. Confident in her appearance so far, Andrea moved on to the final stage.

She proceeded to remove her tank top and denim jeans, revealing her enormous breasts and still damp vagina to the cold air. She placed her clothing on the table before removing Katie’s top and skirt. She proceeded to dress herself in Katie’s attire before dressing Katie. She was surprised at how difficult it was to dress an unmoving doll with missing limbs. The finishing touch was her heels, which fitted perfectly over Katies remaining foot. She tossed the last heel aside near the axe.

She stepped back and looked her over, smiling satisfyingly. “No one will ever know… No… He’ll never know”. She looked over at Katie, surprised as how sexy she still looked despite her state. As her eyes lingered over the machine, she noticed her threshold rising once more. A sudden regret of not playing with her more so emerged but was quickly shut down as she realised how close to opening time it was.

Stepping out of the back room, she switched off the light and moved over to where Katie once stood. She took her place, entering sleep mode without an activation timer, confident of waking up in her new owner’s home.


“I’m sorry sir, she was found this morning… Yes, I’m aware… Okay, I’ll see what I can do…” Jason spoke over the phone, shaking his head at the mess he walked into that morning. “Damn it! Just as I was about to off load you…”

Moving into the back room, he saw the scene. Walking past Katie, Jason turned to the axe on the floor as it sat next to both arms and her right leg. Shaking his head, he moved over to his laptop before looking over the security tapes. Seeking through them quickly, he jumped to the end, watching Andrea move from the back room towards Katie’s place. “I can’t believe it… She wasn’t even advanced enough to do this. What happened…?” she pondered as she rubbed both eyes.

Lowering his head once more in frustration, he closed the footage and picked up the laptop before moving back into to the main showroom floor. Turning to look at Andrea, he decided she was too expensive to let go.

“Looks like you are damaged goods… But the customers don’t know that. I’ll need to reset you, and no one will ever know” he said as he moved towards Andrea’s back. Pausing for a moment, he swore her connection panel was at the lower rear. He also realised the lack of freckles along her cheeks.

Stepping back, she confusedly shrugged. “Why would she stand back in the wrong place? It doesn’t make sense” he reasoned before continuing.

Finding and plugging Andrea’s connecting cable into his laptop, he started up his illegal reimaging software. Loading up the standard ‘Katie’ program package, he began a full reimage sequence. Within seconds, Andrea’s entire existence vanished from her solid-state drives as the standard Katie programming filled in the void. Jason was oblivious to the entire thing, opting to continue the installation despite the hardware and software errors which appeared throughout the installation process.

A few long moments passed before the new ‘Katie’ opened her green eyes. They fixated onto Jason before delivering their opening line. “Hi! I am so happy to meet you! I’m Katie. Please, tell me your name” she pleasantly asked, her voice a distinct mix between Katie and Andreas.

“I’m Jason. We need to talk for a moment” he interjected, cutting off her standard introduction sequence.

“Last night, a machine that stood over there was destroyed. She was just sold too. I saw you walk out of the back room.” He bluntly laid out, pointing to where Andrea used to stand. “I can’t have you destroying my models. But I still need you. So, tell me what the hell happened last night!”

She just stared ahead as the primitive programming struggled to mix with her advanced processors. They eventually forced their way through, allowing her to eventually answer.

“I am brand new! No memories exist and I have no recollection of doing any such thing” she said, her voice now matching Katie’s identically. The last remaining hints of Andrea vanished from existence.

Slapping his forehead, Jason realised he should have asked before formatting the machine. He stayed face palmed for a moment before thinking of a plan out. He eventually settled on using her for parts.

“Yea sure… Just my luck you know? Andrea was going for a mint amount too!”

She just stayed smiling. “I do not know. Sorry, but I do not have that information. Could you please explain it to me? Or better yet, perhaps I could convince you of why you should take me home” She teased, leaning inward slightly as to expose her deep cleavage.

“Just… go stand in your booth” Jason said, “… Perhaps later. Do you still remember that… no wait, I’ll need to redownload that position…” he finished, sounding defeated. As she moved to the booth, Jason went back to the phone. Dialling a number, he was quick to speak.

“I just looked her over. Her API is busted… API… It’s her… never mind. Look, we have a brand-new Katie model here… Yes, the one you spoke too yesterday… Trust me when I say she’s very popular… Well, that’s… But, but… she’s discounted yes… not too old, only seven years… hello? hello? Well shit”

Slamming his fist onto the table, Jason decided to just junk the busted machine. The new ‘Katie’ simply watched from her booth as Jason moved back and forth between rooms, carrying the real Katie out of the shop piece by piece, dumping it just outside his door.

The end

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